Jewel Fever - Match 3 Games

4.7 (27.3K)
146.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mindgo limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jewel Fever - Match 3 Games

4.69 out of 5
27.3K Ratings
3 years ago, InHighDemand
The game is great, but some higher levels are unfair
I’m writing this hoping the developers will see it. As I said the game is great, and honestly speaking I thoroughly enjoy it. I play it daily. In fact as I write this message, I just completed the 757th level. Some levels are harder than most, but that is expected. My issue is with the mediocre or no gifts after a single play completion (not loosing) of 2-3 grids within a level. The pay out (gifts) seem to be better when one simply completes one grid per level. Level 757 was hard and I made it through 3-4 grids on a single play and got no reward. I understand there maybe a timeframe of completion, the use of supplies and any other program that can disqualify a player from the jewels. At bare minimum, we should automatically get the 10 jewels when we complete multiple grids on a single play per level. Please write a program for that and add it to the game.
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5 years ago, Cigliagina
Rewards we are owed
I love this game! I’m addicted to it honestly. The only complaint I have is when I beat certain levels and it’s time for me to win the super bonus, it says waiting for ads to reload which is bull b cuz an ad will play right after. It’s only when I win the super bonus or to spin the wheel twice or play an ad to win more jewels! If the ads were waiting to load then how come when me winning isn’t at stake the ads play nicely??? The whole point of the game is to win so come on when it’s rightfully mine how bout you give me my due??? Idk how much longer I’m gonna play to win nothing. I’m almost at level 400 and read someone else’s review saying the same thing as me and he or she is on seven hundred something !! I won’t play that long if I can’t get what’s owed to me when I win. And it’s not like you’re giving REAL JEWELS or MONEY man so what’s the problem??? And another thing, when I beat a level pretty quickly and know I’m supposed to get 3 stars it’ll go so slow to the third star so I can’t. What’s the deal? How about you reward the people that win what we’re supposed to win according to your rules?? Thank you for an awesome game but time to be fair!
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3 years ago, Toms Hot Chocolate
Warning ⚠️ Dangerous!!!
With the latest update, you have to swipe up several times before this game will allow you to get out of it. I needed to make a medical emergency phone call about two weeks ago, and could not get out of this game with one or two swipes. This game forces you to stay in it— I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or if it’s another bug they can’t seem to get rid of. Those few swipes could have been the difference between life and death. I came back to this game to see how many times you have to swipe before the swipe line will turn black and allow you to leave and it took between 2 & 13 swipes. I tested it about 20 times to be sure. This should be illegal. I’m researching how to report this dangerous practice to someplace higher than Apple because I don’t want anyone else to get into an emergency while playing this game and not be able to get out and call 911. I started to panic when the game wouldn’t let me out. Thankfully my son was there to use his phone to call 911 to get help for my daughter. I just wanted to make everyone aware. I’ve been playing this game for two years and before this incident, this was a 4.5 star game for me. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Meg1793
Update: how frustrating that there is absolutely no way to get support on the app. Is leaving a review the ONLY WAY to get in touch?? Also have no way of logging back into my account, and bc of this, I have to start from scratch on my loaner phone. How do I get back to the “no ads” I’ve already paid for?!? I’m obsessed with this game and so glad I found it while getting a bunch of new match 3 games! Thank you for no being pay 2 play like so many others , massive thumbs up 👍👍👍 I also love the variety of puzzles that are offered. It’s never the same and it has certainly gotten harder over time. I’m on #310 I think. One criticism: that one minute concert orchestra needs to be changed up! Maybe we could have some variety there too?? All I hear is oboe when I go to sleep each night! Otherwise, awesome game. I’m never bored. Just DL it already!
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3 years ago, Rckr4life
Fun until
I've been playing for about 2monghs but now I can't get the extra gems when I win 3stars. I can't do the extra spin when I earn enough gems. None of the videos play. I thought it needed to be updated but after the update it still won't let me get the extra gems or extra prizes. So I guess I have to delete it?? How can I fix this without deleting? I will definitely change my rating.
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2 years ago, Barbara Boyle
Level 987 is a NO WIN
I have been playing this game for a year and find it quite entertaining. I have reached difficult levels, but much of it is just memorizing where things are located or just coming across the “perfect storm” where everything aligns. Sadly, I’ve reached level 987 and there is no possible way to win it, believe me, I’ve tried every trick, used all my gifts and I’m not sure if there’s a glitch in this one, but there are no way to get those trophies in the top boxes. Guess I’m going to delete the app and find another game.
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4 years ago, timkerbell10099
Annoying game
I played this game for several months and enjoyed the “play time” break but I have just deleted it. I detest automatic upgrades which occurred last week. The new version isn’t half as much fun as the initial download. I have progressed to level 570+ and have observed what seems to be a rigged game. Rather than being removed squares recently often just revert back to the same status. This causes extra clicks to be used unnecessarily. The previous version, before upgrade, it was possible to win a level in 2-4 trys. That’s no longer possible. The last level I was on before being completely frustrated and annoyed I played at least 10 times without success. The annoyance of this game makes it no longer fun.
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4 years ago, Chi-55-pr
The App continues to crash frequently and you lose your progress. Today I bought more coins and diamond and my card was charge but the product did not transfer to the app. The app closed and I again lost progress on top of getting my credit card charge and not getting the products bought. Called apple support and I have to get in contact with the developer first before they can cancel my purchase. This is ridiculous. The developer appears to be from china. Things in the app support is chinnese (I Think) or some similar written language. the bottom line. I am going no where trying to get my money back. Will delete the app.
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1 year ago, getittogether1.0
Rewards constantly disappearing
I used to really love this game to pass the time, with that being said you still want to progress! I have been logging in every day to collect my daily rewards. Long story short, I had a huge amount of each reward collected and saved yet when I logged In today I only had 7 “hammers” and 4 of the ones that shoot across and up and down! Very disappointing! I suggest not downloading and getting wound up in the game until they correct all these issues! Yes, it is a free game but that doesn’t mean that it’s cool to be rigged and have all your things you have collected just disappear and absolutely no way to contact anyone and get them back!
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7 months ago, Kaosweaver2
Some higher levels are unwinnable
You have to have resources to pass the levels, however, it is still a lot of luck unless you use a dozen power up's to get by. I'm on 1207 and you can't do it unless you burn a lot of power up's. It is happening more and more frequently at these upper levels, hard is ok, impossible makes the game unfun as you have to waste a week building up power ups or give them more money to get past a level. This isn't a $10 a week worth it game. This is a mindless time burner, if I can only play it once a week because the upper levels are unwinnable, why bother?
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5 years ago, Soren von Krogh
Still Hanging On
I believe what really makes this game a fun challenge is to not spend any money. All the specials that pop up such as .99 this, and $1.99 that, I always avoid. You can achieve the higher levels at a slower rate by not spending money, or you can crash your patience by using your credit card. The choice is obviously yours. But for me, the satisfaction of not spending money is the ultimate rush while playing this game.
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5 years ago, Angel in Thrall
Can’t Make 3 Stars on L51
I’m one of those people who isn’t content with just “passing” a level. I’ve played L51 almost constantly for 2 days, and I can’t get 3 stars on it, no matter what I do. I’ve watched ads for extra turns, I’ve had as many as 22 turns left after winning all 3 crowns, and the game uses up whatever turns you have left to get you more points, but even those are not enough to get me to that 3rd star. Is it even POSSIBLE to GET 3 stars on this level? I’ve really been enjoying the game, but I’m very frustrated.
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2 years ago, am dissappointed
Played this game for a long time & deleted it after game bugs annoyed me beyond. Started playing again. ?Level I don’t know 200something. Ads freeze on treasure chest so I don’t get bonuses. Ads freeze in between levels so I don’t get bonuses. I live in MICHIGAN I can get all the freezes I want around here. Would like to see that this OLD game would get some NEW practices. Can’t take this game seriously anymore. Just play for fun to see how it goes & I move on to other games. None of them are perfect. I’m getting too ok’d to care lol. Thx
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1 month ago, Mom2Tx
Scam….Paid for Ad-Free but still have ads.
I paid the 99 cents to go ad free, but there are still ads. I would like this fixed, but they make you jump through hoops to get any support. When I deleted the app to reload it and see if it would restore purchases, it didn’t work. I tried going back into the store, but the 99 cent option to remove ads was gone. Now I get to pay another $4.99 to ATTEMPT to get rid of ads. Not happening. It feels like so many of the games on the App Store these days are a rip off. Not only do they take your personal info, but they don’t even do what they’re supposed to do.
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3 years ago, ridiculoussssssssssss
Crashes, never get rewards
Funny how it has no problems playing the ads between levels but ALWAYS crashes when you can get a reward. Developers, before you ask for a screen shot (seems that's always your response) don't.. you know what the problems are but apparently do not care. You owe a few hundred diamonds and countless boosters to every single person who has played this game. Seriously... your the the tech people! FIGURE IT OUT AND PROVIDE THE DIAMONDS AND BOOSTERS YOU HAVE FAILED TO DELIVER! If I could give this negative stars I would. 😡😡😡 UPDATE... and sadly it's not good. Your last update provided interesting challenges which is good but the game now CRASHES 3 times more than it use to. 😤🙄
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5 years ago, GivingUpSoon
When I started playing this game several months ago, I really enjoyed it. However, the further I’ve gotten (967), the more bugs seem to be showing up. The main problems are with rewards. Most days, the double daily reward simply won’t work. Frequently, the double reward for getting 3 stars doesn’t work either. And there is no way to contact the developer (aside from leaving a review like this.) Since the levels are much more difficult than they were earlier, the boosters are a lot more valuable. I’m about ready to quit, just because of the bugs.
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3 years ago, BobStu
This game is ingenious and genius. Each game is a bit more difficult than the last, and once you figure out the functions, it is fair, challenging and fun. I’m at level 1200 and only spent about $10 over the past year to get a few necessary assists. I look forward to the challenge about ten minutes a day. Logic, strategy, luck and rewarding. (Based on the bad grammar of the few ‘tips’, the game is all Chinese.)
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6 years ago, Mitzie 200
Won! 4 times
Stuck on level 439 keep winning and keeps staying on 439! Just won level 470 and it’s stuck there! Played a dozen times on 469 kept getting stuck! This game has problems! Just got to legal 491 got a treasure chest and seen the add and then screen went completely white waited a few minutes and came back on but lost my treasure chest! Leval 512 I won and it doesn’t move!! Not playing 512 again hard leval to beat! Level 556 unbelievable been stuck for days kids game! Why make them so hard to beat! Level 556 how can you beat even the first puzzle when there are no matches at all!
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6 years ago, Canyonkate OR
Really like this game! It has a lot of variety, twists and turns. It’s not the same old, same old so I stay interested. So far, I haven’t reached a level I can’t eventually win which keeps hope alive. There are ads but I prefer that over having to delete the game because I don’t stand a chance at winning or pay money to continue, which I won’t do. Good job and thank you for an enjoyable game!
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5 years ago, Barrymac1
Latest update ruins the fun
This is a fun time waster, but the latest update has ruined it for me. Good — reached level 519 spending only enough to eliminate the ads between games ($2.99 i think). Play is uncomplicated and challenging enough to maintain interest. Bad — Level 519 seems to be as far as I can go. Been stuck there now for 17 days. Latest update doubled and tripled jewels required for extra moves. The ads that are required viewing for extra moves are now approaching 50 seconds,, and if I see one more Toon Match ad I’m gonna jump out a window.
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1 year ago, ppooggkkddyyrrhhxx
Ads, Ads, Ads
If you do not pay to remove ads than expect to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Also, despite having the sound turned off in the game the sounds on the ads automatically play … and some don’t give you the option to mute. I have a primary game I prefer and only play this occasionally for short periods of time so for me it’s not worth paying. With the endless, loud ads this app has gotten so frustrating that I am giving up. I will be deleting the app after submitting this review. As for the actual game … it’s ok. Very basic. I have seen, and played much better similar games. Another reason this isn’t worth paying for. The final straw, in addition to the ads, is when the game froze after EVERY level I completed. Had to close out the app then restart. To each their own so maybe you will have a better experience but this app isn’t for me.
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5 years ago, Meoooo111
Jewel fever, people read this.
I get ads on this game over and over. I’ve told them that this game needs fixed. What it’s doing on all my iPad is when I push on the icon my screen turns very very bright light. It actually hurts your eyes. I’ve told them over and over and still have NOT fixed this problem. This happens on every game this person comes out with and won’t fix this problem so if you all have a problem you won’t get this person to do anything. I did her from someone else that this happens on their game that it has something to do with the ads. That’s why they ignore even on doing anything.!
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4 years ago, RynBeach
Fun Game
I started playing Jewel Fever about 9 months ago. Some days I am on fire beating levels left and right then other days I find myself stuck on a level. I eventually beat the level, I just take time away from the game (it might be a few days or a week). I do not mind watching adds to get rewards/prizes/etc. It’s a free game that’s fun and it’s challenging.
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4 years ago, nspunk13
Sometimes adds refuse to play ~frustrating~
I’m almost at level 500 so it’s safe to say this is a WONDERFUL and SUPER FUN game. I’m seriously addicted. It takes a lot of skill and dedication. However, you guys need to fix the bug that sometimes doesn’t let adds play and thus I miss out on points that I could get! I’m really competitive with myself so this is getting super frustrating. Please fix the problem or I will have to re review the game and give it only 1 star.
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4 years ago, QuietStorm05
I really like this game but there is a problem that frustrates me. When you’re playing the event and somebody calls you the game freezes and you have to start all over or sometimes it just freezes on its own which I think is unfair because if you have used special items or gems it’s gone to waste and you basically wasted your time and your items that your gonna have to pay to get more or play so many levels just to get back those stuff.
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3 years ago, uAndme3
Love/Hate relationship
I really love to play Jewel Fever, but I hate the pop ups, especially ROYAL MATCH! It pops up for every level I play and it pops up 3 to 4 times before it lets me go to the next level. I got so fed up that I deleted Jewel Fever from my list of games. I did downloaded it again thinking it might fix the problem but to no avail. It will not let me (x) out of the ad. I have to put it on my desktop for a longtime before I can get out of it. Please take ROYAL MATCH THE APP AD POPUP OFF!
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4 years ago, qlcd
I love this game! I am on it from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. The only downside is when you select to watch a video for logging in to double your reward it sometimes will not play the video so you end up losing the extra reward. Same exact thing also happens when you select revival and need to watch the video to get 5 extra moves. This is an amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone.
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4 years ago, Amy-Jane R.
Ads, Ads & More Ads
Considerable lag time while waiting for a line to clear which can cause you to lose a game, likely due to the graphics of the game. The game felt like it was geared more towards children with its little quests and ‘helpful instructions’. If you can’t figure out how to clear a game board like this, you have issues. However, back to the main point: For a game that tries to nickel & dime you to death, there should be fewer ads. Irritating. I offloaded it due to the ads, the charge for ‘upgrading your play’ and, more importantly, the lag time.
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3 years ago, chemobrain2013
I like game but recently have been robbed of $6.99 purchase and a $1.99 purchase. They charged my card on both but did not give me the two packages. I tried to get app support but it is in foreign language and can’t get the ENGLISH VERSION TO MAKE A COMPLAINT OR ASK WHY IT HAPPPENED. Now will go to App Store and my acct to try and settle this by refund and definitely remove game if no satisfactory results from the app company . I feel Apple will handle the refund the correct, Expedia the way. Ok now I can not send message or rating... that tells u a lot!! Maybe bc I do not agree with the FAR LEFT!
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6 years ago, ComicLover42
In-app purchase device specific
I really enjoy this game and play it on both my iPad and iPhone. The ads became increasingly annoying so I paid $1.99 on my iPhone to remove them. I thought that this would apply to both devices, but apparently not. I don’t see a restore purchase option and when I started an attempt to remove ads on my iPad, there was no indication that I had already purchased it. I’ll probably remove it from my iPad as the ads are too annoying.
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5 years ago, tmdtee
Crashing cries 😢
I love this game. My granddaughter (6) actually wanted me to download it for her when she forgot her phone. It was addictive! And the perfect companion as I sit with sick peoples in the hospital. But many many times when I want to watch a video for the extra points it just says trying to retrieve or waiting to download and the game just crashes. And many times when I have gifts to redeem it crashes and I loose my gifts.
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4 years ago, lamarhill
Love the game enjoy playing but ...
Addicting!! Love the game I’ve stayed up till 2 in the morning playing but I will agree the ads ugh... and waiting to load then getting nothing and how about the people who do spend a little money stupid I know but it would be nice for a little more but I enjoy it it kills time quick before you know it 😆
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5 years ago, MeKiwi#1
DEVELOPERS help please
I’ve been enjoying this app. HOWEVER, I’ve run into a roadblock. I cannot figure out how to beat level 183. Googled & You Tube’d - nothing there. Goal is to abolish 72 squares but I cannot figure out how to get to them. Dead in the water here. It’s an enjoyable app. You can play several beatable levels then hit a hard one. Easy to get & store boosters. I did wish there was a “tap to continue” option to skip the win celebration.
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5 years ago, wade2525
Won’t allow me to take any spins
Hello. Love the game but every time I click on the spin it just goes away. Never goes to the ad and then to the spin. I’m on level 1,286. It’s awful because I never get free stuff on a daily like I used to and I don’t get free diamonds. What do I do to fix this. Thank you much. Great game other than this problem!!
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2 years ago, carlycroch
Enjoy the game but…
My husband introduced me to the game couple of weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it with only one complaint after I watch an ad I don’t always receive the reward the game freezes very easily I hope the bugs will be fixed so that I don’t have to keep exiting the game and losing rewards in order to get it to unfreeze.
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5 years ago, suebo55
I love this game, but I am overly tired of having to watch the 30 second ads to get the jewels, only to find out you don’t get them more than half the time. Or, the ads don’t even load to get the daily bonuses or double awards. I was up to the 800 level, but now I find it’s a waste of time. And, yes I have purchased some jewels, but no more. I’m frustrated as you can see. Please fix the bugs or other people will lose interest as well.
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5 years ago, Teresa0605
Game Freezes all the time
I’m on level 450 so I obviously love the game, however it keeps freezing!! Can happen in middle of game, my watch add for extra diamonds just spins and says loading a lot of the time. My free spin won’t load sometimes as well. I’m always having to exit out of game and restart— frustrating in the middle of my game!!! On the flip side- totally addicting and really enjoy the mental stimulation!
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4 years ago, JENUJUAN
Too much
I want to find a new game because of all the problems I was having with an old game I love but I must say of all the games I’ve ever played this one has the most ads popping up every second you can’t get a reward without an ad you can’t play the next round without an ad you can’t click out of a screen without an ad an ad and I can’t afford to just pay for a higher grade game during these times just to have no ads the amount of ads is ridiculous
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6 years ago, snybrk
Jewel fever
Love the game but the last update makes it impossible to get extra stars by watching the ads on the little tv. Other ads voluntarily load when moving up a notch but not if u need them too. Can not get 5 more moves if u need them either. It always states no internet connection but that cant be if I see voluntary ads on the same game. Please fix this error!
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3 years ago, CMM-OK
Repeating levels
I love this game but I’m on level 1517 and the boards are ones that I played on the lower levels. Also when you play so many levels and win you get to spin the wheel and whatever you win has to be played in an hour. I don’t like the timer because I have to stop and do other things. I don’t play this game all day everyday. Please update that feature
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8 months ago, AquaSima
Ads caused it to crash permanently
I used to love this game and had no issues with all of the ads. I recently updated my phone and now this app won’t come off of the Royal Match commercial to allow me to play the game u less I turn my white phone off then on again. This is a cycle! You HAVE to click on the ads to play the game or get to certain areas so now I’m going to have to remove the game and no longer play it again. I don’t know what changed but it’s been fun Jewel Fever…….gotta go now!
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3 years ago, Sops err
Can’t collect stars and always stuck at top
Once again the ability to collect stars (45 stars earns a booster) is highly annoying. They are the sole reason I’m obsessed with getting 3 stars on every level. It’s what I do while waiting for more levels to be created. Along with their disappearance is the ability to jump from level 2970 to level 365 (just throwing out hypothetical numbers). Now you have to scroll down for 5 minutes to level 365. After playing 365, it jumps you back to 2970. And you have to scroll for 5 minutes again. I spend more time scrolling down than I do actually playing a level. Please bring back that feature!!!
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5 years ago, Worstafilup
Ads give nothing
Each time I attempt to double by watching an ad the system locks up. For days I was unable to play at all because I couldn’t get past the daily bonus screen. Most times the ad would not load and when it did it would return me to the same daily bonus screen without adding any bonuses and also preventing me from moving on to a play screen. I finally sacrificed everything I had earned by removing and reloading the game. I lost everything and gained nothing because the problem continues.
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2 years ago, Barbie-liever
Fun but still frustrating!
I’m at level 527 but still can’t figure out why 5 rows have a cyclone-like spinning ovals. Also don’t know what the large bubble does at top left of playing area. It would help to have a Help option so questions could get answered.
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6 years ago, Frogula2000
Problem with extra moves
When I press the button for extra moves I get a screen that says to check the network connection and try again. Can’t get the extra moves. This has only happened recently - I ‘m at high 500’s level. Is there a fix?
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1 year ago, goley nick
Addictive game
It's a very fun and addictive game and you can't leave this game... the only problem is that some stages are hard and you can't solve them and you might be involved for weeks like stage 1142... I've been busy for weeks now and I can't pass
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3 years ago, b123wtfwhynickame
Bad UX
Game is fun when it doesn’t lag because of all the ridiculous ad placement. Was making the app more difficult to close (>1 upswipe) to squeeze out some extra ad revenue really necessary? The app seems to be doing well with so many high ratings, but did growth stop or something? Trying to get users to accidentally tap an ad is just desperate and a really bad UX. Also, really not fond of the cartoon phallus I’m forced to look at each time I open the app.
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5 months ago, llcjmj
Every level is almost impossible
And forget getting 3 stars for any level. The ad after every single level is too much, and then of course you have the stupid character pop up winking “go to store and pay for no ads”. Just charge for your game up front. But you are instead relying on people wanting to win and paying real money for immediate but worthless gratification makingyour company much more money, because your in apppurchases are very expensive
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4 years ago, goldenbubbles
This game while fun, suffers from excessive ads. You will have to watch an ad after every level. The only way to not see ads is to pay. I don’t mind watching ads but this one is just to much. This is not the only Free game that I play, however this game has more and longer ads than all the rest. Honestly I’m thinking about deleting app. I would think seriously before I down load game.
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4 years ago, tametc
No bonus rewards😕
I've been playing this game for the past week. It's fun, and I like the action. Big problem is that the game gets stuck when I try to get my bonus rewards, and there's just the endless message of "loading"... Frustration, plus I get denied the rewards I won. Many times the game doesn't do anything when I spin the wheel. Aggravating to not be able to get all that I've earned.
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