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User Reviews for Jesse Duplantis Ministries

4.95 out of 5
486 Ratings
8 months ago, Gracie_Lou_82
Love listening
I love being able to have access to the app and the full services. I’ve been able to glean a lot from past messages. However I am not saying this to speak against the app. Just to be aware of the issues. When I’m watching the app on my Apple TV and not my phone it glitches a lot. It doesn’t buffer very well. The video will stay stuck while the audio plays on. The app when using it on my Apple TV doesn’t ask me to sign in so it doesn’t hold my place to resume where I left off so I constantly have back out of the video when it gets stuck and then start over hoping it plays all the way thru. And it’s not my internet either because I have multiple internet sources at home and it hasn’t worked on even the highest speed internet while using my tv. And I’ve bound the devil too 🤣 in faith that it will work. But on my tv it’s not the best. But when it works man I’m just streaming non stop on the app. On my phone as well it will suddenly close out and not keep record of what video I was watching. But I’m not going to down the app cuz it’s so worth downloading it and the content that Jesse and Cathy provide is so worth learning patients to have it play lol. I love this because I grew up listening to Jesse when my grandmother was still alive.
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2 years ago, Annette Harvey
I enjoy being able to come to the app and listen to Jesse messages. The two that stand out to me is the Merry Heart is good medicine series so very good. I listen to them over and over again. The other one is His Testimony of Heaven I like the way he elaborated even more on his visit there back in 1988. I got his cassettes on His visit to heaven back in the 90”s when he came to Word of Life and I can’t tell you how much they helped me and then I got his cds a couple of years ago it seem like it didn’t have had much on there like on the cassettes had on them. I really hope he does another meeting and is able to release even more than what he released in his testimony because I want you know it’s so anointed and it breaks things off you. I was in a dark place many years ago and theLord pressed upon me when I came out of it was to look up The Close Encounter of the God Kind and also to become a partner with Jesse Duplantis Ministries and I am so thankful I listen to the Lord. Because I am so bless and I have come a long ways since those dark days. Praise God!!!
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2 years ago, Mackatac
Grateful to God for you both
My name is Angie and your message has encouraged me I truly enjoy your messages in story form it catches and holds my attention yesterday I needed some encouraging I listened to sis Cathy preach I was encouraged and motivated to get up and do something please pray for my husband and I so that we are encouraged and strengthen to stay together until Jesus comes or we go by the grave We have been married going on 31 years. Neither one of our parents were married at first I didn’t want get married if it was going to mess with my relationship with God so I asked is he going to take me away from you and God said no and so I said yes after much persuasion. Now the enemy wants to destroy us but Cannot have us because we believers filled with the Holy Spirit. We don’t want to be deceived by the things in this we need to be covered under Jesus blood. Please pray for us and we will continue to pray for you both Angie from Jacksnville Florida Thanks for your ministry
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2 years ago, Tecasgr
Thank You
It hasn’t been that long that I’ve been giving each month to JDM and although it’s not what others might consider a lot — it is what I believe for every month. First it started off with $5.00 and that was challenging but God was working on building my faith then God says to take it up a notch so I started giving $10 believing for that amount each month. Then God said give double and now it’s up to $20. I so appreciate the Word of the Lord that comes through brother Jesse and Ms Cathy it’s like a billion in the bank of my soul! I watch my mouth that I’m learning to say what the Word says about everything in my life. And my life is changing the opportunity to sow is such a BLESSING! These opportunities are building my Faith. Someone once told me years ago…every opposition is only an opportunity to the Faith Believer who will stand and having done all STAND!. Together with Jesus… love y’all Trudy
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1 year ago, TLC-Terri
This ministry has changed my life
The Lord led me to this ministry several years ago. I especially love the boardroom chats. They’re always so encouraging. As I’ve listened to the teachings, He’s used them to change the way I look at things. I recognize opportunities in my life where I never saw them before. My husband and I are learning to dream together for a more amazing future and are stepping out in faith to make our dreams a reality. I’ve been a dedicated Christian for a long time, but I was never taught to see God the way you’ve taught. I envision it like this: Gods given me one life to experience with Him by my side. It’s up to me to choose the memories we make together, I want them to be fun and exciting. The best trip ever…why? because with Him with Him all things are possible! Thank you for all you do, Terri DeAntonio
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2 years ago, Rosalidia Ramos
My driving force
It’s literally my driving force because I’m always on the road and I prefer to listen to uplifting message and miracles, and also laugh out loud than to listen to music. It helps me stay awake and it has strengthened my faith. My car doesn’t have window tint and I know people be like “is she okay?” Because of how funny his stories are. I thank God for technology that allows me to draw near God when I’m out-of-season bc I know my season is coming and I’m ready for the blessing. Thank you Brother Jesse and sister Kathy for the board room chats and bring the word of God through technology to reach us, the people on the road 😅 God bless you all
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3 years ago, Deanna SB
Love the app, love Jesse & Cathy too!
I have been listening & watching JDM videos for over a year, got the app a few months ago. I wish I had gotten it sooner, so easy to use. I love Jesse & Cathy! They have no clue about me, but I love them so much. Their messages have become part of my daily life. I have shared a lot of the videos with my friends and now they are hooked as well. I know I was a stagnant Christian, Jesse pointed that out to me in one of his messages. He has the ability to tell me what i need to hear and inspires me to want to fix that part of relationship with God. It is my goal to have the kind of relationship that Jesse has with God.
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1 year ago, Libby 257
Cell phone podcasts
I listen to Pastor Cathy & Jessie on UTube, Facebook & here on my Jessie Duplantis iPhone app & im a partner. I get your monthly cd’s. I have LEARNED so much! I no longer feel like the black sheep of my family b/c I know God protects me & he meets my wants not just my needs! He has provided for me in so many ways it has surprised me & when I didn’t have money for buying food having paid for an oil change, a new muffler, a tag, new inner & outer tie rods , an alignment & inspection on the car, he gave me food from people I didn’t expect! It was a praise I had the money to pay for everything my car needed too! Gods love is amazing !
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2 years ago, God's Chef
Jesse & Cathy help fuel my Faith
In April 2021, my husband of 36 years suddenly went home to glory; every time I feel grief and sorrow trying to invade my soul, I turn on Brother Jesse, who makes me laugh, even as he fills me with just the right word of God to bring healing to my emotions Isaiah 53:4 says, “Surely He has born my griefs, and carried my sorrows”...Since that is true, there’s no need for both of Us to carry them. Having direct access to Jesse Duplantis Ministries at any hour of the day or night has made this tough season bearable, and his no nonsense approach to the wiles of the enemy fuels my Faith to finish my course with excellence in Jesus Thank You Jesus & JDM
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2 years ago, grote~
Blessed by you and Kathy
Your down to earth messages are simple to understand and your don’t try to impress anyone with flowery speech! You just tell it like it is. I use the Tree of Life Bible and you are always in line with it. I’ve been in the hospital since July the 6th and haven’t quite mastered walking yet. I was bed ridden for 2 months and all my muscles atrophied and I was almost comatose but I survived bacterial meningitis and Covid (caught at the hospital)and they gave mercy some significant bedsores but they are healing. Keep up the good work and keep me in your prayers. I love you guys! grody
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2 years ago, tuesday1121
Can’t get enough!
Jesse n Kathy are wonderful, Jesse sees the gospel in a very funny way. It helps people who aren’t. Religious understand God, Not. Mans way , b a awesome outlook on the things we’ve heard and turned off, he shares in such a humorous manner gets u to thinking. My catholic hubby came to understand Jesus was the way, his savior. Not the church nor because some priest said so, but to know him personally saved our marriage Praise the Lord, thru humor. ! Ain’t that just like God! There are so many wonderful ministers of the gospel, different flavors, just as we r different. Enjoy yourself in learning the gospels with Jesse.
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2 years ago, evol ni klaw
Always love listening and watching you guys. My mom used to tell me that she was going to tell Cathy on me because I watched and listened to Jesse so much. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your obedience to your calling that has helped me and I am sure a world full of people that will take the time to listen and obey your guidance. I have seen you in person years ago at Calvary Fellowship in Decatur, Alabama. Hopefully, I will get to see you again. One of my goals is to one day get to visit one of your Visionary conferences. Love you both, keep the faith!!!
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3 years ago, cshock58
God is Good
I started listening to Jessie about a year ago. My wife and I have blessed by God through his teachings. About 4 months ago my grandson and his wife & baby moved in with us to try to get on their feet, since that time I’ve been able to share the gospel with him and reintroduce him Jesus. We live in a small community in eastern Oklahoma where we can’t seem to find church that’s non denomination so we sit every Sunday and watch y’all’s services for our teachings as the spirit flows through the internet. God is good. I thank God for the blessings Jesse and Kathy send to us through the word.
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11 months ago, The Pevey Family
True Man of God
My wife and myself have been listening to Brother Jesse since 1995. Jesse, Cathy, and JDM has been part of our lives, bringing us the true word of God. Jesse preaches and teaches straight from the Bible on a basic level. Jesse is anything but boring, keeping you laughing in the Spirit from start to finish. One of the few Evangelists I know that doesn’t water down the Word and delivers powerful messages! Take time to download this app, why wouldn’t you, all the content is free, but I urge anyone, please support this ministry. God bless JDM!!!🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, NikBloodWolf
Loving this app!!!
This JDM app is so great!!! I’m getting to hear from my funny Jesse and the beautiful Cathy as they speak Gods Word and preach it to the nations as is the call for us all! Super bonus:: the app stays open when using other apps so you can still hear it without it stopping. And! It’s free!!!! Small suggestion - maybe add a 10 second rewind button. Trying to take notes and I keep back tracking to make sure I’m not missing anything God has to say! ❤️❤️❤️ Sending light love and blessings to y’all - to every worker in the ministry! Keep on keeping on! Gods working on a breakthrough!
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1 year ago, IwascalledJacob
Life changing
To everyone out there if your looking to further your relationship with God, or if your looking to start one, your in the right place. If your needing some joy in your life, if your needing some guidance, I highly recommend it. It’s not by coincidence your here weather you stumbled across it, weather a friend suggested, it doesn’t matter. what does matter is that God is calling you by name, He loves you and he wants to have fellowship with you. Have a blessed and joy filled day
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3 years ago, JTAN&JESUS
Glory to God
You want a place to see what Jesus is actually about and how much HE loves you and wants to have fellowship with you. This is the place. Gods Word Gods Love God Man who filled with Joy Jesse Duplantis is an Honest man and you can learn here and laugh too. I love it I have worked with this man of God and listen to him regular and I get to see more of my savior every time I listen with out a bunch of man made religion to mess it up. Take the time and listen and find out More of Gods Blessing and Love for your life personally
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1 year ago, springkeli
Life changing
Hello, my name is Kelli. I first heard Bro Duplantis at EMIC. I am a new member there but am hungry for Gods word. I started listening to your teachings and within the first day I had revelation knowledge. I had been praying for God to help me in certain areas. He brought your ministry to mind. I already had the app so I started listening. I have not stopped listening. I listen to several teachings a day. Thank you so much, your words have literally changed my life.
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2 years ago, Hellaspeak
Spiritual Renewal
When listening to Mr. Duplantis I am renewed,reborn,fulfilled by God’s Spirit,Love,and Power. Still waiting for another tour ,review of your property’s and all that Our Lord thru Christ Jesus has given you hosted by all the a,b,c,s of broadcasting. I laughed, and was amazed how the Spirit ofGod revealed his glory thru your stuff. Like you say there are no trailers in heaven bound on earth as it is in heavenly places. Jesse be fulfilled in all you do I commend you as one of God,s Hidden talents as you pursue his presence in all do, and employ
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1 year ago, JonRob6874
Absolutely Blessed By this
Thank you Jesse and Cathy!! My Wife and I have been truly Blessed by your teachings. We travel and worship and spread Gods word as often as we can, something that has always been in our Hearts! We Both Work full time Jobs But we feel our ministry is the most important thing we will ever do. Please continue to Pray for us sincerely, Jonathan & Robinne Hall. God continue to Bless and keep you both!!
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2 years ago, MommaDrawStar
The Teacher
For well over 15 years I have follow brother Jesse. If you are looking to learn the word as it is written in the Bible, I cannot think of another person better to teach you than this man. When he speaks, you have a full understanding as to what the Bible is saying, to what God is trying to teach us. If you have not given your life to Christ and have questions; please join us. You will not be sorry.
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2 years ago, Marcella, GUYANA
What great faith booster
I always wanted an ad free way to get more of Jesse, without having to filter through other content as I was looking. This app is it. As I begin listening to a message on one topic other messages are queued so I have a constant stream of teaching on that topic. When I’m done my faith is stirred and my heart is joyful. And I can download episodes to listen to when I’m away from home. This is a great app.
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3 years ago, Julie Witt
Has taught us so much 💯✝️🙌💜
My husband and I watch Jesse on a daily basis and listen to him while driving.. He has made such a major impact on my life, the way I think, talk, believe and management of financial decisions! God bless you and your family Jesse🙌✝️💜💯 Thank you for getting me out of a poverty mind set! Even though it looks like we have no money, I believe we’re debt free and have that much more in the bank for God’s Glory 🙌✝️💜
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3 years ago, Kattheman
Love the updated app!
The JDM app has always been a favorite of mine, but the latest updates are awesome! I love that I can watch all of my favorite Merry Heart videos, all in one place. A huge part (possibly all?) of the Jesse Duplantis video library is now available on the app. With these updates, you will never be without Bro. Jesse’s incredible encouraging words from the Lord as long as you have your phone! I can also support the ministry through the app.
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2 years ago, Aaron-K3MPO
A wonderful free resource of Wisdom
This app is amazing! It houses several recordings of past and present teachings from Jesse and Cathy Duplantis; and also includes weekly recordings of Covenant Church. The wisdom and revelation that God has given to this couple is outstanding and from listening and HEARING these Words, HIS WORDS, they have freed me in many areas of my life and emboldened me to let my light shine. I am proud to be a new partner to this ministry, thank you!
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2 years ago, Kelmanila
Laughter, hope and joy in the Holy Ghost!!!
I have been immensely blessed by watching Jesse Duplantis ministries!! I always find myself laughing, receiving great hope and feeling full of joy at the end of each episode! Thank you so much Jesse and Cathy, along with your staff, for making this platform available to so many people, like myself, who need encouragement every day!! May God continually bless you and keep you! In Jesus’s name! Amen.
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11 months ago, LuisMontalvo
TotalJDM is Totally Awesome! What a blessing
It will Make you laugh, it will make you think, it will Make you cry, it will make you praise God, it will make you want to repent, it will make you blessed. Dr. Duplantis is a general of the Gospel and his love for God is fuel for the hungry to love God like he loves God. Thank you Sir. You can hit play on any video and you won’t be disappointed at all. Just when my faith was depleted, I listened in and got refilled. Praise the Lord.
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2 years ago, Sister In Christ lmc
Happy you’re here!
At present I’m recovering from a fall I took in late June which required three procedures to “put me back together”; as Humpty Dumpty would say. Staying home with SO MANY restrictions definitely requires the Mind of Christ! Having Sister & Brother DuPlantis available to me on so many forums has been a Blessing! Our Heavenly Father knows EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT WE NEED TO HEAR EVERY TIME! Thank you for hearing HIM and being His messengers! God Bless You Both.
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3 years ago, Fam Cerritos-Morales
You are a blessing!
We saw you guys the first time about 13 years ago in HI! And since then it has been A non Stop learning journey for us! We are bless to see you together! To see how God has put you in so many people pathways! To see how you love our Lord! You thought us how to be palm trees and how to trust in our Lord every second of our lives. How not to eat our seed and how to claim our harvest! We love you guys !
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2 years ago, Barbara!!!Lee
Jesse is gracious and full of grace. Although I haven’t heard him say the word grace, his whole ministry is full of the grace of God whom he obeys implicitly. I haven’t heard of him using grace lately because it is now a movement, but at least one of his older sermons have him saying grace the real way I can’t remember the words but It was. ____ and grace referring to his redemption but definitely not the way it is used now in the distorted sense
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2 years ago, Patriot/Delta
Wonderful prophet of God Ministry. Great example of husband and wife. Best ministry regarding financial blessings that I have seen. I recommend all the videos on the app. I plan on visiting this Church in the Spring, God Willing. I hope to meet with the prayer team and buy some great books. I desire to meet both of them, husband and wife. I'm looking forward to Spring and the messages to come. I hope you can
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2 years ago, CarrieB1969
Cannot get enough!
I love your love for Jesus; I love being a partner to your ministry; I love your testimonies and stories; I love you and Cathy; I love the way you teach, preach, pray and danced in your older videos when Holy Spirit got you excited!! I listen and re-listen to your Heavenly Encounter testimony because I just love hearing about Jesus and Father’s Kingdom and my home too! Thank you for being an obedient servant of The Lord God Most High! Carrie Brook, Benicia CA
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3 years ago, henpeck.
The love of our father.
I enjoy listening to all of Jessie services. Reading his books. Watching his ministry’s. I grow closer and closer to my father. I receive such insight and knowledge of our Lord and savior thur all of Jessie ministries. The love of God pours out in all his teachings. And I gain wisdom and knowledge and understanding thur listening and studying the word. What a blessing your teaching has been to me for 30 or more years. Love you my brother in Christ.
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2 years ago, elgetha
Absolutely wonderful!
I’ve been a Jesse Duplantis follower since the first time he visited Faith Fellowship Ministries in Edison New Jersey when my pastor David DeMola was the pastor. I have been following him ever since. I even have some of his messages on VHS tapes lol because I still have a machine that works. How about that! Well anyway I’m glad to have the JDM app on my phone and be a supporter of this great work now.🙏
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3 years ago, Raymetfan
I’m so blessed to been following a true man and woman of God I love sister Cathy and brother Jesse for 30+ years sometimes I struggle in life been ill but I’ve been encouraged praise be to God by his teaching, love you brother Jesse and sister Cathy,life and death are in the power of the tongue I learned that from your teaching and I believe in divine intervention, and I believe in this ministry fine fine people who work for the Lord!
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2 years ago, ELovas
I absolutely love JD’s sermons and the way he delivers his meaning and explanations all the while throwing in his ad libs of every day life’s experiences, and truths of how it Hits home so too say! I wish I lived closer so I could meet him!!! I like the way he just tells u just how it is and how it should be in your life even if that’s not what you were expecting or wanted too hear…He’s been an inspiration too me and am very grateful and for goodness sakes….GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
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2 years ago, Browny granny
Learning an growing in the spirit
I am so excited to be a partner with Jesse Duplantis ministry. I have learned so much. Prayer is so important but also believing God wants the very best for us. HE favors us. I know the Lord led me to this ministry an I thank the Lord for that. This is the time to stand up an spread the gospel. I can’t go to all these places but by giving to JDM the word is preached. Thank you Bro. Jesse an Cathy for your service to the Lord.
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2 years ago, Gwend Rene
Joy and laughter
I get such great joy listening to God’s word 🥰 But I have to admit that listening to Jesse and Cathy brings such laughter that sometimes there are tears. They explain the word that even a child can understand. I’m standing on Gods word and living by faith. I ask if you would please stand with me on all his promises for my family and myself. Bless you Jesse and Cathy 🥰
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8 months ago, irvjt
Love it! Get it for yourself!
Jesse has a way of sharing the Gospel that really blesses, encourages, and inspires me. I love this app. I can download the audio and listen to it at work; it’s something profitable to put in my ears. The app update from about a month before this review was a big improvement over the previous version.
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1 year ago, Liz Eppard
Thank you Jesse for preaching the Gospel!
No matter what the critics say, Jesse is faithful to continue the work that God has called him to do. God has been faithful to perform the work through the ministry He has called Jesse and Cathy. Thank you for not backing down and continuing the work. The world 🌎 needs to see and hear the Gospel in action. Do the Work!
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3 years ago, Cricket REG
I’m a partner with JDM for several reasons. I know his focus is on saving the lost. This is fertile ground to sew my seed so I can receive 100 fold return. By being a partner I can have his anointing on my life plus they pray for me every day. I first heard Jesse at a KCM convention so I knew if Kenneth and Gloria trusted him, I could too. Thank you Jesse and Cathy for the great work you do. Roberta from Kentucky
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11 months ago, North Texas Child of God
I love your app!!
I found your ministry by accident and I am hooked! I have never felt so close to God before being taught how to have a true relationship with The Trinity. I have become a proud partner in your ministry and hope to one day visit Covenant Church and hear y’all celebrate the word of God in person. Keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, Happy Jack Christian
Loyce Guidry
I am reviewing my library of Covenant magazines which are so soul enriching, life-affirming, and spiritual building. A great resource from anointed pastors, Jesse and Cathy, with an infusion of joy from Glorious Moments. A true blessing along with the App (as I learn to navigate it). I look forward to the Sunday morning programs and listen to the CDs in my car. Thank you for all you do.
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2 years ago, PDUV@723
Been blessed
I have been watching you guys for years. I was happy to come across the Boardroom chats. I can watch anytime and anywhere. I am a nurse that works night shift so my schedule doesn’t fit the norm. Love the conversations, the real life stories and the Gospel without the ‘sugar coating’. Jesse and Cathy, you both are a blessing from God.
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12 months ago, Texashug
Jesse Duplantis Ministry
I am so glad I found you preaching one night as I was getting ready for work. You have opened my heart and my eyes. You have up lifted my spirit. It’s been to long and I am so ashamed I have wasted so many years. Thank you Jesse you have brought me back to life! Thank you Jesus! Living Again Karen Hug
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2 years ago, Nettie Lewis
All over ministries
An awesome app , and I love their teaching, I hope one day to meet them both, the magazines are a awesome tool to learn the word from and the humor is great it keeps you interested in learning. I love this ministry. Thank you both for doing the work that you both were called to do🙏🏾❤️
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2 years ago, Leftover from 2016
My Blessing
Jesse D has connected me to Jesus and his word in a special way. God’s word connects me to his truth, his nature and his desire for my life. I read the same verses I have read before, but, this time without the interference of man telling me what scripture really means. It REALLY means what it says. So simple, yet so powerful! Thank you Brother in Christ, Jesse Duplantis. YOU ARE MY GOD SENT BLESSING.
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3 years ago, OneHoneybee
I learn so much about the Bible and our Jesus. And this app allows me to listen to all of Pastor Jesse’s deep teachings with laughter and joy. It has so much grit and I love it. The sermons are categorized and you can use auto play and picture in picture so you can still use your phone while watching videos! It's wonderful!!!
Show more
2 years ago, Dnp.
Thank you !
I found your ministry through Terri S Foy and I’m so thankful I did. I listen everyday and have become a partner too. Thank you for your messages ! Your explanations have helped me to know it’s ok to believe like I’ve been believing most my life. And I finally get it I can believe Big! It’s ok Love y’all
Show more
2 years ago, L Agya
Partner Review
I enjoy Brother Jesse and Sister Cathy so much. They are so down to earth and the body of Christ needs to see that. My spirit is always lifted and I always receive knowledge when I watch. I am so blessed to be partnered with the ministry. I’m believing God that he will one day speak at my church. Keep working brother Jesse we love you guys.💕
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