Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

4.7 (41.2K)
117.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kristanix Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

4.67 out of 5
41.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Ferris_Hudson
Great jigsaw puzzle app, have a couple of feature requests
I love this jigsaw app. I use at least several times a week. I’ve had it for a long time now, upgrade to the premium versions o I could use my own photos, which I especially love. But ai do have a couple of feature requests. The primary one being a wish to be able to choose other background colors so that I can use complimentary colors so that the subtleties in the images can pop and not get lost. And the other feature requests relate to working in larger puzzles with more pieces. It is challenging with screen real estate being what it is to work on puzzles with more pieces, I would love to have a way to cache pieces or blocks of pieces off screen so I could have more space to work. Like if I could gather up all the green filler pieces and tuck them on to a tray so I could work on them later. And do the same with a pile of red pieces, or that block of 30 pieces I just put together. I would be willing to pay another premium fee for this feature. Thanks for this jigsaw app. It’s given me many hours of great pleasure, and time for peace and calm in a busy world. .
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3 years ago, GreenBleedin
Better than any other jigsaw puzzle game in the App Store
Rather than a vertical list like some other puzzle games this one surrounds the board. Awesome approach. Plus, you can use your iPad on portrait orientation which is much more aesthetically appealing. I have played this game for hours and I decided to pay for some puzzles even though it wasn’t necessary. I did it just to give the developers some return by making this very good game. I tried several other jigsaw puzzle games from Apple and they are all way behind this one. Not even close to the options, reliability and versatility of this game. You have all kinds of options based on your individual preference. Puzzle pieces can be increased to hundreds or very small for the youngsters just learning. You can make things more difficult by using a rotate function or have the pieces already oriented, your choice. This game allows you to start by showing just the edges. That is what you would do anyway when solving a puzzle so why force me search through all the pieces to find the edges which is just boring. They seem to have thought of everything. I actually can’t think of a single important feature I would want added. Get this game. You won’t be disappointed.
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9 months ago, nomad046
Nice jigsaw app with no tray.
Jigsaw Puzzle Epic (icon has purple background) - kind of weirdly shaped pieces. Pieces scattered around puzzle box, which gives plenty of room to sort and build sections once edge pieces are found and assembled. Pieces sort of bulge when connected or put in exact place - they will freeze in place unexpectedly sometimes. No ads on page, plays ad before and after. Puzzle goes to regular pic when complete, then can select next puzzle without further ad. If you exit out, will automatically load current puzzle without further ads. Has in progress icon. Says premium is 2.99, would remove ads. I am considering this. Nice picture selection. Daily free puzzle, also saves last 7 daily puzzles, so you have an assortment to choose from. Additional puzzle packs may be purchased, but as far as I can tell so far, there is no way to earn coins in game to purchase packs. I see in goals section that I have earned 50 stars - but what for??
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2 years ago, Code_Hunter
Great App
I really enjoy this app on the iPad. Great images and plenty of options to make it usable for anyone. From those that are young amd new to puzzles to those who loves a challenge there are different number of puzzle pieces to choose. You have options to make it easier or harder besides just the number of pieces. Great images of all types to choose from. If I was to have any comments about it and iitems I think could make it just a bit better is these: Option to disable zoom. This is nice but not alwaysnecessary and havingto disable it would be nice. Optionto disable snapping when you don’t show the puzzle pieces outline. By disabling this you add another level of difficulty to each puzzle. All-in-all I recomend this to all jigsaw puzzle fans. Great job.
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5 years ago, I M Puzzled
No more lost puzzle pieces....
One of our gifts at Christmas time was a picture puzzle which I would work with my Dad. His last years were spent at a Veteran’s home and he continued to do puzzles. After his funeral, one of his nurses presented me with a framed picture puzzle of an old time camping scene which he had helped Dad to work. It is one of the most treasured items because of it’s connection to Dad and our camping trips. Now, I am able to work puzzles on my IPad which is a lesson learned from my father. It is a wonderful way to keep my mind focused and active. And I can take it anywhere that I go. No lost pieces, I have a choice in so many puzzles to chose from, and while others are playing overly stimulating games, I quietly sit while enjoying one of the games that will never go out of style.
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2 years ago, Highway Bubba
Good app some suggestions
Love the puzzles. Great daily puzzles. Good selections for number of pieces and a real challenge if you allow the pieces to rotate. I would like to see an option to have the pieces only snap to each other or the sides and not into the center of the puzzle board. Then a player could place a piece on the board where it might be but not have it snap into place until another piece is there to join which is more like a real puzzle and makes it more challenging. Also could use a little more creative naming of the puzzles. Today’s puzzle was labeled skyscrapers. Tell the location or name of the building and city. Names can tell a story with only a couple of words and can be educational. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Cameron ☁️
Best puzzle app in the App Store
I haven’t used this app long but it is, without question, the best puzzle app on the App Store. It’s simple to use, the puzzles are beautiful (and plentiful) and I love that you can decide the number of pieces and the interface itself is seamless. You can easily move pieces, ads are few and unintrusive, and there are so many options for display and use. I will be purchasing premium, not because I dislike the ads or feel the app is incomplete without those features (it’s actually the opposite), but so that I can support and thank the creator. This app is perfect for me while I listen to podcasts or simply want to kill time and I recommend it heavily as the best app available on the App Store for those looking for a jigsaw puzzle app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Getmeoutofthisjam
I get stuck in Advertisements or Games!!
Creators, I love your puzzles, but I can tell you that right now I am stuck in a game I don’t want and can’t get back to my puzzle! I have tried everything. Very Disappointed right now. You would have gotten Five Stars if this problem didn’t come up all the time. Getmeoutofthisjam I would like to see the daily free puzzle changed up a bit. Too many mountains, oceans, hills, etc; they are all too much greens, shades of tans and the ocean. Same old same old. I would like to see more exciting puzzles with lots of beautiful bright colors. I do love the school puzzles because there are lots of colors and it makes them fun! Otherwise your puzzles are great. Would like to see more free ones. On a strict budget
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2 months ago, Kacka74
Love this app, would love even more with sorting option
I’ve had this app for several years now and love it. The only thing I would suggest is for the developers to add a way for the players to be able to sort the puzzle collections and possibly “hide” or archive or mark the ones that are 100% completed and/or the ones they never intend to play. I’ve bought and completed several collections but they still show up. If I sort by % then the flag etc collections who up on top, but I don’t intend to puzzle those (as they’re a bit boring). Being able to sort the collection would be awesome. Thanks for a great app for the rest and all the hours of puzzling it has given me.
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4 years ago, Wolftatt
Great fun, relaxing, challenging
Like many others, I have a stress-filled life, managing family, work, social, and other obligations. I have found these classic puzzles are the perfect stress reliever. The puzzle graphics are all quite vibrant and the fact that I can choose the complexity of each puzzle is even better since I like to work on puzzles that have several hundred pieces. Full puzzle contrast and overlays are optional which contributes to making this puzzle app the perfect companion for an iPad. As well, instead of wearing earbuds and watching yet another movie, the puzzles are stimulating enough that the challenge really helps pass time during long international business flights.
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3 years ago, Koinonia7
Good game with exceptions
I did about 10-12 puzzles. What I noticed was there would be any number of pieces that would fit into the selected slot but only one was correct. I would have given it 5 stars if there was more puzzle piece shapes. I found I was getting bored with the game because of so few piece shapes. I really enjoy jigsaw puzzles, they are relaxing normally, but not when I get bored for lack of sufficient shapes. Maybe I overlooked something in the game to get more piece shapes, I don’t know. It was nice to be able to kill the music. Many puzzle designers force you to listen to the supplied music, which I find irritating, and the only option is to turn the sound off on the device, which I find is counter productive when getting calls.
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6 years ago, TxtrMom
Excellent jigsaw puzzle play with variety of levels of challenge!
Whatever level and type of jigsaw challenge you want to enjoy on a given day, this well-designed game will adjust to suit your tastes! Select the number of pieces AND whether or not the pieces will be presented in their upright position for the picture (versus being “rotated” so you have to figure out both their place AND orientation). Not having a high threshold for frustration, I LOVE that pieces will click onto their place on the board, whether there are adjoining pieces already in place or not. And that satisfying click & snap they do when they meet up with a correct adjoining piece? That’s what keeps me playing! Enjoy!
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4 years ago, DLH46!
Jigsaw Puzzle
I really like this game for both its simplicity to play regardless of age of the player and for the nice variety to choose from. I’d give it 5 stars except for all the adds. I’d love to upgrade and would if I could do it without going through Apple. Fair warning on in game purchases. Apple charges you at the end of your billing period for everything you have done, all subscriptions, etc at one time. I even used PayPal thinking purchases would come out immediately. Unfortunately that was not the case, I was billed for $300 dollars at one time. I immediately stopped in app purchases until either they change their policy or I can make purchases that are deducted AT TIME OF PURCHASE. I also dropped all subscriptions.
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3 months ago, Ubermom03
LOVE! Do have one important issue
I LOVE this app! I use it almost daily. My only issue is that some pictures, e.g. animal puzzles, the animal is either labeled wrong or not specific enough like instead of just Zebra(s), which species of Zebra, or like with the new Sea Life puzzles not even saying what the fish is on a close up photo, or mislabeling a Bald Eagle as a Sea Eagle. I LOVE learning these things when I do the puzzles but they need to be accurate or even labeled. I hope you will take this in consideration. I’ll even work for you helping label them. I think it’s a fun way for adults and kids to learn about the the amazing world around us! Thanks! Jennnifer
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3 years ago, LAMom@Tunes
FYI. The vendor offered 18 free puzzles in exchange for a review. At least they didn’t demand a 5-star rating as other games have done. It’s not the best puzzle game, but it’s pretty good. I like the variety of puzzles so far, the pieces snap into place easily, and after the puzzle is completed, they remove the outlines of the pieces so you can see the finished picture. One flaw that bothers me is the limited number of backgrounds. There aren’t any that appeal to me so a larger selection would be nice. Another minor issue is the shape of the pieces. It feels like the same shapes are repeated over and over, but it’s nice that a player can choose a wide range of the number of pieces and whether or not they want to challenge themselves by adding rotation.
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4 years ago, Jaydog999
Not Enough for Me
I love this game to bits but I think there should be more puzzles in the game because even though you have a variety of puzzle pieces to chose from not a ton of puzzles pick from and personally I wouldn't want to spend 2 to 4 dollars on a puzzles that will take me 5 to 10 minutes to make. And after a while you get tired of doing the same puzzles over and over again even with the different varieties of puzzle pieces and once you do all the puzzles over and over you get annoying because you know where all the pieces go and you just delete the app which I really don't want to happen. 😐
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6 years ago, Feline designs :-D
Love puzzles
So far my son and I have loved everything about this puzzle app! My son is 3 and asked for a puzzle at bedtime many nights. He likes to pick out the picture or puzzle we do and how hard it will be and then doing the puzzle until completion! It's great bec he can do it! And it teaches him left right top bottom and about shapes and colors too! He loves a challenge and to problem solve just like his mama and enjoys the sense of completion once it's done too! Great app! We like to share them without friends and family on Facebook once we are done too! And if we did them earlier in the day we would share them via text message too!
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5 years ago, Need-A-Hand
Better than their competitor
I’ve been playing the competitors puzzle for a couple of years and I thought their puzzle was good until one of the updates screwed up the puzzle border on one side and app support can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. So I started looking for a comparable puzzle and found “Jigsaw Puzzles Epic”. Awesome puzzle. Much better than the competition. Love the selection of themes and how they can separate the border pieces from the other pieces if you choose too. The only suggestion I would make is that they would play more than one song. That’s the one thing their competitor had down by varying the music some.
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7 months ago, Kaydence hempel
Best game
This game is amazing. I do not see that much as it’s like when you finish the first puzzle and then there’s after you finish each puzzle, it’s amazing just one add super fast and totally safe. I think I would give it a five star review. There’s no bugs or viruses. There’s nothing wrong with this game you can pick the number of pieces you want and if you want to rotate them or not, you can do multiple puzzles at a time, I think it’s amazing. Other people might say it’s horrible. But it’s amazing get this game please amazing. Thank you for reading it. Sorry this was really long by Kaydence:)
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4 years ago, MsKarizma
BEST PUZZLE APP EVER!!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
You want the HONEST TRUTH?! There is NOT a better puzzle app out there! I love that there are tons and tons of puzzles, without having to pay for them all. Some puzzle apps you only get a couple, plus the daily puzzle...This one, you get hundreds, with new added constantly. You have categories to choose from, like Scenic, waterfalls, lighthouses, and within them there are at least ten, but there is around 15 categories......The graphics are clear and vivid...You have sooo many options in the settings to choose from...I have been playing for around 2 months, and I am sooo glad I found it!
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3 years ago, Victoria💫
I LOVE IT!❤️❤️❤️
At first, I thought this app would be really boring. But then I started using it more often. It was so much fun! Each puzzle is customizable, and you get to choose how many pieces you want to play with! The pictures are very cute as well. This is such a great app for me because I don’t have a lot of time to actually sit down, open a jigsaw puzzle, and match each piece, especially with my little brother running around(😂). I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who wants to enjoy a puzzle on the go. Hope this helps someone out there looking to download this app!
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4 years ago, Luvgoodgames
This game is challenging, but not too hard. I place with 64 pieces because that is all my IPad will accommodate. My phone would only show 25 pieces. It works like a normal jigsaw puzzle except when you put a piece in the right place it “attaches” itself there which is quite helpful. I like to play it when It am ready to go to sleep because it has calm music in the background and it takes my mind off of the worries of the day. My daughter had it on her iPad and it automatically loaded on my phone. I enjoyed it so much, I downloaded it to my device. Great game that is calming.
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2 years ago, Minaxery
Best puzzle game!
Really great assortment of free puzzles if you don’t want to pay for premium, and the layout is simple and intuitive. You can choose how many pieces your puzzle will be, and things like whether the pieces will rotate or be facing the correct way. Playing on a phone, when the pieces get too small, it can become very inconvenient to have to turn each piece- my fingers aren’t precise enough, though if you have a stylus you might like it. The fact you can turn features like that on or off easily is really nice.
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5 years ago, Lil Cib
I love the puzzles and putting them together. But I don’t like that the puzzle board suddenly gets big. And when I touch the puzzle board it will get even bigger or very small. That is very annoying. I know that when a puzzle piece fits in place, you can’t move it out of that space, but there are times when the puzzle board suddenly gets bigger the puzzle pieces won’t move. It’s fun putting the puzzles together, especially when you choose to use the outline of where the puzzles pieces belong. But I wish that there was some way I can stop the puzzle board from suddenly getting bigger or smaller at any time.
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2 years ago, Kentucky Tootie
Great puzzles
I love to work puzzles but arthritis had stopped me. But when I found Jigsaw Puzzle I found something wonderful. I personally love nature puzzles and they have a great selection, enough even for me, but there is also a great variety for everyone, no matter your preferences. And then you can work any number of puzzle pieces to suit your needs for either speed or if you love to take your time and leisurely work on the puzzle (my favorite). It’s a great app, one I use daily (even multiple times daily).
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2 years ago, CherokeeGypsy
Possible bug?
Love this game. But since the latest iOS update (15.3.1) on my iPad, I’ve experienced a bug. If I am in the middle of a game and the iPad goes to sleep, upon awake, my Apple Pencil is no longer recognized by the device. I’m pretty certain the bug is related to this game, because if I make certain that I quit the game prior to putting the iPad to sleep, I have no issues. The current work around is to restart the iPad and then the Apple Pencil is recognized once again. Maybe you can discover a fix?
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2 weeks ago, Unhappy...too
Commercial wasting my time
Unbelievable!!!! I’m writing this review before returning to the commercial which has been going for about ten minutes and still not finished. It’s about some “miracle” drug to cure eye blindness. I had just started completing a puzzle when an ad showed up. I clicked on the x to close and it immediately went to this extensive commercial…and no there is not an “i” to click on. I’ve clicked on the “i” as previously advised which is worthless. The ads are still repeating three times…yes, THREE times…consecutive…and now this stupid 10 plus minutes commercial. And no, I’m not paying for commercial free because I’d rather buy puzzles. If this ad/commercial situation doesn’t improve I will stop using this site!
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6 years ago, Reinadeespadas
Love this app!
I’m a jigsaw puzzle lover, and this app is really great! Many different puzzles to choose from, and a new free puzzle every day. Plus the ads are fairly unobtrusive, which I appreciate. You decide how difficult you want each puzzle to be — choose from 9 pieces up to 625! You can work on more than one puzzle at a time too. Lots of beautiful pictures. The only thing that would be nice is if there were more than about 4 puzzle shapes, but other than that I have no complaints and it isn’t a big deal.
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3 months ago, Epammy
I’m really enjoying this!
I like being able to choose how many pieces, choose rotated or not, see a preview, or not. The music is hypnotic. I’ve only had the app a couple days, and so I’m working through free content UNINTERRUPTED, can you believe it? My only negative , which makes it 4-star instead of 5-star: the pieces have no variation. There are 6 or so different shapes, and within the different shapes, each is exactly the same. This adds a little tedium and subtracts a little interest. I will update my review after I have time to form a more complete opinion.
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3 years ago, Mighty Myrrh
Renaissance Woman
This app is the BEST!!! I love the diversity of genre to choose from and within each theme there are many choices again. Something for everyone. I’m happy to select the challenge level, including the number of pieces, and to rotate pieces or leave them upright. I especially like that when you’re placing a piece in the right spot they actually ‘click’ in place with a sound. It’s satisfying to know right away and the gentle but clear sound helps. Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing, and rewarding experience!
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4 years ago, Goldfinch88
Beautiful Puzzles! Fun to play! Easy app.
Jigsaw Puzzle Epic is a great app. The puzzle screen covers the screen, pieces are easy to place, the game allows a quick review of the picture for easy reference, you can sort out the edges if you want. There are several choices for how many pieces you want your puzzle to be. The app is easy to use and understand how to use...no fooling around trying to guess what to do next. Very well thought out and developed app. Other apps developers should take lessons from this developer.
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8 months ago, Two Bear
Great Puzzle Game
I love this game because the puzzles are so versatile. I don’t have to scroll to see the pieces, and I can make them as challenging as I want. My grandchildren love to play it when they come to visit, as well. They can pick tons of puzzles in their areas of interest, and make them as easy or difficult as they like. We often do them together, which makes for great bonding moments. I’ve tried many other puzzle apps, but this one remains my favorite!
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6 years ago, FyreFligh
Give it a four
Enjoy this puzzle game have tried a couple. I usually alternate between this puzzle game and another one which is put out by another company I have been playing this game for about a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. I also play other puzzles and interchange doing the puzzles. Do wish they would use more holiday scenes and more wintertime puzzles. I played on another IPad for this year, when that was changed I lost points, goals started over. I had done 212 puzzles, 491 stars, and now I have to start all over. So I was not too happy about that. Love it
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3 years ago, Jacydark
Like pictures
I have always loved putting puzzles together. This game has allowed me to do them almost anywhere I am. Cons; -not all the puzzles are free -not a large or varied selection, though they do cover the most popular themes -has a weird star thing going on that really has nothing to do with my just wanting to put puzzles together -daily free puzzles, can’t go back to after a certain amount of time (used to be free for a day, now it seems to be free for 7 days) - Pros; -there is a reason popular themes are popular, and many of the pictures are quite pretty and/or cute -daily free puzzles -I think the quality of the pictures is pretty good -don’t need an internet connection to do what is already on your tablet -not intuitive, but not difficult to figure out -pieces lock into place fairly well Overall I like putting the puzzles together, the annoying stuff doesn’t really get in the way. Besides, its free, only so much you can expect for that.
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5 years ago, MAD DOG 🐕♥️🙃
BEST GAME EVER!!!! ♥️⭐️♥️⭐️♥️⭐️♥️⭐️♥️⭐️♥️
This is the best puzzle app I’ve ever played. The puzzles are all FREE!!! and there is beautiful background 🎶music 🎶 that I love!!! The pictures are beautiful and colorful. There isn’t mush room to lay out the puzzle pieces but there are ways to find all of the edge pieces with sorting tools. The game is very simple and easy, the puzzles save and you can go back and change the difficulty if you want to get all three of the stars. Overall the game is absolutely fantastic so I give it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!! Beautiful app and fantastic pictures!!!
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6 years ago, taospec
Many Puzzles to Choose
Awesome Game!!! My favorite puzzles thus far are the creepy masked clowns lol. They are beautiful and strange at the same time. Other than that, there are plenty of puzzles on this app to keep you busy for a long time and I love that they are ALL FREE!!!!😳😁🎉 Game play is pretty easy, but the only thing I dislike is having to hold my phone sideways when playing.... I am used to playing these puzzle games vertically. Eventually, I’ll get use to that I suppose. If you like jigsaw puzzles , you won’t be disappointed😁
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2 years ago, Brooke1899
I actually like the scattered pieces
After trying several puzzle games, I finally found this one to be my favorite. I do better with the scattered pieces as opposed to having them on one side and having to move the panel up and down continuously. The pictures are attractive and there are many to choose from. The daily puzzles are nice unlike other puzzle apps. I deleted my other puzzle apps and will continue with this one.
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5 years ago, Vintage Puzzler
Love puzzles again
I had forgotten how much I enjoy puzzles until I tried this app. I look forward to completing the free daily puzzle after a stressful day at work. I find it very relaxing. It’s nice having the ability to change the shape and amount of pieces for each puzzle. I also appreciate being able to zoom in since my eyesight isn’t what it used to be when I was younger. If you like puzzles give this app a try. Thank you to the developers for making a great app!
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5 years ago, SarahAlldayuhh
Not Terrible
The app is ok. It has a lot of puzzle options and plays wonderful music while you work on your puzzle. However, the app rates you on how you do after each puzzle and I think that’s incredibly unnecessary. I enjoy a great score just like everyone does, but I’m finishing the puzzles at a quick pace and still only receiving one star and feeling irritated by it and then realizing that receiving a good score isn’t the reason I download the app in the first place. The reason I downloaded the app was so that I could enjoy working on puzzles- Not be graded on how I work on puzzles. That’s the only bummer.
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1 year ago, Main13
Greatest jigsaw app. Mine is now frozen 😪
I’ve googled Kristsnix and tried everything, to no avail. Prior to this, I wasn’t getting the new puzzles to be purchased. My only option now, i guess, is to delete and reopen it. I’m thinking, by doing this, I may be losing all my puzzles. I looked forward, every morning, doing the daily puzzle, and awaiting for the new 36 puzzle pack to be offered for $.99. Has anyone else had this problem and corrected it?
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2 years ago, leisur
Something to do.
I remember doing jigsaw puzzles with my family when I was a kid , then when I got older I did a few with my (married ) family. Now we all have different times and interests. So even though it brings back memories, I do like doing puzzles be it jigsaw puzzles or brain puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are more relaxing and enjoyable to play at times, and in this case it is I do like the pictures and the amount of pieces I want to do is nice.
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3 years ago, MightyZilla
Enjoyable, Relaxing Game
I needed a no pressure game, where I can relax a bit. Although this is a timed puzzle, you’re only competing against yourself. With the craziness of the Covid-19 world (at present), the Last thing I need is More Pressure! There are enough “free” puzzles available to choose from, that I have been playing for months & haven’t needed to lay out any $$. The Biggest Plus, is that I LOVE Kristanix games!! They are constantly updated, have new puzzles added regularly & should there be an issue, help is not far away. They are my “Must Haves” across devices!
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3 years ago, EF85213
Jigsaw puzzle epic
I like the variety of categories And that have a wide range of difficulty. This makes them fun for adults and in my case a six year old grandchild. We know several people that are taking advantage of games like since so many things are closes down to help slow the spread of the virus. I recently had some major surgery and I am home bound for several weeks. I enjoy the entertainment of the puzzles. They’re much better than daytime tv. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Pretty Shamrock
Love this puzzle app!
I’ve tried several puzzle apps and this is by far my favorite. One aspect missing from other apps: place names an descriptions of the beautiful scenery and architecture featured. Also appreciate the wide variety and number of puzzles. It will take me a while to get through this app! One thing I don’t like as much: that the pieces lock into place without adjoining pieces. Would rather solve the puzzle entirely on my own, but I’ll get over it. Love this app!
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3 years ago, jwf610
Beware before installing: Too many ads!
I like doing your puzzles so much but the amount of ads you have are overwhelming!! When I first started playing there were a couple but now the number of ads have grown unbelievably!! Every time I start a puzzle there is not just one ad but 3 or 4. Previously, we could close an ad after a certain length of time. Now they just keep coming and coming!! I feel like I spend more time looking at ads instead of doing puzzles. If it wasn’t for all the ads I would give your puzzles 5 stars. But, not now, it’s just too much and the ads last too long! Please consider changing your ad policy before all your players change Apps.
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5 years ago, fizzieborden
I've tried several jigsaw apps and keep returning to this one. I like that one can change the shapes of the pieces. And I like that it shows the photo after you finish, w/o the lines. The cons are the ad that plays before making a puzzle, but it lets you close it very quickly. And I'd like to use my own pictures in the free version. I'd like to see some different groups like food/drink and works of art. But it offers very pretty photos in the free version. One earns stars but I have no idea whether the stars add up to any reward.
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4 years ago, Wobby;-)
Greatest jigsaw app ever! Wobby
These are the best puzzles you can find anywhere!! Last night I tried several others only because I done most of the free ones here. They were HORRIBLE! Pieces were hard to move, no outline on board, pictures were not great,many ad interruptions. I have had this app for years, no ads, many options, and beautiful pictures. This is my end of the day relaxation! Thank you so very much. Carolyn Fisher
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7 months ago, Clarkbgm
Problem with ads hanging up and having to restart app over and over but absolutely love the app
I love this app. I enjoy working these puzzles and the selection of puzzle categories is amazing. I am concerned right now about apps (not anywhere near the number of other apps) showing up with a black screen and just don’t go away and result in closing app and restarting. Stating it here because the same screen shows up when I try to open developer website. I hope this will result in developers looking into this.
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4 years ago, MME72
It’s a keeper !
I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and this puzzle app is great. I have only scratched the surface but as the puzzles get more difficult, I hope to enjoy it, that much more. It is also pretty awesome that you can take a picture of your own, and make a puzzle out of it. It also allows you to choose the difficulty of puzzles by selecting piece count and if the pieces are rotated. I’m looking forward to spending some time enjoying this app.🙂
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2 years ago, Jezward
Variety of puzzle settings and scenes
I’ve enjoyed this app for years. I like the variety of scenes and settings. I’m able to choose how many pieces for each puzzle. I like there is a daily standard along with a premium free one. There are a few ads for other games (not same creator) but the ads pass pretty quickly. I also like the word search from the same developer.
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