Jumpy Horse Show Jumping

3.9 (506)
541 MB
Age rating
Current version
Internet Reshenia LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jumpy Horse Show Jumping

3.9 out of 5
506 Ratings
5 years ago, Ladybug 🐴🐞
Please re-add
Really loving the new update ❤️🐴🏇💕 especially the side pull!! thank you developers for the amazing game! But i do have a few suggestions/complaints. Please bring back customizing!! Even tho most of us use the other game to customize horses there’s still a lot of players who only have this game and I think it would be more fun for everyone to have it again. But at least bring tack/rider customizing back! It was one of my favorite things to do. Please also let sport horse keep the sculpt I gave them in the breeding game! I’m making mules but what’s the point of putting all the work into sculpting if it’s not gonna show when you go to train and play with your horse!?!? The western saddle seem tons less realistic. A lot of players do western and I think it would be fair to make them look how they used to! I also think the white horse on the main screen should be the horse your currently using/selected but that’s not as important. (And if all of this is included in the “future” stuff then it should also be included in the free version.) I understand that every update or add ins take a very long time and I’m great full for each one! But those are things that were already had in the game and I really think they should be put back in ❤️🐴💕🏇 thank you for reading!
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4 years ago, Appolosalover15
So I love this game, especially when I was little and I have been playing this game for years now but as the time goes I’ve seen the game get better and worse. The goods parts are how detailed the tack got and the addition to a bitless bridle. Also how nicely the riders actually ride now. Now for the bad parts, not only has the game gotten so laggy it also makes the screen go black! I would be following my horse on a course or my courses that I created and out of no where the whole screen would turn black, I would have to move the screen for it to go back to normal but then it would go straight back to the black screen!!! AND THIS IS FROM THE 2.8 UPDATE. Another thing is that when I go to switch my girth from English to western, IT ALWAYS GETS STUCK. I have tried changing saddles, reopening the game, changing horses. Nothing has ever worked other than me having to delete the game and lose my created courses. Last one, the new update doesn’t log me in to my Game Center account like it used to. It only welcomes me and that’s it, I can’t chat from JHSJ nor can I get more sport horses!! This game really needs to be fixed, or it needs to go back to the old updates because those were bomb af.
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7 years ago, Animal lover 🐶🐱🐴
Great game but...
I love this game, from galloping at full speed in the pastures to creating your own horse or a famous horse and to jumping, it's amazing! I just the the iPhone 7 2 days ago and it was working great! But yesterday it popped up a sign that said "this build has expired please upgrade". It will take me to the home screen but when I try and play the game, it kicks me out. I just depleted the app and am going to try again, please fix this it is my favorite mobile game! Ok, that was fixed but I have another issue and other people r too. I can't Paint anything without the app kicking me out!! Also I have some update ideas: add barrel racing, pleasure classes, showmanship, other tack stuff, backing up horses, we also need horse trailer and barns that is as people can be all in and grab horses! So basically like a real life situation!! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!:D we also need dressage, breast collars, and horses need to be able to jog(slow western trot) and not be gaited horses. Also could u add vets and farriers and be able to have foals in show jumping even though there is another app for breeding?
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7 years ago, YvetteDel
It's not perfect, but it's still AWESOME!
So yes, this game has bugs and glitches. There are parts that don't work at all for me, never have (such as the colour customization). BUT... DESPITE all that it is THE BEST horse jumping simulator I've ever played for the simple fact that, most of the time, the graphics look amazing!! I also love that the controls are very customizable and you can switch them to completely automatic so you can just watch or take screen caps... that's my fave thing to do, and thanks to this game they look incredible! Making courses is really fun too, it's quite thorough with all the options, colours and decorations (just save your courses often because sometimes it'll kick out unexpectedly) I really wish the colour customization worked for me (it just kicks out if the whole game as soon as I select it) but the game is still totally worth it to me without it!! I really love it!!
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7 years ago, Jessi🌺
Love love LOVE
I love this game so much!!!! It is the most accurate horse game out there right now! I have a few suggestions. Maybe add dressage and trail riding? That would be amazing! And maybe make rider animations a bit better? It's good now but would be nice if it would be a bit better. And maybe add some Western! There's western tack so... i also think there should be a barn where you have your favorite horses and can walk through and take care of them and stuff. And maybe add a shop! Like people can create and we can buy or download them! And maybe add online place where you see players playing and can have competitions live or go on trail rides and stuff. Maybe like crest clubs for us to join? I would totally pay for this stuff haha😂 All in all this game is amazing and can definitely be the best game out there with a few more things added!!!
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4 years ago, Horsejumping03
Hi, I’ve had and played this game since it first came out and I’m literally addicted to it. However, I think there’s an easy thing you could fix that would make the game a lot better. The graphics have gotten really good but the canter and gallop are not as good as they used to be. When the app last updated, the canter got less realistic and the gallop is so fast you can’t even jump or control it, and it looks insanely fake. Please fix it back to the movements you used to have in the horses; it was a lot better and I assure you people would agree. It also would make it easier to jump using “rider view” because you can barely see the horses head and it makes it impossible. Thank you and please please fix this!!!
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4 years ago, kaylee0707
I’m having problems with my Game Center
This is probably my favorite game other then I think it needs undated since it hasn’t been updated in a year but anyways yesterday the game was fine but now everytime I try to do a competition or do the online jump courses it tells me I have to connect my game to Game Center but every time I login it says welcome and then my Game Center name so that doesn’t make any sense and I’ve tried to delete the game and re-download it but it still says the same thing and I really hope it fixes itself or something cause I really like this game and the breeding game and the weird thing is the breeding game is fine it’s just the jumping game but I can’t really use the breeding game if I can’t jump the horses so I really really hope someone can update it or respond back
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4 years ago, Bugaboo Zoe
Fun, but frustrating
I have been playing this game and the jumping game since 2016. I’ve always enjoyed it, it’s realistic, you can be very creative, and just all around fun. However, one issue has consistently arisen. The developers are frustrating to work with and rather than listen to player feedback, only update the game with needless cosmetic changes without fixing fundamental issues. Currently there is a sign in issue that links the breeding and jumping games that the developers claim to have fixed, but have done no such thing. Additionally the developers have been outright rude in the past when confronted about their lack of care. Players have been suspended or banned for even mentioning a problem, but players who do cause issues are rarely reprimanded. I do recommend this game, but be prepared for a world of frustration with the developers and the issues that it does have.
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7 years ago, Cryistall
Don't Feed the Trolls
**Updated for response to juvenile comment from developer: I played your games and tried to enjoy them but you refused to ensure games that worked properly. I DO NOT continue to play, they have been deleted and I will not waste more time or money on you people. Before you spend your money on this game, you should be aware that it was made by sacrificing paying customers of their previous game, Jumpy Horse Breeding. Their support people are extremely rude and have been known to cuss out and insult players who contact them for support and put unwarranted bans on accounts of people who ask them to fix the issues. I know from personal experience that these are not false allegations and have experienced all of the above, the most recent ban on me was placed because I contacted them because I have been waiting on mares to give birth for over two months. No other reason. Please do not support such unprofessional and callous people.
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4 years ago, rkin93 (aj username)
Plz read!!!!
This game is great it is I have been playing it for a long time but I keep trying to get on the game and it’s not letting me for some reason. Idk why!!!! I am very annoyed by this so I’m practically asking for you to fix this so I can get back on my favorite game. Also, mane and tail big issue. Especially the tail tho. Also I wish you did not have to buy some types of horses. Plz o plz fix all I said on here. I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much y’all! Also, I wish that there was like a barn where you could go and take care of them. Also more breeds, there’s only like, seven. Please Oh please bring customization back! I really liked how you could change the horse to the way you like it. And y’all said y’all added dressage, but I can’t find it. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Horsesaremylife225
This game is great!!
This is the most realistic horse game out there right now! I really wish they had hunters and dressage. Which both aren’t timed and based more on the horses movement and stuff. It would be amazing to be able to design a course and judge all the entries and pin the class like an actual judge. Hope that comes into this game soon. Also you should be able to have a more realistic barn in the breeding game. Having to feed, clean stalls, and turnout horses would make it way more realistic to how you actually have to do things. Other than those minor things I absolutely love the jumping and breeding game!
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5 years ago, chhhloeee
Love it, but needs some improvement
I love this game and have been playing it for many years now. Although with one recent update, we are no longer able to edit how our person looks. You also can’t edit the horse if you don’t have the breeding game which might be a downfall for some. I would love to have some old features back such as how easy it was to look through what course you want to pick and to edit the tack and person. I hope these changes will come back because otherwise the game is very fun!
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4 years ago, Jennie the Jesus-lover
Update better but have another request
I noticed when I want to take the 2 pedigree pics of the thoroughbred horses I’m playing with the buttons in the app freeze up they won’t respond to touch so then I have to close app and reopen to resume using the app so I was wondering if you can fix that. Been getting better with the harder riding doing more difficult cross country courses on my thoroughbreds I never thought I’d be doing. ❤️🐎🏇God bless you and keep up the fine work here. Thanks. 🙏❤️
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4 years ago, Spicy person🤙🏼
Love the game but not a fan of the update
( not gonna use some proper punctuation ) I'm a huge fan of the game and all but I’m not a fan of some of the update :/ before the update you could raise the jumps to any height you wanted so that meant that some horses could jump higher than others and that was fun because they would go for much more once you sold them on jumpy horse breeding but now that the height limit is 2m it’s not as fun, mostly all horses can jump over 2m so now that means that horses aren’t worth as much because technically they all jump the same
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4 years ago, Summer😝🦄
Worth the money
When I first played, I was like woah, these graphics are kinda bad. After playing for about two weeks and getting to know it, i realized its the best crested horse game I’ve ever played, and it makes up for the graphics. My only issue is that I have Jumpy Horse Breeding as well, and after the update I can’t bring sport horses from there over to this app. It goes into the authenticating part and just loads forever. Besides that the app is absolutely great, worth your money for sure.
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4 years ago, Billybobjoe17
Its pretty good
This game is really fun I love the features and I also love the breeding pack. But there are some bugs and also a lot of the time there are no available competitions and if there is it’s probably for like people with vip or what ever that star icon is and also a lot of the time when u will grow up a horse in the breeding pack and it’s a sport horse this game with have some trouble processing the new and improved horse. But other than the bugs and glitches this game is amazing realistic and amazing.
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6 years ago, christocyr
I love it but what do I do help
I don’t know what to do what is the two horses with there muzzles together for i see so many people breeding horses and i don’t know I can’t do anything and it logs me out a lot help me how do I back up my horses from other jumpy horse games help me now I don’t know what to do please tell me how to breed the horses and how I can back my horses on jumpy horse breeding help me now oh and please I want to know if you can make my horse she has a bald and is a chestnut her name is CJ and I don’t know if I can send you a picture she has 2 front stockings and 1 back sock Bye for now Response (below)
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4 years ago, s141634
The Gameplay “ improvement “
The latest update seen has messed the game up, Jumpy horse show jumping now lags badly like never before. The game freezes and then stops. It returns me back to my home screen. The game is slower than usual and it’s not going at it’s right pace. Before the update as of it looks like to be 24 hours or later on Gameplay improvements and bug fixes there was nothing I could say except how well it works and how good the graphics looked and acted but now the graphics are starting to get worse and worse as the gameplay and speed please change it back to normal if you can.
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3 years ago, polar bear rose
Help me!
This game is great and how I know this is because I used to have this game, but now I’m having some trouble with making a account. The 2 choices you have are quite difficult to use, for example: I can’t get past the dang parent block! I can’t enter an email or a pin because of it! It would be great if someone or the makers of this game could tell me how to make an account.
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3 years ago, wolfy horse
Worth it 100%
I love this game sm! I think if you added more tack such as saddle pads I would love plain colors for it not just plain white bc I wanna do other things like navy blue alone! And maybe add more flowy mane horses bc I love the way it actually move and when I jump it looks cool and maybe add more characters bc I like some of them but I feel there isn’t a casual rider beside cowboy 2 aka a cowgirl but yea other than that love it!!
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5 years ago, equestrian🦄🐴🦄
great app for equestrians and non-equestrians!
i’ve never written a review before, but i feel like this will help someone decide whether they should get the app or not. i’ve been seeing this app on the app store but didn’t have a gift card for it yet. i finally got one and i didn’t think the game would be that great so i read through the reviews and i saw mostly goos ones, so i thought, “why not get it”. i got it and it’s amazing!! i. the game you can pick many different horses to ride, different controls based on your experience level, cross country courses, show jumping courses, and free jumping! you can even make your own course! i just got the game yesterday and i’m completely addicted ;) well worth the $5. i hope i helped you out!
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7 years ago, Horseerin
A few things I would change
This game is really great! There are some things that I would change though: first of all, I’m not able to paint my horse without the app crashing :( Also, there is no need for western tack if there is no western riding so please add some more western and English disciplines. That’s all I gotta say haha. (There are some really fake reviews in this review section about the creators being money suckers and stuff, BUT THEY ARE FAKE!!!!)
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4 years ago, HotShot93
Update ruined it
This game used to be so great, but after an update a few months ago, the game is super glitchy and is terrible to play. Any time a horse jumps into a combination, it just steers itself out and then the game freaks out and takes a minute to get back to its track. Not to mention, if you don’t have the controls set to where you control the speed, the preset canter is way too slows down choppy. Prior to the last update, this game was so good. I wish I could reverse the update. Who needs the “augmented reality” anyway? I don’t even see a purpose for it in this game.
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4 years ago, SEMINOLE97
Amazing complement to Jumpy Horse Breeding
If you don’t have JHB, then this game isn’t super exciting. But if you DO, boy is it good. I use it constantly to take photos of my horses that I have up for public sale on my chats and I do shows and events where I give out prizes on here. You can customize all of your tack and your jockey. And you can transfer your JHB horses over here as ‘sport horses’. Love it love it.
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4 years ago, Bunny pants dance
New update is bad
Before the most recent update I thought the game was fine and super fun to play. Now with the update the canter is choppy, and my horse is unable to do lines they’re less than three strides long. When I ask the horse to jump anything less than three strides, it just keeps canter and knocks down the fence OR just stops entirely. The gallop has become way too fast which makes XC super hard to do. I would give this app a higher rating if went back to how it was.
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7 years ago, Sunshines316
Great Game! One suggestion!
This is one of my favorite games. My only suggestions is to replace that simple jump button with the more detailed control that included rear and kick. I am not a huge fan of that feature. At least maybe add a control option that allows the user to have the detailed jump control and control the speed. The rider controls the direction! Would be amazing if this was changed!
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6 years ago, Anniedoodles
Losing interest
One of the most realistic riding games on the IOS App Store, however, starting to dislike the game more and more. Not liking the fact that you have to have a public Game Center account just to play the game. Also, where is the new “dressage arena” mentioned in the latest update? Where is the customization areas? No changing tack? No changing rider? Where did it all go? I’ve explored all the options in the menu. Used to love this game when I could actually play it.
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2 years ago, Horse lover star
Love this game but...
This is such an amazing game!! I have a problem though…… after I changed the girth to a western girth it’s not letting me change it back to an English girth and I’m not sure why also I would really love it if the sport horses kept their sculpt because I have a ton of horses that have a such a pretty sculpt but it doesn’t transfer over to this app. Please get back to me if you can 😊
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2 years ago, Minoufio
love the game, but i have suggestions.
hi devs, i have been playing jumpy horse for a very long time, and it’s awesome to see how much the game has improved. there are some bugs though — after showing my horses, they disappear from the paddock when i go to the horses tab. not sure if they are stored somewhere else or if it’s a glitch. i am also unable to train my horses if i have entered them in a show before. with that being said, my suggestion is to possibly add a ‘train’ tab on the main interface to make training courses more accessible?? it would be awesome to see that. i also know it is a big change, but possibly adding more breeds, especially warmblood breeds like trakhners and dutch warmbloods since the game revolves around jumping. overall, i love the game and i will continue to play it. there are some bugs that could be worked out, but it doesn’t distract from the gameplay and i can still enjoy the game. much love, from a loyal player!
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2 years ago, bepau123
Expected way more
For the price and the hype I swore this game would be awesome but instead its glitchy, horse movements look wonky, and the controls are impossible. I really want a refund because for 5 dollars I’m sure theres is a way better game out there. Sure it has certain mechanics that are fun but the overall experience leaves you frustrated and annoyed. If I could rate it a 0 star I would. Not only are the controls whack you even have to pay MORE for more content which is ridiculous. Will be looking on how to get a refund asap
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3 years ago, remy!❤️
Jumpy horse
Heyyy. I love this game SO SO much. I spend like everyday on it. It’s just so realistic and so fun. However , I do have one question. I’m not sure how to get my horse to wear a fly bonnet. I’ve been trying so hard to figure out how to do that. I’ve seen lots of other people having fly bonnets on their horses. So if anyone at all knows how to get a fly bonnet please let me know!!! Keep up the good work😁🥰
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3 years ago, Riley Mendoza
This game is not worth four dollars at all!!!! When I want to go to a jumping competition. Someone asked solve a problem and then they give me all you need to pay something for this and then I don’t want to and then it just takes me back to the homepage and sometimes when I need the gallop my horse then a few seconds later it was like go crazy and get me off or something if this game is not worth four dollars is game needs to be fix there’s a lot of bugs that are not good in this game. It’s not at great! My honest opinion.
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7 years ago, FluffyKitten101
Amazing game! But...
First I don’t know how to get the horse on the front for the preview thing and it won’t let me paint my horses! I love this game! It’s the best and I think anyone can play! The horses are realistic and if you want a girl rider all you have to do is tap on the helmet on home screen and do cowboy 2. This is one of the best but please fix my problem.😁😋❤️🐴🐎🦓🐈🏇🏻 By Fluffykitten28 or Fluffykitten101
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3 years ago, ur a dogigo
Terrible Update!!! Please listen to reviews
The animations are absolutely awful now, after reading hundreds of other reviews I believe I am speaking for most here. The game is glitchy, the horses are impossible to control, the horses look short-strided and it’s not realistic at all. Even the rider’s position is awful. They barley even 2 point over the jump and when they do they just move forward and quickly pop back into place and it looks extremely glitchy and fake. Please bring back the old animations!! I don’t even want to play the game anymore
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3 years ago, Ultimate horse gamer
This game is just simply amazing, other than a few 'faults' here and there! 😂 I just got this game back after a year and the new mane and tail are great, the only issue is I can’t put my sport horses into the game, I’m on the same account and everything. Am I doing something wrong??
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4 years ago, 𝑻123
Love the game! But I feel like it needs updated..
I love the game! It’s very fun! But, I don’t know how to log-in. Anyway, I feel like you should kind of be able to actually train a horse, and that you can go for like, trail rides. It gets a bit laggy when you get on the more advanced jumping (show jumping). But again, it’s a great game!
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6 years ago, Qwertyuiopljjhfdsazxxcvbbnnmm
I have a bug
So I have a few very very tall horses, they are taller than the shires. They aren’t shires, they are a thoroughbred/Hanoverian model. For some reason in the new update the riders sit perfectly fine on the shires, but when it comes to my large thoroughbreds they sit INSIDE the horse. Like not on the saddle, inside of it in the horse and it’s very annoying. Thank you.
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4 years ago, CruiePoo
I love this game but something...
Hello! I love this game but... when I’m doing Cross Country, I fall all the time! You guys need to fix that! Like my horse has jumped higher! But when we get smaller it falls. And I didn’t even touch the jump! Please fix that please! I don’t like the pop back on the new jump it’s not realistic. The person just goes pop! So please fix it please! I like the old Jumpy horse!
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2 years ago, blackscreenHELP
Please developers View
My game is super glitchy when I go to ride my horse the screen goes black and I have to reset the game for anything to happen these glitches need to be fixed because I spent 4.99 on this game just for it not to work please fix this developers otherwise this game is really cool and I love the way it looks I just wish it would work for me.
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4 years ago, TanTime
Best game ever!
I have loved this game since the day it came out. It's amazing to see how much it has grown since the original jumpy horse! Good job to you guys!!! I would love for this app to have different types of tack like martingales and different bits like figure 8s and D rings. More horses breeds are always super cool too!! Update- Thank you sooo much!!! I love the new bitless bridle :D
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5 years ago, That is fro me to know
I absolutely adore this game. I love being able to create any horse I like as well as any course. But we really need a tack update, to make it more realistic I want breastplates and martingale and all that stuff. Or maybe halters and be able to lead your horse. Other than that stuff I ADORE this game. Definitely worth the 5 bucks.
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7 years ago, 🍍kip🍍
Just a little problem
I absolutely love your game, but there is just one small problem, whenever I go to paint it always kicks me off. But other than that it is really good!! I also have a suggestion, you should add on the breeding game a guide on how to make a specific horse such as a draft horse. Thank You
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2 years ago, hagotem8
It's okay.
I love the way the horse jumps, but the interface is very tricky. Like how you create a show jumping course or XC course. I'd rather have that less tricky so use, the Hanoverians are gorgeous as well as all the other horses. Would like to see more breeds though! It's not bad for a mobile game, but I feel like the graphics could atleast be a little better than how they are now.
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4 years ago, EquineScribe
I absolutely love this game but the glitches and bugs are ridiculous!! My screen turns black and I cannot see anything.... I know they tried fixing it but come on! Please fix this, this game is awesome but the bugs are soooo annoying
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7 years ago, gossipgirlfanaticxoxo
This game is great but some suggestions
I love this game it's so much fun but it needs more details like more breeds, Clydesdales, Gypsy banner, warmblood, thoroughbred, and Haflingers. Also there should be horse races horse breeding trail rides and rodeos. This should also be a multiplier online game were you have compatishions. Thank you I hope u use my suggestions👍🏻
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6 years ago, Jasminebrowning
I really love this game. It’s so much fun and totally the kind of horse game iv been looking for. But I can’t do competitions or else it bugs the game kicks me out of the app and then I have to delete the app and re-download it just so I can continue playing it. I don’t know it’s my phone or the game but it’s really annoying because I really would like to do the competitions also I hate having to re-download it.
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7 years ago, Lilley mcgoog
I love the new upgrade and can't stop playing it, but you should also add more things to the game and get out a new and GLITCH FREE UPDATE LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON!!!!!!!!!!! -a character that you can customize -maybe put a barn on the app for the horses to stay like you can design your own barn -have many selections of saddles and helmets and bridals -maybe add a canter between the trot and gallop - you should be able to build the perfect horse for you - I have a horrible glitch that makes it to where I cannot paint anything. From horses to players and saddles.
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7 years ago, sbkeo
Just some ideas
I was reading someone else’s review and I think that it’s a great idea to have a “home barn” that you could be able to build and upgrade. I think you should get coins for winning competitions so you can buy barns and new tack etc.
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3 years ago, bunnys bunnys BUNNYS!!!
5 Stars!
I LOVE this game! I also love the other two jumpy horse games. I had some troubles transferring my horses from the breeding game to the jumping game and one of the very kind support members helped me out! I 💯percent recommend this game along with the other jumpy horse games!
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4 years ago, Animal lover255
Update ruined it
I have been playing this game for a while and i’ve always loved it, but there was a new update and now all of my horses canter extremely fast and it looks very weird, even the shires. I know you’re probably like “you want to go fast” but the way they are moving in my game looks very unnatural and makes it not fun to play anymore. I hope this can be fixed so i can go back to playing.
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