Just Dance Controller

2.3 (7.5K)
87 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Just Dance Controller

2.34 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
7 years ago, FamilyArias
Something isn’t working properly
I’m not exactly sure what’s the root of all the problems or if they’re all connected but I bought Just Dance 2018 for ps4 and have been using smartphones to play. To start it off, the first issues is in the app and the game itself but I keep getting network errors so I’m guessing that they’re problems with the Ubisoft servers or something. Can’t enter my Ubisoft account or whatever it is it asks to customize your dancer card within the app and I can’t access the online feature of the game itself. The second issues is the weird one. The first two smart phone devices work fine without many issues but all other devices that have been paired with game/console repeat the same issue of not showing up on the screen. They produce sound effects when joining the game and show character selection after picking a song like all other devices but on the tv it won’t show their name or any sort of visual cue to their existence however when dancing it shows a third and forth bar going up as they dance but it won’t show their names at the top or let them know how they’re doing with each move like the other two. And they also get a score at the end of the song and that’s the only proof of their existence on the ps4 side. I hope for some update somewhere to fix this
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6 years ago, Wendgie Chang
I get disconnected all the time
When I first got this game, the controls were working fine but the more I danced, it got worse. I get disconnected even in the middle of songs which is annoying if I am on the world floor. I am not able to get decent scores while using this app. One time I got disconnected then I reconnected, and 10 seconds after I got disconnected again! The worst part is that I already spent $60 to buy the game, and to get the Kinect is another $100 with an adapter of $60. I can not afford the Kinect so hopefully there is an update that fixes some of the bugs soon. It is also unfair to people who have a Kinect because it tracks both arm moments (thus earning more points) while the phone controller only tracks one arm. I've heard people complain about this before so hopefully the Just Dance company will make it fair for everyone. I really hope that this review is put into consideration for the next update. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Awesome! 3875
Dearest Ubisoft and Just Dance developers, I cannot express how impressed I am with this app. Its sleek, beautiful design and multiple features for sure make it a winner. I just have a few suggestions: 1. Maybe regular Wii compatibility? I understand how old Wiis are, but maybe a more simple Wi-Fi signal output would do the trick, considering most Wiis can connect to Wi-Fi. 2. Maybe the ability to change your avatar and name without signing in? I am I'm 6th grade and apparently "everything matters"😂 I hope you consider those suggestions for the app. However, I do have a few more suggestions for Just Dance itself: (these are totally random and might not even be possible?) 1. I know how much people love custom made things, so it'd be cool if you could come up with a custom dance. First, you could pick one of the premade avatars from the other songs. Then, you could make your own moves to the duration of the song. The avatar would mirror you, you could then save it, name it and play it with your friends! 2. You could make a whole other app specifically made for iPad. (Not iPad Mini, just anything that measures bigger than or equal to and iPad screen. You could do the same with Samsung or other devices. Maybe even computers. Then, using the same controller app, prop your iPad up and play Just Dance on there! (They would have to buy the different editions mobily.) is that even a word ?!?😂😂 I hope you take these into serious consideration! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, OliverTwist1600
It Used To Work…
The app used to work perfectly, but at some point it stopped. I have an Apple IPhone, and I play the Just Dance 2020 version on my Xbox One. It used to work previously, but now won’t work at all. I have to go into Manual Pairing and go through the pairing process, which doesn’t actually work at all. It does not pair my Xbox and my phone even though they’re both new and they’re both connected to the same WiFi. I have absolutely no idea why it suddenly started stopped working at all, but it’s bad enough that I can’t play Just Dance period. It’s worked before and I have the scores to prove it but it completely stopped working and the Developers have seemed to do nothing at all to fix any of the previous problems with the app (such as that it would randomly crash, randomly disconnect, or drain your battery very quickly, and if a single notification popped up the app would freeze until it was swiped away) and I know that none of my devices are the cause of the problem. I will be honest, just get Just Dance on the Switch if you want to play it because nothing else works.
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3 years ago, Ismail😄😄😄
Works perfectly fine
All these reviews are just people with non stable wifi! That’s it! It works perfectly fine for me. Scores very well, navigating and connecting is super easy, very convenient when having multiple people play. I like how you just have to swipe to navigate through the menu and I really like the “ready” feature when playing with multiple players since you can make sure everyone chooses the ideal coach they want to follow. Confused on who you’re supposed to copy? Look at your phone! Confused on which player color you are? Look at your phone! It’s perfect when you have stable connection and Just Dance Unlimited ads even more fun. Sometimes it glitches and says it can’t connect but just delete the app, reset your WiFi, and tinker with it. If you got stable wifi this is the perfect app to use, no extra accessories required.
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4 years ago, abcdefg55555
Issues with the game
First off, this is a really fun game to play with my family, but we have been having lot of issues with the game. First is when we try to connect all of our phones to the game, most of them get kicked out of the game. And it does not let us back in. Another thing is when I try to connect to controller wands to it, one of them is connected but when I try to use the other ones, it does not let me hit x on the wand. It has me hit x on the controller. So when I start dancing with the controller in my hand, the game is saying I am not using the right one like it keeps showing Xs when ever I make the right moves on there. So then I try to do the wands and the same thing happens. I don’t know if I am supposed to hold a button down on it because I tried that with every button on there and it is not letting me. Is it supposed to be the connection. And how to I have the game not kick me out of the app on my phone when I try to join?
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2 years ago, JaviWavii
Worked at first but am so disappointed
I’ve been playing Just Dance with a phone since 2018. It’s been 4 years and i’m so disappointed. I started on 2018 with an iPod because that’s all i had. It never really worked for me so I gave up on it thinking it was the device. Then I finally got a phone and tried it with 2019, but the same thing occurred. At that point, I didn’t bother purchasing 2020 and 2021 because of my phone issue. Then when i got a new phone and bought 2022, I was finally expecting it to work. And at first it did! Although it would crash sometimes, it didn’t bother me all to much. Then recently, the app altogether has stopped working. I’ve tried repairing the Wifi, I tried getting the newest update on my phone, I’ve tried to restart my phone thousands of times, i’ve tried fixing my xbox in every shape and form but no sign of the app connecting to my xbox. I am super disappointed and probably won’t play again, unless i get a kinect (and you know how hard it is to get your hands on one).
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4 years ago, MooseTheFirst
Great- for the first 3 months
I bought the base game for 2020 at the end of January, and was surprised to learn an app was available. My sister and I were previously using the PSVR camera to dance, and the apps were much more responsive. We took a break in March, and came back in April for the Unlimited trial. Starting this week, it’s been next to impossible to play- trying to boot the game up resulted in my phone force quitting the app when attempting to sign in, and potentially during dances, if you made it that far. This could usually be solved by uninstalling and redownloading the app, though this no longer works. It was only happening on my phone, but it is now occurring on my sister’s phone as well. This app was by far the easiest way to use Just Dance, and it accommodates well for parties up to 6 people, but this bug breaks it. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of the money spent on the game, which is frustrating.
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2 years ago, __chimchim45
Can you super order games please please please
I’ll give you the files are very if you please support older games I leave all the games I want to get Josie in 2015 this Christmas but the controller app only continues just in 2016 so please I want older does this game available in this app I’m gonna give them a one star rating or a four star rating if you don’t change it now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now no no no no please please please please please please no no no no no no no please please please please please please please please change it change it please please please please please oh and every time we play just dance the app does not connect tried Justin 2022 and just dance 2020 and it didn’t work so please check your game and please bring my puppy eyes change it now
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5 years ago, gabiigrana
Great app awesome game
I’m a big JD fan, been playing the game every year since JD3, back in Brazil, so I’ve followed all the technologies that the game was available on. Stated with Nintendo wii and those heavy controllers, then Xbox 360 and the freedom of movement with Kinect and now with Xbox One which I’ve been using my phone as a controller - yay!. Since I’ve traded my phone in a bigger one I started to feel less comfortable to play with. Right arm and hand sore for holding it tight to not hit anyone or break anything. What if we have a version of this app for wearables, like Apple Watch? Well, I’m not a developer savvy but I believe your team can come up with a solution for this. I would even consider actually getting a Apple Watch just to comfortably play my favorite game of all. And please let me know if you guys actually work on this idea. Thank you for reading this ;)
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3 years ago, Ididthistounlocksomething
What happened??
This app used to work flawlessly with no problems and all of a sudden when i'm trying to connect to my switch like i did millions of times before, it's all of a sudden not connected to the internet. i've been using the same internet connection since i've been playing this game and i actually liked playing on my phone so i didn't use the joy-cons that frequently. another problem that i started having recently before it started saying that i'm not connected to the internet was that the controller kept disconnecting and reconnecting causing me to lose points throughout the game. songs that i normally got superstar or megastar on with my joy-con i started getting only 5 or less stars because of this problem. please fix the app or i'm gonna just return the game.
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4 years ago, UrbanMetro
The app works The company doesn’t
Hey so I wanted to write this review because I got this to play during quarantine with my gf it was a struggle just getting the game (I recommend just buying it on the console through the store) but the game does work if you have a phone below the update of 13.4 tho it is a struggle here’s a guide to adding friends in to dance{first pick the song get to the screen where it says “keep phone securely in right hand” add the players with 13.4 an there you go pick a mentor an play one song after that you have to delete the app an redo the whole process again} Obviously the problem with 13.4 lies somewhere between those points of the game, I tried telling Ubisoft the exact problem an was cut short On 13.3 the xbox ps4 Nintendo controller has no effect on game play which is a big plus an a feature you should have kept obviously. stop ignoring are call to dance Ubisoft fix the issue it’s right here Don’t give us the bs about the app just not working I can use the 13.3 version of iPhone X to force the 13.4 version of iPhone XS to work an track an sync what is the excuses
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4 years ago, KookiePup
It WAS working great but it crashes now
This app was working very well for me! I honestly find it a lot easier to get Megastars using it rather than the camera. However just a few days ago it started to crash whenever I started using it. I tried multiple phones too and they didn’t work. I actually tried my iPad too, which somehow worked, yet it’s very hard to use as you could imagine. I am also very very close to getting megastar on Kill This Love extreme, which would be my first Extreme megastar, but the app started to crash right before I mastered it. I really want to get megastars on the other extremes too, but I can’t do so without the app. I don’t know why it crashes now, but it would be awesome if you could fix it! Thanks!
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3 years ago, RedOblivion711
No longer supports 2015
I used this app for years as it helped me stay in shape, and 2015 was one of my favorite versions to fall back on - good songs, the dances were good without being too over the top to get a decent workout. I took a break for health reasons, and now coming back to give it a try and get back into it yet again, I find I’m locked out from play because the app suddenly decided to no longer support it. Why? This invalidates an entire game purchase and I’m tired of paying full price for a game that I have to hope someday doesn’t decide to suddenly no longer be supported. I refuse to buy the Move controllers when the app worked just fine, which doesn’t work to Ubisoft’s advantage anyway as they don’t get a cut. I strongly urge you to fine a way to support it as it now stands I will no longer purchase another JD title since there is no assurance of continued support for modes of play.
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3 years ago, Ava Cathey
Now I Get It
Now I know why the game doesn’t work sometimes. One day after I got the Just Dance Unlimited for one mouth the next day it didn’t work and later the day I got the membership. This also didn’t even let me to connect my phone and it’s just really stupid. They need to adjust the app to the membership for the connectivity to the platform and the app itself. There may be some more problems but they still need to fix this. And I have been looking at other reviews and they haven’t even tried to update the game form two months after this person review and even three years ago!! Even I can do better then this and I’m not even a teenager. These employees for the making of this app need to acknowledge some of their customer’s reviews before it to late and your app it nothing. Fix your game, and quick.
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4 years ago, b.n.h
Just Dance won’t let me Just Dance
Truly Fed up with the recent behavior of this app! Long time user of Just dance and other Ubisoft games and now I can’t play a game I recently purchased. Trying to place in a case about the crashing and the website is not responsive at all. Please fix this app soon because everyone who is talking about the app are experiencing the same issues and it is not fair. Can’t Quarantine and dance if the app won’t work and I truly refuse to purchase a Kinect just to play the game at all. I own an Xbox and this is not it at all. If you see this please notify all of us stifling with the app and the games ASAP because I’m not paying anymore money for this game. I also purchased a 12 month subscription of the unlimited and I can’t play that if the app keep crashing. Like Ubisoft needs to get it together sap before they lose all their paying costumers and go broke with this. Love, peace and hair grease✌🏾
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4 years ago, dua lipa lover
Ubisoft could do better
I played this game a couple days in a row when I first got it. I left it alone for a while, then came back to play it again. Every time, it would disconnect either before I even got into the game, or just before dancing. I tried everything! At first I thought it was a problem with my Xbox, however after updating and realizing everything was fine, I knew it was a problem with the app. I looked it up, but nothing came up except notes from Ubisoft telling me to check if my wifi was connected, etc. Looking through the reviews on this app, I saw many others were having this problem. However, there wasn’t anything I could seem to do to fix it. Overall, this app was great for a few days, but quickly proved itself full of bugs. There is enough bad reviews that you think the company would do something about it, but the app is just as problematic as ever. I even tried using different phones to see if that would work better, but no dice. Unfortunately there are no other options to play with, besides an expensive kinect sensor. After spending money on the game itself, and having been playing this game since I was a little kid on the Wii, I had expectations. While there’s nothing wrong with the game, the app is just super crappy.
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4 years ago, kcuiw
Can Barely Even Play the Game
The concept of this is good, but whenever I try to play I have major issues. Just so you know I am playing on Xbox One S. When trying to play co-op mode, the first two devices connect fine, but the third one always disconnects almost as soon as it has connected. Frequently when we are in the middle of a song the TV screen will say it’s disconnected but the phones don’t say it’s disconnected. We then have to reconnect all over again. I made a Ubisoft account to access Just Dance Unlimited, but after I made the account it could never connect to Ubisoft servers so I could actually get Just Dance Unlimited. If you are playing on Xbox, I predict that Kinect works better. Please make improvements to this app so I can play Just Dance.
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3 years ago, callistie
It’s not working on my iPod
I like this app and all it just doesn’t work on my iPod and it’s kinda getting annoying having to use my parents iPhone to play just dance and like I’m not paying like 100 dollars just to play a game. they stopped making the Connect thingy so now it’s soo more more expensive like I already got the console, the game and the iPod or I shouldn’t have to pay 100 dollars and it’s not like I have a hundred dollar bill just lying around. Sorry if I’m like being over dramatic about this but I’m a ten year old girl who wants to dance without having to asking her parents all the time to play a game throughout quarantine
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4 years ago, 13579087263
Love but problem I’m sad about
I love just dance but when I tried to play with this app on my phone it keeps kicking me out at first like a normal person would probably think is they have full storage so I deleted like 99% of my photos because I really wanted to play since it’s a lifetime chance because my brothers always on the Xbox so I hardly get to play so when I deleted the photos it still wouldn’t work then I deleted the app and installed it again but that didn’t work either please fix it I really wanted to play I don’t know what’s going on I also checked my WiFi it didn’t help either please read this and fix so I can play again. 🙂😢😤
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9 months ago, Dominick Arcona
How this app is a good app
This app is a cool app and for my Xbox I got more just dance games and I do not have the connect so I use this app as my controller like switch joy cons but the switch stopped the controller app for 2017 to 2018 and it is fine and there is one problem on 2017 when I tried to manage my account it says log into U play account on smart phone when the smart phone app does not even give a choice to login, but at least I can dance in the game and the game is a good for people who do not even have controllers for game consoles, and still play just dance
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3 years ago, bishop0482
Please fix the problem or give us a other product to use to dance
PLEASE FIX THE JSUT DANCE I HAVE THE PS5 just dance 2022 and I the freaking just dance app is always disconnecting when your scroll to pick a song or when you are dancing what’s the point of having a app for just dance if it keep on disconnecting can y’all add where we can you the ps5 camera for it cuz I see y’all don’t got that yet that would be better like the ps4 cause the camera don’t disconnect it records you doing the dances please fix this how we supposed to play the game if it keep disconnecting on the app do better but other than that the songs are good
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4 years ago, Sha'Keriah
Does it glitch on iPhones only?
We have Just Dance 2020 and we download this app to play the game my brother has an S10 galaxy, my sister has and iPhone 8 and I have and iPhone XR. When we downloaded the game everything was fine until we chose a song when we chose a song the app blanked out on my sister’s and I phones so we deleted it downloaded it again and it worked. When the song was over and we chose another song it blanked us out again the whole time we was playing the game and we played like 10 songs it keep blanking us out but my brothers phone never blanked out once. So i’m asking is the app equipped for iPhones or only Androids? Also will you be able to fix this problem?
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4 years ago, Squishy_Princess
Guess I Can’t Use My Phone Anymore.
I usually use the Just Dance Controller app to play using my phone because I feel it allows me to play more freely. I’ve never had a problem with the app the few years I’ve been using it to play Just Dance 2017 and as of a few months ago, Just Dance 2020. When I first used the controller app to play Just Dance 2020 a couple months ago, everything worked fine. Now all of a sudden today the app is crashing when I get to the song selection screen. I can initially connect my app to the game fine, but as soon as I’m going to select songs so I can actually start dancing, the app will crash and I have no idea how to fix it. I’ve tried restarting the app, the game itself and my phone with no change. Idk what else to do so I’m about to just delete the app.
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4 years ago, SheRocYa
Doesn’t Work!!! 😡😡
I bought this game for the ps4 and heard and read how it is compatible with your smartphone (I have the iPhone XR). So, seeing that I had no ps move controller or camera, I do have a phone so I went ahead with buying it. Everything thing starts and loads up fine, I’m getting pretty excited to play the game by then. The MOMENT the app pairs with the game, the app crashes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, and refreshed my network, and NOTHING. I still haven’t gotten a chance to play it and just wasted my money. Sony won’t refund if they see that the game has been started, but it’s worth a shot if I explain this situation to them. I have always been a fan of Just Dance, but this was and is a HUGE letdown 😡😡 Hopefully they fix and/or update this issue soon.
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4 years ago, YoungBiker13
It great for exercise but...
So I have been playing JD for a while and I have always used my phone but now the app is acting weird. When I connected my phone it said I was connected then just crashed me out. I restarted my phone, made sure it was up to date on updates, uninstalled and installed the app again but nothing is working. I also want to point out that the sensitivity isn’t that great. If you are about to do a gold move you have to forcefully move your with the move or it will not work. Like I said this is great if you can’t afford a Kinect Sensor but a new update for this app has to happen soon.
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4 years ago, .......!?
Glitches Me Out
Hey just dance creators! i just wanted to let you guys know that once i found out you guys can use a phone for a controller i was LEGIT shocked! the just dance controller worked PERFECTLY fine for me, i NEVER had a problem with it, until now. I hadn’t been playing just dance for a while now, and i just started to play just last week, but the problem is that every time i open up the app, it just takes me out, it either opens up fully to the loading screen but then it kicks me out, i tried to delete it and re install it but it still kicks me out and i’m still having trouble with the app. Please help me fix this problem. Thank you.
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3 years ago, PlayfulWings3
Ok first off I’m trying to set up the game and it says that it’s only for ps4 players??? Then the just dance controller app says that they updated it to basically every console. So I paired it and it keeps on saying does my ps4 and my phone have the same WiFi? Like I have an Xbox. So I just said yes because I thought their was etc. Apparently their wasn’t. When I clicked yes for a random reason it says that they can’t pair. Which frustrates me a lot because I have all the just dance games throughout the years and they all seemed to work perfectly fine until Just Dance 2021. So this was just a waste of money. Just Dance better fix their app problem because I’m not buying a kinetic sensor for $500. Btw I got this for Christmas so it was just a waste of money for my parents. JUST DANCE FIX YOUR APP!
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4 years ago, astron0mical
A little disappointing...
I have had all the Just Dance games previously on my Wii, but as they update I realized I needed a newer system. I decided to try using this with my PS4 to get access to unlimited songs and songs not available on my 7th generation Wii. The motion tracking is all over the place. Some moves hit perfect and others hardly register. I liked this game because I'm a retired dancer and it gives me something to work on in that area. It's kind of disappointing because I rarely get superstar or megastar status and I'm going full out on the moves. If the motion tracking could be fixed it would make the app perfect, but for now, unless you can afford a camera or PS4 Motion, it's not worth it.
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4 months ago, olliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Doesn’t work but i still love it!
this app doesn’t work at all but is so cute and preppy that no matter how many times you get kicked out you just keep smiling and try again for the one millionth time! this is all i do everyday, even tho it doesn’t work! the only negative thing is that i keep having to get a new phone because i keep throwing across the room when i am dancing but a tip is, when you throw ur phone just keep playing! love thissssss broken apppppppp!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
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4 years ago, PeterHorst1974
App cannot connect to xbox one just dance 2020
Bought this game about 3 weeks ago so my kids could do some exercise at home during lockdown due to covid-19. Using my iphone as the controller as I do not own a connect for xbox one. The app was working fine for the first week. Then my kids had 2 weeks of vacation. Back to online school this week and trying again to connect but at no avail. I looked at the online support and am doing all the steps as outlines there but when it connects, it drops the connection immediately as well. Yes same wifi etc, checked everything. Now we cannot use the game anymore. Wish I could get my $50 back as it is useless now. Very disappointed and so are my kids, because they had fun while it lasted (for about a week).
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4 years ago, caperuzitanirvana <3
-good but has it’s cons-
So basically I have used this app for over a year o less if I remember correctly and most of the times everything had been fine, but currently I’m having some issues with this app, this has never really happened to me before so it’s very weird in my point of view. So basically I wanted to play with my Xbox one, I connected my phone via internet and everything went well, but right when it said “connection successful”, it glitched out of the app, I had to re-download the app because it would keep making the same mistake. I re-download it like 3-4 times and the same mistake keep happening. In my experience I would rate this app a 6-10
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4 years ago, Meggybyte
Don’t make people pay so much money for a game if the controller fails to work
I didn’t have a Kinect for my Xbox One, so I was excited to see how my iPhone would work as a controller and I didn’t have to worry about body recognition issues like I did with my 360 Kinect. I downloaded the 20 GB (I know!) of Just Dance 2018 to my console and never got past the controller connecting screen because the apps on all of our phones kept crashing once they were connected. Really, Ubisoft? I moved my coffee table out of the way for nothing. And now I have to go charge my phone because not only did the app not even work, but it drained my battery down from me fighting with it to work for the last 15 minutes.
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2 years ago, helpful yana
Issue with the game
I have no clue what’s going on right now but I’ve had the game for 2 years and never had an issue with the controller. For the past week the controller hasn’t been working I’ve repeatedly did the steps of hope that it would for but nothing did. Its something with the app and I will really appreciate if you fixed this problem. Also if you think it’s a problem on my side it’s not this started happening out of nowhere. I even tried deleting the app, restarting my phone. And restarting the just dance app on my Ps4. Also I play with Just dance 2020.
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4 years ago, jazziefizzle_23
I have been a huge fan of this game and played it on every console since the original Just Dance. Playing on wii with the controllers were fine since it was easy to hold the controller and there was a strap. With Xbox it was great because the camera allowed for free hand movements. Yes sometimes it didn’t register but not a super big deal for me. Now I got this game for Ps5 and bought the camera thinking I would have the option. Now your asking me to swing my super expensive iPhone and dance? This was poor design. At least give an option to use your phone or camera. I’m more worried about tossing my phone when I dance so it’s just not a fun experience. Just really disappointed with the decision choosing to only have your phone as a controller.
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1 year ago, Beanie Girlsssss
Not a good review
I’m having the issue of trying to connect my phone to the just dance controller every time I always try to connect it it always says “Error can’t connect. Check your Wi-Fi!” But my Wi-Fi is perfectly fine which I don’t understand because I always try to see if there’s any new updates or anything. I have to try to see what I can fix for but it still doesn’t work!!! it’s very frustrating because I really want to dance to just dance. So for anybody that wants to get the “Just Dance Controller app”, there are a few things you want to be aware of. I wouldn’t recommend playing with the smartphone.
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1 year ago, ItsMissLeah
The bad reviews are old reviews!
I didn’t really use this app about five years ago I mean I didn’t even know it existed! I’ve had this app for about a year and it has been amazing like me and my mom have played + me and other people and I really didn’t want to spend too much money on a PlayStation camera or a PlayStation move and having my phone AND this app has been wonderful so I do recommend that you download this app and don’t look at all of the old reviews like three years ago OR five years ago like if you want to download it now I say that you should!!
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4 years ago, kattttttg
Good app but needs A LOT of work.
First of all, there is a lot of bug issues. Sometimes my app is working perfectly for some of the dance moves but then other times i’m doing the exact dance moves and getting an X no matter what i do. This makes me restart my app and xbox and it’s back to being good again. Also recently i’ve tried to connect my phone to my xbox to play just dance and the app keeps crashing! Sadly i had just bought a just dance unlimited for one month so i hope this stupid issue gets fixed soon! It’s just disappointing. the phone controller instead of a censor was smart, but it doesn’t work properly :(
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2 years ago, pink gummybear
Well it started out ok...
Well I’ve been play Just Dance for a while now and I’ve occasionally used the smartphone controller. I’ve always played on my PlayStation 4 with the move controllers and those have been my go-to. I just got 2022 on my PlayStation 5 and 2 days In and I’m having connection problems. I never really expected this from Just Dance. But it’s like the Wi-Fi thing where both devices have the same connection and they won’t connect with the game. I don’t know why. So Ubisoft, please fix this error or bug. I love Just dance a lot so I would appreciate it so much.
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2 years ago, it was perfect then this....
Doesn’t even connect
Not only are you telling me to swing my very expensive phone around and possibly break it but you don’t even give me the option to use the camera which obviously is way less dangerous. But that’s not even the main issue, what takes the cake is that the game won’t even connect to any of my family members phone (and they’re all relatively new iPhone 11s and up). I’ve tried everything restarting my phones wifi and PlayStation nothing works. To get to this point you forced me to make a Ubisoft account that I’m not even gonna use anywhere else. If I’m being honest I feel like we wasted our money with this game. Ubisoft fix your app 🤦‍♂️
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3 years ago, blupopscl
Wayyy too sensitive, and needs a Watch app!!
I used the controller app since I don’t have a Kinect. It seemed to work fine. Well, now I am literally mimicking the dance spot on and I’m getting “Ok” and “Missed.” The other version of Just Dance with real controllers haven’t given me this issue. It seems more to do with the smartphone tracking than anything. Even my friends were complaining how off it was. I’d also like to see an Apple Watch app for this. I mean cmon, it’s 2021. If it has all the accelerometers and gyroscopes built into the Apple Watch, then it should be utilized so we don’t have to hold our gigantic phones to play.
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4 years ago, A CITIZEN of the WORLD
App keeps crashing
Bought the game a couple months ago along w/ the year long just dance unlimited subscription. Sometimes the app would take a long time to connect to the game, but nothing serious. Now since I updated my iPhone the app won’t connect at all. It continuously crashes before I can play a single song, and I have to reconnect the app only for it to crash again. Paid too much for the game + the add-on to not be able to play. Please update this app ASAP! UPDATE (5/27): the app is still not working. Contacted Ubisoft and was told I could not have a just dance unlimited subscription refund even though I have not been able to play the game. Terrible customer service. This app needs to be updated!
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3 years ago, Elizagan
Need Strong WiFi
So I just recently bought Just Dance 2021 on the PS5 because it was on sale. At first, the game and controller app would not stay connected for more than a minute. But my PS5 is kinda far from the WiFi router, so I don’t entirely blame the game. I ended up buying a $20 WiFi extender and hooked the PS5 up to it with a LAN cable for a faster connection. Honestly it was a blessing in disguise. Now Disney+ doesn’t lag anymore either lol. So as long as you have a strong WiFi connection, the app and game works fine.
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4 years ago, TACURRY
Okay until..
It worked perfectly I was very satisfied I’ve had just dance for years, been playing many of them for about 4 or 5 years now I switched to the app about 2 years ago though. The app is great! It worked, it was less expensive than cameras and it still works almost just as well but recently it jus keeps kicking me off ! Like I will log on and then it just kicks me off . I tried to delete it and reinstall it but it didn’t work and it’s very irritating. Please fix this glitch.
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5 years ago, GamingKatGirl44
It was working great
The first time I played it the phone connected perfectly! Then today I tried to connect the phone to my Xbox but, it said “Your Xbox do not allow your smartphone to the device” First, I have a IPod. Second, it was working just fine before! Third the information that they give you to fix it and guess what? IT DID NOT MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!!! Oh and I was enjoying it!!!!! Please fix whatever is wrong with it.😔😾 IT KNOWS WHAT I WANT!!!!😡😡😡😡 And sometimes it works! Let me tell you there is either a glitch or it hates me!!!! YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!!! 😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, cleazys
I am so glad that I can play with the smartphone, especially with friends. It would be cool to have an option to type out the songs here for searching otherwise it is way too complicated treating the phone like a joystick when there are times I can type with the phone already. I have not tried it yet, but I am wondering whether you can do a mixed game with controllers and phones. If not, that would be cool as well. I am satisfied, but many features are missing making it harder to enjoy the game
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4 years ago, V14528
Doesn’t connect.
I got just dance 2020 and I want to play using my phone since the ps4 cameras are sold out every where. I downloaded it and start the process but once I was about to choose the song I want to play it disconnected. I thought maybe it was my fault. So I try it again be it just connected for a second and then disconnected again multiple time. I deleted the app and reinstalled it thinking it was a bug work for about to minutes then disconnected again. This is very bad for a company who has money and people who can design apps but can’t fix a problem that multiple customers have had from what I read. This is very crappy to say the least.
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4 years ago, frustrated player 2739499494
Really bad software
My whole family and I were playing this game for months with no issues. Suddenly one of our phones kept disconnecting whenever the profile owner tried to get on. Then it was their phone wouldn't connect at all. Then the next phone would only connect for one song. Then we’d have to delete and reinstall the app and use two phones for one person. So one of us could dance and the other dancer had to switch phones on each song and delete the app and reinstall each time. Now all four of our phones won't connect. Almost seems like a trick to get use to shell out the funds for the knecht. Horrible set up on a game we used to love so much.
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5 years ago, Wertmert676
Needs more content
So this app is good over all I used to use it all the time! But it got some updates and I don’t really like it I want to use just dance 2019 on the switch on my phone if there 2 other friends with me but I press just dance 2019 and it only works for ps4 and Xbox 1 and I don’t have enough money to buy new joy-cons I want to play just dance 2015 on my ps4 but the app doesn’t support older just dance game and I don’t have enough money to get a ps4 camera or stick (I forgot the name.) this app is good but needs support for a older just dance games and just dance 2019 on the switch
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3 years ago, annalise.11.1
Niice!! I love this app
Had an Xbox one and had an Xbox one plug in camera sensor that I used for just dance. Then upgraded my Xbox this year, 2021, and the camera sensor wasn’t compatible with my new Xbox so it was a bummer but then decided to give this app a shot. Saved me money and time. 😮‍💨🤝app runs smoothly for me havent had a single disconnection issue. Just make sure you got good wifi and you won’t have that problem 💁‍♀️
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