Joel Osteen Ministries

4.7 (8K)
46.9 MB
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Lakewood Church
Last update
3 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Joel Osteen Ministries

4.71 out of 5
8K Ratings
7 years ago, Surfallday21
Daily spiritual food and strength!!
This app is a great way to start my day, or just to listen to Joel's messages whenever I need some spiritual food and strength. I grew up never believing in God or the Spirit. Through life's challenges, I was slowly introduced to spiritual principles and prayer and meditation in my late teenage years. Then, through practicing prayer and meditation, I started feeling a connection. A few years ago, I heard one of Joel's messages and felt a genuine connection with what he had to say. I listen to him as a spiritual supplement just about everyday. I do not identify with any particular faith or religion, but I do believe there is a God or Spirit of the Universe out there because I see the consistencies between many different faiths and spiritually minded people, and I believe that Joel is tapped into that God. Thank you Joel for all that you and your family do!! -Jason R.-
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5 years ago, Irjyq2
Love this ministry
My husband, kids and I love listening and watching Lakewood Church. Initially my husband was not interested in watching a “tv preacher” but after I’d have it on and he would pass by he realized how on point the messages are. God said to go spread the good news, and that’s exactly what they are doing. My son (who is 10) really gets excited when Joel’s son preaches and asks for me to find those sermons specifically. We have a church family here in Illinois so this is a supplement and it uplifts me so much. The words help me to be an inspiration to others as I work in medicine and always need words of hope for my patients who are in their most difficult times. Thanks for allowing God to move through your ministry and for coming into our homes with God’s word. Prayers for you all for continued strength. ❤️
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7 years ago, MAD56_
Joel Osteen App
I thoroughly enjoy and can't wait to read Today's Word every day. I especially like the fact the weekly sermon is on here. I am very impressed with Lakewood opening its doors to victims of hurricane Harvey. Lakewood Church makes me wish I lived in Houston. I live in Washington but, if I'm ever in Texas I'm definitely going to Lakewood. I love Victoria and what a strong women she is and how she encourages women to be the same and not settle for less. Ex: I'd rather be alone on the couch watching TV with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then be with someone who doesn't deserve me. I said an AMEN to that one. Your children are a shining example to all young people everywhere of how to live positive and blessed lives with their family and the Lord. God Bless you Osteens, Mary Dombrowik Spokane, WA
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12 months ago, cantsubmitarwview
Horrible app!!!
Can’t log in, have tried to rest passwords multiple times and never receive an email as it says I would (yes I’ve checked trash, junk, and promotions), can’t download a wallpaper because it says I have no space on my phone (yea I’ve checked that too and I have lots of space available), and there is no way to contact anyone! I love Joel, but what’s the point of having an app that is non-functional and has no support? I also listened to a podcast and texted the correct word to the phone number it said to if you were a new believer (yes I checked that a couple of times to make sure I had everything correct) and nothing happened…no confirmation, no message, no nothing. I am extremely disappointed in the entire JO experience. They act like they care so much and ask for donations all the time but then never follow up and don’t do what they say they will do. Total let down and disappointment. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth about the whole “empire”.
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5 years ago, macrakn
My name is Ashley and I’m from Westerly Rhode Island. I’ve been struggling with my faith for years until I heard a sermon that my father was listening to that made tears come to my eyes. Joel has shown me that there’s no need to be bitter and that god could handle everything. Later on that day I came out to my father about the problems that I had went through in high school that I was too scared and embarrassed to say. I told him how I was not only physically hurt by my ex but also raped by him and another ex boyfriend. Thanks to Joel I can finally let go that part of my life, now there are other things I can’t let go of and I know it will take time. But, Joel has given me a light I can rely on. All I can say is thank you.
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6 years ago, The Colts
Lost and now found!
I cannot put into words how much this app means to me! Joel is a handsome Godsend, along with his beautiful inspirational wife Victoria. The Osteen’s came into my life at a very difficult time. Sometimes the craziness of life can be all consuming if we let it, but then when you can step back and recognize the signs from God everything becomes clear. This is a wonderful life! I don’t want to go a day without this app and all of the beautiful inspirations inside. With so many negative things going on in the world today, this app is a positive oasis we can turn to at any time any where! Much love to the Osteen’s! Only wish a Lakewood Church would open in my neighborhood :)
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5 years ago, Jashicks
Loving the positive spirit
I am a daughter of the King. Praise be to God! Your positive way of which you delivery His word and message is a blessing to me. Thank you, for your leadership and please know you are making great impacts in people’s life. I want do things for others. I have a willing heart. More often than I like the devil throws huge boulders at me and I get off track with all kinds of crazy, wrong emotional feelings. Your act of kindness, your deliverance of scripture and devotion helps with turning me around just at the right moment. You do what our Father requires of us all show love at all times even when we our selves are hurting. Thank you. God Bless You! Keep up the Awesome Work....
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4 years ago, skulivan
Just love it
Hello all! Just want y’all to know this is one of the best apps for watching ‘virtually anything.’ It’s streamlined, crisp and doesn't stutter’ like some other apps do. I also, and most importantly, really like listening to the Word as presented by Mr Osteen! A very unique and favorable way of conveying God’s Word that makes understanding a true revaluation! There is however one slight drawback, it cannot be ‘cast’ to my TV set or other device. Luckily, I have a 10 inch iPad screen, otherwise I’d be watching on a tiny little phone (and my eyes are bad 😁) which would be rather depressing. Anyway, the 4 stars are only for the lack of ‘casting’, otherwise a 5 star rating would be forthcoming. Ps... a few more controls wouldn’t hurt, but by no means necessary. Enjoy!
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6 years ago, Respiratory Therspist
Every since I left my bad marriage 10 years ago I have gone through many struggles in my life from trouble with my children to battling cancer to losing love ones who went to be with the lord. There was a time when I didn’t pray as much as should and I forgot about how God has always taken care of me. He healed me of my cancer blessed me financially with a career so that I could take care of my children and placed a wonderful man in my life. One day I was listening to the radio and came across Joel and Victoria on and I have never looked back. I down loaded the app and I cannot go a day without listening to one of Joel’s messages Tara
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6 years ago, chickenlit'l
To know if God is one thing... to know God is quite another.. Thank you Joel & Victoria!
I always knew God was inside of me but could never quite distinguish knowing God was always with me v knowing God? The personal relationship has been growing in understanding, obedience, faithfulness, and in accepting our heavenly fathers Undeserved kindness. Wow! Had I known God and his word sooner in my life there would be no could uv, would uv, should uv... but this is the very evidence of our heavenly fathers forgiveness and love we can only be humbly grateful for, it the future and destiny “He” wants us to be prepared for in all expectancy! Thank you Joel for clarification, teaching, and opening the door of light in my life!
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5 years ago, T982
Absolutely Love It
I love this app! Reading the daily devotionals help me to get through my day and week. I know that each devotional is truly a God sent word because when I have prayed about something, there it is being talked about in the devotional. The word given through this app, has helped me to become closer to God daily. I only have one gripe and that’s that for every 3 or 4 times that Apple has an update, my app stops working for a week or until I send an email about it. Thankfully, after I send the email, the developers create an update and it is fixed. They don’t do it for me. It’s all GOD!!!!
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7 years ago, ChloChlo1986
An app that changes your spirit
I have been a huge fan of Joel Osteen for probably a decade now. Changed my life and my family. I needed someone who is a motivational speaker and just a positive person that can touch your mind, your soul, and your spirit. He has a way of talking to you like you are the most important person in the room. It's a powerful feeling and I believe his messages and sermons changes lives, raises self esteems, promotes positive changes, and makes you view yourself your words, thoughts, actions that you put into world , and want to be the best version of yourself in your life.
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6 years ago, Haheidi
Been watching for 5 years
I was so looking forward to using this app again but the same problem seems to happen as before. Each time I download the app onto my phone and try to open it stays on for two or three seconds and then disappears. I saw that somebody else wrote a similar review so I figured maybe if enough of us write there will be a change. I love the services and of course Joel makes everything work right in his sermons please… Fix this app so we can see you often! Much love and respect and a happy and healthy new year to all of you 🧡🎶
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6 years ago, KySig01
Joel Osteen for iPhone App
I Love this app when it works!! For whatever reason on occasion it won’t even open. I’ll click on it then it acts like it’s going to open then it will shut down. What I usually do is I end up deleting it, then I download it again, which means I have to enter my email, & password. However; the last time I tried this it didn’t work. Randomly a couple of days later it started working again & has been fine ever since!!! I like Today’s Word, and Joel’s video from his service. I like being able to watch at my convenience. You can buy his books and stuff through this app, too if you wanted.
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5 years ago, Kel A G
The best time in my life is now
I cannot express in words how much Pastor O’Steen has helped me strengthen my faith. I look forward to reading his inspirations through the word of God every morning. It is such a wonderful way to start my day. Then I continue with listening to him by radio on my way to work and all throughout the day while I am in the car. Pastor O’Steen preaches faith through the LOVE of GOD. I now have constant joy in my heart where there once was fear and despair. I feel I am truly blessed and thank God everyday for what he has placed in my life and my heart. Thank you Pastor O’Steen❤️
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4 years ago, Kpookpoo
Font Size for the Mobile App
Thanks so much, Pastor Joel, for all you do for the Kingdom of Christ here on earth. I still wish for a day you will visit Nigeria. I worshipped at Lakewood, Houston in 2016 and I enjoyed every bit of the service. You and your family are indeed a blessing to Christendom. Font Size - kindly add a functionality that can help one to increase the font size of the daily messages as they are too small and don’t change with the phone’s font size setting. I use an iPhone 11. Please look into this as it’s the only reason I rated the app 4 stars. I will like to come back and revise my rating upwards. Many thanks and God bless.
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6 years ago, Angel4ARK
Love Pastor Joel Osteen
For 10 years my husband and I have watched Pastor Joel every time we can. Some Sunday's sports are on instead of Lakewood Church Service. Now we have our Joel Osteen Ministries App...and WE LOVE IT! We saw Pastor Joel at "Night of Hope" in Sacramento, CA in 2017. It was a night of restoration and renewal. I remember how genuine Pastor Joel was. It was a night we will never forget! Thank you Joel and Victoria for all you do! We love you! An ultimate dream of ours is to visit Lakewood Church one day and sit in the front row. God bless you! Thank you for making such a difference in our lives with your messages! Lori & Stu McKellepp
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6 years ago, LNU97
App sometimes doesn’t work
I’ve noticed that when your doing updates on the app, the app will not open for 2-3 days. I like to read the daily Devotionals everyday and there will be times when once you open the app, it just waits and thinks...never going to anything else and then completely closes the app altogether. This only happens when your new themes, new topics, new books are being showcased thru the app and updating. I really like this app, but that seems to be an ongoing problem which can be a little frustrating. It’s not my phone either, because I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, updating all my apps.. etc. the problem is on your end. I really hope you can get that fix. Other than that I love it.
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7 years ago, t_rawwrii
Inspirational + Convenient
If you are familiar with Joel Osteen you know what an amazing inspiration he can be. This app allows that inspiration to unfold not only in your darkest hour, but on a daily basis. I read Today's Word each morning, which includes a prayer appropriate for any and every situation. Additionally, I watch Wake Up To Hope with Joel and Victoria on TBN each morning. When traveling for work, I'm able to easily and conveniently still watch via the Messages feature on the app. Definitely one of my most-used apps.
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5 years ago, CAPTAIN JOGO
Great Blessings
This app gets my day going. Let’s me see things from a different perspective. Let’s me see how I can change my life for the better. I have been following Joel for years now. Meet him in DC. Great individual. This app sets things for my day and I hv been blessed with so many great things in my life, great wife, children’s and grand children. Many new friends and my positions professionally in the military have been fruitful. I look forward to many more. God Bless the Olsteen Family and all those who read this. God Bless. S/F CAPT J Gomez
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5 years ago, The_Pie_Man
Cannot log in
After installing the app, it kept asking me to enter my email address and create a password, which I did, only to be taken back to the same “create login” screen again. I did get the confirmation email saying I successfully set up my account so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, only for it to tell me my password is incorrect. Not only that, but when I get the error message, the keyboard blocks the field where you are supposed to enter your password or click “forgot password” and there is no way to move the keyboard out of the way or slide the screen up to access these fields. Not sure where to go from here... would really like to access this app but it’s not cooperating.
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5 years ago, BenjPhoto
Please make an audio version of your apps.
I’m often in situations where there is limited cell signal and an audio only version was what I was looking for. It might not be so bad if the button to make sure content was up to date actually downloaded the videos (while connected to Wi-Fi) and then allowed you to watch later. As the app is, I couldn’t even watch while on a good Wi-Fi connection. I ended up deleting the app. I’d gladly come back for an app that had audio only or one that allowed you to choose between audio and video.
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5 years ago, Jenny_Kraft
App stopped working
I love this app, but it has not been working well for me. I’ve had it ask me to re-log in several times simply opening it for the day. I’ve had this app quit working completely, even after deleting the app, then installing it, again and again, same problem! One day I just prayed, that it would work when I tried to install it, and it worked. My mini miracle! If your app isn’t working, don’t give up, God is listening! I’d appreciate better overall technical functionality, accuracy, ANTI-VIRUS, and regular current installed updates, with all aspects of Osteen ON-LINE Ministries.
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5 years ago, OnlyAri
Love Joel
This has been one of my favorite apps since I can remember. Being able to hear and watch Joel whenever I need to hear the Word or whenever my faith is low means everything. I would love to see him in person, but since I’m hundreds of miles away, this is the next best thing. I wish the app was optimized for iPad use. It works, but it’s not formatted to fit the tablet screen. I don’t watch television, either, and cut the cable cord a while back, so having an app to watch on is ideal.
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5 years ago, Sequoia007
Tears Of Joy
I am a mother of two young (black) men. I stress out race because we all know that our society that country still has an ugliness about life and that the way it’s still shading evilness. But there has been a light at the end of my tunnel GOD has lead me towards Pastor Osteen’s messages. I am 54 years young struggling with life choices I am blessed I am learning to “take my seat”. I truly love this app. I need this in my life if there was any reason to get hook on being on my cell phone this is the best reason of all. WONT HE DO IT!!!! Amen
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3 years ago, Luopean
Donation focused
I have used this app since 2015. It has gotten me through very dark times and I was very thankful to be able to have the word of God conveniently with me at all times until this last update. Now you can’t get to the word without the word donate being prominently in your face on top right corner. On top of that you can’t successfully use the app without providing personal info which I know they want to inundate me with requests for donations or for advertising. Im a healthcare worker who is also in graduate school. Money is tight, morale is low. Shame on you all for denying people the word of God in these tough times for money. I will be getting rid of the app after all these years.
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4 years ago, Angel STL
Joel’s App
When you are going through something or need a lift...Joel can bring you through a storm. My go to app to get my today, tomorrow and future blessings. We need more words of encouragement, especially with debt, bills, lack of jobs, the president shenanigans, driving on the roads, getting out for shopping and more. The pandemic really got a lot going, stay prayerful. Thank you for Joel and his family blessings and helping others to see it going to be alright, just press through.
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6 years ago, Hubbydaddy
Awesome !
Fabulous app! The daily devotionals are inspiring and appropriate for the times we are living. I would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone. The only change I would like to see is an option to save the devotionals and share them. Currently, I copy and paste but I would like the option to be able to add them with one action ( I.e, a button at the bottom of the screen). Additionally, I would prefer a darker font. It can be challenging to read the devotion in certain areas because of the light font.
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5 years ago, Shawn MINNESOTA
Content phenomenal/ APP functionality not always working
I love the content and uplifting theme! There is enough cruddy news and negativity in the world. The spirit of moving forward and throwing out the “hope” rope to so many people in many seasons and trials of life is an anchor to our souls! The APP functionality is doing a lot of the same things many are commenting on. Only saying this to help them iron out the kinks. Thanks for all you do!!!!! You change lives every hour of every day. Peace.
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6 years ago, Cakelover902
Awesome content but sometimes app glitches
This app has become a part of my daily devotional and often times speaks to my exact circumstances. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is that sometimes the app just won’t connect. I thought it was my phone so I reloaded and it worked. Then a couple of months later, the app would open then immediately shut down. Not sure why it does that... I wish there were a easy to give it 4.98 stars because the glitching is technical I'm thinking.
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5 years ago, Fishes4
Ever since I found Joel on TV and started watching him, he has inspired my spirit soo much. I have relocated to live by the ocean, which was the dream that God put in my heart. And now I live 20 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean in California . I continue to be blessed reading his devotionals everyday and record his weekly sermons that I watch every Sunday . God put you in the spot you are in today , Joel, to touch not only my life but the life of 10,000 fold. Thank you for stepping into your fathers footsteps.
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7 years ago, magnetum
Sleep On!
Very encouraging sermons and have truly been blessed since I started watching Pastor Joel. At times I feel like my hope is gone, no faith but when I turn his sermons I get reminded how God values me, am his Child! Sleep on to all the discouragements, disappointments, break ups, miss agreements and all those negative things that pull me/ us back from reaching into what God has promised/ planned for me/us. Thank you Joel and family and may God give you the strength and power to spread his word. Amen
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6 years ago, Andres Miami
You’ve made an positive impact on my life.
After dealing for many years with depression and anxiety I find great peace with you. I can only thank you by donating what I can monthly with my hope being that you can make the same or better of an impact / difference on someone else’s life. You have brought me very close to God who has in turn brought me further out of my agony. I know I’m in the high road to a better and healthier future. Thank you Joel & Victoria. God bless.
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7 years ago, Enkie140
My Morning Routine
Joel's app has been my go-to for the beginning of my day and start of my morning prayer time. The messages are always perfect for what I need. The app is easy to understand and use. I have never had any issues accessing the materials. The materials are always up to date which helps especially when I needed encouragement and direction. Thank you for having this available to help me grow in faith.
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2 years ago, LuvreadingtheWord
Not always current
This is a good app. I love using it daily to get the word of encouragement of the day. However, the reason behind the 3-star rating and not a 5 is that, in the last several months, I've noticed that it is not current. Whoever works in uploading the Word gets several days behind. For instance, today is Dec 19, and yet they haven't put up the new word, and it's currently still on Dec 16. And this is not the first time either. Please get it together and stay on top of it; many people depend on the Word daily.
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6 years ago, ugly tech people
Can’t get past the sign in
Try to sign in on the app and there’s nowhere to put the password they sent you an email and says I don’t have a link but it doesn’t it’s just a temporary password there’s nowhere to put the password in and every time you open the app circles back to asking your password delete it and reinstall it it’s just terrible and it’s such a shame people need this app so why can’t the developers make it they can make apps to waste our time OK but not something that’s going to actually help us what the heck get on it fix this problem or just delete it because it’s really not right everyone else gets to do it but not us what the hell
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6 years ago, Monig64
Can’t Get Pass The Sign Up
I would really like to try this app but I can’t seem to sign in. After I put in my email address I keep getting a message that says an email has been sent to me. It says I need to click on the link in the email to confirm and get a password. Then it says I should return to the app, and enter the password to get started. The problem is that I have tried this at least 15 times. I keep getting the same message but I have not received the email. I keep checking the junk, and spam folders and there is no email there either. I hate to write a bad review but I have emailed the company twice but have not gotten any response.
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5 years ago, starryeyes65
Couldn’t fully open
I just downloaded this app on my iPhone 8plus and never had a chance to see and use what it has to offer. I log in and I get a transparent tutorial screen. No matter which one I chose, it just crashes and shuts down. I’ve tried multiple times and even restarted my phone and still can’t get passed the opening tutorial screen. Does anyone else have this issue? How can it be resolved? I gave a neutral positive 3 stars because I feel this app and Joel offer positive spiritual messages but I can’t utilize it right now. :(
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4 years ago, Bobbie Crocker
Blessed by joel osteen app
Praise Jesus that he let this app and other Christian apps accessible tobminister to us anywhere anytime i am truley grateful to have this easy to use app never have any issues always up to date content from the holy bible and its free to download the messages are crucial for me i enjoy this app highly recommend it i always have encouragement when i need its a super neat app user friendly if you want to grqo your faith in god this a superb tool
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5 years ago, S Ulloa
Spiritual strength
Every morning I read a devotional say a prayer it is awesome how it changes my day with my husband my daughter it puts me more at peace and to have more patience in life I love Joel olsteen devotional and we also watch his service when we can’t make it to our wonderful church harbor Christian center. It gives me strength throughout my day to keeps me going staying strong through our Heavenly Father. So thank u Joel for this app it’s wonderful. Blessings to u all.
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5 years ago, chadsweet
Inspiring, but digitally difficult
Substance is awesome, but the app itself is digitally difficult. Not sure who Joel got to develop it, but it has meaningful room for improvement by digitally standards. For example, if you feel inspired by a daily devotional there is no way to book mark it or save that particular one. Additionally, you cannot forward or share that specific devotional to a friend without sending the whole app link & then giving them step by step instructions on how to access it. It’s a B- now. Hoping Joel can get the app to an A like his sermons.
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5 years ago, FrassSassy
Text message
I am blessed with a message or a direction that God is sending me every time I open the app! Just a little funny to share BUT TRUE! When I am at a cross road or just need a boost, I say “Lord can you just send me a text message”? When I get my daily message the Lord does just that for me🙏😀 I would like to see a “share” button. There are so many times that the message is for someone else. I usually just screen shot it.
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5 years ago, Frontier2010
Fantastic App
I absolutely love this app. I was raised in a religious home, then fell away from church. Two years ago, I lost my dad. I’ve also had issues with an addiction for several years, and until recently felt rather lost. I hope to see my dad again someday, and listening to Mr. Osteen every day as well as reading in this app, I believe I might be able to. I struggle with how I see myself, but God loves me. I hope to improve myself.
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5 years ago, acruey
I really love this app. It’s a great way to start your day. Very positive messages that speak to me and it’s always what I need too hear right at that moment . The only down fall is I noticed when they are doing updates on the app you can’t open it for a couple of days, which is very frustrating because I want to read the devotionals everyday. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that doesn’t work. Overall I love the app and messages.
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5 years ago, A Better Being
Truly Life Changing
I began listening to Pastor Osteen 2 months ago during my drives between Norfolk to Jacksonville. During that time, my husband and I were selling our house in a stagnant market and I was trying to find a new job. Pastor Osteen’s messages kept me motivated throughout the process and helped me change my way of thinking and attitude for the better. I am forever grateful for the positive impact he has on my life. Thank you, Pastor Osteen!!!
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4 years ago, EG2451
Love it
Great app, love listening in the car on my way to work. Pastor Joel is amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a book signing in Woodstock, GA many years ago. Same genuine person you see on tv. I currently am dealing with a lot in life. I look forward to his messages as they all put my mind at peace give me hope that everything will be OK...God has a greater plan for me. Thank you Pastor Joel for blessing so many lives. You saved mine.
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4 years ago, Jer.S
In a world filled with so many bad things, our young people ask why didn’t God just make us all perfect and sinless. This world is full of difficulties and each of us has to walk our own journey, but you are not walking alone. God is with us. This app brings what we all need more of Hope. The positive connection to God’s word through this ministry is exactly what everyone needs more of. J.S. Baton Rouge, LA
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5 years ago, lmbkkmkkls
Great app
Keeps me on my toes and mind clear to see better days even when the struggle is so real that I wanna give up I let go and let god handle that part my life has been nothing but failure I’m 27 living with my mama that’s hates me and kids that don’t respect me because she has taught them to hate me I wanna give up everyday it’s hard to wake up and keep pushing I don’t have a clue why I still even try to live
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5 years ago, Beda Glow
A Blessing
I’m very grateful to be able to access this app. Listening to the inspirational messages at the start of my day keeps me encouraged and ready to approach the day with a God centered attitude. When I face days or moments that are particularly challenging I can access a message to support me until my heart is changed. Thank you for freely allowing access. You and the Lakewood family are truly a blessing in my life.
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5 years ago, Sinerely Me 🙏
Making A Difference
Joel Thank You from the inner part of my soul for what you do. This app has helped me keep my spirits up threw some very difficult times. I believe even my husband has been listening in the background. His spirits are low for he is fighting stage four lung cancer and by the Grace Of God I believe he will be healed. Keep doing what your doing because I know you make a difference ❤️Thank You ❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely Me 🙏
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