Jovia Financial Credit Union

4.8 (9.8K)
167.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jovia Financial Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jovia Financial Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
9.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Jopaulemon0710
Original setup
Please go back to the previous version. The whole “deposit” and “withdrawal” info is pretty annoying and the days are no longer separated, now it’s just this long running list of transactions. It doesn’t look as organized as it did before. Please go back to the previous version!
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4 months ago, Frasta18
Cannot do a mobile deposit been trying for over a week removed app reloaded app nothing works. it keeps telling me to retake the picture and it couldn’t capture the picture, yet The picture is right there clearly on my phone Called Jovia they have no idea they say I’m the only one with this problem. Really? It happens with every account I have and my family has also tried mobile deposits with their accounts and the same thing happens. now I have to physically go to the bank, which is not near me, to make a deposit. Completely frustrated.
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4 years ago, star ninjja
Update to enable card when we can use our credit card whenever we want to as if you can turn off or turn on that way nobody would to never hack our account if cash app had it y’all should have it the way when we can turn off card at night when ready to use
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9 months ago, Camaro 45th
App is broken, cannot pay my auto loan
Been using this app for about a year and it’s been ok, not the most intuitive experience. To pay my auto loan I have to go to the last tab and then press loan payment (if you press Pay under my loan it shows I have no eligible accounts). At the top of the loan payment screen I would click Make Payment but it no longer works. None of the options on the top of the screen work anymore. Please fix this so I make a payment and not get charged a late fee.
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3 years ago, st33v3trilla
Comfort and great for all my Jovia accounts checking and monitoring my finances
Thank goodness for this app. I recently gave my debit numbers to some evil telemarketing company. No need to say weeks after the transaction crazy purchases started popping, if it was not for this app who knows when I would have find out
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6 years ago, DeweyandAnnie
Only one thing could make this app better
I would love the ability to see my Visa credit purchases as they are made and be able see all past transactions. I have this on other cards and it helps to ensure there are no fraudulent purchases.
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11 months ago, Justuniversal
The app is ok, I just don’t agree with the company itself.
Jovia has no problem treating you in the most suspicious manner whenever you deposit large sums of cash, yet will quickly snatch money from one account in order to pay any debt owed to them without warning or concern. I financed a car thru them and had a checking account. If one or two days passed, they will snatch that money from your checking and pay themselves without any regard of your own financial management. Do what you want
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3 years ago, Way 01
Customer service
What I love about this establishment, you always strive to assist your customers. I’ve been banking with you for over 28 years and I would not go to another credit union as my main bank. Great job to all the staff you are appreciated.
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6 years ago, Jcat12171
Going back to Chase
I’ll keep NEFCU as a maintenance account. They’re just too far behind times with technology. I need real time updates when I send or receive money or pay bills. And purchases I won’t see sometimes till like 2 or 3 days later. No bueno. Get with the times. Oh and thanks for the echo Dot.
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6 years ago, Hard to live without
Needs much improvement
At this point You are unable to do mobile deposit. You are unable to do mobile bill pay. These are features that you need with a business account
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7 years ago, lcinnyc
Updates improved
The ability to open it with my fingerprint make all the difference! Before it took too long due to my security concerns (long password, two-factor authentication). I think the app has all the features I want on my phone as I still think it's more secure to use my desktop for most transactions.
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6 years ago, 120jay
Visa Credit
I need access to my visa credit card via app instead of going on the website or waiting for a statement in the mail to see my credit card activity. Also I don’t like that I’m only allowed 6 transfers from my savings to my checking and then after that I’m charged $10 every transfer. Other than that, the app is okay. I would also like to have easy access to the budgeting portion of the app.
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3 years ago, Bazigar123
Application error app not working
Application error app has not been working for past 3 months I am making payments through safari web browser please fix this issue Jovia.
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1 year ago, Juice the Eunuch
Great app. Easy to use. Deposit my checks and review my balances in seconds.
Great app which is super convenient. Check balances and deposit checks from anywhere. Thanks.
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2 years ago, tferrall0624
Horrendous from Start to Finish
Truly an abysmal app. Constantly undergoing maintenance so you’re unable to access your banking features - which don’t even work even in the brief periods when maintenance isn’t happening. Mobile check deposit is a catastrophe - quicker to drive to the physical bank and deposit the check than to use this service. Overall one of the worst apps I’ve ever had the displeasure of using.
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7 years ago, LIGardener
Not as robust as web version-should be
Doesn't offer as many features as the web version, such as ability to enter a description when making transfers. Come on, that is so basic. Handy for depositing checks, bill payment, although there has been no upgrade in a long time.
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3 years ago, straphanger
Terrible for depositing checks. All of the photo recognition coding is a mess.
I don't know what kind of software they're using for the check deposits, but it's awful. It takes many, many tries for it to accept the photos, and I'm an amateur photographer! It's way, way worse than Chase's or Citibank's check deposit software. Quicker to mail it in.
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2 years ago, Hadziaj
Good experience
I have been using Jovia app for about a year now. So far I have not had any issues. Just like everything in life, only time will tell.
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5 years ago, Dreamiet
Pretty good.
This app makes banking very convenient, however when making a final payment to my overdraft it cannot calculate amount right. If I owe a few cents I have to call the help desk or sign into a computer. It used to be able to make final payments no problem.
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1 year ago, keekee👍👍
Love my Credit union app
This app This app user friendly and easy to use. It hardly ever crashes or has glitches. I am confident using my app for my banking needs.
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6 years ago, ASCLICNYC
Love the NEFCU mobile app
However, we need ability to edit a scheduled Bill Payment. As others have said, I need to delete and reschedule to make a change. Otherwise, nice, intuitive app!
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5 years ago, Malikah Blackwood
My dilemma became my passion
I’ve feared trying this way of banking in the past but with a lot of frustration and a little bit of persuasion from my friend Rudy in the collections department, I have walked out on faith and I’m pleased with the results
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2 months ago, Dipty Morty
Member for more than 35 years
I have been a member of Jovia (formally Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union) for more than 35 years. Consistently excellent service over the years. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Nidiaf
Terrible customer service
I have been trying to speak to them for two weeks. Left plenty messages no response.
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7 years ago, BedroomDr
NEFCU credit card
This is an amazing app, what would bring this app over the bar, is to have the NEFCU credit card option that can be paid through this app!
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7 years ago, Amadeus47
Great “Non-Bank” App
Because they’re not a bank. Right? Great app. Love the fingerprint log in. Been with them for years. Wouldn’t think of changing and the app makes it that much better.
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3 years ago, Shauna!GP
User friendly
App is user friendly and easy to navigate
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3 years ago, Precious Dimples
Check deposit
The picture appears very clear once taken but yet app rejects photo and request a retake numerous times. Very time consuming for a task that should only take a few minutes.
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1 year ago, GCLT8
Mobile check deposit has too many glitches!
Improve this please!
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6 years ago, Miniazz23
It's just ok...
It's fine but really old fashioned like other APPs from different banks are way more advanced...just saying..especially credit card options...basically if you want to check something you have to go to website.
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7 years ago, Cali 07
Simple, easy and useful
You can check balances, deposit checks, pay car loans.... Terrific!
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6 years ago, Mr. Pink NYC
Needs improvement
Transfers and debits should post faster to more accurately reflect available money. Actual available money should be shown in the large green numbers, not the “current balance” which is inaccurate.
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5 years ago, Bill S. Corpione
Doesnt supply enough info
This app is fine for checking balances and such, but the information on payments and transfers is not available it will tell you if you move money, but not toor from where! Step it up!
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2 years ago, cberk02
Overall happy sometimes the app doesn’t work and that’s irritating but overall good banking experience
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2 years ago, bush luda
Credit card statement
It’s always freezing up when trying to access credit card statements
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7 years ago, LisaBeaman
Easy and fast!
Easy to make check deposits, pay bills and make transfers.
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7 years ago, Nyfire152
More Options needed
Should have more options, but easy to use. You can't see past bill payment on one screen.
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3 years ago, RussellNomerConsultingInc
Problematic App
Fails to recognize perfect images. Crashes frequently
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4 years ago, Zulai413
Worst app ever
This is hands down the worst banking app I have ever downloaded. I don’t know what is going on with this thing- it boots me out, doesn’t let me go into my account saying I put in the wrong credentials when I didn’t. It’s been a nightmare. They really need to fix this thing. You’re better off going on the actual website
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4 years ago, lousy business app
Needs a lot of work
The business app I find useless for the most part. I can check my balance and that’s pretty much it. I can’t pay bills or set up a payee in the app. I just try not to use it much because it frustrates me. The personal account app is fine. I don’t know why you can’t just replicate for the business app.
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2 years ago, cdm115
What’s up with pictures?????
Frequently have issues taking pictures of checks for deposits
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6 years ago, ef8/2
Slow app
This app is way too slow. It used to be faster. Perhaps you need to update
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4 years ago, Tara1177
Don’t know how this app has gotten 5 stars
Horrible app that is so difficult to navigate. I can’t add a new external debit card to pay my bill. I can’t stop automatic payments on my loans. Customer service closes at 5. Horrible credit union. Horrible customer service. Horrible website. Horrible app. Not user friendly at allllll.
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2 years ago, elfeo20
Keep up the good work.?! They just need to add the 5$ on the checking account.?!
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4 years ago, jlcaravella
External transfer
You cannot make an external transfer from your Jovia app
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3 years ago, Yah-Grace
Easy life
It is easy to keep track of your finances
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2 years ago, hatcnidb
Photo capture
The photo capture is way too sensitive. There are times I have to take six or seven photos before it goes through.
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7 months ago, Beercoach
Terrible site
You can’t print statements, you can’t copy statements can’t see transactions. Terrible website, worst of all account websites I deal with. Every “improvement “ seems to make it worse.
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6 years ago, Belvind
New update.. hard to deposit check
Can’t deposit mobile check on this one the picture is either black or won’t take whole picture when you have the whole picture in the camera now I actually have to go to the bank 😑 lol
Show more
4 years ago, ryguy-55
App seems to always be down.
I can not log into my account via the app or the computer. Every time I click “cannot access my account” and enter the password that they send to my phone it says incorrect password. This is getting very frustrating.
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