Joyce Meyer Ministries

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Joyce Meyer Ministries
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Joyce Meyer Ministries

4.45 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
10 months ago, nipper9871
Response from a viewer about Forced Updates
First and foremost I also found Joyce, and her teachings on Everyday Living have changed my life. The Holy Spirit speaks to me all the time and when I ponder, that little voice inside says see what Joyce says today… not by coincidence that her talk for the day will be my issue for the day…I am always uplifted by her teachings!! Now back to the Forced Updates… my app just popped up the update, I updated and it took less than 2 minutes !! 2 minutes! If it took 10 minutes you know what I have learned from Joyce… patience…. This is not on Lauri’s time but on God’s time…. In the time it took for the up date I continued with my daily dialogue with God, not a monologue with myself but a dialogue with God thanking Him for everything in my life, my phone so I could listen to Joyce!! Yes I have been the recipient of Joyce’s mail also…. Her ministry is changing the world… she cannot do it alone, the reason for the mail. If you don’t like the mail just simply throw it away and view Joyce’s video on stress… only you can change your unhappiness… So, with that said, I love you Joyce, I love your ministry family and I strive to live a Godly life. I am Enjoying Every Day Living ! God Bless Us All Much Love, Lauri H.
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1 year ago, Mandy S.F.
Force updates
I honestly love this app. I use it because God speaks to me through Joyce. The app was simple and I felt perfect the way it was when I downloaded it years ago. And THEN came the updates that forced to give a email and home address to now start sending you mail about the ministry to my home. And every time there is a update you HAVE to update it or you can not continue without tapping update. I don’t like that a question pops up and ask you if you would like to update and not give you another option such a “maybe later” tab. Nope only option available is to select update. Best thing to do is NOT ask the question, and just politely tell us that a update is required to continue. Just because I don’t like this part won’t stop me from using the App. I will continue to listening to the teachings every day.
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1 year ago, Ant Pete
My AM Go-to app
I’m a better person because of this app. Thank you Joyce and Dave Meyer! I’ve tried to get through life on my own and it never works out but the life lessons here speak to me because she’s a regular person and has been through the fire to know what we have suffered. I don’t understand why people are against her but then I noticed “they” are aren’t happy. I’m a better person because for one thing I don’t hold on to resentment and have a right to stay happy even while going through hard times and situations. I have this app on every TV and tablets and phone so I try to start my day off with listening to her teaching she’s funny too. I’ve learned a lot. I love Joyce but I want to be more like Dave! Love ya man!!
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3 years ago, Victor not victim
Gods angels
Joyce Meyer ministries has been a godsend to me! I’ve been suffering with the brain injury for the last six years, had it not been from the voice of the of Joyce I don’t think I could’ve made it through this chapter of my life. Although the Lord has not healed me completely I am closer to him, his son and our Holy Spirit and I have ever been in my entire life. Her voice was the only one I could listen to. I have cognitive problems along with many others but the sensitivity of noise makes it impossible to be in crowds or around people and understand what they are saying. I laid in bed all these years listening to Joyce over and over and over again. My faith, hope and tenacious spirit has brought me through so much. I have been volunteering for six years I believe and missed one opportunity in those six years I just was not able to attend. But let me tell you, ladies, volunteering you meet the most incredible women that are life altering and lifelong friends now. God bless you Joyce, Dave and your staff who are truly angels with integrity! My appreciation and love, Annette Montgomery a victor not a victim!
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3 years ago, beulabeula
Unable to view videos on iPhone
Thank you so much for the Joyce Meyers app. It has become a daily source of inspiration and comfort to me. After a recent update of the app, I am no longer able to view the videos on my iPhone or iPad. Everything looks ok, but when I click the arrow to play the daily “Enjoying Everyday Life” video it goes to just the written description of the video, there is no video. There is also the “More Shows” button. But when I press it, it goes to the page where the videos can be chosen, but when I click on one the same thing happens. I have come to rely on the videos and hope something changes so I can watch them.
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5 years ago, former weather checker
Not happy with the update
Having trouble with the new app getting the sound to work to hear the sermons. Some sermons not available on you tube that are on the app. On behalf of myself, and my 90 year old mother who use this app... we love the content, but do not see the benefits of the new updated design. It’s not as easy to maneuver or access the information we want; and the switching between the app and mobile website can make it confusing sometimes. My daughter is a user experience designer and said we should offer to talk to your researchers to give ideas for improving the design. My biggest complaint would be that we can’t access archived messages anymore within the app. Could we see this changed please? Is there a way to choose between the original and the updated version? Thanks for all you do!
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3 years ago, AJOinARJ
Fixed now! Video playing broken in just released update
Thanks so much! Delighted to have the videos working again! I’ve really missed them this week. ————————————— Update out 12 hrs. Installed it. Now pressing on the daily video play button takes you to a page that gives a written summary of the video, but no play button to be able to play it. Looked for less obvious links that would play the video. Nada. Hope that gets fixed soon. Joyce’s content is a daily blessing that I look forward to, and I am thankful for it. Apple XS Max running 15.1.
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6 years ago, mommymummama
What happened to the videos?!?!
I’ve been using this app for years and love it! Today, however, as I was watching one of Joyce’s weekly video broadcasts the app stopped and I couldn’t get any of the videos to work again. I rebooted my iPhone and still nothing. Waited hours and tried again. Nothing. Only the radio broadcasts work. I deleted the app and downloaded it again from the App Store and now all I see is a blank white screen and, “Pull this message down to see the latest from Joyce.” It looks like it’s refreshing but it doesn’t. I still ONLY have a blank white screen and the “pull down” message; I don’t even have the radio broadcasts or daily devotional. This is very disappointing because the app is so much more convenient to use than going online to her website. Please advise if there is a fix being worked on! Thank you.
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2 months ago, Ba$edJesus
inconsistent UX and UI
EDIT: the only reason i haven’t deleted this app is bc the website does NOT UPDATE the daily devo daily. today is 4/14, the app is up to date whereas the devo from 4/12 is still up on the website. PLEASE FIX SO WE CAN USE ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH. also, you can’t copy from the app. i have to leave the app then go to the site and copy from there. if the app wasn’t the only thing that has the daily question, i would’ve been deleted it as it’s ✨useless✨. i love sharing your devos but if i share their link from the app, others who don’t have the app can’t see them. and, for my other devo apps, when i share them the title emboldens in the message. yours doesn’t—it’s just a link. also, there are Questions of the Day on the app but not the website? could yall add those to the website to create consistency and a seamless UX between the app and site.
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5 years ago, jacrey68
RE: The new revisions
First, I want to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries for all you do to spread the Gospel of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ! I have been enjoying this app for years and I realize up dates are necessary, BUT there are a few things you have changed that make me feel uncomfortable: * I do not find the black background with white letters easy to read. I suggest white background with black letters. * I really find the devotional topics so inspirational and meaningful to my life, my children and friends that I sometimes want to share them. However, with your new revisions I can no longer share Joyce’s ideas, wisdom and her messages like I have done in the past. Please bring back the ability to “share” thank you!
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3 years ago, Natraw4e
App will not stop playing
I love Joyce Meyers Ministry! I listen to her every day. The only problem I have is that the app will not stop. It keeps playing over and over and over! I have tried to come out of the app; once I have finished listening to it, but it keeps coming back on. I know that God speaks to me through Joyce’s Ministry, but I don’t think He wants me to hear this over, and over again. LOL. Seriously, it is a wonderful app, it just will not stop playing. I can come out of it, and it turns itself right back on. I had to actually delete the app, and then reinstall it. Please help me if I am doing something wrong.
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6 years ago, Dra.Pi
Great tool!
Hi! This app has been a huge blessing to my life and I’ve shared some of the messages with friends and family from time to time. It’s a great tool. I do not know the nitty gritty of how apps work but it would be great if one could be able to share the messages via other apps like WhatsApp, not only through regular messaging or email. Also, I know Joyce Meyer’s messages are in English but it would be amazing if they could be translated to other languages, including Spanish, or if the app could have a Spanish version so that her powerful message can be spread even further. God bless and keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Cheerieday
Thank you God for Joyce Meyers
I want to say my life was just existing. I did not sleep hardly at all. Then my husband was stricken and he had to retire with a full disability. We did not get to enjoy our retirement. Then I was curious to watch Joyce Meyer Ministries . I kept watching and I was learning so many new things and she was so honest with her life. She went through so much and God was with through it all. Then started reading her books and doing Bible studies. I could not get enough of Joyce and God. Thank all of you so much for leading me. I realized God was with me though it all. Thank you Lord.
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3 years ago, Nitreese
Love ❤️
I have been listening to Joyce’s teachings for years she truly inspires me to be a better person everyday. She motivates me to keep going when it truly gets hard and difficult, I love how easy and practical her application of the Word of God Is, I sign up for every study she offers, she’s so easy to listen to and understand. One of the things that I love about Joyce is she is Bold the Bible Says God will pour out His Spirit on All Flesh, She proves just that I believe God can and will use Anyone He Chooses, Thank You Joyce for not allowing the Fact you are a Woman prohibit you from following God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Life.
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2 months ago, JJM go!
What Happened?
This app has been SO Awesome until the last week after it updated. Now it always makes me login, and when I do it tells me the password is wrong and so I update it, only to have it tell me the next time I go into it that my password is wrong again! Every day for the past 5 days! And, I have to listen to the broadcasts in a separate window now, so if I minimize the window to check text messages or anything the broadcast stops playing! When it played in the app it Never quit playing if I went to something else while listening. Terrible update!
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6 years ago, lollipop76
Joyce Meyer Ministries-
I am having the same problem as the person’s review & have the problem updating! Hello! Is anybody out there?!!! Help! Can’t you people see what Satan is trying to do???!!! HELLO! I get her books & her teachings-is this all another “smoke Screen of Satan’s?! We are sitting here willing & waiting to help you put God’s Word out there! What’s the problem?! I’m very frustrated that I’m in a holding position,ready to land,yet nowhere to go!!! Am i making any sense here people! God needs our help & he needs it now! Does anybody believe as i do? Don’t dangle a carrot in front of my face & then not give it to me? Help!
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5 years ago, Crosstitcher Henry
Issue w/ iPad
I love Joyce Meyer and the options this app provides, however the only issue with iPad that I have noticed is when I start playing the message for Enjoying Everyday Life for that day, it starts upside down and I have to lay or rotate my iPad down and then rotate it back to have the playing correctly. Maybe this is an easy fix with next update or it might take a couple, just wanted to let someone know in case anyone else having this issue and hoping can be corrected eventually. Thanks for helping me start my day off with God’s word while I eat my breakfast!
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7 years ago, Julitech2
Great tip for upside down video on iPad
I love this app and enjoy watching the videos. They are such a blessing. Tech Tip: The videos started presenting upside down on my iPad. I called in to Joyce Meyer Ministries to alert them. I was connected to a very helpful woman who said she would have someone look into it but also suggested I clear my browser history and website data to clear any potential conflicts. In Settings for Sari when you select the app in the left window this is an option in the right side. I clicked on "Clear History no Website Data". Boom....It Worked!!!!
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2 months ago, SDLashLady
Thank you Jesus for Mama Joyce
Joyce has been a teacher in my home for over 25 years through her cd’s, messages and books. I am extremely thankful for her, and Joyce Meyer Ministries. This app makes it so convenient to receive these messages full of wisdom each and every day. I thank God for blessing Joyce with her courage, transparency, and love for God. This app has allowed me to become a better person and has drawn me closer to God and understand how important the Word of God truly is in our lives. I am and will always be forever grateful for Joyce’s teachings.
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4 years ago, Peaceful365
Thank You for Listening
Was trying to update my previous review, but it wouldn’t come up. So, I’m writing a new review updating from 3 to 5 stars. Thank you for listening. Reading the Daily Devo is so much easier now on a white backdrop instead of the black. Also, the videos are playing without interruption. Just a thought: For those who prefer the black backdrop with white letters, create a Toggle button or a night mode setting in the app. Thank you for striving to uphold the excellence of Joyce Meyer Ministries. The app has been and is a blessing to my life.
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3 years ago, VelaProdutions
Thank You
I was introduced to Joyce as a child I would wake up and here her voice coming from the kitchen my father and mother was listening to her my aunt gave him some of her tapes and books I feel like she is my grandma she has been here to set me straight all my life Thank you for being honest I appreciate all you and your family and team do to help other people I will always be apart of your team aswell let me know if there is anything I can help with xoxo Melissa Vela
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3 years ago, gottaluvmevj
I love the app and encouraging words, but I hate that it MAKES you update it! It says there is an update available in the App Store. Do you want to update? With a question mark, which means you should be able to say yes or no! But there is no other option but to update because it’s sitting there staring at you like a red flashing light! I just did an update last month, just so I could get into the app, but I don’t wanna update every month just to read. That’s a little disappointing. Other than the mandatory updates the app is great!
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12 months ago, GolferinNC
This is the simplest App to navigate. I have complete trust in providing any information requested and know that they are committed to advancing and improving it even if it’s already awesome. It’s the easiest way to listen to Joyce during your day. The books are available to download and the messages cover every topic and area of struggle in my life offering encouragement and peace and the Christian counseling that I can’t afford. God bless this ministry that is changing and improving lives daily. Praise God!
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8 months ago, Oh airman
2 Mama Joy🥰
I am super Grateful to enjoy Joyce Meyer’s app as part of my morning hours seeking The Lord. I have listened to and read “many” of her books since the time I was first introduced to Joyce Meyer in 2002 (my early 40’s and Saved in ‘99). Having much in common from early childhood experience, brother(s) etc.. Battlefield of the Mind continues to be my most shared teaching as it was pivotal to much breakthrough in my life. Looking forward to my 1st ever Love Life Women’s Conference in San Antonio next week!!!
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1 year ago, NilaKini
God bless you Joyce
THANK YOU! My walk with God is more real now and I want God to be the first when I wake up and when I go to bed. With all your teaching Joyce, it has opened my eyes to many things I never understood in my daily spiritual walk with God. I am still learning and trying to let go of how I use to be, but day by day I see walls breaking down brick by brick so I can move forward to being the person God has called me to be… A woman after God’s heart… 🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️♥️
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3 years ago, MrsO52
Today’s update has problems - corrected
The JMT got on it and quickly repaired the issue. Thank you works great! The update received when opening this morning will not play today’s show. When taping the play button it directs to “today’s offers” and an option for previous shows. They will not play either. It does allow access to the daily devotions.
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3 years ago, TiggerTown8
Love This App
I really enjoy this app because it lets me have Joyce’s uplifting messages anywhere, anytime, however if I had a suggestion, it would be: I enjoy the daily devos but some of them I have wanted to save to come back to and the only way to save them is screen shots, a favorite button or the ability to put them in a folder would be cool! Otherwise great way to always have the word of God handy. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries for all you do! ♥️
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8 months ago, LittleSlime99918
Joyce is so kind to offer so much content to help us gain a closer relationship with God, ourselves, and other people. Each morning I’ve started watching the daily show, and reading the devotional of the day as well as the prayer! I can’t believe how helpful this app has been in growing and improving my relationship with Jesus and God. It’s fun, engaging, inspirational, spiritual, educational, uplifting, and strengthening, as well as so many other benefits!
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2 years ago, dragon4848847588584884
This app has everything all in one place ! Especially when I miss a tv episode , I cam just cast it from my phone to my tv.. The ONLY wish I have is that the Joyce Meyer app on my ROKU had all the perks of this app ! It appears as if whoever is in charge of its content , just threw together some episodes and labeled them and quit working ! If the ROKU app was all someone had to rely on they are missing out of its potential
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4 years ago, Cat Fonseca
This app is a gift
With so much unrest in the world right now, I have found strength and awareness through God and the incredible Joyce Meyer. I have enjoyed this app for over a year. It gets me through the day and assists with setting spiritual goals for myself. And I love that now you’re able to listen to Joyce and still use your phone at the same time. You no longer have to have the app open to do other things on your phone. 🙏🏻
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2 months ago, Krittle mk
Love this app - wish it wasn’t an update as frequently
Absolutely love this App. LOVE Joyce’s teaching and the daily messages. It is inconvenient that it has an update super regularly and you can’t use it without updating. Any chance that can be less frequently ? Even once a week or ever other week would be better than the every day or every few days
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12 months ago, karaokemary
Copy and paste
I would love to be able to copy and paste portions of the daily devotions into the Notes on my iPhone. Not the entire devotion but just portions that really stand out and speak to my heart. A sentence here and there. I have a very long “Note”that I’ve been compiling on my phone for years from many sources, but this app doesn’t allow it. It’s kind of like taking handwritten notes when studying the Bible. I do love Joyce and am a big fan. Thank you!
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2 years ago, alaska69gurl
The Best Ever
Joyce Meyers, Thank you Joyce for your sermons they are so unique and easily to endure all you have to say: your amazing I thank God everyday for you, and your preaching on the segments that you have choose for us. I am saved again and I am taking my turn about learning all I can about the Lord Jesus Christ. I enjoy all your teachings I am on fire for Lord; I do have lots of questions and wish by the almighty Lord I can have a sit down with you to understand them. I pray for your family at this holiday time that he pours his blessings on your family. You saved my life again Joyce so thank you so very much. Can a person be saved many times and it be okay.? I have contributed and will do so again soon. Sincerely Cami Garcia
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4 years ago, Todoazul
I needed help and got it
I love the app, but lately it’s telling me that I need to update it directly on the app. In all the years I’ve been using an iPad it never happened, I always update apps in the App Store. So, I’m feeling unsure if it’s really from you or a hacker. Can you help me please? The team answered and updated my app. Now I can use it! I hope from now on the updating will come from Apple Store, like the others. Easier this way.
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5 years ago, The Blonde Cookie
😢 EXTREMELY disappointed
Just did update 3.14. There is nothing discernible that has changed since I did the one yesterday, so I deleted it. I’ll go back to the website if I’m looking for something, it’s more user-friendly for my purposes. The new app and update is all high tech-looking (and the dark mode is appreciated). BUUUUUUT, (and this is HUGE), I can no longer share with friends that don’t have the app, and could use some encouragement; I used to send Joyce’s devotionals as an email. I’m really disappointed. I’ve been a reader and listener to Joyce for at least 7 years. It won’t hardly seem the same, but it is what it is. God bless and keep fighting the good fight.
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4 years ago, buick gurl
So thankful for Joyce
Joyce has been my rock, the way she teaches, I receive it and just want her to know that listening to her teaching has taught me a lot, Especially the way I thought about things weren’t the way I should of. I wonder because I’m a talker and I love the lord if maybe his will for my life is doing what Joyce does. But god knows and he knows I want to know so time will tell. But just thanks to Joyce my life has changed a lot! THANK YOU!
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3 years ago, Adrian from Mississippi
Thank you to the Joyce Myers Ministries
I’ve been listening to Mrs. Joyce Myers for years and I can truly say that by listening to her share the goodness of Jesus, has permanently changed my life. I know that God is real and she reminds us that no matter what, Jesus loves us and has given himself for us so that we may experience God’s grace and mercy as well as to live for him while enjoying our life. Thank you for helping me find Christ and to understand and know that he loves me regardless of how I used to be. I am a new in Him, forever!
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8 years ago, Lily Kawahara
This powerful woman
I found her from my Christian friend and wow she is really great. I am from different country so English is my second language but her words are so powerful and reach to my heart. I enjoy listening to her on the way to work. She is great and funny and great. I also enjoy seeing how she dresses too. She has so many different earrings and neckless never wear same. When I feel blue I listen to her and when I feel great I laugh with her.
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7 years ago, Worm_s97
Sad to see this didn’t work
I LOVE Joyce Meyer and I was so excited to see she had an app!!! I immediately downloaded it only to experience the same problem as another; when I “pull down to refresh” it just keeps thinking and going back to the pull down to refresh screen 😢 I even tried using the menu to get to some of the other items but they don’t go anywhere, just a blank page that when you touch it brings up the pull down to refresh. Would really love to be able to give this a better review...but would need to be able to actually USE the app first...please fix so I can get my dose of Joyce!!
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8 years ago, Itworksjackie
Powerful tool to grow in God's knowledge!
I love this app!! Have never had any issues with it. I only wish you could save the devotional and audio a you wish to listen to over and over again, but other than that the app is amazing! God has used the app to speak to me an incredible amount of times. Just love how much I have learn through her teachings! Great woman of God and of the she is SO funny!!💟
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7 years ago, KAMILAH222
App and website down for 3 weeks
App currently isn’t working. Neither is their website. It looks like the app hasn’t been updated since last year. Which is disappointing seeing how they have a media department. Who’s on top of making sure your website, app and other social media is functioning properly? I hope they fix and send out notices letting everyone know that they are back up and running. Nov 13. Still not working and sent a report to the developer. You would think they would have had some form of App under repair on their site. Let us know something. Well I hope they get it fixed ✌🏼
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2 years ago, nessadwayne
Love it!
I love reading her daily devotions! Only reason I give a 4 is because I wish I could copy and paste things. I want to be able to copy and look up words && I wish I could copy phrases that I want to remember. Which is why I also wish there was a notes folder/file that way I would just keep it all stored on the app. First world problems I know but could make it a lot more convenient.
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6 years ago, A Deborah
Problem with the app
I love the Joyce Meyer App as well. I have been using it for years myself. However I to am having a problem accessing the daily program of the week. I to deleted the app and went to the App Store downloaded it again. It is still not working? Who can help us please? God word keeps us all focused and God has blessed Joyce with a special gift to be able to relate to all of us. I need this app to work properly. Can any one help? Thank you.
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8 months ago, Kelsey Lynn beane
Great daily reminder
I listen to the lesson every morning on my way to work and get something, big or small, out of it every day… She covers such a broad spectrum and she’s down to earth. I can relate to the way she speaks, her honesty and to the point style is real, usually funny and tends to “nail me” when it’s something that I need to focus on being better at.
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2 months ago, Artista!
Love this app!
Update: Thank you for making the devotionals shareable! I would now like to request that someone proofread content for errors before posting. The prayer at the end of April 14, 2024 is the worst I’ve seen yet. I enjoy this app every morning and am thankful for Joyce and her faithfulness and ministry! My only complaint is I wish it was easier to share the devotional and question section with those who enjoy it but aren’t at a place to download and use the app themselves or when I want to share a message with someone. I send them to several people daily and I have to make several screenshots and send multiple texts to the people I share it with. Please consider making it shareable. Thank you!
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6 years ago, love to hear joyce
Unable to view app
I’m having the same problem with not able to view app. I’ve done the same things as the person before me who wrote a review . I’ve also turned my phone off and on again, deleted and downloaded the app again and tried pulling the screen down to refresh but I don’t get anything but a blank screen continuing to tell me to pull it down to refresh . Only gave 3 stars because I can’t see it, but when I can see and hear it I give it 5+!
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6 years ago, 4theloveoftexas
I absolutely love this app! I have listen to Joyce at least three or four times a week for years and I would get frustrated when I had something else going and missed it on TV. It’s very easy every morning to open this app and here Joyce’s incredible messages no matter what I have going on! I’ve never had a single problem and it works great!
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1 year ago, Ainoxe
No Navigition Bar
I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone that has made audio purchases from the site because contrary to what is said on the online shop, one is not able to access them here. The support team is completely none responsive. i feel cheated as can't access the purchases i was so looking forward to listening to. please fix ASAP. There is no navigation bar as shown in the pictures. Without the nav bar at the bottom, one can't login and thus can't access their account and purchases :(
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3 years ago, Anastasia D.
Thank you
This app is the very thing that gets me going every morning. Also, I have found that if I notice any technical glitches that I am able to reach out directly to the ministry and a real human follows up. And it looks like if it is a common issue it is resolved via an update. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, MzDibbz
Deleted the app
I’ve been using this APP for awhile now but the last two updates are very disappointing. I’ve never had a problem until now. The latest update was Wednesday morning when I wanted to listen while preparing things for Thanksgiving & an update popped up & wouldn’t let me listen until I updated it so I did. After that update I haven’t been able to use the APP unless I wanted to purchase something from it. Every time I clicked to listen to a teaching it won’t play & takes me to buy from the page. 😢😢
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