Justlife (Home Services)

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User Reviews for Justlife (Home Services)

4.63 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
1 year ago, maxmlyan
Just An activated phone and a fast, direct response, as before, because it is better than a chat and is very effective in resolving any emergency and in the fastest time, and in order to communicate well with the customer, because whether it is not inclined or the chat does not respond quickly, unfortunately, and sometimes the worker is changed without referring to us or not coming from his origin. I asked to contact me, and that was not done. Our feedback as old customers creates a better future for success for you as an institution, and for us to obtain the best service as customers. Thank you.
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2 years ago, 99taimoor99
Stomach turning customer service
I have never ever in my life experienced customer service, the way justlife provides it. You can judge the measure of a company not when things are great but when things go sideways and I can tell you for a fact that justlife is a company that unequivocally does not care about their customers a single ounce. Not only did they make us miss our flight for not delivering a PCR in time (nor in twice) the amount of time as committed in their service, forcing us to miss New Year’s Eve with our family and countless other plans, there was no acknowledgement of these consequences and not an effort to make it right or even to think through with empathy for a possible solution. No one is available to talk to from 8pm to 8am, through phone or chat to help resolve what sometimes could be urgent situations, however they don’t have a problem scheduling services and taking your money any time of the day. I don’t know how companies such as this are allowed to operate under the name of convenience and supposedly “making life easier”. I can assure you that their name is also their motto when things go wrong… “that’s just life” they would say and move on. I implore u to not use their services for absolutely any work. They are abysmal
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1 year ago, Camel riding 4 life
I'll tell you facts, you decide.
I have been using Just Life since the beginning (Just Mop days) no problems no issues but as of lately I think they've grown too big or bit more than they can chew. Event 1- I scheduled an appointment the cleaning "professional" wasn't so professional and showed up 1hr 30min late (even when I cancelled the appointment because they were late and I had to go to work) - they didn't inform me they were running late I had to always follow up. It's ok no problem, things happen. We rescheduled for the next day. Into the appointment time I called and asked about ETA, they said I'm sorry but we don't have anyone available in your area free right now....... So why would you reschedule? Fine. I'm a patient man. Manager called me, apologized and assured this would not happen again. Booked another appointment - yesterday. At the start time of our appointment I call and they said and I quote "unfortunately there is no one available but worst case scenario someone can come to you tomorrow". Is this a joke? Is this customer service? Is this the same company I've used fort many years? One last try today - and WOW same thing. 4 times. The App is buggy
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5 years ago, laylawat
Justmop Bahrain
I also tried to give this app a try but I’m tired and done now, I truly believe the customer service team doesn’t care about Bahrain or my requests and just ignore me. First of all, service quality is horrible, there’s no quality control on the agencies they work with!! They don’t arrive on time and try to leave early unless you time them! You ask for cleaning materials, they come with half and try to use your stuff and your vacuum cleaner unless you call them and make a big deal. Then they tried to increase the prices for me without me agreeing because I requested for a vacuum cleaner (Haha laughable because it clearly states vacuum cleaner is included). And now they’ve increased their prices by 0.5 dinars and 1 dinar for cleaning materials!! Ridiculous! Then I call and try to book the same cleaners I had before, they say they’ll call me back, it’s been 4 hours and no call back and now their telephone line is off, what kind of customer service is this???!!!! Thanks but I’ll book directly, so unreliable and unprofessional, what’s the point of overpaying? Shame I don’t know what agency those ladies belonged to or I would’ve called the agency directly!
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6 months ago, TifaHegazy
Deceiving application & absent management!
One of the worst customer experience to deal with in Corporate Dubai - particularly in booking a service and actually receiving what you indicated through the application. The cleaners are well trained and hardworking. On the other hand; the management of the customer front are utterly negligent and deceiving. Every time I tried to book a « regular » cleaner and after I explain everything to her around my place; the following session the company sends a replacement agent. This happened 3 consecutive sessions with no proper communication or explanation whatsoever. The application just shows a message that the agent was changed - period. When I tried contacting the call center; you just get few apologies and the same regular response: the agent has other regular commitments; despite the fact the the agent herself was the one to confirm that she can be booked as a regular. I lastly cancelled all my future bookings and will sure prefer to deal with more professional cleaning companies. “JustLife” has no life in Dubai market if they persist in pushing away their customers like they currently do. Shame
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4 years ago, Pura J.
JustMop Bahrain—TERRIBLE cleaners, and even WORSE customer service
I have had way too many terrible experiences with this company. I have tried repeatedly to give them a chance because I like the convenience of booking cleaning any time, but the cleaning is most often subpar. The company does not vet, nor will they take adequate responsibility for the quality of the cleaners they send. The cleaners are almost always awful and customer service is even worse. All they offer to fix the terrible cleaning you receive is more terrible cleaning—but not even a reasonable amount of cleaning or credit to compensate for the services you received. My advice: take the time to find a good cleaner you like and book them directly. If you find one through the app, stick with that person and book them yourself outside of JustMop. JustMop will never properly rectify any issues you have with poor cleaning, and you are guaranteed to get poor cleaning if you don’t stick with the one or two cleaners you find who are actually good.
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3 years ago, alex_0101
New Weekly Routine - Waiting for my Maid, 6 Hours Late :-)
So I moved to Dubai in January. Me and my wife both work full time at new jobs, not really enough time to have our apartment sparkling. Naturally, we needed a maid! We’ve used the app now 8 times, four cleanings and four laundry services. The first round of each? Perfect ‼️ timely, very nice good, good attitude from the service provider, and a great price. But we soon learned ... you get what you pay for! Every time since this first service, our maid has been roughly 4-6 hours late, after being “rescheduled” unbeknownst to us. We have cancelled our plans each Saturday to sit around waiting. Our laundry, meant to arrive at 9:00am on Saturday mornings, has arrived on this day only once. The rest of the times, it comes on Sunday evening or Monday, to sit outside our apartment when we cannot receive it. We didn’t pack too much to bring with us, so I typically look like a bum on Sundays at the office. If they offered us refunds for the egregious amounts of our time completely wasted by their shotty system, that’d be one thing. I genuinely like the providers they send our way. But instead, we are out on hold for 30-40 minutes with their CSR, promised rebates that have NEVER found their way to us. DO NOT USE THEM!!! Total waste of time, endlessly frustrating. Spend the extra 100 dirhams to get someone reliable and pleasant.
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1 month ago, hindhood
If you want to waste your time, energy, and money- this is the app for you
If you are looking for punctual, accountable professionals to offer their services then this is not the right place. I’ve encountered several inconveniences through Justlife; cleaning staff not showing up after confirming bookings and showing that it is in progress. Salon staff not showing up and the app automatically shows that the service is completed even though I was home and no one showed up.. and the list goes on. What’s even worse; is how unhelpful the customer support people are. They give them human names like “nermeen”; but their communication is so robotic and lacks empathy. Long story short; I have deleted both the app and my account and will not do the mistake to use their service again. There’s multiple other apps in the market that are way better and that respect your time and are more transparent.
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2 years ago, Pia Abou Antoun
Life Savior!
I have been using this app for a while now…. I waited a while to put my review in. After couple of months of using JUSTLIFE for my very often PCR visits and at home mani & pedi, I can confidently say that it’s been the best app I’ve ever used…. Starting with the super user friendly app, I am always able to book my appointments at ease. The staff is so professional, friendly, and pros at what they do. Smoothest pcrs I’ve done, and cleanest polish application. Considering the fact that I’m a perfectionist with a very busy work schedule and the fact that I recently moved to the Dubai, JustLife has facilitated my life!
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3 years ago, yasrayes
Appalling service
While some cleaners are good, the management is TERRIBLE!!! I can not stress this enough!!! They are EXTREMELY disorganized and customer service has no problem straight up lying. I have had issues of them changing my weekly PRE BOOKED cleaners for 5 week straight now, and every time I talk to customer service I get the same rubbish lines that they are trained to read off of a script. Every time I request to speak to a manager they lie and tell me that he will call me back. They never call back, and when confronted about it they lie lie lie lie. I have never been this frustrated and shocked at the quality of customer service being provided, talking to their customer service is INFURIATING. I have never posted a review in my life but this appalling service warranted such a reaction from me because I am shocked at the lack of professionalism and absolutely do NOT recommend just mop to anyone
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9 months ago, sarah9378
The best you could ask for
Omg day by day it’s getting greater day by day This app is amazing u can find whatever u need from anything from salon home service maintenance lab service It’s The greatest home service now they have lab test at home at your comfort price very competitive with hospital no waste of time n in yr home comfort If u looking to have the fastest service in beauty or cleaning this app is the best option where u can get the best out of it easy n user friendly So professional and best ever for booking cleaning and spa Had tried many of their services and all are amazing
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12 months ago, angelmaltise
Fast and professional
For over three months my kitchen cabinets have been haunting me. 3 different handymen have come and failed. Justlife handyman services have saved me from this dilemma. After reserving on the app they contacted me and asked me what the propbelms were , upon my information they decided that two specialists were required a carpenter for the kitchen and planner for the bathroom. Having someone who specilizes in a problem is key in having issues resolved . This definitely sets Justlife apart from other services out there
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4 years ago, tashaaaaaaak
Honestly I’m not one to usually write reviews and I was especially shocked at the negative reviews below - but Justmop service has completely blown me away in comparison to the competitive companies. They do a great job without fail every time, great value for money, and MOST importantly the cleaners are absolutely lovely people. I feel comfortable with them in my home and feel they want to do a good job and not just do it to finish - which really makes a big difference!! Will keep coming back no doubt.
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1 year ago, MUAzDXB
By far the worst cleaning experience :/
I've used them 10+ times expecting them to fix their problems but they didn't. Their staff are not clean or understand what is the meaning of clean. They will leave puddles in the bathroom and avoid any cleaning that requires a bit of work; on multiple occasions I've told them to clean something and they said they did, then i grab a tissue and show them that they didn't clean it. They send faulty equipment or no equipment at all even when I chose the "with supplies" option. Their idea of supplies is a broken vacuum, a broom with a stick and an empty bottle of either windex or another cleaner. And worst of all they promised me a refund once because they didn't get any supplies which i paid for, after 3 hours with their chat agent she said she will refund 10 or 20 AED which i never got. They also work with 3rd parties and blame everything on the partners. They run a failed operation and if u are hygienic at all they will be your nightmare. P.S. they are amazing at showing up 30 mins before the appointment and also finishing up before the 2 hours are complete😂
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3 years ago, Not a fan of the new update!
Please please do not use this horrible app!!
Although my first time was horrible, yet I thought I’ll give it another chance! On my first time, the maid came very late, I didn’t get any call or anything although she told me she was waiting outside, how on earth would I know if I received no phone call or a message or anything!!! And she was unbelievable, she had such attitude although I was too kind with her. The second I booked, the money was taken and no maid showed up! On the third time as well! I mean who would want to go through that frustration!!!! This is unbelievable. Please stop the fraud! Stop deceiving people and taking away people’s money!! And guys please don’t be a fool like me :’(
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6 years ago, Gajanan
Best service yet!
Reading all the negative reviews I was hesitant at first so called and inquired the day lights out of the receptionist. She was calm, atleast for Dubai standards. Writing this review immediately after the maid left. I did not regret my decision. Friendly, smiling and very attentive to the smallest of details! As an OCD I did not have to tell her where and what to clean! Amazing. Will surely use the service again. Easy and reliable. Although the price needs a bit of working. But hey, u get what u pay for! Love it.
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2 years ago, hoyasaxa8
Five star reviews must be fake
This company is a mystery. How are they still in business with their absolutely nonexistent customer service?? Made me late for my day by showing up over an hour late for PCR and then telling me that it was my fault because I booked an appointment from 9:50-9:53 AM. It’s literally not even possible - customers can only book 1-hour windows and my window was clearly 9-10 AM. They’re saying I need to wait an hour from 9:53 AM as if I don’t have other plans for the day. According to them, from 9-11 AM I’m supposed to wait even though I booked 9-10. False advertising, lack of accountability, lack and empathy. I’m shocked they’re still in operation.
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2 years ago, ..,?;/
Fantastic Home PRC test service
We booked their Home PcR Test service and we were able to get an appointment in less than 24 hours! The team followed up on the service to ensure everything was completed correctly. Extremely impressed with the professionalism of their third party suppliers and Just Life contact center. Special thank you to Jared for following up with us and Raj for carrying out our Prc Test!
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3 years ago, Ndzeee
Loved the service!
Really shocked to see all the negative reviews below and on social media. Despite that I gave it a try coz a trusted friend said her service was great. Glad I did coz they were below market rates, showed up on time and great service! The professionals actually look like they want to do a good job rather than stare at the clock and try to make a quick exit. Well pleased & will use them again.
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3 years ago, humairakhan
Convenient and great service
I have tried several apps in Dubai for cleaning and other home services since I’m super busy. Everything was arranged very easily, no hassle. Cleaner came on time (a bit early actually) and took care of everything while I worked on the laptop. Payments, codes, and booking very convenient. Will use this everytime! Will try the home facial next.
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9 months ago, Dinaa99
Unreliable and Worst customer service
This app use people time and money as an option. They charge you and then they dont show up and make you chase for refund. If you buy a package the app is u helpful for scheduling beyond one appointment. Absolutely no customer service when things go wrong and you get a reply in 48hrs if you are lucky. Stay away
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4 years ago, Artemismeg
Professional, speedy and detailed
Best cleaning! Today was my first cleaning and I will definitely be using them again! The did such a great job and I have large a 3 bedroom/5 bathroom flat. They made everything sparkle! Way better job and I could do. They were also efficient with time and very courteous and professional! The price is very reasonable! I will be using them again very soon!
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4 years ago, murtazavana
Excellent service
Hey guys justmob has a good service I have tried many other company services but was not satisfied but the lady which came to clean the house was really helpful in cleaning all the house properly with out giving any chance of complain I will sure recommend to my friends and family and will just do all the service with Justmob
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2 years ago, FSS82
Just the worse cleaning service in the region, that should be the app name
After a couple of times using just life, I have to say that I don’t know how they are still in business. They are usually late to their appointment, their cleaning isn’t the best, and don’t be surprised if you get a cleaner with bad hygiene and odor if you order a a booking in the evening. The cleaner used bathroom cleaning foam to clean the bathrooms, and any cleaner that assigned in the application is not the one that you will receive, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are hiring illegal workers as cleaners. Just life should be renamed just the worse service.
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3 years ago, NatytaLeslie
First time they came late but cleaning was fine. Second time it was perfect. They were on time and the cleaning lady Janet was amazing. Third time they came 2 hours late. I had to call the driver multiple times. Apparently he doesn’t know how to use google maps. Cleaning was terrible and because they were late they only stayed for two hours because it was my children bed time and I didn’t want them around making noise.
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3 years ago, STx96
The worst customer service i have ever seen.
Long story short, i’ve had two critical appointments that got canceled on me, not only that, but they were canceled after the promised arrival time of the workers. I have called the customer support about 5 times to guarantee that i’ll have my appointment fulfilled, and in every single time i’ve called they assured me that the driver alongside the workers will arrive soon. Yet here i am waiting for 2.5 hours without a refund nor an appointment fulfilled. Stay away if you’re gonna depend on their services where time of service is critical.
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3 years ago, raniamoe
Terrible experience
I ordered 2 days ago for 2 house keepers to clean the house, and it say they will arrive today between 4-6pm and at 6pm they called me to inform me that there are no house keepers at the moment and they offer to reschedule! I told him no thanks today I had a lot of things to do and I managed to free myself and time so I can accumulate those house keepers! I can not deal with a company that doesn’t respect ppls time.. so disrespectful… I could have done things if they canceled earlier not 6pm… And they only apologies that’s it .. I’ll never ever deal with this company ever again.
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2 years ago, mar2ollo
Bad service
My friend recommended their cleaning services. Apparently there are difference servers for different areas in Jeddah, and I could not find any of the people she recommended. The available cleaners on the app (I tried 3 of them) are not professional at all. Each time they leave the house still dirty, standing on top of the furniture and ruining a few pieces, and multiple other issues. How are they not trained how to clean and be professional?! What’s the point of the company if they just send anyone without insuring quality of service?
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4 years ago, alialibrahem
This is the first time I write a comment, but it must reach the owners of this project, I am talking about services in Kuwait, the idea is good, the prices are reasonable on good services, but there is a very important comment, which is the commissions that are added when paying, whether the payment is cash, an amount of half a dinar is increased on The customer, and in the event of a credit card, the customer bears one hundred and twenty five fils. I hope for clarification and the answer to this inquiry. Thank you.
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5 years ago, logainaMOmer
Yoli was quick and efficient without sacrificing quality work. She showed up early and ended early, leaving me to have the rest of my day to myself in a very clean apartment! She’s also pet friendly and cleaned out my kitty’s litter box until it looked brand new. Would definitely recommend to a friend and will be booking here only from now on!
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1 year ago, Veronica1511
Best app for quick med results !
The nurse came in and quickly did everything within 15 minutes, very professional and nice. Results come super fast. Highly recommend to use this service! Haven’t seen an app to use this easy like this in other countries
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3 years ago, salmahamza
Amazing experience
I don’t have words to describe how they are amazing I must say my house is looking good and smell nice. Everything I asked to be done was perfectly done and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks to the team I will definitely get to use you guys again. Thanks so much you are the best♥️
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2 years ago, RagedBloodyMary
Garbage customer service
I booked a very time sensitive PCR for a hospital visit at 11pm the day before the visit. The provider never showed up. I followed up multiple times the next morning to get an urgent PCR. I was ignored. Finally at 330pm they told me they’ll send someone at 5pm and THEY STILL DIDNT SHOW UP!!! Vincent, Michael, Keith and Angel are the worst customer service agents. Absolute dumpster fire of customer service. Issues happen with every app and as long as they’re fixed, it’s not an issue. But this, GARBAGE!! Use Roof, urban company, Rizek or anyone else. Avoid just life.
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2 years ago, M. Shangiti
Excellent service in Jeddah
I have been using JustLife for about 2 months now and they have constantly provided me with much better housemaids than all their competitors. They were always on time. The app is very smooth, nice and easy to use. I'm very satisfied with the service.
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8 months ago, Taraji.Fayez
The become really bad
The service differ from one to another, but I stick with two lady who knew my home well then I don’t know what happened all the time after they kept sending ladies who know nothong about 1- time management 2- cleaning. It’s either those who are working don’t want to do their job and keep wasting the time and when the 4 houres finish say bye & go or they are not trained well. I don’t think that I’ll use the app again.
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10 months ago, Manal.chh_
In lovee
The nurse came in and quickly did everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️within 15 minutes, very professional and nice. Results come super fast. Highly recommend to use this service! Haven't seen an app to use this easy like this in other countries♥️♥️♥️♥️
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3 years ago, Mmsa21
Single user beware
The application does it’s job by providing the requested cleaning service within the given time frames but one thing it fails to tell you (within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is that you need to have a female attendee present at the time of the cleaning , I mean I requested the service to clean an empty Aprtment and they are asking for a female attendee the amount distrust shown by the company is one good reason for you to not download it, no where does it mention on the apps discerption that this app is oriented for families and no for every one.
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2 years ago, very bad customer care
Jewelry was stolen and they didn’t do anything about it
The maid stole some jewelry including my wedding ring. I submitted a report and still no reply. Only when I gave the maid a one star rating, they called and asked why I gave a one star rating and that I should have reported the incident within 48 hour, and they can’t do anything about it after 48 hours had passed. I’m very disappointed and upset. I will not be using their service anymore and won’t recommend it to anyone either.
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4 years ago, pattyturk
Great consistent service
This is the third cleaning service company I have used and hopefully the last. With every cleaner and each service, I am left completely satisfied. You don’t have micro-manage, the cleaners really have pride in doing a good job. Just Mop is trust worth, reliable and does a great job each and every time.
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11 months ago, Amr_husseins
Barber at home
The experience is very unique and magnificent i never tried this before but from now on will do this service it really make your life easier so you have to use it in each and every single event in your life
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3 years ago, Asiya182
Amazing service - convenient and excellent
Fantastic service and app! From the service menu, to scheduling to booking - extremely easy and convenient! Service crew came exactly on time and was excellent! Definitely using again! Thank you
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1 year ago, Blue void
Racists - don’t recommend at all
I use this application in Saudi. They don’t respect the person they’re serving.. they don’t keep their promises. They play with appointments and are willing to let you ask them 3 times for the professional to come even though you paid, but still they lie about appointments, and work based on their mood. It’s not an application that respects every individual. Their purpose is to serve people professionally, but they play and are racists. I don’t recommend at all.
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9 months ago, Nicole Cailsey
I'm delighted to share my fantastic experience with Justlife Services! They recently performed a home clean in my 1-bedroom apartment, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the moment they arrived, their team exhibited professionalism and attention to detail. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, clagwilliams
Great work
I had Noor for a second time. I requested her as she took her time and was great having one person do all the services. Although it could take longer it was ideal as I got to spend some time just relaxing the services.
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3 years ago, MeuCu2020
I’m a way demanding and picky about my nails. And I just enchanted with my manicure, Mayuri. I highly recommend her service and JUSTMOP professionals. They bring everything, they are super clean and well organized. You can trust with your eyes closed. I did mani and pedi and do it again for sure!
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3 years ago, Sarah_mk
Justlife pays people to write good reviews
My experience with Justlife wasn’t the best they kept cancelling, changing timings of my appointment and my cleaning professional without informing me. Though I never thought to write a review, until i got an email from them saying if I write a good review about Justlife I’ll get an immediate credit of 20 AED then I decided to write this to let everyone know that their “good” reviews is actually paid and this can effect your experience with them.
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2 years ago, wetwere
It’s convenient for sure but the only problem not always receiving the high quality service or I would say what you have paid for but their customer service compensate for the lack of bad service…. All in all it’s good
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5 years ago, Ahmedgak
Worst service
Worst service ever. Dont waste your time downloading this as the service provider is rude and the customer service is rude and not professional. Have been waiting for more than 3 hours for the maid and no one called to apologize. When I inquired they said they are busy and will send someone the next. Waiting 2 hours the next day and no body showed up keeping in mind that i had already paid online Would give them less than half a star if I could
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3 years ago, amrkhalifa3
Too unorganized and unprofessional
Having an app should mean booking a cleaning service and your overall experience should be easy. INSTEAD there are ALWAYS issues with JUSTMOP 1. They rarely come on time either tooo early or tooo late 2. The Hoover we ask for the cleaners to bring always has issues it is either forgotten or it never works so we have to try to reach someone to get it replaced, by that time we already wasted so much time
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2 years ago, Khuloodmug
Just getting worse
They started off well, however now their service is less than one star. They cancel one hour before set time, they change the chosen cleaner even though they say they “guarantee” the same cleaner. Even with constant complaints, they don’t care and they don’t even try to please the customer. Super unreliable. I deleted the app after giving them many chances. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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