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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for JELLIES!

4.42 out of 5
181 Ratings
2 years ago, Flession
Good game but it needs to get updated again
Jellies is a good game to play but it been 2 years since an update has happened I hope this game gets a update
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4 years ago, Fgdgd
Awesome!!!😄// (what’s going on)😕
By far the best free app yet at least for the week I love it I have no complaints at all./////////////////// Ok I re-downloaded this game after having purchased it when it first came out, I just finished installing it now and it constantly repeats the opening scene and nothing else I don’t know what’s going on with the game now I have also restarted my phone thinking that would fix the issue, but it didn’t work the game starts with the opening scene and after it ends the first time it immediately restarts plays all the way through and restarts again over and over again there is no actual game playing involved just constant replays of the opening scene nothing else it won’t stop so now the game is unplayable. What’s going on guys seriously. 😐
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2 years ago, NPagz
What’s going on with the Etsy shop??
I realize I’m WAY late in the game here, but having recently gotten back into the app I was pleasantly surprised to see that the link to their Etsy was still (from what I can see) being pushed. Clicked the link intending to purchase, but the entire store is empty & seemingly hasn’t been updated for quite some time. I’d love to get my hands on a Jellies! Plush if that’s still at all possible. Any updates or help in the matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Foxyduhpirate
i’ve had this game on and off for so many years and every time i get back into it it’s the best thing ever! the colors, storyline, everything is just so so awesome and this game will always hold a special place in my heart
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4 years ago, LoqutisBorg
Beginning cut scene won’t stop playing
I used to love playing this game. I saw it and re-downloaded super excited to play it. However the first cut scene that introduces the game won’t stop playing. It just keeps playing over and over again. It makes me sad that I can’t play the game.🙁
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7 years ago, Eglal 😃
I love the game and the storyline i think it's awesome But i just think that the time is a little too short i wish it is more than 60 seconds per round :( but other than that its Great😍
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4 years ago, Melicoon
What’s going on?
I used to love this game, one of my all time favorites. I just recently re-download it because I missed playing it and it won’t get past the short clip loading screen. I even bought the stupid “endless mode” to see if that worked and nothing!
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7 years ago, oxjox
Yikes! What happened??
I first downloaded this game when it first came out. One of my favorite games to pass the time with. Now it’s a game of clicking buttons to move to the next screen and figure out how to actually start the Jellies game. Great job making a mess of it guys. Sad to see this get destroyed.
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7 years ago, Dnwicnef eifmekf
It really is cute but I fell bad popping the jellies.
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3 years ago, ccoltrera
No way to mute the SFX
The SFX toggle in settings doesn’t appear to actually mute the sound effects — which are incredibly loud and obnoxious. Got this game to play while listening to audiobooks and the terrible and un-mutable sounds ruined it for that.
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7 years ago, Groomsey
Can’t even get in-app purchases
Every time I try to purchase the unending mode, I keep getting an error message like its not even trying to connect tot he App Store.
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7 years ago, 😊😊2017
This is soo much fun
This game is one of my all time favorites
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7 years ago, Be be snaps
Love the Game
It is so cute fun to play and the jellies are amazing thank you for creating the game it's great!👍🏽
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7 years ago, Kakester05
Ton of fun!
Very fun and makes you wanna play more!
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7 years ago, Lover_Disney
Love it!!!
I love this game! It's sooo much fun! People should make more of these amazing apps!!
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4 years ago, Bokehgirl52
Love it
Fast & Fun! Still Live Kenshō & hoping for a part 2
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5 years ago, boltiebabe
Game Not Loading
This game does not load past the opening video of Bob getting his fingers eaten by the jellies, despite saying in the app description that the game is compatible with my iPhone.
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7 years ago, JBP426
I love jellies
The jellies are just so cute and I love them all
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6 years ago, Fffghghgdcb
The cutest and funniest and adventuress game ever! #Beast #make another one like it please! # fun stress reliever!:)
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7 years ago, Eggma516
So fun and cute! Five stars from me!
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7 years ago, Kitkatmatmat
Love it
So cute and I love the concept
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7 years ago, Krastangg
Issa cute!! So fun to play!! Very Addicting!!
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5 years ago, Aaron quach
Pro game to play
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4 years ago, kittin mittins 40227
Fun forever!!!!
I love this game!😄 It is super calming and the jellies are SOOOOOOO cute!!!!❤️
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10 years ago, Deezignone
Great game; Sore losers
Love the game (although the challenges were too few) and the multiplayer is fun and involves a surprising amount of strategy; Which is to say most players' strategy is to cry and throw a temper tantrum, i.e. force quit out of the game in the middle of a round whenever they don't get the disco jelly, or foresee themselves not scoring enough, basically whenever they think they're going to lose. These are the same brats that throw their game consoles out the window when they get skillfully snipped, or when their mommy doesn't buy their favorite sugared cereal. Good riddance. That is to say I have not written this to merely complain, that would be bratty, it's literally the only negative thing I have to say about the game because it's that fun and well-polished, as a sort of warning to those who have yet to play multiplayer to be aware of this happening, to those sore losers who should just grow up and learn from the better players' strategies, and to the devs to possibly implementing a "surrender" feature, where if a player leaves in the middle of a round, the remaining player is still rewarded a win and partial XP and coins for the unfinished round, as well as a penalty for forfeiting (longer power-rejuvenation time, perhaps). But like I said, and let me be clear, that this is a great game, well-made, brilliant story-telling, fun gameplay, and overall stress-free. But don't be a sore loser. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Joshimom
It good
It’s pretty good
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7 years ago, _soccer_lover_10
It's the best! And adorable!
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7 years ago, Super girl7124
Haha this game is so cute!
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7 years ago, Mustachebros
A great game with a fun design
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7 years ago, Jowldy
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10 years ago, Beckysnail
Leads to Ask Many Questions
I downloaded the Jellies game, and it is a fun one. However, I must ask several of the following questions: 1) What possessed the jellyfish to eat Bob's fingers? Jellyfish typically don't eat fingers. 2) Why didn't Bob wake up during the event of his fingers being eaten? This leads to the person wondering if Bob is under the influence of drugs. 3) If Bob is under the influence, why didn't his family or friends stop him from going fishing? Does he have family or friends? Do his family and friends know about Bob's substance abuse problems? 4) Are the jellyfish keeping Bob's fingers on ice for him to get back? Will Bob get his fingers back in time before his body rejects the dead tissue? 5) Are the jellies repeat offenders on the finger-eating scene? Are they mutant jellies who eat fingers, or do they just enjoy watching people suffer? 6) Is it possible that the jellies only ate Bob's fingers because his drugs (possibly Meth) got into the water and caused the jellies to want to eat fingers? 7) Will Bob be able to provide for his family and maintain his current lifestyle as a possibly 5-fingered fisherman? I sincerely hope that completing the game will answer all my questions.
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10 years ago, Oololololo
Free to play at its best
I have played this game so much today I beat single player and got every medal in multiplayer and loved every second of it. The reason I'm writing this review is I saw a popular review that claimed that you have to pay to complete the challenges. This is simply not true you can do all the challenges for free. The challenge he is referring too is getting 100 kills during extra time. He thinks that the only way to get extra time (clocks) is from challenges and once you run out you have to pay. In reality if he actually ever played multiplayer he would realize that for every win you get you get 1 extra time(I have 43 clocks).And multiplayer is 100% free. I haven't payed a dime and I have beaten/unlocked everything in about 7 hours of game time. There are I game purchases but you earn 3000 coins at least per win in multiplayer. And .99€ will buy you 5000 coins. To put this in reference the most expensive ability cost 7500 coins for a pack of 3 so you only need almost 3 wins and at least 2 wins to get it.
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10 years ago, Hi I'm........
Very Fun!!
This game is very fun! It gives you goals and once you reach a certain mark you get a picture and it shows up like how an Instagram picture would with likes and comments. The only thing that I with that they would add is being able to like and comment on the photos yourself. The game is pretty easy to play so it would probably be good for younger children as well as for adults. Once you reach a certain goal you can get new background and jelly colors but the only thing is you can't mix and match the colors but they are still cool!!! Over all I would recommend this game to everyone and I would give it five stars because yes I did say I wanted to change something's but those were just minor things and I think that it is still a very fun game!
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10 years ago, Bobs beach
Not the best
It's ok, but...... I don't like it because they show cutting the whale in half and it dying then the guy sticks his hand in its body. So that's just gross! And they show a little skit at the beginning that shows him on a boat and his hand falls in the water while he's asleep and the jellies take his fingers off. And each level you get to they show him getting each of his fingers back, but it still shows the fingers that aren't there and in one of his pictures it's almost like Instagram where he posts pictures and comments on them and one was talking about how he was going to die. And that's, like who wants to listen to that?! Oh and there's this different part of the game and it's called endless, so you can relax and have all the time you could want playing the game and you have to pay for it! I mean it's not really that much but I mean you want to enjoy the game not pay for a different part of it!
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10 years ago, Blackknightaudio
Rockin' with the Jellies!!!
Ok, besides clumsy ninja, I haven't really played any games on my phone at all. Sure I've downloaded the obligatory games, my friends or family tell me I need to, but I've never been tempted to actually play them. When I saw this app, and read the reviews, I was intrigued. So I thought, "what the heck, what do I have to lose?" I'm sure glad I downloaded it! It's freakin' addictive, and hilarious, and just plain fun! I was hooked within seconds! lol If it can get me onboard, it's definitely out of the ordinary and a total blast. You won't regret it, if you try this app. That is, unless you get fired from you job, for sneaking it under the desk, when you're bored. I take no responsibility for that. You're on your own... ; )
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10 years ago, Ceilr
There's a limit to the fun
Sometimes my finger runs over a jelly but doesn't catch it. Still, I like this game. The one thing I don't want to do is buy time. I don't like additional pay options in any game, but now I am stuck. Challenge #7 is to kill 100 jellies during extra time, and the only way I can get extra time is to buy it. There's a limit as to how far one can go. I am now looking at Endless Mode in the in-app purchases and wondering how that works.
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10 years ago, 22ekoeppen
Most hilarious game! Very addicting😍
OMG I LOVE JELLIES!! One time I was playing and this really cute jelly came and said, "JELLY JELLY JELLY!" I found it very funny because it was out of no where. That's like me! I randomly say things lol. I love using bombs to blow up the Jellies. Also, Instabob was a very creative idea. I love getting new pictures after catching the Jellies. 5 STARS WAY TO GO 😍😹👍 hopefully I get to the last level and will be able to get all of Bob's fingers back. This game deserves to be app of the week. The jellies are absolutely so adorable and cute. If only they didn't take all of your fingers off, I would just want to hug all of the multicolored Jellies.
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10 years ago, Jaybord
Honestly though, HONESTLY -- all hope was lost, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel and had honestly doubted its existence. But when I saw the plight of Fishermen Bob's woeful journey to retrieve his lost digits, I knew I could go on if he could. These terrible jellies are the personification of his fear, and maybe the fear inside of us all. Now that I have a kindred spirit in the Fishermen name of Bob, I am able to carry on. He is the spirit that gives my heart license to soar. He is the wind beneath my wings. Without Him, I am nothing. I do it all for Him. Through Him, all is possible. All praise be to Him, the Almighty.
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10 years ago, JRod11991
Amazing! But there's a problem with facebook :(
Amazing, fun, and minimalist! However, I am having a problem with facebook. See, initially I linked my facebook account and I was able to invite friends, but then I deactivated that account and now there is no way to unlink the old account and add the new one, resulting in a blank screen whenever I tap "invite friends." I also unlinked the game from my facebook account through the facebook website before deactivating it. Anyway, I hope there is a fix to this in a future update :(
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10 years ago, Matthew_Golden
The most fun I've had on my phone in a while!
Ever since I bought Tiny Wings a few years back I hadn't really seen a game as fun as that - maybe the "Dots" game but that's a different story - anyway today when I downloaded this and played with the sound on (surprisingly) I fell in love with it in a matter of seconds. The design, the sound, the way it works. It's just such a fun game especially if you're in a bad mood or sad - if that's the case, then this game will definitely brighten up your day! One of my all time favorites!!!
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10 years ago, brookenmurphy
Great game! Highly interactive and fun!
Wow! This game's honestly got it all! Highly interactive, fun game for all ages. I love the fact that Bob, the main character has a social media timeline of his own, and as the game progresses the user earns photos and video clips that are added to it! Challenge friends or other Game Center users for more points! Color scheme is amazing, and as you advance in the game, more color scheme options become available. There are power-ups and special jellies that keep the game interesting by providing various ways to capture those cute little buggers. Even the game's music and sound effects are s perfect fit! You know that game you love to play, but have to play on mute (Ex: Words With Friends)? This game's not like that at all! Highly recommended, fun game for gamers of all ages (well not infants, of course ... But you know what I mean)!
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10 years ago, lutherrose
Different type of game
I got Jellies free when the App Store chose it for their App of the week. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed playing a game so much. It's fun, colorful, silly and an overall great game. The game is pretty close to a match 3 game. You use your finger to draw a line of two or more jellies. The catch is, the jellies are constantly moving. Adds a whole new level of difficulty. As an after thought, I would have been willing to pay for this app. The upgrade gets rid of the ads.
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9 years ago, andylap99
An FYI to the developers that the game won't run on iOS 9 betas. NOTE: THE APP DOES NOT SUPPORT iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th Gen, and iPad 1. IT IS SPECIFIED IN THE DESCRIPTION. Please do not write a review about something that is not already noted in description by the developers I was hesitant first to purchase this game because I thought it was a little expensive. After I saw the story of Bob and played the game I really liked it! Heck, I even bought endless mode! I've had no crashes on my iPad Mini 1, and it ran smoothly. I love the music, the design and the animations. And the jellies' voices, of course ;). I also like InstaBob, where Bob posts Instagram-style pictures of his journey of getting his fingers back. I wish there were more pictures... I would suggest cloud syncing the scores with the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch via Game Center, Facebook or iCloud. HUGE Kudos to the developers! :)
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10 years ago, Mohamdi
Entertaining, can't put it down! Except money-grubbing :(
I am leaving my previous review as how I feel regarding game play is still true. However, I deemed it "money-grubbing" because they have made it so that to complete one of the individual missions you must purchase a very expensive game pack. I don't begrudge them making money, but normally I can choose whether I need the game packs sold to get ahead faster or just be patient. It is NOT cool that I have no other option to aid progress in missions unless I make a minimum 6.99 purchase. This has dropped my rating from a 4 to a 3. *****Original Review***** Jellies is like combining you classic match games with motion. Rather than a static board of pieces, they move around at varying speeds. I love the disco jellie and other special features. It also keeps it interesting with missions and a multiplayer option. I like the artwork, and even the music. I generally turn music on games off to not bother others, but I think I'll play it when I'm on my own.
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10 years ago, IG: TruuLov33
Best Game Of a The Week EVER!!!😍❤️
I may say . As myself being a total gamer, this game has caught my undivided attention. I usually play games on my phone then get bored with them by the hours I play them or the days. This game actually makes me want to write a review about it but you see here I am writing one about this awesome game. I am going to recommend this game to all my friends. So far this is the second best game on the App Store. Get this game. Download Jellies! You will not regret it ! Much love Nubia ✌️😘✌️
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10 years ago, Dude0303
It's creative and the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life and death in a while ago but the fact I can get it right away with the best of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the year and the other hand is the only thing that would have to go back and the other hand is the only thing that would have to go back
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10 years ago, NegritaBaby
Perfect for killing time :)
It's a fun game to kill time with. The graphics and music are awesome. I'm the type that has to turn to music off games because it becomes annoying after a while but not with this one! There is one thing that has been bugging me tho.. Something I need an answer to.. Is Bob Dexter Morgan?!?! Is he killing Jellies instead of people now?? I bet he is. He only killed people that hurt/killed other people. Jellyfish hurt other people so...
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10 years ago, Himari 79!!!
Download now!!!
This game has me HOOKED. It is so cute and silly. At first it doesn't make sense but soon you begin to accept the crazy as completely normal. My first impression of the game was of course awwwww it's so cute and yes my boyfriend thought it looked like something on acid. I love everything about this game from bob the sailer and mr. Seagull and their fun Instagram posts. I can't say enough of this game it will have you hooked instantly and thanking Jesus you don't have epilepsy from cone tin the cute colorful jellies.
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10 years ago, Melvin12525+Crackle24 4vr
Awesome-mazing app!!!
Totally 100% deserves app of the week!! So basically bob is a fisherman who goes out fishing one day and falls asleep. He awakes and his fingers have been eaten by jellies (don't even ask)! In order to catch these jellies, you must connect same-colored jellies. But hurry up! You only have 60 seconds! There are no levels and after you catch a certain amont of jellies you get a finger back. It is fun addicting and just perfect! You should definatly get this game!
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10 years ago, RobinMarlesuth
These jellies are so freaking cute!!! They don't even look like jellyfish at all so my sister can play the game without freaking out. The music is adorable, and instabob is a cute little quirky way of getting to know the characters. The only issue is sometimes if I get a text when playing the game freezes on me completely and I have to refresh my phone to get it to work again. Otherwise great job people!!
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