Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games

4.7 (881.2K)
168.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games

4.74 out of 5
881.2K Ratings
4 years ago, RetiredEdu
Puzzled by Disappointments
I love the volume and categories of puzzles. Fun to play. Great selections. What I hate is the platform on which game is played. First, There should be a stationary board and one that fills screen. This one floats, changes sizes, but does not fill an adequate work space; cannot set size easily. Second, puzzle pieces are located at bottom, making it more difficult to move pieces. Best location is right side panel. Third, puzzle pieces are hard to move about as if they get stuck, very small, often get lost outside of board panel and don’t always return to location banner. Fourth, ads hide the escape route. Some lead into another ad if you try to escape; some are timed and force you to watch without an exit and others have a minuscule “x” hidden in a corner but barely visible and difficult to touch. Finally, when puzzle is complete, one would like to see the finished product as a clear depiction of original scene but not presented in puzzle form. A little reward for the completion. Update: I had already tried the suggestions made by developer. I found little or no better help in using those strategies. I would like this great app to offer a board that is as functional as the one provided in the Jigsaw HD app. This app offers too much opportunity not to have the best board or the greatest experience.
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5 years ago, PA2323
Absolutely THE Best Puzzle App!!!
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had the patience for jigsaw puzzles or you’re a jigsaw puzzle aficionado this is the BEST puzzle app you’ll ever find! You decide the level of difficulty from 9 pieces to 400 pieces. This has been ideal for me since I was concerned I’d get discouraged, but thankfully I was able to start easy and increase the number of pieces at my pace. Plus, if you’re a “south-paw” not to worry as lefty’s haven’t been forgotten with this app. :) There’s a plethora of beautiful puzzles to choose from: adorable puzzles that children will love, nature puzzles, landmarks from around the world, wildlife galore in their natural habitats. As well as abstracts, flowers, birds, patriotic, oils & watercolor paintings, themed collections, pets, and anything & everything else you can possibly imagine. Oh, I almost forgot to mention - there’s the “Puzzle of the Day” for those of us who sometimes enjoy being surprised and/or challenged with puzzles we may normally not have chosen ourselves. Last, but certainly not least, did I mention how wonderful the customer service is? Well, let me tell you if you have a question, a suggestion, or a request (which is what I had since I love puzzles of cars) you’ll be sure to receive a reply faster than you can say, “Wow, this is seriously an awesome app!”
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7 months ago, Daysydear
Very enjoyable game, but too many ads
UPDATE: I must have bitten the bullet and purchased the ad-free version since I wrote the following. Glad I did because it sure is enjoyable! I especially love the settings that let you choose your level of difficulty. And of course the great pictures. Older: This is my second review. I made the first one after playing a very short time and gave it 5 stars. But I spoke too soon! Yes, it’s a very relaxing and fun way to do some beautiful puzzles, with many puzzles and styles and 5 different levels of difficulty to choose from. But the ads are almost nonstop! When you first start playing, they run ads at the bottom of your puzzle so as not to interrupt play—which is a great way to do it—only running full-screen ads between puzzles. So I rated it a 5. But after only a couple of rounds the full-time interruptions started. Full-screen ads pop up almost every time you match a puzzle piece!!! So I have dropped my rating to a 3, which is generous considering how many agonizing commercial spots you have to endure to work a beautiful puzzle. You definitely won’t want to make this your favorite game.
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3 months ago, PhoneToolsFan
Should be zero ads; I want my money back
I purchased this app Nov 2021 and there should not be ads. Somehow an ad is pushed thru for the last 3 weeks. Probably some untested update. Giving me who has paid, the same ads as everyone else. NOT ACCEPTABLE, HEAR ME? I don't appreciate it. I paid for it so NO ads thank you. I reported a complaint tonight to Apple to let them know you are cheating your customers who have paid for no ads. I was in the middle of playing and it is late night and you pushed an ad right in the middle of my play on a PAID APP. Get rid of them COMPLETELY for those who have purchased to remove ads. You know who we are, you are tracking our play with callbacks to your domain. And looking at the recent reviews I think I won't take the update that looks to be ruining people's experience. I WANT A REPLY NOW ON THIS. And why not my husband who has the same paid app? No ads for him. I did already report you to Apple tonight. I have no interest in contacting the developer and giving them my personal info. GET RID OF THE ADS I PAID ALREADY NOT TO HAVE! I WONT TOLERATE IT. I don't want to email you and open a personal communication per your response . Just fix it! I found your in-app portal to message you the complaint and issue. You can notify me there when you have fixed it. Oops... now that isn't working. I get an 'oops' message from the app now when I go check for any reply in the portal. Smh...
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2 years ago, Merryhart
Great game but…
I have really enjoyed working these puzzles and have been doing it daily for almost a year. After reading through other reviews with people saying they keep getting a blank screen I thought I would write a review of what I have found. Because the app does not have the option of completely deleting puzzles that have already been worked, the completed puzzles fill up your memory. The more puzzles you work the more memory is used. I found this out after my iPad crashed (and scared the crap out of me because I don’t have the money to buy a new iPad and I use it for work) and I had to go to the apple store to get it restored. They told me the completed puzzles are eating up my memory and that is what is causing the blank or white screen, and eventually the crash. The app does offer the option of deleting the puzzles you have worked but they go back into the puzzle selection. After doing that a few times, I now spend more time digging to find a puzzle I haven’t worked than actually working puzzles. Shutting my iPad off every few days does help with that some. I hope the developers find a solution to this problem soon or I will have to quit using this app. I use my iPad for work and cannot take the chance of it permanently crashing.
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3 weeks ago, Thjtwsfgjk
Purchased, still interruptions
Pop- ups are now interrupting the flow of the game. An emoji pop-up is now annoying players just like the ads in the free version. When talking with the company directly, I was told that many players enjoy those kind of interruptions. That has to be a joke! I used to really enjoy this game. But the newest upgrade is just awful. They added a stupid emoji that interrupts my meditative state by popping up to tell me my boarders are done or I have reached 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of completion. As if I can’t see my puzzle is done. As if I can’t see the boarder is done. As if there is no function already that allows me to select only for boarder pieces. And one cannot opt out of having an emoji pop up. Is it a cheap way to give a more interactive appearance? I have to endure the intrusion. While easybrain just ignored true customer requests. Like a sorting field or the option to adjust my playing field. An area that allows me to set aside certain pieces would have been a more impactful and useful upgrade, instead of a stupid emoji pop-up. It appears that easybrain is trying to make this puzzle more competitive. But it appears customers choose this game to enjoy quiet time and relaxation. I don’t want or need to be hyped up by an emoji pop-up. So I am disappointed by this unnecessary and truly stupid idea. Now this puzzle game that used to be a pleasant exception is trying to just become yet another dopamine seeker.
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1 year ago, 10 cowwoman
Normally I would give this game/app 4.5 - 5 stars, but since about the 2nd week of January the game won’t open. It starts with the white screen with the black letters that say Easy Brain, then the white screen withe square icon, then it opens to the puzzles. But since the second week of January, when I open the game, it starts withe Easy Brain, but sticks on the white screen with the icon. I REALLY don’t want to reinstall the app. I have A LOT of puzzles I do not want to lose, along with the points. I thought at first, you were updating the app, but almost a month later, I’m not sure what to think. Any help would be so appreciated and helpful. Once the app is working properly again, I’ll immediately change my rating back to 5 stars April 27 So it is now April 27 and I’m getting VERY frustrated with your appp. At the beginning of ever month or in the middle of the month your app stops working. It starts with the opening “”Easy Brain” Screen then it goes to the screen with the cat icon screen and it stops/ stalls right there. I normally LOVE your app, but the ‘stalling icon page” is WAY past a joke. It’s happening more often than not and I’m losing out on the ‘Events’. I REALLY wish this ‘bug’ could get fixed permanently.
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2 years ago, Dutchgirl73
Almost perfect puzzle app
I’ve done more than a dozen puzzles, as well as the Valentine’s challenge, which was 27 puzzles. I got tired of the advertising, so paid to remove the ads, and have found that to be money well spent. There are a few things that would improve this app for me: I’d love to be able to search for specific puzzle themes, ie Dutch scenery. There are some categories, but there needs to be more! It would be nice to know more about some of the images, such as the scenery ones. A bit of information, such as where that beach is, or what mountain that is. It would be nice if one could move the pieces from the bottom, to the side of the screen. I like to use my iPad in landscape mode, so it would be easier to keep the puzzle a bit larger, if the pieces were not on the bottom. Lastly, it would be very nice if it would be possible to quick sort the pieces according to their shapes. I often do it, after getting the edge pieces placed, but it would be nice if that could be done automatically. I don’t purchase very many apps, but I’m happy to have paid for this one, and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth!
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3 years ago, KaylaMae715
Love love love this app!
First of all, I want to send a huge THANK YOU to the app developers about the ads! This app is the ONLY app out there that actually does ads the way they should be!! Very short 2 second ads every so often, with an easy way to close out of them and they don’t take too much away from the game play. I know that doesn’t give much incentive for players to buy the game to get rid of the ads, but I’m definitely more willing to make in-app purchases just because I’m so glad the ads aren’t ridiculous like every. other. app. out. there. SO since I’m writing a review, might as well tell you about the game play too, huh? LOVE IT. So easy to use, TONS of designs to choose from, not too many that require payment and they’re only $.99 if they do, and this is just about as satisfying as putting a real puzzle together!! My favorite feature is the ability to really personalize the difficulty levels of the puzzles by choosing the amount of pieces and being able to rotate them! In other words, if you’re thinking about getting this app, do yourself a favor and just download it. You won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, sbarnwell
Jigsaw Puzzels
This is a great app for working jigsaw Puzzels. There are so many free ones to download and you are able to work them very quickly. The only change I would like to see is a much larger area for the Puzzels so that the pieces would not be so small. As a person with age, it is hard to see small pieces and what is printed on them. Hope the owners of this app will take this in for consideration. The Puzzels in this app are so beautiful that it makes you crave to match up the pieces. The most beautiful puzzles available, however, I guess it was after a recent update, i seemed to have lost some options on the tool bar which was moved from the side to the bottom which is very inconvenient. Also, my biggest complaint is after working the first puzzle and start another, the board starts freezing and you cannot get the the pieces to unlock no matter what you do. It would be wonderful if someone could address these issues and get this app to work like it should. If my pieces continue to lock, I will be forced to delete this app and that would be ashamed since you have the most beautiful scenes and paintings in the entire App Store.
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3 years ago, Jlstx
**update: now this app is all messed up. It doesn’t save progress, moves pieces after they’re locked, and the problems ho on and on. It used to be a cool app but not any more. They need to go back to the original coding. These updates are horrible. I started out loving this app; the puzzles are great and there’s a ton of selections. I liked that you could shrink or expand the puzzle and could use the outside area around the puzzle to assemble images or stack pieces I order to see them better since the bar along the bottom is pretty small. Now my puzzle doesn’t move, I can only make it larger or smaller but can’t move it at all and I can’t use the area around the puzzle for anything which makes it hard to assemble the puzzle. There should be options available for being able to shrink or expand it, move it around so I can work on a specific section, etc. at first I thought it was a glitch so I re-downloaded the app and all my saved puzzles disappeared so I had to start all over. Please either go back to the previous version or add it as an option. It was better.
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4 years ago, melo5462
I love it except...
I have been playing this for a long time and just love it. I’m the one that’s lying bed as my husband sleeps while I’m on the other side of the bed with my phone sounds off playing puzzles at 1, 2, 3 or 4am in the morning. But I have recently noticed that when I go to daily puzzle tab I can no longer see the months at a glance they are all in expanded view. You use to have to expand the month to view. I thought I may have done something wrong and tried to fix it to no avail. There should at least be an option to play in expanded view or not. Now I have to close all the months just to get to the month I wish to work. Also when I finish that puzzle and want to do another, I have to go through that process all over again. I do love working all the beautiful puzzles, but this change has caused me not to work the puzzles as much anymore. I was aiming to work all the months and years available. My aim now is now to open the app for days or weeks now. Please fix it back.
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1 year ago, MadMorganElizabeth
The best!
Edit: I still love this app as much as I used to. The only con, and the reason I took away a star (from 5 to 4), is that this app drains my battery. It even does so on my iPhone 14. I’d played this in the past on older devices with similar battery draining issues, but didn’t expect it to happen on a new device. Original 5-star review (all of which is still true): This is absolutely the best jigsaw puzzle app around. I’m totally addicted. There are so many free puzzles! I love that there are mystery puzzles!! I like that the puzzle pieces are lined up on the tool bar. It’s easy to filter out the edge pieces. And you can easily scatter the pieces across the board or move pieces back onto the tool bar. If the board moves too much under your finger, you can easily lock it in place. The graphics and ease of use are the best I’ve seen. And the ads aren’t obtrusive! You can easily play for free and not be annoyed! Honestly, $5 for the quality and lack of a subscription is a steal. I don’t have an iPad, but this is one of the few apps that really makes me want one. And lastly, the customer service is great. They respond quickly, so don’t hesitate if you have questions!
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11 months ago, great nonna
I have found my favorite thing. I love this as much as when a child. So addictive and fun. I have to keep plugging my iPad in for its so hard to stop. I have retina problem of both eyes so it’s a problem for a bit after. Not going to let it stop me. I recommend these puzzles for everyone, great therapy. I wish there were more additions to the Art puzzles, especially the ones that do not cost! You have three to one or more that you have to buy. Not good! Another later complaint. Why do you put locks on 7 out of 9 puzzles? Very unfair…one might think you want to be paid for every good puzzle & you do. I love the Event Puzzles & wish there were one every month or more. New: Many times & frequently..more than frequently, my screen goes black after I finish a puzzle & I am not allowed to claim my coins. What are these coins for? What are they used for? Never has this been explained. I enjoy this game especially the events though Art puzzles are my favorite. You have far too many paint brushes, flowers etc. that are plainly not art. Thank you. All the Event puzzles are repeated from last year. Please send new ones as the repeats are very boring. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Cowboisgirl
Buggy - cannot always complete puzzles
I wanted to love this app. And when it works correctly, it's pretty great. But I've had trouble completing all but one of my puzzles I've tried. When I get down to the last two or three pieces, they don't fit anywhere - they're the right color/pattern to fit, but they are the wrong shape. You can tell that's where they are supposed to go - and even when you hit the button for a hint, the hint tries to place them there and can't. Another time it allowed me to join two pieces that actually went in separate spots and weren't connected at all. In the end (they were the last two pieces), I had to figure out how to break them apart so that I could complete the puzzle. And then there are the ads. I understand that this is a free game/app, but it would be great if they could find a less obnoxious way to run ads, rather than interrupting you over and over again during the course of a single puzzle. Other apps, for example, give you the option to watch an ad in exchange for something (such as in game currency to keep "playing"). Or heck, just even playing the ads a little less frequently so that there is less interruption would be an improvement.
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1 year ago, Totally Confused...
Auto volume ads make this app unusuable
Can I give it less than one star??? The puzzles are okay - the problem is with the endless ads! Outside of the fact that they throw four or five commercial breaks into each puzzle - more if you have to take a call and “continue” afterward - THE INSANELY LOUD VOLUME ON THE ADS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I use this app as a way to pass time while waiting for things - like a loved one in surgery. No matter how many times I turn the volume down, the app turns it back on jolting me and everybody around me. I’m currently looking for a better app and willing to pay not to see ads for the same 20 things I do not want or intend to try. Some of the ads are impossible to close and won’t go away unless you click through . They just jam your page so you can’t go back to the puzzles unless you click on the LEARN MORE button. Don’t bother with this app - unless you and everybody around you are deaf. Seriously. Bad dev company desperate for click bait charges to their advertisers.
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2 years ago, m.short1016
Best puzzle app until ads took over
I’ve used this app for a long time and always loved it - definitely the best puzzle app on the App Store. Tons to choose from and lots of options for difficulty. Love the option for segmented play as well, which can be easier to manage when playing on a phone. I would work on puzzles every night before bed to wind down. The ads used to be well spaced out and completely tolerable. However, I don’t know what happened, but all of the sudden I’m getting ads after every 5 puzzle pieces I place. Literally. They are skippable after 5 seconds, but it’s incredibly annoying to be taken out of the game so frequently, and it’s no longer a nice relaxing puzzle experience. I would rather watch a long ad less often than being constantly bombarded with short ones. I would really love to keep using this app, but the frequency of the ads has become a dealbreaker for me. Really disappointed. Edit: I’ve just learned that there is an option to disable ads for a small fee. I think this is pretty reasonable given all the content in the app, so I appreciate that. However, it’s still unfortunate that the free version of the app is still practically unplayable now due to the frequency of ads.
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4 years ago, UntakenNicknameHere...
I’m nervous for my phone
I started really enjoying the relaxation of these puzzles until my phone started overheating. And not just like a “oh, it’s getting a little warm” but like “I can feel the heat through my case and I need to take it off so that I don’t break my phone.” It’s just a little disconcerting to be shaken from your therapeutic relaxation state to come to the shock of “suddenly my very VERY expensive device could just break if I don’t close the app for a while.” Another issue I have is that I can’t have ANY other apps running (music, iMessage, etc.) while I’m doing a puzzle or the movement of pieces will SERIOUSLY lag. I find putting together the puzzles so satisfying that I kind of just completely close the app for a few seconds and then reopen it and it’ll fix itself for a while so it’s mostly just annoying. On a positive note, I LOVE how many puzzles there are available! And how there are what feels like new ones every day! It’s just the factors overheating and lag that I find really off-putting and prevent me from using this app as much as I would like/pushing me to search out other puzzle apps that easy my nerves a bit more. Kind of a bummer
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3 years ago, Giesila
Appreciate this jigsaw app tremendously!! Its the best!
I have multiple health issues and I’m in constant pain. Whenever I’m able to hold my iphone and headache isn’t too severe, I work as many puzzles as I can to distract my mind from the pain. — THAT is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your great job of providing such beautiful puzzles! And I’m glad that it’s possible to adjust the number of pieces you want the puzzle to be each time because it depends on how I feel as to how much of a challenge I am up to. It also helps keep my mind at least a little more active. I cannot concentrate a lot at one time so if I have picked a harder challenge format than I thought it would be , I can stop or slow down and complete at my timing. I’d sure be disappointed if I didn’t have this to help me get through some of my days that are filled with stress, this helps me relax and get my mind off of problems. There’s a large variety of pictures to pick from! And I love it that I’m not limited to just one a day !
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2 years ago, bzamm
Quits working
I love this app when it works, puzzles are fun, easy to do or as hard as I want, but recently I have to delete it every couple days cuz it won’t get off of the commercial. Today it’s frozen on Google ad helps. Huh? Rated, commented, still can’t get my puzzle back. I’m done, We going to someone else. Update: I’ll be working my puzzle, and it flips to a game advertisement, but the “end”, or “forward” button never comes up. There is no way to back out of the advertisement. I don’t want to add the advertised game(I’m really careful what I put on my phone, and don’t play many games) but in desperation , because I want to finish my puzzle, I have added the game and then deleted from my phone, but then the next time they just happens again. The only fix I can find is delete my daily puzzle and readd. But it’s happening more often, so I gotta quit, even tho it’s my most favorite game. It’s totally relaxing and fun working, but incredibly frustrating when it doesn’t. No I can’t tell you if it’s a specific game that lacks me out of the puzzle. I have learned that it can be a tiny c to get out, but like I say, sometimes no exit can be found!
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3 years ago, nshellab
Terrific design, buggy implementation
I really want to love this app. It is by far the best puzzle app I’ve found. Terrific and changing puzzles available, an elegant interface, and I’m addicted to the audible and almost tactile “snick” when a piece connects to another. After using it for a while, I paid to eliminate ads, which streamlines it significantly. But I won’t pay for new cool puzzles unless the problems are fixed. Sadly, there are several bugs that interfere with enjoyment. No longer can I resume a puzzle started in another session. The partial puzzle is saved, but when I try to resume instead the app automatically completes the whole thing. So now I try to finish a puzzle in one sitting, which can’t always happen. Even more annoying is when puzzle pieces randomly jump around the screen, enlarge themselves to no longer fit, or freeze in place and refuse to be moved. In frustration, I keep trying other apps. But I don’t like the basic game play of other apps, this one is the best design and has the best puzzles to choose from. If only they would fix the bugs.
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2 years ago, Hippie Revolutionary
Great relaxing and challenging fun
This jigsaw puzzle app is the BEST!! I used to do picture coloring apps to relax. However, I am now hooked on your puzzles. I love that you allow the player to increase or decrease the difficulty of each puzzle by choosing the number of puzzle pieces. There is a wide variety of pictures—some of which are free while others require the player to open by using points or paying a small fee. One criticism: I think it’s great that the player can score points by watching an add after completing the puzzle. But I have found that some adds do not let the player “X-out” once the ad has finished. Rather, he needs to get out of the app entirely. Then, when getting back in, there are no additional bonus points awarded. So I am watching the add and getting nothing in return. Maybe this is a glitch and can be correcting. It is the reason I rated your game 4 stars and not 5. Thank you for your reply. I, sadly do not know how to upload a screenshot in your Review section. I just had this problem with an ad from Brevity:News. It was really frustrating to sit through the entire ad and not get the addt’l coins/points.
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4 years ago, Puzzle Do-er
I Love This App, But...
I love this game. I love the pictures and the options. I especially love how you can change the difficulty of your puzzle. But, there are some things I don’t love. For example, whenever I try to see the full picture of the puzzle I’m doing, I always end up pushing the hint button (the lightbulb), and I am then trapped into watching a video. This is very annoying for the users of the app. Maybe it could be placed on a different part of the screen, away from the other buttons. Another thing is that I frequently want to do a puzzle that is not on the app. Such as a picture of a famous actor I see on tv, or a flower in my backyard. I suggest giving us an “Import” option, such as the app “Color By Number” does. To do this, the app would need to access our camera role, to see the pictures we’ve taken. This way, we can do puzzles of things that we think are interesting. I think these changes will make the app much more fun and interesting for the user of the app, such as myself. Thank you!
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3 years ago, yo-3812
Was great. New version is pretty bad.
Forced update, no longer able to use area around puzzle. The new themes don’t include the previous neutral gray so it is much more difficult to compare colors of puzzle pieces. That’s really the worst part. And all the previously downloaded puzzles are gone. Then I found that if I struggle through the forced download, the repeated opening of the App Store, the App Store pages for other programs, eventually I can get back to the old version of the program. It’s a lot of trouble but worth it to avoid this new version. Plus the old puzzles are still there. So the old version is really good. The new version probably wasn’t written by people that actually do the jigsaw puzzles or they’d know it’s important to see the color differences in the pieces. I don’t know how often I’ll struggle through to the old version. But I can say I won’t be playing the new version at all. Vendor responded to my review and pointed out how to change to their other color themes. As my review said, I’d looked at the themes but those themes don’t include gray. So the vendor is responsive but didn’t quite read the review.
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4 years ago, designdiva77
Most relaxing app...great stress buster for EVERYONE!
Are you an uber organized (read: “OCD-type”) person and love the relaxation of a jigsaw puzzle? This is the best app that I have found that allows you to play as many puzzles as you want and not have to clean up (and alphabetize your puzzle boxes) afterward! It is very satisfying, in that it helps the compulsion to see “everything in its’ place and a place for everything”. I would like to see the ability to use pictures from my own photo album? Or how about the ability to submit photos and if mine is chosen as the daily puzzle, you could give a photo credit or maybe a game $ credit? ($1.00/photo chosen to be used on another in app purchase?) Release waiver for the photo (etc.) would have to be included upon submission, maybe with some photo requirements as well? [photo resolution, size, category, requirement of no people, etc.) All in all, this app has been a lifesaver for those of us either in isolation or in family overload “corona-tine” time!
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4 years ago, J79S
What happened?
2nd update...the developer responded that the changes will be permanent. That’s disappointing. Time to find a new puzzle app that allows me to use the space around the puzzle. Update...After I wrote the below review, the app was updated to correct the issues I had. But now after having the app for 11 months I’m having issues again. The app stopped working on my iPad, I deleted the app and re installed it, and the issues are back. Again, is this a new permanent thing? It really makes it not enjoyable when I can’t use the space around the outside of the puzzle. Without the space to work and place pieces I can’t do puzzles with very many pieces. I’ve had this app for about 6 months and have been perfectly happy with it, then all of a sudden something changed with it. It no longer has the “move out” and “move in” buttons. I also can no longer place pieces around the outside of the puzzle. I like to use that space to sort and work on things without using the space inside. I really don’t want to find a different app, but I guess the search is on is this a permanent thing.
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2 years ago, JRasmo
Worst puzzle app ever.
First the positive, beautiful puzzles to choose from and the pictures are very sharp and beautiful. The developer did top of the line work on the pictures. Now the problems. First no place to organize the pieces. You have to work the puzzle out underneath any lose pieces on the board. Only one tray and you don’t have the option to move all the pieces out at once or return them to the tray. You manually take one piece out and have to return them one by one to clean up the board. On the side of the puzzle is a white box containing settings background etc. very distracting and can get in the way of your progress because it blocks your view of the puzzle at times, example working on the border or near it. I think the box should be able to disappear from view. Finally towards the end almost couldn’t finish because I could not locate the last two pieces. I toggled the button for edge piece view on and off to locate my missing inner pieces and was able to finally finish. Lastly, no option to use your own pictures to use as puzzles. I am going to delete this app because it is to much of a struggle and not an enjoyable puzzle to work on.
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2 years ago, EvnsFam88
Fun and intriguing
I’ve had this app over a year now. I enjoy the puzzles and there are plenty of categories. In the time I’ve played this I have discovered how many different ways they try to make you connect with the ads. At one time, you didn’t have a choice. The ad played a full 30 seconds every time. Then it would switch between 30 second ads to 5 second ads. You could choose to close the ad within the 5 seconds or 30 second time frame. After a while, you got to open puzzles sometimes without even using an ad. Now the ads don’t have “x” on them to close. It’s is just a little tiny dot in the upper right side of the screen. Can barely see it. Shame on you Jigsaw Puzzles. You aren’t making enough from the ads so you leave people with no choice but to think they must click on the ad in order to get back to the puzzle. So be aware. You can still close the ads. Just look for that dot.
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2 years ago, BetsC77
Repeated events
I used to look forward to the events… until recently, when I realized they were the same from last year. When I complete an event puzzle, instead of seeing more to the right, it says this event has ended. I now understand why. It is exactly the same as last years’. Y’all have enough puzzles to not have to recycle the events. Also, my mom plays as well and started using her earned coins to ‘purchase’ collections, which she enjoys. However, it then locks most of the puzzles outside of the dailies, to make her spend coins. I have never used my coins and have hardly any locked puzzles. Kinda crappy practice if you ask me. I actually came here to see if my issues were because I missed an update, hoping I had and would have a new summertime event and not last years which I have already completed. No such luck. Most people that love to do jigsaw puzzles, do not enjoy doing the same ones over again.
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4 months ago, Cologirl57
Disappointed With Update
Added to: Please bring back the brush. Sometimes it would “unstick” unrelated puzzle pieces that have overlapped and now won’t come apart or bring back being able to set pieces aside (outside) the borders of the puzzle. I love your puzzles. I recently had to get a new phone (was unable to upload from my last phone as completely destroyed). I am frustrated and disappointed by the updates. First off, just way too many ads. Maybe cut them down to at the beginning of the puzzle and maybe one in the middle. Figure most adults work puzzles to give their brains an intermission from daily life…a way to relax. Can’t even get the border completed without five or six ads, and trust me, if I wanted Royal Match, I would have gotten it by now. Also miss the brush function to find a lost piece, and miss being able to put some sections of the puzzle together on the sides of the puzzle (after all, if I were working a puzzle on a table), I would be able to piece together part of the puzzle to the side of the work in progress.
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3 years ago, mushy poatato
Ok so, I went into this game thinking it would be like a lot of other games. But after solving 2 100pc puzzles with NO ADS, I was very impressed. That’s not it, but there is A LOT, and when I say A LOT I mean it.. of different puzzles. The frog ones are my favorite. Check them out they are VERY cute! Anyways.. if your a beginner or this is your first puzzle, then you can change the number of pieces you can use in the puzzle- and to make it harder add MORE pieces and turn on rotation. I prefer NOT to turn on rotation because that would be VERY hard but- that’s just my opinion. I haven’t found anything wrong with the game yet, so I put it as 5 stars because of the reasons I put on the review. But I think that this is a very good game, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet- you should. But I just downloaded this game so I don’t know everything about it, but it’s amazing so far. Thank you for reading this, hope I don’t waste your time!
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3 years ago, ❄️coral❄️
Love the game but something needs to change
First of all I had to start that I love this game and I have a baby in the house that loves to eat anything he can find and I’ll leave my stuff everywhere. But with a digital one it’s so much better because I can have so many more puzzles and this game is really fun. I love it but I can’t give it five stars because I’m not even done with the puzzle and there’s a commercial in the middle of my puzzle and after my bottle I mean I get it but when I first downloaded the game I am like oh wow finally a game that won’t have any commercials on it but I guess I was wrong because there is a commercial in the middle of the puzzle you’re doing so for those who creates the game or those who fix the thing on the game I just hope you fix that because I hate when the puzzle stops and I have to wait for the puzzle to come back just because of a commercial. But other than that l love this game.
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1 year ago, sydsh
I’ve enjoyed this app for over a year and the events are fun but it’s frustrating to see the same puzzles appear in the events. Yes, your solvers recognize them from the year before. With the huge inventory that you have, why the repeats? When I saw that 400 piece dragon I groaned. I didn’t enjoy it last year and don’t know if I’ll bother this year. The last few events have had repeats. Why? I find it hard to believe you can’t pull something different out for an event. Or if you can’t, try having events based on moods, like “happy” that allows for tranquil landscapes, a group of stuffed animals, or a plate of chocolate. Pull a puzzle out of one of the categories or throw in one that’s not related to the event. Anything that is at least different. But even with that minor complaint, I can’t recommend this app enough. Pay to remove the ads and sit back and thoroughly enjoy yourself
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1 year ago, Cowmagnet
The best jigsaw puzzle app by far, but…
I don’t ever rate or review apps, but I’m hoping this one might actually reach somebody because I genuinely like this app. It’s a simple, straightforward, and free puzzle app with minimal ads. I appreciate how reasonable the ads are, so I was even willing to spend the $4.99 to remove them, which I rarely do. (I just delete apps if they go ad crazy rather than rewarding annoying behavior.) My only real gripe with this app is how tedious it is to scroll through the puzzle options. There’s tons of images to choose from and a decent variety of image types (even though it almost seems like the photos were all taken/edited by the same person/group), so I think the app would really benefit from better/faster image list navigation and maybe more specific categories or subcategories. That doesn’t seem like too much of a request, so hopefully it’s not and you guys can develop a solution 🤷🏾‍♂️ Other than that, I’d appreciate more options in terms of image style. Idk where you guys source your images from, but I assume they’re all from a single free/low-cost source. The problem with that is the photo editing of image options all kinda look the same. Very bright and poppy. Maybe that’s intentional for visual clarity on this digital medium? Idk. Darker images would just be a nice addition imo. Great app tho! Nowadays, it’s hard to find simple and satisfying game apps like this. Definitely appreciated. Cheers 🤙🏾
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2 months ago, T-305A
An ad every 5 pieces placed
I love this puzzle game, it has some of the best variety in designs, I like the categories, I like that you can place edges down first, I like that you can choose if pieces are rotated correctly or not to make it easier or more challenging, and I’m gonna keep playing it on my tablet, but the ads every few pieces are AWFUL. Especially if you chose to do more pieces and it takes forever to finish because ads slow you down. Even worse is that if you take a moment to place a piece down, you might end up getting an ad after every other piece. And you can’t avoid ads easily by turning off WiFi or putting your device on airplane mode, because you can’t start NEW puzzles without so,‘em type of connection. My advice? Start like 10 puzzles by placing corner pieces down, then finish them on airplane mode. I understand ads are a necessary evil for paying developers, but it completely turns you away from what is supposed to be a relaxing and satisfying game. Besides ads, the game is fine
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5 months ago, Ashridan
Updates have hurt the app
I’m not sure what happened to my last review, but… I don’t have the ad problem that everyone else has as I bought the paid version a couple years back. I did this because I hate ads and enjoyed the app so I wanted to help support it. And I absolutely loved it up until a month or two ago. The latest updates hurt the app immensely. I have considered deleting it and will do so if they do not reverse some of the changes they made. First, you cannot work outside of the puzzle edges now. Then the ability to recall all of the pieces to the bottom has been removed. Why? This was the best feature. Especially if you’re working on a 400 piece puzzle. Then they add this annoying useless emoji that pops up to tell you your progress like you need a cheerleader and can’t see your own progress. This is one of those times I think the developers do not use their own app at all. I would love to go back to the older version but cannot on my iPhone. So I’m left with waiting to see if the developers will fix it or if I will delete the app in its entirety.
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7 months ago, Goloyoloniggs
Still a lot of ads
Previously, I had rated 1 star because I felt I couldn’t even get through a single puzzle due to the ads. I loved the puzzles that were on here and never minded the ads but to be bombarded with them like I had was too much. Now, I do notice a difference but it is still a bit much. I just did a 100 piece puzzle and it took me 10 minutes, roughly a little over to complete. In that time, I counted how many ads I had gotten and ended up with 12 ads in total. 5 of those ads pulled me off the app completely and into the App Store to try and get me to download whatever was being advertised. Also to mention every time I was pulled away from the puzzle, I had to close and restart the app to go back to the puzzle because it would freeze. Like I said this is still much better than the last time but this is still a rough experience. Despite that, I did notice a difference and I do like your puzzles so I’ll better it to 3 stars. Can you please tone down the ads a bit more though?
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2 years ago, Evie1LovesMusic
Tedious ads in the middle of solving the puzzle are excessive and uncalled for!
Could you be more annoying with the ads? No. I don’t think that is humanly possible. An ad between puzzles seems more than adequate as “payment” for a free game. Should one want to accrue more coins faster, then by all means make us sit through another ad. But every few minutes throughput the entire puzzle making experience is beyond obnoxious! The sad thing is you have a lot of attractive puzzles I know I would have enjoyed but I will be finding another puzzle app, as there are so many to choose from that won’t beat me up with gratuitous ads. Absolutely ridiculous and more than a bit greedy at our expense! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Buh-bye! Update: The developer responded by saying sorry and the will try to make ads less annoying. HA! I just read through other reviews and this same issue has been a problem for quite some time. Clearly you have no intention of eliminating the ads during the puzzle making process! Greed and lying are ugly. Clearly I’ll not hold my breath while you continue on as usual and instead I’ll enjoy your competition’s puzzles!
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4 years ago, happy taco3000
Some suggestions...
This is a great puzzle game that I love! It's was super confusing to me at first, because when I started the puzzle the pieces where all upside down and sideways, so I was really frustrated then about a month later I decided to try again and I found a "help" button so I clicked on and boom! There was all the information I needed! I played again it it was super fun and awesome! I have a couple suggestions the first one I'm just going to go out and say, MORE PUZZLES!!!!!!!! Second I was really bummed to when I first started because I was looking through the pets category (my favorite one) and I immediately thought "Ooh that one looks cute, fun and awesome!" Then I realized you had to pay for it! All of the super cute, cool ones you have to pay for! 😡 Last, I really think it would be great if there was a search bar in the discover section, that way you can search for what puzzle you want to do! That would really effect and change my review in a good way. I am also very impressed, that you guys respond to, like all the reviews I think that's super cool 😎
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5 years ago, ela5678
Love this app so much!
I don’t usually play games on my phone because I get bored of them easily and then end up deleting them after a week or so. But this game is a keeper! There are no time limits, no points, no levels, just good old puzzle making! It’s great to play for when you’re bored, have nothing to do, and so on. There are so many options to choose from. You can even choose the amount of puzzles to put together. I believe the easiest is like 9 all the way up to 400 pieces. My only complaint about this game is that I hate when the “board” moves out of place. It’s good for when you want your puzzle pieces spread out, but it gets annoying when you accidentally pull the whole board down to the bottom haha. I don’t know if I’m the only one to complain about it, but it be awesome if you could make an option to keep the board still and in place. Kind of like the rotate option you guys have. Anyway, it’s an awesome app.
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3 years ago, -nature lover
If you haven’t already, GET THIS APP! It is amazing and a wonderful stress reliever. 1. So many puzzles. There are so many puzzles and categories to choose from, and they are all cool&child-friendly pictures. Endless puzzles if you scroll, and lots in the categories. 2. You can choose pieces amount. Once you click on a puzzle you like, your able to vary thee amount of pieces wanted to make the puzzle! Challenge yourself with 400, or keep it simple&quick with 36. 3. Categories There is a section where you can pick the category you are looking forward to doing. If I want city: Landmarks. If I want dogs: Pets or Animals. If I want flowers: Nature. So many fun and wonderful themes to pick from! 4. Saving Every puzzle you do will automatically save, and if you haven’t finished it, it will out a percentage and save as well! I have so many unfinished puzzles that I was able to finish today from LAST YEAR! You never run out of storage as well! There was only one negative effect that I had for this app, which was the adds. There were so many and they happened almost every time a clicked a puzzle. Luckily, I fixed that by buying No Adds for $5. It was worth it! Now I can do as many puzzles with no interruption. I definitely suggest this app! (and to buy no adds) Thank you creators for making it, I play it every day and it never gets old! Sincerely, Your #1 Fan! (I think)
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4 years ago, 66ceevee
One of the best around
I absolutely love the huge variety of puzzles available. I find working on puzzles very relaxing and calming. An issue I have is that sometimes the app slows down to a crawl. . . Almost like the iPad Pro freezes - has iOS 14.0.1 - shutting the iPad down and restarting usually “fixes” the issue. i recently purchased a new iPad and was able to move all my apps over the the new iPad using iCloud backup. The completed puzzles under my puzzles did not transfer over to the new iPad. November 2020 Jigsaw has become glitchy . . . Two issues that I have contacted the developer about - 1. Once I sort the puzzle pieces by shape and close out of the app, the pieces get mixed up again ; not completely but enough so they need to be sorted again . . . Does not happen if the puzzle is over 75% completed. 2. Related to issue 1. Once pieces are connected to the puzzle and some “spare” pieces are left, not connected to the started puzzle but are similar two pieces I have been connecting, if I close the app, the pieces I left unconnected and the pieces I connected during the previous time that I was putting the puzzle together, all get moved back to the sorting tray which has been mixed up. As much as I like this app, I am deleting it - the last update did not resolve the issue. I sent screen recordings to the developer to show them what was happening.
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6 years ago, Raymondkn
Pieces not freely rotating only at 90 degree incraments
I looked at pictures (screen shot?), they show pieces slightly rotated, I used to have a puzzle app that allowed for freely rotating pieces, app pictures are misleading! No way to freely rotate! Former developer response wasn't helpful all they did was give me instructions for rotating 90 degrees by clicking pieces, images on App Store show pieces at 45 degree making me think freely rotating like handling real pieces but this isn't true. Try again and please look at your advertisement images and read my problem Thanks. I will check again another time to see if they update the app. Why is it that tech people read half of a problem then give the wrong solution and think they have fixed anything? I'm ashamed to be a tech guy when this happens! I would remove the only star I gave for this! They have fake screen shots!!!!! That is what I'm judging there app on!!!!! And they seem to have no clue????? Because they try to fix my problem without READING!!!!!!!
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10 months ago, Ks2492
Come on man!!! This didn’t use to have so many adds!
Was a awesome puzzle app with few add interruptions. Until what seems like a few months ago or so the adds have increased dramatically! I already left a review regarding this issue and how it’s ruined the experience for me and probably a lot of others. I really am not sure exactly when this flood of adds happened but I know it wasn’t always this bad. CAN THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS OR WHO EVER PLEASE AT LEAST DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF FREAKING ADDS! Impossible to enjoy anymore when after every two to three pieces I get right an add comes on. these aren’t quick adds either, they’re 30 seconds long until you can exit. Then there’s been times where two of them play back to back. If your goal was to completely ruin this app and lose all of those who downloaded and played this then you’re for sure succeeding! update- Just saw in another review left by someone about adds. They responded explaining how we can always get the add free version for a “small fee”. So that’s why the adds have gotten out of control! It’s so you buy the add free version! Wow super low and scummy
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Just a tweak or two and app would be perfect!
Please change your app photo to something else besides a cat— barf!!! Why on earth would you put a cat as the sign on photo when so many people dislike them and are allergic! Love everything about the application but I do wish that there was a search function to look for specific objects, animals, places, etc. ALSO, when you complete a puzzle and are given two options for your next one, I wish it would let you choose BOTH if they are equally liked. As it is, you can only choose one and then scroll and scroll and...etc. through the whole library hoping to find the other and you rarely can because there are so many to sort through. Would definitely make more personable and engaging! Would love to see more transportation like ships and most of all TRAINS!!!!
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3 months ago, Stg 9975
Good but…
Large number and variety of puzzles is a really nice feature. Way too many ads. Too frequent interruption of puzzle for ads…sometimes sequences where there is an ad after each piece is played. Very annoying. Max puzzle size is 400 pieces. Wish there was another option for larger piece count. Still…overall gives some good enjoyment. Update: if you love ads, this game has mastered the placement and frequency of repetitive ads to interrupt your gameplay. At times, if it is taking a little while to place a puzzle piece, you can get an ad after each piece placed. I prefer the Max piece count of 400 in my puzzles so you can imagine the potential number of ads. To be fair, I think I am pretty good at putting the puzzles together so haven’t seen 400 ads in one puzzle. But the interruption and annoying resizing of the puzzles after certain ads sure makes it hard to stick with this product for long. WAY too many ads. I took a break for awhile and came back to look for any improvement but there is none.
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2 years ago, Cjbwoman
I downed this app because both me and my son Love to do puzzles 🧩 it was a blast 💥 until All the adds started I mean a few is great but when ur in the middle of building a puzzle and there more then one in the whole game it’s ridiculous Then after I did the update it freezing I deleted it I’ve uninstalled it more . Then I should Have I done this but it’s gotten old and frustrating I just wish there was less adds then what there’s been and I under stand that’s what they use to help pay for the game But there shouldn’t be as many as there been I was hoping after the update there be less adds but it just seems like they keep getting more and more one night I must of had 5 adds in one build stupid and just ( a subjections maybe let people use there pictures as a puzzle 🧩 or even create a puzzle ) all in all even after deleting it and reinstalling it I’m still playing it just really hate all the adds and I’ve tried tuns of jigsaw puzzles
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2 years ago, Blueferret64
Good app, but could be so much more fun to use
I’ve been playing jigsaw puzzles on iPad for at least 10 years. I abandoned my previous app, since they could not provide me with an ad free version, and it also drained the device battery and I could not listen to audiobook while playing. When looking for a replacement game, and finding this one, I bought the ad free version straight away. I like the daily puzzles and that they are still accessible if you miss a day or two. However 400 pieces is too small, I need more options. Also what drives me mad is that there is no scatter pieces option - if you can’t find the last missing piece, you have to enlarge and look around until you find it. Dumb. Also, you frequently minimize the game by mistake since the program isn’t locked and you inadvertently swipe it away when you try to grab a puzzle piece from the bottom tray. Weird solution. Could be done better. Will add on stars if game improves.
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4 months ago, Kdbfksofhcba
Just wish there could be more pieces!
This is a GREAT app. I love jigsaw puzzles and I LOVE being able to do them on my phone. There is a seemingly endless supply of fun puzzles to do. At first I was nervous that so many puzzles cost coins but they cost 1,000 coins and completing a puzzle will sometimes give you like 13,000 coins. I’ve accumulated over 360,000 coins at this point so “buying” puzzles won’t be a problem after you just solve a few. I really like the mechanics of the app. I like that it’s vertical so I can play very casually and comfortable. The pieces have clearly defined edges and are very responsive to touch but not overly so. Pieces will snap into place once you get them close, but it’s not so generous that you feel like a cheater. The bar at the bottom to hold the pieces is very convenient. The ads were definitely annoying, sometimes popping up in between every piece, so I did pay for the no ads version which I believe was something like one payment of $5 to get rid of ads forever. Worth every penny. My ONLY complaint is that the most number of pieces you can play is 400! But I’ve tried other puzzle apps with options for more pieces and their user experience is so inferior to this app that I just settle for the 400 pieces. If any of the developers are reading this, please add options for more pieces! I’d even pay another $5!
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2 years ago, ceeceelea
2nd review
I have downloaded every jigsaw puzzle app there is, and this one right here is absolutely the best, BY FAR. I cannot believe how much trouble it is to do a simple puzzle with all the other apps. This app is easy, fun, it’s free and it has never crashed. When my phone rings and I leave the puzzle, I don’t have to start all over like with the other apps. I go back and it’s exactly where I left off. The best part… hardly any ads. I feel like I’m jinxing myself by telling anyone about this awesome app, lol. But I want everyone else to enjoy what I am, so, if you like puzzles, this is the best app. Believe me, I downloaded every puzzle app because I love puzzles. Out of like 25 apps, this was the best, hands down. To the developers; thank you thank you thank you! Please don’t change anything, except to add new puzzles. You guys are so awesome! 🙂❤️🇺🇸
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