Jetpack Joyride

4.7 (92.5K)
310.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Halfbrick Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jetpack Joyride

4.74 out of 5
92.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Very Oh Yeah Yeah
This game is amazing!
I’m not one for writing reviews, but I just had to say how great this game is. I thought this game was a one time “play for a day then delete the next” but I was VERY WRONG. I use to play this game a while back and yet I still find it entertaining ‘till this day! The missions keep me hooked as well trying to beat my record (Which is pretty hard for me!) Coins are SUPER easy to obtain so you don’t have to spend hours trying to get that flashy Outfit or Jetpack you want (I’m look looking at you Gold Plated Sharkhead). The events keep me interested by trying to unlock all those free gifts. Mobile games now aren’t as good as how it was, but this game has always been great. Oh yeah not to mention you are FAR from a money hungry company you make everything POSSIBLE to get! Not to mention you give us more than enough time to collect event items to laugh at our friends for missing out on. Oh not to mention the music! Easter S.A.M’s theme is AMAZING! It’s really catchy as well as the rest of the soundtrack! If there is anything this game has done great on is the Sound FX and Music, keep up the good work! My few complaints would have to be when a pop-up comes up the music stops playing and will randomly cut back on even when music isn’t muted. Also some new missions would be great maybe something with Smashing Floor lights or the Glass on the ground...
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4 years ago, Jay Fares
Crazy Story and Great Game!
Back in 2012, I used to absolutely grind this game and I loved it so much! It was on this old iPad that was really thick. I guess I must have somehow lost it or something, but I found the old heffer a few months ago sitting in the attic in a box (for some reason.) So I put the thing on charge with this really weird cable that didn’t have a usb and it turned on (after a few days)!!! So I clicked the rubber home screen button and I got struck with so much nostalgia! From Subway Surfers, to this one, wonky game where you connect these colors or something... but best of all: Jetpack Joyride!!! I clicked on the game and started playing. I didn’t realize how long I was playing until I checked my phone and it said 6am! I started playing at around 4pm the day before! This game is so addicting! I have now completed the game 87 times in less than a month! I love it! It’s a fun, addicting game where you get so many options; from gadgets to quests! I LOVE it!!! And to all the Jetpack Joyride haters out there, get a life, think twice and treat Jetpack Joyride nice!!! WHOOO!!!
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4 years ago, TeeJay797
Ruined By Ads
well, i loved this game at one time. i still do. and it had been about 4 years since i had played it, so i came back to it because i spend countless hours on it years ago. i can still say i love the actual game and the features and everything you can do in it... but unfortunately, it’s turned into another game that has been almost completely ruined by advertisements. so many things require you to watch an ad to obtain that are free which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it didn’t need to be implemented. i spent real money on this game before because i loved it so much and i’d honestly rather spend a dollar or 2 to permanently obtain something, rather than watch a million ads for it. the part that gets me the most upset is the fact that you could just play and play over and over again and accumulate your coins. now every few plays you’re forced to watch an ad for 30 seconds and it makes me just exit the game and turn the app off completely. it’s obnoxious. sadly i still love the game so i will likely continue to play, just can’t sit and play for an hour and collect coins and buy items from the shop like i used to... unfortunately i would have given a 5 star rating had the ads not made this game a complete disappointment now, but you get 3 stars. ads are ruining everything and when i saw this game bombarding me with them, i was sad. so that was enough for me to take 2 stars away.
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4 years ago, Hopper2004
Used to be awesome, now it’s just okay
I used to play the heck out of this game, me and my dad were constantly competing against each other for the best record. Anyway, the progress and items used to rock. I remember that the in-game purchases were pretty low, but I gladly paid for the money doubler because I loved the game and it seemed worth it. But now ads are everywhere in the game, and everything requires multiple purchases. You can pay $1 to disable “pop-up ads” which is good, but that doesn’t stop the constant reminders to unlock different items by watching ads. The SAM skins all cost $2 each? That’s ridiculous. And the Back to the Future promotion is $10?? You don’t even get that much. All in all, if you were to buy everything in the store, it’d add up to around $50, and the content you get is just not worth it. Even if you did that, you still would be to buy anything else that they add in the future, so even then you don’t get the full game. Instead of spending $10 for some Back to the Future skins, you can use that money to buy a full game that doesn’t shove ads in your face and doesn’t need more in-game purchases. Sad to see such a great game go this greedy route, but it’s still fun for the most part. I really wish they would update the graphics though, they’re really fuzzy and haven’t really been updated despite all phones having HD displays now.
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2 years ago, demicosta
Used to be pure joy
I played this game endlessly years ago, a pure joy. I “beat” it twice, even. I spent a decent amount of money in addition to time, got all kinds of power ups, etc. I decided to fire it up today. Not only am I facing ads, something not present in the previous model, but EVERYTHING I previously purchased, earned, made progress with is gone. I’m using the same Apple ID now as then and there’s no restore purchases option. Nothing. So I have to start over and deal with ads? Developer says on other reviews the ads are to support ongoing development… Gameplau itself is pretty much the same, and the graphics now look like the N64 games that have been ported to the switch. It works… sure, but looks like sheetola on modern screens, which is wager 90%+ of your users now have. You need to fix the purchase restore/legacy backup issue, give us a clear option to buy out of the ads entirely, and sharpen the graphics! UPDATE- 5 minutes later: I see now that there’s watch a video to get this for free, to skip this mission, etc. really?? How about an option to switch off all these offers? Even if ads are gone, these offers are distracting, clutter the screen, and take away from immersing in the game. All around extremely disappointed. Y’all could have updated nothing at all it would be better than what you have available now.
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4 years ago, lol924
Okay. I want to start out with saying that this game is very fun(almost addictive). It’s very easy to play this game and the almost-monthly events provide a nice way to get more gear. Some times, you’ll check the Costumes tab and realize that you have costumes you didn’t even know about. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and it has been a great investment of my storage. I would give it 5 stars, but..... THE ADS!!!!! Recently, they have added a new type of ad. This ad shows you a playable video, an overview of the content in the video, an “Open” button and a “Close” button. When you click on the “Close” button, nothing happens. When you click on the other button, it opens a website. I have opened the website AND watched the video, but I STILL cannot close the ad. If any developer part of the team that created this game sees this, please respond or change this. Besides that, I have no problems with this game( except that they have made the sleigh and the boat vehicles locked unless you pay for it, but they didn’t have this a couple of years ago) and I love the gameplay. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day. 😁
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7 months ago, rushsoccer7
Goes down in the Hall of Fame
This game is truly one of the best games in the world. It’s so simple, so easy yet so fun. I used to play this game when I was little on the family iPad and loved it then. I recently downloaded it again just to see what it was like now. Nothing changed but it didn’t need to. This game fits every situation, if I’m bored I’ll play it, if I want to play something fun I’ll play it. If I want to go on my phone I’ll play it. I truly love this game and don’t know a single person who doesn’t. The only thing I don’t like is that there are a lot of ads now. I get that the game needs to make money but I think there are way too many ads. It seems like every run or every other run I get an ad. Fortunately the ads are short and you can quickly get back into the action. I would 250% recommend this game to anyone that wants to play something fun and I hope this game stays around for generations to play.
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3 years ago, Irishgunslinger
Ruined by ads
This was one of my favorite games and played pretty much every day but it has not only so many ads but 30 to 45 second ads to 30 seconds of gameplay. It plays a 20 second ad then another 15 second ad about the same thing then 20 seconds of gameplay followed by 30 to 45 seconds of ads. 👎🏼 I stopped playing 85 % of my games on my phone a few years back because of ads and every time I go back into play a game it just disappoints so much I end up deleting the app. I haven’t bought or downloaded a game in over two + years and I am reminded why every time I go on to play or download an app why I don’t use the App Store anymore. It makes no sense I use to spend $10 to $15 a month on games but we got the game the whole game with no adds now we have to pay three times as much for a game and it’s still full of adds 🤷🏻‍♂️greed has ruined the App Store and lost a ton of support in the process because of money hungry developers. I fully think you should be paid for your work and apps but to charge and then put ads in it anyway then find ways to get more and more money out of you this pay to play is ridiculous. Another old once great app gone deleted.
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5 years ago, FluffyGrapes
Changes Are Bad, Edit: Fixed!
This is actually the first time I have bothered to write a review for any app after about 6 years of using the AppStore constantly. Jetpack Joyride was one of my favorite games of all time and I’ve had it for a really long time too. This new update is horrible. Half Brick converted their game into a scummy business formula that has been plaguing the gaming industry for the last 2-3 years. I also hope that the decision to erase everyone’s hard-earned progress and hard-bought commodities, like double coins, wasn’t taken lightly. I don’t even think they offered any compensation for people that had such things. All in all I’m deleting the game and pulling my support from Jetpack Joyride for this. I have better games to play that focus on entertainment rather than money. Edit: Jetpack Joyride has been reverted to its original pure form. Thus the Developers go back to getting FIVE STARS from me! :D
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4 years ago, R3viewer-101
Overall great game, overpriced jet packs and costumes
Great game! I remember when I was about 4 and my mom gave me this on my iPad. Now I’m 12 and still playing on my phone! All time classic must play but the jet packs and costumes are very overpriced. Especially with how hard it is to get coins in the game. I’d make some of the costumes that are actually bang for your buck less overpriced. Like DJ Barry for instance. You would have to watch ad’s and get super lucky with the jackpot from the lottery machine for days to get a dubstep remix and some headphones. Maybe also make it to where you don’t have to grind for days to actually get the cool stuff during events. Such as the St Patrick’s day event. You would have to grind for like, 7 hours to get he unicorn. Anyway, overall great game, just maybe make it easier to get the coolest stuff in the game. Thank you if you are reading this and I recommend the game if you are willing to give up that cool outfit effect that makes you look cooler. Thank you.
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2 years ago, TheGuyThatIsThe
What happened?…
For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been playing this game. I love it. But in the past few years I’ve noticed an issue with the game. Back in 2015 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of back to the future (trust me this is relevant) half-brick made a special event that added backgrounds, vehicles, and costumes from the film series and back then these events where… you know… SPECIAL. Now every god dam day it seems like there’s another special event, and that’s not the worst part, no no no. These almost weekly events are just the same ones that they already made for example the TMNT event or the Star-Trek event or the ghostbusters event or even the once special back to the future event. THEY JUST KEEP RE HASHING THEM! WE DON’T NEED MORE EVENTS JUST GIVE US BACK OUT BELOVED GAME AND MAKE SOME NEW EVENTS. OR AT LEAST STOP RE USING THEM SO MUCH! half-brick if you reading this, I love This game but you guys are selling out and making the game worse. Just stop doing special events every month and only start doing them when they are warranted. Please. have a nice day.
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2 years ago, 🌸H0neY🌸
Ok wow
I rarely write reply’s, so keep that in mind. I used to play this game years ago, and it was my favorite game. So a got a new device, rah rah, and I decided to start again. But it’s changed a bit. First, I like how there are more opportunities to get the golden flying pig. Back when I first played it, it was like once every five plays. Second, WHY ARE THINGS SO EXPENSIVE like does half of the stuff in the shop really have to be $5? Another thing I like is that there are more challenges, or maybe that was just me. Also, I was a boss back then and reached level 10 (loved the rainbow btw) every game, had all the gadgets, etc. what I’ve also noticed is how there are more “sections.” Like it used to be city view, volcano, lab, and hallway, and vault. That was all. But the ads- this MAY just be me, but I watched an ad and the begging once for a boost or something, and it didn’t give me it, so that made me mad. Overall good and bad edits to the game but I still recommend!
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5 years ago, addiebajaddie
Incredible Game!
Halfbrick, if you’re reading this, I’d just like to let you know that Jetpack Joyride is my favorite mobile game ever. I can’t stop playing this highly entertaining app, and it’s never boring. There’s almost always a mission at hand, or motivation by items, coins, or high scores, to keep you occupied. There hasn’t been a moment where I’ve wondered what to do next. I gave this app 5 stars because it’s just so entertaining. However, there is one request I’d like to make on behalf of my experience. I love Barry Steakfries, but I think you should add a female character (to purchase or win through S.A.M.) just for variety. Sure, you can buy the hula outfit or the makeup outfit, but there have been several times where I want to dress up a more feminine character in certain outfits. I’m not sure if my request is crazy or thoughtful, but I’d love for you to at least consider my reasoning. Thanks, stay awesome! 💕
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6 years ago, DthLazer
Great Game But... Glitched (A Little)
I love this game but I have this weird glitch. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I have the golden and magnet vehicle upgrade on all vehicles and for some reason I can’t change the skins from those two. It changes the skin if I buy a new skin but then when I equip the new skin it gets stuck. I also should have cloud nine but I can’t equip it. The button presses (equip) down but nothing happens. I have tries looking up how to fix it and I have even deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still gets stuck on the golden and magnet skins (unless I buy a new skin but then it gets stuck on the new skin). If you guys could fix this I would appreciate it and other than this glitch the game is fantastic. I also would like to see some new updates and maybe some old events again. I hope this helps make this game even better and less glitchy. Thanks!
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5 years ago, BubbatheWigglytuff
Glitched Game/Gadgets in Shop?
Hi Halfbrick, I just started playing Jetpack Joyride again after a couple years of not losing it, and I went to remind myself of what I had unlocked from the last time that I played it (gadgets, vehicle upgrades, etc.). When I did this, I noticed that I had the gadgets ‘Free Ride’ and ‘Coin Magnet’ equipped, which would make sense since that is what I would usually play with, but one thing that I noticed is that these things are able to be bought in section 5 of gadgets, and I can only equip them through part of section 3. The shop still tells me that I have all of section 3 unlocked, but I can’t select one of them in this section, and for later sections, it does not tell me how or when I can unlock the gadgets in these sections. Unless the feature that told you this information was removed in a past update, I hope you are able to figure out what has happened. I am hoping you see this at some point or another. I really enjoy this game and hope it is not in this state for a long time. EDIT: Hello again, it turns out that just force closing the app and re-opening it seemed to fix the above problem. Disregard my problem stated above, but this does seem like a strange bug with the game that only seemed to happen after opening it for the first time after at least a year.
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4 years ago, Aiden Woolley
The Perfect Mobile Game To Ever Exist.
This game is PERFECT in every way. Oh, you died? Thats ok, just watch one ad (30 secs long but worth it at the end) and you can either ride S.A.M. Or come back to life! Died again? Just watch another one! You get tons of choices for heads (the way your head looks) and choices for suits! Oh, what about the jetpacks? Yeah theres options for jetpacks too! Need some help? Get some gadgets or upgrade your power-ups! Tired of just jet-packing endlessly? Try doing some missions that will reward you with stars, and when you get enough stars, you can rank up and earn a reward of coins! Now playing on a weak device makes it difficult to play, but still works. AND THERES MORE GAMES WITH BARRY (the main character if jetpack joyride) IN IT!!!!! I would put more things in here, but theres to many things to put all in one list!
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3 years ago, natero5000
My favorite game
This game is amazing! It’s my favorite Mobile game and second favorite game just behind Minecraft it is extremely fun and addictive but not too addictive where you’ll do nothing else. Here are a couple of ideas for little touches that would just make it that tiny bit better maybe when you have the bubble jet pack some of the scientists will pop the bubbles maybe there could be a robot cat that’s like Flash if you have the laser jet pack it will try and catch the laser would still catch coins and knock down the scientists . Maybe there should be a steam punk jetpack with propellers making you fly. I think it be cool if we had more customization with the jetpacks by being able to paint them with colors you can buy with coins. Just a couple of ideas I think would be cool. overall a great game
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6 years ago, QuentinDRoberts
Loved the game for years, can’t access new story?
This review is more of a question than anything else because I played the game when it first came out when I was a freshman in high school and just redownloaded it now that I’m a freshman in college, I loved it then and I love it now. One thing that has baffled me lately is that every now and again when you open the game and start, it isn’t the regular infinite run. A mad “scientist” character pops up and runs you through what is essentially a tutorial of the games core mechanics. Once this stage is beat you go on to other stages with Jetpack upgrades, loot boxes, xp tokens and basically nothing to suggest the game is an infinite runner. I can not for the life of me access this seemingly more close ended linear story based version of the game from any menu once it’s closed and it appears randomly upon reopening. Help?
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3 years ago, InciniumZ03
Possibly the best around!
Hello Half-Brick! I’ve been playing your game for quite a while now, and I’ve seen a lot of the changes it’s gone through over the years. This is an awesome game that I keep coming back to! It’s difficult, but fun! There’s a large amount of gameplay variety and things to do so I don’t feel bored after a while. The game’s exciting and its fantastic to see that you still care for it to this day with events! I do have a question, however. There are two power ups that aren’t available. Are those ever going to be finished? Are you still working out the kinks in em’? Regardless, the game’s great, and I’m so glad you’re doing well! P.S. Do you guys remember that Nintendo DS port of De Blob 2 you did? How did you feel about it?
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4 years ago, JE22602
Disappointed with the bugs.
It’s still the same game that I remember from 3 years ago, save for the extra ads. The ad rewards are also very obviously overtuned. These things are fine, however there’s one extremely annoying bug where the music just stops playing, and I think it has something to do with the audio from ads. The possibility that the bug might be the result of an ad just really rubs me the wrong way. The bug causes the music to stop working, even when you restart the app. It plays normally for a few seconds, then when you start your run, the screen drops in FPS and the music stops playing. Other than that, the game is fine. I’ve only been playing for 2-3 days though, so I’m hoping I don’t find any more issues. I liked playing this game when I was younger, and I’m glad it didn’t change too much. It’s a good way to pass the time.
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7 years ago, Potterfan16103
One small problem...
I love this game so much! I've been playing it for years across multiple devices. It's simple, original, and very entertaining. However, when I downloaded it onto my phone (this phone) I realized that the entire app had gone completely commercial. The simplicity has been replaced with watching adds for lives or buying your way through levels. But all this I can deal with; the real problem is the snapshot. On every run, the game randomly takes a picture of your character, most of the time displaying hilarious expressions and positions. This really made the game unique and funny. Now, that has been replaced with a scientist advertising different sales going on in the store. Please bring back the snapshots! I know what the store is, and if I want to buy something, I will! Jeez. All in all, it's a great game. But it's my firm belief that the original was better.
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5 years ago, etherealcobra
Timeless Masterpiece to Master of Time Waste
When I got this game on my iPod Touch it was an amazing game that I played for hours upon hours with the fun challenges and gunning down scientists with their own bullet powered Jetpack. I’ve revisited the game over the years and it’s always a fun trip, when they added ads at the end of runs it was a bit annoying but if they feel that is necessary to make money Then I support it. However, when I tried to get back into this game recently and I was taken aback by the astonishingly aggressive nature they have taken to get you to watch ads and pay money. Every 30 seconds I was presented with wiggling spend-money buttons, “promotion sales” and non-skipable ads galore. I’m sure there would be a larger fan base and more people willing to spend money on this game if they were to go back to the time when it was not so riddled with ads and progression blocks should you not spend money. It’s a disgusting practice and it’s unfortunate that it infiltrated a game I was so fond of as a kid.
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6 years ago, Great Amazing App!
What happened?
I used to play this game when I was younger and recently started playing again but it had a few changes. One change that makes me mad is the wave rider and the sleigh of awesome, they used to be free before but now I have to pay $5 each? That’s stupid, I wouldn’t even pay $1 for them, I don’t understand how anyone would pay that much just for a vehicle in an app, another issue I just had was the missions, one of mine was to collect 4 spin token, during the game I collected three but I died and used an ad to revive myself but the game just closed out and when I went back to check it told me I didn’t collect any spin tokens, it wasn’t a mission where you collect 4 spin token IN ONE GAME, it was in general and now I have to restart my mission which is dumb, I really hope these issues get fixed somehow especially the wave rider and sleigh of awesome
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6 years ago, wingedrobot
I re-downloaded this and I remember it was super fun but a lot has changed, for the worse. I liked when you got free-range of outfits and jet packs which could be purchased with coins and how it used to keep track of how coins you picked up during your run. Also, you used to be able to have gadgets like coin magnet or having gravity-pulling boots, but now you get those when you play. I liked when you used to be able to upgrade the dragon or the robot dude so that they were gold plated and had coin magnet. but now, it’s all weird and I don’t like it. I wish it was the way it used to be. now you have to have all these thing to upgrade your jetpack and all this crap. It used to be a five-star game. also, it asked if ever played it before and I said yes, it still made me go through the tutorial and still had to start on a clean slate. I’ve spent real money on add ons before but I have to start all over again. I had the rainbow jetpack and my dragon was gold but nope.
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6 years ago, Scar.Vaapad
Game roll back to classic, bug still resists but certainly much better
I would give five stars. I left one there just to remind myself how frustrated I was when the game changed into a cash grab mode all of a sudden. And I would like to thank the support team for fixing the account issue for me. They’ve got great follow ups on user requests. One thing I’d like to mention though, is the auto ad occurred in endgame phase when you have your Facebook account connected: those auto ads stop the slot machine from working and one has to quit the app entirely and lose the progress made. Right now I disconnect it so those ads won’t bother me. This is a serious bug that you guys need to fix. A word of advice: just don’t have it, I’m pretty ok with the ad options in doubling coin and extra life, it’s a immersion breaker, but not in a harsh way because users get the control.
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1 year ago, Loq1
Deceptive Claim to Pay To STOP In Game ADS is a LIE
After going over this endlessly with HalfBrick support about paying to stop ads and them never once saying that buying in game items will NOT stop ads generated as in game bonus was a very LOW thing to do. I will never again buy anything from this company as they deceive players into thinking they can stop their ads with no intention of doing this. I believe in supporting devs but this took everything to a new low. It’s shameful and bad business. That buying items won’t stop their popup ads under those specific circumstances should be made OBVIOUS and transparent prior to making those purchases but they are designed to make the purchaser think it will. Having played this game for years and buying from them I’m embarrassed to say they had me fooled for some time and I only now regret having been a good person in not speaking up until now. Buyer BEWARE of what the whole facts are before giving a dime to these companies for anything.
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7 years ago, jaewon112
Awesome game! But there’s a small problem...
I have been playing this game for a very long time across multiple devices, and I love it, but the only reason I am rating this 4 star instead of 5 is because of this problem i’ve had many times. I had a new high score of about 7,000 and earned 2,000-3,000 coins, and I used up all of my extra lives. I pressed the “Watch AD for a free life”, but instead of an ordinary video ad, I got a talking tom ad that wouldn’t let me load the video. This had happen many times. The only choice I had was to exit the game and go back in. When I re-entered the game, my high score didn’t even save, but the thing that made me even more mad was that all of the coins I earned were gone, and all the extra lives I spent were gone, too. I would be happy to rate this game as a 5 star if this problem was solved.
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6 years ago, DonTheWarrior
Great Game
I’ve had this game for a while. Every few years I pick it up and try it again. It’s pretty fun. For a month. Eventually the game gets boring and repetitive and it needs more updates. More Jetpacks so I can have a Joyful ride. When I got the game I was surprised the game mechanics hadn’t changed at all but something had. Advertisements so many ads I guess this has to come at some point it just isn’t as popular as it used to be. If Halfbrick put some effort into a team that can update the features once a month that would be great! But there is something that could fix the whole game! Adding a story if we could explore the adventures of Barry like we did in the other games it would be much more fun to play. But besides that it’s a great game to play.
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3 years ago, lord of neon
Good, but could be better😓
This is the app I come back to to kill time when I’m bored. It is single handedly the best mobile phone game on the App Store but I have my gripes with it, no. 1 it showered me in ads to the point where it got annoying, I understand you guys at the halfbrick team need to make money, but the amount you push ads is ridiculous. No. 2 it lacks in some of the actual content, and relies more on purchases. It reduces content, so I advise to make an alternative to getting paid content with in game cash. I’m not saying to remove the purchases altogether, but make an alternative. Otherwise it’s a great and entertaining experience for what’s in a free game. So props to halfbrick. This is my summary of the game, fun addictive and entertaining, honestly it’s not for everyone but I personally recommend it.
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3 years ago, Sultanofswag89
Different Rank System?
While a decently fun game, I can’t help but complain about the redundant ranking system. You have three “missions” to complete which involve passing red lights, barely escaping death by lasers/missiles, and cover distances on foot/in certain vehicles. Each has their own 1-3 star value towards leveling you up, but you need like 3, then 6, then 9 or so stars to level up. It has virtually no challenge or incentive since you only need to finish like three missions to easily level up. The badge system (a lá Xbox) is better as it takes stats from all the time you played the game and uses different ranks of their own, which is actually a lot cooler, but also need coin/second chance rewards too. The badges should be merged with the ranking system. Nitpicking I know but this star system isn’t fun.
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6 years ago, LeDaveys
Great/Cute/Addicting Game! Just one teeny, tiny problem
The game is great. I love playing it and it’s more addictive than stupid Candy Crush (which I got bored of in the first 13 minutes. And I’m not kidding either, I timed it). However the ads are the big problem. They are just everywhere. Like I don’t mind them because they aren’t shoved down your throat or anything, but sometimes an add will play that I can’t skip. And if it is one of those and it happens to not load due to bad service or whatever, the game will freeze and I’ll have to close the app and open it up back again. There is that feature where you can disable ads for $2 but if you’re not a spender for something small like that, I feel it’s best that the ads are toned down a bit, like every 5 plays or play an ad to double coins etc. That’s when it’s fine.
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5 years ago, W/P/B
Used to be fun, but...
I can no longer migrate the game as I upgrade devices. The only sync method left is via Facebook, and I don’t use that. I spent hours grinding through all the clothing, jetpacks, etc., but they’re stuck on an old device and I’m unable to move the game to my new iPad. Support has been unresponsive on the issue - I’ve reached out multiple times but they don’t reply. June 21 update - I’ve received several unhelpful replies from Halfbrick support. One to ask if I still needed help. Another suggesting I upgrade to the latest version of the app - which I told them I was already running when I opened my support case. And one suggesting I try syncing with Facebook - which I told them I don’t have, which I also told them in my original support ticket. Their lack of a timely response is frustrating. But even more so is the apparent lack of effort they put into understanding a user problem report before responding. Seriously disappointed in their service. June 28 update - No response since my last update. Halfbrick support has gone dark. July 3 update - Halfbrick states the only method to transfer games is via Facebook. Ridiculous. The prior in-game method worked well enough for my needs. And Apple certainly offers a method. This should not need to use an unrelated service (Facebook) to manage game transfers. Pathetically slow response by Halfbrick and feature deprication keep this at a 1 star rating.
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3 years ago, MobileExplorer
Engaging and Fun!
Not a lot of words can describe the enjoyment you can get from a game like this. The pixel art designs are sleek, the animations are clean, and the music and interactions with small things like the scientists are something I can get attracted to for a while. Though the large expense of the items can be a bit obnoxious, they can pay off with the cool designs in vehicles or the helpfulness in powers and gadgets that can change the gameplay drastically. The only thing I can truly complain about is the large amount of items that need real world money, which is so many items that it feels like the game was made by EA. Other than that, I’m happy to say that the feeling of this game exceeds the title of a “good” mobile game. I hope the developers can create more with this game.
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4 years ago, Little Fireball
Save the Scientists! 👨‍🔬💚👍 [Please read, Halfbrick!]
Dear Halfbrick, I love Jetpack Joyride, and I’ve been playing since 2013. This game is so enjoyable and unique; I never get tired of it. The characters are lovable and there is so much content to collect. However, I feel very strongly that the poor little innocent Scientists of Legitimate Research should not be harmed! They are my favourite characters, and I hate to see them get hurt. Could you PLEASE add an Option or Gadget that makes them impervious to damage? I want to see them walking around their lab, and I don’t mind them running scared — I just don’t want them to get hurt in any way. They didn’t do anything wrong, and they are helpless little inventors! They’re so endearing and funny; I love your videos about them, and I know you care about them too. Barry even high-fives them, and they invent everything for Barry. . . Why would he hurt them? What he does to them when riding the Hog is just awful — why gun them down like a maniac!? That makes Barry look really evil... I know the Scientists don’t “die”, but please add an option or create a Gadget to disable this violence toward the Scientists. I love them so much, and a lot of people, as you know, would appreciate an Option not to hurt the Scientists! Please!? Save the Scientists! 👨‍🔬👍 Sincerely, “Techno” from Legitimate Research
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6 years ago, _RYRY001
Amazing Game | Few Update Ideas
I use to play this game a long time ago and I loved it. I’m not quite sure why I deleted it but I’m back and there have been lots of changes from what I can remember. It’s a fun game! I think there should be a Multiplayer Mode; one player is Barry and the other has control on where and what comes up as Barry runs, like the player can choose to bring mussels out, choose the placement of lasers and zappers. I also think there should be a better reward for completing Missions, not just starts and then coins after leveling up, I think you should get some sort of reward like coins or spin tokens or random item stuff that will help you. This game is great already but there is many things that could be added!
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6 years ago, Lifes2simple
Best Game On The Market
Jetpack joyride is a fun game that can consume you and entertain you for long stretches of time. The game has good response time to your touch and plays exceptionally smooth all around. Graphically, the game on the iPhone is great. On the iPad, it seems a bit stretched and could use some fine tuning, but overall it looks good. The game is great in that, it gets progressively harder the farther you make it. The game allows you to purchase various upgrades that will help you in your journey using coins. The coins are obtained by playing the game and are not difficult to obtain. I personally average around 1,000 coins per game, but more are definitely obtainable. If you’re looking for a fun game you can grind on, this game won’t let you down.
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4 weeks ago, bananaman7454
so, i will preface that this game is excellent. its fun and cool. BUT there is an evil presence in it that must be stopped, which is that after you lose, there is an unskippable message that makes you either get bombarded with an ad, or makes you fork over your painstakingly earned 2.99 at your minimum wage mcdonalds job. personally, i have not given in and bought the no ads thingamajig because i am a cheap person. However, the act of clicking on the “i love ads” button that instantly starts screaming at you about how playing wordscapes ten minutes a day sharpens your brain is just like pulling your own guillotine. this is definitely a very accurate comparison. jokes aside, i would probably like this game a whole lot better if they just gave you the ad insantly and ripped off the band-aid. okay bye i love you <3
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5 years ago, Jet88.88
Screw Your Game
Now that I’ve started playing this game again, I noticed something with the SAM daily login bonus. It’s harder and harder to find all the letters the more you play continuously. After losing my streak, I started over again at day one and it was easy to gather the letters. It took two different runs. Before my streak ended, it took many runs. I shouldn’t have to do so many runs for something that is only open for a 24 hour window. People have things to do. I like the SAM vehicle, and I don’t like it when the game is keeping it from me simply because I’ve played more than two days in a row. I also hate any company that forces video ads now my throat. You assume people using your app have the internet to waste on videos. You are forcing me to turn of my internet connection when I play to avoid a video every time I die. This was s good game, and still is, but I don’t know if I want to start playing it again given that it’s annoying me.
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5 years ago, walker texes raneger
This game is amazing
I’ve been playing this game since I was a little kid and I just love the screen it mean with your foreman you happy I mean I did get mad because it froze and it didn’t let me play but that didn’t bother me I love this game I’m so happy you guys made this but I really hope you do a deed it at one one i’ve been playing this game since I was a little kid and I just love this game miniature foreman me happy I mean I did get mad because it froze and it didn’t let me play but that didn’t bother me I love this game I’m so happy you guys made this but I really hope you updated at one point but I’m still giving you five stars because you were eyes are the best did you put up your day at least once I think it would be amazing
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6 years ago, TheRealLemonPaws
What has happened to the game?!
Dear Halfbrick studios I have been playing Jetpack joyride for a long time and have become accustomed to free run jetpacking but with this update you no longer have infinite runs because you have to use fuel and on top of that you have to complete levels? I believe that you should have free play as a main menu but if players would like to do the story line then there should be a button to do that. And why would we need fuel to jetpack? I like jetpack joyride because I could play it all the time and never had to stop. And what happened to the S.A.M mechanic where if you collected all the S.A.M pieces you could get exclusive costumes. Ontop of that we can no longer customize our character, equip gadgets, or upgrade our vehicles. In all I wish that you could bring back the original jetpack joyride and such.
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3 years ago, Bean_Beater
Zapper-pack Nightmare
I was having fun with this game but then I realized that I can only play for a total of 7 seconds at a time due to the SINFUL amount of zappers they put in this game. This game consists of 15% add breaks, 5% gameplay, and 80% transversing one of the most annoying obstacles ever created just so you can get back to enjoying your game. I wonder how that office conversation went with the design team. “Oh, hey Jim! Should we install new and clever obstacles for our players to face?” “That sounds like a good idea! But I have a better one!” Said Jim as he rubbed rapidly melting ice cubes on his nipples “Let’s just junk the other obstacles and put like a bunch of zappers. Like a LOT of zappers. Like, Michael, look into my eyes.” Michael tries to turn away but Jim’s grip is too strong. He can feel his fingertips pressing against his skull like vice grips. Michael stares in horror as Jim’s eyes role back into his skull and the light is pulled from the room around him. “JUST. PUT. MORE. ZAPPERS! My queen demands it!” Jim bellows and unearthly screech as the office fills with an ungodly amount of poorly angled zappers. At this point, Michael knows his fate is sealed. Not because of the Lovecraftian monstrosity that became of his friend, but of the fact that he is surround by the worst obstacle designed in mobile gaming history.
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6 years ago, Rock Leão
I feel about the game
So this game it’s good you can please and your phone is very old and if your tablet very good very good but something I’d like it is about the money no the money is OK in difference of them in a cage is is because you’re isSo this game it’s good you can play then your phone is very old and if your tablet very good very good but something I’d like it is about the money no the money is OK and difference of them in a cage is is is is it to buy thing then do your my part for but the way this game not make me happy I know I think is a character but I don’t know what it is but something bad about his game and what is right and what is your unit can get you can’t finish the game is the depth kings and don’t finish like infinity game so bye
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4 years ago, Awesomenator 836
The audio is not working and the last time I played this,there were events such as the bling it on, the cut and run(an event celebrating the Anniversary of fruit ninja also made by Halfbrick), Zappy bird, and pirate pillage. Please fix the audio and add the said events. I will give it three stars if you do. Disclaimer: I didn’t actually play through the pirate pillage or zappy bird events or even the more seasonal events, but I still want them in a future update.(Doesn’t even have to be the next update) Update: The audio actually was working, but it was just muted. Please add the aforementioned events in a future update. Update 2: have you considered adding event-exclusive final spin prizes?(e.g. random vehicle next round, tokens x4, tokens x6, tokens x8, tokens x10, tokens x12, tokens x14, tokens x16, etc) Update 3: thank you for adding the events I requested to be added. Update 4: When I opened the app, there was no tab for the Bling it on event. Pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fix this as soon as possible. Update 5: I restarted the app and solved the problem. I totally love how if you already had the gold version of a vehicle prior to the event, you instead get a ton of coins. I am still wondering if you’re considering my suggestion from update 2. Please respond.
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5 years ago, Gbreakin
I got a skin for free
Ok so first of all I love this game. But I gotta admit high roller is the hardest achievement ever!!I’ve gotten to level a little higher then level 100. When I deleted the game and re downloaded it later I got the privilege of getting to be a test subject. But when I got a little stomper it said little chompper and gave me the skin. I did not buy this skin. When I looked at my little stomper in the store it didn’t say that I had the little chompper skin. I don’t know what happend. Mabel it was just because I was testing a new skin and I wasn’t aware but yeah.(I think the skin is really cool but just wanted to let you know I got it for free)EDIT: I got the rubber chicken too. This is cool. you should make the flash’s rubber chicken brown. Or white
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3 years ago, JOKER43446
Small issue
I really love this game. I always played it as a kid and just recently downloaded it once again for the pleasant surprise that it is still alive and well. The star trek event is really fun, I really like the soundtrack used. One issue though, I like to watch ads for extra lives or S.A.M resurrection or even to double up on the money I earned, but there are a few ads that don’t allow me to click off of them once they are done. Nothing fixes this besides resetting the game from what I have tried. Unfortunately, in resetting the game, you also miss the 2x bonus or extra item you watched the ad for. This isn’t too big of a problem, just a big annoyance. Would be very appreciated if this is fixed.
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6 years ago, 😲Avenger Man
This is a good game. I wish the wave rider was still free but whatever. It’s not like half brick will read this anyway but moving on. I’m not here to talk about Jetpack because nothings wrong with the game. What I’m here to talk about is what the heck happened to colossatron. Like really tho it was the best game y’all had and now its gone. I had the game when it was free for the week. I deleted for room. I was like I would get in again another day but I never did. It was the best game why did y’all remove it. Pls bring it back in and if you I would be very happy. I really hope you consider doing this helping the customers out. Thank you if you read this I hope you consider and have a nice day evening or night.
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4 years ago, the_rules_of_survivle_god
Amazing game | IDEAS
So I recently saw the goku or Super Saiyan outfit in the clothes shop even tho it’s been in the shop for a while…(powered up hair and power suit) and I was think of some ideas for the character outfit • trail/jetpack | it would be very nice if u guys could make a yellow glow and trail like they have in the shows/movies when ever they fly around…now for the beginning…when he smashes into the lab or through the wall he should have a little power up animation instead of grabbing a jetpack… • mr cuddles skin | the flying nimbus instead of the dragon…head would be replace by the cloud and the body would get replaced by the nimbus trail… • dog skin | i know this might not ever happen but I would like if u would replace the dog with the nimbus when ever the Super Saiyan outfit is equipped… the nimbus would just fly around on standby doing the same thing as the dog does but when ever u grab mr cuddles from a vehicle box the character would call the nimbus cloud over and ride it… The game is amazing and fun to play the events are really cool too but I’d really love to see these ideas get put into the game some day :)
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4 years ago, The Flufferfish
Amazing! One Thing I Would Add...
First of all i would just like to say that i’m a huge fan of this game and i’ve been playing it since the very beginning. It’s such a fun and high speed never ending obstacle course that is always changing. I love every bit of this game how it is, however i would add an expensive feature that can be bought with a lot of coins where players build there own maps for either themselves or other players. If the game creators like this map they could add legit coins you could earn from it and make players able to complete challenges from it. HalfBrick Studios could add whatever they wanted to this idea but again it’s just an idea.
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2 years ago, Luckyrich101
This game is great!
What can I say about this awesome game? It’s fun it’s enjoyable and I love all the gadgets power ups and vehicles that spice up the gameplay all that’s well and good but I also have a couple of problems with this game for starters the powerups are a little too expensive but that’s just a minor thing although the main problem I have with this game is the electric bars once I get to 2000 or 3000 M the game gets so fast that I constantly get hit by the electric bars because I can’t react fast enough and there used all the time so please in an update add A warning to the electric bars so that way at least I’ll know that they’re coming and thanks.
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4 years ago, Avidius Cassius
They ruined the game
I can remember a time where I could equip all three gadget slots without paying money. I remember a time where I could play the game without all the popup ads. I remember a time where I didn’t have to pay for everything this game has to offer. I remember a time where my I would spend hours of my youth collecting coins and buying different outfits and experimenting with different gadget combos. Those are now all gone. Now, you have to pay $5 for the third gadget slot. Now, you have to watch popup ads every few runs in game. Now, everything fun and exciting about the game has been turned into a blatant cash grab by the dev team. I left two stars in spite of all of this because there are still some fun experiences. That being said, most of the game for me is spent remembering the times when the game was truly fun.
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