J.B.Alberto's Pizza

4.6 (178)
17 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revention, Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for J.B.Alberto's Pizza

4.56 out of 5
178 Ratings
8 years ago, DaddyNate's Iphone
Glad they made an app
It's easy to use, and it's just like you called them to place the order. A few kinks but no need to nitpick. All around solid app. If you are a jb's regular, you want this app!!! 👍🏽👍🏽
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6 years ago, Raging Scotsman
High Quality, Neighborhood Standby
We have ordered many things and many menu items, and without fail, all have been well worth the money, and made memorable meals. Only once did we get a burger that was a bit dry, but since we ate it anyway, who’s complaining?! J.B.Amberto’s app now allows you to order individual slices of pizza! The staff are always pleasant, patient, and do their best to make customers satisfied. The family that owns J.B.Alberto’s are obviously committed to being the best at what they do: the results speak for themselves. We will continue patronizing J.B.Alberto’s for as long as we live in their delivery area (and will be sure to pop in every once in a while even if we move away!).
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12 years ago, Sivartyar
Excellent option for ordering food from my favorite pizza place
It's great to be able to order from my phone! This is very convenient. :-) One small issue: The app needs to be able to recognize right away if I only want to order one item. There should be no need to hit "Add Item" again after selecting my pizza to get my pizza to go in the cart. The cart should be populated immediately.
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3 years ago, Evluvsponies
Great neighborhood place
Been eating from JB’s since I was a kid. Service and food was always great until last time I ordered. Website says to allow an hour but it usually shows up way before that. Not last time. After an hour passed I tried calling for another hour but couldn’t get through. Two hours went by and I drove to the store. They said it’s now up to a 2 hr delivery time. They refunded my money and the driver delivered the pizza anyway. Will find out if delivery time is any better this time around.
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5 years ago, JJ_chicago
Create a real-time GPS tracker for your pizza trucks!!
You have pizza trucks running around selling your amazing pizzas late at night... but, there’s no way to know when/where! It’s 2019... put a GPS tracker on your trucks, and have a real-time map of where they are. I would definitely use this when out at bars on the north side... I sometimes catch your trucks... and always buy when I do. But, I’d do it more often if I could track one down on my way home late at night.
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9 months ago, Why I never get your pizza
App is inconsistent
I live within the delivery range for this business, however, when I enter my address for delivery I receive the error message “location can’t be located on Google maps”. When I downloaded the app a couple of days ago it worked fine at least in terms of the address. I tried creating a profile. I’ve tried creating an order as a guest. Neither option works. (Also, having to create an order to view a menu is stupid)
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12 years ago, Cdisme1
I love that I can now order the best pizza in Chicago from my phone! The only problem I have is that you have to click the "checkout" button after hitting the "submit payment" button. Seems like hitting submit should be the end of the ordering process. It would also be nice to be able keep my card on file.
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9 years ago, Chris H. from Chicago
Pretty darned good!
I've been eating this pizza literally my whole life, so the app is a godsend. The only issues are minor layout things that others have already called out. Otherwise it's wonderful and the convenience is fantastic!!
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12 years ago, Seesa2
Great app
Excellent app for ordering food. One suggestion is a option to save credit card info. Also crashes at times.
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11 years ago, Likesart
It gets the job done!
Nothing fancy but why should it be, it works and it delivers a fresh out pizza right to my door. Wish it had a space to leave instructions for the driver on how to use the security gate.
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2 years ago, Epc13
Easy to use app + great food
The app is simple and easy, especially for speedy re-ordering of previous orders. The pizza is always good.
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12 years ago, KillArtist
So easy and intuitive
This app makes ordering fun and makes choosing what we want very easy and fun.
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12 years ago, gabbgabb
So excited that my favorite neighborhood restaurant has this awesome app where I can order and see new items!
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10 years ago, I love alarm app
Excellent option for ordering. Easier than online ordering.
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11 years ago, Crissy O
Great option
It's faster than ordering from my computer.
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9 years ago, M2Jokela
Best Pizza in Rogers Park
JB's is just great pizza. Period. The other menu items are blasé but they always nail it on the za! Also a free liter of pop with every pizza is awesome. App is uncomplicated and easy.
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10 years ago, Dnasty2012
Great food, decent app
Everything about this place is great. I just wish the app saved my credit card information.
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4 years ago, girlthrow
Downloaded app because I prefer to support restaurants and their tech directly. Sadly this app won’t allow me to register because it says Google mapping doesn’t recognize my address, even though I’m only minutes away. Deleted the app. If I could rate this as no stars I would.
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7 years ago, Acorbie
Love the app! Love the pizza!
The app is easy to use. The store will call if they have a question. I wish I could enter request or option to cut pizza in pie slices versus squares, but it's always delicious nonetheless.
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10 years ago, iMeluny
Just right!
Does exactly what you need it to do with no unnecessary frills. Reliable & straightforward.
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10 months ago, ITEug
Coupons not allowed?
App is very good but don’t see where to add my coupon.
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2 years ago, B.Rami
Can’t make a new profile for app
Whenever I try to make a new profile I get an error message saying, “Google mapping service is unable to locate your address”. I can’t even order as a “Guest Order”.
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4 years ago, Krissy F Baby
Location Issue
Like other reviewers, it randomly says google maps can’t find my address. Although other ppl at my same address can use the app just fine, I’m unable to even make an account. Useless.
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12 years ago, Lpfan13
Very nice app
When all my tv and computers are in use this is the perfect app to get the best pizza in Chicago
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12 years ago, Givb
Please update application Cause sometime close automatic Thanks for support
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3 years ago, kuldeep singh chauhan
App is not able to find the street address
I am trying to create profile but app is not able to take street address.
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2 years ago, LeahLee881906
App useless
App won’t locate my address which is available on google maps. Ugh! 🤦‍♀️ fix it.
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4 years ago, Rokath
Typed my address in several ways and app says google maps can’t locate my house. Google search my exact address and it knows where I am. Just go back to Grubhub or Uber Eats already!
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12 years ago, Doyan98
Love this app! So easy and quick!
Love it!
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6 years ago, Ortiz Mari
Best Pizza - Rogers Park
Seriously the best tasting pizza I’ve had in a while. Thin crust and Deep Dish are both fantastic.
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7 years ago, ChiDawgOne
So Easy To Use
Among the easiest of apps for the purpose intended.
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6 years ago, Stw2323
Terrific app!!
Very easy to use
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12 years ago, Ivang1990
Love it! Great app!
Best way to order the pizza!
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4 years ago, Psychic Andrea
Love their food
Great food!
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13 years ago, Coolcoo
Fast and easy
Ordered on the way home on the train. Was convenient and easy to use. Would definitely recomend
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12 years ago, dumbodoggies
Total awesomeness
It's fast, user friendly and efficient!
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12 years ago, Ghizade
Faster. Easier.
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9 years ago, Tkm817
Super rad!
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4 years ago, Grumpy1429
Good Neighborhood Food
The food is always good, including many items besides pizza — lasagna, chicken, salad. Delivery time is unbelievably fast. On-line ordering is simple, once you get used to it. A bit sad, though, that the discount for ordering a ‘Daily Special’ was not applied on our last order, 3/31/2020.
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4 years ago, Rcchi
Worst Ordering App EVER
Would not accept my address even though it’s down the street from JB Albertos. Could not set up an account as again, it would not accept my address (and yes I have had pizza delivered to this address from JB Albertos before). App asks for an apartment name and tells you to enter either an apartment name or “N/A” but won’t accept special characters and won’t let you leave it blank. Put in none and moved on but again the app keeps telling me that google can’t find my address. Double, triple, and quadruple checked that it was correct and it was so very sorry but I won’t be using this garbage app and will look for another pizza place. Your pizza is delicious, your system for ordering is crap.
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6 years ago, Hallameat
THE pizza in Rogers Park
Whenever you move into a new neighborhood, it can take a few sorties to find “the” pizza. If you’re in Rogers Park, save yourself the trouble, do not pass Giordanos, and order from J.B. Alberto’s. I lived in Logan Square for years and miss Dante’s and Apart in Lincoln Square, but JB’s delivers the solid, working-class pizza I grew up with. Even my brother loves it, and he hates everything. Always well-made and delicious — thanks, guys.
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8 years ago, Mz.Tosh
Great app for a regular jb customer
Pretty good app.it has been updated a lot. Agree with checkout etc. But a great app it is
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8 years ago, Saenz00
The only thing that I don't like about the app is the fact that if I have a coupon, it doesn't allow me to submit the coupon code and the app doesn't have all the food options. Like I can't order the 10" thin crust pizza.
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