JBL PartyBox

4.8 (15.1K)
197 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harman International Industries
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for JBL PartyBox

4.84 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Mr. Warren70
Like the app, but!!!
I am a huge JBL fan. I have just about every Bluetooth speaker imaginable with JBL. The issue that I’m having with the app is that, it’s not picking up my JBL party box 310s. It picks up all the other ones, my JBL 710s and my JBL party box essentials. the only way that it picks up my 310s, is it I had to get up and literally turn them both on, and wait for them to connect. Other issues that I’m having, is that I am visually impaired. So the app does not allow me to see all the other speakers on the screen. I wish that they could come up with something, to where I can feel down the screen and choose the speaker that I want to use. It also does not allow me to be able to turn off the speakers either. It doesn’t even show up at the top of the screen, where it usually says turn off speaker.
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4 months ago, Calibos420
Works great
Once I learned the app and how the speakers connected to the app, it is great. Through the app, the speakers get connected once both speakers are turned on… the device with the app will search for them - must choose each speaker to be turned on to connect both through app. I think it also will turn on the speakers via the app remotely but it’s not consistent seems to only want to turn one on. I turn on each speaker manually on top of the speaker then search for both speakers.
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8 months ago, Jocollier133
You know, it would be nice if the JBL Partybox 1000 would have app support, EQ, Etc. Especially at this price point, I think it would be nice if it had app support some point in the future. By the way, the partybox 710 will sometimes not connect to bluetooth when I turn it on from the app and I have to manually go in my bluetooth to connect it. Please fix, urgently and thanks. Another issue: When I’m using TWS between my JBL encore essential and my Partybox 710, if I turn up my essential, it will randomly make my Partybox 710 volume jump up, it’s very annoying, please fix soon and I want to be able to control the volume individually, without it effecting the other speaker. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible, please and thanks. Also, the JBL encore essential does the same thing as the JBL Partybox 710, where it would not connect to bluetooth automatically when turning jt on from app.
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1 year ago, jsheisbei
Good but not great
This app is good I do like it andI think it could be better. If you take the equalizer control from the JBL Headphone app and apply it to the music controls for this speaker and then also add a second equalizer control for the microphone inputs this could sound as good if not better than most professional karaoke set ups. That control on the headphone app has made the JBL earbuds the best as far as sound quality and volume level I returned my Bose earbuds after using that app and finding the abilities which are available because of that equalizer control. Please do add that exact equalizer sound control to this app. I believe that if you do I will be-able to replace my Sonos 5 (Play5) with these JBL speakers.
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2 years ago, Delanski
PartyBox App
I purchased the 110 to add extra bass to my 2 Bose S1 pro setup. I would love an Equalizer and crossover capability. I really need to fine tune the 110 for specific applications. That being said. I really think the 110 sounds great and looks perfect. It would be helpful if future generations could bring the weight down to 15 lbs. I don’t want to sacrifice the power and bass to go with EON speaker which is lighter.
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7 months ago, Nextacy215
Issues connecting to Bluetooth through app
Issues connecting to Bluetooth through app. I connected fine with my iPhone 12 Pro Max when I first got the JBL party box 310. Downloaded the app and everything connected fine. When I exited the app and went back into it, it ask me to pair again then gave me an error message. I would I have exit the app and re-pair again through Bluetooth, not through the app. Kept trying with the app but still having the same issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon because although the sound sounds great, would love to have a working app for this high end high priced sound speaker.
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2 months ago, LouieVille Slugger
🤬Why’d U Remove EQ?
This app used to be great because it had an equalizer with at least three bands to change the levels of the sound. Whichever geniuses in marketing decided to remove that feature should be fired. Because now all you can do is the same thing you can do without the app, and that’s turn the device on and off, change the volume, and change the lights and the patterns. You can do that without the app. Having that equalizer in the app was an added bonus. It made having the app useful. Now there’s no point of having this app because I already have all these features.
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2 years ago, SoundChaos
Needs EQ
This app works as intended pretty well, I’ve only had a couple minor hiccups where it lost connection to my partybox mid song. However, it is imperative that JBL update this app to include an EQ. Most of the competitors have it, and I like to use the partybox as a budget portable PA speaker for small events. A good EQ would make all the difference in the world to bring these devices into a bigger audience. Another feature that would be huge would to have the option to adjust microphone volume from the app, but that may require some hardware modification on the speakers.
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4 months ago, Remington Day
I always play in stereo mode but since the app was changed I cannot go to party mode if I hit ungroup it only plays one speaker and I thought that meant it just took it off stereo and put it in party box mode but it does not it just plays one speaker ? Sometimes there are certain things I prefer in mono or ( AKA ) PartyBox mode. And under this new change I’m only limited to stereo or only use one speaker?
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4 days ago, The only one2232
App is great!!!
I have the JBL 110 and let me control light features, and let me unlock a whole new level of bass boost. They allowed me to change the color which you cannot do on the actual speaker. Also, it also can turn it off and change the color of the lights.
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8 months ago, HonestReviewer02
I wish the lights didn’t move
The party settings are fine but why not provide a setting where you could just have the lights be lights without all the flashes and moving around? I realize I can turn the strobe flashes off but even the bass lights are all wacky. Please halp.
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2 weeks ago, Helena Tee
This is a badddd boy! I bought one for me and my son last week and he was blown away also. I’ve was a Bose fanatic until I got this bad boy. I’m now a diehard of JBL. fan. I never thought any sound system could touch Bose, I was wrong. Yea, you got me!!!! I’m a JBL Fan for life now. Sorry Bose, you’re now in 2nd place🎗️ Chuck Toms
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9 months ago, ocruz0310
The App is completely broken on iPad mini
The latest update completely broke the app, I have 2 party boxes and after the update the app goes through the blue ring of detecting the party boxes and once they show up lined up to be selected it does not allow me to select the speaker; I can scroll through the speakers but I am not able to select either one to adjust the volume, TWS or lighting features. Hope this gets fixed soon, as the app is a big part of the value proposition.
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9 months ago, Popauk
Nice to have adjustments, but connection is sketchy
I purchased 2 310 speakers to have the ability to link together. However, linking the two makes the app confused at times, not allowing me to enter the dashboard, even if both speakers are connected via link and both connected to my phone via Bluetooth. Aside from that, the dashboard is great in allowing so many adjustments.
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12 months ago, tonytone685
Jbl partybox
I think I this app got a better upgrade then the last one. As well for the jbl it’s the best sound system I ever own . I own the flip 5 but then bought the boombox jbl partybox 310 and I also partybox 1000.. the bass on these systems are amazing to own.. Thank you jbl for your quality of sound
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1 year ago, Robust sound
Great sound speaker
I’ve been wanted to by the product for quite a while, I decided to take the hit an bought one, I don’t regret it, the unit is outstanding, great base and highs are just well calibrated, they work in unison. Buy the product if you can, you won’t regret it
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9 months ago, runpacer
JBL PartyBox App
Up until about a month ago the JbL PartyBox app worked well on my iPhone and iPad Pro. Then, it stopped working on my iPad. What happened? Will the JBL app work on iPads? Before I would have both the JBL App and Apple Music open on screen on my iPad but can no longer do that.
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7 months ago, tdog 14
overall extremely pleased with the speaker I’ve had the 110 and now I have the 310.
I really wish there was a way just to pick solid colors and have a little bit more variety too. The white party lights are neat but very quickly give you a headache if there was a way just to have a solid low light to them that would also be very neat
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2 weeks ago, JBL Thumper
JBL Party box
Words can’t describe how much I love this speaker it’s remarkable that small speakers can produce such hard hitting Bass . Its like having a automotive sound system OUTSIDE !!! My neighbors probably hate me now and there 3 acres away LOl !! All I can say is for a 52 year old BASS lover it Thumps !! ITS MOST DEFINITELY WORTH THE $$ . NO REGRETS !!
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1 year ago, kifg19
JBL PartyBox 710
The PartyBox 710 is a beast. I wish I could lower the bass even more on the app. Even at the lowest settings, the bass is too much before my neighbors start complaining. Please get rid of the start up and shut sound. That's annoying. Also, stop the 1 second pause in sound when going all the way to full volume. Besides that, this thing is great.
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3 years ago, ducky93863
Need to add an equalizer badly !!!
The app is ok but they definitely needs an equalizer and maybe let you customize the lights more to your liking. It should also let you know if your speaker is up to date instead of just telling what version it’s on. the reason I said it need an equalizer is because this speaker can sound muffled at times and that eq that’s on the speaker and the app is only for karaoke and not for anything else so please enable those equalizer for regular music listening too it would help out a lot.
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1 year ago, Revox651
Not Keeping the connection
I have a JBL Party Encore and whenever i try to go into the app it keeps telling my to find my speaker every single time I use this app. I would say to update this app where it saves your speaker. Plus I was able to increase the bass to max which sounds really nice.
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2 weeks ago, Gbendudundbdjxjxjfjfnfjxjcvkvj
It’s a great app !!!
So far I haven’t had any bugs no issues whatsoever just wish there where a few more preset audio options (equalizer options) and an option for a slow color change threw all colors but other than that it’s a great app.
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1 year ago, WhiteSoxFan1985
Stopped pairing with speakers in app after iOS 16 update…
This app was working flawlessly before iOS 16 came out, now my iPhone 14 (with iOS 16) can’t find the speakers on the app, even though they are paired with Bluetooth on the phone. I have called JBL several times, but they are not helpful at all. Their fix is to replace the speakers, which I don’t believe is the problem…this issue is also happening on my JBL Flip 6 speakers. The app needs to be fixed to work with iOS 16!
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1 year ago, 🫶plants🌱
I love this app!
This app is amazing! I love how you can adjust the treble and bass to get the perfect sound. I also love how I can control the lights from my phone with so many options. Each setting a different mood. Great app.
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1 year ago, hls_iphone
On every Blu tooth speaker I have ever owned you can use the app to power the device on. It is to the point of me returning the product due to it not remote powering on and linking. It’s also a pain you have to press the link button every time. Good quality speaker though that’s why I’ll give 3 stars instead of 1
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2 years ago, The1ndonlycg
Great service
The app won’t connect to my JBL partybox 110 after the new IOS 16 update. Fix this plz!!! Update: they fixed the problem thank you JBL I knew I could count on you guy to get right on it 5 stars :)
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2 years ago, GingerSpicey
More Light Options
The strobe lights are great but I would love to be able to turn on the lights without flashing, just a solid color would be a great simple option. That as well as having the lights just goin a slow pattern unsynced with the music. Please consider adding these options the the app, besides that the app is great!
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3 years ago, djkozware
Could be much better
The app works fine for me. Always connects. My main problem is that I don’t feel it’s feature rich enough. If there was more light customization, which I know they could do, I would rate it way higher. The speaker is great. But this needs more lighting features for sure. Like, why can I not just have the light ring just one solid color instead of flashing?
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6 months ago, SHERMAN99
Party box
There’s three things I never leave home with my beer my weed and this speaker the sound is 5 stars all the boys and girls like it so much a few of my friends bought one too Sherman like 👍
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4 months ago, TritiumCritic
Poor Update
Since the update, I can’t change party mode from Stereo to Mono. I also can’t view the second speaker connected, only the primary. Also turning on speakers from the phone is now two steps instead of one. Please fix these issues, and stop making unnecessary updates that don’t add and just retract features.
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3 months ago, KodakAppSucks
Love this thing
Although I’ve only gotten to use it indoors I genuinely look forward to seeing what it can do outside! Amazing audio quality! Loud clear and strong!
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2 years ago, Samankhs
EQ controls are missing
This app is good and user friendly but it is definitely missing something and that is equalizer controls . JBL needs to do something about that ASAP since it’s one the most important things when considering buying a new speaker .
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2 years ago, partypooper047
Connection problem
I have a JBL party-box 710 and it awesome but I can’t connect it to the JBL party-box app. All it say is connect Bluetooth and I’m allready connected. I’ve restarted my device, re installed the app and reset the speaker. When I tried it on a different device it connected to the app. I don’t understand what’s wrong. Oh and can there be an equalizer. Thanks
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2 years ago, Worse1oner
IOS16 broke the Partybox App
Please update your app. App is not able to locate the Partybox 310 -times out on search. Bluetooth still works just not able to use the application. Thx!
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1 year ago, Birds Eye View 357
App doesn’t connect to the speaker
Why have a app created when it doesn’t connect to the Bluetooth Jbl Encore, I deleted the app 2x and downloaded it again to see if that would’ve fixed the issue. Y’all have to do better. $200 plus speaker without a working app 🤦🏽‍♂️. It plays bt music from my phone, just doesn’t allow me to access the JBL app to control the Eq.
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3 years ago, Mack2x 5
This app is perfect and very smooth but I suggest for you guys to add to both PARTYBOX and Connect app that u add a turn off feature especially when using connect a multi shut off or single speaker
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1 year ago, Juda man
The Connoisseur
Everything is just fine but I wish it could turn the 310 on and off by the JBL app. Through your phone.
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3 years ago, dizzydisbrow
310 party box
I love this speaker so much only thing is I need another one two stands two mics a screen for words to sing along. One of the best purchases of my life
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1 year ago, Jessie9333
JBL PB encore speaker app
Works perfectly.. only change I see possible is when you on the app it should show what song is playing
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3 months ago, Rock’n Grandma
Kelly Brewer’s best gift ever
Best Xmas present ever I’m 62 and told my daughter I wanted a good sounding speaker and she did not disappoint I love it also mentioned that you can link 2 together maybe she will get the hint 😊
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2 years ago, let ynot to voice tvrc
Fix the app
Honestly it’s a good app but recently I got the JBL 300 and I just want you guys to make it compatible with it because a 110 can be paired(an old model) but a newer version of the party box can not? I’m confused but please fix this
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2 years ago, navaho2012
Super awesome sound
I love music. But only if I can get the best of suspension on sound at multiple levels on volume. I’m heading soon for the next one so I can play Stereo with them. 😁🤙🏾 good job JBL. Congrats
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7 months ago, Davidarliewilson
Great but
If your going to spend money, the JBL party box is worth it. Easy to hook up to either blue tooth of hard wire. Excellent sound and very durable and functional. Great buy!
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8 months ago, Dronaudio
Buy two
Last update improved sound quality a lot. Thanks for that. Would love to see more than three adjustable bands on the EQ though. Loving the punch but the sound quality is limited. Three bands can’t tune much✌️
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1 year ago, C.Sturwold
I’m not normally one to make angry reviews but when I bought a pair of JBL Partybox 100s($300 dollar speaker). I expected to find a JBL app to pair both of them together with. I was shocked to find out that not only does this app not support the 100 not a single JBL official app support it. Frustrating to spend 600 dollars and a company is to lazy to make all the Partybox speakers compatible in the Partybox app.
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2 years ago, LolaAnn82
Must have
I love this speaker. I use it to run trivia and karaoke nights at a local bar as well as personal use. I highly recommend.
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2 years ago, king comedy 17
Good but could be better
I really wish this app had more options for the tone settings. It would be better if there were different options for what type of music your listening to.
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4 months ago, Romandude4657
Add more light shows
I think it would be nice to have more light show styles to choose from
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1 year ago, Pmilla031
Jbl fire
The jbl sound is immaculate especially when it comes to their Bluetooth speakers they definitely deliver crisp sound and just right bass
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