Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD

4.8 (702.5K)
301.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Veraxen Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD

4.75 out of 5
702.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Polly5931
Nov 3, 2020. Bottom tray only?
Today my puzzles began the bottom tray, with no Setting to choose the side tray. The playing area is smaller, but I saw that I could set a multi-piece puzzle part on the side area. The narrow top strip may have done the same but I never tried it. I agree with others that taking a peek should not obscure the entire board. I will get used to the bottom tray but would still appreciate a Setting for it. I had finally got used to Pause being at top right, now it’s at bottom left again! How I use this game. At midnight I check the free puzzle and either get it or skip it. I would really like labels on some of the travel photos! Then I begin the puzzle and pause after partially completing it. I search the In Progress for a similar puzzle and complete that one instead. If I pause that one too I can see them side by side to admire and compare. And I may choose the new one to finish after all, or save them both for later. I currently have over 100 in progress, and must give some up to make space on my iPad. Thanks for a great app! Jan 2, 2023: After an update some time ago, the daily puzzle is accessible with a tap, months of puzzles. It’s no longer get it today or lose it. This changes the game a lot! I see ads for this game while playing other games. The ads show terrific pictures, even animated ones! Seriously? Beautiful ads, but not very realistic. I like that I can choose as low as 12 pieces so the grandkids can play.
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4 years ago, X14-6
Loved this until screen format suddenly changed
I have used and loved this app using the free puzzles. I then purchased a group of puzzles. Within 24 hours the format set up of the puzzles changed on the screen. The pieces on all puzzles were moved from the right side of the screen to the bottom of the screen and I don’t like it at all. I’ve tried several puzzle apps all with the pieces at the bottom and I didn’t really like them. I chose this app because it had the pieces on the right side which was visually pleasing. I’m so disappointed in this unwanted change. I tried FAQ and tried several things but nothing helped. But for this change I would have given 5 stars. I’m changing this review to 5 stars. I sent an email to customer service regarding my dismay at the change in format and received a personal, prompt, courteous and detailed response from Alexandra explaining the situation. While I am still disappointed with the change as it is not as easy visually to use for me, I received some lovely and fun new puzzles with the upgrade. In today’s rapidly accelerating reality when an organization’s people take the time to explain meticulously what is going on, it says a lot to me, so Veraxen gets 5 stars for great customer service. I do love the puzzles and they provide me with a great way to de-stress and relax. Thanks for great product and service and I hope the interface can change or adapt in the future.
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2 years ago, Drugs4emj
Best jigsaw app of them all....
Sept 25, 2017 Still a five ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ game! My day is not complete without Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD! EdyJac75. September 1, 2017 This is the fourth review I have written for you...(see below.). It's still the best jigsaw game I've done anywhere and I continue to play it every day. I will continue to rate it with 5. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for all the free packs , you are very generous way beyond any other games. I've tried them all and this is my favorite. PThe pictures are outstanding and I like the variety of subjects. Being able to choose the number of pieces to play and the shape of the puzzle pieces is a plus. What I enjoy the most is making my own pictures into puzzles. I think that is cool addition to this jigsaw game. Would like free picture packs more frequently. Otherwise, overall I give this a 5 star rating. The above review by me was written quite a while ago when I first started using this game. My review today would say the same thing I said before.....I continue to enjoy making these puzzles every day and would still give it 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I don't know why I keep being asked to do a review when I have done 2 already. My opinion is still the same, I love doing these puzzles and rate Jigsaw Collection HD the best Jigsaw game online! All the free packs are great and the paid packs are economically priced. Great job Jigsaw Collection in making this so enjoyable Here are your 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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2 years ago, Tita Fierce
I Love It!
I’ve been playing your puzzle app exclusively for about six months now. No other puzzle app even comes close to the quality and beauty of yours. I save every puzzle into my photos and when I get about 40 of them done I show them to my mom and we talk about each one and how beautiful they are. I am 61 years old and handicapped so I play a lot of your puzzles. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and my therapist has seen marked improvement in my moods and I told her how this game has helped me so much so she highly recommends this game for me and her other clients as one of our therapies as it has helped tremendously. Thank you for being so generous with the free ones. I currently have 153 puzzles in my “in progress“ folder. I’m always afraid I’m going to lose my “In Progress” games, which is highly unlikely and I did mention in a previous comment that I wish we could save our progress on Facebook. You said you are working on that and I really appreciate it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most beautiful jigsaw puzzle game. I wake up each morning looking forward to it. I am very particular about the games I play and only have three that I play all day and am thrilled that yours is one of them. Thank you for the hard work you all invest in order for us to enjoy this game so much! 🥰
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1 year ago, Mountairy
Customer support is tone deaf
I have tried to contact support for some repeat issues. I do not receive much, if any, help. Often there is no response or it takes days/week to hear from anyone. App claims that puzzles can be downloaded using internet and then worked offline, but I have numerous puzzles in different packs that never download completely, or if they do and if I try to work them, I get a pop up box stating my internet connection is not on……and puzzle will not open. Based on the app description, this should not happen EVER. I have reported this earlier, yet here I am, still facing the same issue. App does have a good amount of puzzles; most cost, but a fair number are free for those who need or want free puzzles. I will say the free packs are certainly not the best puzzles, but not terrible; there are usually a few in a free pack I will work, depending on how many are actually in it. The puzzle packs do have some repeats, with puzzles showing up in multiple categories. Like many others I would prefer a tray option for the sides, but this is not a deal breaker for me. For visual purposes, I would much rather have the ability to enlarge the tray so the puzzles pieces could be larger if needed. Some pieces are already larger than others in the tray, so I see no reason why all cannot be large. The backgrounds, while adequate, could use some upgrades. Contrast is important, and of those available, many camouflage the pieces. The yellow is so bright it hurts my eyes.
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2 years ago, Oceanbeach3334
One of the best puzzle games
I have had this app through two iPads now. Every week there’s free puzzle packs, I have probably accumulated over 300 puzzle packs since it came out. Free is just as pretty and challenging as paid for puzzles. I had an issue a while back when it updated, an ad would pop up and not close. I emailed them about it, and they promptly emailed me back. They fixed the bug and offered me a puzzle pack that was not free in the store. Fast forward to more recently and the new iPad didn’t transfer all the puzzles on the old iPad over. I emailed them asking for trouble shooting. I followed their advice and got a free pack for my troubles. Some more of the puzzles came back but not all. Emailed again and got asked for a list of puzzle packs that didn’t come through. That list amounted to close to two hundred packs. I had no clue what was free and what i might had paid for. They have been tracking that list down for a week now even stating what I paid for and what was free. They have sent me links to download the missing ones. Not just the paid for ones but the free ones. I have never had this great of customer service from an app. I figured the free ones were gone but they are tracking them down. It is the best customer support. They offer the most free packs than any other puzzle game.
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1 year ago, Kriss820
5 stars before update - UPDATE: Back to 5!
Updates since the big one done around Thanksgiving have gradually turn this back into the app I loved!! I play it nearly every day again. The only new function I still don’t care for is the screen rotation. I would prefer it stay locked in a horizontal position. I also added app to my phone but doubt I’ll ever use it there as screen is just too small for puzzles. *** Before yesterday I loved this app, and hope things will eventually get fixed so I love it again. With the current update it has become difficult to even get a piece to move. I often have to select it numerous times to get it to go anywhere (I’ve used both my finger and a pen). I really don’t like that the board rotates when you rotate your ipad. It keeps me from looking at my puzzle at a new angle. Don’t really care for the new slightly smaller board, or that what when you want to preview the image it fills the screen. It was often helpful to see the preview and the work I’d already done at the same time. I lost all my statistics except total puzzles played (no longer have time averages or counts for each size puzzle). But what upsets me the most (other than the pieces not responding like they use to) is that almost half the puzzle packets I’ve accumulated over time (250+) I can’t seem to access now.
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11 months ago, Anita360
Best Puzzle App!
I love this puzzle app. So far I’ve completed over 500 puzzles on it. I’ve played it for a little over 400 hours total (not all at once of course). I like that I can choose where the tray is located and I can even watch a movie on my tablet while also working a puzzle. Being able to choose my background color is also super handy when working a lighter or darker puzzle. The shop constantly has puzzle packs on sale and tons of free ones, if you don’t want to purchase any. At first I never purchased them, but the app is so good, I like purchasing at least 1 every couple of months as a “thank you” to the app developer. (Most packs I purchase are on sale and cost less than two dollars) There are daily free puzzles, which are awesome. Oh and you can save a puzzle you’ve started and finish it later. I like the achievements as well, I only have three left to complete. If you need a puzzle app to keep you busy, this is the one I’d try first. (I have a couple other puzzle apps, but this is my favorite one) To the developer: The only thing that would make this app better is if we could work a puzzle with over 440 pieces. I’d love a 500, 550 and 1000 piece option. 440 pieces only takes me about 45-50 minutes, depending on the picture.
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2 years ago, Alishuwave
Used to be 5 Stars.
I have played this for several years and loved it. Has been my favorite app. Starting with the updates at the beginning of July, most of the time it freezes and I can’t play. I tried every troubleshooting fix suggested and even reinstalled the game and lost all of my progress and puzzles. It was fine, I thought, if it meant I could play. Problem started again at the beginning of August and after last week’s update, I rarely can get anything to download or even open. Again, tried all suggested troubleshooting. Only twice this week have I been able to download a puzzle AND open it to play, but I have to leave it open and not exit the puzzle or the app to be able to play it. I got one to download and open today but after sorting the edges, I had to exit and can’t open it again along with all the other puzzles in my In Progress folder. Occasionally, I can get the free weekly puzzles to download but I can’t open them. And I forgot to mention I watch ALL THE ADS and the puzzles still don’t open. The ad ends then screen goes back to home screen or folder screen, no puzzle. I can’t even exit the folders. It just freezes. So relaunch, relaunch, relaunch. I play on an iPad that works with all my other apps. Too bad this one has ended up like this. The artistry, composition, selection, and sheer number of free puzzles has always been 5 stars. But if you can’t open it, what’s the point? If I can’t open the free puzzles, I certainly wouldn’t pay for some.
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7 years ago, TetleyB
Beware malicious adware with use of this app!!!
My wife and I downloaded this app and, although the ads were annoying at first, the rest of the app was good enough to make up for it. An ad comes up, you wait a few seconds for a tiny, minuscule “x” to pop in the corner, you hit the “x” and the ad goes away and you go back to the puzzle. Now, at least once or twice an hour we get malicious adware on this app trying to convince us that there are multiple viruses on our iPad Pro due to visiting “adult websites” and we need to go immediately to their website and pay them to remove it. We’ve never been to any “adult websites” and, as it turns out, there are no viruses on our iPad either. A little online research showed that there are several disreputable apps out there that allow this sort of malicious adware to be used within their apps. Unfortunately, this otherwise nice puzzle app is one of the ones that allow this sort of malicious material to appear in their app. If it were just another ad, the “x” would appear and you could get rid of it like the rest of the ads. This malicious adware doesn’t do that. It locks the app completely, forcing you to kill the app and start all over again. I would definitely avoid this app like the plague until these types of ads are no longer allowed within the app.
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4 months ago, rhzooeysuz
I love this
I tried several other jigsaw puzzle apps before this. The last one I was told to update but it never did. It installed. New version and I lost all the puzzles I had bought, ones I was working. This is really easy to use, the pictures are beautiful. I can lose myself in one of these puzzles. Kudos to the developers who have created a lovely app. I have had this, on my iPad a month or so, and I think it is superior to any others. You can make the puzzle one of a few or many pieces. There is a free daily puzzle. If it’s easier I really like, I get it, one it move a few pieces and then get if it. Later , when I have time to try a new one, I open the green box that contains all the oussles I have started, this way I can grab the daily free puzzles it not have to work them right then. This app is my escape from a hard day, and as a caregiver to a famiy member, I often have hard days when I have little or no time to myself. There is something calming and soothing about scrolling sideways through all the pieces searching for just the right one. And when you put a piece in the correct place, your puzzle winks at you by momentarily lighting up that tiny puzzle piece you just placed. Download this app. You won’t be disappointed!
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4 years ago, 2busy4me
Upgrade disappointment!!!!!
I have used this app for years and always enjoyed it, but the latest couple of upgrades have been frustrating and today’s even more so. The changing of where things are is frustrating when you have worked it for years and your fingers automatically go. I liked the pieces on the side and do not like them at the bottom! Imagine my dismay when a puzzle I had spent hours working on suddenly had no pieces on the board they had gone to the pieces area. When I went out to figure out what had happened and if there was a way to undo the action for I did not even think I had touched anything. When I found where they had out the in progress puzzles, the one I had just been working on was not even there. I can’t seem to find it! Sorry guys, but this is not acceptable, that you can accidentally lose all the work you have done and there is no way to put it back! I am amazed that I received a response to this review from the company. I appreciate their answers and concerns about my experience and willingness to take into account what I am concerned about. This is why I am updating my review. There is one comment they made which is not true in my case. If all the pieces have exited your board accidentally, and you close down the free daily puzzle it does not save it in the puzzle in progress, it just disappears.
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2 years ago, ===>Elena<===
Best free jigsaw puzzle game. Only have one issue, devs,
My request: The only complaint that I have about this game is that one cannot zoom in on the complete picture. Those of us that are visually impaired do need to be able to zoom, especially when playing on a phone. The cover pic is simply way too small for my failing eyes. My review: This is a free game with ads to support the devs. They are not obnoxious or intrusive. They’re at the beginning and end of the puzzle each time you open one. They can be ended early as well. There is one puzzle game that literally ran an ad every time a piece was placed correctly. Imagine a 500 piece puzzle!! Deleted that one quite quickly. They have lots of free puzzles and offer free puzzles daily on their Facebook page. You can pay $9.99 USD to be ad free. You can purchase puzzle packs for $.99 USD to around $5.99 USD, I believe. Not unreasonable, imho. All in all, great game. You can even track your stats. Your best time for each sized puzzle and also an accumulative clock with how long you’ve spent completing puzzles overall. Which shows me that I have a minor addiction to this game and/or I have no social life. Possibly a little of both. =] Download this game. You won’t be sorry.
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2 years ago, 123teri
Ads are getting ridiculous
I play this game all the time when I’m stuck at home. I like to multi-task and it’s fun to do when you’re watching tv or listening to an audio book. Unfortunately, not only do you have to put up with multiple ads between games, but just today, they’ve begun forcing you to look at ads even when you put the game on pause. You can give them money and supposedly they’ll stop tormenting you but I won’t do that. It feels too much like blackmail. I bought a new puzzle pack last week but once I’ve finished it, I’m gonna delete the game. The ads have just gotten ridiculous. You’d think they’d be satisfied by the fact that you’re actually buying their games but not so. They need your blood money. Oh well, that’s what happens when you get greedy. Not only that, I feel a little vindictive when an ad or a series of ads ruins my favorite games and activities so I make it a point not to do business with any of the advertisers that have made my life miserable. Before today, I would have given them 4 stars. I frequently get interrupted and have to pause my game often so the addition of these new ads have effectively made this game useless to me. I think I'm being generous giving this game 2 stars. You’re welcome app developers. I’m gonna try to finish the puzzle pack I just bought from them but I’m honestly not sure I have the patience for it. What a waste!
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5 months ago, Rrbell
Love this app
I have been playing this app for probably two years now. I have found no issues whatsoever. The fact that it is free is awesome. You can also pick free puzzles groups. The layout is perfect. It takes a little practice to become proficient. You have all your puzzle pieces originally at the bottom, you can select them by shape, edges etc. You can also move selected pieces to the right or the left and you have the option to rotate, sizes etc which is an awesome feature. There is also have an “eye” view button where you can view the whole picture when you need a hint. I play this game and other word puzzle games to keep my brain sharp etc. as I will be almost 76 in two months. I have become proficient enough to where I can solve 2 to 3 puzzles in one evening (about two hours). I usually play with 250 pieces. I love the fact that it has very limited advertisements which is the most important thing to me. I don’t like being slammed with an advertisement after each play. Thank you for a wonderful game. I feel everyone, especially seniors would benefit from this app to keep their mental acuity intact.
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4 years ago, KakiCol
Latest update as of 10/6
The issue was fixed again but then you changed it back. Based on all the other people who agree, why do you keep moving the pieces to the bottom. At least give people the option. It is much better when they are on side. Also as another user commented why all of a sudden do you have the same exact pieces for every puzzle. It makes it so I know where certain pieces go. I miss when each was different. You had fixed the issues I had the last time I wrote this review and now you regressed with the latest update. You made the puzzle area smaller again and moved the pieces to only be at the bottom. I prefer it to the side so I have more screen for the puzzle. And why all of a sudden do I have to watch a 30 second ad when before it was only 5 seconds. Previous: The latest update is awful. The puzzle used to be my whole screen and now it is tiny with unused space to the sides. There should be an option to have the pieces on the side and not only on the bottom. I also dislike that you cannot see the full picture over the puzzle you are working on and instead it covers the whole screen. I would also like to know why the option to return pieces back to the side is gone. Please return the puzzle screen back to the way it was. This used to be my favorite app but not with this update.
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2 years ago, Lost n Cebu
I didn’t think that I would complain
It’s a nice game, I really like it. I want it to be me or my device but it’s not. The only important thing that I need for it to do it just doesn’t want to do. Even coming here to write the review, I had to touch the ‘write a review’ five times before it would respond. You see a piece and you know where it goes so you touch it to drag it to its desired location, you let go and nothing is there. You didn’t grab it so you go back and you might have to grab at it three or four or five times. Or, just as bad, if you get it to move to the spot you wanted but you missed it by millimeters and you just touch it to nudge it and it doesn’t move for five or seven touches. My device is an iPad, big one, I should not be having this issue. I only complain when it drives me bonkers and then only when I am fixing to delete. It’s a free game, I should be happy. But, this is as bad as that movie where the cameraman shakes the camera to add a little action or excitement. That pisses me off, I don’t like a shaking camera. Not at all. Ever. I have walked out of a movie I did pay for because of that. I have changed channels away from movies that do that. I get so tired of having to touch a piece more than once to make it move. If this is by design STOP IT, if it is by accident, FIX IT. PLEASE.
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2 years ago, 4564235
This puzzle app used to be wonderful
Update: I changed this app from 2 stars to 5 stars as my issues were addressed; i.e., they fixed the bugs. I play it quite a bit. I bought this puzzle app many years ago. Obviously it was great, or I wouldn’t have spent money on it. I’m giving it two stars because it still works at all. I hope posting this updated review doesn’t ruin that too. I just want what I’ve already paid for. Now: I get ads again. There is no longer even one ‘in between’ number of puzzle pieces (goes from 12 to 63+) so I stopped using the rotation feature. I want to use rotation again, but 63+ pieces is just too many for me, especially on an iPad. The app freezes every 5 puzzles so I have to delete/reinstall. I tried and tried to address these issues. While I did get a response, I never got a Helpful response. I finally gave up. What I do not understand is why they kept saying they’d try to fix it (which never happened) instead of simply sending me a new working download. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t bought it already. I didn’t want anything for free. I just wanted what I’d paid for.
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7 years ago, Icanreadbigwords
Fabulous little app.
Great puzzle app. I use the free daily puzzles. Haven't bought any additional packs. Variety is nice. Tailoring the sizes and shapes is a great perk. Even the ads aren't obnoxious. I highly recommend this app if you like jigsaw puzzles. UPDATE: I have been using this app every night to help calm my mind in order to sleep. The only time it snags a little is when my iPad is updating apps or the ads are high graphic. I typically turn off my wifi and the issues resolve. It's been a few months and I still love this app. Plenty of free puzzles in my "in progress" arsenal. I have to place a couple pieces on the board before exiting, and then it will save the puzzle. Still the best jigsaw app I've used. Thanks guys! UPDATE #2: Taking away 2 stars. Around December 2017, the ads on this app have become out of control. They involuntarily take me to Safari and some weird website. Even if I don't tap the ad banner, it automatically switches to Safari. It takes a while to return to the game. It also is taking a whole lot longer to load the puzzles. Sometimes they won't load at all and I have to close it out and reopen the app. This used to be a great app, but it has gone downhill in the last couple of months. The only way I can get my puddles to come back up is to turn off wifi. Disappointed.
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3 years ago, blue katie cat
The best puzzle app!
This is the best jigsaw puzzle app I’ve tried ( and I’ve tried most of them). The photos are varied and beautiful. You never have to buy more, because they give away 25 puzzles a week: a free daily puzzle plus free puzzle packs on Facebook. Other things I like are that I can sort the edge pieces with one touch & I can move unmatched pieces off the board. The photos used include nature, cities, animals, and graphic designs (like a group of crayons) - some easy, some hard. You can choose how many pieces, and if the pieces are rotated or not. I went ahead and purchased the ‘no ads’ upgrade, because I hate ads. This only gets you a few other perks, but the extra puzzle packs aren’t included. Since they give away more than I can do in a week, this doesn’t bother me, and I like supporting the developer directly. The only thing I wish is that there were more paintings included, especially of fantasy scenes. Though most of the puzzles are photos, a few are drawn or painted. Unfortunately, most of these are very easy or would appeal to children. With this app, I’ll never run out of beautiful puzzles! My thanks to the developers.
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2 years ago, M- tuna
I have enjoyed this puzzle app since it was first introduced. Their daily puzzle is part of my morning coffee routine. The puzzle images are very diverse and interesting. During holiday periods like Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving the developers offer puzzle images that depict classic holiday scenes that are fun and appropriate. Something changed in this routine recently in that no holiday images were offered for this years (2022) July 4th celebration. This was a surprising departure from a well established norm. My fear is that this omission of July 4th holiday imagery was a not so subtle protest over recent Supreme Court decisions or other left wing grievances. It is very disappointing to me that the app developers have gone “woke”. I guess the bubble gum artist “Pink” is on their board of directors. I don’t understand why the developers think it is appropriate for them to pollute a fun application with woke politically motivated nonsense! I would like to make suggestion to the developers that they focus on the quality and consumer appeal of their application and stay out of politics. Leftist nuttery is very unappealing to a very large part of the customer pool.
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2 years ago, MeMoJoTiki
Fantastic, Challenging,Brain Teaser and Great Hand-Eye Coordination
I have always enjoyed a challenge and this Jigsaw HD App is giving me this and more! I have a few puzzles on 3 different packages I have not completed but I will but I don’t like one package puzzle that I have downloaded but I will finish it in my own time but for the most part every package has been fun and most have been very very challenging and enjoyable to work! I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for fun, rewarding and a challenge! There are many free puzzle packages and many many great puzzle packages to purchase as low as $.99 and most I’ve seen is $4.99. The more expensive the more puzzles in the package about $.10/puzzle. I have found all the puzzle packages I have downloaded have at least one usually more are very hard along with an easier one. Many colorful scenery puzzles, animals, architectural, beaches, castles, lighthouses, beautiful homes, landscapes and more. One can choose the number of puzzle pieces you want like if you would buy a box puzzle in the store! Good Luck Y’all and Enjoy This Jigsaw App!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 months ago, Fox therian<3
Great game!!
Like said, it has no ads while you play the puzzle and it just gives you a short ad before you play it but it has NO interruptions while you play the game and you don’t have to pay monthly for a premium to unlock more puzzles and you can make your own pictures into a puzzle like your pet, your family, or your friends! there aren’t any advertisements for premium too! It doesn’t say that you need to buy premium to keep going or to get more puzzles and options!! It has great optimization for your liking like if you want to see how long it takes it has a timer and you can customize the background color and if you don’t want music then you can turn it off and listen to your own if you want! It has many puzzles of different genres like Christmas! You can choose how many pieces it should have and you don’t need premium to make it have a lot! Overall it’s a great game with good optimization, no advertising while you play, no premium needed for great gameplay, and you can make your own photos into your own special photos!
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2 months ago, Cristian j Saulic
Best game ever
Jigsaw HD puzzle is widely considered the best game in its genre due to its stunning visual quality and immersive gameplay experience. Players are captivated by the high-definition that come together piece by piece, creating a sense of achievement with every completed puzzle. The game offers a wide range of difficulty levels, catering to both casual players and puzzle enthusiasts looking for a challenge. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, Jigsaw HD puzzle provides hours of entertainment and relaxation. Moreover, the variety of puzzle themes and customizable options make Jigsaw HD puzzle a favorite among gamers of all ages. Whether you prefer landscapes, animals, or famous artworks, there is a puzzle for everyone to enjoy. The game's vibrant colors and intricate details showcase the beauty of each image, making the puzzle-solving experience truly satisfying. Jigsaw HD puzzle stands out as the best game due to its combination of visual appeal, engaging gameplay, and endless possibilities for enjoyment. The only thing I’ve always wanted to know is what song they use for the game and I love this game
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4 years ago, AbrahamFroman
Ads were extremely pervasive until I paid, but I’m glad I did
I played around with several puzzle apps and I liked this one the best. I sometimes use an ad blocker/logger and I saw that this app was making TONS of connections to dozens and dozens of different ad servers. You’re making a killing on selling puzzle packs, how about toning down the ad quantity and doing a much better job at vetting ads? My reason for reviewing today is because they just updated the app and moved the puzzle piece bar from the right side to the bottom. Why?!? I’m using this on an iPad like most people would be (because the pieces would be too small to grab on an iPhone). Am I the only one that uses my iPad when sitting down on a couch, or laying in bed? Having the pieces along the bottom makes it SO much harder to use. Please change it back, or better yet, let the user choose which of the four edges to put it on. Also, please try to finally change the piece shapes and layouts randomly. I feel like I’m cheating when I can recognize several puzzle piece shapes and know exactly where they go regardless of the image on them. I know people have been asking for this for a long time.
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7 years ago, Adeline72
Great puzzle app
Update: I'm not sure what happened to this great app, but it has definitely gone down hill. Both my husband and I have had problems with puzzles loading (I seriously have been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to open my downloaded packs, but none will load so I can choose one), shut downs (during a puzzle the app shuts down multiple times, where I have to bring it back up), freezes/lags (a lot of times the app will freeze NUMEROUS times when trying to swipe puzzle pieces around), and I've noticed when I swipe the app away once I'm done and close my iPad, when I open my iPad again the app immediately starts. All these things have made me terribly frustrated with this app and I have been reluctant to play anymore. Please make this app great again, I loved doing your puzzles everyday. This a great puzzle app, with a large variety of puzzles to choose from (seasonal, animals, nature, sci-fy, historical, etc.). I love the new "free puzzle of the day" feature, I now look forward to the puzzle each day! I usually do puzzles in my free time or as a way to relax, almost daily. I've tried several other puzzle pass, but have deleted them all for this one. Fantastic app, wonderful selection, it's a keeper!
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5 years ago, Knitty Piggy
Hooray!! Doing mental cartwheels!!
This is my updated review for one of my very favorite apps. I have been hoping for a couple of years that the folks at Veraxen would make a version of their outstanding jigsaw puzzle app for iPhones in addition to the one for tablets. They have done it!! Ran across this by accident looking in the app store for something else. I have bought far more in-app purchases with this company than any other. No other jigsaw app has such artistic pictures and arrangements of subjects. Really beautiful, absorbing and relaxing. Thankyou so much, Veraxen for making your app for iPhones now, I am delighted!! ——My previous review: This is hands down, the best jigsaw puzzle app in the App Store for Apple. The selection of pictures is great, the quality and variety of the photos is simply outstanding. My absolute favorite. I wish you could also make a version for the iPhone as well. Would love to have this on my phone to go. I don't carry my iPad Air everywhere, because it's a bit too heavy, so would love it for my phone. Keep up the great work. Just love it!! Like taking a mini vacation.
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1 year ago, 1stCeye
I cannot play if I cannot see…
…the puzzle pieces! Within the last week, suddenly, the size of the puzzle pieces shrank by half. The ads along the bottom of the screen are larger than the pieces themselves. I wrote to ask about this and was told that maybe I needed to use less pieces…I usually use 99! So I went and used 45 pieces on my next puzzle…btw, I was using the onscreen magnifier to see the pieces to finish my current puzzle at that time. Guess what? The puzzle pieces were just as small! ***I liked this puzzle app. I even came back after getting a new device! I like the variety and enjoyed finishing about one puzzle a night. But I seriously can no longer SEE the Pieces. I think the answer I received in reply to my request was flippant and showed no regard for my concerns. I am certainly disappointed. ***I’m keeping this app in the hopes that a real customer support representative will look into this. Btw, the puzzle app I’m playing with now, has puzzle pieces twice the size of the ones on this app with the same screen size….! I hope JIGSAW HD comes to its senses! I might be 70, but I’m all here! I would prefer to play JIGSAW HD….BUT, I-have to be able to see the pieces! (20-25 vision!!)
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2 years ago, Yosemite33
Love this app
I discovered this app quite awhile ago. For a long time I used the app with the adds. I’m pretty cheap so the thought of paying to get rid of adds wasn’t my first choice, however, after many months of using the app on a daily basis I decided to take the plunge and pay to get rid of the adds. This was very disappointing to me, getting rid of the adds changed several aspects of the puzzle, within a couple of days I wrote to the developers and begged for the old version back. Literally the next day (or the day after) there was an upgrade to the app that fixed the things I complained about. Probably coincidence but the response was amazing. The only complaint I have now is that in the old version when you got to the end of a puzzle the few pieces that might be missing (laying on top of the puzzle) light up so that they are easy to find. That disappeared with the upgrade, I do miss that however it’s not enough to keep from 5 stars. Love this app, use it every day and yes I will admit to frequently purchasing the extra puzzles.
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4 years ago, cisstene
FROME RENE love this Game
It’s fine I guess but right now I’m not my name right now Justina because I’m 13 I could be on my moms phone whenever So yeah this game is fun I guess but it’s also super fun but it’s a bowling ball so fun but also blow into I spelled some stuff wrong hopefully U don’t mind ummmmm guess I’ll tell you about me myself I am always lazy and I stand my brother stuff and I always play on my moms phone even though I don’t got a phone because my mom took it for me and then she gave it back and then my dad took it from me for some reason back like where I was I’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself I’m like I said I’m lazy And I like eating sweet stuff and I hate my phone so I blamed it on my brother who threw it in the pool then my brother got wet and then yeah I love lying I love my dogs I love pets I have shellfish three cats and two dogs and as you can see I’m always on my mom’s phone so she gave me a new phone which I’m playing back to myself I love laying in my bed I love playing on my Xbox and that’s all on right now I have some secrets I have a crush hopefully you guys can read the saw but yeah you guys are so do fun
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2 years ago, Teddy7!()@dune
Trial Version
This is by far, the best puzzle app out there! I love it! I’ve tried a number of puzzles & this is A-ONE in my book. I absolutely love it! The ads are scarce & if there is one, it’s only a few seconds. The colors are vibrant, the puzzles pieces fit snugly & evenly. There are such a wide variety of puzzles to choose from, too! It’s easy to do but challenging at the same time giving you a number of different options to choose from when putting together a puzzle. Such as choosing the number of puzzle pieces, you can rotate pieces or not, change background color, background music if you desire and there’s a timer you can turn on or off. These are just some of the options available - and I haven’t even paid to become a Premium member - which is a one time low payment not monthly like so many of the others. You can also make in-app purchase for puzzles which are very reasonably priced! Do yourself a favor - stop looking for a puzzle app & give this one a try; you’ll be very satisfied & happy you did!
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2 years ago, Geelafenderama
Great Little App So Far
I’ve only had this about six months, but so far it has been very nice to relax with a puzzle whenever I feel like it. I haven’t spent a dime on this app - there are lots of free puzzle packs. Although, it does seem like they are slowly offering me fewer and fewer. When I first started, there was a free pack to choose almost every other day, but now it can be a week or more before one pops up that is free. Also, there seems to be a variety for everyone, from landscapes to kittens and everything in between. My only complaint is that most, not all, of the puzzles are clearly within six set categories I would broadly define as: landscapes, city streets, animals, flowers, interiors, and color patterns. Since I have collected over 75 puzzle packs and completed over 300 puzzles, this has started to foster the feeling of monotony in the back of my mind. On the positive side, I will tell you there are lots of options to allow you to customize your experience, most importantly how hard (how many pieces) you want each puzzle to be.
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1 year ago, Peekopakanko
Wonderful - use your own images or the app's
I really like this jigsaw puzzle app. I think it is the best jigsaw app; I've not seen another that even comes close. I've played this app for a long time and have worked many, many of the app's puzzles. I also enjoy searching through Goggle images to use for puzzles. I think the puzzle packs are reasonably priced, and there is no added fee to use my own images. The pieces look realistic and the HD finished puzzle is beautiful. It's very easy to move the pieces and sort them. I like that the pieces lock in once correctly placed and that the single pieces can be moved onto the board or back to the list by command. This makes sorting really easy. I also like that the pieces can be freely rotated or already properly oriented by my choice, and also that I can sort for just edge pieces. I would like to have the option to rotate my iPad and have the puzzle set up for left handed use. This would be really great. What I love is how responsive the app managers are about updates, suggestions, fixes, etc.
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4 years ago, Pemzieann
Still waiting! Put pieces back on the side!!
Updating my review. Still waiting for an update to put pieces back on the side. The playing area is now too small for me to see, and pieces are too small also. I read your suggestion that we can zoom in on board and pieces in the playing area. I just want you to know I tried that, it doesn’t work because it cuts off the top and bottom of the puzzle. I can’t even do the edges, they’re cut off. Please listen to your players and put things back the way they were. Best jigsaw app I’ve found until...you shrunk the playing area and put the pieces on the bottom. Now it’s so hard to see that I can’t even play. Why did you change things? Terrible update. Leave things alone! What set this app apart from the rest was the nice full screen picture area (I play on iPad) and easy to see pieces on the side. Now it’s too hard to see. I will be deleting and searching for another if this doesn’t get corrected. From reading other reviews, it is clear everybody HATES this change. One reviewer says you now want us to pay in order to get the pieces on the side format back. No way am I paying for that. Please listen to us and put things back the way they were. It was a perfect app, I would have easily given it 5 stars. How disappointing, because I used to love it!
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6 years ago, Lkanapp
Wonderful jigsaw puzzle app
After trying a few apps, I found this one to be the best overall. I like the way pieces click into place with a nice sound and screen flash. They are also ‘magnetic’; get close enough and they click into place, even as you move it around. There are lots of free puzzle packs and a free daily puzzle. Other packs are $2-$10. The pictures are gorgeous and right there in my lap, not taking up table space. No missing pieces, no storing unfinished puzzles, and I can work on many at the same time. I usually play the 224 pieces size (it goes from 12 to 440) with no rotation and normal shape pieces (they have two impossible other shapes for the absolute masochist). The puzzles look great on my large iPad and the pieces are easy to see. Although you can pinch and zoom the puzzle itself, you can’t to the pieces stored on the side (I use the iPad zoom for that but then can only see part of the puzzle). There is also no outside the puzzle work area. All work is done inside the working puzzle area which can be difficult when it is filled up.
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4 years ago, T de P
Relaxing, addictive but now with fatal ads
Nice app with a wide range of beautiful pictures. I love being able to change the size and shape of the pieces...rotating or not. There are some annoying little glitches, preventing this from getting a 5. Sometimes the pieces will freeze and you have to wait several seconds to be able to move them again. Very occasionally the entire app will crash and close. None of this prevents me from opening it up and enjoying it almost every day though! Update: Yesterday I would have given this app 5 stars. I updated 2 days ago and the look and feel are smoother and very nice. Today the initial ad came on (a new one for a paint by number app). There was no way to turn it off, which is fine, as I am getting this for free, but even after the app's video was over, there was no way to the puzzles. No "x," no buttons except the one to buy the app. Otherwise just black screen. Poked around the screen, hopefully. Nada. Went to the app that was advertised and came back and there was still seemingly no button to get me to the puzzles. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would give the app 0 stars if I knew this was permanent. I'm hopeful that I will actually see puzzles again on the puzzle app and not just an offer I "can't refuse."
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2 years ago, Peg_
Referring to Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD — about the PIECES
I love this Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD game but noticed two things that could be changed to make the game much more enjoyable. First, the choice of pieces. The choice in the middle which is classic or traditional is the same for each piece. They should have VARIOUS cuts to make it more challenging and less predictable. Secondly, to get the pieces to fit you must maneuver them perfectly before they can click in. I play another puzzle app that PULLS the pieces into place as if they have a MAGNET attached. This is much more pleasant, easier for the player and gets the puzzles done quicker. I have also noticed that many of the pieces actually don’t attach correctly leaving gaps between them. This is corrected only when other surrounding pieces are placed. Please check out and play MAGIC JIGSAW PUZZLES by ZIMAD to experience the “MAGNET EFFECT” and to see that there are never any gaps between the pieces when placed. Also, you will notice the VARIOUS cuts of the pieces. Perhaps you can adapt these ideas to your puzzles. I would love to see that happen. THANK YOU for a nice app and for all the free puzzles. They are greatly appreciated!
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4 years ago, HowlinOwl
Waking to huge disappointment
I have recommended this app as a 5-star gem to friends for years and I spend as many as 2 hours a day working with the excellent content. Imagine my surprise, after completing a puzzle in the wee hours, when I woke up today to a surprise new version that features the pieces on the bottom! I have no issue with the larger ad bar because, after all, I am playing for free; and I could live with the smaller pieces, perhaps, if they were still on the right side. But it is unforgivable to reduce the working area in exchange for sorting areas! It was easy enough to sort inside the play area and work around groups of pieces as you built the picture. Perhaps for developers placement of the bar is a non-issue for most; but I have physical limitations that make it more difficult for me to work from a bottom bar. Please consider allowing players a free option to choose either bottom or right/left placement of pieces and please revert to full size play area. It makes sense for you to charge players who want to remove ads. I really do not wish to give this heretofore great app the boot. I would rather get it back to that 5-star level again!
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4 years ago, MizzMedia
Have been loving this app but...
Overall, I agree with what many others have been saying, this is an excellent app for jigsaw puzzles. I’ve logged many hours into it and haven’t had to pay at all! The ads are minimal and not very invasive and the selection of free puzzles is top notch. I would have rated this 5 stars, and was even contemplating buying a couple packs finally but then I got on today and discovered that they have changed the screen orientation! I absolutely hate it! I specifically used this puzzle app and this one only, BECAUSE it didn’t put the pieces tray at the bottom when in landscape mode. It was always on the side, which makes sense. Putting it at the bottom means that it has shrunk to whole puzzle and made moving things around frustrating. I have seen another review complaining about the same thing and I hope that they will update soon and at least let people choose where they want the tray instead of just binding it into this super awkward position. :( very sad to rate this lower than 5 stars but I would still recommend it because it is perfect in basically every other way.
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3 months ago, Bearrrs
Love app and so many free puzzles every week!
I find puzzles relaxing and love the quality of the images and that you can adjust up to 440 pcs and turn rotation on or off depending on how challenging you want it when you play. Two things I would suggest: first, offer more muted backgrounds. I usually play with mid-gray background but when there is a lot of gray or mid tone pieces in the puzzle I chose white or black. If the puzzle has a lot of white, black and mid grayish colors it is hard to find a background to work with that isn’t so vibrant or dark it distracts from the pieces. Maybe make the teal, red, pink, yellow colors more muted washed out (not pastel, but sort of) so it doesn’t distract from the picture and still offers contrast to see the piece cut out for those puzzles with lots of gray, white, black mixed in. Second, offering more background music options… I like the relaxing music but just one in there and short so just keeps repeating. More variety would be awesome. Thanks and keep the beautiful puzzles coming!
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1 year ago, Eliphalet
Outstanding app support
I have owned this game for a few years and have found it to be the best of its genre. I have always found the gameplay to be smooth and user friendly and I happily spent the $10 to remove the ads. The developers offer a wide array of diverse puzzle packs for purchase and a surprising amount of free puzzle packs in addition to a daily free puzzle. I received a new iPad for Christmas and could not get my numerous puzzle packs to transfer to the new device. The packs were there visually but I could not access any of the individual puzzles for actual play. I contacted customer support and I can’t even begin to describe the level of support that I received from Tatiana on the Veraxen team. She offered detailed steps for resolution. The first few attempts did not work but she stuck with my issue until complete success was achieved. Finally, a company that actually seems to care about their customers! I would not hesitate to spend money with Veraxen because they stand behind their products.
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2 years ago, B 1-2-3
Great Puzzle App
Update: In the last day or two the issues that I had started having with this app seems to have been corrected. I am so pleased that the app is now working again as it should. Thank you so much for taking the time to address the issue. This has always been such a great app and I use it every day and will continue to do so. I enjoy this app. Great variety of beautiful pictures. REVIEW UPDATED ON DECEMBER 30, 2022 Since the last update my app is not working properly. When I need to stop and come back to the app at a later time the app doesn’t save my place. Next time I go back into the puzzle the part of the puzzle that I had completed has been undone. And I have to work the puzzle all over again. This is very disappointing because I have had this app for a long time and have enjoyed it very much until now. The app has worked great for the several years that I have been using it up until now. I sure hope this issue will be addressed and fixed. Thank you.
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1 year ago, JacPam
One little thing
I started using this app several months ago and fell in love with jigsaw puzzles all over again. Growing up there was always a 1000 piece jigsaw on the table that whole family would play. Sometimes a few pieces, sometimes for hours, alone or with other family members. I quit playing when I had two cats that thought it was great fun to tear them up over night. So it’s been years. Passed them off to my son’s family and thought I just couldn’t do it any more. Enter this app. I had tried a few others, but far too simple. This one has a great variety and I have loved it. I get annoyed with the dump the pieces button location next to the button to see the picture, but I live with that one. My only suggestion is the background colors. Sometimes none work with the puzzle I am working on very well. Can’t use the white or the yellow, so bright it hurts my eyes. Blues. Brown, greens don’t mix well with landscape puzzles. Does it stop me from playing….no!!!! So really 4 and half stars. Thank you for returning my love of puzzles to my life!
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6 months ago, modnana2
Excellent free version
I really like that there are soooooo many FREE puzzles!!! Ads are always annoying but the reality is that there’s no free lunch; they gotta make a living somehow and nobody should work for free. You do not have to log in or actually create an account to play (major props to the developers) That said, I also like the fact that different puzzles are available for purchase and you can choose from a wide variety of different packs! If you were to price out the cost of physical puzzles of the same caliber, this app is an exceptional value! The photography is beautiful, with a huge range of subjects and you can edit the complexity of each puzzle to suit the skill level of the player. You seriously could not ask for more in an app of this kind! If I had one tiny/minor recommendation, it would be that the pieces would “snap” into place with a little more force, to mimic that satisfying feeling when playing a physical puzzle. Thank you to the developers for an excellent game! Love it!
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2 years ago, MeBetty?
Simple, Great UI, Non-Intrusive, but EXPENSIVE!
Played for a little while. There’s tons of content, and you only get one ad per puzzle (unless you have to reopen the puzzle again), and it has a ton of useful features to offer without shoving “pay me for features” pop-ups in your face. It does offer puzzle packs for money, but it also has daily free puzzles. It even keeps communication with the users open, requesting you allow tracking to help them make money from advertisers, but not locking content if you disable the tracking. I love donating a little to these small devs when I play their games for a few hours, so I was going to pay to disable ads in the game. The standard is $3, or sometimes $5 for some games you might play for a while. But disabling ads in this game was a whopping $10! Not a ton, but considering they also sell periodic puzzle packs, it seems a bit extensive. If they drop the price, I’ll happily donate and even update my review to 5 star. Until then I might play a few games every now and then, and keep watching my ads.
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5 years ago, Grand Circle
I have never written a review, ever. But I just sent one because I had a tiny little complaint, and still gave it 4 stars. In all fairness, now I must tell you how good this app is! 4-5 stars for sure. I’ve been doing your puzzles for many years. Your app gets better and better. (Except for the one little thing in my other review.) I’ve read some of the other reviews. Someone wrote about how it freezes up, ads don’t clear, etc., which isn’t caused by your app. I used to have the same problem. It was my internet service. My cable/WiFi kept blinking in and out intermittently. It was hard to get it fixed because every time I had cable at the house it would be working 🤯. Anyway, love 💕 this app. Very relaxing. And the choices of pics is unending. If you can’t find something you like, then it’s you, not the app. Most notably is that people can download many free packs and never spend a dime. Unless they choose to! Options galore: number of pieces, shapes of pieces, rotate on or off, choice of pictures, etc.
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3 years ago, LibraryNerd42!
Fun Relaxing Puzzle App
I have several of these puzzle apps, but this is the one I go to, enough to spring for the premium version to remove all ads - which made quite a difference in functioning and puzzle space especially on an iPad mini. The puzzles are beautiful, and cover such a lovely variety of interests. And they are very generous in providing free puzzles, especially if you go to their Facebook page where they provide free packs every week. One thing that would improve the game for me would be the ability to search your puzzle library by content - if you were wanting to do puzzles of sealife, it would load all the sealife puzzles you have, instead of hunting through all the various packs and mixes yourself to find what you are seeking. I would also love the opportunity to do more than one daily puzzle - for instance if you missed one. Maybe it is too difficult, but if you had the daily puzzles available for their whole week? By the way, any plans to someday be compatible with Windows so I can use you on my laptop?
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11 months ago, dory111013
: jigsaw puzzles for adults me saved for adults, but I don’t care honestly and I am it’s very like you don’t want your child playing on your screen so they can play on the screen but it’s also challenging in the book brain so it’s also like helping without them just watching a movie 20 for 7 AM playing a game like something like Roblox, which is a really fun game it just it doesn’t help the jigsaw puzzle challenges of rain it helps them and it’s so funny you can create your own puzzles, you can play puzzles I had free I mean it’s free. You can just pay for some stuff if you want to add extra like magic, jigsaw and stuff but if not, it’s really fun and I have a Lotta fun I am are used to be on my own and made my friends are selling me play and my phones kind of a failing but we because we were on an iPad but now when we started playing Jigsaw Puzzle, we actually were also challenging the brain so we were just running it and Russell pony and they’re great cuts so good
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5 years ago, Ppoddpiaj
Going to delete this app
I love this app because they have great puzzles and graphics, but since this last update (June 2019) I have been experiencing a lot of problems. The puzzles keep freezing within the first several minutes then the app closes and I have to reopen it. It NEVER did that before. So I have started using this less and less. Plus, it drains my battery super fast and I’m not sure why. I could be at 100% power and when I use this app I need to recharge within like 20mins whereas with other games like candy crush, cooking, bejeweled, etc I can have hours of play before needing to recharge. I have just tried doing a puzzle today (6|24|2019)and it froze. I closed out and restarted and it froze again.... so now it’s freezing MORE times per session. Used to be just once. I don’t know what they did with this last update, but something is amiss. Maybe it’s something to do with the ads or coding, but whatever it is.... I’m about to delete this app that was reliable for years, but now is becoming disappointing. This was a 5 star app but the constant freezing and closing has made it a 2 star app. Please fix whatever you broke, devs. You are doing a disservice to this lovely, calming game.
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6 months ago, chris7271813
Great puzzles
I did some more investigation and it seems like this is an Apple bug and not a Jigsaw Puzzle issue. Update 1/5/24: When I am working on a puzzle and get a sound notification from another app (text, reminder, alarm) the sound is really loud and garbled. I have actually jumped a few times. I have the sound turned off in the puzzle settings and keep my iPhone's sound down low but the notifications come in much louder than my phone's settings. I first blamed a third-party app but then saw it was doing it with two native apps as well. This only happens when I am using your app. Love your app though and will keep playing. I love all of your puzzles and there are lots of free puzzles. There is a glitch in the puzzles sometimes though when I have just 3 to 5 puzzle pieces left in the bottom row to place. I will place my finger on the the right-most piece and start moving it but the left-most piece will come instead. This is a bit annoying.
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