Just Dance Now

4.5 (58.4K)
113.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Just Dance Now

4.51 out of 5
58.4K Ratings
2 years ago, fikfjrjrjejekddk
An idea for this very game
So I have an idea for this game, I think you should add a feature so that we can use our phone cameras to dance. It works just like a PlayStation camera or a Kinect sensor, expect when you load your phone into the game you can choose to use your phones camera to dance. So basically it’s like when you go into a dance room you have two options: 1. Your phone (obviously) and 2. Your phone camera, now this is very simple. Your go ahead and let your phone camera access to jdn. Then, you go get into your phones camera and once you do that then it will verify your face and then take you to the main menu to choose your song. Then once you choose your song it says on your phone “Get into the camera!“ and then dance! It may not accurately get your moves based on your phone camera and phone version (like for example a very old iPhone and then a iPhone 12 or an iPod touch or sumthing) and then play! I think this may be a bit hard for coding and adding and stuff considering the fact that updates take so long sometimes and it could slow down the game servers but I think after a day or two it will get back together. Thank you for reading this review. Sincerely - som the bomb
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4 years ago, TurntechGameshead
A Few Flaws
I’ve had this app for about a month now, and it’s honestly a lot of fun, especially from having to be stuck inside all day because of quarantine. It’s nice how the Just Dance franchise is sticking around by going mobile since the wii and other older gaming systems are going away. Everything on here is pretty good, updated songs, easy pairing access, just...the coin system. I agree with all these other reviews; the coin system is flawed. When you first join you start off with 200 complementary coins, but you can technically only do two rounds a day since all the dances are 100 coins each, and you have to wait 24 hours to regain 200 coins again. Also, why are all the songs the same price? Maybe make some songs 25 or 50 coins to add some price diversity? Also, it’s annoying how the coin limit is 200 and you can’t gain anything above that number, so when you spend all of them, it’s like the developers are basically forcing you to hand them your money and pay with a card to reload your coins faster, or just sit through the 24 hour wait time. Overall, this app is great fun for all ages. It has a wide range of difficulty levels, which makes it more enjoyable. I’ve played tons of times with my family on the weekends and they enjoy it just as much as I do, but they also agree that the coin system should either be changed or cut off. But besides that, I recommend! Have fun dancing! 💃🕺
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4 years ago, lkrayy
At first when I download this app it was so worthy I loved it I love dancing I had gotten many stars but you could only do 2 song when you first start and you have to wait for another 24 hours just for 100 coins and it don’t go higher than 200 and each song cost 100 coins to dance so two song only. I paid for this game a few times cause I love dancing I had fun even with my family and 2 days later the 2nd time I paid for it I couldn’t dance to it keeps telling me that my wifi isn’t connected which I refresh so many times and it still doesn’t work and I wasted that payment. Now the 3rd time I paid for it which is very stupid it’s still the same nothing changed I deleted this app thinking if I reinstall it’ll work again but nope if you delete and reinstall it won’t let you get back to your old account which gets me more upset it will just start you all over to level 1 and the payment I made won’t expire until tomorrow and i’m very upset and disappointed the waste of my payment I made 2 times. I don’t write any reviews but this the first review i’m going to write because i’m starting to think all they want us to do is pay so they give us only 2 songs to dance too and when you pay it start off good then it gets messy before your payment gets expire so be very alert before you start buying it. FYI I deleted this game cause I got very disappointed I couldn’t get my old account back and what’s the point of starting all over again at lv1?
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4 years ago, gamerwskills
Pretty great app, but...
Overall, I feel like this app is pretty great, especially with the amount of songs that you can dance to. And it’s really a great app for me because I love just dance and I would play my whole life if I could without a stop. But there’s a couple of problems that I wish the developers would change. I wish that I could play more songs every day with this app than having to wait 24 hours just to get 100 coins and then waiting another 24 hours to get 100 more coins and only having the opportunity to dance to 2 songs a day since every songs costs 100 songs and the maximum amount of coins you can have is 200 coins. I also wish that some of the songs on this app would stop disappearing because when I go on this app, I see songs that I’ve danced to that were actually my favorite and then a few days later, I see that they’re gone and then they take a while for them to be shown on the game again. I wish that they would just stay on the app so I can dance to them again even if 200 coins is the maximum amount of coins that a user can get.
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5 years ago, Abc123456789cba0123456789
Umm...24 hours?? Really?
It’s a fun game it makes since to incorporate it this way since no one really use their wii systems (or similar systems to it) anymore. However, I see some reviews where they said they’re were in the past SOME free songs. That would make a lot more sense then having to wait 24 hours to dance to like what 1 or 2 songs. Come on let me dance for 30 minutes to an 1 hour. Even though I’m really late to this whole app I was about to recommend everyone I know who use to play the game on the wii to download this but it’s not even worth it, it’s just a waist of space on my phone. The first thing that needs to be fix on this game is the coin system why would I wait 24 hours just to dance to 1 song that is stupid. No wonder I never knew that there has been an App for awhile. I mean it just fun to play for barley 10 minutes or 3 minutes if there is something wrong with the app loading. Then it is oh well I guess I will wait until tomorrow It is horrible game play. I will probably keep this app for a few more days then delete it like all the other lame apps. P.S Lower then 24 hour wait to like an hour or two then offer watching ads for like 50 coins an ad. Easy Just Dance makes money and people don’t have to pay for a game the general public forgot about years ago. Just dance can also have a reward system if you come back everyday you get coins.
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8 months ago, Wheresha
I hate this game it is so stupid. Why do you have to pay for coins to play a game? I’m just trying to get a work out and I can’t because I have to keep paying for coins. I don’t wanna go to the gym. I want to do it in the comfort of my home and I can’t because I have to pay for these expensive coins. I’m not a billionaire just dance I am a high school student and a part-time job and the only thing I wanna do in my free time is work out so I can feel better in my body in my skin and I can’t do any of that because I have to keep paying my money for coins. Why can’t the games just be 50 coins instead of 100 that’s stupid and it’s dumb because you can only dance to only two games at minimum when you have 200 coins there should at least be a daily spin wheel on there to collect more coins or free dance or any other thing. My job does not pay a lot and I have to pay my own money to get coins and I’m tired of it fix this just dance please and I’m not stopping until I get heard. Some other people are living out like this like me and it’s tiring having to pay for all these apps. Don’t care if there is a subscription that comes off every month I don’t wanna pay for a subscription. I just want to have a good workout and dance and I don’t want to go to the gym as a high school student. My schedule is very very tight and I still cannot pay for this because it is very expensive please for God sake fix this just dance I’m tired of it.
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3 years ago, 11dmiller
Fantastic concept, still needs some tweaking
When my Wii finally broke, I was heartbroken. My friends and I love getting to challenge each other and get a good dance work out in with the Just Dance series. I was of course thrilled to randomly discover that Just Dance Now was even a thing! Almost immediately, I paid for the subscription. My biggest issue is that your phone is used as the controller. This would be fine if the phone went into a controller mode when a song starts, but it doesn’t. It remains on the regular screen. For anyone with a bigger phone and smaller hands, this means you exit the room about 5x during the song. I will caveat all of this by saying that I am competitive when it comes to playing Just Dance with my friends, and it’s rare for me to lose. I got humbled real quick with this app as trying to properly hold my bigger phone resulted in exiting the room or hitting some other option button that kept me from scoring. All of a sudden, I was losing every other song or scoring horribly on songs I’ve always excelled in. As my friends and I have agreed, each dance loss equals push ups. Ubisoft, please fix this so I can return to my Just Dance throne!! I’m sore, I feel muscles I haven’t felt in forever, and I’m losing the fear of my opponents! I mean, *my beautiful friends
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6 years ago, Khyira03
Virtually unplayable at times
I only just started playing a few days ago, so I may be in a bad spot to be writing a review at all, but the coins system as pretty much everyone else here has said is quite annoying. Even if the coins refreshed every 12 hours it wouldn’t bother me so much, but in order to have full coins as of the moment I would have to wait two full days before even playing again. The system also just takes your coins even if the game doesn’t work properly I.E the dance won’t load, the game just steals your coins and that’s that, there really should be a way for the game to refund the coins in the case you don’t even get to dance at all. I understand you guys have to make some money, but is such a system necessary to try and mooch money off of people who just want to enjoy the game? Another thing, the game generally detects movements well, but sometimes it won’t even count the movement if you aren’t willing to almost throw your phone on the floor because of how harshly you have to move for it to count. It puts a fair damper on player scores sometimes too and can be fairly annoying. The game as a whole isn’t awful, but there are still some pretty messed up things about it. When I do actually get to play I do enjoy the game a lot and I have a fair bit of fun, but it’s very short lived unfortunately.
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4 years ago, isjabs
Fun, but disappointing.
The game is really fun, and I enjoy playing to the songs. There are a few things I would change. First, make each song 25-50 coins. Make it so you can get the amount of coins a song is every hour or two. The coin system is super annoying, and I wish you guys wouldn’t just fish for money. I also read in a review (from a year ago) complaining about the coin system and that you would try to fix it. You didn’t. The game is great as a whole, but make it so you can play more songs in less time. Plus, we’re in the middle of social distancing again here in Florida, and this is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while. The songs aren’t too challenging, but they aren’t easy either. It’s a nice way to get some exercise. I also think that having a way to play with your friends without using the same screen would be super fun as well, that way you can social distance whilst still having fun with your friends. Please actually work on this. It would improve the game drastically. And if all you’re worried about is money, then add some ads here and here, but don’t bombard the app with them. And the last thing, make it so you can get 50 coins from watching an ad or something.
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5 years ago, 1123456$
Pretty decent app. One thing I’d like to say.
This is a pretty fun app. I would just like to say that I spent all 200 coins one day, came back the next day around 5 pm, and I never got 200 coins until probably like yesterday, around a week later. Please fix that so I get 200 coins EVERY day, no matter what. I don’t really like this new update, where you get only 200 coins every day, which means unless you pay you only get to do two dances daily, and you are only limited to certain dances unless you pay. So maybe you could do something about that. Maybe you could make us log into social media or something (like Instagram and more social media) to get more free coins. Or maybe you could do other free options (like maybe logging into google to get free coins) instead of that option, or that option and other free options. People probably wouldn’t want to have to watch ads to get more free coins, so that’s the only option I wouldn’t recommend you do. Other than that, please take this advice into consideration, and make it so we can get more coins for free to do more dances, and make sure that no matter what, we will get 200 coins every day. Thank you, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.
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7 years ago, Chandra530
👎🏼for young children 👍🏼high school PE
I loved the old version. I have a 2 and a 5 year old and it was great fun for the whole family. My biggest gripe is that before the update I could sensor the songs that were played (I made sure to pre approve the song before it was earned) Just imagine having to explain why your kindergartener is saying the things they are saying, or dancing inappropriately. There is a kids section, but there are not many options. So I would say if you mind what your children listen to then it’s not really worth it As a P.E. teacher, I love that there are workout songs. I feel like it’s an interactive fun way to get kids active and learning how to dance, but it might be hard to justify the $ on a tight budget especially if you work with younger kids. You can find most of the songs on the internet for free anyways. As everyone has stated, I also hate the new coin system. I get it, you want to make money, but if you earn a song and accidentally escape out of it, or accidentally select a song you don’t like and exit before the song plays at all then you lose the coins. I was really happy to start using this with my students before the school year started, and was even thinking of purchasing, but since the whole thing changed I would rather use the abundance of free videos online.
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3 years ago, Hanna Hypermind
It’s Fun But Flawed
I am enjoying this game very much. I play it through my browser on my Xbox, it works great and it’s making me happy I found a way to get active. However, I find the coin system very annoying and not very kind to users as others have already stated in the post. I wanted to go again, my adrenaline was rushing from a win, but I had to stop because I needed to wait 24 hours for 100 coins! Just 100! I can only dance one song a day. In another comment, I read they would get 200 every 24 hours, why did they change it? It’s even worse now. :( I want to keep dancing but I do not have the funds to support purchasing through the app. I really hope this opens Ubisoft’s eyes to taking action to change their in-game currency. I also agree with changing the prices of the songs, make some 25 or 50 instead of all 100. It would add some fun diversity to the song selection, but I think changing what I said first is the first thing that should be addressed. I appreciate how accesible they make this game, what I wrote out is my only problem. I hope you are able to address this in the future, Ubisoft.
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4 years ago, Travis TV
Fun... Except I Hate The Coins
This is one of those apps which reading the reviews helps you prepare for it. I absolutely love Just Dance, and I was excited to get this app. I’ve greatly enjoyed it too! But I don’t give 5 stars for the one flaw literally EVERYONE else also complains about: the coins system. The other reviews don’t lie about how bad this system is. I don’t like that I can only have 200 coins at once, because this basically means if I save them up then I can only do two levels a day, since they all cost 100 coins. And you get 100 coins every 24 hours, but this also means if you’re impatient, you can only do ONE level a day. I remember seeing one review that said the dances should be different prices, and I kind of agree with that idea. I would also like to recommend that while you still only receive 100 coins every 24 hours, I think holding more that 200 at a time would be a great idea. Outside of the coins system, however, I am having a blast with this game, as I finally get to play some levels I have never been able to before in the series (specifically, the Just Dance 2 DLCs, as the Wii Shop Channel closed before I could buy any).
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4 years ago, katiegirl1112
Fun quarantine activity
My boyfriend and I had been looking for something new to do during social distancing. We are in separate houses so we needed something we could play online. I stumbled upon this app and we agreed to try it. I read the reviews beforehand and from there we decided to splurge a little and we each got a three month membership that way we wouldn’t have to be limited to only a few songs. We were so excited to play together. The only problem was that the multiplayer option didn’t work the way we wanted it to. We thought that with the in-line feature we could each have our own screen to watch as we played together. This game was not compatible with that. We were still determined to play even if we couldn’t do it that way. He connected the game to his chrome cast and just had FaceTime going on a separate device so that I could watch that and play along. That method worked well but it sucked that we couldn’t do it the way we hope. We had a blast still. If you get this game I highly recommend getting a subscription because it made the game enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Ismail😄😄😄
AMAZING but can have some changes...
I really like this game since it’s a free just dance game! I love the new update to make it more modern and now it’s so much more easier to navigate and search for songs. I enjoy how generous you have been with the new 2021 songs it’s nice just dance lets us play their new songs for free. However I do see it could be improved. We need a higher coin limit or an option to earn coins! I know the only reason it’s here is because the app would be completely free making the real thing have no reason to exist but I feel like bringing back the 400 coins every 24 hours would be great! Now it’s only 100 every 24 hours although I have vip (it’s been raised which i don’t like) i still find it annoying for other people. I understand yiu did it for a short period of time because of quarantine but it’s hard to take away something like that and not receive negativity. Other than that I’m glad to play this game and i’m so grateful you guys added almost all 2020 songs!
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2 years ago, Trimomsarah
Day 4 of not being able to use the full version I paid for
I have deleted app, reinstalled app, restarted my phone, updated software , deleted app and reinstalled app and still I cannot access the VIP version I previously have enjoyed. I try again to purchase and it states I’m already a VIP member but when I go to play- it’s using coins and doesn’t show I’m VIP. Such a huge disappointment. I have waited overnight thinking perhaps it would refresh. I have reached out to the app developer - nothing I have created a help ticket within the AppStore- and followed all the suggestions…. Still not able to access what I have paid for . Please credit me back/ fix the error. So it looks like I had already subscribed with the year plan and haven’t been able to access it!!! Do you see? May 22,2022 to renew…I haven’t been credited neither have I have able to access the VIP. I paid again on Feb 1,2022 and it states I was already a VIP—and then 2 days of unsuccessful access to vip I cancelled… however I still am not able to access the full version and the coins don’t add anything. I received the confirmation email that the charge was processed. So far I have paid $50 and have not been able to use this app. 😡😣😢 7 years ago it worked great - not sure why not now. Please help!!
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4 years ago, idnemwkcug
Exactly how do I express my disappointment
I can’t even enumerate how many problems I have encountered with the Apple version of Just Dance, here are a few that came to mind: How do you sync dancer and subscription information between apple devices? If there was one reason I would purchase JD subscription on Apple over on switch/PS, it would be because of the universality of iOS/MacOS in my daily life and the portability of them - I own every device this app is compatible with and have tried JD on every single one. Yet what’s the point of buying a VIP pass if my subscription and dancer profile are synced? (Or maybe they are, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it) The basic functions work fine on Apple TV, although searching would be a pain. You can’t search by singers, and it doesn’t sort by genre or let you create your own playlist. Oh and there is the missing sweat mode. The biggest bug, however, is iPhone’s ability to act as a controller. You see, it, simply, doesn’t, work! The Just Dance Now app more than often would be stuck on the loading page. Even under the exact same internet environment and using the same Apple ID, sometimes you just have one iPhone that works fine and the rest couldn’t load (therefore connect)!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, #yah!
I would give it five starts but...
The only reason that I wont give it 5 starts is bc we have to wait for 24 hours just to get enough coins to dance to a song. NOT FUN!!! Me and my brothers love this app, except that we have to wait. You should change it to where every hour or two it restores your 200 coins bc we don't want ti have to wait fr 24 hours everyday. We just want to have fun!!!! (And to get good exercise of course) To everyone that is reading this that is debating on getting this app, I would definitely get it. It is a lot of fun great exercise, and you can do it with family and friends! There are hundreds of songs which is really nice variety. There are a bunch of songs that I know on here too so that’s cool. To the game creators. Please please please put what I said into consideration about changing the app. It would make it so much more fun And easy to use. It would probably mean more people using it as well me and my family. We do not want to pay the VIP membership but we do want to be able to dance to more than just two or three songs a day. Put into consideration what me and my family have said.
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3 years ago, Lulu082313
Content Suggestion
I absolutely love being able to play Just Dance on my Apple TV. I can play just about anywhere without having to lug around a Kinect or other form of game system. I play so much that it is seriously worth the $25 annual fee. The one thing I wish was available on Apple TV is the ability to play songs in a playlist format or the nonstop shuffle option. Having to go through the process of selecting a song from the thousands can be a little time consuming when you don’t know what song you want. I really like the just sweat feature on previous year games that counts calorie burning, bring that to Apple TV. I know it has the sweat suggestions but you still have to manually select a song each time. I would also add the option to make a playlist of your favorites on there so it’s not so time consuming to find a song when you do know what you want. Still a great app and still worth the money. Will continue to play and support the makers of Just Dance until I physically cannot dance anymore.
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3 years ago, Caleb Blackston
How can you even play this?!
Honestly this game is fun I did it on my TV but on me phone I got it and then the first time I got happy but yet my phone said it told me half of the instructions then it said that my TV would tell me the rest but it doesn’t. And then my first dance I was doing the moves but then it didn’t count them because I did not know I had to use my remote as a controller. So there goes 100 coins. Then on my second dance it was fine. But the thing I don’t like most is that I have to wait a day just to get 100 coins- And plus you can only do 2 songs every 2 DAYS. Plus once you are out of coins, you either quit, and wait 2 days or you buy a VIP pass for 5 dollars just for a day. So this is how they get the money. So I was done within 10 minutes. This makes me very anxious and stressed. Please let the people be able to earn coins every song they do and add a few free songs to do for free to earn coins like every song you should get 100 coins just like the game "beat Swiper" so that the people can buy new songs with the coins and change the VIP stuff to something different. Please. PLEASE change it to all I said or something else you think of.
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4 years ago, Kabooke1
Hello Ubisoft I wanted to say that where is the BTS songs and why did you scraped BTS off your list of songs in just dance 2020 ? And I wanted to say there should be BTS songs And other kpop songs why is there only blackpink and Big Bang there is nothing wrong with that I am just saying why is there not other kpop songs and BTS you should put some BTS songs and other kpop songs some kpop stand want other kpop groups to be there also not just 3 and 2 singers we want other kpop groups to be there to please in 2021 please put BTS Stray kidz NCT EXO Ateez and many more please put more Kpop songs and please don’t scrape off BTS off your list again that made me as an ARMY mad and disappointed? So please don’t do that and add some of their songs also and Other Kpop groups songs as well we want all Kpop groups to be there to I hope you understand and will do this if you can’t it’s ok I guess but we want more Kpop songs and BTS and other Kpop groups so it can be more fun
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4 years ago, Mythical creatures!!!!!
Nice, I have a few requests.
I always enjoyed playing this game with my friend on her Nintendo. Now during covid I wanted to be able to dance to some songs and get some exercise. I was happy to see that they had this game for mobile. I haven’t came across any bugs yet. I do agree that there should be less time you have to wait for more coins, or have some songs that don’t cost as much. I enjoy being able to search for songs and have a good bit to choose from, but I’d like to have more kpop songs. Being a BTS stan, I really wish there were some songs from them on there. In fact, I haven’t found any kpop songs by boy groups, only girl groups (like Black Pink and Twice). Maybe also add more songs that were a bit recently like Dynamite by BTS, Lonely by Justin Bieber, etc. Hope you look into these requests! Thanks!
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4 years ago, Porter1313
Absolutely awful
First of all, I don’t even get to dance because it doesn’t work and suddenly I’m out 100 coins for the next 24 hours. The fact that there isn’t any free dances is absurd, especially if you’re only giving us 100 coins per 24 hours. I was going to recommend this game to my friends, but now I’m never going to mention it. You turned one of my favorite games into a waste of space on my phone. If I’m going to continue to play it something about the coins needs to change. Also, there should be a feature where if the dance doesn’t load you don’t automatically lose your coins for the day without dancing to begin with. 100 coins per 24 hours is so cheap. Especially because there is no feature that can give you extra coins (per say watching an ad gives you 50 or 100 coins). I think 100 coins per 12 hours would be more logically if you have to keep it that way. Also the point of Just Dance is having fun for hours with friends, but this game limits you to one dance. Personally, one dance isn’t as much fun as doing several. Please consider making some changes because there are some dire ones needing to be made.
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5 years ago, Carmen DeJesus-Davis
Remote, Song and Gameplay Issues
Me and my sister were looking at games to try on our tv when we stumbled upon this classic. We downloaded it to try it out but we were quickly disappointed by multiple factors. Firstly, we had to delete multiple apps from our phones just to get it to load properly. Yes, that’s more of a personal problem but we didn’t have many apps to begin with. Second, the game/room master had to be the remote. I would’ve preferred it to be one of our Phone’s, as the remote is small and almost flew out of my hand. Third, the quality half way through got really poor. The song was alright but the graphics were hard to follow. Again, this is probably a problem with our WiFi but if it isn’t it needs to be fixed. Finally, the coin and song system. The coins regenerate every 24 hours only giving you the chance to play 1 or 2 songs. Even after you purchase a song you can’t replay it! I wouldn’t be so frustrated if the song you purchased would allow you to replay it a certain number of times or you could have more coins. I know this is just a cheap tactic to make some money but still. It’s a little to over the top for me.
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1 year ago, Tahiiiiii
It is good I enjoy it, but it is really missing something. K-pop songs there were some K-pop songs but you removed them. Do more of black pink they have other songs and choreographies, more of twice, do girls generation, do MissA, etc. Do buy groups as well, BTS, Ateez, seventeen, etc. There are so many groups you can get songs from. This game has been up for years but doesn’t have that many dances or songs. Stop remaking the dances, it’s not really entertaining. Instead of making different versions of the song, make new ones, I see this occur for the K-pop dances. I hope a worker sees this. Please change this issue. Overall everything is fun, but we want more dances, and more songs so that we don’t run out of them. Also I don’t think it’s fair to wait 24 hours for coins just to dance, how about every 1 thousands of points we get 100 coins. Sounds fair to me. Not everyone is rich here. I’m speaking for everyone here waiting 24 hours just to dance isn’t good, it makes us lose interest.
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4 years ago, Add more amazing stuff
I've enjoyed playing just dance ever since I was a child, so needless to say I was thrilled to be able to play without need for an expensive game set-up! However, my excitement quickly faded. The first song didn't have any audio, so I ended up exiting out. The second song was already payed for, but it shut down saying there was an issue with connection, and I never got my coins back. Not to mention the ridiculous wait time for coins. I would understand getting 100 coins an hour, or even 200 every five hours, but twenty four hours?! It just doesn't make sense, not to mention there aren't any free songs to occupy time while waiting. If that wasn't bad enough, songs have to be re-purchased again and again, which doesn't make sense at all. Songs should be a one-time purchase, after which point they could be used without charge any time after purchasing. I'd like to think you care about these reviews, but there are reviews from at least a year back, all with the exact same review and false promises of change or improvement.
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4 years ago, Mykkar
IOS 14 Issues, get it together guys!!!
I pay for the full subscription to this game and it isn’t letting me play! Super uncool. It is just stuck on the loading screen since updating to iOS 14. However, for whatever reason, it loads just fine on my iPad Pro 2020 that was also updated to iOS 14.... you need to pro rate or give a free month or SOMETHING to rectify this ridiculous mishap, NONE of my others apps, even FREE ones, have this issue!! Really makes me second think keeping this subscription even though I LOVE playing this game. Really upset, along with the tons of other people I see leaving reviews since beginning of the week about this issue. NO REASON IT SHOULD STILL BE UNPLAYABLE!!!! EDIT: 2Oct2020 How is there STILL no update or fix for this app?! I’m so freaking angry at this developer, who is ROBBING people and having NO ISSUE to continue charging fees for an app that doesn’t work!! Your infinite loading screen is most definitely NOT FIXED. I LEFT MT LHONE OPEN ON A LOADING SCREEN FOR TWO HOURS!!!! Guess what?! A Game Center login NEVER APPEARED. Crazy a developer with such a big name can’t come up with an update by now when receiving software for the iOS MONTHS IN ADVANCE!!!!
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2 years ago, birdy1221
What the heck🤮
1. Ok so I thought this game was FUN at first and I was having a great time. But then I ran out of coins and I looked at the top of the app and I thought it said and I do quote “PLEASE WAIT 24 MINUTES”. And then about 20 minutes later I checked and it still said 24 mins!!!! As you can imagine i was furious, I was like “What the heck is this!!!” Then here comes the part that made me give this game a bad review I found out that it says 24 HOURS!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 But here’s the thing who wants to waste a whole day waiting to do ONE dance then find out you have to wait another 24 hours!! So basically this game was a complete waste of time. 2. Ok it also takes forever to set up. This app just does not work properly! It took me and my dad 10 minutes to set up. 3. The last reason I gave this game a bad review is that the just dance+ is SOOOOOOOOOO expensive. I think you should change this so that you don’t get so many bad reviews and I’m sry this review is so long but try to get to reading it as soon as possible. P.S I’m sorry if this review hurts your feelings and makes you feel like your app is awfully.😁
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4 years ago, Lps BlueJay
It’s okay.... a ton of coin issues though...
I really like this app because since we got a new tv I’m not sure where to put the wii in and also we never had Just Dance. So when I saw this app I was super happy! But there are so many things that could change, mostly coin stuff. 1st of all, the coin rate. U only get 200 coins to start and each song costs 100 coins. So u can only get 2 songs. And to go on top of that u have to pay 100 coins AGAIN if you wanna do the same song. Like... if you’ve already spent coins on it I think it should be unlocked and you don’t have to spend anymore coins on that song. This is the only app I’ve considered getting VIP on. And that for me is not good. I think you should make it to where you get 100 coins every hour or 2. And then 50 coins for ads. Not wait for 24 hours to be able to get 1 song. Like I said, I feel like after you pay coins for a song it should be unlocked. I like the app it’s just coin problems- if you could fix this in a later update that would be great!!
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3 years ago, Super Edlalo
This App has so much Potential!
I stumbled upon this app and see how it lets me play countless songs and using my phone as a controller is amazing!! For the positive side it’s amazing how this app works using my iPad as the screen and my phone as the controller makes this game work just about anywhere and its great when you are going to a friends house or going anywhere. The connection that my iPhone and iPad is fantastic for when I am in the room, once I select the song it shows a demo on my iPad which surprised me the most from this app. There are a varsity of songs; especially from the older games which is something that I enjoy, and have them on my favorite list, That said there are some downsides to this app that keeps it from earning 5 stars, the first thing is the amount of coins that you have it would be more exciting if the coin storage could be increased or by having different levels costing different amount of coins; having easy to medium songs spend about 50 and hard to extreme spend about 100 which sounds fair. Second things is that there could be a calibration of the phone to the controller, when I dance there were some times when I perform the dance yet my phone didn’t catch it, maybe having a better connection or I need more practice. Other than that this app would have been an easy 5 star for I have never had experienced an app like this and I would Highly recommend it!!
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4 years ago, Awesome Girl:
Ok app but more coins
The first time I tried this app it was great until we realize you need coins it’s 24 hours you get 100 coins to play one song like me I do not like to spend money to get coins this is why you should get at least 1000 coins per day and I’m a kid who doesn’t really have that many good apps this is the only app I like and I am very sad and mad that you can only play once a day and also did I mention I use all my coins and I didn’t even get to play I was playing a song and then the controller said there was something wrong and check your Internet connection this song is still playing I couldn’t move my hand so you are going to regret getting this app unless you wanna pay money to play the game😭😭😭😭😡😡😡 you could download the game if you want to spend money. But also download this app is also an indoor workout with this Covid going around you can get a workout in your house and listen to some fun music. And I have limited storage so I deleted two of my apps in one picture to get this app and I don’t like it. But I don’t really want to upset the person who made this game so just download the app
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3 years ago, CBURTON23
Fun game but some glitches and please add more songs..
The game is fun but it glitches to much. It says still loading over and over again and it’s lagging A LOT lately. And also another thing. Can you developers add more songs? See I am into a lot of other kinds of music 🎵 and please add the songs from Taylor swift more from Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. Besides your games are great and add more old times songs please. Why do I have to play on tv or iPhone instead of iPad? Why are there like 20 Songs? Add them all please. Nintendo switch has more! Add more like Nintendo switch please. And, please add them all. I said it twice I know but please just add them like Nintendo switch does. How does Nintendo switch have more songs? But anyways please just add more songs developers. I am changing to four star because less more songs than Nintendo switch. And please make it to dance on iPad please. That’s all! Thank you for reading! Bye!
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4 years ago, CamilleIsTrash
The app is so fun, but...
I’m not usually one to leave reviews, but I thought that it was necessary for this game. Firstly, I agree with what everyone else is saying: please make this game playable for everyone without having to wait 24 hours for coins. I went back to the app after 24 hours today, and hooked up the game to my computer as usual. I got a notification on my phone saying there was a connection issue, so I assumed that my computer accidentally connected to someone else’s WiFi again (it does this on the regular). So I left the app on my computer to get on the WiFi. Once I went back into the game, it said on my phone that I had no coins left. It really disappointed me to see that I had wasted my one time to use the game for the day just because I had to leave the app. I am excited to see what is in store for this game, but I really think that there need to be some changes within this app for at least the time being given our circumstances right now. Thank you! :)
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5 years ago, __BeYOUtiful__
I NEVER liked/disliked a game enough to want to write a review, however, for this game I had to. I downloaded this game yesterday and played one song. I enjoyed playing the game however, when I went to play a second song (this time with a friend) the game glitched and I lost 100 coins. The person I was playing with also ALL of their coins because of this glitch. We each purchased the VIP Pass for the month at $3.99/each. It would not cast onto our television nor would it work on her phone so we took turns playing it on my iPad with my phone. Today, I try to login to play on my iPad and phone and it’s telling me to ‘download the latest version from the AppStore to play’ . Well, the latest version IS the one I currently have! There are no recent updates. The most recent update was done three weeks ago prior to me downloading the app. Now I am unable to play. I feel like I wasted my money because I only played for one day and now the app does not work. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times to get it to work and it still does not work.
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2 years ago, Jayro24
Super fun! Room for improvement
I love this game so much and it is super fun. There are thousands of songs to choose from and the dances are all enjoyable. The tracker is very accurate and has zero flaws. I only run into one major issue with the game. I would like to play locally without someone random joining and it never lets me. Even when I turn the option off, someone always joins and this is very frustrating. One more issue, which is not really a bug or something that needs to be fixed, but it is a feature that should be added. For example, when I play with more than 4 players, their profiles do not show. Not being able to see if you perform a dance perfectly or ok takes away from some of the fun. Rather than that, the game is amazing to get some exercise and have a good time. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for both.
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3 years ago, Slothlover0610
It’s fun, but I wish I could have more fun without spending money
This game is definitely a fun alternative, and it is an easy app to use, but with the coins they give you it’s tough if you really don’t want to spend money. One game is 100 games and you start off with only 200 . I get that they want to make money, but it’s a little discouraging if your only allowed to play one game a day because it takes 24 hours to unlock more coins and you only get 100. I understand the trouble it is to offer a free version, and they can’t give you full access, but I still wish that maybe they made games less coins or gave you just a few more. Or possibly even give you 1 or 2 hours to wait except for 24. Overall Just dance is a fun game and having a Mobile version on my phone that connects to any screen is much better than trying to run my ancient wii, I just wish I were allowed to do just a bit more without becoming a VIP.
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5 years ago, misscata821
Read this Ubisoft, this would help everyone who loves Just Dance
I’ve been a fan of Just Dance since all of the games were released every year. Since this came out, I wanted to try it out. It’s a fun game with all of your favorite songs but honestly what’s annoying is this stupid coin system. It’s annoying that I have to wait 2 days or 24 hours something to dance. Plus I don’t want to pay for membership/VIP to dance. There is a lot people in the world that can’t afford money to pay this. So Ubisoft if you are reading this, try to do this for free coins. 1. Signing in to our social media accounts or emails, 2. If the stars are 3 and up let us have us free coins, and 3. If you’re going to do a stupid timer do it for 1 minute. Please understand this because people actually want to support this game if you just fix some of things that I or anyone else has requested for your game to do then you’ll make everyone else happy what you’re doing! Thank You
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6 years ago, nahbii
This app is great but....
I enjoy using this app because I enjoy dancing and it's a great exercise for me. I do not own the accessories to play this game on PS4 so I figure this is a good alternative. I remember the app used to have FREE songs and the songs that you bought with coins were able to be replayed without having to purchase it again. Those are the two things about the new update that I am not a huge fan of. And the 24 hour waiting time to get only 100 coins? Yikes, Ubisoft. I understand folks gotta make money but really? I thought this version was the same until I realized each time I replayed a song that I thought I bought, I was spending coins!! 😐That's sneaky....but I do enjoy this app, just wish we could keep the songs we bought instead of having to purchase them every time...do you know how much that adds up each day? Of course y'all do, that's the system y'all made...anyway, good app, not so good with the coins and song system.
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1 year ago, GodOfSeaNotPosidion
This isn’t what I expected…
I used to play just dance on my wii console until my rabbit broke it and left me in tears, yesterday I found this game and wanted to play since I really liked the older versions! So I tried connecting it to my tablet that was sitting right next to me and payed for a song but after I used the coins the song didn’t play and I lost my coins, I wanted to see how you get coins and checked the little bar just to learn that it takes 12 hours. To be honest, I would rather pay to buy the game and then not use these stupid coins and bugs instead of how it is now. And don’t get me wrong just dance and it’s community we’re some of the greatest things I have ever experienced, yet knowing I probably will never experience the happiness I felt as a kid is heart breaking. I really hope you developers see this and understand that I just want to play a fun just dance game just like when I was a kid and I would spent a few bucks if it meant permanently being able to use every song anytime. Goodbye I guess.
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4 years ago, Sweetmisery05
App doesn’t work on my iPhone 11
I just downloaded this app and all it does is say “loading, please wait” with the spinning circle thing. I’ve waited 10 mins for it to “load” and tried deleting and redownloading multiple times. It won’t go past the loading page. My phone is even a newer iPhone 11. I was really looking forward to trying this game too!😩 So disappointed. Update: I’ve tried it a bunch of times over the last few days. Deleted, re-downloaded, deleted, re-downloaded at least a dozen times. Tried to google how to fix it, to no avail. I even launched the app and sat my phone down, an hour later when I picked it back up it was still on the same initial loading page. I wanted to use this app and my laptop as a test to see if I would enjoy playing. I was going to invest a bit of money to buy a playstation camera and a few of the games and maybe subscribe to the monthly unlimited through the playstation but now I’ve given up. Why should I invest a bunch of money into a game I don’t know if I’ll even like?🤷🏼‍♀️
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6 years ago, banana000002
The Coin System
This overall is such a great app but the coin system is terrible. You no longer have free songs and u have to wait a whole 24 hours for you to be able to get 200 coins and the songs cost 100 coins each. I get that they have to make money but if they could just make it a little less than 24 hours for the coins to refill I just think that’s a little ridiculous. Especially sense u can only get two songs with that. I downloaded this app because I love just dance sooo much and our wii console is no longer with us. But instead I find that this app isn’t as great as it’s made out to be. Overall I love the songs and stuff and I get the making money part. I just think that waiting 24 hours for two songs is a little bit too much. 😕
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1 year ago, Hydecs80
Yeah and Ugh.
I love dancing to these songs and the variety is awesome. Great cardio! I use the Apple TV version- great price for the whole year! My problem with it is that when I want to dance and I open the app, it restarts the downloading process of all 685+ songs all over again! This process takes between 1.5-3 HOURS- DAILY! By the time it’s downloaded, I’ve lost interest or we had to stop the download because someone else needed the TV. Maybe if you guys didn’t have all of these front-loaded (watch while downloading) graphics, it might download faster? Just a thought. And, why should it have to be redownloaded EVERY TIME I turn it on???! Please fix because I will be canceling my subscription if it has not been fixed by the time of my yearly renewal. This is ridiculous! Also, let’s see a remote on Apple Watch (so the kid who doesn’t have their own phone doesn’t destroy mine when it goes flying out of their hand every time they whip it!!!
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1 year ago, Jenna POTC
Wish it were better
I’ve been playing Just Dance games since the first one came out on the Wii, so when I left for college I was super excited to download this and keep it going! Until I actually did, and now I’m disappointed. The 200 coin limit per day (before spending money) is ridiculous. I use Just Dance to do full on workouts and two songs isn’t much of one. The first time I used the app I technically only did one, because the first dance I tried glitched and no coach ever showed up on the screen. If the songs cost different amounts, like 25 for easy, 50 for medium, 75 for hard, and 100 for the really hard, that would be so much more fun and beneficial to people who are trying to get a good workout in. And, as a college student, I don’t really have a lot of extra money to throw around on subscriptions. Overall, was hoping for better from the Just Dance. :/
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4 years ago, nightlight83
Really 1 songs
I love the app just did my first song and now I have to wait till tomorrow to do another because I can only do 1 song you know I downloaded this because my WII stoped working and this is stupid can’t you at least try to make it so you can do more then one song like 5 to 10 so people can have I get you need to make money off of it and that’s ok but really 1 song no disrespect at all thank you and the fact that you say you will take other reviews into count well no you have not it is still the same I am sorry for say that but it is true and I think it really should be changed and I pressed a song it took my coins and did not even let me dance to the song like what the heck just fix that problem and change the stupid 2 song limit a day I hate it!And honestly I don’t think I even want to keep the game on my phone!!!SORRY IF IM BEING RUDE 😁
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4 years ago, LeafyGreen2006
Could Be Better
This app is fun, but it’s flawed. 1. The coin system is unfair. You start off with 200 complementary coins, but the maximum of coins you can have IS 200. In other words, the amount of coins on your account can’t be higher than 200. Every dance costs 100 coins to play, songs that are older/less popular may cost 50. Basically you can only do two dances before you run out of coins. They claim to reload in 24 hours, but it actually took me a total of 4 days to regain the full 200. 2. The constant glitches. I’ll be in the middle of a dance session, then my screen will display a message saying I left the dance room, and three random players will join my room. Then the screen freezes, and the song gets stuck. Then to fix it, I have to leave the room, and lose the 100 coins I had spent on the dance session despite not even getting to finish the dance. So I basically end up wasting coins. My wifi tends to act up sometimes so I don’t know if that’s because of it or if it’s an actual problem with the game. Either way, I hope the developers fix it soon. This game would be a lot more fun if it didn’t have so many problems. I’ll still keep it on my device because of the entertainment factor, but overall I’m mildly disappointed.
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4 years ago, Nightmares Forever...
Don’t play this game/Coin system Rant
Okay, I got to admit. It was fun getting to dancing until you realize the first thing you wanted to play is that it costs coins from the start. And after the second song, you’ll have to wait 24 HOURS to dance again because of the coin system! Seriously. And if you ruin out of coins, the only thing you can do is getting VIP or wait 24 hours until they are back. Disappointing. The only songs I’m going to play are my three favorites then I’m leaving and deleting this app. I get that Ubisoft has to make money, but honestly.. It shouldn’t be Shoved Down Your face! Here’s my words to you, Ubisoft, Dancing is a hobby and a talent. And you can’t take it away just because of money. Don’t give me that Crappy Developer’s response, because I am not buying a word YOU’LL darn say. I know this has been said a lot to people that writes reviews, but please, don’t waste your time with this app. There have been free songs before this crap update.
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7 years ago, Jasmin woods
Do not recommend AT ALL!
I love this game so much but it’s too glitchy whenever I am playing a game it will skip, like I will see the dance moves at the bottom but the screen will skip sort of like a CD where it just keeps repeating and repeating no matter how many times I restart it, it is not my device I know this because I’ve tried it on two separate ones, and on several occasions when I tried to get the VIP and pay for it, It kept saying that I did not pay for it and there is no way that I could contact anyone about it we did an email and waited for several months and we never got anything back. And when the order for VIP went through it showed up on our credit card that we had paid $50 for this bc we kept trying over and over and we could not get it back 😤 Very disappointed will not be playing this or recommending this to anyone, I will let everyone know about this problem. Please address it quickly.
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5 years ago, kim.christine
Crashes like crazy
Right when I paid for the game I started having problems. I paid but it said I didn't and I had to wait 3 weeks before I could actually play, I got it solved and everything was great but than the song that I loved and wanted to play all of sudden wasn't there anymore. Even though it was there day before. I accepted that the song was there any more and played other songs. After 5 months the song came back and I was pumped! But all of a sudden half way through the song I got kicked out. I thought maybe it was just the song since it was the one song that disappeared when I bought the game. But after trying several times I gave up and tried another song. But the same thing happened with other songs. The song and dance will continue but I can't really play. Please fix it. I love the game but it keeps having problems.
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6 years ago, QuickSilver Lopez
It’s fun but the coin system though
I enjoyed the first song I did. However what kills it for me is the coins system, making money is a big part of apps like this I understand. But it’s hard and annoying, especially when you are on a budget. Also micro transactions can build up over time, so I’m not a huge fan of this whole buy coins to dance. It reminds me of this game on computer where the developers prioritized making money over the actual fun of the game. I don’t remember the games name, but I do remember thinking that it looked cool, but once I saw the reviews that killed it for me. All I’m saying, is that maybe have different categories of dances or something, each gives a certain number of coins, and if the user wants more, then make them buy more coins, otherwise it’s really restricting and it takes the fun out of the game. That’s just what I think of course, you just need to think about your consumers a bit more.
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5 years ago, napplecat
Coin system
I love this game but there are some problems with the game. I've been playing this app for 2 years and I remember when there was three dances that gave free coins everytime you danced itWhen I came back to the game this one time there were no dances with free coins as reward I was pretty sad to see that and when I used the 200 coins it said to wait for 24 hours for the next batch of 100 coins. I had to wait two days to play two dances. The VIP pack is fine there you can keep it there just a least I want to earn coins for free from three dances it was good like that I hope you can change this and I really enjoy it a lot more and probably play every single day exerciseing. I really love this game but there is just some problems with I really hope you can change the coin system. Thank you for reading this review and good luck on improving this app so it can be better^_^(^o^)
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