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User Reviews for JapaneseDoll

4.45 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, Help_Meh_Pls
I’m weird
So I like weird horror like things A LOT, every time I go on this app I laugh and say ok friend what weird thing r u going to turn into this time. I’ve always really liked stuff like that in fact back when I was around 3 I watched IT (the old one obviously) and it didn’t faze me at all in fact I asked to watch it again, I don’t know y they let me watch it again considering it’s a 3 hour long movie but they did either way back to my review. Japanese Doll isn’t really a horror game in fact I find it more as a cute funny game but thats just my opinion so I would definitely recommend this game to those of u who like the same kind of stuff I do but if u r easily scared u probably shouldn’t considering the fact that there’s blood, sudden movements, and a couple of other things that could possibly scare u. I think there should be different language options for those of the players that don’t speak Japanese, I speak English but I can understand some Japanese words and symbols.
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2 years ago, The special last name
This game is easy
Honestly if you play for long enough it will be easier and you should just look at the letters because Japanese yeah everything that every single leather number and sing looks like how it looks like inverse symbol what’s the overall a good game I would love to have a English version so it would kind of be easier but I should stop being so hard on the dev but I feel like there should be like more things like less questions and less ads mostly because anytime I click the button it would send me into an add But I sure do have a few suggestions on the game I like playing it at night time it’s scarier but goodbye
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6 years ago, ScarletReapor1998
Good game
Well I’ll say I finished the game in one day, but I have a couple of things to say about this game. I’ll start off by saying, you should probably add an English translation to this game. For reasons of I don’t understand anything in the game. When I finished the first 4 endings it was all fine and dandy until I realized there is more to the game. The second part of the game is that you have to make choices or responses to some text. Unfortunately I am just pressing and hoping I am pressing the right ones cause I have no idea what they are saying. If there is a plot or storyline in this game I would much rather understand it than not being able to read it. I really did enjoy the game but just the English text would make it much more enjoyable to the other players of the game as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you take in consideration of adding an English translation to the game.
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1 year ago, IssacHo88
Excellent, But Benefits For Translation
This game is great, to say the least. It’s short and simple, but engaging none the less. And I have beaten the game a few times, though the after game content is something I have trouble with, like the medals and the questions. Since I am of course an English speaker, it’s hard to understand what’s going on at all since I don’t even know a thing of Japanese. The base game is still playable without even knowing what anything says, but when you get to post game content or wanna get into the story of the game told through the notes, it’s all lost. Of course, translating can take a bit, but it would really help the game, especially to help get it more attention, though I suppose the creepiness factor already has that covered. But again, it would be nice to understand the story and options within the game.
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4 years ago, Rainbøw_Wolfiÿ_Herë
Awesome but some stuff to work on.
Soooooo.. I know this is all Japanese but PLEASE just PLEASE ad English! Ima tell u what I am. Arabic, Bangla and English. So I love the game and it’s spooky and AWSOME <3! I’m 7 years old and I love this game btu kinda creepy so I’m used to horror and I LOVE it! I enjoy this game and one more thing. I downloaded this thing yesterday and I’m almost done but.. some weird and actual creepy stuff happened........ I don’t know what happened but the like thing glitched (it’s not a jump-scare from the game)and.. BAMM! The app kicked me and this is unusual. I’m NOT joking. If this happens to you or anyone else u know, please tell them to delete the app but I didn’t cause I love it to much but download it at your own risk!
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3 years ago, TokiDokiHP
Please stop complaining about needing English.
This is a Japanese game made by Japanese people. Just because the title and description may be English doesn’t mean they didn’t google translate it. I say that the art is BEAUTIFULLY done, the game mechanics are very simple and translations can be done easily. I have to give props to Capsule+ for this masterpiece not to mention I could tell there work takes lots of time. I’m really sorry for the people lying about there phones glitching too, If your phone is glitching it’s probably your phone its self. Once again the app was really amazing along with the work that went into it. 💖💖💖
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3 years ago, a toltal fagget
It’s a really sweet game, it has a great spooky atmosphere!
I haven’t played the whole game, but from what I hear it is very sweet, I know about this game because of The youtuber LaurenZside, she had a sorta negative review on the game cause she thought it was downright petrifying, sure, the game may fool starters with its dark color scheme and scary nature, but getting further into the game, it’s actually very sweet and cute! Also, Lauren noted that she thought that the doll wants to kill her, but the doll actually really loves the player, one of the sweetest virtual pet/caring games I’ve ever played! (Aside from the hyperbeard klepto series or Axolochi)
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4 years ago, Jayden Gouin
Great for people who like creepy stuff!
Okay I love this game, as a joke and not as a joke. I absolutely love unsettling or weird games and this is perfect. This sounds weird, but if someone reading this is debating if they should play this game because they get scared easily then take this stupid and funny advice. Name the little demon creature that you are collecting candles for. I named mine Gregory lol. I love to mess with my friends like “Hey, want to meet my son Gregory?” Then show them him, telling him that I’m feeding him the souls of the innocent so that he can become a big strong boy. Like I said, perfect for freaks like me.
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6 years ago, ~Fl1pp3r~
Pretty Good
This game is creepy, fun, and great to pass time... the only thing is.. I only speak English and I don’t know what any of these choices are saying. I found out what each folder is by memorizing the placement and all that but other than that, there are choices you have to make for the ending and I don’t know what the choices say, making me guess the correct answer... I haven’t quite finished the game yet but I’m pretty close.. I also accidentally press ads because I thought it was part of the game but I guess it’s an ad to rate the game or for another game? Idk. Otherwise a really great game! Please add and English translation!
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6 months ago, ellahansen
I know that a lot of people are asking to change to English and I’m glad this game added the English option for the first part, but the delusion part needs to be in english!! There’s a lot of things in Japanese that have to be translated so switching to google to translate takes time and storage when screenshotting. There’s a lot of options aswell and it will make it easier! I’m sure your working on it so I won’t bug you that much but it would be helpful.! Thanks.!
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4 years ago, Dar77vag
Please add English
I was able to find the translation of the poetries in this game on the internet. I like the graphic and character design very much and the story is beautiful as well. I wish you’d add English within the game as well. It looks like most your players are English speakers already, so it wouldn’t be such a drag if you’d hire a translator to translate the game for you. The doll is absolutely gorgeous in all her stages and the story is amazing, I think more people would be able to enjoy this game if you’d add English translation.
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2 years ago, CreamPuff YT
Bruh get this
I love this app it’s nit too hard and not too easy. One th that i wish i could change is, they need top spawns candles just a tad bit faster. But overall this game is totally amazing. And also if you look at other reviews a lot of people will say they need english translations on here but the person who made this game is Japanese and that’s just how your gonna have to live. So stop complaining that you need english translations. Life is life, deal with it
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1 month ago, Sage 🕸🐧
Amazing game!!
This game is amazing!!! I played through all 5 of the destinies!! But i found a Japanese version of the game! And it is completely different mode I couldn’t understand anything but on the other version you have to choose all the right answers throughout the game every 5 seconds of the game you get a note from the doll asking you guess if you get the questions wrong juju takes the doll super creepy! But I love this game so much please reply to my review
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7 months ago, BJO HIW DHIWDBI
the game got my attention and i couldn’t stop playing it, but the doll got possessed near 3AM. the doll started to shapeshift and come at my screen at random times when i wasn’t expecting it, and i accidentally threw my phone out the window. the doll eventually knew my address and found me under the blankets, she was gonna kidnap me but luckily i escaped and hid myself inside a mcdonald's play area. but overall the game is good, distracting, and creepy. thank u for ur time.
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4 years ago, saucybii
Pretty good
Needs some work though. Let’s Say most people won’t get scared of the hole doll tilting. “Suggestion” why don’t you make the doll crack it’s neck and make it run to the screen, there’s a time limit for ten seconds on top left and you have to press the pray button multiple times if you don’t tap fast enough you die then go back 2 forms. Instead of just the doll having blood and on it have the whole room look bloody, try to make it creepy enough to make people jump out there socks! Every time you get candles you here a step get off that screen and press the pray button to make take a step back
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2 years ago, hrnsjjdbxbdj
Worth it
I downloaded this game and I finished it in two days basically at the stall is Kirsten you have to break the curse and at the end of the tall is very beautiful and basically the owner of the store which is the mom of the stall give the dog teeth you to break the curse is the nightmare and at me and it says thank you you are crying to to help this child yeah at the end it shows all the phases of the doll went through good and bad Fazers by the way
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4 years ago, SILLY OMG YEAH
This app was making me see things but I love it ❤️
This app was actually making me see things but I still love it the app was making me see like the doll in the game when ever I blinked I saw my doll from the game this is actually true I am not lying it may just be my imagination but I don’t really know but I really love this app it is a super good game I don’t even have nightmares about it it reminds me of okiku a cursed doll in Japan
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7 months ago, ThisNameWasWorthIt
Really good game!
I absolutely LOVED it! I love that they put the English translation it saved me from confusion I only ask that once you finish the game and get to the delusion part that it has an English translation. Besides that I loved everything about it, it’s a very cool and very good quality game! I hope they keep it in development because I’ll be here supporting the game for as long as I can!
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3 weeks ago, dolllove2005
This game is so creepy and sad at the same time
I ever played this when I was a child and now I’m an adult I found this game so I decided to play it again when I did, this plot of the story was even sadder than I thought when I knew jujuju cursing the doll it made me even cry than I ever imagined but I loved the ending but not the bad ones. This game is so good but sadder and creepier at the same time
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6 months ago, a. gough.
I really really love this game, its so interesting, but after you get all 3 main endings and you unlock the 4th path and beat it, you get another game mode (im guessing its the “delusion mode” that is talked about in the updates section right now), it’s not translated into english! so i guess ill have to wait until it gets translated (IF it ever does) to play that part.
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4 years ago, kimicup 15
This game is great! If you like scary this is for you! But there are somethings that can be scary for others who Cannot Handel this. So if you are lower then 10 then do not play this game but I am 9 and I never had a nightmare about this game ether so please keep this game here it is awesome. Btw there are no ads and that is great! When there ads you get more candles to feed your doll baby thing. Keep up this hard work for this game!
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5 months ago, Jordy ♥️
i don't normally write reviews, however this deserves one.
i'm really into horror themed things, and i've never wanted to cry over a horror game as much as i did this one, it has the PERFECT balance of sad, cute, and outright creepy all at the same time and i'm honestly here for it. all in all it's an amazing game, and i can tell a lot of love has been put into it. five stars.
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4 years ago, desarttr
Scary but fun!
I originally downloaded this because of a video about scary games you shouldn’t download. So I downloaded it. And at first it was just kinda boring and “edgy” but after a while I started to really like it! I play it everyday now and absolutely love my doll! It’s actually really cute and super fun. It’s great for passing time especially during quarantine! 10/10 would recommend
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2 weeks ago, ROBLOX lover ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I like it, but I have a problem with delusion
Delusion is in full Japanese, I don’t understand why you would put Japanese on the original, but not the delusion, it’s so confusing, why can’t you add just everything English, and everything Japanese for the Japanese folk?, but I need a translator for delusion, please put English in it, please, but either way, it’s a pretty good game.
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3 years ago, gizygirl
Amazing app
The games super addicting from day one. I’ve gotten two little dolls now. They’re super cute and I can’t stop play, those two little lovely’s are adorable! Though it’s met to be creepy it’s just adorable. The fact that this doll is gonna kill me is something, but it’s super cute, oh and one request could you make a English version??
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3 years ago, July here
Like it but
I enjoy playing this game but I couldn’t read Japanese so I had no idea about it then after collecting some candles I think it got aggressive and it appeared up close and I have to tap a button with their hand praying and I have no idea about it so I kept taping then soon I saw a human creepy doll in the mirror can u tell me what that point is?
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4 years ago, BTSJKOOKARMY
ENGLISH PLSSSSSS (question included)
This game is really fun and awesome, but the problem is that I can’t understand anything. And I have a question. Why does the doll attack sometimes? (No offense.) When I started playing I couldn’t understand a word and it would be really great if you could add English. I know this is a Japanese doll game but it could really use some English. That’s all. Hope you add English! Luv you! <3
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9 months ago, meadowgf
I like it but I have to say somethings
I love the game it’s such a fun game but maybe take out the ads when you get a happy ad and you’re playing a really creepy game it’s not cool creepy anymore it’s kinda like oh I’m waiting for a nice cool ad so I’m gonna have to give this one to maybe boo:( So try harder to put you know I did it’s so boring how bad I hate having it after the worst so you fix it❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙
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4 years ago, alexislovesthisapp
The story of the 4 sisters
(The two dolls) these dolls are twins the first doll grew fast and grew old immediately while the second doll grew without a face and started to glow (the demon doll) it grew very weirdly with faces on her head then has many hands (the beautiful doll) it grew in a beautiful way you would love this doll it grew in a anime way but in a real doll way (add languages) I like you to add different languages like: Vietnamese English Chinese thank you
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9 months ago, Ví Vi
Really good and unsettling!
When I first got the app, I thought I wouldn’t like it. Whenever I got further into the game I started liking it more and began playing it a lot more often. It took me about three days to finish the game. Some of the stages are very creepy but I would like to say overall this is a very good but unsettling game.
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8 months ago, eddsworld!!,
Awesome work of art!!
I love the eerie vibes and amazing art, not to mention the vocals! One of the only problems I found was the gameplay is a bit repetitive after a while, but it’s so addictive! I would recommend this game to to any horror lover, since it’s not too scary and not too tame!!! Overall, lovelovelovessss to the developers!!!
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8 months ago, ndjvhekkfoqkpjw
This game made me cry.(good way)
Alright so don’t get me wrong. This game is scary but..after a while it started getting enjoyable I LUV THE NEW UPDATE BY THE WAY!, but in one of the endings I think it was called. ‘R.I.P’ that ENDING MADE ME CRYING SO HARD- OKAY SO BASICALLY IF YOU DOMT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THAT ENDING ITS LIKE HER HEAD FALLS OFF AND ITS JUST A SKULL (at first it was a little disturbing) BUT WHEN THAT CUTSCENE HAPPENED I STARTED BALLING UP CRYING i love my daughter <3333 she’ll always watch over me! Best game ever!—
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4 years ago, Depresso_Exspresso_4859
So, I rated this game high, but I spent 90% of my time looking for a translation to the next part of the game! If you could add an English translation, or an option to select which language to play with, this game would be fantastic, and probably more popular! Please. I can’t figure out the part after the four endings :(
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6 months ago, Red beryl
It actually brought a tear to my eye so many times, honestly I fell in love with the doll, like I was happy to see it so happy too, and like to find out it was just a delusion the doll had, shocked me so much. This game is so cute but like “creepy” and I absolutely love the story, I hope to play again when the rest of it is translated!
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3 years ago, RAK556
I don’t see what’s so creepy about it I just see a cute harmless doll that’s all. I heard that two days after my auntie played this game she had a random heart attack and died and she’s never had a heart attack before so I downloaded to see if it would happen to me, and nothing so far. I love this game so much!
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2 years ago, xhndjdjxjjx
It was good I just didn't understand the language
Japanese Doll is a very good game and I think you should play it at first it was kinda peculiar but then I got used too the scares but I think if you get very scared or paranoid by scary things you shouldn't play this game. The game was very adequate and peculiar and I loved it. 😁💮
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3 days ago, SHITSU LOVER
This is scary
Ok you might think I am crazy but I am not joking when I was about 8 I would download scary apps and then play them for hours and one day I was playing Japanesedoll and I was playing it like normal until it started getting weird and scary and when I even cleared my apps it was playing music i deleted the app immediately idk this is scary but if you scary stuff this app is for you
Show more
3 years ago, KawaiiMimi:3
Love this game
I really like this app! I thought it was scary at first, but after playing it for a while I found it interesting. The storyline is sad, but I did have to translate most of the pages to read the words. It had a nice ending and I would recommend to anyone who likes creepy games.
Show more
5 years ago, xxPurpleFoxGirlxx
This is the best game ever! I’m so happy I can play it! It would be nice to have it in English as well as Japanese. I recommend getting this game, it’s cute,cool,AND scary! Now what I need to ask is was it supposed to talk to me..? Once I got to a certain level it started to say ‘Let’s Play’ in PERFECT English. Kinda creeped me out, but that IS why I got the game!
Show more
5 years ago, margarine.com
I love this game, but I have one suggestion. Please put something so us English people can read it, so basically a translation. I’ve figured out most of the game by now, but it would still be great if you could translate it into English, since I can’t read kanji.
Show more
6 years ago, 😒😡🤬
Like but some suggestions...
So I really like this game personally but, I think I have some suggestions to tell you. Basically everything is in japanese and I can’t read it but translating it on my phone. Plus, I keep getting LOTS of ads and it’s KILLING me!!!! That is all I have to say. I know it doesn’t make sense cuz I can’t type stuff that can’t make sense.
Show more
1 month ago, JayBug_
English available :D
I played this game years ago and loved it but it only had the Japanese option (if I’m remembering correctly) so it was enjoyable but I don’t speak Japanese. NOW THEY HAVE AN ENGLISH OPTION! The storyline is so much deeper than I ever knew when I played it as a kid. I love this game so much <33
Show more
2 years ago, CookieLoveCatLove
If you dont know how to play with your JapaneseDoll read this
Go to the top right and tap on the icon with flowers around it and tap,press,and circle around the doll with your finger try all those if you dont know Japanese and thats how
Show more
2 months ago, EXPmilk
nostalgia trip lol
I remember playing this back when there was no english translation—so redownloading this took me waaaay back (and I was pleasantly surprised to see an option for english!) However, I think it'd be nice to have the Delusion mode translated as well :)
Show more
4 years ago, Valtrump
Why I love this game
:) it’s just like growing up a demon baby I had this game when I was at a young age.I deleted it, It’s been a while so I downloaded it again it was a really cute doll while growing it up also I just thinks it’s so beautiful she is my daughter let me go show my friends
Show more
3 weeks ago, sophilovesthisawesomeperson
This game is weird.
This game is very great. I would recommend this game to a lot of people. My five year old brother got this game because of the YouTuber lanky box. So, he got the game. I am not fully finished with this game however, but I no that this game will be worth it.
Show more
3 years ago, plurmpmcflurmpton
Exactly what it’s meant to be, perfectly.
It really is a perfect creepy evolution game. Also I first played this before playing Witch’s Heart, so when I heard the SFX for after you pray to the doll in Witch’s Heart(which came in about 1 or 2 years before this) I was startled haha.
Show more
4 years ago, Nana Ro'meave
The spooks are too real!! 😁
i had bought this a few months ago as a joke, and i was terrified. the doll was super spooky, same with the jump Scares!! one suggestion i had was to make an option menu on wither you want a cute or creepy doll. also an english section, because i cant read any of the japanese symbols.
Show more
11 months ago, Gh0st_cat
Love this game so much
I love this game for its creepy vibe. I have been playing for a little and I got to a part where it just speaks in Japanese and I don’t understand anything and it go’s for hours and I don’t know how to fix it. Other than that I love this game very much it’s entertaining and scary
Show more
3 years ago, annabel🥳
Almost done and can’t read it but it’s fun🤠👌
I can’t read it but it’s really good I’m almost done with it though I’m really sad about that but you know what I’m happy about I still have a couple more stages so it doesn’t end that fast!!!10/10
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