Jerry: The AllCar™ App

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Jerry Inc
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Jerry: The AllCar™ App

4.65 out of 5
18.9K Ratings
2 years ago, My Rating on this site
Saved on my Car Insurance tremendously w/Jerry
I was surprised that not only was my car insurance going to be tremendously, but also it was seamlessly easy process. Not to mention that I didn’t have to deal with a thousand spam calls for filling something out online inquiring about car insurance rates. That’s enough to make me use Jerry right there by itself. I have full coverage and went from paying $600 something for 3 months to $869 for 6 months so I’m beyond satisfied. Usually when u check the rates online u put ur info and get a quote and then someone with that company calls u with the actual rate and u go from there. Jerry however gave me options then I chose one. After a couple minutes they were back with the actual amount for myself, which I then chose to pay in full. After that I was insured!!! No talking to eight different people that speak broken English and really don’t know what they are talking about. Not that that’s their fault it’s the language barrier. I can’t understand them anymore than they can me with my southern accent Lol!!! But it’s still annoying and I enjoy not having to talk to anyone. Then here’s I would say the best part but it’s all the best part!!! They contact u back both at 3 & 6 months trying to help check to see if we might find a cheaper option but with that time passed and still having a good driving record. So all n all I would absolutely 110 percent recommend Jerry!!! And I myself will definitely use Jerry again!!!
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11 months ago, Hoyty1965
LOVE this App!
I have been paying half of what I had previously paid for my car insurance for just over a year now! That’s over 650$ a year. I can think of 100 ways I can spend that money now instead of giving it to an insurance company. The coverage has been identical. The app is so simple that one might think it is too good to be true. It is for real though. They were honest with me about when they would be able to find me full coverage that I would finally be able to afford for the 1st time in my life. They will reshop your rate anytime you like and the customer service is 1st class all the way. I recently lost my mom and my world fell apart briefly causing me to let my coverage slip for a couple of days. 1st thing the rep said to me was I’m so sorry for your loss, that may not seem like much but trust me in this world at this time, it was everything! The kind woman then told me that as soon as I was ready they would be right there ready to help me . I had not expected such grace and kindness from an app representative but I can tell you they have my loyalty and appreciation for the foreseeable future. It’s great to know that there are still kind people in this world. Thank you Jerry App and whoever it was that immediately answered my text (after 9pm on a Saturday) and treated me with such kindness and respect . I won’t forget it.
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4 years ago, Laflei
Transition from GEICO to Flo...I mean Progressive
After 25 years with the same insurance company I was hesitant to make this move. I am saving a bunch of money for the same policy level on two cars and I am happy about that I resist giving a full star rating until after the policy is settled and renewed. My biggest fear is that after the six month mark, the policy will inch it’s way up back toBe as expensive as it was with GEICO. So I am still in the wait and let’s see phase of the transition. As you can probably tell from 25 years with the same company I’m not crazy about changing but GEICO became ridiculous already with how much I was paying. The app itself, Jerry, is quite amazing when I think about the laborious in efficient process that buying car insurance can be and has been over the years. This app not only grabs her information from your state and grab your insurance information car information and then does a search to find you a variety of choices with different insurance companies and different levels of coverage. You never have to speak to a person unless you want to and I did call to speak to someone because I am old fashion and the person was very knowledgeable confident friendly, making it even a better experience. You even get to sign the documents on your phone via Adobe. So if you’re a change resistant and not crazy about talking to Insurance customer service reps over the phone, and saving money; I’d say that Jerry is for you.
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3 years ago, blahblahbooberkins
I’m pinching myself to make sure this is real
I’ve never written a review for an app before, but I had to start somewhere. I loaded this app with mediocre hopes at finding some cheaper priced auto insurance. I just got a new car and need to insure it, although I’ve had some tickets, an accident, and a recent suspension,(hasn’t been 3 yrs since), so I wasn’t thinking I’d get a great deal. This app did its magic, and not only found me 5 great quotes that were at least $35 less than my last insurance quote search, but one of the quotes was a whopping $85 less than what I was paying with my last insurance company who swore they were giving me the bare bones minimum, working with my driving record at the time. Ok, so this is great, but there’s still got to be a catch I thought. But I went ahead and accepted the rate offer, which the app still had to plug in and verify and get back to me…. I figured this was going to be where the fine print came out and all of my hopes and dreams would be crushed. But no, nothing changed, and I was able to purchase my insurance policy just now, and because The rate was so amazing, for the first time ever, I was able to pre-pay for an entire year of auto insurance!!! Woo-Hoo!!! This is an excellent little app!! I’d recommend to all!! Skeptical people will be surprised :)
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3 months ago, peward2007
You really can save with this app!
I have to say I have heard the promises from hundreds of auto insurance specialists over the years saying how they can save you money. You start a search on line and before you know it you have your texts, email and voicemail bombarded with messages. It’s such a hassle and time consuming you can’t help but dread it when that time comes around again to find a better rate. I never expected that an app (Jerry)I had downloaded some time back could do me so much justice! I kid you not! The quotes I would get were an absolute joke! Even for minimum liability I was getting quotes so high, it would be worth it not to drive at all. I’m over 35 with a spotless driving record, no claims and a 8 year old 4 door car. I was quoted between $200 and one as high as $900 a month. Seriously? What happened to good driver discounts? Luckily I just happen to include this app in my search. Wow! Within maybe an hour they found me the best rate I could not have found without wasting countless hours, days and a aching headache doing so. Jerry also has other useful tools to use to help keep you up to date on maintenance, cost estimates, tracking mileage etc. This app is a must have and so easy to use! I’m so glad I gave it a chance!
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2 years ago, BronHartner
Great service, just a few bumps
Want to be honest here. I’d give five stars but a few things with the app that were a little painful to work through but I stuck with it. 1) you change your options that you’d like. Ie. Medical payments, rental car coverage, etc and the Jerry app goes and gets more quotes. Yet they come back with different options to what you want and this goes on and on until you just end up accepting what they offer to be ready to purchase. A little frustrating for sure. 2) the quote price changed even after I agreed to the policy. No explanation as to why. That’s frustrating but given the time I spent trying to figure it out and use the app, I went ahead because it was still a little cheaper than Root (who were great but jacked up the price year on year and I’d had enough and went shopping to save some hard earned dollars). May I mention since having insurance these past 6 or 7 years consecutively, the only claim I made was the windshield repair as it had cracks. 3) the Jerry app sent me an urgent message early in the piece that our car had a serious engine recall. I checked with the dealer (also my friend) and there’s no recall for what they’d said so I was a bit concerned by this. In fact I’d give 3.5 stars but because it’s all sorted and the customer service person was efficient, I give it a 4.
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2 years ago, GodsChild247
Jerry Saves Time and Money
I drive a 16 year old car and haven’t had any accidents or moving violations in the last 5 years, but I was still being charged almost $60/month for basic liability coverage. I have been with my company for 11 years. I knew I could do better and asked them for a lower rate, but they said they were giving me all the discounts I was eligible for. Again, I knew I could do better. I compared insurance quotes on the ‘net and took a few calls from different agents (and boy will they call!), but then I got a text from Jerry claiming that they compared prices to help me find the lowest price in one place. I figured I would try it. I did, and the first thing I saw was my insurance company offering over $20 /month lower than they were currently offering me for the same coverage! Thanks to Jerry, I was able to cancel my current policy and get the discount I deserve from my current company. Jerry will even automatically check for better quotes when it’s time to renew. With Jerry I know that I won’t have to pay more for insurance or talk to many different insurance agents to find the best price. Jerry’s service does exactly what it purports to do. It gives more power back to the consumer. I recommend this app for everyone.
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3 years ago, Mermaidjack
It’s literally what is advertised
So I was a little skeptical given the over acted ads they have on social media but I decided to give it try after finding out my current insurance was going to spike up due to an accident a couple of months ago which I was at fault for(not cheap for a 23 yr old) so I decided to look into the app and it was literally so easy to use. They can find you policy using some basic information you give them and you can select your car/driver and then answer some easy questions about your current policy but nothing strenuous and then you get a list of initial quotes for various insurance that are the same/similar coverage as your current one (which they got when they looked up your policy) and you’re able to inquire further if you’re interested in the prices you see and then there is a brief wait period while they finalize the quotes from EACH insurance they listed and mines did change from the initial quote but I was still able to find a great insurance with similar coverage for $200 less than my other one! AND THEN they also help you cancel your old policy! You can pick a date or even as soon as tomorrow! This app is really great!! Will definitely will recommend to friends and family!!
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2 years ago, They Call Me Chris 🤠
Apparently it’s my fault
I started a policy with progressive that was 30 bucks cheaper than my previous policy with similar coverage. About a week before it started I got a text saying my policy was going to be even cheaper! I was thrilled 100/month for the same policy?? Sign me up. Everything is going well and then I received mail from progressive with all of my fathers information on it, I was locked out of my progressive account and after countless calls with progressive agents they told me all of my information is wrong. It’s all my fathers. When I fixed my information my rates TRIPLED. I then get another letter from progressive with documents I have to sign but this one has my policy writers Info on it, and it was a writer from Jerry. (I will not mention the name for safety reasons on the writer’s end.) So I called Jerry and they said “yep it appears we used the wrong info, we’ll look into it. And get you squared away, we’re sorry about this” A few hours later they text me and said “well it looks like you used your fathers info, there’s nothing we can do” How is it I put my drivers license number in on the app and everything is correct, bday, name, etc but when it gets to the writer it all changes? I’m a jr so I assume the writer clicked the first name that popped up. But that’s my fault and i have to deal with it. Safe to say I will never use Jerry again and will never reference it to friends. Save them and myself further headache.
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4 years ago, OliviaIero
So quick and easy, Oh My Gosh!
I was stressing out for so long! I was insured by Root and it was pretty expensive for us :( but our insurance ended up getting canceled because we didn’t have money due to Covid (hard times) when we finally had enough money Root wouldn’t let us renew our policy which I think is messed up considering we always would pay our amount on time until recently and never had any accidents, we also tried to get help but the person who assisted us did NOTHING even though I checked later and it even said on the app that Root would help us during Covid-19 🙄 I tried talking with someone else to see if we could get our car insurance back but we were told we would have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to be able to get insured with them again, no thanks 😒 anyway I was super stressed at this point and happens to come across Jerry and all I did was enter some information and they did the rest, not only did I get auto insurance I also got it for a less expensive price then I had! It was so quick and easy! I am so relieved and happy with my experience, thank you Jerry!!!! I don’t know what I would do without you, I was about to start pulling my hair out!
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3 years ago, Gooswitch
Um… Wow.
I saw ads for this service on TikTok and quite frankly rolled my yes that something could truly be this easy. Though my rates with my current carrier were a tad high, and I was getting tired of going to each individual insurance site and doing a quote. I figured, what do I have to lose? I downloaded the app, got signed up. The app found all my information quickly, and presented me bare boned quotes (essentially liability coverage). I made the desired switches for what I was looking for and submitted. Within 10 minutes, four quotes that were 20% cheaper were presented. I submitted the extra info, and then I got final quotes from the top two. I elected to go with the cheaper option (though it is a well known company), scheduled the time to switch over and then signed a doc that will allow them to cancel my current policy and save me an awkward phone conversation. I’m blown away by the experience and I will ABSOLUTELY let my friends and family know about it. Update: Today, not only did Jerry get me switched over to my new company and and send my cancellation letter to my old, they saved me additional $15 a month from what I was previously quoted. For real… TRY this App!
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1 year ago, T’var Savings
I spoke with Jim at Jerry who was very professional. This isn’t my first time logging into Jerry. I logged in and updated my personal information a few months ago. I was apprehensive about following thru until completion. I had never heard of the app, therefore didn’t know anyone who’d used it before. I loaded my info, but didn’t submit my payment info. The price was great, but I decided to stay with GEICO. Today for whatever reason I opened the app again. I followed thru with the update and saw a quote for progressive. It is considerably less than my current policy. So I decided to take a chance. This time I called and spoke to an agent, Jim. He made me feel very comfortable giving my information. I paid the entire 6 months because he gave the price. Which was considerably less. He said it makes more sense to pay in full. Which I agreed. He advised that I’ll get all my policy info via email. Which I received then I called progressive. They confirmed my policy and coverage. Which made me feel totally secure. I am now going to refer this app to my friends and family. That way they can enjoy savings as well. Thank you Jerry and Jim!! You’re the best.. woohoo
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3 years ago, Power To Go Customer
Super easy and convenient!
I had never heard of this app but decided to try it. Glad I did! I put in a little information about myself and my car and then a short time later I had several quotes sent straight to the app. I did not have to give my phone number so I did not have multiple expensive companies calling me over and over again!!! That alone was worth the app. They found me a company with a great rate and I did it all on line and through text. They have the “name brand” insurance companies as well and can match the coverage you currently have. ***The only negative thing I have to say, which ends on a positive note, is that when I received my “final quote” in the app and I tried to sign up for it, they came back and gave me a new final total that was $60 higher. However! The great rep I was talking to got that lowered $40+ so it was a lot less expensive than my previous account and still has the same coverage. ***(The higher rate was due to things they found on my driving record, which I thought they had already included in my original final quote. So just know that the final price in the app may change if you have any incidents on your driving record)
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2 years ago, 1uzftw
Customer service not even I expected!
I’ve been using Jerry for quite a while now to keep me updated on all things auto insurance.. well today a customer service representative named Christine totally made me thankful, once again, that I chose to let this company hold down my insurance needs.. she was polite and helpful and was quick in doing what I thought was going to be impossible. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone interested in keeping their rates down and getting the best policy for their money as well as getting the customer service you would expect from a much more fancy operation.. Thanks Jerry for saving me money, time and a heap of wasted energy in doing whatever it is that you do.. it’s been nothing but two thumbs up since day one and I’ve been waiting to post a review because I just knew there was a touch of grey somewhere in that silver lining.. I’m honestly surprised that today I realized that it wasn’t silver after all, it is actually gold.. Thank you Jerry and thank you Christine! Both of you are on my Christmas list this year!
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2 years ago, Kabir.E
Do not waste time on Jerry
I was using Root with the cheapest full coverage. Jerry offered me almost a similar quote from Progressive discounted by $92 for 6 months when paid in full. However at the time of shifting I came to realize I am offered with a reduced UMBI and limited roadside coverage which was not disclosed earlier. When contacted they said it’s actually Progressive who made those changes according to their policy. One more thing, although their app says, you get the same quoted price guarantee once you accept the offer and switch within 1 month of the offered quote; this is not true. In my case, I accepted the offer immediately, they verified my payment info and bind the price. I chose to shift at the 21st day from the date quote was offered. I talked with a customer service agent to double check and he confirmed price will be same. However they texted me at the last moment (2 days before the shifting day) that price is raised so I either reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the offer. Whereas their app was still showing the previous discounted price as quoted. I called customer service and they informed that price is only guaranteed when switched immediately. Anyways, I got e better deal from State Farm the same day with full coverage and renters lol. Even I checked Progressive and got the similar quote at a $3 discounted price when pay monthly basis.
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4 years ago, Prophet Icry
It was just so perfect!😄
All right so this was my first automobile and I finally got my license after years of trying. I got the money for the new vehicle and already knew what I wanted and where to find it. So same day I decided to take action I called the car lot to see if automobile was available then I used the jerry app cause I just found out I can’t take the automobile off the lot without insurance and I heard these horror stories about $400 to even $1100 a month insurance. But after not even two minutes jerry pulled up four different quotes and plain simple insurance and all was under $125 ... 😲 I was amazed and went to the back to put the money in my account and got it. That’s same day I was emailed insurance card and my policy and boom at the end of the night I was on the road. I thank God for the people behind jerry cause they helped me real quick I spoke to two human beings and they made it happen. One more thing...their cool wait till you find out why they named it jerry ... it made me smile like that’s cool kinda peoples. Well that’s it my review peace and love...Brooklyn New York The Prophet the King over and out!
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4 years ago, Phuoc Tang
The most ideal insurance shopping app
I didnt expect to switch because I have been switching several times and I thought I already got the lowest for my car. I was paying $240, I know it’s pretty high but my original policy was $340. It’s Lexus Is200t 2016, so the policy is just high by nature and I also into accident within the past 2 years. This app helped me find policies at half the price I’m paying and I’m pretty astounded when I saw it. So I decided to switch over to Nationwide where they offered a $90 policy. Very nice deal. By the way, you wont be getting any coverage for comprehensive deductibles but the state minimum. Yet, you do have the option to add coverage and they will find you the next ideal deals for you. The app also helps you with the cancellation process of your previous carrier and switching is just very easy. They essentially do all the work for you, you dont even need to call an agent, unless you have questions that need clarification. But the answer is just made easy to shop for insurance. There is little hassle and choosing new insurance is just as easy as grocery shopping.
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2 years ago, hrrygnyn
Phenomenal Service, App, Everything
This is probably the only review for an app i’ve ever written. I mean, wow, what an app. I had almost no hopes of finding cheaper insurance. I was registering my car in NY (Formally registered in NJ which is way cheaper). Every major company I checked was almost triple the price and it got to the point where I was pondering just getting rid of my car all together. I downloaded Jerry as a last ditch effort and it was fully insured with a policy I could actually afford in just about 20 minutes. Not only was the process of finding/signing up for a policy super easy, they cancelled my old one for me! It truly seems too good to be true but the proof is in the pudding. On the day I was scheduled to go to the dmv, I gave customer service a ring cause I needed my ID Cards for registration. They hadn’t come yet because I signed up only two days prior and on a Saturday (my fault) but I called Jerry Customer Service first thing on Monday and boom! Within a half hour I had my insurance cards right in the knick of time. I cannot recommend this app enough.
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2 years ago, nicoleleigh12!!
LOVE Jerry!
I saw an ad on Facebook for Jerry after my iPhone apparently picked up on conversations I was having with regular insurance agents when I moved to Texas last year (trying to find new insurance as a new resident) and was, of course, skeptical. Fortunately, my lack of free time made me give it a shot. I cannot believe how convenient, customer-service friendly and reliable the Jerry app turned out to be. I have used Jerry for multiple renters and auto insurance policies now over the last year and could not be happier with the services. Being able to just send a text message to a representative asking for what I want/need and then checking my phone a few hours later to see that it has ALL been taken care of and available is SO helpful with my busy schedule. This is not a fake review, I have recommended this app to every friend and co-worker who will listen (some have even joked about me being an un-paid sales rep for the company 🤣😂). Jerry is sincerely the best customer service and quality app product I have found in years. THANK YOU
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4 years ago, poplar52763
WOW! Money in my pocket.
I am buying a new home and decided it was time to checkout other insurance companies, but I dreaded the time to contact a bunch of companies and fill out my information over and over. I kept seeing commercials on how I could save hundreds of dollars with this company or that. But I had been loyal to my independent agent for almost 20 years, although I always just talked to them on the phone when I had a question. Then I happened to see the Jerry app. I spent a few minutes entering my information and Jerry did the shopping for me. I could see quotes from multiple insurance companies I see regularly on TV. No fly-by-night companies. In just a minute, I had many quotes, yes, saving me hundreds of dollars a year. These included my current insurance company and I could see how much my agent had been making on my policy (times 20 years), even with Jerry making a little. So, I made the switch. Better coverage, lower price, and questions still just a phone call or text away. You can’t afford not to try. What do you have to lose? Oh yeah, money in your pocket!
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1 year ago, KittenPawz80
Loooove the Jerry app!!!
I wish I had known about this app sooner!! I went through almost 2 days of trying to find low cost insurance through Google and came up with unbelievably high prices for a perfect driver!! 😳 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to EVERYONE looking for better companies and lower rates!! I am EXTREMELY impressed not only by their ability to provide amazingly affordable insurance but their customer service answers right away and is knowledgeable, understanding and sooo helpful! …**They make a “nobody” like me feel like a “person” instead of a number or a dollar sign**… It was so much easier than Google too, no millions of spam calls (most from the same company too 🙄) no giving you the same results as the last 10 sites etc. They have saved me hundreds of dollars and I will never go through anywhere else again unless Jerry goes out of business and I will literally cry if that happens!!! I am so grateful my son told me about Jerry and how wonderful they are and how much money they saved him. ❤️🌹
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6 months ago, Did You Say Pizza?
Best choice I ever made
Never thought it would be true to find and actually get lower insurance in these highly marked up days. I was paying over $1500 in car insurance just for 6 month and I could not believe how easy and simple it was with the Jerry app. Honestly I scheduled everything sooner just in case it wasn’t true. But the joke was on me because Jerry pulled it off to perfection with no issues and they gave me all the tools and education I needed to be ready to switch. I am now more confident and happier thanks to their commitment and trust. Jerry is actually set out to do what they intended from the beginning and I already sent it to all my friends with the proof that it’s real. Thank you Jim and the Jerry App team for your hard work and helping me get through these tough times without stressing about a high insurance bill. I look forward to a life time partnership with you, now that I see you have the skills, knowledge, resolve and commitment to help me break free from overpriced auto insurance. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Chi Cat
Jerry’s Insurance Finder must be a Magical
I had a policy with Geico auto Ins. For 16 yrs. I then had a call from Geico because one of my cars had my other houses address on its registration that my Ins. Was going from 375 every 6 months to 1,000 every 6 mo this…??? I thought 2,000 a year for my older car?? I was heartbroken (that someone like me who hasn’t had a ticket for 16 yrs nor an accident for 27 yrs) that I’d have to take my car and park it Forever!! .. I thought of selling it to my daughter so I could still drive it on her Ins. Policy. All kids of ideas but not the Correct way… Then I seen Jerry’s Insurance finder on the internet and just called… OMG was this man for real I can still get a policy again for Even Less? YES Zachary (must be a Magician) put my life together again in a 10 min phone call. Now I pay $219 every 6 months and I keep my car! So I still drive both my cars as I always have…I still love my older Lexus I didn’t want to park it.. Jerry’s pulled a Rabbit out of their Hat! Thanks Zachary
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2 years ago, ccjord
Does exactly what it says. Highly, highly recommend.
App is extremely intuitive to use. Any time I had a question on changing over my policy, the customer service was always prompt and helpful via text and phone calls. Significantly lowered my monthly rate to a better insurance company, and handled the cancellation of my previous policy from start to finish. I would highly recommend. I had one small gripe - after my rough estimate was given, I was texting back and forth with an agent (he was super helpful) and once I gave more detailed information we finalized a new quote that was set to start 10 days from then. It was slightly higher than my rough quote. Not a big deal. However on the day my new policy was set to begin I was notified in the morning that the rate was going to even higher. Again, not a large amount of money at all, and it certainly didn’t feel like a ‘bait and switch’ type of thing. It was still kind of a bummer. Might be common thing that happens from time to time to any company though. That being said I don’t want to leave my review on a negative note, because the outstanding customer service and efficiency are really unlike 99% of apps that try to do this kind of thing. I’m already trying to get my friends and family on board. This app is like the modern version of those GEICO commercials about 15 minutes on the phone could save you 15% or more on insurance. Except Jerry is all digital, and saved me 40%.
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2 years ago, Britt👌
So, I was with progressive for a year on my own policy, I am under 25, a couple accidents, and speeding tickets. I was paying $313 a month, my one year renewal came up and they were wanting $517 a month for insurance On a convertible Camaro… I have been shopping for a couple days and could only find rates from $350-$500. Desperate, I figured I had nothing to lose from an app, as I had tried insurance agents, and finding quotes online. Still everything was around $300+. Well Jerry, worker MAGIC, found me a quote for $268 a month, and wrote a letter of cancellation to my insurance company for me. While it did take a day for my insurance to go through, and a couple days for the binding process, (which is why I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I thought it was too good to be true, I purchased a policy at $375 😵‍💫 with a local insurance agent. However, I got the notification today that my insurance has gone through and I got a policy number today. I am very very pleased and will recommend ANYONE this app to find car insurance. Thank you Jerry. I love you 💕
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3 years ago, jessica williams smith
National general insurance and quotes
I have been with geico for over 8 years, they used to be ok in the past but lately I started to see my insurance installments started creeping up. Seems like every 6 months close to 20$ was added with no explanation. I have finally had enough and did my research this month. I did a quote online through credit sesame and can across Jerry app. It had all my information which was helpful and gave me a variety of quotes to pick from. I choose national general. I was a little unsure due to be never hearing about Jerry or national general, but despite that I have it a try. Long story short I went from paying 214$ for full and liability on both my cars, to note paying 134$ for full coverage on both cars which is a major blessing. Thank you to the Jerry app for finally helping me leave geico once and for good and now having full coverage on both cars for a lower price. I give this app definitely 10 stars it was very helpful and easy.
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1 year ago, Capt_Pooface
Might be useful, but not for me and too much marketing
Pros: The app seemed to run well and was easy to use for the most part. The process of getting quotes also seemed fairly easy. I could see this being useful for shopping around rates without having to contact a bunch of individual companies. Cons: It didn’t do what it’s supposed to, that is get me lower rates than my current policy. I matched the coverages with my current home and auto coverages exactly. The initial quotes seemed promising, but the final quotes were substantially higher than my current premiums (25%+ higher). Also, I’ve only had the app a few hours, but I’ve already received multiple marketing messages and emails about quotes, refinancing (even though I specifically noted that I own my vehicles and have for over 5 years). Also, I read through the privacy policy, and as a data protection and privacy attorney, was not keen on how my data would be collected and used at times. Overall: Not for me, at least not this time, but it has potential. I’ve been looking for an easy to use solution for shopping around rates, and this app seems to have promise for doing that.
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2 years ago, Cotton694
The app reminds me to drive safely. Even though its in the background it’s also in the back of my mind. I have only a couple issues; first one Is “harsh acceleration “, there are times you have to accelerate fast it get hit, especially pulling out onto the highway, or pulling out into moving traffic, at times you have no choice. The 2nd issue is “harsh braking”, again there are things you cannot control that cause you to hit your brakes a little harder. Someone pulls out in front of you, someone decides at the very last second to turn without signaling. I would have to say since there was an avoidance of an accident in either situation it shouldn’t take away points. Just my own thoughts. Other than those two things I enjoy using the app. Haven’t cashed in in points yet, but it’s cool to see how well you’re driving. I’d like it to be relayed to my insurance company to get discounts on my policy because they offer their own app but why have two?
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4 weeks ago, atulpunj
Absolutely seamless transition with BEST rates possible
I've been bombarded with promises from countless auto insurance specialists, each claiming to save me money. Yet, every time I embark on the arduous journey of searching for better rates online, I'm met with a deluge of messages across every communication channel imaginable. It's a hassle that fills me with dread every time renewal season rolls around. Enter Jerry. This app, which I had downloaded some time ago almost as an afterthought, turned out to be a game-changer. The quotes I received from traditional methods were nothing short of absurd. Despite my spotless driving record spanning decades, with no claims and two relatively new cars, I was faced with monthly premiums ranging from $400 to $500 for minimum liability coverage. Where were the promised good driver discounts? Fortunately, Jerry intervened just in time. Within an hour of using the app, I was presented with the best rate I could have hoped for—saving me from the countless hours, days, and headaches that typically accompany the search for affordable auto insurance. But Jerry doesn't stop there. Its suite of additional tools, from maintenance reminders to cost estimates and mileage tracking, ensures that I stay informed and in control of my vehicle expenses. Jerry isn't just another app—it's a must-have companion for anyone looking to save both time and money on auto insurance. Easy to use and incredibly effective, I'm thrilled I took the chance on it.
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2 years ago, Honeycombnancy
So easy to save!
I put off trying Jerry because I hate when you loo for insurance and not two seconds after you input your info your phone blows up with spam, That did not happen AT ALL, - shocking relief! Also I had THE WORSE insurance company (Starts with a K) that not only DID NOT COVER ME when my car was totaled on my BIRTHDAY and I was paying $300 a month they did it because I was temp staying with my boyfriend and DIDNT TELL THEM HIS ADDRESS 😤🤦🏻‍♀️ (I ended up paying cash to fix the totaled car and needed State min insurance that they charged $200 a month for) well after a couple years of auto pay it didn't go through ONE MONTH and I was driving around without insurance without knowing. So that made it hard and expensive to get more insurance. Jerry gave me options with well established insurance companies with affordable down payments and monthly payments and great deals for pay in advance. I'll never do car insurance any other way!
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1 year ago, ALPHAxx0MEGA
Fantastic app and service
I initially saw Jerry as an advertisement from time to time on Instagram and I am quick to judge ads as they are a nuisance to me in general. The advertisement popped up when I happened to be looking for insurance and I gave it shot because the worst that could happen is I lose a few minutes of my time. After that few minutes I found out I was paying more than I should be for my car insurance. They have a fantastic service that uses multiple insurance companies to find a policy that is better than what one might currently have. I've been on Jerry since about October of 2021 and I'm using the service again because I'm getting another truck. Yet again, I went through a simple process to find very competitive pricing for the type of policy I'm looking at getting for my vehicles. Because of this, I felt I should do the courtesy of leaving these guys a good review. Keep it up!!!
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2 years ago, KylaBirdine
Auto insurance
Jerry has really came through for me especially last minute, l went through so many auto insurance company’s and they all was giving quotes over $250 which is way too much for auto insurance I was at the point of giving up and setting for high insurance cause I needed to get my car out off the tow lot when I found Jerry and instantly they were giving me quotes around $100 I literally felt relief and like I hit the jackpot they even save my quote for a couple days. There communication is amazing I call them right when I paid for the insurance to verify a couple things didn’t take no long than 5 mins and I had my auto insurance documents right after the phone call I totally recommend them 100% especially if your looking for a good price and fast, I usually don’t write reviews but I just want to help anyone who’s in a situation like me or simply just looking for cheap, reliable auto insurance
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2 years ago, G Nonny
Jerry App for car insurance
I had been with a car insurance company for quite a while and came across the Jerry App while shopping for car insurance. I usually do not download apps and consider purchasing car insurance in this way, but decided WHY NOT! After putting my information in and allowing Jerry to search for cheaper insurance rates, the App came back with an insurance rate I thought COULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!!! It was going to save me over $300/month with BETTER COVERAGE! I couldn’t believe it!!! I’ve always been ‘old school’ per say and have always been more comfortable with speaking to a ‘live’ agent to get auto insurance quotes. But with the insurance company that I received this awesome quote from already being a company I had in previous years already had insurance with, my gut trusted it. So I put my info in, put the date of when for Jerry to cancel my current insurance, and to start my NEW insurance, as well as my billing info and TAAAADAAAA!! DONE! This App is truly amazing and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the Jerry App for ALL of your car insurance needs. Even if u do not choose to switch companies, what do u have to lose!! And on top of the super low monthly premium and the HUGE discount, they also paired me to a company to refinance my vehicle saving me over $60/mo on my auto loan. WHO DOES THIS!!!!! Well……. JERRY DOES! And I will never have to shop for coverage again. They will do it for me! Truly amazing!! THANK YOU JERRY!!!!!
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4 years ago, M@r1$$@
It’s good in theory
I did not have a positive experience. Each time I tried to purchase a policy, I got an error message saying the cost was actually higher than I was quoted. Finally, I settled on a carrier and made my purchase. I made a mistake in not reading my documents thoroughly, and got a notice threatening policy cancellation because I did not send in pics of my vehicles or registration. This is totally my fault and i accept that. I called and this was explained to me. I completed everything I needed to and STILL got cancelled. When I called again, I was told that they never received my photos. I told him the exact date and time I sent it, because I was looking at it in my sent box. Eventually, he realized I was telling the truth and said he would contact the carrier to “try to reinstate” my policy. I never heard from him again. Adding insult to injury, for whatever reason there was a $4 difference between what I paid and what they said I owed and the carrier SENT ME TO COLLECTIONS. Collections!!! Over a $4 deficit! Artificial intelligence is good in theory but I’m not confident when it comes to liability. I have since deleted the app and purchased a policy elsewhere. Thumbs down.
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3 years ago, Bhopz
Love it, worked for me.
I kept the app for a few months because I knew I was going to need a new policy and I’m very glad I did. This was the easiest time I’ve had getting an insurance quote. I called places like Progressive, Geico and AAA as well to compare and I got a great rate through Jerry with the amount of coverage I wanted. I was able to enter mine and my partners information into the app and it transferred to all quotes, versus going through the painstaking process of giving someone information over the phone or entering it on multiple websites for two people. The reps were all text/tech savvy, helpful and personable. I did not end up needing to speak to anyone over the phone, but when I did call the number the calling system was pleasant and had a call back option. The woman who called back and left me a voicemail was swift and also personable. I will recommend this service to anyone looking for a new policy. Thanks Jerry!
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3 years ago, samesamekdkgg
I found Jerry insurance while perusing through FaceBook on a rainy day. My current policy was about to expire. I was a loyal customer for many years. Without any accidents or speeding tickets I thought my rates would go down. Instead they kept going up. This is when I double clicked on the Jerry App. I was skeptical as to whether I would find anything less expensive. Needless to say I, I plugged all my relevant information and with in minutes, if that long, was given numerous quotes from various carriers. Many I had never heard of. To make a long story short, they were able to find a carrier with the same coverage for seventy dollars a month less than the one I had. It was an amazingly quick process and the 5 minute call left me feeling quite pleased. They put me on hold momentarily and even the music was amusing. It was a diddly about being on hold. I shared the app with a few friend who i’m sure will be saving money too!! Thanks Jerry!!! Eben Alexander
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4 years ago, Shifty sauce
It’s real
Hi, I’m a real person who has no affiliation to this company and I actually used the app to change my insurance and had an awesome experience. I started the process by entering my info about 10 days before I actually changed my insurance and didn’t receive any sales calls in those 10 days. I saw other reviews of people complaining about getting sales calls, but either something changed, or they were talking about the wrong thing. I did get a few texts, but they all were from real people and I didn’t get any more once I told them I couldn’t complete the order until the next week. The first company we started to change to had the quote change once ALL details were entered, but the person helping me (over text) found me a very similar offer with a better company, so it really worked out. Great experience that was legitimately what it claims to be. Thanks to Alex, Alexis, Jim, and Christine who all helped at various points in the process.
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3 years ago, temptmenomore
Switching made easy
Firstly, I can say Jerry did save me coin! $$$ 💰💰💸💵💶💷💴🤑Now, I will say everyone, and I mean everyone I have corresponded with outside of the AI in the app was top notch customer service! By far the best I’ve encountered, and I’ve been driving for more than 20 years! Now, was there things that could be tweeked yes, like sending links to your “final prices” and those not really being the final prices! However, that was no fault to Jerry or their reps this was due to the insurance companies as well! Truly at this point you are CRAZY for not using Jerry, most people do not think outside the box 📦 on what companies offer auto insurance. My Kia now has a policy with a company that I am paying less, and look forward to doing business with. I never once had to physically call anyone or speak on the phone other than a simple text and that to me is 🔥🔥🔥. I am the best part of Jerry and you can be too! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, ShannonG1129
Still texting me!
It’s been about 3 weeks since they quoted me a much higher rate out of the companies I was searching. At that time I purchased my policy for one year with another company and informed “Jerry” of that fact. Thanked them but told them I wasn’t in need of their services. Now, however, I have just received the 3rd text saying the same thing & even quoting the same amount as if they just found this incredible new deal for me! It wasn’t a good deal 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, 1 week ago, & it still isn’t a satisfactory quote. I realize it’s an auto generated text, as is the response back to me after I once again decline, although it comes across like a person is responding live directly back! I just want them to get it…NO means NO in everything! Maybe I would have looked at it if it was lower than the previous quote, but it’s no change. I do check all my insurance rates 1-2 per year so I may check back or have them put me on a 6 mo, 9 mo, 12 mo reminder to go back in to fill out any changes, but I’d rather not be bombarded with the exact same information that I already said “no” to. Thank you for your time!
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2 years ago, brucilini
Not Impressed
Saw some adds and discussion, and was intrigued. Downloaded the app to try it out. Had high hopes, but still skeptical. Got a handful of initial quotes that actually looked pretty good, but the app grossly over calculated the projected savings. The savings they calculated was more than 3x what I currently pay….. Addition and subtraction are hard I guess. Savings on the test quotes would have been around $100 month for auto and home when I compared the rates. When I clicked the final quote, none of the quotes were anything close to the rates that were baited to me. Not one was any better then what I was paying now. 1 of the quotes from an obscure company was able to come close to my current rates, but still higher. The rest of the final quotes were 2-3x larger than the estimate, and quote from individual insurance companies directly to me were better than the same quotes from the same companies through Jerry. This might be a convenient easy button for some to find insurance easily, but I wouldn’t expect life changing savings if you are someone who does their due diligence.
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1 year ago, Soyoulikemen
Actually Delivers
I found Jerry a while back and didn’t buy a quote directly through them until just recently. If you know insurance you know you’ll often go through a series of brokers that try to get you the best quote, sometimes matching you with off brand companies you’ve never heard of. And while the app wasn’t always the most accurate, I was pleasantly surprised by their customer service. See after the quotes I did myself weren’t lining up with theirs I was honestly thinking to myself about not moving forward with Jerry, but after a few calls, they got me the best deal! Of course I went back and forth with other brokers, but Jerry ai came on top. The process was actually quite seamless, I literally was able to print out my ID card not 20 minutes after my call. I would definitely recommend Jerry ai if you’re looking for a convenient and effective insurance broker.
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2 years ago, currythea
So most reviews say oh it was easy and fast. Very generic. But when I say it was very easy to get coverage it absolutely was. The work was done for me, they made sure to check with me before continuing anything and when the first price I didn’t like they went out of their way to find another insurance company with better rates and edited my policy to my specific liking to find the price that works for me.I also was called while I was at work and explained that they would have to call me later but instead they offered to go ahead and get the price and then text it over to me which made the process 10 times easier. If you’re looking for insurance and for the best rate should go through them because they compare with most other insurances. Five stars definitely recommend and this is the only review I’ve ever done simply because it was great service.
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2 years ago, Bigdrew253
Saved us a ton
I was skeptical about Jerry. As I am just about anything that pops up as an ad online. I checked reviews and everything I could find to make sure it wasn’t some scam before I decided to give it a try. As someone who doesn’t trust apps I’ve never heard of let me tell you - Jerry is hands down the best app to find better insurance rates. Without a doubt. If you are skeptical. Don’t be. They are amazing. I thought they would be mad because I changed what I wanted on my quote probably 5 times and had it rerun. They saved us about $140 a month on our insurance and I’ve got better coverage. Absolutely could not believe it. The policy was set up so quick and the company we decided to go with sent everything over. They will even cancel your old policy. I simply cannot recommend Jerry enough to anyone thinking about trying to save money on their insurance.
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2 years ago, juskaesma
Crooks Bad Faith insurance company is what they are
I am in process of filing a official complaint for SafeCo/Liberty Mutual dropping me without proper cause or warning after I was hit in an accident. They are GREAT till you actually need them then they ghost you literally called for a month straight and could not get a straight answer from one person. Then without proper warning by law there are laws that protect us consumers and they did not follow these guidelines. I am now working with a lawyer and the insurance commissioner to be refunded for the money I paid out for nothing. I could not even get them to answer my questions. I had more help from the at faults driver. I won’t say too much more as I don’t want to jeopardize my complaint but I felt the need to help the next customer who thinks Jerry is so great. They are just as bad as the other they allowed the treatment and didn’t do a thing to change it. And told me they couldn’t do what they were doing yet after that conversation just fell on deaf ears. Don’t use them. Go with anyone besides THIS app safeco or liberty mutual. They are in hot water apparently I’m not the only one. Good luck
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2 years ago, msbecker71
Surprisingly great!
You know how you sit on your couch and this to yourself I really should look this up or I really should look that up and then boom you open up your Facebook and it’s like they can read your mind? It just so happened that I was in the market for new insurance and this ad popped up for Jerry and I cannot tell you how surprised I was, I said what the heck I’m just gonna check and it was probably the best thing I did today, I mean I saved an enormous amount of money, I was able to secure a new policy and I was able to do it in less than 10 minutes there was no hassle, no fuss and they made it so easy to buy a new policy and it was a really right up my alley as far as price point goes. I highly recommend using Jerry if you’re in the market for a new insurance it’s unlike any other search app I’ve ever used for insurance and I totally give Jerry five stars!!
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4 years ago, Kayla.H2019
Such an amazing insurance agent app!
I downloaded Jerry to see if it was even possible for me to get cheaper car insurance. I told my husband about it and he seemed skeptical at first so we decided to wait to try it out. Well, our bill was coming up for my old car insurance company, Geico, and it was $470. We just did not have that full amount. At all. Especially with me being currently pregnant and almost to my due date and having a 1 year old son already. So we decided it was time to give Jerry a try! And let me tell you, it’s saving us $216 a month! Jerry found us car insurance that matches 100% to my old coverage with Geico for so much cheaper! An even better thing with Jerry, they switch your coverage for you, cancel your current coverage (if switching), all at the tap of a button from my phone! If you’re skeptical about finding insurance agents, let this review help you decide! GET THIS APP AND LET IT HELP YOU SAVE MONEY!
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2 years ago, countryGirlTexasTay
Love this app
This app is super easy to use and clear and if you have any questions you can text or call them texting is much easier and faster everything on the app is fast I will be using this app again literally never taking it off my phone I told all my friends about it to because I’m only 22 and the hardest part is being 22 trying to get your own insurance but they have me a great price even with me having points on my license I’m also going to take a driving defense course to get even lower rates I was skeptical at first because o have trust issues lol but with this app nothing stressed me out or made me feel like I was being played … I even went to a police station to have them verify my insurance was legit and guess what IT WAS LEGIT !!!! I’m super excited never going to any other company again I like that they show you companies you never knew existed
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2 years ago, Pont Breaux
Best Rates
I recently missed my renewal for my previous car insurance. When I noticed I contacted my previous insurer and tried to renew. Unfortunately, due to missing the renewal deadline, my new rate jumped from 161/mo for 3 vehicles to 238/mo. Needless to say, I went shopping. I used multiple websites that offered to fin the lowest rates among a variety of companies. Most rates came back around the new price I was being quoted. I went to individual insurer sites and still could not find any significant savings. In fact, nothing was even close to my original rate. Then I stumbled upon the Jerry App. Convenient, easy to use app. The best part, I had multiple policies found that offered me more coverage than I previously had for significantly less. Missing my renewal turned out to be a blessing in disguise thanks to the Jerry App. 5 stars! I recommend it to anyone looking to save money on insurance.
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2 years ago, Juiceboddles
No Joke, this Legit cut my premium in half
I purchased a second vehicle, and with a couple accidents on my record it skyrocketed my premium to $700/month with a DriveWise program and minimal coverage, so I knew I had to shop around. Progressive got me down to a little over $500, but that was still very tall and with some sacrificing on the policy. I was very skeptical coming into this app, but willing to try anything. This place got me one carrier that would do full coverage for both vehicles $264 per month, or $286 with higher than the minimum protections. With a pay in full, that got it down to $240/month, which is an insane reduction compared to anything else. I think it was cheap because the company is smaller, all online (less business costs) and doesn’t bundle with renters, but definitely incredible savings. Really helped my pocketbook with all this inflation. Update: the $240/month was too good to be true. Jerry did save me a little bit of money, but really not a whole lot. $450/month.
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2 years ago, davidwegs
Just average - and not how it’s sold
Firstly- let me say the people behind the curtain, that work to give you help, are great. As for the app: it doesn’t look or work anything like the add. You’re not presented with multiple choices, but rather you have to input information (fairly low effort at first), then wait while they put your information out there to whomever they determine is a good bet (commission driven of course). Eventually, you are presented with a couple options, and seemingly some savings. Then you have to enter a whole bunch more information, including what you currently pay (why do that need this?) vin numbers, customizing the coverage as you’d like it, DL numbers etc. so you enter all that, and it’s off again - crunching numbers. The result of the second round is a “final” price comes back. GUESS WHAT? It’s about the same as you’re already paying… what a complete waste of time. Sorry, but even though it seems like a good idea, but it’s nothing more than a glorified broker and no savings to speak of. And the 1 star factors in that it doesn’t present anything like their ad.
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