JetInsight Crew

3.3 (34)
50.9 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for JetInsight Crew

3.29 out of 5
34 Ratings
1 year ago, chadsterss
Great app, horrible performance.
This application should AUTO update in the background. Every time you open it, you have to sync it… which takes ages sometimes. You guys should listen to your customer complains instead of blowing them off.
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6 years ago, Ekuchops
Great Start
As a 135 guy this app is great for keeping track of flight logs and expenses on the go. There are several suggestions that I feel are necessary improvements though. My five stars are based on this being new with features to come soon. Here are a few things I need on the app. 1) Crew and Plane calendar access. Without that I’m still forced to use the website to look at my schedule more than a couple days out. 2) Duty times. Maybe simply a button to start duty day and one to end it? At least an ability to manually enter the information. Currently have to use the website. 3) Ability to look at past trips. If I haven’t logged my flight time or I’m wondering what my ending fuel was from last week it would be really helpful to check that from the app. I feel like the above items are 100% necessary in order to make the app completely effective. Some wants would be as follows: 1) Request trip 2) Request time/days off 3) Request specific crewmembers (SIC, etc) Great start, hope to see it fully fleshed out soon.
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6 years ago, Aviatrix Sarah
Top notch
Great app. Nice layout/design, works well on both iPad and iPhone and I don’t have to logon to the website via a computer to grab trip sheets or documents. Everything is available to me offline in the air which is great since now I don’t have to waste time when I’m tired from a long trip to log expenses or flight times. Definitely a huge time saver and the only app that connects to the charter side that actually works well and functions correctly.
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6 years ago, J.C. Glaus
LOVE the offline capability!!
Very convenient!! I love the ability to use it offline while I’m on my flight!! I can now prepare all my flight information prior to landing and upload as soon as my cell gets reception after touchdown! Excellent app!!
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4 years ago, airbornefortress
Nice layout, had lots of bugs though
Crashes all the time and loses data that you entered when it crashes. The layout isn’t bad, but it’s pretty useless when I can’t upload anything.
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5 years ago, Exec pilot
Trip assignment notifications
Great App! Would be nice to have a future update where the app will notify you of future (new) trips assigned to you / updates to the trip sheet to let you know to re-sync.
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6 years ago, Tdaf2011
Clunky program
Every app update makes the program unaccessible, you have to delete and re download to get it to work again. Opening the app takes FOREVER to load, and syncing trips also takes forever. Data input is difficult, also slow, and you have to click around until the ‘save’ button reappears.
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1 week ago, M.McGinnis
Won’t do anything
iPhone 15. App simply does nothing. It just attempts to load. I can however receive notifications of trips however when I click the notification to logically see the information, loading screen.
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3 years ago, rpwyman
Horrible to log receipt
His app is brutal if you want to load receipts with photo. If you can even get it to load before it kicks you out and you have to log in all over again which is about 25% of the time
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3 months ago, nicknsme-/:;()$&@"
Marginally useful
Entering information works. You need to go to the browser if you need to do any corrections in expenses. App is also unstable as you have to reset the ipad or reinstall the app periodically.
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6 years ago, soonahn
Flight logs are the best
I am so happy, I can record my flight logs mobile now!
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5 years ago, nick310135
Infuriating app
Constantly crashes on both iPad and iPhone. Sync takes forever, Website is not mobile friendly. This app makes my day to day life flying 135 more frustrating.
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9 months ago, company pilot
Big let down application
To start with, the programmers are not able to make this work as an android app. It only works on iOS so if you have an android device you're out of luck unless you use their so-called portal. If you do use that, then it becomes extremely confusing. the design is very user unfriendly, and you have to go all over the place to find what you need. The application on the iOS continuously crashes. They do have a rental car fuel entry line, but they do not have a rental car line entry option. Lately, when you try to select the name of the business, where you made your payment, for example, signature flight support, a drop-down menu opens up and they list all signature flight support fbos in the world making this entry extremely difficult to do - they don't only list the fbos on the trip sheet, but also fbos in a different country ( go figure)... Same applies to any other common company like Uber where they list Uber eats Uber food, Uber this Uber that and this drop-down list covers all the other entry lines, thus making it extremely difficult to use again. The application tries to update itself each time It sees an Internet connection without the users consent so when it does this you lose all the information you have entered. The app shows that there are trips with receipts that need to be synced, but you cannot enter any more information because all the legs simply disappear from the app regardless if you shut down and restart the app or if you reinstall. You lost all the information you have entered. They've had this problem ever since they came out with this app, and it seems every day instead of getting better, it gets worse and worse. Extremely frustrating to use. A VERY unfriendly and frustrating application.
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