JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

3.7 (3.9K)
60.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smooch Labs
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

3.74 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
11 months ago, Wikikinetic
Good as a springboard only
Looking for a taste of online dating? Jswipe is a low-effort way to begin. Looking for something else? Not so good. To get an idea of what the online dating world looks like (don't expect too much more), I suggest putting a small amount of time into the app—no more than ~20 minutes per day, or you'll be wasting your time—over a week or two, using your daily Super Swipe on people you find interesting. At this point, you'll have approximately maximized your results: you'll have gotten some idea of what online dating looks like, and hopefully gotten someone interesting to talk to you. I wouldn't count on getting a lot else out of this service, and paying doesn't really give you anything, both of which are why this is a 4-star review. If it were possible to buy Super Swipes from the get-go so you could spend a few hours in one sitting blasting through everyone you want to Super Swipe, then drop the app (save for checking back biweekly to see if you've gotten any matches), I'd give this a 5-star review. But you can't: to buy Super Swipes, you need to first buy a subscription for $25/mo, which isn't worth for the results. Right now, I suggest you use the app for free. If you could buy Super Swipes without paying for anything else, I'd suggest you invest the ~$10 and upgrade this to a 5-star review.
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4 years ago, Maggiemay1998
Love the purpose but app has a few flaws
love meeting new people through this app, but messages don’t send well. I'll have an unread message in a conversation even though I have viewed and replied to it. The messages don’t update smoothly (I have to refresh often) and I really wish there were a few more filters (such as political beliefs, having children, etc.) I also encounter problems matching with people as I'll hit yes and they will still show up as a possible match in the paid liked me section. Once again I enjoy the app but software makes a difference and the user experience definitely needs some work.
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5 years ago, crazy4lincolnheits
Jswipe no longer serves its purpose
The purpose of Jswipe was to bring together Jewish singles who are seeking out something which is important to them—seeking out other Jewish singles. This app used to help us navigate our already limited pool of prospective matches. I am a little annoyed by the lack of transparency of the app. Other apps are up front about what paying for membership means (more matches, targeted advice etc..); however, jswipe maintains that you have full access to the people without paying(and only the extra features cost money). It is abundantly clear based on my own experience and others with whom I’ve spoken, that the “basic” jswipe is not the same as the old. I get shown the same people over and over again, and where a few months ago I had 50+ matches at a time, now I only have 5 (and it’s not because of anything changing on my profile). This seems like a change in philosophy of the app, not a technical glitch (of which there are many). The fact that jswipe is a Jewish app made me stay as long as I did. I used to be a strong proponent of jswipe, however, if things don’t change soon, I’m going to send all my friends to the nicer boys of Hinge and Bumble.
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4 years ago, phope5
Dating, what is it good for? (Absolutely...everything!) :)
Like most dating apps, it is what you make it! So it can function as an avenue for something serious or just for fun. Good to keep profiles simple and keep conversations balanced as far as not writing too much or too little and keep the most important and majority of what you want to say for in-person, or an actual phone conversation where there is less chance of miscommunication. But to get things started I think this app is really great. Take your time making decisions but not too long(!) as you have 18 days to respond before a match is unmatched. But otherwise date at your own tempo. Amazing you get to select what you are looking for (in terms of Conservative, Orthodox, Heredi, reform ect) and display what you are. May you find your match, Bez"H! Success to all Jews out there seeking their soulmate 👫.
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3 years ago, Murdock chin
Not sure if JSwipe is greedy.
I bought the basic membership 2 weeks ago, thinking that I’d get more chances with women. But it never shows me any matches it doesn’t show who’s liked me or even the chats that I’ve started with people. It doesn’t show me any new potential matches even though I’ve gone worldwide on the map, it just shows the same people over and over again. and I thought there would be more matches after upgrading but I haven’t seen any. And there’s no recommendations on The match profiles area that indicate like somebody liking me which I had for the first two days and then it glitched out when I was pushing on one of the profiles and nothing else has showed up since. so I feel like they’re just getting greedier and greedier. or they want you to upgrade to the next membership in order to get the messages from chats. and it doesn’t let me see even the matches of who is most like you. Anyway that’s my two cents.
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3 years ago, ecweiss6041
Met the love of my life
A year and a half ago I was recently divorced, and alone in a city. It was the beginning of the pandemic and life had little to offer. I had been dating with nothing serious materializing. I had tried other apps, and while some fun came, nothing serious came. I decided to get on JSwipe because, well, I’m Jewish. I quickly met a girl who was funny, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful. We were quickly chatting every night. We met in person a short while later. Soon, we were going on in person dates. A year and a half later, we are basically living together and I couldn’t be happier. I have to give JSwipe an ecstatic five stars for bringing the greatest woman in the world into my life.
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6 years ago, tobsterman
Steadily getting worse
In agreement with another review I just read: the developers have made the app extremely annoying to use, as the only way to exit out of a persons profile is to reach up and tap a tiny “x” in the corner of the screen which is glitchy and difficult to press. In the past, you were able to just swipe in a certain direction and it would go back to the main page of the app where you could continue swiping. The app is no longer user-friendly. I reached out to Jswipe and mentioned this a couple months ago and I have seen at least three updates go by with no fix to this issue. Additionally, I no longer see mutual friends under a person’s profile, which used to be a nice feature on the older versions. (Also, they now make you pay to undo the last immediate swipe.) Not such a fan anymore 👎
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3 years ago, oy vey was taken
Is anyone out there…part 2
I already wrote a review and was sent a stock response. I noticed my complaint(s) was also similar to other reviews…those reviewers were also sent that same stock response. It’s clear jswipe has no intentions in actually listening and improving anything. In my original review I said it wasn’t their fault that so many profiles are fake or scammers. But duh, yes it is. They could be enforcing verification just like many other apps use to weed out the fake profiles. And just a fun tip, if you come across someone that says, “ alaye”, that’s a sure sign of a scammer. They say we can do our part and report fake profiles. I’ve reported tons…but then I still see those profiles up and active. Jswipe is the worst…mostly because they dgaf and have a stock response for everything. And jswipe, unless you’re refunding me my money, there’s no need to respond to this with a copy and paste response.
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2 years ago, Disappointed4041
Premium Member - Fake Profiles
I am a premium member and I only get fake profiles pushed to my account. How could this be just a chance encounter? Stock photos with misspelled words and broken English. I’ve reported a prolific number of fake profiles to the developer yet despite my efforts, I continue to receive predominantly fake profiles. I don’t recommend this app especially if you’re considering paying a premium. Updated response to the developer: This isn’t an issue of your catching “every” fake profile or scammer but having some levels of control where they are not so prolific and predominant. Once a member makes a mistake of inadvertently accepting one fake profile, it unleashes a flood of pushed fake profiles in their inbox and it never ends unless you outright cancel and delete your account which I’ve done (as well as the app constantly crashing) and I won’t be using it again in the future.
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4 years ago, Ryscmc58
The app will frequently alert me I have a message or a match. When I go to check, there is no match or message. When matches do come up, women from other states come up. Why? That doesn’t make sense. Even though I set a limit of 20 mile range, profiles of women from other states/countries will appear for swipe. It would also be helpful if I when I do enter a specific age group, (or range in miles) only show me women in that age group. Otherwise you (jswipe) are wasting our time. It’s very disheartening to come across a profile you get excited about and see she lives in Europe! Or there have been a few times where I begin chat with someone, but the following day the chat disappears. (I’m not aware of a feature that allows you to completely delete the chat, so I assume it is an issue with the app)
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2 years ago, PlanoStu
Real or Not
Before my last relationship, I was on this site, paid for the higher level, and saw the same people over and over again listed. Recently went back on, single again, paid for the upper level membership and then it started becoming glitchy. And still the same people. Do they keep people listed even after they leave or are the same people here for years. Either way, I tried contacting them, and was told the app is no longer available in the US. I sent an email saying they’re working on it. I came back a few weeks after when I saw the app was back in the Apple store. No longer have access to travel ID or other things I paid for. Contacted CS, and had to resubmit pics of my subscription and all, even showing in the App Store my subscription was still active, yet I’m getting no response. Seems not legit anymore.
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4 months ago, N8mare39
A good app that barely works!
Paid for the first class subscription only to realize that it doesnt change much from the free. The boost is a gimmick, the super swipes are a gimmick too cuz they also dont help. Ive spent at least 30 mins a day swiping only to realize that i get maybe 1-2 matches every few weeks which most of them are from checking out who liked me. The advance search also doesnt work, im jewish but far from religious and kosher, searching for the girls im interested in doesnt work, so im forced to be versatile with my search. All and all this app will work the same way as it did before you subscribe to the first class. Its very barebones from the get go, and feels even worse when you subscribe because that doesnt help.
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4 years ago, Lbkstl
Worst Jewish Dating App
Why is JSwipe the worst? Because the majority of people that come up are not even Jewish. Typically the men I’ve seen are from Scotland or Sweden or Germany or Yemen or who knows where else. They’ve gone to the University of Heidelberg or some other school. They have names that don’t sound Jewish. They mostly say “other” re the kind of Jew they are - in other words, they are not Jewish! Oh, and their English is usually terrible because they’re foreigners. And their mileage calculator is way off; recently it told me that a guy in Cleveland was 6000 miles away; it’s only 500 miles from me. And this is not a rare occurrence, where perhaps someone signed up while they were half a world away. That’s how it is with almost every profile! I am extremely unhappy with JSwipe. I have asked for my money back but they said that since I paid Apple, not JSwipe, they can’t refund my money. What BS.
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6 months ago, LoveHeals777
Glitchy and doesn’t work well.
I think the team who built this app gave up or they ran out of money. The app is glitchy and doesn’t function well. When you swipe, it gets stuck on one profile so you have to swipe 10 times on the same one. There are only about a 5-6 profiles to swipe through. It’s too bad there haven’t been any improvements over the years. This app had potential but the developers never cared to fix the problems. UPDATE: Developer says that I see repeated profiles because I’ve swiped through them all. INCORRECT- The app gets stuck on one profile and won’t move past it even when you keep swiping left. Also, you can see many fake reviews. They sound like a marketing pitch rather than a review. The overall rating is definitely wrong. Too many unhappy users.
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3 years ago, Hcybersaverv
Disappointing app
I am very disappointed from this app. I have experience using Jdate that was in the past and it was much more friendly. Jswipe is very disappointing, you put the search button to search I’m your location and you still see users that are further. In addition, there is no option to verify the profile that feature is very useful and does exist in other dating sites. The result is that there are double profile ( same person on more than one profile with different information) . The feature that allows to travel is a great way for scammers to change their location as they like and there is no filter for that. Being that this is the number #1 Jewish dating site, it is very disappointing.
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4 years ago, apj8806
Sorry Mum, I tried!
Oh JSwipe, you really are the bad boyfriend of dating apps (even w Tinder). You’re glitchy, you log me out unexpectedly, and then you can’t figure out where I am or people in relation to me. I live in NYC, supposedly there are a lot of Jewish singles out there. I first deleted JSwipe after I kept running into the same 10-15 people. Many of these matches were outside of my 10 mile radius. I would be rematched with people who I never connected with in the first place? Deleted. Needed a break from the app anyways. Few months and several threats from my Jewish mommy of creating my JDate profile (peak Jewish mom, I know) later; I tried to redownload you. Turns out I can’t create a new profile? I deleted my Facebook months ago and I am certainly not going to create one purely for you. Bumble, Hinge, and even Tinder have figured out a work around. Your “verification” of using fb profiles to make sure people are real is pretty garbage...there are plenty of fake Facebook profiles out there who somehow manage to make a JSwipe profile (imagine that!) Sort yourself out. Stop being glitchy and unreliable. Stop awkwardly rematching me with people weeks later. Maybe people will come back but I don’t think I’ll be one of them (sorry mum!).
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5 years ago, blinkeve1826
Can no longer report uses bc I’ve flagged “too many”
...which is because I’ve been reporting every fake/spam profile I’ve come across while swiping. But yeah, the problem is definitely that I’ve reported too many people, not that insufficient moderation (or lack of ANY moderation) has led to what was once the most effective way to meet other Jews at around my level of observance becoming so overrun with spam/fake accounts that it is now literally unusable. Not usable in a safe manner, anyway. JSwipe used to be the only Jewish dating app I’d use. Now I can’t even report spammers/scammers anymore because there are so many I’ve apparently reached the limit of how many accounts you can report. Which also happens to be the limit of how much BS I’m willing to put up with from this app. Sad how downhill it went since it was bought out. Bye JSwipe
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3 years ago, YPMR
Glitching messages problem
I generally like the App. A really good way to make connections with people, especially during a pandemic. I have been having an issue over the last couple of days where I cannot see my messages after I have sent them. My messages have been disappearing after I write them. This happens even though I still have access to the match (the person hasn’t unmatched). I also pay for the premium account so I don’t know what the issue is. As I don’t know another way to get customer support, I thought I would try this. Thanks!
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6 years ago, aen029
Used to love this app
Two main issues with the new design that are probably easy to fix - when you tapped on someone to see their profile, you used to be able to tap on the picture again and it would go back to swiping view. Now you need to click the X in the left hand corner which requires to be using both hands when using the app. Very annoying and not user friendly! Also, I have seen many people I know on the app yet it shows that we have zero mutual friends. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app and that doesn’t work. I enjoyed seeing my mutual friends.
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2 years ago, Shtapuri
Worst genuinely free dating app
I used the app for free for a while and while I didn’t use it too often made a couple matches with some chatting. Never went anywhere but that’s fine. Decided to pay for the app got the 6 month package and started using it frequently. At this point there are no matches/matches that never reply. They can send me a super like or accept my message/like so I know they are interested and yet no reply or they just get deleted almost immediately. Something really strange. I’m Jewish and I would DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE. If you want the app DO NOT PAY, it makes the app worse. Now they have your money and don’t need to provide you with actual service. I’ve gotten better action on almost any other dating app. Tinder, coffee bagel, bumble… screw this app!
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1 year ago, Flora_1.618
Mean men
For some reason… Men on free apps take the liberty of being extremely mean to women when they don’t get what they want… I’m sorry if I am too busy to respond after 10 minutes of your last message… Just because it might hurt your feelings that I didn’t respond doesn’tGive me liberty to be mean and rude… It shows the quality of men that are on this app… I now only on apps where people have to pay because they take communication seriously and not treat it as an opportunity to knock people down when they’re having a bad day… This happens incredibly frequently. For all the ladies out there… Don’t waste your time on this app spend the money on JDate, it’s worth it.
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7 months ago, MashaBell
Please fix messaging bugs
I have been using the app on and off for a few years and it still has the same frustrating bugs with the messaging feature. Messages often show up as unread (with little blue dot appearing next to the chat icon) when I have in fact read all of them. Sometimes this resolves upon closing and reopening the app, but not always. Also, outgoing messages often just won’t send when I hit the send button. Many of my matches have complained about the same problems. If this is a clever plot to get users to exchange numbers more quickly, then I applaud the idea but not the execution. Please fix these bugs.
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2 years ago, honestBilly
Great number of Jewish presence but
Although there are a lot of qualified women here, and I think it is the best Jewish dating app, it is not because this is good but because there are no good Jewish dating apps out there. This is not so good either. The app keeps freezing, and I have to erase and reload it. Also, I have paid for six months of membership, and it has forced me to do it again several times. I am trying to get in touch with customer service, to get refunds, but there is nobody to help!!! I became a 6 month member 3 days ago and it blocked me again today, demanding that pay again! I do not cancel my membership when I erase the app as it asks if you want to cancel your membership and I click “NO”! So, it’s a money draining machine!!!
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3 years ago, jegoldst
What happened to this app???
I support 100% the posting of a survey about anti-semitism in the app. However, the big issue I have is that I’ve filled out the survey already and I keep getting the same survey over and over again. It used to be, if you swiped right once already on something like this, it would go into your matches. Now it keeps blocking and blocking my ability to see matches on the app. The second issue is that there are now profiles that it is clear that there is profiles now clearly are either people who are escorts and advertising their services, or people who are advertising for their OnlyFans accounts. Do better!
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4 years ago, EllyHB
Worst dating app yet
Really annoying that you can’t see your likes without upgrading. Ok fine, paid for the upgrade and then 95% of my matches were out of my distance range in other countries. I also had major issues when I would try to open up the profile of someone who had liked me the app would freeze. Terrible app and still terrible with the upgrade. Update in response to reply from developer: I now understand why your app is so terrible. It’s because you completely ignore feedback and give BS unrelated replies. I’m aware of how locations work. I wasn’t on “business” or “vacation” when I was matched with people thousands of miles away. I was in my own city. And no...your crap reply to your crap app has not convinced me to pay for an upgrade.
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4 years ago, MCS, LLC
I have to give J Swipe 3 Star now to update my review from 1 Star to their quick response to my concern about not receiving any Customer Service over Removing my Profile without having to Upgrade and Subscribe for a fee! The Developer made the effort, so who knows, maybe there is a bug in the App? As an Essential Worker in Security, I really dont have the time to get involved when things go wrong as a customer. I used to have a 3 Strike Rule and now its 1 Strike with any hassle or delay. I dont blame anyone, esp with the Pandemic, but as a Tech Saavy person running a business having a Tech Consultant, I shouldnt have to deal with App malfunctions! And, there are a lot of them out there...just read the reviews like mine that gave 1 Star for other Apps. So, for everybody else, use JSwipe and see how your experience goes. Maybe you will have a better luck than I did. All The Best. Wear Your Mask, Practice CDC Protocol and Stay Safe! Shalom! Btw- we can blame many things to Covid-19 & Cyber-attacks going on.
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4 years ago, 5030710
too expensive & not enough free features
this app seems reliable and trust worthy but the only issue is that there are very limited free features, which makes the app hard to use and frustrating. the only features you can use without paying is the “like” or “dislike” button on someone’s profile, viewing your matches, and viewing your chats. you CANNOT do anything else without a “first class” banner popping up! if i were to pay for it, the app is WAY too expensive for what it offers so the price needs adjusting. either the app needs to allow more free features or the “first class” price needs to be lowered significantly! please fix this!
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3 years ago, seattledebs
Buggy, underpopulated, bad
This app has had the same bugs for years, so its creators don’t care about fixing them, or about improving the app. It also has so few users; it’s a wasteland. Main bug they know of well and don’t care about fixing, despite disingenuous statements for years, is that when you run out of users in an area or get close to running out — which happens almost instantly — the last user or annoying ad just appears over and over, no matter how much you swipe left. Happens regardless of phone or OS or version. Second, it’s incapable of marking notifications correctly. You read and respond to a conversation, but it keeps up your notification flag as though you have something unread. So we give up and turn off notifications, and then miss a message from the one sorry new user who drifts into town. I know they’ll either respond something inane to this or just stuff more fake ratings into their listings because again there are zero indications they care about making this app better.
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2 years ago, Rach🥲
So negatives first: 1. Messages are sent and received between matches randomly out of the order they were actually sent in causing miscommunications, so conversations can go awry because of it. 2. At least 3 creeps I blocked, I blocked a thousand times over because they kept on having access to my profile again and again to continue swiping it and sending me messages. Finally got rid of one after 3 separate personal report convos to admin over the course of many months 3. Lately I can’t even get into the app because it has an error when I try to sign into my Facebook when it asks me to Positives: 1. Once in a while someone is semi-good looking 2. Better than any other Jewish dating app as far as the fish in this pool 3. That’s all😂
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5 years ago, Chpopipipopishi
Pretty Brutal...
First of all... it’s pretty clear the app has not been updated to fit the last 2 models of iPhone. I have an XR and profiles get cut off, buttons are cut off as well in the top portion of the screen. Usability is not great. And, there are just so few people on the app it seems despite having an unreasonably wide mile range. I’ve downloaded it a few times over the last couple of years and it’s usually deleted within a few days because there are no people. And because there are no people, the ones that do have it never check the app because... there are no people. (I live in the Bay Area, not exactly a desert of dating app users or Jewish single people)
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5 years ago, LiamM777
A bit pricey and a ghost town
I really wanted to like this app. I really wanted to. However, the subscription is a little bit pricey but I paid it anyway in hopes of finding a match. However, the real problem that I have with this app is that it seems no one uses it and if the do they live well beyond 50 miles away. I don’t live in a small town, I’m a few miles away from a big city and it happens to have a pretty decent Jewish population. This is very disappointing to me because I live the idea of this app. I think it needs more promotion and incentives for people to get. Maybe I’ll have better luck if I live in New York, but for now I’ll probably stick to Tinder and Bumble.
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4 years ago, ahkwkqk
Keeps getting worse, dont get this app, support no help
I’ve been a member for alongtime. I have matched with people and haven’t. What I mean is after I match with people they usually unmatch or don’t respond. I’ve asked support to help critic my profile and they haven’t. I have all the filters set to max, installed and reinstalled the app. To no avail, I keep on being rejected or ignored and keep on swiping the same people over and over again! All they say is to oh change your filters, and location. I continuously do but to no avail. What’s wrong with my bio and pictures? Whenever i ask that they dont answer the question!
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6 years ago, paniiiiiiiiii
Don’t waste your time
This app is kinda useless. I have not been shown anyone relevant, whether I use filters or not. I figured I’d give first class a shot but no - that too is no use. You’ll be able to browse years-old profiles across the world - wow! You can get more exposure to people who I reckon don’t exist - wow! I would say <80% of the profiles are years old. I have friends who are married who’s profile I am still seeing come up in my feed. I will also swipe left on a profile and see it come up again. And again. And again. I’m not sure - maybe I’m doing something wrong - but I highly doubt it since I gotten thousands of matches on similar apps.
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4 years ago, G0123456789
Just not a great dating app.
If you’re looking to meet more Jewish singles, then you’re better off using other more mainstream alternatives. —— Responding to the devs addition to my review... —— I have no recommendations. The app just isn’t good. From trying other dating apps like Hinge or Bumble, I’ve connected with a lot more Jewish people than I would on here. I’ve had 4 exes over the past 5-6ish years and a lot of other dates. Universally, they just don’t find your app appealing. Their main comments regarding guys were that they were just kind of creepy on your app and it ended up deterring them. They tended to feel they were far more likely to meet a nice, normal Jewish guy on Hinge or Bumble.
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7 years ago, JoeyDev123
How do you unsubscribe to the monthly in-app subscription?
The app’s ok. Not enough people on it. Too pricey for paid version. But I’d bump it up a couple stars if not for the fact that I’ve probably paid 2 more months than I would normally have because I cannot find a place to unsubscribe. Tricking people into paying is not a good way to generate revenue. Hopefully the bad review will prompt developer response with a link where to unsub, improve the app by making it easier for others to downgrade and ideally refund a month or two on my account. There’s barely anyone new to look at for during that time. The premium features might be useful in NY but not working great in LA.
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2 years ago, Vibeway
Bait and switch
They show you the most attractive people they have anywhere. Perhaps people who haven’t been on in ages and are not necessarily compatible or in your geographic region or age range, all the young good looking pics they can find, then when you pay you get past those couple dozen quickly (and they don’t respond or are fake accounts), then it is a very scant list of real people. I never in months received any response from anyone, and I am not unpleasant looking by any stretch. App is useless. Go with a mainstream one and just search for people identifying as Jewish if that is important. Hinge is good.
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4 years ago, Dianelevyphotography
For the most parts this app is pretty nice. But we should be able to have the option to block someone They should also make more options in your research not only the level of your Judaism, miles and age... (like Jdate does not that I want to compare both app) I met some nice people through this app didn’t work out but I’m still hoping maybe to find someone here Thank you
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5 years ago, appuser739438
Doesn't work - took my money, logged me out
I tried a paid subscription. After a few days, the app spontaneously logged me out and wouldn't let me log back in - it kept sending me through a loop of prompts and then crashing. I even deleted the app (which it said deleted all my data - bye bye matches and conversations...which were the entire point of the app), and downloaded it again, only to encounter the same problems. They took my money (and they're expensive for a dating app) wasted my time and didn't provide a working app. During my brief access to the app, the design/user interface was pretty poor, too.
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6 years ago, texan made
An empty dessert with no body to be found!
Recently single and downloaded the app, after 4 days still no one within 250 miles of Texas. Also when expanded to worldwide were getting both men and women, only women are turned on. Either this app has bugs or there has been a mass exodus from this and other dating apps. Used 6mo to a year ago and paid for premium with few results and made cancelling very complicated, as a result of many months unwanted paid services finally figured you have to go into iPhone subscriptions to cancel. Came back thinking things got better but looks like they’re worse.
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4 years ago, Anna Maple
Decent folks, horrible UX
I’ve met a few guys on JSwipe and they all seem as quality as guys on other apps. The reason this app drives me crazy though (and barely deserves two stars) is the terrible user experience. I swipe left on someone, only to see that person as literally the next profile! I cannot tell you how many times I have rejected the same one dude. The messaging notifications are also delayed and glitchy. I cannot believe how long this app has been around and they still haven’t successfully built basic swiping and DM functionality.
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3 years ago, JewishMusicRocks
Close, yet so far
The idea of the app is great. The execution is really poor. There’s no easy way to see who you have liked. It shows results for people that are located in different cities and states, but shows them as close to you. I am not sure if this is this is based on their current location, but when you put your filters in and are looking for local people,It should not show your people that live in different states. If people from out of state shut up in my feed periodically I wouldn’t care but when it’s the majority, it makes the app useless.
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3 years ago, a Jewish lesbian
Frustrating as a lesbian
I was soooo excited by how many women I was finding on the app only to later realize it was showing me straight women’s profiles. Although I can ask the app to only show me women’s profiles, there’s no way to specify in my settings that I’m lesbian. It’s so upsetting and I feel like I’ve wasted my time, emotions, and money on sending likes/messages to women who aren’t even interested in other women like me. I don’t feel like the app is very supportive or respectful of non-straight members. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, S.Katz
It’s like they want to keep us Jews single...
Here is my one star review. I matched with a nice Jewish woman and we were hitting it off well. I see her message and just as I’m about to read it, JSwipe glitched and the match gets deleted entirely!!! I’m so irate. It’s hard enough living in an area with not many single Jewish women and everyone being too darn picky in 2021, JSwipe itself can’t get its act together and I can’t even call the customer service line or try to restore the match..I’m so mad, I’ve been paying for this app for a long time and I’m done. Don’t even bother downloading this piece of crap app. Is this really what G-d intended??
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4 years ago, Marlzus
Super Glitchy and Annoying
I have swiped on the same people several times without the app refreshing to give me new users. Instead of “running out” of people, the cycle just restarts. I haven’t seen new faces in weeks. This has been an ongoing issue for a while. The free features are so basic; it seems like for a worthwhile experience you have to shell out cash. Of course when you pay something you get more but you shouldn’t get nothing by paying nothing, especially when it’s a free app. JSwipe used to be my favorite app but you can filter by religion on Bumble and Hinge too so really what’s the point?
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10 months ago, li0nhunter365
Not bad, but could be much much better
There are so many other things I’d like to be able to filter my searches by. Things like how many children they want, if any; level of education, which they actually ask you for, and then don’t do anything with; drinking or smoking habits; bio size, because in my experience, anyone without a bio isn’t serious; and other things like that. Please implement stuff like this.
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2 years ago, CiaoGina
Make people verify photos!!
This is such a great app! Here's how it works: you pay money, get lots of likes and then put on your detective hat, use a photo search app and sort through the profiles (75% are fake) Yep you pay money and do the work for JSwipe! What a deal I met a great widowed 'petroleum engineer' who went to a misspelled university in Belgium , raised by a German mother and currently lives in Philadelphia which is apparently over 7000 miles from CA. He believes that love conquers all and distance shouldn't be an issue. He's also 4'6 tall and his pics look like a super model stock photo Wish me luck! 💕
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2 years ago, JDR1966
What a hot steaming pile of crap
This app and its offering are the worst steaming pile of crap out of every dating site I’ve used. It’s even worse than JDate, which I literally didn’t think was even possible. The offerings aren’t helpful and are ridiculously limited. There’s no way to set basic filters and no useful set of nonpaying features. Their developers need to take a long hard look at OKCupid to figure out what a real dating app should look like and provide its users. And, no, I don’t work for them. If I could give this app more than two thumbs down I would.
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5 years ago, Aks229
Ok, but beware of rematches!
I’ve used this app a little for the last few years with moderate success. Usually it performed adequately. However, I would rematch with people I previously matched with, but then reject. Even after I’d reject a person, they’d still show up in my queue and the conversation would exist, as if nothing happened! I don’t ask for much, but this needs to stop ASAP. Rejected matched should REMAIN rejected. I shouldn’t have to see them again or get rematched with them!
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3 years ago, casino go go
Looking for a interesting talk
I’m mike tamir would love to meet a 55-65 old girl that like to travel, love to have a Conversation the joker ran into walk in the park or on the beach You must be in good shape OK get in touch with me it’s the first time I’m doing it I don’t know if I have to give you my phone number or you should text me or call me oh my God first time
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11 months ago, Flywingz
Rip off site
After seeing the best potentials siphoned off jdat e to this sister site, I finally rejoined for a single month to read my supposed messages. They took my money but I still do not have access. Even after emailing them to correct they’re problem. I next will notify my credit card processor to reverse the charge. Thus rip off does not even deserve 1 star. I will let my jdate membership expire also. I have met more Jewish women on other sites which can only be a reflection that these app providers are no longer relevant.
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