Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

4.4 (91.1K)
21.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bejoy Mobile
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

4.4 out of 5
91.1K Ratings
9 months ago, aaaaaaddddddddaaaaaaa
I love this game so much but…
So the basics, there is NO ads so that’s an amazing upside. Also I love love LOVE all the different types of brushes. So the types of brushes are… fireworks, sparkles (about 5 different kinds of sparkles),stars, glow in the dark, and so much more. So I’m writing this review so if little kids want this app their parents will (possibly) look at this review and say- “This looks like a great game for my kids on long car trips. Yes Jeffery you can get it” Also did I mention… guess what guys I’m about to blow your mind… NO INTERNET REQUIRED! “YAY!” “WHOO HOO!”. Now I know your pumped. Now who’s ready for some more good news?! There is a gallery in the game so you’re not like “aw man I just made this really amazing art but I don’t want to delete it I want to show it to mommy” Well guess what press a button and boom your art is saved! Ok so this game is great in all but the reason why I rated this 4 stars is because you can not change the color. But that’s one thing. Over all this game is great and I would definitely recommend it for long car trips I would write more but I’m gonna play my new NO INTERNET game have a great morning/afternoon/night
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4 years ago, star dust 1000
Awesome ps hints about a bad game
Love cause you can draw anything and it surprises you with difrent colors witch I love so much I now some people would absolutely hate the fact it doesn’t let them choose but I like like it so so so much such an addictive game it lets me test my artistic style and I like sharing my drawings with the world sad I can’t and it doesn’t glitch like this one game I could not play the 18th level because it kept glitching the worst game I ever downloaded 😡. But anyways this game is so much better than that one game let me give you a warning I’ll tell you all the name LOOPER the worst game if anyone downloaded looper they know what I mean by the worst game ever I love these ether games they are the best Gravitrax and pixel art and you have pitchers your camara app witch should come with a phone our you can download now and it gets just the right shades and Coloring book it gets 5 dozen pitchers a month or week now over a million coloring pages are able to be colored and my absolute fav jigsaw puzzle the app it’s awesome some puzzles you have to buy and off a credit card my mom won’t let me buy any with her credit card sad but one of the best games and prodigy a math game math turns into learning fun like azzyland would say stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other by see you next time
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2 years ago, Darwin the third
Ok so you might’ve seen by my review that I really do love this app this app is really cool I like to make animations and this app pretty much started me on doing that I could make cool movies and shows and I also love how you have so many different brushes to choose from and I also like that you can like play and watch what you have made and like what the process of your drawing and I think some of you who have played the game you might know what I mean bye me saying that after you are done drawing you can replay the drawing and see what you have done and see the process of it so anyways this is very cool I also like how you can use different sparkles and different effects. For me personally I like to make shows and movies but I have to erase Ik the app isn’t really for that so Ik why they didn’t make that so yea anyways I just wanted to say that this app is really cool and I think any kid teenager or adult should download and it’s really fun one thing I wanna suggest though is to make a opinion where you can choose the color you want now I have seen lots of comments like mine suggest that it would be amazing if you did but you probably won’t so yea that’s my review byeee
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4 years ago, FUN and ROBLOX
Needs one more thing, but good ☺️
I saw this app when I was looking for drawing apps and I remembered when I was younger I used to play it and just doodle. The app is very fun with all the features but it needs some adjustments, you can’t change the color of the things you do every time you pick up up your finger/touch screen pen thing it turns a different color. I think I remember you used to be able to change it but now you can’t. It’s still a fun app but I would really recommend to be able to change the color. One of the things I love about this app is those sparkles and it is an easy way to make a picture you can draw that on your picture. But I would just love if you can change the color of it. I love everything about this app except that thing, I live the types of brush things and the sparkles and stars and heart things. So if you are reading this I would totally recommend this app but just be aware you can’t change the color of things. There’s super cool features but I feel like the least it can have is to change the color. But yeah thankf for reading this, and I hope it helps! 😀
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8 months ago, smatha2014
🥺🥺🥺Dang….people are really harsh🥺🥺🥺
If ur reading this DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE DUMB PEOPLE WITH 1 STAR REVIEWS!!! I ❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🩷 joy doodle and it doesn’t have glitches at all! Maybe it’s just your stupid phone or iPad. Maybe you just WANT to make the creators ashamed of themselves hmm? Or…….. your mind is CRAY CRAY!! Maybe it’s working for you but you want to fit in with your “friends” who dislike it! Instead of the creators of this game YOU should be ashamed of YOURSELF!! And I gave this a 4 star review because I feel really hurt for you creators who are reading this😢😢😢. And to “Jackson Alexander Wood”, If your kids don’t play it then make them play! I don’t know why you have to give a bad review just because your kids aren’t playing it! And another thing, there are definitely NO ADS!!! Please people who rate this 1 star, you do better next time……
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1 year ago, Fluttershy 101
Paragraph #1: why do l like doodle drawing So l really like this is because it was really fun to draw and even we can save the drawing that we like and we can see it l really like this app so much l just really want to draw more and more and more l really love drawing and sometimes l let my mom and my dad use this app they really like it! Paragraph #2 How to do this app So if you don’t know how to this app so frist you need to download it on the App Store and next you need to press the new so now you can draw there is like a paint brush you click on that now you need to pick which one you are going to draw with but if you wanna draw it show different colors so yeahIf you want to delete that you press the trash button and it will trash away if you want to save it you can press the camera and he will take a picture and it was said to tell pictures saving I think and you can go to the Colliver that’s where you can see all your drawings that you have have
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1 year ago, atarayael9
Love this game
I play but mostly it’s the preschoolers and other young people I teach that play. I LOVE that the colors change automatically! If we had to pick, preschoolers spend so much time trying to decide that no art gets made and for myself and my older students, we have in our head our favorite colors and color combinations that we miss out on SO many beautiful ways to put color together. But my favorite is the learning to let go of total control (and stress) by the removal of that one choice. SO freeing and relaxing. Tip: If you must be in control of color choice, colors rotated through so you can put little dots of color you don’t want in the corner of picture until you get to the one you do want to use. Erase dots later. Tip: Take selfie of kid, let them scribble all over picture, erase heart shape or star or (if in classroom) shape of the week over kid’s face, text finished pic to parents
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5 years ago, Kayla laay
I think
I think it should have more details and more Color..I think it should have not rainbow colors but one color also from people and me so we can pick,I think that would be a great idea...u hope you see this and help with what I think you should do thus because I think it’s a great me..I hope people and you agree with me and this...I know I keep sayin this but..I really hope you see this because it would help me so much more with the things i am trying to do and what I’m doing and hopefully help other people kids,adults,teens and whoever has this app yes I’m a kid but I I’m 9 years old and I have a lot to do to be this age wherever I am,right now,and on this app but I really need this on this app and others but this is the app I mostly use on my phone and it doesn’t have what u need so can you PLEASE I mean pleaseeee and one color from people any people can pick one and thank ..❤️👍🏽
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1 year ago, ElitiaM
Great app needs better set up
If you have young kids that like to color it’s great except for the adds. My son loves to color and it was offered in the App Store for children under 3. I think the best change for apps is if the kids are under 16 they should never offer targeted ads. Especially because they draw the eyes and children always want to click on colorful or interesting things. My son finds it very frustrating when he clicks something and it takes him to a website then always to lead him to the App Store and then he brings it to us to fix. Sometimes it leads to a temp website or it is an opinion poll that looks like a fun game and then asks questions for him to play the game. I even tried taking off cellular and Wi-Fi to stop ads and it didn’t.
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7 months ago, cecily park 10 years
What I think:
This game is awesome for so many reasons, not too many adds, doesn’t require internet, and has lots of colorful choices to draw with! Let me warn you, it does have some adds. Like up at the top and sometimes when you go back. This could be harmful to children, but it’s mostly fine. That would be a good change of joy doodle was to be removed of that, and another good change would be if you were able to pick the colors you wanted to use and maybe make it faster and easier to choose the pages you want. But other than that, this game deserves a five star review! It is perfect for all ages, has many choices,(glitter, stars, bubbles, glow in the dark, ext.) and a gallery so you can save your work.
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9 months ago, Lette071
Amazing game I have ever played 😍!!!
Hi everyone when I got this I was two years old and I had this game for five years almost six but I wanted to be a artist when I grow up so i’m practicing on how to draw here on joy doodle and I drew over 100 drawing and that’s how you know I like drawing ✍️.So when I draw I think of the picture in my mind 🧠 so I know what to do so before I didn’t know what to draw so I thought in my mind and I figured out what to draw a corn field 🌽 so I started with the leafs 🌿 then I did the corn on each one 🌽 then I added some clouds ☁️ and the sun ☀️ and I wrote my name 📝 then I was done and it looked so good 😊 and I was impressed when I saw my drawing 🖼.ok I have to go now bye everyone I hope to see your comments again soon 👋.
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4 months ago, Byuf tgyivyoguovoj
i think it needs a litel work
this is Africa kids, but I'm still counting about the fact that you can't choose the colors but I like the rainbow and yeah, I like the neon color and the different colors and the neon I like the pink and red the most so I really like this game because of the colors and you can draw whatever you want. It doesn't just like tell you what to draw, so I like this game I would give it a four out of 10 I'm still concerned about the fact that you can't choose colors and you can't get the help from trying to draw and liking the game a lot but yeah it's a pretty good game I recommend kids nieces and etc. so I really like this game of the neon color. They are beautiful and yeah that's the end of this review by now.
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1 year ago, Rainbow Olivia
10/love it
The perfect app for your child. Even know I am a child. I still love this app. It’s the best app ever. I totally love it. I I am such a fan of joy doodle. And I made my own cat Eddie in joy doodle. I hope you enjoy joy doodle. You can make anything you want. Even though you don’t get to choose the colors are you think it’s the best app and even if you don’t like Ryan and there’s stuff like that it’ll still be good because there is a Kaleido Free and I love Kaleido free it’s kind of like you get to make your own kaleidoscope allusion, but it’s on an app. Like if you were to be a child and you wanted to download it I think that you would probably ask if it would be free cause hey hey this app is so fun. I don’t even know if it’s actually free but it is free, so yeah I love
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2 years ago, kitty cat mermaid
Love this game so much <3
So I have played this for 3 weeks now and love it so far I remembered the game as a child and the thought Popped in my head. When I was younger I made really fun, odd, Creepy, and cute drawings. I love this game so very much. Although I do think this game should be able to pick which color u want. My daughter who is 6 years old loves this game as much as I do now to tell you why I want to be able to pick colors: So as we all know it’s random colors, my daughter tried drawing a rainbow but couldn’t Because of this issue. She stopped play for about a year and played again she wanted to see if they updated it but it wasn’t. PLEASE do this but besides that this game has been really good for years and I love it so much <3
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1 year ago, Snow3846
This is for the sake of of your life
Parents you better listen to me so I download these games and sometimes I will download like a talking Tom app and I see this man in the eyes so I delete the game instantly and look at the reviews it literally says there’s a rumor spreading that the man in those eyes so it could be you and I thought it was so I deleted it and honestly of a lot of people have this app and I and I feel like that’s why all these kids people are missing so yeah I just want to tell you that every game could be watching so yeah and also if you wanna be entertained watch the Sea beast and really the developers clean up your act because I know it’s likely you and yeah please respond Love all and I did not mean the to get rid of your viewers I’m not trying to get rid of your reviewer or your recent people playing this game I’m just telling you this or you know because I don’t want everyone dying so as long as you listen to me yeah hopefully you’ll be fine
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2 years ago, ghgvygvygvygfy*
Awesome 🤩 needs a few things
This app is awesome because it’s creative and fun. There are different things this app can do: you can save drawings, look at them in the gallery, change them, it even records a video of you drawing it so you can watch how you drew a certain picture! There are cute stickers you can add, and many different ways to draw! I still think it could use some things though. For instance, my friend had kids doodle (another app by the same people) and had some more different stickers. I think they should add those stickers to joy doodle to! But it’s definitely a great app that I would recommend.
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2 years ago, Harlowsmom11
This game is very fun! 👍
I think Joy Doodle is a wonderful game that lets you be creative and have fun! I played it when I was younger and came back to it! There’s just one thing that might make it even better, if you could choose the color of what you are drawing with so you don’t have to draw multiple times to find the right color. On the other hand, it is a bit fun to have you not knowing exactly what color is coming next. Maybe there could be a setting where you can choose if what you are drawing with is “random color” or “chosen color”, and maybe same with the background color. Anyways, I think this game is really cool that you can draw online and it is a great game! Have a nice day!
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3 years ago, qawsedrf453487
I used to play this game when I was little, still amazing!
I was looking for a new drawing game to play on the AppStore, and when I saw this game I immediately downloaded it because I used to play this game when I was little. This game was the start of my love for art. I remember on road trips me and my sister used to take turns sharing the iPad and playing this game and it got us through some boring times 😂 This game has various tools that can create whimsical or even realistic paintings. I recommend this game for younger kids because the simplicity of it gives it charm. You can still play this if you are older but the bright colors and different brushes allow children to explore various textures. This game is AMAZING and you should totally download it!
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3 years ago, hhnyhybuh
You should not like this game if you want to no why read this
I gave this a 5 Star review because I just want you to read this. So every time I try to erase stuff it keeps on drawling so do you work on that whoever you are a master myalgiaSo what are you and I do not like what you put in there my kid is completing this stuff is happening I’m just writing this so you need to fix it or I’m gonna talk to your boss So do you find you on the spot whoever made this and you need to give this thing a upgrade but if you don’t go to upgrade then you are done at work OK OK anyways TTYL I keep on saying TTUL or whatever anyways do you fix that and if I was your mind and I was your manager how far you from the spa
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3 years ago, hp fan 17
Great game! Super fun! Not quiet an adult coloring game though
I love this game! I really like the fact that the color changes every time and figured out a cheat to get the same color. It’s not an adult coloring game. I like that you have different coloring styles to chose from and the glitter and effects. I really like this and have so many photos from this game! Oh yeah! I like that you can get a slow mo and speed up of the art you do! This has made it so much easier to shower people things I made, I just have one suggestion. Could you please add a feature where you can make stickers or color/make your own background. I really like Harry Potter and want to make a background that says hp! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Doofus82
Do It Your Way
Joy doodle is a game to get creative, to do it your way, to take a bland and boring picture and turn it into a masterpiece, and to ad to the fun the color changes when ever you lift your finger from your electronic. You can make it snow or make it look like bubbles are everywhere and you can write things on the side to show how you feel when you look at it. You can make a pretty creative picture or you can do it simple, whatever your style is it doesn’t matter this game is for you, to show your feelings to to show what kind of person you are, and it’s a great way to pass your time you can literally do whatever and it will look amazing so if your into art and you like getting creative give joy doodle a go see what kind of artist you are. AmRee Nielson
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9 months ago, mama EE
I am so happy to be able to go to the gym with my friends today because they have been so supportive and helpful in my life I love them all so much thank you for being a great friend and for helping me with this wonderful family and I love your friendship and your support and your support and your money is always there to make my life a lot more fun for me and you and your mom and your mom I really miss you and your mom and I love you and I love you so much and I love you very much and I’m so happy for you and I hope you have a great day with your mom and your dad I hope you’re having a good night with your family I hopefully you take good care of your family
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3 weeks ago, Arya Guzman
the best game ever
this game is fun like really fun i cant stop playing it and do you know the best part about this game you can send pics the fact about it that you can choose what thing you want so please give this game five stars please im only a kid 😃😃😃😃😃😃 and THERES NO ADS and my hole class loves it even my teacher my friends talk about it evry day and im writeing hard so you can see this so pls if you can give five stars then that helps the game so much so when you come back from shcool then play the game allllllllllllllll day and never stop ecsept for potty bearcs and the different colres is so beautiful even if its a colres you dont want its still a masterpiece god bless you ☺☺☺☺
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1 year ago, Awiney
I like this game a lot. and there’s not really much that’s annoying about it. I just want a good time to make a good Picture has colors of the rainbow. I love this game and it’s so awesome and fun and relaxing and satisfying!🤗 Sometimes when I’m stressed it helps me! The first time I played it I felt like it was the best game ever and I really like how many different choices there are to make art.🖌📝🖍 Now The annoying thing about it it doesn’t have the black color and you can’t automatically choose the color you’re drawing with!😡 it’s just a little annoying and I don’t care about the bad things too much. 😕 I sort of wish they had more.🙄
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2 years ago, astri shop
Love it! but one problem
So I love it but one think I wanna do a change on this app cause is amazing but it needs something cause when I put it in my gallery in the app it puts it in my photos too and I don’t want cause I am doing space on my phone cause I need more space cause it has a lot of apps and I don’t want more photos cause is gonna make my phone CRAZY! And I cannot record a video cause I have TO MANY PHOTOS AND APPS AND I DONT WANT TO HAVE MORE THINGS ON MY PHONE :c so pls change that I wanna just put it on the gallery OF THE APP!!! And sorry lol but this IS THE AMAZING APP EVER I SEEN i just wanna make a change cause 😍 love it oh and tysm/ THANK U SO MUCH for reading this I hope 🤞🏾 u change it tysm tysm u are the best!
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7 years ago, Lila Konieczka
Amazing among children!
I'm a mother at age 27 and I have been enjoying this game! My daughter Katrina loves this game as well. In fact she plays this game every day when I wake up! She asks me for the iPad to play! I also have a son named Louie, and he is only 2 years old and he absolutely LOVES this game! He is so creative in fact, Louie can draw a stick figure with a head and a curved stick and say it's a tale! He would say it's a T-Rex!! My daughter Katrina and my son Louie love this game!! If u have any children install this app!! Its amazing around children! So download this app for ur children! It's a grate activity to do with your children! It would keep ur children occupied in the car on long long trips!! Hope u have a merry Christmas!!
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4 months ago, momtomlomham
I need to talk to you reviewers and other people
WHY DO YOU RATE THIS GAME A 1?JUST WHY?DID THE GAME HURT YOU WHATS WRONG WITH IT?KT HAD NO GLITCHES NO ADS LIKE WHAT! I WILL COME FOR YOU 🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾😡😡😡😡😡…😔IM JUST SAD THAT SOME PEOPLE RATE THIS A 1AND SAY RANDOM THINGS LIKE “I wish we could change the colors”….THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO RATE IT A 1😡😡😡😡😡SO SURE IT HAS A LITTLE THING WE COULD PUT IT ON BUT ITS PERFECT 🤩 AND FOR THOSE CAT LOVERS PURR-FECT lol 😂!My music teacher lets me play this at my school that’s how great it is !But some people are just so 😔😔😔😔BORED SO THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE DRAMA …NO!😡😡😡😡DONT DO THAT 😡😡😡so idk if the same created made this but no offense if they did or other ppl that like this game so there is a game named Doodoo pad I think… they copied this game 😭😭😭😭😭😭…It is just said ok that’s it bye bye
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5 years ago, TheGrapeReturns
Never change the color feature
If you want an app for serious drawing, then this isn’t for you. It’s why it’s called KidsDoodle. Is use this to keep my little cousins (which are three, one and a half and 10 months) occupied, and the fact that it changes color by itself keeps me from having to look away from wherever I’m doing constantly and change it for them because they don’t know how. Since it changes on its own they’re always perfectly happy. The oldest has learned to change brushes and the oldest and middle know how to start over drawing. It’s a very easy app made for little kids, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
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2 years ago, happy person 2013
I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Thanks for making this game it is so cool I write notes on it and i draw a little bit but I think it is a great game and please do not listen for all the haters right now I saw one that I do not like and I hope you make a new easy update but it would be cool it’d you did but if not I will be fine! So how I got this again…. Story:so one day I needed more games and a art game so I saw this app again and I was so happy that I saw it again because I played it sooo much when I was four or more little and it was my favorite game so thanks you for making this game and I use it all the time now! Thank you LOVE a person
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2 years ago, Hattie Brisker
Hattie Rae Brisker
This is so fun I love it I sent this to my friend because I just love it so much whoever made this app is just so full of talent thank you Hattie Brisker. I love you so much so fun to play and when I’m bored I just go sell my couch and just just I don’t know I just play this game and it’s so fun and talented arm and arm don’t know about like everything in this game but I I just I really just love the saying too so full of talent talent talent talent talent I just think you guys just thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for everything that you can do I’m just I’m just so thank you whoever made this I’m just I can’t live without this game
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4 years ago, vavreiygfreagyaeur
I was looking forward 3 years ago to play this I’ve waited so long to get this game I finally got it,the game was really creative and fun I am drawing in real life I tried stick man and swords, faces and all that stuff my most favorite was drawling anime on there and having fun drawing then I had an app called Colorfy. Colorfy made me stop playin joy doodle it made me go on that app then I had to delete joy doodle off my phone and get all the other creative games that was better I didn’t realize I deleted joy doodle so I went back on the App Store deleted Colorfy(and got joy doodle back. That was hatred of what I did to joy doodle. Ok I don’t want to do that much of a chat
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4 years ago, 135iloveit
I love this game
When I download this game I thought it would be super cool and it was so when I downloaded it I saw all of these amazing dates and I just knew this would come to be one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and my brother thought he was garbage so he start playing it to you said you know what I change my mind about this game is a fun and colorful game so download it on his iPad and he gave a five star rating and then he sent a very good review about and when I was little I used to have this game too but my parents story is it because well I am going down we can release it that’s Ok. I hope you guys like mine with Review
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1 year ago, DIGGLS TEEPER
Great but a few things I would change
First of all this app is so fun and satisfying. There are not many ads either which is nice. The colors are fine but it would be amazing to get a pallet to choose from so I can select the colors I want to use. It would also be nice if I could zoom in the get the smaller details of my art in the right spot. Another thing is I would love to be able to choose the size of my pencil so it can be big or small. Otherwise, this app is amazing for kids because it keeps them from drawing on every wall of the house. But is not intended for advanced, detailed work.
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2 years ago, Wolf123🐺🐺
Amazing but one more thing and perfect
This game is amazing I was on the phone with one of my friends and we were looking for a new game to play when I suddenly stumbled upon this game. I immediately downloaded it because I used to play it as a kid. The only thing I think is missing is a color pallet so I can choose what color I’m using. Everything else is amazing I love all the brushes and the different colors of paper so I can make something on a different background but it really needs a color pallet. Overall amazing app I 100% recommend it if you just wanna doodle. 😊
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7 years ago, Bleach Babe lol.
It needs one adjustment
I am very disappointed that I cannot choose the brush color. It is quite absurd. Even the poorly made to doodle apps have the option for a brush Color. Please fix this!!! I would like it if when I try to write one letter it is in three different colors I would like it to be just one color in fact I'd like the whole text that I'm writing to be one color or not 16 different ones. In fact maybe you should just add a rainbow color wheel including blacks and whites and dark and light colors to where we can choose the exact color that we wish for text to be that would make this app wonderful also for any of you concerned about the background color just hit the red X and it will change it
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8 months ago, bradskis81
Has potential..but just an ad vehicle for dev.
Fun app to let a kid scribble around on, but you have to constantly watch them. there’s a constant ad banner at the top they will always press and open the sites from the ads. Why no option to just buy an ad free version? Basically it’s unusable because they will always just hit the ad and exit the app. Also no Lock Screen option so they’ll constantly keep pulling down the notifications or the app drawer and going into other apps. No rotation either for landscape mode. Love the colors and the app, but it’s basically unusable as is since the kid will always end up in other apps messing things up. So, with no option to just buy an ad free version, the app itself is nothing more than an ad revenue vehicle for the developer. That’s it.
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9 months ago, ellie/elliana
This game is AWESOME. Just one thing
Hi makers of this game! Just so you know, this app is awesome! It’s fun experimenting with different tools. You can even press the trash can button at the corner to change the color of your paper. I just have one thing.. you know how the colors are random? You have to know the order the colors change in in order to get the colors you want. I was wondering if you could make it where people can have a option to choose the colors? That’s all I’m asking. Overall, this game is totally recommended! Great for all ages. Have a great day!
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6 months ago, Can I come
This is a great game👍🏻👍🏻,but………
I like this game there’s no ads and it has really really cool colors but I just want to be able to switch the colors so I can pick my own colors and make my own colors because that would be nice if you could please do that a lot of people are saying this I’m reading the reviews right now but I just wanna be able to change the colors. there’s some ads but not a lot of ads there’s like two ads that pop up and at the top of your screen there’s ads but they don’t show you them. It’s just up on the screen, so yay for that overall I think it’s a great game.
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2 years ago, liker and lover
This is amazing
I think you should deffenently down load this app it is amazing you can draw with different tips of textures and artistic for when you want to doodle and it needs a thing or two but it’s amazing ima say a couple more things the best thing to draw on here is a flower because I tried drawing a rainbow but it turned out horrible so ima warn you you can’t draw everything on this app you can only draw a few things but that’s All so remember you can only draw a few things not everything ok That’s all about this app bbbbbbyyyyyeeeee
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4 years ago, SaraKreir
It caterers is the way to make a man who has a I’m umhnbbppkkttimhnbb
Sarakreir. It doesn’t really work for me I don’t want to go back Ubiquitous in my new home is not the way I umhnbbppkkttimhnbb I really wanted him last time and I’m going back to him for the time I really like this place and the service was really really great. My VCardImporter twenty is the way you are the man who pulled Sarah our time our ya know I’m umhnbbppkkttimhnbb umhnbbppkkttimhnbb was the way you going back last year and Only ngoni is the way to get to the new year baptized in our Instead I umhnbbppkkttimhnbb umhnbbppkkttimhnbb was your Hi I’m just getting back from my last job job I umhnbbppkkttimhnbb I wanted to be the first to get back in my life and I’m not. Mbaqanga our time is the time to our ya new Unbelievable last night was really good game was very fun but Are we going back in time for me to come over to my umhnbbppkkttimhnbb last night I’m umhnbbppkkttimhnbb I umhnbbppkkttimhnbb is a really. Hi I was just going back
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3 years ago, gksvsjdvjd
I love it
Game is just what I’m looking for I love drawing but sometimes we run out of paper and I have nothing to draw maybe sometimes we run out of ink but I always always always play on this game every single day because because it makes me wanna do more and more art now the thing is it doesn’t like kids draw like on real paper like what if a kid wants to draw On a paper they can’t because I do not have the skill and so that is why I get this a four-star at five and then and thank you thank you thank you for the person who made this or if it’s a group of people great team effort on you guys
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2 years ago, Cat lover309
Super fun to doodle with!
I love this app! I had it when I was little. Not long ago, I had a moment of ah and remembered me playing this game. So I searched up rainbow draw, and sure enough I found it. And started messing and doodling around with it. It’s really fun when I’m bored, or stressed. It’s super calming! Also, I’ve been playing hangman recently on this. If you have a companion, you can play all sorts of games. Like you would with a note pad and pen. Did I mention, there are no adds! Anyways, thank you to whoever made this. 10/10 would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago,
Fun. But there one problem just one...
I’m 13 and I still play this app I loved the app when I was younger I used to play it all the time then I forgot about it and I found again I forgot how much fun I had playing this game. But what u don’t understand is why can’t u pick a color? It doesn’t give you the option choose a color and keep drawing with it every time u draw something and let go it changes color! It’s fun and all with the rainbows and glow thing but why can’t you can u choose a color and go with a style I don’t understand that u can’t really be creative if u don’t get to choose the color that you want and stick with it
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2 years ago, sillypet25
Great App! Few Suggestions :)
This is a great app! I love how you can change the brush and how it changes the colors while you draw although sometimes, it has it’s flaws. Sometimes the color may not match the drawing. I think you should add a different mode where you can chose the color. It’d also be great to add brown or skin colors and maybe add it somewhere to the end of the rainbow pattern. One last suggestion is that when you look at the gallery to scroll through your art, add some different backgrounds to see how it would look with a new background. Keep up the great work!
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1 year ago,
❤️It describes EVERYTHING🤩
Okay I ❤️ this game. I mean it’s not very often you have drawing materials on a road trip. But you might get car sick 🤢. Anyway, I use it to send messages to my friends when I don’t feel like texting. It has NO ads and is absolutely calming. I am obsessed and I think that you should give it a good rating, too. It is something I’d prefer for EVERYONE even if you don’t like to express what’s inside of you because I do!!!💥So, i want to THANK the developers because they WERE smart about this one. So thank you, and good job👌🤩💥 P.S. PLEASE RESPOND!❤️
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5 months ago, 🤡😭👏🤠💀👹👏👏👏😭
Ok so READ THIS BEFORE GETTING THIS GAME it’s honestly pretty trash 🗑. It’s not that good at all... if your looking for a coloring game I wouldn’t recommend this. Yes it’s kid friendly, but honestly all coloring games are... And there’s much more better ones than this . It’s cool but you can’t delete any picture you have submitted it kinda just stays in your gallery . And it doesn’t even have like a guide it just lets you draw anything. And if you lift your finger up it changes the color every time. And it doesn’t even let you choose the color you want to draw with 🤠😭👏👏 LIKE PLEASE . just don’t get it it’s a waste of storage and it gets very annoying sometimes . There’s many other good coloring games than this don’t get it.
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3 years ago, sunset593
Omg best game ever
I love this game after I go out any were as soon as I get back to my house I just play this game for 2 hours at least it is so creative. I love it so much I sketch all my Ideas here before I put them into my sketch book and if I don’t think it is good enough to go in my sketch book but I still like it or it’s too hard to copy then it’s just there for me when I open this app it is so great and even if I move onto the next drawing it still saves my art work in my gallery it is such a great game and I hope you enjoy it!
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5 years ago, hayleigh ninga
You could add some stuff
I love drawing and I love this app because I like that you get to Draw with all the colors in one thing to draw like the color I just love it and when I am bored this is what I play mostly and it is so awesome to play but in some way it could be better like if you add some emojis you could use and maybe some like if you really need it you could add a button for things to trace stuff like tracers and you could add stickers to but you don’t have to I was just trying to make it a little bit better not to be rude the game is really fun though
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2 years ago, nike ...122
This was the game that I had when I was on my screen and I love it
When I was in first grade I had an iPad and you could have things on it and so basically iPhone this game I thought it was cool and I got it I started playing it all day and then I told my friends about it and then I just want more popular than me and I will now my little brother is in first grade and I am in third grade I want to show him that this game is really cool and I want to him to play at two so I’m sorry it is sold him the game and tell this day this game has been really good
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1 year ago, Little more detail
It needs a little more detail
What I think is they should add more colors all the colors or not in there like you got in safe you are trying to do the sign. The first thing you will use is it will show red and you’re trying to use like yellow or something whatever and it never shows the colors I wish you could pick but it doesn’t let you and you can’t like do anything with a Videos I give it a three so I don’t understand why they cannot add more detail. It’s just I just wish you can do more things in there. You can do really much things I can really do in straw and that’s it, the date is January 19, 2023 Goodbye love you
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