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User Reviews for Jamboard

2.33 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
1 year ago, 🗿itsgettingoutofhand🗿
Doesn’t work as well on the mobile app??
I stopped using the mobile app altogether when I did not need to use the app from my hospital bed when I didn’t have my computer. I started using it again for a tad bit to check recent updates on one of my Jamboards. Only to be met with utter disappointment. When I went into the app, everything was a green flag, I was logged into my account, and everything was in order until I opened the designated jam board; it kept on freezing, and it was in no way updated from its last spot. Every slide in that jam board was back from late February, not from march, the jam board did not correct, and to top it off, it freezes every 0.2 milliseconds. I am deleting and reinstalling the app, for this is the only way I can make silly slides with my best friend. This problem is crucial, and I cannot believe the mobile app has let me down. These bug fixes must be fixed, and I will not change my opinion until all is corrected. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.
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2 years ago, Science Guru19
User limit of 25!
Who decided that a user limit of 25 was a good idea. I work in a large public school, some of our courses have 31 or more students enrolled. So instead of using this great app for kids to work collaboratively and be visible and accountable for their learning, now we have to share…why bother! If they have to share I will just go back to paper which never runs out of wifi or battery.
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5 years ago, Amartinez86
This app is a game changer!
It works amazingly well for what I need. As a designer I want to iterate on ideas and organize those ideas quickly and this allows me to do that. Without getting bogged down in things having to “look nice”. Sure there are some improvements that can be made. I love the multiple erase options, I can clear a whole board, section or just erase a single line/sketch. You wouldn’t think something like that would be a highlight but it really is. My only suggestions at this point would be to maybe add a quick toggle option to see the board only without all the tools. Even less distraction when jotting down ideas. And some sort of angle/rotation lock feature for the text, sometimes when I re-size a text it starts to rotate and I can’t quite get it straight again. Overall, love the app and really hope Google keeps it around for awhile.
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2 years ago, 3rd.Child
Needs work
It can take a good five minutes just to load a previous jamboard. It's good when you are sharing with other people, and they need to see it, or if they want to add to it, but it can take FOREVER to load a jamboard. And sometimes I need to jump between a few of them. So, it can take a good 10 or so minutes just to get the info I need. Not to mention that sometimes, you'll come across a page that was previously written on, and it's bugged out. Like, it'll be pixelated, or sometimes it's all moved around in a weird way. And the whole jamboard does crash, once in a while causing loss of data. I hope they improve this. It's quite a lot sometimes when I'm trying to dig up info I need from previous jamboards.
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4 years ago, Kailyn Sanford
Hard to work with and too much missing
So I’ve had some problems with this app. This is possibly one of the hardest app for me to work with. I downloaded this for a school project, which was a simple one, just to make arrays to show multiplication equations. Something you should add is a shape tool, or a chart tool, because I know many people who’ve had to use this for that purpose. Also there is no line tool, so it was hard to draw straight lines. There was also many glitches when drawing and the undo/redo button. When I would draw or use the undo and redo button, most of the time it would undo a line I was happy with, or add a random line in the middle of the board. At first I thought my arm was on the screen, but then when I tried while having my arm off the screen, I still had these problems. It would be a great app if you fix the actual mechanics of it.
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4 years ago, Seltzer John
Surprisingly good
Generally, Google’s apps aren’t great on iPad (Docs, Sheets, Gmail), but Jamboard has been done really well. Between accounts, the changes sync quickly. The app has subtle, but polished animations (like how things disintegrate when being erased from a different device), and everything shows up on the web as well. While it’s certainly useful as a business tool, it can also be used as a fun way to play handwritten games with a friend or family member remotely. It’s honestly surprising how well this app has been developed and designed when compared to Google’s other iOS apps.
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3 years ago, hola papi churro
I use my phone for Jamboard but it always says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I would like you to fix this issue. Computer users have no problem but iphone users like me have issues joining the Jamboard. I miss out in class participation because the Jamboard link provided by my teacher doesn’t allow me to join. “Something went wrong. Please try again.” My teacher is someone who doesn’t worry the technical issues of the students, so the students have to fix it themselves and if we cannot fix it, it affects our grade. I tried putting the link in safari, but it didn’t work either. I tried putting the link in and then going to desktop mode, but it still did not work. I don’t know what the issue is but I’ve missed a lot of class participation points for not answering the questions on the Jamboard due to the issue of not being able to join the Jamboard despite almost everyone else in my class being able to join. Please fix this issue immediately.
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11 months ago, JustKpopstan
I love this app
I have used Jamboard for my future use and portfolio, it’s good for sending slides, printing paper, pictures..ex It’s easy to upload photos and loads quickly on computer. For app usage it is their to keep your work on the go. I can even send my work off easily with no hassle or download slides. The only issue is that is better for a computer or tablet rather then iPhone due to it being hard to move photos and waiting for loads other than that I am a very satisfied user. Thank you
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3 years ago, Lonester_
Absolute Garbage
I’ve been using this app throughout my school year for math and science classes. I’ve ran into many issues from crashes to my teacher not showing up on the board. There’s also a very noticeable lag even after both me and my teachers have confirmed that our internet connections were solid. My biggest gripe with this app is that whenever I’m using my Apple Pencil on the app, the app constantly senses that my palm is touching something and ends up moving a problem I’m working on. This has gotten to the point where I have to employ surgical precision to ensure I don’t mess up the entire page. Keep in mind that iPadOS has had a very functional palm rejection system in place for years. So if Google fixes all of this that would be a miracle.
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4 years ago, cloudiatx
Game changer for virtual learning!
I absolutely love Jamboard! I use it with my students who are working on phonics skills and it has truly changed my experience with teaching students virtually. Jamboard makes it easy to create letter tiles with the sticky notes feature. My students love being able to move the tiles and write on the board along with me. I shared it with our math interventionist and she said it’s been a game changer for her, too. She’s able to see her students work math problems to see their thinking as they work. I love the simplicity of it.
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10 months ago, Dayna Dane
Would be great if it wasn’t so frustrating!!
I love the concept and as a designer it works great for visual brainstorming boards for costumes. However the auto delete at the bottom gets in the way! I can put items at the very bottom because it keeps auto deleting them. Take that feature off! If I want to delete just hit the 3 button icon an choose to delete it. Same for the next page auto feature. Stop putting these auto features on the sides or bottom! It’s so frustrating to use. But I guess I have to until I find better, which I am. This slows me down.
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4 years ago, Clombings
Half the People Leaving low reviews Don’t understand
Most people leaving low reviews either don’t understand the utility of this app, or specifically they don’t understand how to use the app itself. I’ve been using it as a collaborative visual aide with my friends to play dungeons and dragons, and it has been my preference over Roll20 and other online ways to play these types of games. It’s just fine, I wish there was a little more functionality, but honestly this is an incredibly generous piece of free software.
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3 years ago, 9868wolf😎
When I first started this app, I had to do this project which was pretty easy, and when I saw this application, I started to use it a bit. It was a pretty good application at the time, and it was also multitasking app, which made my day. I love that I syncs with google drive, meet and google classroom, with all of that I can do all of my homework easily, instead of having to go to app to app to app just to finish my work. In the final result, I found this application very helpful in life.
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5 years ago, Miss.Jenn.86
Great for tutoring and updates in real time!!!
If you are trying to do work in real time, like tutor someone who lives far away from you in math for example, use this app. It updates in real time, has a web application, and is free. The way I used it: I was collaborating on a math problem and I was writing on my iPad, while the other person was 400 miles away on their laptop following along using the web app. It worked out great!!! Best part? It’s free!!!
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1 year ago, hdiuhchsdiuchsdoi
Annoying app
I usually use jambord at my computer but, because of my work I had to use them on ipad. But the app itself was so different as one I use in my mac. I had to write text on images ang on slides but there wasn't a text intere. So, I gave up s\finding those texts and I tried to write with sticky notes. However, it was useless and I messed up that day's wok. Another part that I'm confused with is that I had worked with jamborad in link but, after few days chrome made me to download this app. I downloaded because it was emergency but, this app is really.... Idan't have anything to say. It's really useless.
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4 years ago, hrjfo
It’s okay
I think there isn’t too much you can work with on this app, however it’s not too shabby. I wish it had more variety in fonts and colors, and also was easier to use. Sometimes I try putting a picture in the bottom of the board and it instantly deletes it. Not only that but I also can’t manipulate the shapes of the sticky notes to have the words formatted a certain way. I just wish there was a bit more functionality to this app and variety when it comes to customizing the board.
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3 years ago, Moonlight Zen
Nice App but Concerns
Heyo! What a lovely functioning app, but my main problem is the LINKS! I cannot for the life of me add my personal links to a Google document and Google Form so my audience will be able to click on the link and be directed to it, but that’s impossible for Jamboard. I wish things change in the future so it’ll be easier to click on links that go blue and take you to where it is saying instead of appearing black / gray and not working. It’s frustrating. I tried and tried but no AM SO SORRY!!!
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2 months ago, mollymoc
Jamboard my beloved :(
I’ve been using Jamboard since it came out instead of Pinterest boards for all of my ideas and plans. I love the formatting and how you can make multiple pages of boards. I just really love the style and I’m going to miss Jamboard a lot. it’s my favorite google app. I’ve looked at similar apps, but they’re just not the same. RIP Jamboard :(
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2 years ago, Aizakku17
Lack of functionality, riddled with bugs
So first off, I’ve never had an app crash on me so many times in one sitting. I was connected to cellular data (in Japan, this is never an issue) and the app would just suddenly have an “unexpected” error and just close out. The lack of auto-saving after any edits are made like the Microsoft office products meant I was continuously doing the same thing over and over. There is literally no control over font or formatting for anything typed. The sticky notes repetitively add ? marks when you hit enter to start a new paragraph or when trying to make lists. The delete and net page function makes it extremely difficult to make a layout that uses the full screen. Using a stylus/pen on a tablet for writing is okay at best until you use the “write to type” function. It’s a cool idea, just EXTREMELY executed in all the worst ways.
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2 years ago, ⚜️Shine⚜️
I can’t switch to another account
The main point of this review on Jamboard Google LLC is that I cannot switch to another account on it. It allows me to sign in on the other one, but it just sends me back to the home screen. Overall, besides that bug/fluke/annoyance, it’s a great app. I like to use it for plotting the books that I’m writing. Thanks for listening, Sienna Shadowlark
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4 years ago, Bbeat31@g
History needed
As a teacher I like to use this to interact with students virtually. I run into the occasional problem of a student deleting someone else’s work or using the pen tool to randomly start drawing. Because there is no history of who is doing what, it can really throw a wrench into an activity. Another idea would be to have a way to lock the board so no one could add delete or move information/objects until the creator unlocked it.
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3 years ago, Aaron Sinnett
Useful tool for teaching
This resource has come in handy for teaching online. The drawing and writing are both basic but that is good to the degree that it is less distracting during lesson time. It would be rather nice to have a few more color choices however. Otherwise, it has provided my students a tangible way to interact during the lesson time. I’m glad someone told me about it!
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4 years ago, BeeHistory
More control needed
It would be nice for teachers to control the panel of tools for students to use when shared. Also it would be good to lock text boxes or objects/pictures. I figured to save images an insert them as background image, (often used as questions or directions)but that takes time, just create a lock option. Like in Smartnotebook.
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1 year ago, BenDover4582302839812
You thought it was over.
IM BACK. So I was just working on my project and I have never been more angry in my life. YOU GUYS literally deleted the bloody paragraph that the person in my group had written. You wasted her time and made her shed multiple tears. You are guys are the fun police and the literal instigators of our generation. Now BECAUSE OF YOU my TEAMAT E has to rewrite the whole paragraph that she had already took her time and effort to write. I am so tired of this app and I genuinely think that it needs to be deleted from the face of the Earth.
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4 years ago, kahootfan1
Please listen to my ideas, thanks
Jam board is a fun app to use for educational purposes, such as in class work. But something about Jam board that really annoys me is that there is a limit to how much you can write on a post it. I recommend that you guys should allow us to edit the font so that we are able to fit everything. Or you can make it so that we can fit more writing once we expand the post it.
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2 years ago, AndrewKuch
The best collaborative whiteboarding I've ever used
Absolutely wonderful. Best remote collaborative mind storming tool I have ever used. Using it on iPad with Apple pencil. Amazing for diagrams with or without text. Assisted drawing is the best feature ever made. Yes, there are some bugs but I was able to overcome those by simply refreshing.
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2 years ago, MarkLaytonFrance
High Hopes!!
I’m starting out in affiliate marketing, well kind of starting but I plan to try this out as an explaining tool, when i try to verbally explain things,.. i forget the highlights. Or trying to get Funding , i can use this as a graph or statitics board,.. Look out Here. I Come!
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3 years ago, JoannaTeach
I use this as a teacher and the app version is terrible. It’s completely different from the web-based version, the tools are not alike in any way. There is NO TEXT BOX which makes it impossible for students to do writing assignments. I cannot believe this app has not been updated to include a text box and to make the web-based and app versions more similar. It is user-unfriendly to say the least.
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3 years ago, #PhoenixHummingBird#
Needs improvement
I like this app however it needs some improvements. Speaking from an iPhone and iPad user experience, there are limited options available such as the text box accessibility and not being able to place an image as the background. There also seems to be a universal issue on the color options (should vary). But I do like the assistive drawing tools.
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5 years ago, pwyu1969
I don’t get update changes
So I can live with moving tools around (like undo button from bottom left to bottom right) but what happened to the web browser? I can search for an image, but I can’t search for web pages any more. Also app on iPhone and iPad crash and don’t connect as consistently. Finally I couldn’t open a Jam from my iPad to a Jamboard, but I could do it with my iPhone. Used to be 5 stars, but functionality and
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4 years ago, DatDerpyDude
So annoying !
This app is so annoying because, for a school project, I needed to insert an image into jam board. Simple enough? Well as I insert the image, it is inserted super tiny! I have to zoom in the extend the photo (by pinching which makes it even harder, you should be able to crop) but as I extend it, it fills the whole screen! So I try to zoom out, but I just end up using the draw tool! This app is a lazy piece of work someone had to quickly put together so they could make it a mobile app. You need to do some work google!
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4 years ago, NikkiMty
Perfect for distance learning !
You can use this on your iPad or tablet, share link to your laptop browser, present that tab in google meets or zoom, tada! Magic whiteboard. It presents the drawing/writing beautifully and live. Can share with students and they can write directly on the jam board as well.
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4 years ago, ThatOneGuy4403
Can’t really do much
I can’t really do much in the app compared to other google services. For example I needed some notes from this app so I could print them off but I literally couldn’t find a print option and when I tried to do it from a chrome book it only aloud me to save it as a pdf rather than actually printing the documents. So if I’m the future if the developers could fix this issue it would be very much appreciated :)
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3 years ago, Vinci12345678910
You people wouldn’t know greatness if it slapped you in the face
This app is perfection. Finally have something to interactively sketch with other people on the other side of the world when we’re jotting out solutions for engineering projects. Works reliably for me and has greatly improved efficiency. 8/8
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3 years ago, djedhc
Nice app for businesses
When I started workout no on google app it always crashes or has issues and please try again later but in this app it does not have any bug issues so it’s a nice app
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4 years ago, NoahL12
App vs website
If you have to use this app or website, USE THE APP! The website is super slow and laggy while the app is MUCH smoother. I do wish that the app had more fonts and other tools. There are some cool tools to use. I would recommend this app for anyone working in a group.
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2 years ago, Asivelk B. :)
I like it
I like it. The writing tools are nice. It’s helpful to stay organized and you don’t necessarily have to think too much about the set up. It takes the pressure off. On another note (get it?) the preview photos here are REALLY bad. Lol, who was in charge of that.
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2 years ago, His Ruby in Waiting
Too Buggy
Using the app in chem lecture with about 100 students. App glitches and closes out on me almost every lecture. Any time I tap the button to access the multi-slide view, the app closes, even when I’m using it outside of class.
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4 years ago, coocooctazy
I would move this rating up to five if it didn’t kick me out so often and we have like 20 pages in our presentation and every time it kicks us out we have to keep pushing the arrow at the top I think it should take you to the page where you last edited
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2 years ago, glameda
It has the potential to be a great app for notes. It’s almost everything I need. However, sometimes it just fails and I need to restart the app multiple times. Also, sometimes it has bugs that ruin my notes since it stacks my notes or puts weird lines that mess up the organization of my notes. Disappointed because there is great potential.
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4 years ago, 09Analee09
Not so good:(
My students always come up to me in the middle of class saying “this doesn’t let me write” or “it deleted all my work and I didn’t even touch it” “it keeps on glitching”, I had virtual parents contact the school and I thousands of times and it’s not just one student it is everyone, it gets very annoying so please put some new fun colors or at least try and fix whatever is with all the glitches and it disconnecting!👎
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3 years ago, Vihaan Raju
I love to draw so I ..
I am not a girl who usually writes review so ya love to draw so Downloaded this app then it was the best most of white boards are purchased but this one is not the game is amazing 😻 I love it just one small thing can you make little more colors. Because I LOVE ❤️ COLORS 🎨 thanks 😊 bye .
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3 years ago, Tear......
What was Google Thinking
What is this, you can’t type notes right, everything is laggy, we NEED another form of text other than sticky notes. If your working in a group, pray, you need to, because if everyone is working at a time. Things will get deleted, and misplaced. There is absolutely no point in using this over slides. When the teacher says “this isn’t rocket science” yes, yes it is
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3 years ago, Lolkitysingsfollow1375
very bad
disappointed yet again by google controls are very bad. my phone, 6s, isn’t that small considering 12 mini’s screen is smaller. when I try to minimise or zoom into the jamboard page with two fingers, I end up moving a sticky note that one of my fingers happens to be landing on. when I am using two fingers at once, it should void all other interactions with other items. it might also become annoying, but it makes sense. that is how virtually any other company will do it. the arrows and trash can buttons also hinder my ability to use the app to the fullest. the whole app is very frustrating. deserves one star.
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3 years ago, fk growtopia
It crashed and no new / latest/ basic tools
When i was just opening my jam board and going to the share file to do some school assignment , when i tried to go to my slide or just do anything , the jamboard crashes and immediately, and when i tried to uninstall , re-login, restart my phone . The app still crashed so i recommend the google team to improve this disability and make the app more top notch
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3 years ago, Admiral Magma
Made me get a D in Algedbra
Throughout this entire quarter of my school year, my algebra teacher has been unable to view my assignments completed on jamboard because IT PUT AN ADD IN THE LINK! He had to download jamboard with the link, this only worked ONCE and then the links wouldn’t function because they ALL had ads in them for jamboard. This is a terrible practice for an app that is often used for work/education. Thanks google, very cool ;-;
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4 years ago, pridididjiddhdhjdhd
Great distance learning experience
All my kids said it was really fun and that it was easy to work with. Personally, I agree there were some glitches but overall it was really good.
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3 years ago, annie orchird
terrible app
constant bugs and my phone got hacked and started illegally downloading movies causing the police to show up at my house and arrest me. I really like post its though so i had to go with a 4 star rating.
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4 years ago, PratyushTewari
This is a game changer
The app is really helpful for sketching out design ideas collaboratively using an iPad. So glad google made this app. Love the drawing to AI prediction feature. Please keep this app alive as long as you can Google. This is really helpful.
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5 years ago, Emil H
Amazing for remote team collaboration
With the right hardware, namely an iPad and Apple Pencil, this is a fantastic app that can be used for whiteboarding or note taking that syncs nicely with G Suite. I wish there was a way to add blobs of text other than through a sticky note.
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