JezzBall Classic

2 (4)
99.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marcus Bjuhr
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for JezzBall Classic

2 out of 5
4 Ratings
12 years ago, hobbit0306
Buggy but faithful recreation
Collisions between atoms and the drawing bars are very inconsistent. Some times a life is lost other times the atom just rebounds from the red or blue line. I like the fact thy it's a very similar to the original jezzball but the collision bugs are critical to the mechanics and need to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Motox20
Takes me back to the good old days....
I remember when I first played this game way back when(showing my age here......). This game became something of a tournament between me and my dad’s boss, whenever I’d go up to his work I’d sit in his bosses chair and beat his high score. My dad’s boss wasn’t a graceful loser, or person for that matter lol, so next time I’d go up there the high scores would be erased and he’d have the high score again, so I’d have no choice but to beat it again😂. This version works great, haven’t noticed any bugs and the nostalgia factor is a big plus. There are too many options to list here, from simple adjustments of the amount of the screen the game can take up to adjusting how to win the levels, and much much more. If you decide to get this game spend the time looking through all the options even the mods, there’s 21 pages of mod choices alone....
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6 years ago, Looney Rover
Jezzball app
I loved playing this game years ago on our computer. I just wasted money on it for my phone. The game screen only takes up about 1/5 of the phone screen. It doesn’t get bigger when I turn the phone sideways. The print and buttons are too small to read or use. But thanks for the fun it was to play back then.
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4 years ago, Mimimarcy
Worst game ever
I played the original JezzBall Classic and while this is just like that the App stinks. It doesn’t save anything and it locks up right at the time and ask you to put your name in for your score and you have to shut it down so it’s really pointless don’t waste your money on this. If I could give it a zero I would.
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11 years ago, Uno11163
Just like the LINUX game
Not windows 5. Linux. There are some glitches, like when you try to do another line when one is already forming, and sometimes one ball hitting a forming wall takes 2 or 3 lives instead of 1, which is frustrating. Plus the fact I found iJezz after I bought this which is only 99 cents and appears to be just as good, so I feel kinda cheated out of 3 bucks.
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8 years ago, Llama lie
Lima Bean
Please Apple! I among many others competed with this game Jezzball Classic. Please fix the issue. It always worked on my IPad until a few months ago. Now just a white's one of the best, to play alone, or with others!
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9 years ago, coulevre
The Game Should Be Removed It does not work
I have downloaded this game more than once and I need a contact email or number to get my money back. I used my 5 year old allowance to buy the game and it doesn't work, yet it is still posted as a purchased app without a way of getting resolution. Please refund my 5 year old money back. I cannot help you get richer!
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12 years ago, 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
I like it but...
I like it but until I got IOS 6 and it doesn't work which that is fine with me but you could finish the update sooner or later. I will put on 5 stars if you make the new update in a month! Thank u
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9 years ago, James Old Jedi
Does not work with iOS 8.1.2...please fix this
Jezzball Classic is an awesome game, but it quit running after I installed iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad2. It needs an update. Please do so. Right now, the screen just turns black when I try and open Jezzball.
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12 years ago, vkl66
Best puzzle game ever but I do like playing it on my computer or iPad better than on my phone.
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13 years ago, Skyfull
So glad to have this game back. True to the original. Making lines by swiping your finger feels like how it's meant to be.
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10 years ago, NeilFraudstrong
Not working on iOS 8.
This used to be a great app for iPad, but it no longer works on iOS 8. Please fix it as this is one of my favorite games. The screen just stays black.
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10 years ago, Mila MM
Please fix the bug
I've been playing this game since the '90s. Please make it compatible with iOS8! Can't see such a great game go to waste!
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9 years ago, Shooter12ga
Won't load
Played the lite version and later decided on the full version but it stays black screen and will not load. Please fix. I just wasted $3 on this.
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12 years ago, Proud2Bjewish
Very upsetting
I love Jezzball so I bought the game. I was very upset that I was unable to enter my name under the high score, and once I updated the software, I am now not able to play the game at all. FIX OR REFUND!
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9 years ago, Zacht21
Wont play and i paided
Bought the game played for 3 or 4 months now when i open it it just stays at black screen i have redownloaded it same problem i even have a new phone same problem terrible
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12 years ago, Joycha
I love the game, but then they have you do this circle thing twice around the whole screen, and unless its done right, you can't play the game anymore. there's got to be an easier way to get into play the game.
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10 years ago, undrdog
Waste of money
No sound. No sound controls in any menu. Can't call it CLASSIC with no sounds. Buggy. Crashed twice in 10 min. Would like my $$ back.
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9 years ago, Ser_Bronn
I love this game but
I love this game it's an old favorite but I paid cash and it doesn't run. I am using iOS 8. Please update.
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12 years ago, Edicius
No longer works. Can't choose profile.
New update broke the app. I can't choose my profile. It just sits there at the login screen.
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12 years ago, NJ Eddie
Game constantly freezes when you enter your name to keep track of the high scores.
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8 years ago, Dhshrbggsgdgs
White screen issue
I had this app on my iPhone hone 5s with IOS 5.x and it was working fine. I updated to IOS 9.2 and now the app will not run. It only shows a white screen. Please help.
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12 years ago, Possosum
Just like the Windows 5 game
Love it!
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10 years ago, tennis07
Does not work on iPhone or iPad!!!!!!!
I bought this thinking it would work on my iPhone and iPad but the screen just stays black! PLEASE FIX!!!
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10 years ago, Miskitty420
does not work!
Downloaded game several times and all I ever get is a black screen? Waste of time and money.
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10 years ago, Amacielag
No longer works!
Just a black screen no longer loads. Do not download
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9 years ago, Defiantly
Does not work. Period. Won't open on latest versions of iOS. A real shame too...
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9 years ago, Aragorn2387
3 bucks for a game that doesn't work....
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9 years ago, MarcInBrooklyn
Never worked
It just opens to black. Please refund my money
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10 years ago, amunruh
Completely useless wish I had refund
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11 years ago, Jaqx89888
Awesome, no problems!
Works great! Love it!!
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9 years ago, 219 User
Does not work don't buy
I want my money back
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9 years ago, Salera805
Give me my money back
I want my money back
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12 years ago, lyetZ
Can't start game
Unable to start the game. Waste of money.
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10 years ago, Ali365
Does not work !!!!
Freezes on you , difficulty opening ... No good, glitches! A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY , REQUESTING REFUND !
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12 years ago, Swyk87
Get this app working ASAP plz!!!
I want to play this game, so fix it
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9 years ago, cachecount
Will not work on iPad IOS 8
Sad, please fix to play on iPad.
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9 years ago, Brihutch3
Not Working!!
Doesn't work on iOS 8!!
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12 years ago, CRISPY0528
Waste of money game doesn't work!
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9 years ago, OTOninM
It will not work! Do not buy!!!
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12 years ago, Madfie
I just bought this game and tried to open it after it was installed, I was asked to draw those ridiculous circles which I did and the game would not open. I had to delete it. I should get my money this game a scam to take people's money? My rating for this is zero.
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