Just Jumble

4.8 (11.2K)
242.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adveractive Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Just Jumble

4.8 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
6 months ago, SnailBuddy
Long-time Fan!
I have enjoyed doing these fun puzzles since I was a child. I have special memories of solving them in the newspaper with my dad. When I found the APP I was so excited and have been doing them now for years. Most of the time they are pretty easy for me. I can often guess the answer just from reading the clue, but there are enough challenging puzzles to stimulate my brain. Plus, there are the bonus words, which can be a little more difficult because there are no clues or connection of the 4 words. The only suggestion I have is to offer more points for these bonus words-1 each even-rather than just one point for all 4. The opening word is worth up to 20 points and it is not as difficult. Perhaps switching the point designation around is in order. I was reading some reviews that are 5 years old and it seems that you haven’t addressed their suggestions, so I’m not sure what you’ll do with this one. I will keep playing Jumble, in any case, because-well, I just can’t help myself!
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4 years ago, Windprince
Loved it ever since childhood!
Update: could you please add a feature to shuffle the letters in the 4-word puzzle? Say, by making the red and yellow arrow that pulls down all the letters into a “shuffle” button when no letters have been selected? —— I used to solve Jumble just to p*ss off my uncle (just kidding)!!! There were puzzles that he would be stuck on for days but I could not solve them because he would hide the newspaper. I started copying them onto a piece of paper, solving them and telling him the final answer. Irked him to no end, but we began to have a mutual respect for each other. He then started sitting by me and we would solve them together! Good times! I wish there were a way to go back and do all the bonus puzzles that I skipped over. Even though solving 4 words only gives you one point, it's still fun and gives your brain a much needed workout 😉
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6 years ago, Kimmy11kay
On some days at work, I sometimes find the original JUMBLES puzzles in the comic section of the PLAIN DEALER newspaper and I found some of them very challenging and fun to do. I had no idea that there was a JUMBLES app for the iPhone and the iPad. I first downloaded this app on my iPhone and began solving some puzzles. I was instantly hooked from the start. Minutes later, I downloaded the app on my iPad. Now, I have the app on both devices. Getting back to the app, JUMBLES is a fantastic app to play, because not only this is a fun puzzle to play, but it can be challenging and encourages me to do some thinking. Some solved answers are funny, too! This is a great app for everyone to play. To the creators of this fantastic JUMBLES app: please continue to come up with newer puzzles (I have such a long way to go, though). I plan to be playing with this app for a long time. Love it...love it...LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Cazy Gan
Daddy’s “Little” Girl
Well, I wasn’t quite so little, but together we worked it and it was OUR time together. I graduated from Abilene Christian University, moved back to Dallas, taught 5th grade, and when I saw the look on their faces, I knew it was time to pull down the screen and give them a break by trying to be the first to work on the JUMBLE. They had earned a break and there wasn’t one who turned it down. I think they enjoyed this brain game more than recess, and as soon as they were satisfied they had the right answer, they surrounded my desk to see who got it right first! So now I miss my fifth graders and at 70, I still play it everyday with other teacher friends. Love it, highly recommend it, but there’s a warning, if you start it, you won’t be able to give it up!!! —Crazy Gran (70!)
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4 years ago, Icloned
Responsive developers! App is fixed!
I’ve loved doing jumble puzzles from the newspaper since childhood, long before smartphones. I was elated to find this app, which is a perfect adaptation of those. Yes, it’s simplified, in that you don’t HAVE to unscramble the four words to get the letters for the main anagram, but those words are there as the “bonus”, so it’s complete. I’d been leisurely playing for months, and the last update broke the app. I was on level 290, all bonus words solved, but the update before today’s made the app unable to open on my phone. I was crushed. I didn’t delete it, but didn’t expect a response so quickly. I retract my previous 1-star review and change it back to what it deserves, 5. I’d give it 6 if I could, 5 for being the perfect Jumble app and one for responsive developers. THANK YOU!!!!
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4 years ago, Vwyr
Jumble Addict
I first got hooked on Jumble in the Post Newspaper. Many years ago I bought a 365 day Jumble calendar. I think I have every Jumble book that has been printed. When I got my first iPad 8 years ago I was excited that there was a Jumble app in its original format and very disappointed when its developers stopped updating to accommodate upgraded iOS systems. I continued to periodically check the App Store and was pleasantly surprised to find this present app. Although not in its original format it does have both components and gives you the option to unscramble the individual words if you want to. I have completed over 1000 puzzles and am now on the latest updates. Developers are great and immediately respond to messages that are sent to them.
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1 week ago, Hawk Colt
An Addiction
I downloaded this a few days ago and can’t stop playing it!! I started playing this out of the newspaper while in college when I worked for the County Engineer survey crew. Whenever we were close to the office, which wasn’t often, there would be 4or 5 of us that would race to see who could figure out the Jumble the quickest. I quit doing the Jumble years back which I quit taking the newspaper. I’ve found out I still love to do the Jumble and still have an uncanny knack for unscrambling the words. I also must share the creator’s zany sense of humor as I almost always can get the answer by reading the cartoon. Thanks for the app!
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7 years ago, Rdaniels2525
Usually great, but not this updat...
I absolutely love the Jumble app, and until today my biggest complaint has been wishing for more frequent updates, since even doing only one puzzle a day meant a couple of weeks between running out of puzzles and the latest update. But this morning I ran into my first serious mistake since first starting to use the app. In the bonus round, the given letters were: YAANWY. After a very frustrating time where nothing worked, I finally gave up and asked for the solution. Supposedly the word I couldn't figure out was UNTOLD! Something is definitely wrong with this picture! One major mistake in many months of use isn't such a big deal, I suppose, but now I don't feel the game is as reliable as it used to be.
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1 year ago, MissMaryB16
Fun daily activity-A solid 5 stars!
I still love solving the daily puzzles in the newspaper as I have done for decades but now that I’m retired, I have more free time and adding the puzzles in this app to my daily routine has been so much fun! I love this app but I am disappointed that, every few months, I come to the end of the available puzzles and have to wait several days before new ones are available. I am also confused that I earn coins for solving the bonus puzzles, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to “spend” them on🤔. Do the coins have any function other than “bragging rights”?
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5 years ago, TexasbearCouple
Better Than The Newspaper Version
This was always the one thing I looked for when we use to get the newspaper. Times have changed so much that now we only get the paper on weekends or we have to get it from a neighboring town that’s about 100 miles away. It’s great to still be able to play Jumble still. It’s not even in our weekend paper. Newspaper businesses are not going to last, sadly. Everything has gone digital and it’s hurt our Country with job losses. When I was a teenager I had 200 daily customers and in the summer I did the morning route and an evening route. Now, only adults can deliver the newspaper in most areas. I lived in Norfolk VA. We had The VA Pilot and The Ledger Star. The Ledger Star was the morning edition and it stopped in the 80’s. But The Virginia Pilot is still daily delivery. Now I’m in Central Texas and the paper is thin and about to go under. It’s just unbelievable how much things have changed in the last three decades. I am so happy that the guys at Jumble made this transition as well! Texasbear
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4 years ago, Slk654
Jumble Memories!
Thank you, thank you, Jeff & David for this app! You guys are awesome! I have to parrot the words of the “Absolutely Fantastic” reviewer, A Yahoo user, bc that’s exactly how I feel, too! I have always loved doing the jumble puzzles with my elderly mother. We would have competitions to see who could guess them the fastest! Lots & lots of giggles & laughter! Now that she’s gone, these little puzzles mean even more to me! Many, many happy memories doing crosswords, crypto-quotes, & JUMBLES with my adorable Mom! Thank you so much again for making your genius available to us on this app! Blessings! Sally K😊
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6 years ago, Godfadda57
Not Exactly Jumble Classic
I really enjoyed playing Jumble Classic developed by UCLICK LLC. Unfortunately, that app was not updated. Just Jumble eliminated the 4 word jumbles that certain letters would be used to solve the cartoon jumble. I was disappointed that Just Jumble went straight to the cartoon jumble. I contacted the developer to see if they would add the 4 jumbles before the final cartoon jumble and was informed they felt this made it easier for most people. Too bad those of us that prefer more of a challenge are left out. I suggested creating another app more like Jumble Classic but it did not appear this would happen as it was indicated Jumble Classic did not do well. I gave this 3 stars as the cartoon puzzle is fun but I would give it 5 stars if they make this more like Jumble Classic. Sometimes change is good. I’m not convinced this was a good change. If you are looking for a Jumble Word game more like Jumble Classic, I found one called Jumble Pun. The difference between Jumble Pun and Jumble Classic is Pun does not have a cartoon picture, however it does have the 4 Word jumbles with certain letters that are used to solve the final “Pun” puzzle.
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2 years ago, ATtchcj88
I love Word Jumble
It’s my favorite game but recently I have not been able to play it except once every few days late at night. There’s something wrong with the website. I click on PLAY and the game just disappears! I’ve never had this happen before and I’ve been playing Jumble every day for 2-3 years ! Sure hope you can fix it ! I miss playing and this time I finally could after about 4-5 days of not being able to, so thought I’d write this review to make sure you knew about this problem. Alice Boutte
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5 years ago, Berksman
More please!
I have been an avid Jumble fan all my life, my mother got me started on the puzzle when I was in school. During the last few years of her life my mom and I did the Jumble together, it was great mental stimulation for her and a small joy we shared daily. Even with The advancing effects of Lewy Body Dementia my mom remained a pro at solving the daily puzzles and continues to be a legacy of comfort for me. Only problem is I have on several occasions completed all available puzzles - please update more often! I think you guys have underestimated the significance your little word game holds in the lives of so many people and fans like me. Thanks and keep them coming! Jeff Theis
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5 years ago, puzzlebanker
Two thumbs up
I love the puzzles!! I do them on my iPhone & in the paper each day for the last few years. I do them on my phone first thing in the morning (gives my brain a jump start for the day) and do the one in the paper during my lunch hour with coworkers. It gives us an escape from our work and to ‘use another part of our brains’. Then I will do more in the evening after dinner & dishes. Love them! However I feel it takes too long for more puzzles to become available. I still give this a 2 thumbs up—keep giving us good puzzles 👍👍!!
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5 years ago, Shewtime1
Just Jumble
This is such an enjoyable game to have on your phone. It’s just like the newspaper Jumble, and you don’t have to wait for another edition of the paper to play again. I have to make myself slow down some days, it is truly that much fun. Get this app. It keeps you thinking and is a great way to pass a few minutes of time when needed. I’ve never been any place that my phone would not play this app. You’re experience may be different than mine, but It never has used large amounts of data on my phone. I can’t say enough good about the Just Jumble app game.
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4 years ago, djmrsomers
Jumbled fun
For many years I have enjoyed playing the print version in various newspapers. This app is basically the same except the order in which the puzzle is presented is “jumbled”. In the app you are first given the cartoon clue and letters to solve it. Then as a bonus you have the option to un-jumble 4 words. The bonus section has a timer you can hide or show and challenge yourself to see how quick you can solve it. I find all the words to be common everyday English words, but still at times, a real challenge to figure out. Thanks Jeff and David!
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7 years ago, Mdhewitt
Game is fine...updates are slooooow.
I normally play one game a day as part of my "keep my brain active" routine. It's simple and fun and sometimes challenging. However, even at one game per day, I'll run out of new games and have to wait weeks before an update occurs and new games are added. I wish new puzzles would be added more frequently. Edit: Once again, after playing one game per day, I've exhausted the available games and now need to wait for the next update. With the thousands of Jumble puzzles written over the years, you'd think they'd be able to adapt many of them to the app version much more quickly.
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9 months ago, Paralegalstacey
I love this game and this App!
This is the same game I played as a child and adult in the newspapers - I really love the ability to shuffle as many times alas you need and I love how you do not have to figure out words in any order - even the 1,2,3 letter words you can complete quickly to figure out the longer trickier words. And I really line how you have to complete every puzzle and it forces you to complete the puzzle before you can move on. It make you better player- This should be a game show on TV ❤️😇🤓❤️
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2 years ago, Kimba108
Fun, easy but sometimes challenging
Finally a decent puzzle app that lets you think without shoving a timer in your face. It’s a bit different than I remember playing in my youth. You used to have to unscramble words Then place the circled letters of the words just unscrambled into that days puzzle. Now you need to figure out the puzzle by unscramble words, then you can unscramble another 4 words to earn even more coins. Either way, it still works for me. Happy solving & unscrambling everyone.
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3 years ago, Some idiot nickname
Fun Jumble Puzzles
Fun punny Jumbles. Difficulty level varies quite a bit. Some days you can just look at it and see the answer. Others you (I) can spend 10-15 minutes working on. I do wish there were more frequent updates. I do a puzzle a day and work to keep the streak alive. Often have to break the streak because I’ve run out of puzzles before the next update (set of new puzzles) is available. Otherwise, a fun game that often provides a challenge.
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2 years ago, bg652
Loved the App
I work the Jumble puzzle in my newspaper all the time. I really enjoy it. Some are easy and some are a little more difficult and require a little more thinking. I used to like the app even though I would run through all the puzzles and have to wait months before new puzzles were added. Of course, while waiting for new puzzles, there was the daily bonus puzzle. It was all nice until the ads started popping up detracting from the fun. I still work the daily bonus, but then do not continue. It was so much better before the ads started popping up.
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4 years ago, Momma Mia 2
Absolutely love all your puzzles
I have to do at least one every day just like when I used to do them in the daily paper. I especially enjoy the “play on words” and don’t like to have to “ask for help”. Some of the sayings bring back family memories, and my son claims that he remembers my using some of those exact expressions when he was young. ....And I remember my dad and my grandmother using some of the expressions when I was little. Brings back wonderful memories. Thanks!
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1 year ago, JaimeChinook
Been enjoying for years
This is one of four brain stimulators I have consistently stayed with over time. Puzzles come and go but this one has survived the test of time. I only held back the 5th star over frustration in not being able to figure out how to make a $ contribution to eliminate ads (which I would happily do if it were easier to do for me). You have to press an icon but you can’t do it once a game has started and it doesn’t work for me before a game. Just add a darn button that says “Stop Ads”!!!
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1 year ago, 66mustangsally
Really fun app
Just like all of David Hoyt’s app, this one is fun and I usually have no issues with it. I think I’ve purchased something in all the ones I have so I can’t comment on the number of ads because I don’t see them. Two things with this app, though. It needs a shuffle button for the bonus words. Also, it will sync my iPad to the game progress from my iPhone. However, my iPhone will NOT sync up to the iPad and I’m having to play MANY games to catch up. I like playing on both so it’s frustrating.
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5 years ago, Journeyman2015
It's nice, but...
Decent app if you like Jumble puzzles, but I'm not really a fan of the setup. The four words that use certain letters for the cartoon bonus are relegated to a separate round, and you have to solve the cartoon first to get to the word jumbles. This makes it easier than it should be to go through all of the content, even with updates, by simply skipping the bonus rounds. This is either a plus or a minus, depending on your taste; I didn't like it. I would recommend Giant Jumble Crosswords, which are much more true to the newspaper format, over this, but draw your own conclusions. It's not a disaster, but it could be better.
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4 years ago, Maggieami
Recycled and Don't Understand Points
An advertisement for the app says, “This FREE app has added puzzles 18 times and now contains over 1,600 of the best Jumbles ever created! And the answer to each of these puzzles is a smile about to happen.” Well since I am on puzzle 2060, all I am getting now is recycled Jumbles. :-( Also, I don't quite understand the point system. Why do you get FOUR coins (points) for solving one puzzle with pictures and clues, but only ONE coin for solving four more challenging Jumbles? In that "bonus round" you get four jumbled words and have to answer all four with no clues for one coin? That seems rather odd to me.
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3 months ago, Consta ance
I started doing Jumble while deployed. It was in the Star and Stripes newspaper. It was the one highlight of the day! After returning from deployed, I subscribed to the online Star and Stripes so that I could continue with the puzzle. Then I found the Jumble app … I was enthralled. I finished the entire game and waited a year and missed it so much that I started over. They have added more puzzles so I am doing that now. Thank you jumble for my favorite pastime !
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3 years ago, gmom67
Brain/mind aid in muscle building!
I enjoy working on these puzzles every night before bed. I play sometimes during the day also. For me, at almost 80, I find the puzzles help me stay mentally functional. I enjoy the challenge of finding the answers as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take days for me to find the answer, but I never give up! Thank you so much. I do enjoy word puzzles and I look forward, as I said, to playing every night!!!👍🏾👏🏽👏🏽😁🤓🥰
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1 year ago, countrystan
My opinion
I understand that putting these cartoons together is no easy task. But sometimes you use words totally "out of left field". Words that I've never seen , nor will see again!!! Also , a small percentage of some of the answers don't really relate to the cartoon. And, as long as I am sounding off....there is a lot of repetition of cartoons and repeats of the words to unjumble. All in all, I enjoy and look forward to the new set of cartoons (even though I may have to wait 6 months!!).
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4 years ago, Mintie ginger
Fun from decades ago
My Grandma and I worked the Jumble together during breakfast from the San Francisco Tribune when I was a kid in the 1950’s and 60’s. We competed for time “who could do it faster!” I learned to love the clues and puns and to exercise my spacial brain skills especially the larger puzzles on Sundays. Grandma Daisy lived to be 102 and did the Jumble every morning with her cup of hot chocolate. Now here I am on my IPhone playing Jumble for relaxation during my busy work day. It always amuses me and comforts me. Thank you for this gift. Dena
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1 year ago, RC Francis
….but the latest update doesn’t work on my iPhone
I LOVE this game!!! However, when I updated to 7.02 a couple of weeks ago, the display on the screen changed and I can’t play it. The odd thing is that the bonus coin scramble works fine. I’d delete and reload but don’t want to lose the 30,000 coins I’ve built. Any ideas you could give me are appreciated. Thanks for building this app!
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5 years ago, Admiral Sisko
Solved all the puzzles...now what
I completed the entire app, plus the newest 76 puzzles added...except for the bonuses. An idea would be to allow the bonus words to come up to solve, and maybe create another option to play Jumble as played in the newspaper, but with longer words! The caption-solving is challenging, but would also like to play more of traditional Jumble! Thank you for the game! At first, I did use hints, but they didn’t help much, so I patiently solved them on my own, with no online help! That was an additional challenge!
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3 years ago, love my 2 grandsons
Longtime Jumble Solver
I’ve solved many Jumbles through the years. I used to work at a car dealership, and when our afternoon paper arrived, the salesmen and I would try to get the paper first to solve Jumble. We usually ended up helping each other. That was back in the early seventies, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I do the Jumble online puzzles every night after going to bed! Keep those puzzles coming!!
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2 years ago, wouldluvapizza
Doesn’t track days played correctly
I was building up big coinage and then one day I go to play and it says I didn’t play the day before. This reset the number of coins earned. I thought maybe I played at a different time than the server so I chalked it up to my mistake. I made a point to play pretty much at the same time every day. It did it to me again. Then this morning when I KNOW I played several times yesterday, I get the message that I didn’t play yesterday. Also the option to scramble the letters needs to be on all puzzles. It’s still not tracking. Deleted the app so now I won’t see the 4 minute commercials.
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7 years ago, Milwaukee Sue
Makes you think!
I've been playing this game for many years, as my father did as well, and in many ways I like the app version a little better than the newspaper version. For one thing, you aren't unscrambling 4 words to get the letters to solve the main puzzle, so it's faster, and more engaging. It's also possible to solve puzzle after puzzle, and I think it's honing my skill, and making it more fun. It might even be making me smarter!
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4 years ago, DMS1966
Reminds me of my childhood
My grandmother loved doing the word scramble puzzle in the newspaper every evening after dinner. Family Circle was one such puzzle she enjoyed. It was always fun to get to the end and then try figuring out the phrase from the cartoon and using only the letters that were in the circles to solve the answer. What great memories!!! I downloaded this app to make me feel closer to my grandmother now that she's passes away (2003) RIP Meme ❤️🥰😍❌⭕️😘
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1 year ago, Word Life Lover
Just Jumble Review
This is a really fun game, which requires me to put my “thinking cap” on!!! It brings back sweet memories of when I played this game many years ago with my late mother on a daily basis. We would look forward to getting the daily newspaper and unscrambling the words. The most challenging part was solving the puzzle!!! My brother lived out-of-town and he also enjoyed solving the puzzles with us.
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5 years ago, Presitory
Lots of fun
I am a long-time Jumble player. I used to scout out newspapers to find Jumbles, but now I don't have to do that! The writers have a good sense of humor, even when they're making "dad jokes" (or puns in this case). The cartoons are clever and much like the ones I remember from my youth. I haven't needed to use a lot of hints, but when I do, I always choose one from the writers because they are witty and fun. Thanks for creating such a pleasant word challenge!
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1 year ago, Bravo!Brava!
Just like the basics
I enjoy going through and solving the puzzles like I used to do in the paper. I have no idea what all the coins and stuff are about, and am not interested. I even skip it the initial bonus word. One time I did want to skip a puzzle altogether, but there was no way to do so. So eventually I solved that one without clues or help. Not going to pay for a clue. Also have no idea where my “sign in” name came from. But do enjoy these punny puzzles.
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4 years ago, Music Man Michigan
When I was a little boy I used to watch my Mom work The Jumble every day in the Detroit Free Press. When I got older and moved away I would go through people's old newspapers looking for The Jumble. When I got my first iPhone the very first app I downloaded was The Jumble. Same thing when I got my iPad and my Kindle. I play this game every single day now. Being super stubborn, I will work at these puzzles till I solve them on my own. Yeah, I'm a huge fan.
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3 months ago, Fiskfixenek
Just a great, simple game
Easy jumble game that includes the 4 smaller jumbles and the main jumble. The smaller ones are optional, and you’re allowed to give up with no penalty, you just miss out on the bonus coin. There’s ads until you buy coins just one time ($1), but it’s definitely worth it. Would definitely get it again. I’m scared of how long until I run out of puzzles.
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2 years ago, LarGriff
More More!
Love them, but 2702 puzzles is not enough! Yes, I admit I'm addicted - hard to put this game down! Always looking forward to the next volume of Jumbles! **** Latest update added awful commercial ads that force you to wait while they play out. Thankfully, the minimal 99 cent cost to eliminate all ads is reasonable, considering how much I like the app. However, that didn’t eliminate the pop up ads for other apps by the same authors. :(
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2 years ago, eyeDoc3
As a fan of Henri Arnold and Bob Lee’s version of Jumble, I’m glad to see that David and Jeff keeping it alive and well. As an eye doctor, I am amazed that with a simple tiny pupil and a curved outer orbital rim that you can create such realistic expressions. And, of course the, 3 fingers and a thumb, hands are cool. Keep up the fun and frivolity! I am also a eye doctor and I absolutely agree with everything the above doctor wrote 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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5 years ago, Watch out for flying monkeys
Oh Yeah this is fun!
Love the cartoon illustrations and the little clues within the drawings. It’s very entertaining while keeping me on my toes (or rather exercising my brain). I like the choices of helpful hints but many times if you hang in there it will come to you and its a a lot of fun to check with a family member or friend to give you a hand! Great job guys and btw I opened this app when my mother-in-law who is a retired teacher showed it to me. Keep the Jumbles coming!
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3 years ago, Cov customer
Starts out great, then...
Loved this app at first-have done these puzzles in local newspaper for years. Then the ads started and got longer, louder, much worse & more invasive. Message popped up saying buy something and ads would stop but it didn’t work when I tried. I figured out how to work around the very noisy, sometimes inappropriate ads by closing & restarting app. Then got a message that I had finished all the puzzles. So I deleted the app. I would gladly have paid for this app without ads but doesn’t seem to really be an option.
Show more
6 years ago, tedster1
Graphics messed up after this update
This latest update screwed up the graphics. Graphics on the screen are now off center, picture is smaller, letters are smaller, much blank space on the screen. What did you do?? Your modifications for the new iPhone Xs displays hosed up the graphics for other models. Please fix this!! UPDATED: thanks for fixing the display issue so quickly. Looks great again! 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Tantra Diaries
Retro Therapeutic!
Absolutely Love these puzzles! As a kid growing up my mom used to save me the JUMBLE Word Puzzle from the newspaper’s crossword and puzzle section. When she learned I was really obsessed with the puzzles, she would purchase me Word Search & Jumble Word Puzzle books along with her Cryptograms. Forty years later and the bond remains, now in the form via an App, this is definitely a trustworthy therapeutic relationship that will stand the test of time. Thank You Guys so much...Muahh!
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3 years ago, Haydee92
What I've always wanted
I used to buy a newspaper every day and look forward to doing the Jumbled word puzzles. But now, it's hard because not many stores sell newspapers here in my hometown anymore. This game is almost exactly the same as the one I used to do in the newspaper so I'm really happy and satisfied with this game. Thank you so so much for this game, David and Jeff!! Highly recommend for those who enjoy Jumbled word puzzles!❤️
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5 years ago, WV Joe A
I am a fan (but not of the October update)
This is (was)a ton of fun. Just Jumble, Just 2 Words and Just 2 Words Plus are part of my morning ritual. Between the three I have solved around 4000 puzzles. I like them a lot. I must say I am NOT a fan of the latest update on Just Jumble. When a puzzle is solved, you earn coins. The games have rewards for playing on consecutive days. The recent update makes the consecutive day bonus require solving another thing (a scrambled word). You can skip it and void your consecutive day bonus or you must solve it to earn your reward. This step, that has nothing in common with the jumble concept, is UNFUN! I have tried it for two days now and my opinion and enjoyment of the game has greatly been altered. I had rated this game 5 star overall because it has been a 5 star type game. If I could undo the update I would put it back to 5. As it is, I have to downgrade it.
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