June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

4.6 (298.4K)
477.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

4.65 out of 5
298.4K Ratings
5 years ago, 2yiya2
Can’t stop playing!!!!
Since I loaded this app about a week and a half ago I have pretty much forgotten about all other apps and/or games on my phone!!!! I love it.... for too many reasons to even list (but I will try).... First, the game itself is fun, addictive, colorful, full of surprises and all around entertaining!! You get plenty of options and opportunities to earn all the coins and energy that you need to continue playing. Even though I’ve only been playing for a short time, it seems there are a lot of extra little challenges as well (for like holidays, etc..) where you earn great prizes!! There are SO MANY different decorative items to jazz up your island however you like!! And one of the VERY TOP of my favorite things about this game is the adds that you have to watch.... THERE ARE NONE!! So far I have not been forced to watch a single add in order to continue playing!! The only time an add has been presented to me, I was not required to view it. I am given the option to watch an add in order to receive a reward!!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! Most free apps/games out there force you to watch adds in order to keep playing and many FORCE you to watch adds constantly which I’m sure we all hate!! To sum it up.... I obviously love this game and the way it is set up. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, young or old, male or female!! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me as I move through the levels.... gotta go.... I must play!!!! 😁Lisa
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3 years ago, hope42day
Great Game
I have been playing this game for a while and I love playing. I’ve shared with friends and family how fun this game is. I like that there is a story with the hidden object scenes. Recently I started listening to the podcast as well and it’s a good addition to the game. There are options to buy diamonds, decorations, etc in the game however the developers have created it so that purchase isn’t a must which is nice. I do opt to watch the ads so that I don’t use as much energy per game play. The decorations are nice. At first I didn’t understand the benefits from having the decorations however after playing for a little while I slowly began to understand. It has become just as much fun to decorate the island as it is to play the scenes. The one thing that is bothersome a little is the time it takes to watch the ads and for the ads to load. It takes 30 seconds for some ads to just load and that doesn’t include the watch time for the ads. Sometimes the ads won’t load it will just sit and spin. I have also encountered a few times that the ads did not load and it went on for me to start playing the scene once I start the playing then the ad will pop up kicking me out of playing the scene. This causes a lose of energy which is frustrating. The only other concern I have is the occasional foul language in the story. I don’t like those types of words and feel that hey are not needed because it takes away from the quality of the game. Other than that a great game.
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9 months ago, dee011902
I’ve been playing this game since its development
There are way too many great things I can say about JJ. I have been playing since year 1 so I have all 6 awards for playing since the 6th anniversary just took place. Speaking of anniversaries, there are always tons of giveaways especially around the JJ anniversary. Not many other games give you free prizes just for loving their game. This year the game actually had a real life murder mystery game you to could enter to participate in. They threw a party in Berlin for the anniversary and streamed it so players could watch. During the watch party we received more free gifts for our games. What other game do you know does all of this. I can’t think of a legitimate con to playing this game besides it’s addictive. the entire concept is you help June solve different mysteries while simultaneously building your land. The land you are building is not like other games where you fix up the property, no you actually buy monthly themed land marks and create your own islands. Once your island is built another island will become available. You get to be a designer, this month is October so we have a Halloween theme this month. It’s rad and you get to built your cemetery and other themed land marks in your town, each month it’s something new which keeps it exciting to see what’s next. If you play no other game Junes Journey is the ultimate game for all people of all ages, don’t delay download today.
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3 years ago, Fae Scion
Excellent Game
This game is much better than I expected it to be! I have been playing it for a little over a year now and I have very few complaints. The timers on certain features are reasonable and stop you from spending your whole day playing, but don’t prohibit fun. I’m not always a fan of the story itself, but the scenes are so beautiful and the island design portion is pleasing that it really doesn’t bother me. It’s usually pretty accurate to the timeline it’s set in and if you handle your money right, you can make your island very organized and aesthetically pleasing which also allows you to progress through scenes at a consistent pace. This game provides the sort of superficial pleasure that I think everyone could benefit from during these rough, fast paced times. My only complaint at this juncture is the inconsistent frequency of “marvelous” cards (seasonal items) in the five-star boxes. When I first started playing, it seemed like I got a seasonal item about every three to four boxes, but over the last few months, I’m lucky if I get one special item in no less than 12 five-star boxes (I’ve counted this to double check if it was just in my head). This makes it nearly impossible to get the seasonal grand prizes if you don’t spend the majority of your life playing the game to earn enough coins. Over all, I absolutely love this game, but this recent problem is quite frustrating.
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3 years ago, JUNESBFF
New review.
I have loved playing this game for well over a year. I have had lots of issues and shenanigans. At level 638, I was booted off....and I started over at level 1. I have erased much of this review now that I got my original game back, with the help of the Wooga staff. I have been playing now(after getting back original account) for several months. So...if you enjoy beautiful graphics, well developed characters, a good story line...this is your game. If you enjoy making 15 attempts to actually get on this game, not being able to collect the rewards you earned without going through ridiculous clueless hints...this is your game. If you can't wait to have your progress stalled for days at a time, causing your teammates to suffer in challenges you are not able to be involved in....and if your life wouldn't be complete without those creative answers from the helpful staff to solve your problem by sneaking in more roadblocks, this is your game. If you don't spend actual money on a "free game" be prepared to suffer the consequences of your decisions..this is your game. Oh and at least once a month, be prepared for a gluttony of shenanigans...stock holder meetings. And lastly...please Wooga, no need for your "sorry you are having issues" memo...you made them . Not let's see if this gets posted and who can actually see it.
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3 years ago, Nikibaked@420
Love this game, but the app keeps messing up
I love this game. It has a good plot/storyline, great seek n find levels. You can earn a lot of the diamonds on your own just by playing and most all decorations and things you “build” are affordable without having to spend your money on them,,,Except the special-limited time decorations and crazy priced to me!! They are usually between $10-$20 for a decoration in a game, I’m sorry that’s just too much, then to buy them with the coins(game money) they were like $100,000 and it takes probably 50 games just to get $20,000. However I did see this set for Halloween is a lot more reasonable $36,000 and us normal folk,lol, can now get them too.. I Don’t Like that it’s been glitching and messing us bad for the past week. Ads won’t load,so you can’t get your new cases, energy discount, upgrade buildings, almost everything needs to play ads at some point, but often if you play it like and as much as I do, if you can’t load the ads your done you can’t get past those unless u wait hours or till the app works right and loads an ad, it will just exit out of the app at random times. There’s time it won’t even load up the game right before it exits the app. It just started doing this. I can play for an hour, or a day and it will be ok, next day I’m lucky if I can play any find & seek levels. Other than that, Love this game, that’s only reason I didn’t give it 5stars
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3 years ago, The sticker
Fun, but irritating
I do enjoy this game. And that’s no exaggeration. There are ads, but that’s managed better in this game than many others. You have control over when you choose to see these ads, so they don’t interrupt your momentum. Although, you’ll find it difficult to make progress without watching some ads, or paying money. I have 2 sources of annoyance, however. The first is the amount of energy needed to finish an episode. With each successive ‘search’, the amount of energy required to finish an episode increases, such that when you’re getting close, it’s frustrating. It tells you that you’re 95% complete, you get a “perfect” score on what you think is your last search, and nope, you only gained another 3-4%. So you still have to spend another energy chunk just to get that last, measly 1-2%. The second is that the items you have to search for are not all present in the picture from the beginning. Plus, they add more periodically. AND, some of the things are truly obscure, such that even a person with a large vocabulary, won’t have any idea what some things are. Which makes it hard to find them. Of course, they provide a help button, but they seriously dock your points for using it. And heaven help you if you are far-sighted. Some things are so well hidden, that even with help, it’s a challenge. I have found myself saying, fairly often, “that’s a ______?!?!”
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5 years ago, Tuel1289
Great game minor complaints
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and I have had a ton of fun playing and introducing my family to the game. Unlike many of the other reviewers I don’t have an issue with the pay to progress nature of the game, I understand the developers want to sell a product. The only issues I’ve had that have come close to driving me away from the game are- 1 the load times for the advertisements, I regularly have to wait 30 seconds for a 30 seconds ad to play which is excessive. I’m not sure how much control Wooga has over this, but it’s very irritating to wait minutes just to get started especially now that there are several things that can trigger ads. The second irritation I have playing the game is how long it takes to navigate levels, I’m caught up with the story and have started replaying early levels, it takes me over a minute to scroll back, not the end of the world but it’s hard to get motivated to play when I’m spending a few minutes watching ads and mindlessly scrolling chapters. I think that a change in the scroll method would possibly help with the other players who get frustrated about not being able to continue since they don’t have enough coins/butterflies to progress they could just easily go back and play early levels. Anyway that’s my two cents about your game from a happy customer who has gotten a lot of entertainment from your product.
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4 years ago, Noone2013
Love the game - but I think I am at a stall point?
I have been playing this game for quite awhile and I love it. But the last week or so I have started to stall. I have all the upgradable housing, and it cost so much to open the next scene that I can’t keep up. I have had to spend all of my Gems to speed up buildings because it takes so long for the higher flowered items to build. So I either have to buy a bunch of cheaper decorations that I don’t want because I have more than I want now or spend many days replaying the same scenes. (I have spent real money in the game - not a tone, but a bit and even with that, I am stalled. Part of this is because of the stay at home orders, I have had more time to play - with that in mind, I hope the developers will be adding more upgradable buildings (these really help with not getting board waiting to build up coin to buy decorations and then waiting for them to build- which can take 4-5 days to do that- all while having to replay the same scenes over and over) especially since the garden items that are possible with 5-star boxes seem to be feast or famine - my husband has received 4 frog fountains and 3 light posts from boxes, while I have only been able to get 2 frogs and 1 light (and I play way more and am about double his level) I know it’s random chance, but it does get frustrating at times.
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4 years ago, Big_Balla_17BOYYYY
OK! This is the best game I’ve EVER played. I could go in and on about it. First off, I love, love, LOVE the graphics. They’re super good. I’m also a sucker for solving mysteries, and watching murder mystery stuff, and all of that. I just got the game today and I’m already loving it 🥰! I’m on chapter 2, and I love the story. It’s soooo interesting! I also love the developers. You know how I just got it today? Well, the already gave me a reward for playing! EEEEE! I also like how the developers respond to a lot of reviews. They’re responses are from the heart. The game is super fun. They don’t even force you to watch adds! It’s your choice, which is good because most of us don’t like adds. The thing I like the most is that you can actually get through the game. Most other games force you to buy stuff, or watch adds to get through levels, AND THEN THEY CHEAT YOU OUT OF IT! THEY DON’T EVEN GIVE YOU THE “REWARD”! And it’s sooooo annoying when that happens. I love this game so much I’ve pretty much forgetting to go on my other apps and do my work! Anyway, for those of you who are checking the reviews before you get it, ( yes most things are free in the app. ) I suggest you get it! Especially those of you who like mysteries and finding objects in the picture! I give this game a 5 star! Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did! ❤️
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3 years ago, Promiseddove
Was a good game but,
June's journey used to be a good game but, Wooga got greedy and changed everything. Now they except 20 energy instead of the 8, 10, or so for playing in competitions. They've made the competitions go much longer. Too long to play, exhausting and the longer the play the more energy needed causing/forcing us to buy more energy. Making coffee tasks bombard us over and over and over again in the Help Wanted task part. This is even after they promised to limit them yet, never did only made them come up even more. They've completely ruined the game. It's no longer fun. Oh, and don't let me forget to add that they now keep giving some really cheap stupid gifts in the DN’s part andexpect us to use a lot of energy and playtime to just get a stupid gift that's worthless to us. Has no flower power and does nothing to enhance our islands or game in any way. Useless. The game used to give great prizes that both enhanced our islands and our flower power, and they were easily achievable. Now it's impossible to finish the tasks to get to the prize and if you played 24/7 and spent and bought every energy you could to get to it then, you end up with a useless worthless gift that was never worth it. There you have it. Welcome to the new sucky junes journey. I give it 10 thumbs down!
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5 years ago, Vegilover
I felt it was time, after playing this game every day for two years, to come write a review and brag on how absolutely amazing it is. I have always loved hidden object games and was on the App Store searching for one when I found June’s Journey. I wish there were more like it. I fell in love with the genius of it. The beautiful scenes, the time period. At first I was all about conquering the scenes as I love hidden object games, then I started really enjoying decorating the island and getting interested in the characters. The developers are so generous in this game. They recently gave me a huge bonus just for playing their game for two years and I’m just now leaving a review. It’s not like other games where it’s impossible or difficult to advance without paying money. The people behind this game are amazingly generous in the way they construct the game to reward you. Also the ads are completely optional. If you are looking for a game that keeps on giving, is bright/beautiful, creative and puts you in a great mood then this is the one. Also will not consume a ton of your time. The way it’s designed is you feel satisfied with the playing time, but it’s not going to have too much of your attention. It’s a great mind break. Thanks for bringing us the joy of this game. It feels like a step back in time❤️
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5 years ago, Chloebernice
June’s Journey - The best Game!
June’s Journey is, by far, my favorite game! It boasts absolutely gorgeous artwork which is more realistic than most. The clarity and color is superb. It’s a feast for the eyes! The game is diverse in nature, with a good mystery story line to follow while playing hidden object scenes. However, it doesn’t stop there! There are puzzles to earn and play, news ads to solve, mail in the mailbox, special detectives wanted monthly games to solve and collect prizes. Meanwhile, all throughout the game, there is a gorgeous island to design and decorate as you go, with absolutely stunning items to purchase for the design of an entire city. Anything you can imagine you can buy with the coins you earn during play. There is no end to the entertainment! All this sounds good, right? Now imagine if the game were live—that’s right—live! Connect to Facebook and the game gets even more exciting! You may speak directly to the artists, game creators, and make suggestions, join in contests, etc. You may connect with friends to exchange exciting prizes. There are also established groups to follow for those who take special interest in design! The bottom line: I don’t know anyone who has played this game who isn’t having trouble putting it down. I highly recommend you give it a try. This game is outstanding.
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4 years ago, Lepink
Excessive frustrating waiting and repetitive ads
I love playing June’s Journey but it can be frustrating: flowers to “decorate the island” are required to advance and must be earned by purchasing items with coins earned by completing chapters and tasks. It takes too long to complete chapters and earn enough coins to buy items, and then too long for the items to “complete construction” and earn the flowers. No exaggeration, I have played consistently for a week at a time, replaying the same scenes over and over dozens of times (boring!) to earn enough coins to buy a decorating item that then requires waiting four or five days before it actually delivers the flowers needed to advance. Of course you can spend real money to avoid all the waiting but that’s not gonna happen. Actual game play when you get to do it is fun. Oh, and by the way, I know ads pay the piper, but I’ve completed Volume One of June’s Journey: over a year of gameplay, 100 chapters, 500 scenes, and my guesstimate is that I’ve wasted six hours of my life ninety seconds at a time waiting for ads for Lily’s Garden to be over. At this point the ONLY way I’d download Lily’s Garden is if they paid me $100, and then I’d refuse to play it. I’ve put June’s Journey down in the middle of gameplay because I can’t bear to watch another ad for Lily’s Garden right now. Again, actual gameplay is fun but boy you gotta sit thru a pile of PITA unless you want to spend money.
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5 years ago, Eddyedna12366
Great game, but not perfect
I’ve been playing this game for a month now and I’ll say that June’s Journey is a great game and I have a lot of fun playing the game, but I do have some issues about it. First of all the time it takes to build some stuff such as the lighthouse. To finish building the lighthouse you need to wait days in order to continue building which is fine with me, but I end up having to wait two weeks just to finish a digital light house. That’s just exaggerating. Another thing I find annoying is how long it takes to get 5 stars. I don’t mind taking 30 seconds off my time in order to use less energy for more fun, but it gets annoying that each play only increase in about 7% as you progress into more stars. The levels get more difficult which make sense, it’s a game it’s supposed to be challenging, but to get less reward as it increases in difficulty, that doesn’t make sense. Most games when levels become more difficult you get better rewards, but in June Journey’s case, you get the same coin and object rewards and less star rewards. But overall everything else is great. Money isn't bad, you always have enough to build a beautiful place and waiting for decorations to build isn’t bad either, except for the big building like the light house, which takes weeks just to build one tiny section, it’s been a month and I’ve only built three parts of this multi part building.
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4 years ago, hgufygjg
Love this game so much that I can’t put it down until I run out of energy. I came to write this review because I just saw the commercial of the game and I thought 💭 that I should write a review to tell someone how great and amazing this game is. There is no word to best describe this game for the best. One thing I really enjoy is how you can make the island 🌴 and put really cool things on it. Another thing I really like about this game is all the different hidden objects to find and all the clues might not seem really necessary but they will help you continue to find what you have to find next. One more thing I really like is if you get stuck on finding something you can go to the right corner and ask for a hint. I really like that because it will take a few seconds then you can get another hint if you are really stuck. That was just a couple of things I really enjoy about June’s Journey. If I told you every thing I love ❤️ about the game you would be here all day. That’s how much I really like the game. Thank you 😊 for taking time out of your day to read this review, hopefully you want to download the game and write a review telling how much this game means to you!! Just want to say again thank you 🙏 for reading this review.
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4 years ago, Carzabeth
It’s fun but.....
I’ve enjoyed playing this game but the rewards you get aren’t worth the money you have to spend. I’ve noticed that the developers are very stingy with many parts of this game making you buy more and more stuff to proceed. To me not a very good business plan....I would continue to pay for boosts if you got a fair amount of items/energy to play. I’ve noticed that you get quite a big percentage to fill up stars in the beginning of a scene but when you get to the end 2 stars, even if you get perfect every time you only get about 10% which causes you to use up your energy and then have to buy or use up all your purple diamonds...would seem to me if you get perfect you should progress rapidly but that is not the case. And trying to get compasses to expand your area of play is impossible....those compasses are very few and far between... I don’t mind spending money to play a game but I want a bit of “bang for my bucks” and that is not the way it works in this game...think developers are a bit too greedy...which is sad because it really is fun but I won’t be spending any more money to play....I realize my review will not change anything because people before me have complained about the same thing so apparently the developers either aren’t listening or they don’t care or they have enough people playing the game that the people that leave don’t impact them much...sigh!!
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6 years ago, Danielle4997
Please make some changes!!!
I really enjoy the hidden object scenes and have been playing for quite a while now. But...there are some major frustrations with this game as well. They are very stingy with compass icons (which you need to expand your world), diamonds and coins which you need to expand and build your scene. But...what I find most frustrating...especially when I have only a few times in my day that I can play is the absolute stinginess of the lightning bolts (power) that you need to play. You can’t even get thru a scene on what they give you. So the little time I get to play is cut totally short by the lack of power up to play. After playing and building my world for sometime now...I think a few changes need to be made in order to keep people playing. 1- If you get a PERFECT score on a level, you should not be charged the 10-15 lightning bolts to play...it should credit you back as this is not an easy feat..and would be an appropriate reward and keep people playing. 2- It takes a ton of coins to purchase most of the items for your world as well as gems. Stop being so insanely stingy with them as it takes a really long time, due to the lack of turns you get at a time to amass any amount of coins or gems. 3- Give players the option of watching ads to gain power, coins and gems. This is standard with most games as the game host is paid for players to watch the ads. It’s a win win!!
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2 years ago, Lynn...
Downhill it went
For the first year plus I played the game I would have given this game 5 stars. Today, I’d give less than one if I could. I’ve played long enough to catch up with the developers….caught up long time ago. I’ve found you don’t get as good of “rewards” when you replay the same scene over and over again. You have no choice though as you’re caught up with the developers. Not to mention you can’t complete some of the “help wanted” tasks as again, you can’t go any further till the next Thursday when developers put out a new chapter. I like to play the game to get away from the world but some tasks in help wanted tasks you must rely on others. BIG pain. I used to support the developers by purchasing things along the way as I know it takes money to develop these things, not anymore though. The BIGGEST problem now is the way it kicks you out of the game CONSTANTLY. You lose the 10 energy (which takes awhile to earn). You lose the rewards you were going to get. Developers tell you it must be your system. NOT! If you read all the comments on the fans FB pages you’ll notice this happens to many, many people all across the world. Wooga is more worried about adding things to the game that don’t enhance the game instead of fixing the problems that exist in the game. In the last half hour I was kicked out over 5 times and lost energy, rewards and packets. Such a shame as they really had a good game going here.
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6 years ago, Saintroche
2nd update: At the manufacturers request, I got in touch with them about the issue of too much down time - e.g. you can’t advance chapters because you don’t have enough of one thing; you cannot expand territory because you don’t have enough of another thing...; so basically you just have to wait, sometimes for several days until the stuff catches up. I do not enjoy playing a game for awhile and then waiting indefinitely for the game to allow me to continue. The manufacturer, instead of hearing my frustration, chose to tell me how to play. I am at chapter 17, I know how to play, I just want to be able to do so when I want to and not when the game catches up. It is still a fun game but I will probably start looking for something else. Update to earlier post. They seem to have found the problem because the program rarely crashes any longer. When playing, you can generally do something in the game to continue advancing, unlike p. Peril, it’s sister game. The more I play this one the more I like it. While the concept is good and the story is good, the game crashes quite often. I use the app not Facebook and it seems to crash several times a day probably averaging 2. I play on a brand new iPad with all updates. Very disappointed in the crashes and when it reboots, you lose whatever you were working on. After reboot it should take you to where you were but it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Abster867
Extremely poor customer support - update
The game itself is fun, but if you need any assistance, you are out of luck. Don’t fall for the “give me your email and you’ll get a free in-game bonus”…I did it to get a memoir pack, and the only way you can get the free pack is to log in with Facebook. Of course, they don’t tell you that ahead of time. I reached out to see if I could receive the pack without going through Facebook and I have received three separate replies that all give the same instructions…which all lead directly to Facebook. Soooo frustrating. Just admit you won’t get the pack without facebook - don’t pretend you’re trying to resolve a problem when you are clearly ignoring my concern and request for legitimate help. I also earned a memoir snippet that the game won’t let me “place”. That request for help has been completely ignored. Of course, without being able to place this snippet, I can never get the associated “reward” - for that particular memory or for the ultimate completion of the entire album. Pathetic customer service. If you don’t care if you get what you need, you’ll enjoy this game. Otherwise, find another way to spend your spare time. UPDATE: Following this negative review, my issues were resolved. I’m disappointed that I had to follow this route rather than simply getting assistance through the in-game help feature. It has been a very frustrating process, but I appreciate that it was ultimately addressed satisfactorily.
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2 months ago, Irvine Blossom
I love this game
This game to find hidden objects is so addicting. I originally downloaded this game due to being able to decorate your own island since decorating is my hobby. This game fits the bill. I loved this game so much I downloaded " Pearls Peril". That one you also find hidden objects and get to also decorate your own island. The decorating part is not as good as it is in Junes Journey but it is still fun especially when you join a group. One thing I dont like about Junes Journey is that a-lot of the ads do not load and I find i have to constantly close Junes Journey and reopen several times. This has been going on and seems to be getting worse by each update. I hope you will fix that. Also when i first open game, it freezes at the 28 part. I then have to close several times and reopen several times. Sometimes when it does not load, i have to wait half hour or more to get app to load. Please fix that. Update: Another issue is " sweep the board" games you make it so hard to get past the 2nd game. Please make it more attainable. I have tried over and over and can only get by the first one and sometimes i get past second but never the 3rd one. Otherwise this game is my very favorite.
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6 years ago, Gjtxk
Love this game....
So I don’t usually review games-don’t keep most of them long enough to review them! I am a hospice nurse and my down time is very important to me-I don’t have the patience to be frustrated so here is why I keep this game... I am on chapter 355 and am impressed with the coins (I have over 100,00), the gems I’ve received in boxes during play or as reward for help wanted tasks have been great, the addition of help wanted has given me something to work towards the 5-6 days I wait for the new chapter, and super appreciate that I can keep playing previous scenes when I need something. I appreciate that I can always watch a video to reduce energy cost to play scene! Looking at the reviews I wonder if I’m playing the same game? I just don’t see the same problems. The only “crash” I’ve experienced has been when the video I’m watching to skip time to new help wanted task freezes and as I know from other games the developers do not control those videos. I find this game generous with rewards and just about the time I was getting frustrated/bored with waiting for next chapter to be available here came help wanted to distract during that time! Overall really enjoy the relaxing nature of this game and hope to play for a long time to come,
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4 months ago, HenryDud1111
Used to be fun
I’ve been playing for over 5 years. It used to be fun, now it seems those who are behind the scenes have become greed driven. Ridiculously charged decorations, awards have become lame and far and few between. The times on certain parts of the game are unfair and geared towards squeezing players to purchase diamonds to continue, otherwise you’ll lose your progress and have to start over because it’s almost impossible to finish in the time given! The only place you might win anything decent is the memoirs and they’ve cut back so much on issuing packs when you play, the odds are good you won’t finish and win anything. They’ve even ruined the competitions by cutting back the awards so much, nobody wants to play anymore, it’s a waste! And don’t reach out to them with a problem because it’s always your fault or your system! They almost NEVER take responsibility for anything! Half the time, they don’t even bother reading your entire message before they respond. The feedback part is a joke. Nothing ever changes or improves. The only improvements benefit the developers, not the players. If they give you anything, it doesn’t amount to much. It’s sad, this game used to be lots of fun, now like everything else, it’s overpriced and all about the money. They’ve forgotten the players importance! Oh, and it’s funny how the only reviews showing are the good ones. Believe me, they’re not all good! I guess they don’t want the truth out!
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3 years ago, JulieGirl49
Disappointed over recent changes
I’ve been playing JJ for years, loved the game & storyline, spent money on diamonds & special decorations at least every other week BUT I’m done, I will not spend anymore money, watch anymore ads, play their competitions or in their leagues. They keep changing thing’s but not fixing, existing, glitches, mistakes, etc. I’ve gone along with all this, turned a blind eye, hoping they would fix and improve upon the game but they have not. They have gifted items and then taken them from us (glitch/error they created), had competitions where there were actual missing items in scenes but did not end comp or fix glitch, posted competitions and then changed them, had glitches in the game that cost player’s energy or money but tried to blame the player’s. This company has a zero fault problem, It’s NEVER THEIR FAULT. The customer service and technical help are “Nonexistent”. If you post a problem or something they do not like on their group boards, they delete it. If you have a problem, period, they do not care and do not help. This has been the worst gaming experience I have EVER had so I do not recommend playing June’s Journey to anyone unless of course you want to spend lots of money for a lot of aggravation. It’s sad that 6 months ago I would of told you how amazingly awesome June’s Journey was... NOW, I’ll tell you, it’s not worth installing! Save your time and money for something that’s better than this!
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4 years ago, RikkiFuqua
Good casual play but I’m tired of the app asking me to buy things
I’ve recently come back to this game. I don’t mind the wait for power and you can watch and ad to reduce the power to play each scene from 15 to 10 for 30 min. I like that I can activate this boast as many times as I need. The only problem I have is the constant asking for me to spend real money to “enhance” my game. I have no desire to spend money on this game as I play casually so I’m not disappointed when I run out of power for my session. I just go to a different app while I wait for the power to restore. The storyline is engaging and I don’t mind that it can take several tries before I get to that 5th star box. For those of you saying that you have to spend gems to get more power, have some patience! This game is not meant to be a several hour session each time. I play maybe an hour at a time, two if my boxes keep giving me more power. To the developers: Please stop opening the store for me to spent money every time I open the app, or go back to the overview or sometimes just random times when I haven’t touched something in a minute. If I want to give you money, then I will seek the store out myself. Forcing that on me will lower my chances of buying something rather just having the store to buy gems and such available for easy browsing.
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6 years ago, Ebbisme
The amount of time required to advance is excessive
There are so many aspects of June’s Journey that I love. The illustrations are beautiful, the storyline is entertaining and compelling, and the effort required to find the hidden objects is challenging. It is a fun game to play, When it is possible to do so. However, I have decided to leave the game because it takes so many days to advance. For instance, I just finished updating the Movie Palace, which required several days and finally the use of diamonds to create an instant upgrade so I could progress. To my dismay, today I found a request to perform another upgrade to the Movie Palace, requiring an additional four days! This means I must have something under construction at all times that is ready for completion in order to advance to the next level. I don’t mind that part, but it means that I am always short of either coins or diamonds, Resulting in having to replay mastered scenes to accumulate enough coins, or purchase diamonds from the store for an instant upgrade. To progress at a level I enjoy, I really have to continue spending money, and I have grown weary of doing so, so I am going to delete the game and find something more productive to do with my resources of time and money. Perhaps the developers will create an algorithm that is mutually beneficial to both the players and their business. I’m leaving in the middle of level 25.
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1 year ago, Bike Mom Portland
Fix the ad crashes on iOS
Current review: reducing my stars from 5 to 1 because game on iOS crashes constantly due mostly to ads. I’ve been a solid player for several years. Only solution offered by Wooga was for me to delete the game from my device and then have them rebuild it manually, implying that there’s something wrong with just my game and device. I’m not buying it as this is common to other iOS players on my team. I may quit JJ for good if Wooga doesn’t figure out how to make their game work. I know it’s grown in worldwide players but we also spend a lot of money to play. So disappointed. :((( Prior review: I’ve been playing June’s Journey regularly for well over a year and it keeps getting more fun! Great job to the tram who continue to roll out new stories and additional in-app games. You can play this game forever for free which I really appreciate. Sometimes I’ll purchase something through their special offers and never mind kicking in to support a game I love playing nearly every day. I never have to pay to continue playing so never feel ripped off. Love the hidden pictures play, decorating, story lines and special competitions. The new coffee shop and Jacks Deliveries add even more fun. If you play just one app game make it this one. Thanks play on both my iPhone and iPad. Only thing I will never do is connect through Facebook because I hate their privacy policies, nothing to do with this app. Download this app!!
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6 years ago, Alisonriegel
I love this game! But recent updates need fixing
This is hands down the best game I’ve played. I get bored of games quickly but this one has held my attention. It’s the best out of P Peril and Agent A (sister games). The other 2 don’t even come close. The story line is always interesting, the characters are great, and the constant updates get better and better! It doesn’t crash as often as it used to which is great! The few thing I’d suggest include giving more compasses/coins/resources. I’m okay with waiting to build up coins and stuff but I am not okay waiting 3 days for something to upgrade. We don’t get enough gems to speed this up at a reasonable rate. We need to earn more coins per scene or get higher bonuses for the perfect score. The addition of the quests has been a huge help with coins and energy! However, recently, the quests haven’t given out the same rewards, they’ve been cut down significantly. I stopped getting materials and there’s no new buildings to upgrade. I can’t complete quests if I’m not getting the things I need. And why would you take away rewards from the quests?? That’s pretty sucky. I don’t know why it seemed to hit a bump recently but please fix this. Please continue to listen to your players because this game is amazing.
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5 years ago, dumplingdreams
Awesome game — 1st ever game app review
I love this game so much I’m writing my first ever review (I haven’t even written bad reviews for games I didn’t like). Unlike other games I’ve deleted off my phone after a few days or a couple of weeks, June’s Journey is a keeper. I’ve been playing for about 2 months. It has never crashed, never caused me to lose money/points/stars/levels, etc. You can play a good solid game a few times a day without having to spend money (another way it’s different from other games). But I like to support the app so I do spend a little money here and there. It’s worth it. The visuals are beautiful and richly colored. The story is fun. The chapters keep me on my toes and I love watching my estate grow. I love giving and receiving plants from people I’ll never know IRL. I love the multiple layers of surprises and challenges and opportunities to win little prizes that keep the game going in different ways. And of course the hidden objects scenes (the main reason I play this game — hidden object games are my fave) are fantastic. They’re a great mix of challenging, yet fun, never frustrating, always pushing my speed and memory skills. It’s so relaxing. I will happily spend a little money each week to support the creators. Five stars for this one!
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5 months ago, MalMao13
A Plea to the Developers
I have played this game for 5 years on and off. I have spent real life money on this game. I truly do enjoy it and recommend it to those who like hidden-object games. I just have one request: please, please make it so stored flowers just…count toward your leveling total. It makes no sense to have such a fun decorating aspect to your game only to then make it basically obsolete. You either have to spill your stored items out every time you are able to level only to meticulously pick them up afterward or just give up entirely on making your island to your liking. This latter option is inevitable due to the fact that you will eventually run out of expansions and therefore space. Why would you not just allow stored items to count towards the total so people can actually enjoy the part of your game that you have monthly themed events for? It just seems so short sighted. Not to mention it puts a definitive cap on how long people can play. I don’t know that anyone will really listen to this but yeah. My one gripe with this game is they introduce you to a fun decorative aspect of the game in order to unlock new levels but after a certain point, it just becomes buying random stuff just to actually, you know, play the game.
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4 years ago, Moon Moonie
To wooga my ideas to improve the game
Hi hello I hope you all take this into consideration I really do, and I’ve put a lot of thought into what could be improved and added. My first idea please expand the island I think everyone wants that with the amount of stuff we spend using coins and such and we need more space for it ,I also think it would be cool to add more buildings to remodel and fix I also think it shouldn’t take hours and hours to fix those buildings and remodel maybe consider decreasing the hours for it.I also think it would be cool if the game had a time changes like day and night time.I also think it would be cool if we had an option to go into town cuz why not the bridge is right there on the right we would have the option to explore and even sell things, which brings me to my next idea I think it’s unfair to sell stuff for coins but lose flowers and make us go back a level completely unfair,I think that should be removed,so instead we sell stuff and get coins for it and maybe even compasses and star boxes and energy as well. I really do love your game a lot and I really hope you take my ideas into consideration. Thank You for reading this and hope you all are staying safe and healthy.
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6 months ago, Andoria Jones
Game is crashing and unusable.
In the last two weeks, the game is crashing, and prevents me to play it. The update on iOS made that application unusable. Pretty much any activity on the game, will cause the application to shut down and will not record the progress. Take a drink, game closes. Zooming into the game? The same. Opening box, giving a shrub, or collect a ribbon? All these activities causes the game to crash. On top of it, the utilized power is depleted. Help only generate bot response, but does not address the issue with the bugs. On top of it, the ads do not records that they were watched, and either cause the game to crash or forces me to play after multiple tries I gave up on playing on energy discount. After five years using this game, I am ready to delete it. It is so far the worst buggy game I have yet encountered. The game play is lovely and the idea of finding items is great. But the game at this point is broken and can’t be enjoyed. PS. I appreciate the response, but the game is broken for a nearly one month. The dozens of recent reviews are revolving about crashes. The game is indeed constantly crashing. It will exhaust the energy bars, but the progress is not recorded. Game is totally unplayable since every other scene crashes. I can’t even zoom, since this will cause the app to close. The developers need to have a clear response when a new patch is deployed and that they are ACTIVELY working on resolving it.
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4 years ago, Bubbeeeeee
I LOVE this game, BUT...
I have never liked a game enough to write a review, until this one. I’ve only been playing for a month and am totally addicted. It holds my attention and I’ve never gotten bored of it. I’m already on level 98. The hidden pictures are fun to find, graphics are great, stories are interesting, and since you get to be creative by getting to decorate your own island, it’s like two games in one. I don’t think you need to spend any money if you don’t want to and still earn plenty of coins/diamonds/energy bars/rewards. The ads are optional, but I choose to watch them to advance faster in the game. I would have given the game 5 stars, but today my game won’t load because it says it won’t connect to my WiFi, even though nothing is wrong with it and I’ve tried troubleshooting with no success. Help!!!! If someone can fix it soon, I’ll add the other star. Here are a few suggestions: 1) make the decorations rotate so you choose the best angle, 2) change up the expressions on the characters, 3) mix up the ads (I’ve seen Lily’s Garden 1000+ times), 4) would be nice to be able to go back to watch the scenes where the clues are given to review the stories again.
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4 months ago, Wooga Cheats
RIGGED!!! You have been warned!
LISTEN PEOPLE…the developers have rigged this game. Not only do they allow cheating, they promote it to certain groups and they cheat you! They blame YOU when the game crashes and when you lose your energy, diamonds, etc…it’s YOUR fault and they will not reimburse you. You rightfully win a reward, and you don’t get it, you report it and they tell you that you did. These occurrences are more and more frequent and obvious but since there is nothing done to Wooga, they will continue scheming their players. They allow players to use an eye trick in one of their games, promoting unhealthy behavior. I’m sorry I like my eyes not going crooked! Wooga claims it’s not cheating but look up the definition in the dictionary and anything that gains an unfair advantage over another is cheating! They are cheating you! The last two weeks of Detectives League our small 6 person group was placed competing against full 15 member teams with all Sherlock status. By the time we woke up 4 hours after the new week rolled, they already had over 20,000 points! It’s absolutely ridiculous. Their practices should not be allowed because rigging the game is stealing! You are stealing from your players! This should be illegal! Sadly after many years of playing, I am fed up, disgusted, and done. I said goodbye to my team and deleted the game. Anyone that downloads, plays and pays…you have been warned! Listen to what people are saying.
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4 years ago, Chelsie Rhea
Love the game but.......
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game and can’t get enough of it as long as I am connected to our WiFi and don’t go too far into other parts of the house from the WiFi router. I cannot play on long car rides or even from the living room as the router is in my bedroom. I thought at first it was the game and that the game was just that large that it required WiFi to play regardless of your cell phone carrier and internet plan through them... but I soon learned that isn’t the case when my mother got a new Samsung Note 20 and her game works anywhere she goes even out in public as I tested it myself. Now, I don’t have a dinosaur of a phone either. In fact my phone is the iPhone XS Max which I just bought brand new on July 20th of this year, 2020. I have deleted/uninstalled the game and even spoken to apple about the issue when I had to call about being charged extra when paying through pay pal for diamonds and it is not the phone that is causing the problem. This IS my #1 game but if the issue consists I’m going to loose interest and move on to something else. I spend money at least once a week (sometimes more) on diamonds so that I can have more energy to keep playing bc I love it that much which is why I would hate to be forced to stop playing and find another game to play. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!
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3 years ago, MAD 8386000611
They messed up big time
You really screwed up with changing the lounge. Taking away how many we can serve and how many we can drink a day was a huge, FINANCIAL mistake. The whole reason for the lounge was to collect energy. People, myself included, bought diamonds to serve extra coffee to members who didn't have the means to buy diamonds for energy. You took that away from us. Now not only will they not have energy to play the game as long, but there is no more reason for me or many many others to buy the diamonds. You screwed up on this change. You are losing people who pay money to play this game and before long you won't have any players at all. I know you want to make a huge profit. You are a business and the whole idea about owning a business is to make money. But you ALSO have to take in account the very people who are GIVING you that money. And that would be the players. We watch all the ads to get the energy decrease to play scenes. We watch the ads to do the renovations. We even sometimes follow those ads and that gives you even more money. But you are getting too greedy. You are taking away the joy of this game. Your rewards have gotten significantly smaller. We have to work harder for less. But this Lounge change was the BIGGEST mistake yet. We didn't give coffee for the tips. We did it for the energy. Take your Parrot picture back and give us our 5 coffee a day back.
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5 years ago, Brasker07
I love it but...
I love this game, however, the higher I get (I’m currently around level 196) the more I start to loose interest because it takes sooo long to earn compasses, which means I can’t clear land, but I’m required to decorate my island to move forward- which results in an island with no rhyme or reason, where buildings and objects are all squished together instead of being able to create an island with interesting section that highlight the different types of buildings or cute objects like the train tracks, train and people. I end up playing old scenes over and over - well after they have been ‘mastered’ to earn compasses. By the time I have enough, I have either forgotten the story line or lost interest. Is there a way to earn compasses faster that I’m missing? When I visit other islands at my level of higher, it seems that they have all given up on having a cute or fun island and have resorted to just piling anything and and everything together just to move forward. I enjoy building my little town and earning the next objects like the car, bus, and fire station, but it takes the fun out of placing them if I have to put the snowy fence or snowy house in with my farm cows and fall crops. Or place the objects so close together that you can’t see what they are.
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5 years ago, glammywood
So this might be the first review I’ve ever left on any app I’ve purchased at the App Store, but I so in love with this game I just had to leave a review. First of all I hate video games all video games. I’m not good at them I don’t get them and have never enjoyed sitting on my phone playing games for hours until I found a June’s Journey. I do enjoy puzzles and as a little girl I always enjoyed the page of n highlights that had the seek and find page. Well, this is just a grown-up version of but way cooler. As I get further into the game. They truly have it set up where you have to buy energy in order to finish a level. It doesn’t matter how good you get you only get 10% every cleared level which takes you 10 times “perfectly “ to clear a scene. That’s 100 energy bars if you mess up it goes below 10%. So it’s set up to have you run out of energy and you have no choice but to either come back tomorrow or buy more energy. The further you get into the game the harder it gets in the less reward you get for doing well. It’s actually really annoying. Also can somebody please tell me what’s happening to my island if I go to move something in it just completely disappears ?? I understand selling it or deleting it but if I’m just trying to move it I’ve had several things just completely disappear off my screen. Where do they go and how do I get them back??
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4 years ago, Lynette C817
Favorite game
I’ve been playing this game for years and it keeps getting better and better. It’s not just a hidden object game. There are special events and “social” tasks you can do (but you don’t have to). You can also decorate (and redecorate) your island with buildings, plants, and other items from the shop. You earn that “money” by playing hidden object scenes. It’s easy to play this game without spending real money if you are patient. You can earn free extras by meeting goals, some are easy and some take more time and real money. Occasionally I will buy extra gems, but I budget for it like any other entertainment expense. I figure this is one of my hobbies. It’s somehow relaxing and exciting at the same time. The graphics are amazing. The developers are talented artists and are always creating new and beautiful HO scenes and island decorations to enjoy. There is also a backstory about June and her friends and family. This is not just a casual game. June’s Journey definitely has a strong following of gamer fans you can connect with on social media. Many are very committed to the game and love it as much as I do. I do wish the bigger island decorations could be oriented to face an alternate direction. But that’s my ONLY negative opinion.
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5 years ago, Jamsjmg
Been playing this and last 4 or 5 chapters the group I was playing against whittled down to me and “Jack” for last 4 to 5 chapters, maybe more. Tonight I started chapter 48, level 236, and SUDDENLY there is a third person, “Cat”, who is in the lead and according to the list of friends—she’s on level 275!!! What??? Where did this character come from out of the blue when it’s just been me and Jack? Where has her rating been for all these chapters I’ve been playing with just Jack? If she’s 59 levels above me, then why hasn’t this “Cat” character shown up in the standings? Something is pretty fishy here which leads me to believe this game is a total scam and I have wasted my money playing. I’ll play this until I run out of jewels or energy and I am DONE. Woooga has ripped me off for the last time UPDATE: Just got update two days ago following valentine special event. Its a another Kabuki event😳😳😳 seriously? Wooga can't be more imaginative than to repeat a special event??? Out of 14 choices in Kabuki, 8 of them are repeats of the earlier Kabuki event. They also repeated the event with feathers and fancy swimming pools although, again, they added a few different choices, but definitely repeat choices. I enjoy the game a lit but if you're going to continue to repeat past events, might be time to quit playing your game. Please be more imaginative. Long term players can't help but puck up on repeats and its annoying
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4 years ago, Allkatz
Love this game!!
I love how this game (I’ve been at it for months now) is set up & the idea that I can decorate an island as to how I want it to look is great & they give several options to get coins & gems! As some of the other reviewers have stated that it can get frustrating on the fact that after you use your coins to purchase an item in addition you have to wait anywhere from mins to days to get that item to pop up so you can accumulate your number of flowers needed to go to the next chapter of the story. It would be nice when you get a perfect score that they would give you more credit in the stars then they do as this is hard to do. That being said I still love the graphics & items & love that they use some old verbage to describe some of the items you have to find lol I will however try an idea that I read about a reviewer in going back to previous levels to replay & maybe get more coins that way so I can purchase more to get my flowers. The game does give you the option to sell your items but when you do that you lose your flowers associated with that item & now need more to advance, but hey I still love this game!!
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2 years ago, AZDawn from JJ
Game ruined by greedy Playtika!
Back to say the developers have not improved any of the things I mentioned, but now they are taking away the free energy that has always been part of the game AND they are making it possible for teams to BUY their way to the top of the league. This is a deal breaker for me. I. Am. Out. If you have lots of money to spend on a game that gives nothing back, this may be the game for you. But beware, if you do spend money, they will reward you by increasing the price next time. Wish I could give zero stars. I’m done! This game was so much fun until Wooga sold it to Playtika. Rewards have diminished greatly, the ability to earn needed resources (gems from bushes) removed, and side games are now mostly a gamble instead of skill based. Bring back GEMS ONLY on the bushes, and increase the odds of finding snippets in the packets. And while you’re at it improve the odds on tasks like “collect from estate.” It can only be done once every 10 hours, but the odds are crazy high that you’re going to get that one upwards of 50% of the time. So disappointed and ready to move on to a better game where developers actually try to improve the game instead of destroying it. Looking forward to your response where you tell me you’re sorry I’m disappointed and will pass my comments on to the developers and then do nothing or institute an even worse change. 🙄
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3 years ago, Vestalee1966
Greedy game
The graphics of this game are amazing. I absolutely love them. The different decorations and houses are adorable. However, you cannot make your island pretty and advance. You have to just put things side-by-side, Willy-nilly, without any rhyme or reason in order to have enough stuff on your island to move forward. Why you may ask? Because the compasses that are required to clear more land are few and far between that you can’t clear new land. Your only recourse is to cram as much stuff on what you have cleared to get enough flowers to move forward to the next chapter. The price of some of these buildings is astronomical as well. If you go into the store it’s like 100,000 purple gems or 100,000 coins for a pretty building. 100,000 coins will cost you $200 of real cash. Ridiculous. Then there are the ads. While I appreciate the opportunity to watch an ad to save money, it takes 30 seconds for the ad to load. Then you watch a 30-45 second ad. Then there’s another 15 seconds while the ad is waiting for you to play their sample game. Again, ridiculous. This game is so much fun at first. For the newcomer the first few levels they give you all kinds of great stuff. That’s the bait. Then they think they’ve got you hooked and that’s where the money comes in. After a certain level, you will not enjoy it without dumping hundreds of dollars in cash. Stay away.
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5 years ago, cynapse42
My own little island
Haven’t been a game player much, until I found this. June’s stories are interesting, the artwork and animation of the island elements are stunning! and, well, even the anachronisms are funny. Playing with the island is a bonus, and fascinating! (But then, I’ve always enjoyed creating my own little worlds😜) This is a great game and done so very well. The zoom-in ability is especially nice for admiring the art work, enjoying the hidden little things, and really getting a feel for the scenes. I can even play in different languages. The intricacy of the game, the island, the interweaving stories are just such a wonderful combination and I appreciate the hard work involved in making this. I also appreciate the generosity of your having made a game that doesn’t extort payment(why I don’t play other games)—and while I can play without a great deal of spending, I know this site requires a lot of maintenance and have made myself an allowance so I can splurge a little each month on the fascinating decorations or extra turns through an especially intriguing story. Thank you *all* for creating a superlative and enjoyable game experience. I look forward to wherever your talents take us next!
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4 years ago, Thatsinconceivable!
Nice game but with concerns
I want to like this game but I absolutely hate the way it seems to have an arbitrary star rating system when completing each level. Sometimes you get 50% or 12% or 25%, etc., but it seems really inconsistent. I’m not sure if it’s because the developers are trying to make you buy more energy bars. Sometimes I’m super fast at choosing the objects and I’ll get 12% progress, then other times it’ll be close to 50%. It’s as if they can see how many energy bars I have and then do maths on that to gain the most in-app purchases. I’ve looked for explanations on how their star rating works, but can’t find anything. Also, there is a major bug on level 15 “Abandon Rail Car” which cost me several opportunities to receive a “Perfect” score. The hidden object “Oil lamp” would change the correct answer between one object and another one during each play. One of them is technically not even an oil lamp— it is clearly an electrical light. And, it didn’t matter which object you chose first because the first choice you made between the two was always incorrect. So, then you had to select the second one and then it would be correct, however, that ruins your arbitrary star rating. Hopefully that bug will get fixed. Anyway, the game design is beautiful and I like the mystery story behind it.
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4 years ago, PrettyBrwngal91
Brilliant app
I absolutely love this app. From the vibrant graphics, and hidden objects which are in realistic places. It really makes you think. I love the fact it doesn’t give you a count down (other than the bonus) which would make my anxiety sky rocket. It actually calms me down. I always look forward to playing it when I get off work and sometimes sneak and play it at my desk. I cannot wait to continue on this journey with June. I love the fact that there are NO ads other than the clock maker which I did download, but did not have a chance to play yet. I love that throughout the investigation it seems so real like you are there. I rarely download apps but I had to have this. I also love that if you don’t have the funds to spend on extra energy etc, you don’t have to, like most apps. You just have to be patient as your energy bar loads all the way up, which could be a good thing. This app was well thought out and to the team you all did a wonderful job. I can’t imagine the hours. Hard work and dedication you all did to come up with it. If you have any other games I look forward to downloading. I’ve already told my people about the app. Thank you 🥰
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3 years ago, Gamedaydiva
Does Apple allow you to force people to accept cookies?
Getting worse every day! June’s Journey is a great game but you seem to be working diligently to run your players off. Greed doesn’t pay but it will cost you in the end. Why not charge $5 a month as a base subscription instead of trying to force people to accept cookies on your ridiculous ads? And offer more $2.99 deals for item packages. You would make a lot more money doing that. I don’t mind seeing SOME ads for games but your new “news feed” ads are beyond ridiculous. I’m not accepting your cookies so you keep throwing me out of the ad and sometimes even out of the game. And in reading your most recent reviews it’s obvious everyone is getting frustrated. I really like the game but will delete and report to Apple if these unethical business practices don’t stop. Not so great now! This game was awesome until the developers got greedy with the ads. It’s “free” to play but you are forced to watch ads in order to move ahead. The ads for other games were tolerable but have gotten longer and longer. But now they are selling medical ads for drugs that force you to skip to another page every ten to fifteen seconds three times each before you can exit the ad. It seems all I do now is watch ads. If the developers don’t correct this I will be deleting June’s Journey. Really sad as game has great potential.
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4 years ago, Blackavar015
Great but please fix this
Changing to one star: you broke this game by adding the cafe requirements in the case lists. Know your game - this is not a battle MMO. Many people play this game because it is relaxing and a break from other people (because we have crazy, stressful jobs and/or crazy, stressful families). Please stop trying to force us to build up guilds. And I don’t want to have to beg guild members for drinks. I’m not that kind of person. But right now my case list is stalled because 2 of the 3 slots are taken up by guild cases. The “serve one drink” pops up EVERY OTHER TIME (literally, not figuratively). I solve it once, pay 10 gems once, then I use my shuffle once, and then it’s back again, all in the same 24 hour period. And now I have to have tips (which relies on OTHER people) to move the second slot. I hate it!!! The bottom line is that I play this game to destress - I don’t want to have the stress of being in a hyperactive guild where I have to log in during some random, unannounced 45 minute period to play the challenges to not get kicked. And I really don’t want to pressure other people or have them pressure me to spend real money on multiple cafe drinks in one 24 hour period. That’s so wrong on so many levels. Please remove those cafe cases or at least change the algorithm so that they don’t pop up more than half the time - that’s really unreasonable. And extremely disappointing. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Barnabee Boo
You just ruined your game.
You took a solid 4 star game and just ruined it with the changes you made to the cafe. What’s the point in joining/staying with a strong team when you just yanked the benefits that we all worked so hard for? Most all of my 15 member team have advanced to 15 energy in the cafe. We are a global team from different time zones and help each other out throughout the day and prior to competitions as well as meet at our scheduled time. Now you’ve taken all that away in a greedy grasp at getting us to purchase more energy with real money instead of game strategy, reducing prizes AND increasing the energy cost per play during competitions. Your greed is almost comical. I’m very close to quitting this game. I’ve spent real cash, but will not in the future. When your greed is so obviously on display, i won’t be a part of it. If you wanted to make improvements to the game, you should have worked on the Help Wanted tasks. They are repetitive beyond boring and sometimes take days of waiting to complete… often so annoying that they make me exit the game. Most of them shoul be on a 24 hour timer so they only come up once per day, like other games do. It’s the developers responsibility to keep the game interesting, if they can’t come up with new tasks maybe it’s time to move on. Good luck keeping us long time players after this last fiasco.
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