John L. Scott Home Search

2.6 (179)
96.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
John L. Scott,Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for John L. Scott Home Search

2.6 out of 5
179 Ratings
4 years ago, Eric 143
Old app was much better
I just loaded this app as the old one is no longer working. It was a good app. This one is hard to use and extremely klunky. I plan to delete it as it’s virtually unusable. I’ve seen the developer’s response and looked at the app on my iPhone. It’s about average with other RE apps on an iPhone, so I adjusted the rating from 1 to 3. As the response to MANY raters is the app is made to work with the iPhone and you should just use the website for iPads/iPods, the compatibility section should not include them and list solely iPhones.
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3 years ago, Nicole Cortines
I love the John L. Scott Home Search app!
The John L. Scott app has made my home search experience a breeze! I was able to browse the homes I’m interested in using the criteria filters - bed/bath count, price range, locations, schools, and more! I was even able to receive instant notifications for when properties matching my search criteria hit the market! Then, when I was ready to move our housing goals forward, I was able to contact my local John L. Scott real estate specialist directly! Thank you John L. Scott for making my home search easy and enjoyable!
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7 years ago, Mike_skate33
*Edit 6/18* New updates makes app unusable
*Edit: missing info is back, app is back to being a great tool again thanks! Five stars* App used to work great, very quick and the most up to date versus the competitors. However the newest update has removed price history, school district info, listing date, and other key items that now drive me to use competitor apps for the same, public info. I hope this was a mistake, otherwise shame! There is no reason to hide public info like this; you will lose users.
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3 years ago, FirstMark
Two annoying items
This has been my go to app for a number of years. It is a good app except for two things. The first is the app doesn’t work when the iPad is on its side. The second is there is no need to have the property count box. It block the lower part of the screen an shows up whenever the map is moved. Five stars except for those two items.
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4 years ago, _JDMcColl_
Go back to the original!
You would think that a company would take the suggestions that they are receiving from their users and make changes. Literally something as simple as going back to the previous version would make all the difference. I’m using an iPhone and do not see in anyway that this app is “optimized” for my phone. You have 71 reviews and well over half are rating this app one star. Without even having to check I’m sure that most of those one star reviews showed up after the latest update.
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4 years ago, Reyna Saldate
Love the new version
As first adopter of JLS home search I found the new version to be more user friendly and intuitive. The list feature, criteria buttons, ability to share on social media and map over view have been a big improvement. I love this new version—your clients will too!
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3 years ago, nocounts
Please remove property count
The most recent release has a super annoying feature that keeps counting and reporting the number of homes found in map view. Who cares? Interferes with looking at houses
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4 years ago, pdxh2ooo
Restore to the previous version!
It’s clear from the recent reviews that the latest version is trash. I am sure the you are working hard to fix the many issues raised by the reviews, but why not make the previous version available for all your loyal users in the meantime? The latest version is simply unusable. I hope you are spending time to improve on the previous version, which was a good app to start with, and not wasting your time on making this pig (the latest version) fly.
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4 years ago, Frustrated*2
I have an Idea
How about letting users using lesser versions of the IOS actually use the app....or for that matter find the app in the app store🤷🏻‍♂️ 0 stars.... updating your users out of the app is not a way to increase your 1 star rating. And....👇 The information is always nil. Never showing rents or noi for multifamily or commercial. This app is the epitome of why the idea of redfin exists....unfortunately(and fortunately) redfin does not exist in a few MLS’s and that is why you haven’t been crushed.. pS I hate redfin and what they stand for, do the math jLS
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4 years ago, Mathew1020
Great App!
Happy to share with my clients. Make looking for homes together a breeze. Keeps us both on the same page and our fingers on the pulse of the market. Last update cleared up a few bugs and has made for a big improvement.
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4 years ago, NelAnd2013
So bad my last review was deleted 😉
Used to be our favorite app! JLS has been my go to for years, starting with their desktop version which I found was easy to navigate and super user friendly, to when they first rolled out their phone/tablet apps up until recently! Such a HUGE disappointment! The developers really need to go back to the old interface! As many have said, don’t fix what ain’t broken! I understand this is in the beta phase...hope they phase it out!
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4 years ago, red_kayak
Inferior and Frustrating
The old app was my go to for many years, and I always recommended it to everyone, as it was far superior to all other RE apps, hands down. What were they thinking with this inferior, impossible to use, and ultimately frustrating update? I can no longer use it on my iPad and the iPhone version is seriously downgraded. Why did they ruin such a great app? All I can think of is this new one is less expensive. It certainly looks cheap.
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4 years ago, the real "SIR chaos"
Developer needs to stop blaming
Here’s what I’m seeing: People are explaining what they liked, and what they dont like.. the reviews aren’t great, we can all agree on that. The problem is exaccerbated when the developer steps in and says “Sorry that YOU are having issues..” which definitely isnt acknowledging their own role in either CREATING, or REMEDIATING the issues with their product. Very immature and myopic.
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4 years ago, youronething
Cool and Immediate Text SMS
What I love is instantly receiving updates on the homes in my neighborhood that go on the market or sell. Allows me to be in the know without having to go and search for it. Great user interface.
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3 years ago, Dewormerizer
Seems every update they find ways to make it less user friendly. Used to be my go to site back when they had different map type options so you could view the property. Now I have a big banner over my screen telling me how many properties it’s currently showing making it extremely annoying to see where the properties actually are.
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4 years ago, coffeeworkwine
Best Real Estate App!!
The JLS app is hands down the best app. It’s easy to use, has great graphics and features and updates new listings faster than Redfin and Zillow. Super impressed with it and highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, jakmd1234
Not as user friendly
My husband and I use to spend a lot of time perusing the JLS app. Not anymore. We miss seeing the pictures of the houses on the left of the screen. It was a quick way of eliminating the houses we weren’t interested in. I also like “landscape” viewing and that’s not possible anymore. iPad and iPhone show up differently. Searching for other apps that we can use.
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4 years ago, Porternomix
Now with California!!! Excellent Update!
What’s nice about this app is that it not only provides up to date info on properties directly from the MLS but also has incredibly helpful built in Buyer and Seller Guides. Sweet app!
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4 years ago, Siskiyou1
Please bring back the iPad app
I really liked the ipad app but now all you offer is a phone app that doubles in size, this is horrible I don’t even use it anymore and I am looking for a different app from another realtor that has the features of your old app. I updated it a few minutes ago hoping the old app would be back but now it starts to open then crashes.
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4 years ago, KeltonVon
Love the updated version
Such a great app to view all homes for sale, pending and sold. Plus you can connect it to your property tracker account so everything is synced up. LOVE IT!!!
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4 years ago, AliKelSea
Bad app, missing features in New version
In responses to previous bad reviews, the defhrloed says they are constantly reheating updates. It's been 2 months since the last one. There is no way to access a mortgage calculator for the property you are viewing. That's pretty basic.
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3 years ago, Kallie Dillion
Bad app
It frequently doesn’t work and gives several different error messages. And no, it’s NOT my phone. I’ve had the app for about 10 +- years and it doesn’t seem to ever improve. Not sure why after all this time they can’t get it right. I don’t recommend it. And I’m moving on to something different.
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3 years ago, Anthro66
New properties available ribbon
Please remove the annoying “properties available” ribbon that keeps coming across my screen every time I move the map!
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4 years ago, My sunrise
Bring back iPad version
This was the top app in the industry until the iPad version was removed and replaced to be phone only version. Now I am using a different app and real estate company driven by the removal of the iPad version. Please bring back the iPad version, not all of us want to view on a phone only
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4 years ago, john4144
Doesn’t work with iPad Air
I use the app a lot and it has been fairly issue free over the last few years. The newest version of the app doesn’t work with anything less than iOS 13. The iPad Air’s latest os is 12.4. As a result the app will not function on some iPads. Please fix if possible.
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4 years ago, crwyman
JL Scott
This used to be the best real estate app out there for many years! Sometime near the end of last year it was updated and went in the toilet. I would prefer to use Zillow now and it’s bad. Constant stalling and bad format. Needs to go back to what it was. Would give it zero stars if I could.
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5 years ago, PNW CLO
Street view
Street view has an issue. Looks like a film negative. “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” message displays.
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4 years ago, yuhygtftgujijy
Bring back the previous app!
This one is a real step backward. I now have to use HomeSpotter and I can’t recommend the JLS app to buyers anymore. This has no landscape view, no aerial photo view, doesn’t fill the screen, listing details are limited to 3, and on a separate page, no less.
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4 years ago, WeedRunner
Latest version is horrible! Take me back to the previous one. If I would have known, I WOULD NOT have updated it. Deleting the app and using Zillow. Zillow is not as good as the previous JLS version, but is tons better than this current garbage. Fire the developers.
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1 year ago, Jtotheboyd
Fix it
Implement a new app update that is comparable with the new iOS update or pay me to do it for you. People want to buy property not delete and download again for an app to work. 100k and I can fix this issue for you.
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4 years ago, katc22222
Change it back!
This used to be the best real estate app. My favorite out of all of them. My favorite “real estate porn” app! What happened? It is all ruined. It’s glitchy, you can’t zoom in on photos, among many other downgrades. I miss the old version 😭 Please change it back!!!
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4 years ago, Jazzman16
This app is permanently broken.
I used this app religiously for a couple years. It was great and reliable. Then, a few months ago it just stopped working. I am getting automatic updates so I can only assume John L Scott is going out of business. Why else wouldn’t they fix this?
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2 years ago, User friendliness essential
Newer isn’t Better
Awkward and does not adjust to horizontal image. Prefer older version. Please make older version available. Much easier to use. I have been a fan of it for years.
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4 years ago, 23-/#'fiyrnnn
Great app!
User-friendly for agents as well as clients and customers. No complaints!
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4 years ago, Patti_A_Seattle
Ruined a good thing
I used the prior versions often. Loved it. The recent update ruined it. Now it’s so user-UNfriendly that I’ve deleted it from my phone. I periodically check in, as I’m property-shopping, hoping JLS has reverted back to the user-friendly platform, but NOPE. Back to Zillow.
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4 years ago, Markw1234
Used to be a great app
Used to be a great app but i think john l scotts little brother was elected to “improve “ it. Wont even open on my iPhone anymore and works crappy on my iPad. Truely 10 steps backward with the latest 2 or 3 updates. If i could give zero stars i would have.
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4 years ago, Angus Carter
What have you done?
I used to sing the praises of the John L Scott map search. No more! This new version is horrible. Can’t even look at it in landscape view on iPad. Colors are bad. Side bar of properties no longer on same screen. Who asked for this trash? Time to find a new app. bummed.
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4 years ago, gangles2000
Someone should be fired. Not having a iPad supported app is inexcusable in today’s mobile landscape. Not only that, you had one that many people used and liked and decided to put it in the garbage. I am now off to use one of your competitors apps.
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4 years ago, Tobinbot
Great app ruined
This was my go-to realty app for YEARS. You totally ruined it. When it isn’t just crashing, it is finicky and clunky and completely NOT user friendly. A great thing ruined. Fire whoever you hired to ‘revamp’ your platform and go back to the original.
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4 years ago, K3yrtrf
You ruined the best RE app
This was my best most up to date app to search properties. You have ruined it with new version, please go back. By all the other recent reviews it wasnt only me. Does not work on ipad and iphone version not much better
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4 years ago, no im up
Why would you ruin it?
This used to be the best real estate app. The best. It was intuitive and useful. Why, why would you ruin it? You took the worst parts of the other real estate apps and lost the best parts of this app. Put it back. Put it back!!
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4 years ago, anacortesmrsm
Great home search app
Easy to use and a great tool!
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4 years ago, Jody L
The update is terrible
I am going to stop using this app - it used to be very user friendly for my iPhone and I can no longer navigate it at all. I would like the old app back please. Not using this one sly longer
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1 year ago, KC Southern Oregon
Crashes every time
This used to be my go to real estate app. Not sure what has changed, but my app closes as soon as I open it. It is a great app when it is working.
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4 years ago, TwoCollieTom
Phone version on my iPad is essentially useless.
I was so disappointed to find that there is no longer an iPad version. The iPhone version is basically useless on my iPad. Plus bring back the iPad version. Thanks.
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5 years ago, CCbaxter1
This is an awesome app for searching for homes! Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, MLERIM
Terrible Change
You ruined the app with the last update. It used to be the best. Now it’s terrible. Change it back or give us the option to change it back.
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7 years ago, Negerer
This app is great but...
This app is great and worked great for the longest time but all of a sudden just pops up with the message "bad request". I've tried turning off the phone and updating the app but it doesn't work. I'd love to use the app again!
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4 years ago, FireFlier7
Needs Help
I used this app all summer. Not nearly as good as just going to the JLS website. This app has been non-functional for me for the past week. Tried to delete and reload. Can’t reload it from the App Store.
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4 years ago, billy bob for washington
Terrible new update!
This was my app of choice. Worked great and I could easily contact John L Scott people to see a property. Now the rotation is lock, so very difficult to use and sort on my iPad. Guess I’ll look for a new app from someone else.
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