Jefferson Financial CU Mobile

4.8 (11.5K)
80.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jefferson Financial Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Jefferson Financial CU Mobile

4.85 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Buffaleaux
Good People
I had a fraudulent charge on my debit card recently. I went by my local branch in Livingston, where some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, and they told me they would be glad to help but the charge was still pending. They explained to me that the charge had to post before they could do anything. I was to go back by the branch in a couple of days then dispute the charge. The night before I was to go by and dispute the charge I became extremely ill and ended up going to the emergency room where I spent 10 days in the hospital. During my hospital stay, and after I had improved enough to think clearly, I called the fraud protection department about the fraudulent charge to my account. I wish I could remember the young lady’s name that helped me because she was so helpful and seemed truly concerned about my health. Normally I would have to go to the local branch and sign the necessary paperwork to get the charges removed but to my extenuating circumstances she sent the necessary documents to my iPad so I could sign them and send them back. Long story short (too late now) everything was taken care of and all I had to do was concentrate on getting healthy again. Thank you Jefferson Financial for being there for me when I needed you. You are good people.
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5 years ago, Glamazonz
I have had my account for 23 years. I had been through 3 buy outs. I have moved to another state and I have kept my account. I only have had 3 large reasons that JFFCU hasn’t been the so smooth with the transition. First . I have had direct deposit that has always been paid on Thursday. Every Credit Union pays on Thursday. I am now being paid on Friday. Second I have had my credit card with a lower interest rate they immediately quadrupled my interest . And last, every other buy out, we had personal report with members at the branch. Not with JFFCU. They are courteous but I no longer know anymore at the branch. It is very sad!
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1 year ago, boerock23
Jefferson Credit Union App for iPhone 12 max not connecting with bank
I’ve had this app for over a year and it was working fine but now app will not open to the main site! I can get my information from my iPad, but I want to be able to open the app on my iPhone 12. I have have tried different trouble shooting situation but still will not work on my IPhone
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2 years ago, Gaynelle Hawkins
Love Jeff Fin
Good customer service! Nice atmosphere! Website & offices upgraded. One request: would you add our bank to the list. Whenever I apply for something our bank is not on the list. Is there something you can do? Keep upgrading, keep improving, keep growing!
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3 months ago, AussieGal4eva
Amazing Banking
We use Jefferson financial credit Union for all of our personal and auto loans as well as personal banking. They make you feel like you’re the only customer. They have definitely helped us through good times and tough times.
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6 years ago, Tazflcn
Transfer issue
I set up a transfer between my main and savings account every payday. Unlike most banks direct deposit don’t hit until a certain time, which is after the app is program to transfer the funds over. That ends in a failure. Fix that ASAP. #iiworlds #NolaUnplug #HeartFeltEmpire
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3 years ago, Verna V Byrd
Excellent Customer Service
I had the opportunity to talk to several JFFCU employees and the one thing they all had in common was their attention to detail and the BEST customer service from start to finish. This by far has been my best banking experience!
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6 years ago, User app 1970
Deposit check on mobile app
Ive never had problems using the app to deposit my checks . Now every transaction fails ! I also wrote for e deposit only JFCU and still does the same thing on multiple checks this is an inconvenience .
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4 years ago, Mr Meaux
All of my accounts are easy to access, the basic information is available instantly and the detailed information is just a click away. Very convenient.
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12 months ago, Tommy tktk
Such a terrible app for paying car note
Want to pay your car note? Too bad even though you linked another account to us we still make it impossible to use. We also don’t allow you to do like all the bit banks do where you put in your routing number and do monthly payments what a joke I’ll be refinancing my car after my first payment to a bank that has their stuff together
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5 years ago, sifuentes37
Easy to Work with
I’ve been banking at Jefferson Financial for at least 10 years ... I highly JF to my friends, family and any stranger that will listen ... you guys are super user friendly and always make me feel like I’m valued!!!
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7 years ago, pensacolascott
Accurate and easy
This app is very easy to use and accurate. a lot of good information here when I want to see the activity in my account. Are use it frequently to transfer funds and see direct deposits.
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5 years ago, hunnebadger
Great Bank
I have been a member for over a decade and have a superb experience. Beautiful and courteous tellers, wonderful financial managers and strong core staff. I would never leave this credit union. I would be remiss to mention the great interest rate they finance on my second vehicle through Jefferson Finanical. 💯👍🏽
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3 months ago, Ludovin
I love the service provided personally but I’m noticing that more businesses are charging my account for using the debit card witch is going to lead me to start using checks again it’s this the way it’s leading to?
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6 years ago, Tpcarter
Easy and reliable ap
Jefferson Financial is a great bank. I’ve been with them for more than 20 years. Also, the ap is user-friendly and quite reliable when we want to transfer money.
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7 years ago, 4x4trucks
Awesome App for Banking
This app is extremely easy to use and I like the updates they have been making. Still wish you could remote deposit more than $1500 like other banks.
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5 years ago, ray bens
Mobile Banking
So easy to transfer money to my son who is in college!! Thank you! Only wish you listed dates of C.D.s on mobile app. Other than that, it’s great!!
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5 years ago, Cainmilli
Love mobile banking!!
I love the ease of using mobile banking! Wish there were more locations around the city though for cases when I need to visit a location
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5 years ago, Katgak
My bank accounts are working out wonderful
My bank accounts are working out wonderful
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4 years ago, ynvm3
Shows balance
I don’t like it can show your balance even if your not log in
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2 years ago, Lugo143
Review Lugo
I’m always delighted when I go into the lobby in Gretna location tellers are very friendly. And love my mobile app, since I don’t drive it helps me out.
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7 years ago, Jeanie49
A very satisfied customer!!!
The app is so easy to figure out and I haven't had any problem so far. I like how it moves so fast! Thank you Jefferson Finanical!!!!
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6 years ago, sk33tshota
Great app
App works wonderfully and is very fast. Only problem I’m having is when I add the widget to my phone for the app it disappears and will not come back unless I restart my phone. Then after a minute it disappears again
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5 years ago, Ms Lady Love
The employees at JFCU
The employees at your Airline Drive has been very helpful in everything I have brought before them. They’ve made me feel that I’m a priority and cared about. Hats off to your JFCU Airline Drive branch.
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7 years ago, TrurhGiver
Very Good Mobile App
Most on line functions can be performed by the mobile app. The mobile check deposit is very limited and awkward to use.
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6 years ago, BabsLopijr
Bank account
I keep getting log out after initial log in. Very inconvenient and the quick log in is not accepting.
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7 years ago, MommaRuf
Happy with Jefferson Financial.
I love the interest payments on my checking account. I wish we could deposit with our smart phones. Otherwise extremely happy to be a member of this credit union.
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7 years ago, Agordon336
I love this credit union! Their mobile banking app is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate!
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6 years ago, bosko3ward
Mobile banking
Online banking knowing what you have in your account is easy I love it I can see my accounts with no problem and do easy transfers with no problem.
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5 years ago, Arlette55
Easy to Use!
I love this app! Once a JF employee helped me reset my password, I was off and running! I like the security protocols set in place, and the app is so user friendly.
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6 years ago, Rapture123
Great bank
Great bank you make a cash deposit now. After hours directly into your account.
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4 years ago, Aajeppe
Love everything about this bank
My number one financial
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7 years ago, Trfghdv
Doesn't work on brand new iPhone
Didn't work on my brand new iPhone totally wasted my time for an hour
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1 year ago, rlc1133
Works great excepts ….
Lately when logging in w/ my ph on the app, I am constantly having to verify my device- a device I’ve had for years & sometimes 2-3x a day. Fix this & I’ll raise the Rating
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1 year ago, "Iola"
What I like the most
The Employees are friendly and homegrown, the neighbor next door. And they know their job.
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4 years ago, TubbStackz
My app won’t open
Hey you guys ,please take a look into my app !for some reason I can’t open it up ,thanks in advance!
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5 years ago, Hopeyhope
Mobile/Branch/Customer Service
Love my mobile banking and my branch and customer service I get when I need it .
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4 years ago, Bood52
Easy to peak at all savings and checking accounts; and wonderful to have the quick great app to transfer funds
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7 years ago, Mrs Muse
Account number
I would love to be able to retrieve my account numbers on the app.
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4 years ago, pellj
JFCU is a great institutional bank that provides great quality of service. I love online banking, it’s easy and accessible in usage.
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6 years ago, gmc nick
Love Jefferson bank
Everything is great I can excess everything online take care everything I need and that’s so Awesome. Go jefferson financial.🎊🎉🎆
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2 years ago, paigebaqui
Gets super annoying
The app constantly logs me out. I type my password in and it says “an error occurred” I am always getting locked or kicked out of my account. Extremely frustrating.
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1 year ago, Jon-Carlo
User Interface
The user interface needs to be updated to look more modern and sleek. Also, the startup screen is never centered.
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7 years ago, puff44
I️ love my app I️ can keep track of what I️ spend. It’s so helpful with keeping me on track with my checking.
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6 years ago, QZBH24
Have to use it because that is what available. App is just better then nothing. Check deposit option is the worst one yet. Overall app design is very poor.
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6 years ago, ThePhd123886
App works great, except for transfers. Supposedly I can transfer to other accounts but haven’t been able to. Called the bank to ask how and they didn’t know how to either.
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2 years ago, Rongisl
Best Bank for us
Always there, very accommodating five stars for sure.
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5 years ago, jeffdeq
Works well on iPad and iPhone
This is a very convenient app to use for online banking.
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7 years ago, geemque
Banking at the tip of my finger
This app is easy to you, user-friendly make banking so easy.
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2 years ago, kassysandy
The new app is not very user friendly. It does not show you what the available balance and the actual balance is. Also I don’t like the fact that they are not showing all holds on my account.
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