Justice Federal Mobile

4.9 (4.4K)
22.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Justice Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Justice Federal Mobile

4.86 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Ace boogie!
Quick and Simple
I don’t normally leave reviews, but I am actually very pleased with this app. The account display, convenience of transferring funds, and account number and routing information is helpful for quick retrieval. It’s like any other banking account I guess lol. However, there are no glitches that I’ve experienced with one of my other banking apps or false reporting of available funds. Thanks to the app developers on this one.
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2 weeks ago, A Georgia Deputy
Security Features
The review has nothing to do with JFCU it self but the app and security features. My biggest frustration is you have the ability to set push alerts when a transaction is made but it doesn’t give you any details. My prior CU showed me the amount and merchant with the push alert, so you don’t have to login to the app. I use Dave Ramseys Everydollar budgeting app and I have to login to the bank every time to get my transactions. All my other accounts work fine and do not have to login everytime. I turned off all the security features, re-added my account and still requires you to login everytime. Other then those issues the apps does what banking apps should do!
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9 months ago, Yomo80
Justice Federal mobile app is very responsive and fast . Very streamlined and I can do every financial task in it! Simple and easy to understand interface. I have never seen an app so quick and responsive. Kudos to Justice Federal for making my financial life way better! Only thing I would recommend is that they design the interface a little more enjoyable to young people, like adding some dark backgrounds , fun and interesting fonts and animations. Great app!
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2 years ago, Sonny Bubba
Easy to Use
The JFCU app has greatly improved over previous versions. It is much easier to navigate and much more intuitive.
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1 year ago, laithido
Words cannot express my gratitude to JFCU
This review is taking roughly 40 years to bring to life!! I must have opened my first savings account at JFCU circa 1984! I have lived three out of the four decades in Thailand, half way around the world from JFCU office. And yet, through all the years, no other institutions that I have been part of can compare with the dedication, patience and professionalism I have been given at JFCU! A loving shout out to Tracey Posgate. She is my true Guardian Angel. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, Alingtime
One little thing
The new app is very good but the old app had a link to shared branches and few free ATM’s that the new app is lacking. If they would add that it would be a 5 Star perfect app.
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3 years ago, Pico Chatts
Very easy to use!
I just love being able to check my account, as many times, as I want!
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1 year ago, Bolas Grandes
It’s a great app, easy to maneuver and easy access.
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1 year ago, NitaShon
New and improved
Love the look and simplicity of using the features.
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1 year ago, JustEazzy
Can’t make transfers
I am on the current version of the app and cannot make transfers to any of my accounts including internal. This has to be a glitch with the app. I know it’s possible because I know another member who could use the app to make transfers from their account.
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1 year ago, ArchangelHopeful
Wish that the App could have more features
I would like to see Justice App allow j higher transfer limit and more competitive CD Rates. I would place more money if this was so.
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4 years ago, C&M Dad
Love the changes!
Love Face ID and all of the new changes!
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1 year ago, JFCU NY Member Services
JFCU Team in NYC deserves a Directors Award for their great and professional service to members under leadership of their “greatest” manager - Mr. Greg Caruso!
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2 years ago, cval1
Great app
Great app
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2 years ago, hdwjfhwhhc
Pop ups
I’m tired of the pop ups. The app is good except for all the pop ups.
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2 years ago, High score is 5mil.
Waiting 3 Days for Hold
Not ideal to have to verify your account with two separate amounts not interchangeably.
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2 years ago, Megawom9700012
Justice FCU App
Great Setvice!
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12 years ago, tfs920
Money at my fingertips
Quick and easy to use. My money right at my fingertips... And all of the features that will be available soon will make this a must have tool to manage finances. Another reason why Justice FCU is a convenient place to bank!
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4 years ago, Mama Tap
App doesn’t work now??
I’ve been using this for a long time. I went into the full version to see a pending item. I usually use the app version. Yesterday I went in and app was blank except for justice name. Deleted and reinstalled and it’s the same. Also would like to see a fingerprint sign in ability.
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12 years ago, H.2209
I've been waiting for this app for awhile now. Mobile banking on this app is so much quicker than on the phone's browser.
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6 years ago, Runner11.12.13
Horrible App
This is by far the most difficult app to follow. I’ve used it for 2 months thinking it was difficult because it was new...but NO! I originally changed to this bank to take advantage of the home mortgage rates but instead I’ve gone back to my old bank and am just transferring money each month...all because they can’t get a good app. I do NOT recommend this at all!
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7 years ago, Cheesy face
What happened?
Hey JFCU, any idea on why my Touch ID password feature and pin feature is completely gone on my app? Loved those!
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11 years ago, JL0321
Almost there
This is an as yet incomplete mobile banking app since it does not have credit card information and cannot do mobile deposits. Once it adds those features I should be a 5 star app
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9 years ago, Eeysh
This app is trash
This app is as basic as it comes, you can only view what's on your account. And even that isn't accurate because the app will never show you a negative number?!! You can run up your account thinking you have a positive balance . Later to find out it doesn't display a negative number?? Fix this!
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12 years ago, Papi Chulo357
About time!!!
Been waiting on this App... It gives me the info I've been waiting for!!!
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6 years ago, Carmen_R
No Touch ID?
Does this app have Touch ID? I see other users have posted about it but I can’t find it.
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12 years ago, Pashmaky
It looks very good
It looks really good....I like it a lot.
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10 years ago, Morning.friend
Great for viewing my accts except I can't pay bills, transfer from one acct to my other accts, nor access our student reloadable card account. Still work to be done to make this app more than a 2 star app.
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4 years ago, Gran and Poppa
Will not load on iPhone
When I try to open the app on my iPhone I get a blank page with justice federal credit union on it. And it will not load up. When I go to safari to go to the site it says it can’t find it. What’s up with justice federal credit union??????? MAYBE THEY NEED AN UPDATE. ITS BEEN A YEAR SINCE UPDATE !!!
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7 years ago, So Tati
Frozen App
I just updated the app now and it no longer works?! The application freezes on the logo page. I have an iPhone X and the update notes claimed “iPhone X” upgrading. I need to access my bank...help.
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8 years ago, SnowboundStill
Keeps crashing
Love JFCU as a bank but this app won't stop crashing when I try to use remote check deposit.
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5 years ago, Mikej7061
No Touch ID
What happen to Touch ID? Any answer to why there is no Touch ID
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7 years ago, Lcw161
Won't open
The app just freezes and won't open. Not to mention it's been crashing for some time now.
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7 years ago, SSHOTSIE
Constantly freeze
This app constantly freezes or is constantly under maintenance rendering it useless.
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4 years ago, Member123
Update 11/4/2020
Now the app got a new interface and looks cleaner. But Touch ID is gone. Logging in the first time you get an announcement of the new update. But after the third time it gets old. When you click the pay bills button on the bottom. It become a blank white screen. And you can’t exit except for closing the app.
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7 years ago, Mita0211
What happened to remote deposits? It used to work, not anymore. Very dissapointed ☹️😠
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12 years ago, Wagon Wade
Error Pass lockout
Worked great the first time I used it. Now I get a lockout message, JFCU said to look in my email for a special code, email was deleted weeks ago & I can't use it. Luckily I can still log into the web site, w/ the same PW, just can't use the app :-(
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