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User Reviews for JustAnswer: Ask for help, 24/7

3.67 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
4 years ago, mneighoff
Good but could be better.
I’ve been using the app for a good while with a long list of conversations and there’s just some things that would make things better. Having a search feature, so you could see which conversations feature the word you’re searching. Or organizing your conversations by person, or maybe by topic. Being able to just select an option for a second opinion without having to rate an Expert lower. I feel I’m being unfair in some cases when an Expert gives me their best answer and I think deserves a good rating, but I really just want a second opinion anyway. If I post the question again, or similarly, the system either rejects it or sometimes I’ll get the same person to answer it saying that they already answered my question before. Or even if I rate the expert lower to be able to get the second opinion, sometimes the same person winds up answering me again. Linking questions would sometimes be helpful. I ask a lot of auto repair questions and having an expert (or me) be able to easily read my previous conversations would save time reexplaining everything. Overall it’s not bad. It’s a bit expensive, but has shown to be pretty worth the cost.
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11 months ago, Halfthrottle125
It’s pretty cool everything you can get your hands on for one monthly fee
The app is easy. You just ask a question and the app finds out what type of expert you need. Then by phone call or just chat through text, these experts can really solve your problems. I’m very new to the site but so far I fixed a washing machine that would not spin up to top speed by replacing the Hall effect speed sensor for 15 dollar part at local store. The guy was there the whole way and now i just got legal advice from a lawyer that helped with my unemployment benefits. Im going to keep my subscription for a while longer. It’s already mid summer and I still have a lot of projects that need done. It is fast and easy. Lawyers, doctors, Veterinarians, mechanics, like a 150 different areas. I really like that I have simple access to this many experts. And so far all have been patient and able to dumb it down for me without making me feel like the “village idiot”. There’s a lot of things out there you can do on your own once you get a push in the right direction. I’m more of a DYI type. And a lot of time to pay someone to get something done isn't alway a lot of their labor. You are paying, most times, them for what they know. Which is fair. Im not complaining, but I'm just a cheap. So far im ahead of the game with a $15 washing machine repair, and got my unemployment paid before most people at work. Yeah I got my wife fooled, I got her thinking I can do anything! Haha!
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2 years ago, Pet Parent Must Have
Reassuring for odd hour per questions
I’ve had two instances where I wasn’t sure if I needed to go to the ER vet not. You google and pretty much everything convinces you your pet is dying and your the worst pet parent to ever exists. This last instance I did go, and there was no one to see me because they didn’t think it was serious enough but I knew my dog was in pain and I didn’t know how to help her. The vet tech couldn’t tell me anything and said they could t advise me because they weren’t a vet. It was 5 AM, there wasn’t anywhere else closer to me, and I remembered when my last debacle (oldest dog who will eat anything are weird berries growing in the back yard and got Uber bloated) I had downloaded and bought this app. I described my dogs breed, age, general health / vax status, the issue with her paw (weird mass thing that popped up) and uploaded a picture. I was connected with a vet who was reassuring, concerned for my dog, and provided me with likely (non google your dog is dying you awful human) possibilities, and that I should follow up with my vet under normal hours. Until then here we’re some things I could do to make her more comfortable and keep it from getting worse. It’s really reassuring and helpful to be able to talk to someone when you don’t know what to do and it’s an odd hour and it’s not a normal call and wake up your best friend or relative question. I’m really glad for it.
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2 years ago, PurelyObjective
So this is a sobering realization; for the last 25 years or so we’ve all gotten used to half-a—ed answers to everything by subjecting ourselves to the Worldwide Quorum Of Unqualified Opinions, so when you actually have access to trained people who go directly to the solution, and in most cases are far smarter than you in their field… it’s disorienting. I’ve asked several questions from extremely qualified people and their answers were so elevated that I actually had a hard time realizing that they had actually answered the question in such a sophisticated way that I was almost in capable of understanding their answer. That’s a difficult admission to make but one was a physician and two of them or manufacturers trained mechanics. Some thing about which I have no knowledge. However, this is pro level advice you’re getting. This is quite possibly the best information on the Internet. Buy it. I struggled with my wife trying to figure out the solution to the pain in her arm for over a year and we talk to a doctor for about 15 minutes here and he directed us to give ask the physician were saying to do a certain test and that test lead us directly to her problem and she is now pain-free. For $30 a month. I would have given them $5000 for that information.
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6 days ago, aahheerrtttt
Legal USA and UK delightful.
My experience and perspective of why I tried the service and subscribed immediately. I have a complex cross border estate (USA, UK, France) and within the USA, multiple probate jurisdictions, each having different rules by state within the federal context. The federal or national context determines tje cross border tax treaty and probate precedence and acceptance. (That’s the short version believe it or not). This service allows you to ask within a specific country but also allows you to reach experts IN OTHER COUNTRIES also. One single question I asked about à Will filing as an example resolved an issue that was unusual, and had consumed several hours of attorney time without resolution. I asked on the site, had an expert answer and a link to the proper form. With that proper I Formation I was able to conclude that matter on my own, self filed (pro Se in the USA). Saved me thousands and enormous amount of time. And a high degree of self satisfaction. I have had other questions answered and remain Pleased. I even asked a question today- non legal- in the entertainment category and was given a good curry recipe. This is a super experience and I hope it is for you too. I think they offer a free trial which I skipped. Best way to see if it is right for you? Just ask. lol.
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11 months ago, Honest JLO
Giving a 1 ONLY because you have to in order to rate/review
This app is a complete joke/scam! Do not believe their only $5 a month and easily refunded if not satisfied! There’s no way to communicate with them and no phone number/customer service # if you do want to cancel or get your $5 back. They charged my card another $39 before the month was even up, but after looking into the wording, it states $5 easy sign up, but then in disclosure, it states $45 a month. I tried to cancel right after i asked the first question, because the person wasn’t even on the same page, and acted as if he helped me even though i was telling him he wasn’t giving me the correct information on the product i was referring to and wasn’t even advising on the correct model of scooter i was inquiring about. He then sent me a final message saying I assume I helped you and he would close our chat and mark it completed when i was telling him he wasn’t looked at the right product therefore all of his responses were not helping. other than the chat option, which seems like it’s all computerized as the responses are very general and they refuse to send any other options or even address the correct questions via their chat again, the only way to “feel” like you’re talking to someone who works for Just Ask. I will be contacting the BBB. Companies like this need to be exposed and held accountable. It’s happening all to often anymore, and it really needs to change
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11 months ago, jeremybondsf
Love this service
This is a great service that has helped me get answers to life-impacting issues and questions not easily answered by just googling around. Of course answers are only as good as the expert answering them, which bears analysis and vigilance as you go. In my experience there are many good experts who listen and understand your issue, ask clarifying questions when necessary, and deliver useful, actionable insights. The occasional less impressive responses can be irrelevant or unfocused, or can read like a paste from ChatGPT. (To which I think: really? I could have done that myself!) Fortunately these are relative rare, and the service offers a very welcome “second opinion” option which can save the day. There is an impressive range of disciplines represented among the experts. I have used experts in law (various sub-disciplines including employment and family), medicine, veterinary medicine, etiquette, and electronics, to name a few. There are lots more I haven’t tapped into yet. I have seen varying subscription terms offered for JustAnswer and advise shopping around before committing to one. A monthly subscription with unlimited questions can be a fantastic value if you have lots of questions and get valuable answers from the service.
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6 months ago, Confoundry
Very useful, recent “improvements” not so much
What (for me) is a rather pricey app has definitely provided some great information. However, the recent adjustment to a Chatbot greeting renders it impossible to pre-choose your expert category. Also, they will close you down for asking too many questions at once (regardless of your cumulative activity) or asking multiple questions that are worded similarly, even if they are not about the same thing. Also, the quality of the expert can vary. Most are very knowledgeable, fantastic communicators, but I have run across the occasional person that is either actively trying to inflate their intake, telling you what you want to hear despite the accuracy of the info, or don’t even write a full sentence with zero information. That all being said, I would still recommend this app and service, depending on your needs. Addendum: even with tipping the experts, I have found my account terminated again, requiring $35 per question. The “unlimited questions” aspect really needs better definition.
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1 year ago, pepsibut
So far soooo good
We started our membership during a very stressful moment cuz our ferret ate the soap strip off of a razor & it was at a time no one was awake & we didn’t know if it called for emergency action or more of a relaxed ‘watch & wait’ approach. We tried to look up info on poison control & found it would cost $85 just to ask a question. Now we will will spend every last penny we have to assure our pets have proper care, but because we do not have much money at all we need to be very careful what we spend it on. I called an emergency vet service & they said they cost $195 just to come in & then it would of course be much more money as they ran their tests. My daughter & I were trying not to panic while we researched what to do, when we came across this service. For a reasonable price we could not only get our urgent questions answered, we would have a whole month to continue using this service as needed. So we decided to sign up & so far we have not only found this service to be very useful & helpful, we are thinking of joining it for our professional purposes
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3 years ago, Chey122256
Answers take forever. Customer service are just bots. Negative experience.
I wish I could give negative stars. The advertisement for this organization comes up every time I ask a question about a pet or myself in Google. I’ve fallen for it a few times, where it says I can talk to a specialist but doesn’t warn me it’ll be a cost. I go through the process of answering questions about the issue then get asked to join a membership in order to receive the answer. I never continued before but today, while searching for answers from a vet or anyone that could help me while my hamster was very ill, I signed up for the membership. & awaited an answer. They claimed it was on its way, “download the app to make it go faster” I did whatever was asked. I assumed since it was a 24/7 chat that I’d get an answer in a timely manner. It’s been all day, like 8+ hours, and no answer. I wish I would have known it takes 1+ days to get the answer or I wouldn’t have wasted time signing up. I took my hamster to a real vet & she died. Signing up for this was a waste of time. The customer service reps respond an automated message every time. Then after I complained, the chat wouldn’t let me send anything else, the bot just tried to bribe me with “I’ll transfer your question for a speedy answer, worth $50!”. Nothing but a negative experience.
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4 years ago, Puma4107
It was great until..
The app was absolutely wonderful. I started my 7 day free trial and got to ask a lot of great questions about items that I knew nothing about. Then they out of nowhere canceled my membership after 2 hours of using it. They said I was asking too many questions... even though the point of the website is to ask questions and nowhere does it say there is a limit to how many can be asked. I even told them I want to pay for a membership so that I can continue using the site and was told I just have to wait until customer service gets back to me in 48 hours. Customer service gave me a coupon to use to continue to go on the site that only worked with a computer which I don’t have, I just use my phone, so it was completely useless. Again, the site at first was wonderful, but their customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced and I was asking so many questions because to be honest not all of their registered appraisers were good. One lady told me I had a crystal bowl when the item clearly wasn’t a bowl and I told her it was 5 inches thick. So just answer, if you have a problem with people asking too many questions, then maybe you should make sure your appraisers don’t give absurd reports for the sheer fact of just trying to claim as many items to review as possible to get more money.
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7 months ago, TLVWTGE
Amazing experience
Got my legal answers to a complex question within 7 minutes and had a thorough conversation with an expert for 20 more minutes, all for under $50 dollars. Had the option to receive a call from the lawyer for an additional $60, but my question was answered without the need for that. I have tried to contact six law firms on this question for three weeks without any resolution, and I waited a week to post my question on Just Ask. I wish I would have asked it on Just Ask sooner, it would have saved me a lot of stress, overthinking, and late night google searches! Highly recommend this platform. It is so easy to use, the response time is fast, the expert I spoke with had 30 years of experience, (#1 Legal Eagle is an extremely knowledgeable expert on this platform,) and was able to answer all of my follow up questions easily. They even send you a text message of the responses so you don’t have to log in to review your answers quickly. I will continue to use this service in the future. Worth every penny!
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4 years ago, Udon'tknowme444487
It’s 1:30am and I just got a second opinion on my cat :)
This app is so great I found it from a google search. $5 for the first trial week and you can cancel anytime. My cat has worms and heart issues and had an accident that I needed a second opinion on. The Veterinary Nurse who assisted me was super sweet, gathered all the information she could, and wrote me a multi page recommendation of what to do for my cat. I’m talking 5 things I need to do at the vets office, cardiologist office, long term preventative care, as well as instructions on how to get him to eat normally, otc meds I can feed him in the meantime, links to articles on how to dose this medicine for cats as well as how to get them to take pills. She even wrote out a ten day diet plan with multiple alternatives depending on what I have access to to hopefully keep him from throwing up. Super sweet woman and she made my night go smoother. She even offered to help me find a vet near me. After cleaning diarrhea and vomit up all over the house on the carpet and stairs and off my cat and comforter only to find worms I thought I’d be in the dark for days until I could see a vet. Thank you for this app!!
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5 months ago, Myelomalacia
A truly superior service
I have been a very satisfied member of Justanswer‘s for almost a decade. I recommend it to friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Almost always I get superb answers to my questions. The researcher Michael is by far the best researcher I’ve ever known or known of! He’s always extremely prompt, and very courteous with impeccable, social graces. Michael’s answers are always very thorough and extremely helpful! One concern I have is, I will press the category for example a neurologist. However, I will get a family doctor instead. i’m not saying that the family doctors are unhelpful almost always to the contrary. however, if Justanswer advertises a particular specialty, then I believe thay need to abide by it. I would be most grateful if someone from JustAnswer customer service would tell me why that is the case. I don’t like being misled or misinformed. Enclosing I absolutely believe that Justanswer is an incredibly helpful service and I fully intend to most heartily recommend it to anyone who will listen to me. I am most grateful for Justanswer‘s excellence!
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10 months ago, SpellTale
Updating my initial rating from one star to five stars
I ranked my service with just answer as one star because I was not happy with the answer I got and how I felt my situation was handled. I gave the attorney one star and I’ve just now got off of the phone with that specific attorney and that attorney deserves a minimum of five stars. If I could give this attorney more than five stars I definitely would. The attorney was sympathetic to my complaint and addressed my issue that I had with her and the just answer service. After I just received one on one, person-to-person service from Attorney Simmons, Esq, I will gladly change my initial writing star to five stars and that is a rating well earned. Just answer is a few glitches but they are always making changes and I will continue to use their service specifically because of the response I received from Attorney Simmons. If you have a legal question this attorney should be put on your favorite list because they are on mine now, Sharon Strandberg, a no-longer misinformed customer
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3 years ago, ELHyman
Better than I thought, but it kicked me off
The service itself has been extremely beneficial. I’ve found a majority of the appraisers I was matched up to be especially helpful. The application and website, on the other hand, seems to have bugs and glitches. I was kicked off the service and my membership was deactivated after less than two days. When I contacted the company through the chat, and explained twice that I did not cancel my membership, but the site said my account had been canceled unbeknownst to me, it did not process what I was saying and decided to cancel my membership... again. So I called it quits for the time being. I didn’t feel like explaining the situation for a third time. The app is better than the site when it comes to UI and ease, but it doesn’t allow for edits, which would be helpful and it decided after I used it numerous times that I wasn’t even supposed to have access to the app on the trial. So I don’t know. It was great and then it took a turn real fast. Almost seemed like I was kicked off for asking too many questions during the trial, but from what I understood, it was unlimited. Maybe I just broke the site. Oh well.
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5 years ago, selyseg
Love this app. Has saved me so many doctor trips
To all the doggo moms out there and honestly just anyone in general I HIGHLY recommend this app. I first used it when I came home and discovered chicken and or beans had chewed up a febreeze bottle. Not knowing how much they consumed I flipped out because we don’t have an emergency vet here and it was late at night. I googled febreeze poisonous to dogs or something and found this app which put me in contact with a veterinarian for $15. The vet after asking some follow up questions assured me they’d be fine and maybe just a little tummy sick. My second run in with this app was for myself as I was having an allergic reaction to something. It was again too late to go to urgent care and I don’t have a primary doctor here so I put my question out in this app along with pictures of the reaction I was having and was matched with a dermatologist who helped me figure out what was going on and how I could treat it easlily with over the counter meds and even just some home remedies. Seriously, it’s a great app. And has saved me hundreds of dollars so far.
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5 months ago, Loriinlbc
Attentive, patient, resource for info and terminology
This is my second time using the service and I had a wonderful experience with two different attorneys! I have a LOT of questions and jump Around with trying to find answers and help as I’ve been through a horrendous experience with a slumlord who was very dirty figuratively and literally. Unethical doesn’t even cover it she was dangerously negligent as an owner. Renting to me with my disabled son, later two. That situation had caused illnesses and more. Then I moved and rejoined when my new location became not as bad yet every time I need something it’s dismissed or twisted to put back on me like Deal with It and won’t spend anything to fix anything. In addition I have a disabled son and he falls under fair housing for situations. I need to figure it out yet they are there on going and help me even if I ask a LOT and daily. I don’t know if I can afford the fee monthly yet it helped me out right now and resources links .. I need to scroll through and save!
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8 months ago, evolution of an adam
A wellspring of human intelligence
I found JustAnswer as many people presumably do, in desperation after spending hours upon hours trying to find answers to questions I had from the Internet, to no avail. Thus far, I have been able to ask legal questions and mechanical questions, allowing me to get direction and even troubleshoot my lawn tractor. The experts which I have interacted with have all been extremely pleasant, kind, and patient. They all give genuine, detailed answers that I’m looking for. I paid the subscription fee, hesitantly at first, hoping I might get the money’s worth for a month. Now, I can’t see myself canceling this subscription. It saves me hours upon hours of trying to find answers online where I generally only get advertisements. It gives me a place to find experts to help me troubleshoot even if it’s at all hours of the night. Just answer is absolutely a must have for anyone who wants professionals of all realms on their side. None of the headaches, all of the answers.
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8 months ago, ~Virg
One question and the app pays for itself.
We all know vets are extremely expensive. I have a kitten in the hospital now approaching $4000 of cost. Sometimes it’s unavoidable but this app allows for you to have the knowledge to make that decision. I have a chihuahua who has been destroying her ears for the last month. Dr. Maria asked all the right questions and asked for pictures to properly diagnose the problem and provided me a course of action that has given me peace of mind and Queenie comfort. Within a day, the treatment has significantly improved the issue and I just couldn’t be happier. Dr. Maria has followed up to check on her and provided comfort and reassurance that she is there for any further questions and issues. At the price of half an office visit. You can avoid exposing your pet to any potential viruses they may encounter at the vet. They will direct you to the physical vet if the situation requires it. You can cancel at anytime and still have access for the remainder of the month. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, ZarNush
Unethical policies
I used their services only 1 day and paid $5 for trial membership. I was told that I’d be sent a notification towards the end of my trial membership, before the actual member would kick in costing $28. I kind of subconsciously relied on the “notification” and with all the holiday run arounds, canceling the trial membership slipped through my mind. I never received any notifications. Long story short, I got charged for $28. I called their “customer care” and talked to a rep and to a supervisors trying to sort things out and explaining that I haven’t received any emails, and, if they ever sent me notifications, that probably ended up in spam box where I receive hundreds of emails a day (!). And besides, their previous emails at the start of trial membership would all arrive-in my inbox. And why their billing “notification” would go to the spam folder? I asked for my refund, but they kept running around the same square over and over and over again referring to “terms and conditions”. It looks like I’m not the only person with a similar complaint, and, this business makes money at the expense of customers’ confusion and technical malfunctions. Any serious business would have given their customer a refund in this situation, but they don’t. Unethical! Unfair!
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3 years ago, My third name
Now Good
At first I had an attorney who totally ignored me. I only gave her 3 stars & rightfully so. So it was a rocky start. Besides that first bad experience I have had only good experienced attorneys. Then today I tried to get into the app and I told the receptionist or whoever that person is at the intake desk I think it’s a virtual assistant but I kept asking a question because she wanted to re-charge me and I have already given them nine dollars so I kept asking her do I have to pay again? I have paid and she just would not answer my question! I said do I have to pay again and she ignored me and then I said it again and then I started to write just answer my question and I couldn’t get an answer and I don’t know why. That put me in an awful mood cause my day has been nothing but problems all day and I did not need any more. So what I did was I went in the back way, not really but I went to where I asked the question before and I just asked the question. I don’t know why I could not get the intake person to answer me but it was very rude.
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2 years ago, TechI3m@e
Extremely high value for information that would cost a ton more in-person
I’ve received answers about landlord-tenant laws while being a landlord. These were real practicing, well-qualified, and established Lawyers. I’ve received advice about my Health, Dental, and other specialized health-related questions. I have now become a DIY-er in almost every aspect of my home, from electrical help, to pool maintenance, and every other aspect where I would have hired someone before. I have also received answers about what kind of food delivery service is best for my 2 cats. For just about any questions in all categories, I’ve saved a ton of money by getting advice from real-world, working professionals. This would have gotten extremely expensive had I gone to a business to ask these questions. Why not search for all of this information in say, Google for example? Because every link in Google for a recommendation states that they are paid for that information so I just don’t trust it that way.
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6 years ago, PAJ
Customer service?
I was referred to this site by Apple for a question regards to one of their products and was told that the “technicians” at this site would be able to assist since it was after hours for their usual support team. I received multiple reassurances that the answer to my question would be in “another eight minutes”, etc., and that their “technicians were addressing the problem”- which persisted for 2:45 minutes, punctuated by multiple to re-checks on the status of my request during this time- all of which were met with the same reply - that the response would be soon. Finally, after 2:45 minutes I received a text from a “moderator” that perhaps I had reached their site / app in error ( although Apple connected me directly with them) and that they were not addressing the question, and apparently had no intent to do so! The epiphany that this may not be the correct venue to address the problem occurred to them at 2:56 am after they had been reassuring me since 11:45 pm that a solution was eminent! This gives them a very poor rating, in my estimation, for veracity, credibility, candor and integrity. The absolute paucity of courtesy, sincerity and verisimilitude was astonishing, which is what has prompted me to write this, my very first app review. Beware!
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3 years ago, AlwaysHopeful2020
Possible prosecution
Anything you say on this site can and may be used against you in a court of law. Be very careful about what you write. There is not enough warning about the lack of confidentiality. Unknowingly, Putting someone’s name, address, place of employment, telephone numbers , etc to explain your plight may leave you open to law suits which may cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. You may lose your life saving s, your home, your family , defending yourself in a court of law. If you do not want the world to see your questions and your thoughts do not write it here. Your questions and statements can be seen by anyone. I wish I had seen this before I said one word. Now I have to begin the laborious task of having personal information removed from the public forum JustAnswer has. I have no idea at this time what the outcome of this horrible mistake is going to cost me In the end. Listen to my cautionary tale because this may be the only warning you will have for the nightmare ahead. .
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9 months ago, Estonian9
Informative for the most part, but pricey
I have a very small Etsy shop where I sell vintage and antique items and this has been fabulous for getting info about some of the items I struggled to find info about. I like that you can post and anyone can answer your question, but I can also request a member I have had a prior experience with. Once I didn’t get a reply for many hours, so not sure what happened there (my preferred expert was unavailable), and the expert didn’t answer all my questions, but other than this one time, I have received useful information. Also, paying a large monthly fee is tough for me as a small business owner and my use might not be regular enough to make it worth it. Still, better for me than a fee for every use. Once business picks up on my end, it may be less painful for me financially. Overall, it’s a great idea and I may consider using it in an area other than antiques.
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2 years ago, annoyed teenager -_-
Unfortunate :/
I spent $30 for one conversation with a vet because my bearded dragon is very unwell, I'm extremely worried and I can't go physically as it's the weekend. I've waited an hour to actually be paired with someone after talking to an assistant, and still haven't been, even after messaging the support person. They acknowledged that it was taking longer than usual, but I completely stopped getting any responses when I was trying to ask what was going on and when/if someone would be able to talk to me. I had to buy a subscription, make an account, download an app... under the impression that I would have 24/7 access to a veterinarian, like it says. I didn't know there was a chance that I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone at all, AFTER already paying and going through the whole process. I wish I was able to tell the assistant my problem and then get some kind of estimated time before choosing to pay money. Now I'm having to stay awake waiting for a response from someone, after working 3rd shift.. I'd really like to go to bed. At this point I can't tell if it's worth it to keep waiting and see if I ever actually hear anything, or to just cancel my subscription now and be out $30.
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1 year ago, Tina8377
Just Answer is Amazing But it’s the experts who make it so!
Barbara was my expert for a very important tax question. She was so fast and spit on, and truly took my worry away in seconds. What a great company with amazing other experts about so many different everyday issues. As a Structural Engineer my day is long and hard so to have something bothering you and needing a solution isn’t a great thing when your sitting 75 stories up in a TowerCrane.. lol My Expert answered my tax question and gave me proper forms answering that same tax question. I immediately got me a monthly membership at a fantastic price for say a legal question my attorney would charge me 150 to 200 bucks for his time. Just Answer got me more information then my tax accountant at yet another high rate and the forms that show what IRS says on this or that etc.. I recommend this amazing app and I truly would recommend “Barbara” as the tax expert.. if you don’t have this app, save yourself headaches and get this app. Respectfully A very Happy Engineer/Tina👍
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2 years ago, Jeanpeders
Could be better but worried being ripped off
Would be five star except I keep getting text messages when I get a response which is annoying. We have the app so just do response and notifications on app then 5 star as everyone of the people doing the appraisals have been grand Then after 3 days a glitch at JA occurs and my monthly subscription is canceled. Lol 24 to 48 hrs to research and reinstate even though account was debited. So they are paid & I have no ability to use. Another family member said probably part of their process since I was using it a whole lot each day for past couple days going through the family’s estate. Possible for sure but definitely resolution with this company is a Zero star! Finally 3 days later they respond and finally they tell me to use it and I won’t be charged and so I used it once and I’ve been charged $22 and just got another $28 charge. I’ve contacted the better business bureau, my bank refuting the previous charges and will refute these new ones with the email stating I won’t be charged! This company is a ripoff and I have fwd. everything to my lawyer & since he’s the family lawyer this will fall under his yearly fee. Don’t fall for this scam!
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5 months ago, mellyhawk23
I would not recommend.
I pay for a monthly service which includes unlimited questions. I have had my account suspended twice because I asked more than one question per day. I know, I am confused also. Then- wait for it- they told me to put three items in one question, which I did, only to receive an email that I was naughty for doing EXACTLY what I was told. So to sum up, you pay for a service which you cannot use. Then, for fun, you will be charged and cannot use the service. As an additional chuckle, you can try to reach out to literally anyone and you will be told they cannot help you and to write an email. Oh! Fun fact, if you try to reach out on Twitter or Facebook…no, that is not allowed either. Could that be because so many people are having issues and they might not want that public? Yikes. Well, I have had this account for over a year and I am so disappointed. I own two businesses and come in contact with thousands of people per week, and I will be sure to let them know that if you use this service, please be careful. What is sad is the experts doling out information are probably on the receiving end of this and this is not their fault.
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10 months ago, Powerofchoice
Auto question and a pleasant surprise.
I’ve used this app many times for things from pets, health, and automotive service. I’ve usually gotten for the most part, general answers to questions, with an exception here and there. It started out this way, and actually no help, and one answer I didn’t need to get from a service paying for, BUT I stuck with it and was eventually passed along to what I can say is a LEGITIMATE and real life expert in the automotive industry. Dealing with something I had asked for in the beginning, and the service I received was, and has been nothing short of amazing and completely renewed my thoughts about this app and it’s functionality! My specific expert, “Lou” is an absolute pleasure to speak with and has gone over and above anything I would of thought was normal practice by an app. Thank you, sincerely Lou, for your help, HONESTY and sincere care about not only this specific problem but overall care of people and what you do!
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1 year ago, are all nickname is taken?
just answer -very deceitful!
When I push for a question, it asked me for five dollars. I put my account information and paid it. The attorney I got was not helpful and rude and he waited 24 hours to get back to me and when I rated him low they offered me a new attorney, which did not get back to me for another 24 hours they then charged my account $69 the night before because the first attorney waited 24 hours and did not give me an answer and nowhere when I activated my question did it tell me I would be charged $69 within 24 hours -there was no mention of a timeframe or an additional charge and I have challenged it with my bank. The second attorney was polite but if I had gotten him to begin with I would have canceled before 24 hours for sure nevertheless, it was never told me that I needed to do that or what time frame I would have. I'm very irritated and that is half my food budget for the month as I am very low income, and I am disabled. I feel that this tactic of not answering for 24 hours was planned and divisive in order to be able to charge me a full months charge that was not revealed to me in the beginning.
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8 months ago, starteogg
Excellent job
I’m sorry but I don’t remember how to spell your name so I will prefer you as Mr Excellent. Mr. Excellent had patience with me through my dilemma I was having sense last Wednesday on the 18th between 815 to 840. I have been asking and looking for any kind of help to recover my Facebook account that got hacked and also I guess scam on. I was running into break walls every way I tried to figure this out and when I was asking for help, I was not getting on everyone else was on Pages, and not understanding what I was going through and what I needed to be done, but Mr. excellent had patience with me and did everything you could to coach me three my dilemma in the day it was not working out he kept open and have patience with me and stay with me Coach me do this issue I was having I just want to. Thank you Mr. excellent would you have done for me? We need more people like you in this in your business hopefully you get a promotion soon you deserve one
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3 years ago, gghhaallqqoi
Don’t use this App. For more than once, I have made terrible decisions, some are life decisions, due to severely biased information provided by irresponsible “law educators”. They usually curse and humiliate you in a very rude way if you want to clarify what is vague in their replies, or point out that their answer is inconsistent with information you happen to have verified elsewhere. The customer service does nothing to such kind of things (at least I never received a call back telling me what they did), instead you continue to be charged multiple times, because you had to stop talking to the rude lawyer and switch to open another question, while at the same time, the App automatically switches you to another lawyer and charges you when you’re answered duplicately several days later. Some lawyers seem nice, and compliment you or share some limited emotional support because you’re in trouble, but in the end, after getting a five-star from you, very likely you will find their answers are wrong. If you go back to confront them regarding the misinformation, believe me, they will be just the same rude. I used this when I newly arrived in the US for my school. It was absolutely a nightmare experience.
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3 years ago, [: Samika~San :]
Didn’t know this existed and I’m so glad I have it now!!
I needed help with a question about my dog which turned out to be an allergy. My vet was closed for the holiday and wasn’t sure it was something urgent needing the emergency vet. The website paired me with a licensed veterinarian, and started the conversation right on my phone through my text messages. No funky chat rooms and no fuss! He was very friendly and once I set a couple pics of the affected area he quickly eased my mind as a first time dog owner, letting me know that it was most likely an allergic reaction to something, asked a few questions and gave me great tips and suggestions! It’s so nice to have someone with experience answer your pressing or urgent questions, something google can NOT do. Even after looking at countless articles I still wonder, but this definitely calmed my nerves and I can save $50+ going to the vet! Her condition is already clearing up! Thank you just answer!
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3 years ago, amber19799
I suffered serious injury as a result of the care I recieved from a medical professional. Steps were skipped throughout my treatment, unlicenced people designated to take part in a very delicate issue, and without the experts on this website I never would have discovered the steps that were missed or other important details around my treatment. My ability to ask unlimited questions gave me an open door to get my questions answered, and all of the experts on the site are just amazing. My most favorite I must say was Dr Behere, because he always had my best interest at heart. If he could have done more. I know he would have. He always told me the truth. Even when it wasn’t always what I’d wanted to here, but as time continued I feel the experts became familiar with my paticular issue and were even more able to help me because they knew my situation, and for anybody in my shoes this was a true blessing. I’d only wish I’d found them sooner.
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3 years ago, pprmntpady
We were frantic watching our 4 year old pup going through seizure after seizure and having no idea how to help her. Yes until I found Just Answer The Vet gave us his advice and within an hour we all were a lot calmer. He helped us make it through the night We spoke to our vet this morning and he adjusted her meds and he feels there is no damage to her body only the stress of having so many so close together. He said there other meds we can try. My husband is 77 and she never leaves his side so we agreed to try, we just don't want her to suffer. We have a Bichon and a cat all the same age as her and it was very difficult for all of us to watch. I am very grateful for your help. It was so comforting knowing someone was there with us to help us through the night We had made a decision to put her down out of desperation and now we have hope we may be able to manage her condition. We will be forever grateful for your help. Thank you so very much.
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3 years ago, Aponteus
Outstanding Veterinary Advise.
I must say outstanding! Worth the monthly subscription. There’s an option to send photos, text or speak to the professional personally. I did not need speak on the phone or send pictures because I received courteous, prompt attention and the advice I needed just through text. The right questions to ask where made by them in order to give the perfect answers I needed in order to make an informed decision on my next course of action. Special Thank You to Doctor Kara: 20 year Veterinarian. Additionally not only did they have a professional veterinarian to answer my immediate questions about my precious pets, but there are multiple disciplines in Various trades and professions to answer any future questions I may have 24/7! This is now my new go to all rapped up for me in a simple to use app! It may not be the perfect answer to everyone but it’s the perfect answer to me. Thank you Just Answer LLC. !
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2 months ago, Myboys2510
My initial thoughts of this service…
Quick responding, could tell you were not being given generic answers. This was a live person trying to sum up a great deal of information in a short conversation. Though “Mr. Legal Eagle” who reminded me of a Denzel equalizer sort of person. lol was more than willing to keep listening and answer any more questions. He got right to the point and had the best information for me in just a few minutes. Now it’s time to act! I’m looking for reform from a system that continues to fail over greed. The damages they cause are unforgivable. And to our children at worse! I’ll follow up if anything more should come of my case. Thank you to this service for giving me the initiative of assurance to not look the part of an inexperienced winer that they can just shut up whenever they want. I feel informed and ready to fight for what’s right. . Thank you! .
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3 years ago, bassun1990
BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE! Website says one thing and does another. ITS A HUGE SCAM
I joined Just Answer because I had some questions believed they would help provide answers to. Before joining, the website said they’ll charge a one time $1 joining fees, then $46 monthly and both are FULLY REFUNDABLE. Upon joining, I noticed a total of $47 was taken out of my account. I immediately (less than 10 minutes of subscribing) canceled the subscription and contact customer service for a refund. She wasn’t only very rude, but she told me they don’t issue refunds for monthly subscriptions. I told her that wasn’t what I saw on their website before signing up and she said that’s their policy and ended the chat. All these happened in less than an hour of signing up. Every subscription website I’ve used issues refunds as long as subscription is canceled before a certain period of time. I haven’t utilized the service in any way and I canceled subscription less TEN MINUTES of subscribing😡😡😡 You guys are the absolute worst. I will definitely NOT recommend you unless you fix this. I even have a screenshot that says all fees are 100% refundable.
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3 years ago, Isjiahsfhxhsb
Poor Customer Service
I will start this off by saying it’s a great website and that it does offer everything it states. But, the customer service is poor. Because of the pandemic, I have been struggling with money. I’m a student and just paid of a semester of college, so I am low on money. I signed up for the $5 one time charge for a question thinking that was all it was, and that I would not be charged for the $29 membership fee, but I was charged. I contacted customer support to see if I could please have a refund but they told me no. I even told them why and that if I had the money I would sign up for a membership, but it didn’t matter. Even though the $29 seems small, when you don’t have any money it is a lot. They also told me they send an email to you reminding you three days before you’re supposed to be charged that your free trial is ending but I never received that warning email. I do not recommend this website and suggest you find another website for your questions. And before this all happened I was going to leave a 5 star review, but now it only gets 1. I’m very upset and disappointed.
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2 years ago, ScottsSnow
40 questions limit
Great advice, quick responses by knowledgeable individuals. Then I get a notice that my account has successfully been canceled. I called the one 800 number given and talk to support person. And they told me that I ask too many questions. It would’ve been nice if i received some kind of notice in the app that I was approaching some kind of arbitrary limitation, which was apparently defined on the hundred page of some legal document that I agreed to. But now out of the blue canceled, the person on the phone that I called, offered zero help and assured me that management will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. And your customer service is terrible. If your app has limits, then tell people that!!! or Fricken warn them. example how about a little pop-up box saying you’re approaching our arbitrary limit as defined by caged monkeys in a server room or your grandiose, Hal 9000 AI computer system. All of that being said, this is probably one of the coolest apps that I’ve ever used, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the experts that I was able to talk to. I received a great advice from a number of individuals. And would like to keep using your app. I just want to understand your logic and not providing any information regarding usage and arbitrary canceling people without notice. It appears to just be some marketing and advertising ploy to get more people to sign up to your service by offering unlimited and providing limited!!
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1 year ago, rock and roll doctor
Quite intuitive
The lawnmower technician I got was relaxed, patient, friendly, clearly very experienced with small engines and the JustAnswer app. The new video call feature really helps a lot as he can watch each step you take as he walks you through what bolts to remove and in the proper order. You can point at parts and move your pointer from part to part until he says “that’s it!” If the fix doesn’t work, just restart the app minutes later and touch one button to reconnect to the same expert. If your problem is involved, he doesn’t take any other calls except trivial texts on his laptop like “what oil should I use for winter?”. His phone number and yours are kept hidden by the system. Your home page on the app keeps track of all the experts you ever used and you can mark individuals as your favorites. My tech has worked for JustAnswer for 11 years.
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5 months ago, Jess.Samuel
So thankful for this app!
My dog developed this strange wound that was progressively getting worse over a span of a few days under her leg. I contemplated taking her to the vet, and the only reason I hesitated was because she had no other symptoms. Her behavior, eating habits, playfulness were all the same. If she had been exhibiting any changes with those things, I would have taken her to the vet immediately. So I googled “online vet” and found this app that connected me to a real life vet that helped provide me with recommendations for a potential solution to getting my dog the help she needed and if it didn’t work, she told me I could take her to a local vet. And by the grace of God and this app as a resource, she ended up being okay and the wound healed all without having to go to the vet or spending an arm and a leg (which I wouldn’t have hesitated spending if I needed to, but I thought why not try this first?)!
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3 years ago, Muskhoma13
do not use this app
i asked a question on the website & the bot conveniently only mentioned a $1 Joining Fee. I noticed the $46/month at the top of the screen, but was unaware that i would be charged $46 in that very moment. i tried to get a refund with no help. apparently i should have read the terms & conditions before ever asking a question. i asked the Customer Care representative to cancel my membership so i do not get charged again & they NEVER responded. the way the website was saying to to cancel my membership was not working. so, i accept the fact that i am now out $46 after being under the impression that i needed to pay a $1 joining fee. i ask the chat bot to cancel my membership to which it does & states i can ask questions for FREE until January 2nd 2022. so, i download the app try to ask my next question & IT IS TRYING TO CHARGE ME ANOTHER $19!!!!!! i call customer care because i am VERY FRUSTRATED at this point & they aren't able to resolve the issue. now i have to wait 24-48 hours before i here back from a specialist. to be refused a refund & then have to go through all this mess is ridiculous & shameful.
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3 months ago, bethhouser
LOVE this App - such impressive experts!- great idea!
To Just Ask is really all I need so often. My assumption with this app was the “experts” would be less experienced employees with access to an expansive reference library… This, however, could not be further from the case. In fact, it seems like highly competent and very experienced professionals who genuinely love what they do and want to give back. Honestly I’ve gotten better advice here, particularly from veterinarians, I’ve spoke with than I have from many other in-person vets… I Just learned that I can specifically reach out to each vet I’ve used in the past - great to know, but hasn’t realized…I would love to know that the great experts are being as supported and rewarded as possible… Thanks to the App creators and developers for creating such a useful, wonderful app (o think this is my first-ever app review. Love this so much!
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4 years ago, Dee 60 something
Great experts but so so website
Except for one Veterinarian Who I asked repeatedly but who did not answer, all the other specialists have been wonderful. The website said for your seven day free trial you get two free phone calls however no one knows about these and you can’t get any confirmation that they will be free or how to get them. I reached one customer service woman who said for my trouble a specialist would call me back shortly when they were available. No one called that day or the next day and when I reached customer service I was told they had no power to schedule calls like that. I wrote a question to a urologist and an internist wrote back stating I should ask a urologist. When you try to reach customer service you reach very nice people in other countries who never can help and the supervisors are never available. That being said, I have re-subscribed as I find it a useful service when the experts do answer. Don’t even think about calling customer service. It’s a waste of time. Thank you
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2 months ago, OGCLAPPY
Do NOT USE THIS SERVICE they tell you they are going to charge you 1$ to answer your question and then whenever you put in your card they have charged you 46$. I called about this they said that since I took a phone call ( which stated was a premium service in itself that…. Get this…. They don’t have the price of nor could they supply me with the price) so there’s that sketchiness continuing on they wouldn’t refund me because apparently the 1$ for an answer is 1$ signup fee which is stated nowhere in the process of putting in your payment which they are so ready to greedily take from you and not give back. But be rest assured that in their customer care process they go out of their way to make sure that your needs are taken care of and that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance just not when it comes to them keeping your money that they so shadily acquired also best part about the whole thing a 1$ charge turns into a $46 recurring charge so if y’all have used this terrible service go check and see how long this scam has been ripping you off
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4 years ago, Estefiiiiiii
Horrible customer service
I tried to use their service with the trial version, but it did not work, my question was not answered, but that was not a big deal anyway, since it is only $0.10. The problem arises when you sign a $50 membership and you don't realize that. They just charged me, I contacted the company saying that I never knew about that, that I never used the service and that it has not been 24 hours since the membership was charged, that I already canceled it but I would like to get my money back. They know that I never used their service and that it was just charged, so nobody had to be there to answer any questions, nobody has had to give me any kind of service and they haven't done any kind of work for me, even so, they refused to return the money claiming that "I am not eligible for a refund." It is really sad to have the situation we have in the world right now with people losing their jobs, including myself, to have your money stolen in this way. Really frustrating and of course just for the bad customer service, I would never recommend this company.
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3 years ago, Hickchick1206
This app has really surprised me. I had very low expectations and I honestly didn’t expect to keep it beyond the initial trial period. I was wrong in thinking that way! In fact, I can honestly tell you that you won’t be disappointed in this app at all! I have literally had it for a bit over a week and I’ve used it four times. That’s it! Four times! The experts I’ve been connected with were amazing! There was no pressure of time. They both took their time and even let me ask follow up questions later on. There was no pressure or mention of more money either. The advice I was given was clear and helpful. I highly recommend this app. I can’t even picture my life without it! I’ve tried many apps for many reasons and have been let down so many times. This app is not one of those times or one of those, let down apps. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
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