Joy - Wedding App & Website

4.8 (7.4K)
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Joy Life, Inc
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2 months ago
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15 or later
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User Reviews for Joy - Wedding App & Website

4.82 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
6 years ago, indiareef
I found this website and app and I’m just so glad I did. It was so easy to use and helped with my guest wedding planning immensely. I love that I can use digital correspondence along with my traditional paper invites. We used the private online RSVP and had zero issues. Plus I love that all my guests can use the app for the schedule as well as post pics and communicate with us! Plus when I had questions about how to find a specific item on the app the support was quick and very thorough. I have recommended this to all my friends who are getting married and on a bridal group I’m a part of. I love that it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t have a lot of clutter. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a lot of planning tools like budget and checklists BUT I also didn’t personally need those and they often have useless suggestions. It would also be cool if there was a non-wedding version too for other large events like family reunions, family vacations, birthdays, etc. TL;DR - Perfect for planning my small, non-traditional, destination wedding. Perfect for guest use. Highly recommend.
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3 weeks ago, Sarah & Ty’s MIL
Sharing everyone’s event photos - and a great way to keep your guests informed!
This is a great way to share the photos that your guests take at your event. I don’t know when I will get to see the photos that the photo crew took at the wedding, but I’m seeing loads of candid shots taken by wedding guests! This is fantastic! Joy also made it easy to keep guests informed, provide access to a gift registry, provide guest a way to rsvp, provide notice of food allergies, share the background of the reason for the event - in this case a wedding - and gets attendees involved in sharing the experience. I had people contact me to ask about event details because they misplaced their event invitation. I simply sent them the link to this event on Joy so they could sign in and find the information they were looking for. This is a great organizing tool - keeping all the information in one place. And the pictures! Love that everyone is sharing the photos they took!!
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7 years ago, luanabear
Great at first, ended with disappointment
I was really excited to use a site and app that wasn't wedding wire or the knot. I really liked the design and the UI seemed pretty straightforward. Everything was great. Until we started getting our RSVP's... which is a pretty important part of the process. This part unfortunately got convoluted, and the UI seemed to get less and less friendly. The biggest heartbreak was that 6 guests who had, without a doubt, previously RSVP'd "yes," had inexplicably disappeared without warning. This threw off our numbers, and by the time we realized what had happened, we were a week away from our wedding. We scrambled to adjust rentals, catering, floral, favors, seating charts, and the like. When talking to their customer service (which has a great response time) we were connected with an engineer. They mentioned it was a bug that hey had been working on a fix for... but somehow they neglected to alert users??? This seems like pretty pertinent information that people should know about... preferably sooner rather than later... I was so in love with our website till happened. I'm so disappointed now, and would recommend anyone considering using the site and app steer clear until they've fixed these issues.
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7 years ago, kimuraberd
This site works for me!
I really like this website. Granted, haven't used the RSVP function quite yet but, after so much research, only maybe 2 apps I've seen have had consistent high ratings in the online RSVP area. With so many older invitees, we still will be using paper for the exact count(and it's a semi smaller wedding so I'm not worried about it). What I really like outside of their website is their customer service and they listen to user/customer feedback! When I was searching on Google to see which wedding website to use, i actively saw Joy reps on the threads listening to the pros and cons. I actually saw each one of the forum suggestions implemented by Joy. Plus, they went back to announce the features were up and running. That's awesome! Plus, I can say it wasn't a marketing ploy because I had a very minor suggestion, picky and they are adding the feature! But, what's great is that they went ahead and changed it for me on the spot. I really can't complain about that. Every site has their pros and cons. This one is easy and great for me. I'm a rather private person so the ease of securing information and codes is great. Layouts are fine and easy to do pages and questions, etc. the cons I've found really aren't cons for me as I don't want elaborate luxury, I want sophisticated, classy, streamline and app and website friendly for ease of navigation. This app has all of that and I couldn't be any more pleased so far.
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6 years ago, stress free beauriful bride
Stress free & beautiful
When planning your wedding, there are SO many things that require your attention. And I was so worried that building a wedding website was going to be one of those things that took a lot of time and stressed me out. When searching online I came across joy. And other than finding my fiancé, it's the best thing that's come into my life in the last year and a half! It is so user-friendly, and allows you to easily create a beautiful wedding website that captures not only pictures and memories and moments, but wedding details for your guests like travel accommodations. Anytime I had a question, the real time chat function allowed me to get answers quick! I'd recommend this website to any bride out there who wants to create a beautiful website to share with friends and family.
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10 months ago, I_Nola
Desktop interface is great. App needs work
We liked this service for the cash fund feature. It was pretty easy to tailor my guest list excel spreadsheet to the format they want it submitted in. I liked how you could format the excel to group households together when the guest list pulled through into the site. I like how we could make a personal hammer for our withjoy site address. That being said, app and mobile interface need some work. It was pretty frustrating having a relative rsvp via text and I couldn’t go to the app and mark their answer for them. I then tried to go onto the internet on my cell and, again, withjoy told me to use a desktop interface. This should not be so difficult to put into the app. It was also not very user friendly to add individual items to the registry that are not through withjoy. I had to Google instructions from other users. Ultimately, I had to do that on the desktop interface. All the app is really good for is *viewing* rsvp stats and a daily countdown.
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2 years ago, tmkltt
Not mobile friendly enough
I reviewed wedding websites and this one had great ratings and ranked at the top of lists. The site has a lot of great features that I love. However, It’s annoying that the guest list can not be managed via the app or smartphone, but I could deal with that if it was the only issue. We are now less than 30 days out from the wedding and I’m realizing that our guests are having issues RSVPing using their smartphones. With one of my guests, I went through the email link to RSVP and it’s extremely difficult/impossible to edit the response on your phone. We had been getting notifications saying “You received and RSVP from ‘Said Guest’”, but the email just had their names listed and no actual response as to whether they choose accept or decline. When I finally checked the guest on a desktop computer, those guests have nothing in the RSVP column. So now we are chasing down dozens of people to get our final head count. This is so frustrating! Why would anyone make a site that is not mobile friendly!? I would not recommend this site.
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1 year ago, greeneyedhelopilot
Great website - AWFUL app
I love Joy’s website. Very user friendly and straight forward. The app is horrible for managing the guest list. You can barely do ANYTHING with your guest list. I can’t update guests, I can’t easily add a new “family” or “party” of guests. All of the essentials that I need to do can only be done on the website, so if I am not in front of a computer or my tablet, I’m out of luck. My best bet is going to the website on my iPhone, but if I go to Guests, it won’t let me do anything and tells me to go to the app (where it does not have the functionality to manage guests). So, my work around is forcing my browser to “request desktop site” so that I can at least access the functionality of the website. The app needs to allow users to: -Fully manage guests. -Add guests as a “party” or group/family. As of now, the app only allows you to add one at a time and you cannot group them (such as a husband and wife) into one party without going back to the website to do it. -Check the boxes next to existing guests and then make them a party or group (like you can on the website). -Manage individual guests and update their RSVP’s (essential when you have older guests who do not understand technology so that you can respond for them). -You should be able to scroll to the right when viewing your guest list to see all the columns and data associated with that guest. This really needs to improve. Guest tracking is the number one thing we need to do for a wedding.
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2 years ago, Feather1205
Has potential but needs A LOT of work
I found this app and was thrilled at first at how easy it was to set everything up initially. As Im getting closer to the wedding though, there are new details and updates that i need to make that I literally can’t. Countless times I’ve gone to edit and it gives me an “oops! Something went wrong!” Or it redirects me to my own page but thinks I’m a guest, go to log in again and it’s just a never ending loop. Another extremely inconvenient thing are the pages that “aren’t mobile friendly yet” so if you want to edit those bits you need to be on an actual computer. Why make an app that isn’t fully functional as an app?! This is supposed to make things easier not more frustrating. So unless you know ALL the details of your event at the time of creating a page with JOY I suggest you look elsewhere to avoid unnecessary stress. They have the potential to be a great planning app but they need a lot more help in the tech department
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5 years ago, Marker2
Helpful tools
With Joy is a great service for building an appealing but simple wedding site. By and large it's easy to use for both the couple and their guests. My fiancé and I got everything up and running in no time, and perhaps because of the site's single-page design, it looks great and gives our guests what they need with no hassle. That said, there are a couple of things I found in the steps of setting it up and using it that were a little less than great. First, the RSVP process could be more intuitive for our less technologically ept guests. We've had more than one person RSVP multiple times on accident, because they found the steps unclear. Second, while the mobile app was something I was excited about, it turned out my fiancé was right: or guests really don't seem to be using it, so the communication features really aren't that helpful. So, over all, I'm very happy we went with With Joy!
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1 year ago, Awphotog
Ok website, fairly useless app
I wanted so badly to like this product. The setup was pretty easy and website designs were nice, but the deeper into planning and guest management we got the worse it was. The app has almost no usable features and no guests are going to download it (so far zero have even signed in). Guest management on the app is nonexistent, and not great on web (how can you not filter the list by rsvp??). RSVP function is not matching people/recognizing duplicates so I have to manually clean it up constantly. The website bugs every time I try to make changes (our Welcome Drinks location moved and we cannot update without an error). Highly custom registry is a highlight (aside from the cash funds - no one wants to Venmo a wedding gift). They seem to have put all their resources here, which I understand given it’s the only way they make money, but I would not recommend the basic features to a friend, which is a huge miss.
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2 years ago, Marabellla
Almost 4 stars
Out of all the wedding planning websites, I chose Joy for the ability to get a personalized URL without paying extra, use of ease, the fact they don’t take a percentage of your money for registry, and finally the ability to assign table numbers to guests. The guest list was the biggest item for me- I love being able to group everyone on the list based on table number, age, groom or bride side, out of towners, etc. The ability to personalize the website has been great. Where Joy falls short is their app. The pictures are zoomed way in and text gets cut off. I hope my guests choose to only experience the desktop version, so they don’t see the app version. I also wish there were more options for themes/fonts with editable texts that don’t overlap. TL;DR - five stars for user friendliness, three stars for design.
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3 years ago, Str8Grind
I don’t know if I even have the words to express how helpful this app/website is in planning/organizing our wedding! I love that it provides all the information that guests and people in the wedding party will need. With a guest list on paper it’s hard to keep up with exactly how many guests you are at, but with this app we can see our count easily at the top of the guest page. I love how we all their information is assessable and we can even label them so it’s easy to keep up with who is who and who’s side they are on! I could go on and on about how we are able to put our story on our page, answer questions, and even connect our gift registry!! This app is a must-have and a life saver if you’re planning a wedding!!
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6 years ago, Amanda_B.
Top Notch!
Amazing site! I’m so happy I found this wedding website option. As far as I’m concerned, it blows the knot and other free sites out of the water. I immediately found the perfect template for our destination wedding, and I am more impressed every time I access it to do something. They seem to have thought of everything. It’s super user-friendly and your site will look like you spent a lot more effort on it than you need to. If you do need help they get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, and they’re thoroughly helpful and professional. The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars (yet) is that we are still in the save-the-date stage and haven’t experienced the RSVP process. However, the tests I’ve run have worked perfectly. I will come back to re-rate once we’re done with our process but so far so great! Love, love, love it!! Thank you, Joy!
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5 years ago, Gerard547
Fully featured wedding organizer
I used Joy to plan and organize my wedding and it was a life-saver! We had a destination wedding with guests from around the world so traditional paper invites and manual tracking of every moving piece would’ve been extremely difficult without Joy. From managing RSVPs to different parts of the wedding, sharing information with attendees, tracking invitations and sharing updates with our guests this app and website has it all. I am so thankful for the developers creating this tool and helping reduce some of the stress of organizing a wedding. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is planning their wedding due to richness of features and quality of product. Even our less tech savvy guests managed to use our Joy-created wedding site!
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3 years ago, rabbitfools
Amazing website and good app
The five stars are mostly for the Joy website which is amazing. We used it for all our RSVPs and registry and it is working great. We’ve also sent a couple of Covid update emails and that has worked really well too. The app itself is nice to be able to check on things quickly from your phone but you really have to do most things on a computer from the website. They work well together but the app doesn’t really have the functionality to stand on its own if you’re not also using the website on a computer. Even so it’s by far the best of these wedding websites and apps that I have used as either a guest or now as a bride!
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6 years ago, JAE5713
Glad I went this route!
I absolutely love using this website and so happy I chose it for our wedding. I feel like it is pretty simple and straight forward to use. The RSVP process has been so smooth for my guests. Even when I had a family member enter their name wrong I received an email right away and I was able to contact my family member and help them correct the situation! Any questions I have I just send a chat message and someone gets back to me. A REAL PERSON and quick! And that’s what I love about it too. It’s made personable. I love being able to customize the wording for any section as well as the layout/design! Thank you for a great website that has positively contributed to my wedding planning experience!
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5 years ago, sjjnicholls
This is the best wedding website and app!
I’m so glad I stumbled onto Joy. This is so great. They walk you through how to set everything up and have super helpful pre-inserted items. I never would have thought up some of the questions for the FAQ, but it’s things I want the guests to know! I love how their sites aren’t super heavy on the photos. I wanted something that I could get info to my people, without having to make them sit through a whole slideshow of myself and my fiancée. They also have a really easy way to share photos from the event without having to do a hashtag or social media blitz. Love it! The designs are super clean and modern and the customer support is top notch. So happy to be working with Joy!
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3 years ago, E_Berms
Free site is good, app is a waste
There are a lot of reasons to use Joy for its free wedding site platform. While they do not offer a lot of unique functionality or design that others sites have, it’s great for what you pay for (ie, free), there are no ads, and customer service is good and quick. It’s clear Joy has invested considerable time into perfecting its app, and honestly it is a good app - but overall a waste. No one besides the bride and groom are going to download the app to check your wedding site. Seriously - if you get even your parents to download, consider that a win; not to mention your guests! It’s a shame the time and effort to build the app wasn’t instead put toward really perfecting the website developer tools. Overall this is probably among the best platforms to use.
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6 years ago, marynf
Why use any other site?
With Joy has it all!!! I scoured the internet for wedding website options and at one point had three different sites put together but they were all missing that extra something. My criteria? Seamless RSVP options, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly. A lot of the other websites are just too plain in a primitive sort of way. With Joy is modern, sleek, and incredibly functional. It also helps you think to include information that you may have not even thought about. They’re also constantly growing and adding new options. I can always get being a product that is taking in feedback and acts accordingly. Love this company!!
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2 days ago, RafaelDavid25
Needs a better app
Love the idea of the app! Used it for my wedding and it was really helpful. But, if I didn’t have my laptop on me there wasn’t much I could do about the guest list except add and delete. God forbid one of the names was misspelled, I had to go home to open my computer to rewrite it instead of being able to do it in my phone. The app needs to have better access especially with the guest list, which in my opinion is the game changer of the platform. I need to be able to add guests, edit names, edit, adding and deleting from groups, and deleting guests from my phone. I don’t necessarily have the time to go to my desktop every single time. Wedding season is a stressful season!
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2 years ago, calgurl21
Great app for organizing things!
Joy has been a great app and website builder for my husband and I to plan our vow renewal. It walks us through all of the steps needed to create our invite, our personalized website with event info, and create our guest list to send out information. This app beat out others for my choice. The only reason I felt I could not give the app 5 stars was because you can’t manage your guest list nor send out invites from your phone (it all has to be done from a computer). Other than that, the only other suggestion I would make is to include a countdown widget (as another app has), which allows you to see at a glance how many days until your event.
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1 year ago, JasminAvi
The Best Wedding Website Ever
Literally the easiest and simplest website every. Anything you could ever need is tied in one. I have set up other wedding websites (TheKnot, Zola) and they do not compare. The whole site is completely customizable and they usually have the hard question answered drafted so you can edit them with out thinking too hard. They also have it set up so you send out invites and save the dates for FREE through e-mail. You can keep track of all of your RSVP’s on the the site and export to Xcel and edit it to your convenience from there. The possibilities with this site are endless. I CAN NOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH
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6 months ago, Mo’s Gal
Joy has made my wedding planning that much easier!
The Joy website and app are so easy to navigate it’s been really fun to set up my wedding website! There are so many options to choose from to make your wedding website totally unique! My favorite feature is that different guests are able to see different segments of my website with the information that that particular guest needs to see. Since my wedding ceremony is a private event but my reception is a public event, only guests with the “ceremony” tag are able to view any info about the ceremony!
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1 year ago, AS_reviews_
Extremely buggy and slow customer support
I’ve had endless issues with WithJoy, including not being able to send save the dates, the backend showing that people had opened their save the date when they had not, and more. Every time I reach out to the customer support team they respond that “we’ll work on getting this resolved but we don’t have any type of timeline of when it will be fixed.” I asked if there was a way to reorder photos on the gallery page and there is not, and customer support said it would be at least a year for that option to be available (seems like an easy feature to add). Overall I’m extremely unhappy with WithJoy and had I not already created my website and sent save the dates from here, I would use a different website
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2 years ago, _j.a.n.e
Deleted the app
The website has great features and to an extent, I don’t regret going with WithJoy. The no fees funds are great. I like the layout of information. Practically, I don’t see the point of the app - most features, such as guest list, do not work on the app. For some time, I couldn’t edit pages on the app either. The registry was not useful as I prefer to update them directly through the stores instead of through WithJoy. The RSVP hasn’t been a great process for our guests - some have had issues. It was also hard to add an RSVP deadline or any other message (e.g. “Please enter your name as it appears on your invitation”). We had to add it as a banner instead of part of the directions as guests RSVP. Most guests aren’t looking closely enough to see the banner on the website.
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3 years ago, e.renae7
So happy with our decision!
We decided to move our wedding website over to Joy after reading some not-great reviews about the platform we had originally chosen. I couldn’t be happier with our decision! Joy has been incredible every step of the way, from the beautiful wedding website to the user-friendly interface to the guest list organization to the registry integration. Everything works like a charm—and when it doesn’t, Joy’s tech team quickly responds to help requests. Thanks y’all, you’ve taken a lot of stress out of our wedding planning!
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2 years ago, willalanjr
Not suited for RSVP & messaging
I had the exact same experience as another recent reviewer here who was excited at first by the easy UI and building the website, but the further along we got in the process, the more the functionality was lacking. We encountered multiple bugs, temporarily lost data, and eventually had to just export our guest list to an excel sheet. Similarly, we sent some messages via email because we couldn't format for clarity (colors, bold/underline/italics, links) -- and when you're planning a big event, you have lots of info for people and don't want it to just be a giant block of text! It's a nice idea, but they're not there yet on execution, so I don't recommend you go down this road. It's very hard to change once you've committed to it on your invitations!
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4 years ago, The realg
Amazing, free, and great privacy settings!
I am so glad I found about about WithJoy for my wedding website. There is not a ton of features, but all of the essentials are there and work great. The main thing that set WithJoy apart for me is the privacy settings. I loved being able to keep the website password protected for guests only and the ability to set customize visibility for different sections of the website based on the specific guest. I also discovered that the gallery can be used to share all of your wedding photos with your guests afterwards! Such a great resource throughout the wedding process.
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1 year ago, Eventer105
Disappointing App, Great Website
Unfortunately the app does not offer nearly the amount of services the website does. Managing the guest list (and viewing different sections of the list) doesn’t show most of what the site does. The app is virtually useless because any changes/edits/etc I need to do via mobile phone I have to wait to do with my computer directly to the site. If you’re on the go, it makes it difficult to do anything. However, the website has been easy to use and for the most part glitch free (some Save the Date emails were glitchy for some guests and some of the changes made to pages on the site refused to update). Would definitely recommend the site, but not the app.
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4 years ago, MonaLisaKay D.
made wedding planning so much easier!
I love joy! It made everything so simple and so beautiful. I love how I can organize my guest list. I also love how it answers every question my guests could possibly have. I recommend it to everyone!I got engaged, I had no idea where to start. I heard about Joy and so I got it. I don’t regret getting it! I looked at other wedding planner/ wedding websites but this is my favorite. Beautiful designs, kind staff, very user friendly. I LOVE how the guests can interact with the app. This website literally tells them everything they’ll ever need to know about the big day (which allows you to focus on other things). I also love how the guests can add photos to the app! It’s an awesome way to share and keep memories! Definitely my favorite part of Joy! One small little side note, I love how the bottom of the website it says: Made with Joy. Doesn’t that sound cute?! If you don’t know where to start with your wedding, start with this!
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2 years ago, Romi Garber
Thank you, Joy
Joy made wedding planning so much easier, most notably for the ability to create customized questions for individual guests & apply organizational tags. We also love that they don’t have transactional fees for the honeymoon fund. Best of all, when I reached out to support with a question, Stacey at Joy responded swiftly & provided excellent instructions. Later, when my browser wouldn’t export the guest list in the right file type, Stacey provided me with the answer (it was the browser!) as well as the actual file within moments.
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4 years ago, MooneyMing
Terrible, low functioning app and very slowly developing site
Beware! When you first look at with joy you think it’s an easy, free way to make a wedding website. I wanted something low maintenance like that. But the options you have for tailoring the site are extremely limited. Even worse, when you reach out for help, the answer is always “we’re not there yet” in terms of extremely simple developments for the site. I’ve had my website for a year, and you still can’t do basic things like view your guest list online. So I finally downloaded the app, and I can’t even edit the stupid website from the app! I am so so disappointed with how slowly this new site has evolved. I wish I hadn’t used it. Don’t add more stress to your wedding by using this thing to save money or something. It’s not worth it.
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1 year ago, History to Present
Review for Joy App
I love the my family or Friend can share a creative app with a organized order out to family and friends about the event involved. Invitation .. online.. I think it’s creative and a awesome way to share information and photos ect. I did not like that I could not like their pictures personally without the ad showing up to use the app ~ that’s the only part I did not like. I would like to leave a personal message or heart the entry without the advertisement showing up on the pop up screen. Thank you for helping family share in the Joy.
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7 years ago, VV87
We love this app!
Joy is an awesome app! My fiancé and I searched for a great wedding app and we stumbled upon Joy. For starters, the name itself is what drew us in. ❤️ This app is super convenient and literally takes care of almost everything. We love the fact that we can quickly access information for the wedding on our phones through the app. If you are looking for something different and fresh, not so generic like every other wedding app, download Joy. If we could give it 10 stars we would, I’m telling all of my friends who are getting married about it!:-)❤️
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4 weeks ago, bratjudy
Wedding website
This is just perfect… super easy to use and navigate….. Only thing we have noticed is when using names to rsvp…. Example : Mike Ellis and the person puts their legal name Michael Ellis. It will create two rsvps. It is super easy to fix on bride and groom side. But it will throw count off on RSVP. But it is amazing. Helps you add things gives you ideas. Just a beautiful way to keep everyone involved and if they forget their paper invitation… well it’s here on their phone. Love love love the site….
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2 years ago, HJMS
Misleading Registry Setup
We tried using Joy to create a honeymoon fund. It took about an hour to set up different activities that our guests could contribute to (airline tickets, tourist activities, etc.). When we shared the link with our guests, none of them could complete the transactions using Paypal, which is the main option for payment. It turned out that the Joy site itself doesn’t actually link to Paypal, so the amounts reserved on the site are not indicative of the amounts actually received. Add that to the fact that the Paypal CAPTCHA system was down, and the whole thing was a no-go. Now we’re back to square one looking for an alternative. Apparently the zero-cost registry means that you get what you pay for.
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2 years ago, C1r9c95
For a free wedding website,Joy offers a lot! I love the layout that guests view in the app and I appreciate the ease of use. They still need to do some work on the guest page in the app because I couldn’t make any updates of changes from the app, I had to use a desktop for that. Also, I wish there were more options to receive money from the registry besides venmo and cash app. But overall I am very satisfied with the app and would recommend it!
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2 years ago, Dijdjfjfifnfk
The app and website would be so great……….if they were mobile friendly! :(
It is such a hassle that I can’t use this app on my phone to check my guest list or do basically anything to change my website from my cell phone. I always have to be logged onto a computer if I wanna do anything. Literally all the app has worked for is downloading some of the Hi-Res photos I created for my website. Why the heck is most of the content of this app not mobile friendly in 2022? 99% of what we do now is done on our phones or tablets and not on a desktop computer. Just saying guys, it’s high time you made all features available in the app or at least on safari. Get with the program. Geez.
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7 months ago, cwu104
Easy to use
I found Joy to be very user friendly! Slight learning curve when you’re first getting started, but after playing around on the desktop version, it was pretty straightforward. It’s nice that you can individualize the website for each guest! For example if some of your guests are only invited to the reception, you can set the website to show the reception schedule only without revealing the ceremony schedule! Pretty neat :)
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6 years ago, leashowbiz1113
I really want to like this app
This app and website look like a great idea, but they’ve got serious bug issues that more and more people keep complaining about. I set up my account yesterday and everytime I’ve tried logging in today, it sends me to another completely unrelated event I’m not the planner for or am invited to. The website has a drastic delay in load time. Even if it’s free, I can’t afford having more consequential issues in the future when I want to have my RSVP list set. I’m giving them a break because their customer service is good (they’ve been consistently replying to my feedback messages) but I most likely will end up deleting my account if this continues.
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3 years ago, Ana Logan
What a joy!
It has been so fun to use joy as we navigate creating a wedding website in the midst of planning. I still prefer the Knot for planning it self and tracking who we speak to and all of that, but what I really appreciate about With Joy is the ability to tag your contacts. I think that’s awesome from an organizational standpoint. I don’t love how some of the site navigates like the way it lists wedding parties. Overall I wish there was a way to personalize your website layout more, but I’ve been really happy with regardless!
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5 years ago, Bride914
Simple and efficient
The whole team at Joy is kind, quick to reply, and welcoming of feedback. I found a minor inconsistency with the date structure and they are submitting it to their product design team! I’m happy to have pre-populated options, but it’s good to have the flexibility of not using everything directly as provided. Their templates are fresh and fun, and nearly everything is customizable. I would recommend building a wedding website With Joy to anyone I know getting married.
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6 years ago, Kj_kedar
Great wedding app and website
We chose Joy over other similar wedding websites because of the ease of use and awesome features and design options. My wife set it up for us. We were able to send invites, add our wedding schedule, gather RSVPs, share our engagement pics with everyone before the wedding and write our stories. At our wedding lots of friends and family took picture and we were glad to see those pics after the wedding. Would highly recommend.
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2 years ago, KalanaHorton
Fink Wedding
Josh and I are currently using this site to plan and track our wedding, rehearsal and guests for our reception dinner. It is extremely detailed and has all information very much needed to explain to our wedding party and guest about our special day. Even things we wouldn’t have thought of. It’s easy to follow and set up especially with the examples set up to show you! We are very pleased with our wedding website through Joy!!!
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1 year ago, lmsollenberger
Great website/RSVP host!!!
I’m using this app and the with joy services to host my wedding website and our RSVP system. It’s working wonderfully! The app is super helpful to keep track of the rsvps while I’m away from my computer. I don’t know how many times I’ve referred back to it while I was out running errands because someone messaged me about their RSVP. 10/10 would recommend to a friend for managing their wedding RSVPs!
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2 years ago, avshaw
Great site, guest list could be improved
I switched to WithJoy from another site because I loved the professional level design of the wedding website. I love that you can add an alert at the top with announcements. Being able to tag guests helps tremendously however the ability to sort by tags could use work. Selecting two or more tags should minimize the number of guests shown. It’d also be great to be able to import and export the list with addresses included.
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5 months ago, RBabcock83
Love it, but can be a little overwhelming at first
I loved using Joy for my wedding. So many choices which can be overwhelming at first, but once you start it gets better. I love the webpage designs to choose from, an how you can really personalize it and put all the information online. You could even do it all online and skip the paper invites but we chose to do both! Enjoy. The guest tracking and place to track rsvps and addresses was so helpful! Thank you Joy!!!!
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3 years ago, Albesti55
I liked the website at first until we had to do invites then it became one of the biggest stressors of our wedding prep. guest were confused and I wasted tons of hours having to re do things email and text details to people. Then the app you can’t view who rsvped, you can’t even on mobile browser, who carries they computer everywhere? Then The guest list feature was down online , I could not get access to my list, couldn’t send new additional invites and couldn’t see rsvp’s or the list period.. all due to some issue with joy had with a third party vendor or something. Which all wasted more of my time
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6 years ago, Fionka_
Great app!
We’ve used this app for friends wedding and i have to say I’m so impressed! I loved seeing pictures everyone posted, and was happy to see some that I myself missed taking. The RSVP functionally was brilliant and I know my friend was excited to see the updates coming prior to the actual cards. That kept her planning so much easier. I highly recommend joy for your wedding planning. It makes the planning and event so much easier to navigate!
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