Juxtaposer: cut, combine, edit

Photo & Video
4.9 (9.4K)
115.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pocket Pixels Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Juxtaposer: cut, combine, edit

4.91 out of 5
9.4K Ratings
3 years ago, TheTruthsInTheSoil
Its so good ….it’ll make you wanna slap your old x-acto set off your table
Simply put Juxtaposer is my go to app for nearly all of my multiple photo blending work and all of my comedic photo combination needs. It is now and has been my number one choice for years due to its ability to take the difficulty out of a craft that used to be a very difficult thing to attempt and expect any kind of decent results with your finished product. The tools that this app has made available and their butter smooth interface is among one of the easiest to use out of all the apps I keep in my kit. In very little time you’ll notice how the apps capabilities can start to grow your abilities in the cut/paste/blend game more and more each session. To me it’s easy to see the developers took their time to put together an app that does exactly what you need and does it without any of the glitched out nonsense that I’ve grown frustrated from using in so many other poorly made apps in this category. In my strongest opinion I can confidently say that Juxtaposer is a keeper and has been the tool /catalyst that’s made possible some of the best satirical photos in my file. Pictures that are memorable to me with similar feedback from all my friends whom I choose to share. It has never let me down and it does what’s asked of it without disappointment!
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7 years ago, AmesMoore
The Only Juxtapose App Worth Buying!
I have purchased MANY apps that claim to do what this app does and NO ONE COMES CLOSE to the level of perfection that Juxtaposer reaches. I spent half of today at the DMV, which was a perfect time to test this app and I am beyond impressed! It’s so simple, yet, it’s also an extremely powerful little photo editing app. I was able to zoom in far enough to erase individual pixels!!! This means the end result comes out flawlessly every time and my finger is all I used! The unerase feature really shines when the background blends with the foreground picture and finding the edges seems near impossible. Just erase the edges of the foreground pic and unerase to paint it back in! I’m not British or even an Anglophile, but I really must say that this app is BRILLIANT! I only wish it was possible to share the picture of my 7 year old riding a dragonfly (my very 1st project) on this review. It looks like I’ve been doing this for years! My iPhone won’t even zoom into the picture close enough to spot ANY rough edges or editing. Thank you Juxtaposer! You’ve made this Dad look like a pro! ***Special thanks to The AppStore for featuring this app recently...it’s been available for 4 years and without the feature, I would have missed my opportunity to use this amazing app.
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4 years ago, Phichbeo
I am addicted
The comments below are from awhile back. I still love the app and use it pretty much every day to make art. The picker is not working well - that is why I am writing. I pick an image, the picker stalls, I go back and start the picking process again. Frustrating. I like the app very much and try to make art on it almost every day. In the bad old days of film I liked making multiple exposures - this app gives huge flexibility in making and manipulating that kind of work. So I love that. There are some apparent glitches in the software that actually help: moving all the sliders to the left and then dialing shadow and brightness back yield a high contrast version. Making a screen shot of that and using it to replace the image, then sliding back saturation and dialing up the bottom two sliders gives a solarized version. I use these a lot - please don't fix those glitches unless you make them into standard features! It took a while to discover accidentally how to solarize and I would hate to lose that! I wish you had a simple cropping feature. And, last but most, help us back up the files - they take up a huge amount of space on both my phone and iPad!
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6 years ago, Ennui&Upward
If what you want is a simple way to cleanly cut out and collage digital images, this is without question the app you need. When I replaced my iPhone with a non-mac phone a few years back, I searched fanatically for a non-mac app to match the function of Juxtaposer for years, and never found anything even remotely similar. I'm an old school paper and scissors collage artist, and what I want is quite simply a digital analog to those reliable meatspace tools. Juxtaposer is exactly that: a precision pair of digital scissors to "cut out" any image on your device and juxtapose it with any other image on your device...layer upon layer upon layer. Simple, easy, and for me indispensable. I'm currently paying for an iPhone I can't afford for one reason: Juxtaposer. My single suggestion for improvement (and I’m reaching here) is bring back the app's original icon, the dog headed man; he was far more attractive and appropriate than the current vague collection of shapes. Otherwise the absolute pinnacle of digital collage making apps. Unparalleled & beyond essential.
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5 years ago, Koritsi Alogo
Worth Every Penny!
I bought this years ago, just to play around with a bit. It was very tedious, but still sort of fun, and I really liked the results. Now, while things still take a while, I use this all the time, and it’s really not that bad with timing. Once you get the hang of it, it works pretty well. I’ve used it for face-swapping, slight photoshopping, collages, color-changing, and probably more. It’s probably not the best, but it works pretty well, and in the past five years, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten more than three dollars worth of work done. I’m far from professional, but this app is very easy to use, and I’m generally pleased with how much I can do with it. There are flaws, such as the inability to have more than two layers at once, but it works really well, and I’d highly recommend it to other amateur editors, depending on what they’re looking for.
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5 years ago, krismeadows71
Awesome app but needs an “undo” button!
First off let me just say that I love this app!!! It’s super easy to use and figure out. But one pretty substantial drawback for me is not having a “redo” button like Adobe PaintCan has in case you undo something only to realize you liked it better the way it was before. Please add this to a future update. Adobe PaintCan has 16 steps you can go back and undo. I mentioned this in my previous feedback more than a year ago and I see it’s still not been added....that is the reason I give this app 4 and not 5 stars. An undo button is pretty standard now on many photo editing apps and one as elaborate as this one should have an undo button as well. It would be great to be able to change the size of your canvas too and not be locked in by the size of the background image. I’m sure I’ll find more to write about but these are some of the things I think would greatly improve an already fantastic app. Thanks for making this cool and fun image blending app...and please...add an undo button so I can give this awesome app 5 stars! Love it! 👨🏼‍🎨👍🏻💯
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10 months ago, E.Beagle
Years of Great/keeps improving
Updating my review: the latest updates and features continue this as the best of its type! The layers adjustment options make easy work of seamlessly blending otherwise difficult-to-blend images. I've been using this for many years and it remains my go-to photo app and imho is the best photo editing apps in the store. The ‘clipping’ feature was good and with updates it’s become truly great (it easily outperforms apps that only clip things - without masking and manipulation into new images). Particularly useful that you can save 'clipped' stuff (faces, etc) for future use. The ‘undo’ option makes trying/reversing a breeze. Thanks…
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1 year ago, Fitted!
Best Photo Blending/Layering App!
This was one of the first photo editing apps I ever downloaded to use on my phone & it has to be around a decade later & I still continue to redownload it on to every iPhone I've upgraded to ever since. I use it for laying images, removing backgrounds, or blending photos within each other to make them appear more natural instead of just cropped out of one, & placed into another. Ive always appreciated how easy it makes it to manually edit photos on my phone using a stylus, or even my finger without making it into some complex multiple step equation. Easy to use, straight forward app, highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Briman 2015
Simply the best....
If you are looking for an app that can do some amazing things, this is it! And once you get the hang of it, it is really easy and really quick to generate some great photoshop creations. All you really need is your finger. If you want to use Apple Pencil, you can really get down to the fine details, but you really do not need it to creat some great photos. I’ve been using this for a year or more and it is my go-to app for making my friends laugh with some awesome photoshops. Play around with the features and you’ll begin to see how well done this app really is and how creative you can be.
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4 years ago, TechTalkGuy
Impressed many people! 👍
Juxtaposer is an iPhone app that gives you the power to take two images and superimpose them together. There are so many ways to blend two images, it’s just incredible what can be accomplished on an iPhone. You start by selecting a background image. You then select a top image. Next, you erase the areas of the top image you want to become transparent with your finger. To accomplish this, you can pinch to zoom in as close as you need to be accurate and believe me, it really works! You can unerase parts as you need and there is an undo button in case you need it. The end results are so crisp, I’ve used this app to create stunning wallpapers for my Mac desktop. When you finish with a top layer, you can save it as a stamp that you can reuse on future projects plus you can export the top layer as a .PNG for your Mac!! The Magic Crop feature is dangerous. It helps; however you MUST use the Red Mask to uncrop what it has missed. Recommended: Yes
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4 years ago, iBuggins
Really great
I use this app a lot. It is versatile and powerful. Also very fun. They have done a great job developing it over the years. I think I've had it for about 8 years, and I've used it constantly. Update: ok- now I’ve used it for probably 12 years. It is still great and just got some more very useful updates. I used to think I’d like to buy the whole app or company and make it go more mainstream. I and my friends have a lot of really great lampooning of each other with this app. You would love it. I donated ten bucks and will again. Great app!
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3 years ago, deyvem
This was one of my first apps
I’ve had this app since I had the iPhone 3G, now I’m on my iPhone 12. I’ve never deleted it. It’s brought me countless laughs during that whole time, and continues to do so. I’m not comparing it to Photoshop cuz I bought it for five bucks over 10 years ago, and I’m still using it. It does everything I need it to do on my phone, and it does it quickly. The updates have made it so much better over time. And for free is insane. Tip please. This guy deserves it. Thanks for the updates.
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3 years ago, Badsugarterrors
Kind of a rant but blunt and honest
Been using this app for a long time and it’s worth using as a free app so anything that you would buy is just bonus. I haven’t had to buy anything but I feel guilty for using the crap out of this thing. Feel like they deserve some donation. I will have to buy something now…. Anyways this is my most used app for making on the spot memes and jokes in chats. Easy to learn. Easy to use. I’ve deleted all other app because they don’t compare.
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5 years ago, Dino Pete
Amazing app, been using for years...
Amazing at its simplicity to do what it does. Great for making collage / cut up images from photos and screenshots. It has a bunch of different blending layer options and effects, which can modify top or bottom image. There's an opacity option which allows for solid over lays, much like gluing paper on paper. Apple pencil support greatly improves work flow, allowing user to modify brush size based on pressure and option to quick switch between erase and unerase via two quick taps. 10/5 stars, never regretted purchase even once at any point in time. would love to see: - option for the back background color (currently just grey) - ability to stamp top layer via 3 ( or 4 or 5) quick taps - and or option to see the stamp top image button on top toolbar instead of in drop down menu Best/ favorite cut up app i've used for sure!
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4 years ago, jsteazy
The app I’ve used for years
This app has been hands down my favorite app to use to creatively edit photos for years now. The quality of exported images has never disappointed, and the blending functions have been incredible. Up until now it has been labor intensive to cutout and blend photos, but with the new auto cutout feature, I am incredibly excited to see the workflow of photo ideas become dramatically more efficient. I will hands down support this developer any chance I get.
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6 years ago, Patsy W
Essential for watermarking images for social media posts
Love, love, love this app! It’s a must have for blending multiple layers with added flexibility of additional functions that can be tweaked as needed. I so appreciate that the developers keep this app updated so that it continues to be usable over various iOS upgrades. I’ve used this for years and it is consistently one of my go-to apps in post-processing images and especially for watermarking images for posting to social networking sites. It’s a must-have app!
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6 years ago, Brother Chuy
Just stop right here and get it. I found this app as a free download from Starbucks and I have to say I am SO HAPPY I did. I don’t know if it costs anything but whatever the price it’s MORE than worth it! I use this app on the daily for creating all sorts of content and don’t know what I’d do without it. Literally, don’t know what I’d do. It’s easy to use and you can blend pics together seamlessly (almost always). You are limited only by your own imagination and my review is limited only by 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Hhfdhhghfhjjhfdv
I've had an iPhone since the day they invented them… I've gone through app after app after app, many of which I hang onto, most of which I delete. This app has been the single most pleasurable, fun, well constructed user-friendly app I have ever experienced. I have friends sending me notes all the time begging me to make them things using this app! Kudos to the developers and marketers… This thing is fan-freaking-tastic!!
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4 years ago, andypagong
WOW! Magic Crop feature is amazing! Unsplash-photos is a very nice HD quality add on. All that updates are free too! So, so glad I bought this app! ****************** It's been over a year now and so far I have found no better app than this! This is by the way even not much updates by the developer...which only tells me that the app was well thought out from the beginning. It still amazes me! Loving it still ! ****************** Months later and this app still amazes me. Superb! Hope Ipad version will come next... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• One of the best of Apps so far... Simple and Super Fun! Hope Pocket Pixels Inc are working for apple's Itablet version with a much richer image resolution because I would surely buy it!!! Excellent App!
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1 year ago, Macman1900
This is an amazing app that I’ve used for years and never disappoints. The only reason for the 4 stars is that it really needs to keep your layers open instead of blending them into one once you move onto a new top image. The main background and all other layers should be completely independent for changing background image. This is needed also when needing a final image cropped into a PNG file to delete background all together for brand imagery.
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3 years ago, grittyshaker
Great app but….
I love this app and I’ve had it since it first arrived in the App Store. I would give it 5 stars but it’s still missing a few things. The selection tool is absolutely dreadful. It’s pretty much unusable and I don’t really understand why. There are other apps that offer this and they work fine. There’s some other minor gripes but I can’t think of them at the moment. Overall, it’s a great app but please work on the magic wand.
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2 years ago, Brian's Granny
Love this app!
I’ve had more fun using this app than any other. I send my grandkids a new picture of them somewhere in the world or in a crazy situation every day and they love it. Also one thing I really appreciate is that I have not once had a tech issue using Juxtaposer and whenever there is an IOS update Juxtaposer is on top of it. Big 👍🏼 for this one!!!!
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6 years ago, danielarandatat2
I love this app I'm a tattoo artist and it has helped me with designing my tattoo projects however there are somethings i wish it could be added on for example when adding a new layer sometimes I notice I have to adjust some details to the previous layer and I cannot do it without taking the layer I just opened if we can access and edit multiple layers this would be the perfect app for me I hope you can read this message and I appreciate your time
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12 months ago, Fatmattsfat
The only photo app you need!
I bought this app way back when it was .99 cents. Shared many edited photos. This is the easiest and only app you need for editing photos. No crap. 4.99 is cheap I would pay 10 bucks. I love it and use it daily. Editing is simple smooth. If you love having fun and make people laugh this is all you need.
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1 month ago, Harmanite
10+ years of use
I’ve been using this app for over a decade and love it. I’m not a design person or photo editor, but I can quickly and easily crop someone or something into (or out of) a photo in this app. People give me WAY too much credit and think I’m like a photoshop wiz, but it’s honestly so easy. Use the red filter- it’s a game changer.
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6 years ago, Max Smoothwall
Son coming up
I enjoy making simple but humorous photos, such as the current project, my son’s face overlaying the sun in a Blue Ridge Mountains sunrise photo. His face, wearing glaring sunglasses, was a selfie taken while driving into a sunrise en route from North Carolina to visit home in New Jersey. My intension is to caption it relating to “our son coming up” The app is simple to use, is forgiving of clumsy fingering and I regard it as fast, averaging about thirty minutes per project. I’ve only scratched the surface (no pun there ‘ay) of the possibilities using only the basics so far. I’m pestering my family for their photos and am collecting backgrounds. This is my new fun toy and I recommend it to anyone interested in this occupation. Thanks for a great app. Creatively yours, Max Charlie’s grampa
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3 months ago, Ben Gates
Truly The best...
I’ve been using this app for over ten years at this point. Awesome developer, that is reachable! I missed an opportunity to test for him once, when i was traveling, years ago. It’s a wonderful app, once you figure out how to work it. Worth the price of admission without a doubt, if you want an on the fly “photoshop-esque” editor. A+
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3 months ago, Ladyonthelake59
App needs bug fixes
I would have given this app 5 stars but there have been no updates for 7 months and it’s starting to get buggy! I use this every day and I love it, find it easy to use and extremely useful. BUT the erase function has gotten buggy. It no longer locks the screen while using nor does it erase as effectively. Developers: Please fix! I depend on this app!
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2 years ago, wrytur50
Great, but...
Constantly running into the same issue: "Unable to load your image." Very, very frustrating. I would give this app a "5" if not for this constant problem. I have reloaded the app six times in the two days that I have owned it, and the problem persists. Too bd, really, for an otherwise sensational app.
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5 years ago, BURNT4LIFER
The best and easiest photoshopping app for iPhone!!!
Custom crop any part from any picture to use as a stamp on any other picture you like. Crop your friends heads into celebrities or face swap them with each other. You can also blend multiple picture together by switching brushes. A definite MUST HAVE for every iPhone user!!!
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4 years ago, Digixan
Avid User
Been using this app for years! One of my go to apps for quick photo augmentation. But still wondering why the ability to edit a layer isn’t an option? I’m not into the set it & forget it style of the app which causes me to be a bit more careful of my editing choices when on a layer. So really hope to see a future update on layer editing for this really well done app.
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5 years ago, Pokimio
I LOVE this app!
I’m the go-to person in the family when someone needs to be included in a group photo. And my little 5 year old granddaughter Mia loves when I make funny photos of her in funny backgrounds. I only wish that I can add transparencies to them to make it easier to add cartoons to it. Please add this feature and I will make sure everyone knows about it! °\(ッ)/° ßÏG HÛGŠ from Grandma Suzie.
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5 years ago, Schlowago
Super-easy, and satisfying
I love making these sorts of “magical” photos, but the other apps I’ve used to create them have meant a tension headache and a few off-color words and phrases (in a word; frustrating). At my very first use of Juxtaposer I was able to combine elements unlikely to occur in nature, causing my wife to exclaim, “It looks so real!” Good results, and fun in achieving them! An easy 5 stars.
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1 year ago, eeemmmly
Love this app
I’m pretty sure I’ve*never* left a review for an app before - but I love this app so much. The accuracy with which it can crop the item out of a photo I want it to often surprises me. I use it all the time - my family members send me pictures to crop & layer if they want to visualize something. It’s awesome. Thank you!
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11 months ago, Clarion
Still Great
I thought I’d revisit this app in the AppStore to see how it’s doing. I’m surprised this app has gone down from 5 to 4.9 stars. This is a great app that I’ve been using almost everyday for over 10 years. If anything, this should stay at 5 stars. I love the support they give you. More power to the developer.
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3 years ago, Jestha
Magic Crop is brilliant
I’ve used the app for years. The hours I spent erasing and unerasing would be an embarrassment if the photos hadn’t turned out so fabulous. This is a huge improvement! Thank you so much. My recent projects are putting a child version of yourself in a recent photo of yourself. Love this app!
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2 years ago, Budman0888
The software is awesome with a lot of features. Try it, you will like it guaranteed. The developer does not ask for crazy weekly fees, just tips. Tip when you can. I was wondering if you could add a clone feature? That feature would help making the photo more realistic. Thx in advance!!!
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5 years ago, Nikp90
I’d buy again and again.. and I have!
The things I’ve made with this app are unbelievable!! The editor is intuitive, it has multiple brush modes, ability to save sessions (like photo shop PSD files), CUSTOM BRUSH PRESSURES, and much more. I bought this app for nearly everyone in my family - this is probably the app I’d recommend most on the App Store! Thanks!
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3 years ago, kgdi
This is an important tool!
I am an artist who has to be very accurate in relationships of geometric shapes in developing form. This is the best tool I have to determine those relationships. The person who developed this App is brilliant. Thank you many times over in helping me with developing these forms . It saves me a lot of time. Regards, KenGessford
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7 years ago, grk1113
love it
I love this app and find myself playing around with different photos on a regular basis. my only request at this time would be to maybe allow the user to change the eraser to a square if needed. Other than that, I have zero complaints.
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7 years ago, jennjenn1010
My all-time favorite app!!
I've had an iPhone since the day they came out, and have experimented with thousands of apps. This one is so amazingly user-friendly, and has every single feature you need to be able to get the best out of any app in this category! Kudos to the developers; fantastic app!!
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5 years ago, ɞʟıṅɢɢıяʟ224
Does not work
It took me all of about 2 seconds to realize my money has been wasted. This does not accomplish any thing it says in the description. You can not blend properly. I have tried so many of these apps in hopes that it would work better than photoshop. The flaw in this one is you have no way to blend the edges of the first photo. Not matter which blend mode I choose or how much I do adjustments it does not blend seamlessly like their photos here. I really wanted to like this one.
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5 months ago, Lincolnl0g
Longtime user since god knows when
I’ve been using this at least since 2017 if not 2014? I paid the minimum price cuz it’s just that worth it. Easy photoshop-esque features that continues to be supported year after year. 10/10 in my book.
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4 years ago, J.A.Michaels
This is by far my favorite app. I have used it more than any other to both my and my “victims” amusement. Super easy to use. It does exactly what it says it does. As long as this app is only available on iPhone I will only have an IPhone. It is way underpriced. Sorry I could only give 5 stars.
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3 years ago, dougdearinger
Fun app but stopped functioning
Used this app a few times for some fun stuff and now I cannot use it. It will not let me load pics from my camera roll. It locks up when I try. I tried deleting the app and reloading it to no avail. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Help!
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5 years ago, Idonthaveastupidnickname
Love this app — been using it for maybe seven years. I can put on a new outfit for my Facebook profile picture, whiten my teeth, etc. Lately someone asked how I got my dogs to sit still for their Christmas photos with Santa hats. I don’t. Take a picture, add the hat. There’s a learning curve, and it takes time to make it look realistic, but it’s worth it if you enjoy this kind of thing. Suggestions: Let me cut a straight line without going pixel by pixel. Diagonal cuts, etc... The resolution isn’t great, but then I paid $2.99 for this app. Thanks for all your work!!
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10 months ago, Isa2009
Bangin’ !!!
This is the absolute best app I have used on mobile devices. It allows me so much creative freedom and fast. I do wish there were text options with variety's. I can’t even knock anything in that regard. Thank you for not being the money mongers.
Show more
10 months ago, Doulos777
Works better than any plus an engaged developer
I’ve used this little gem of an app to deliver smiles and laughs among my family for many years. The tools are simple and effective. The addition of the magic erase was even better.
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4 years ago, sydneyrpage
Add a layers option!!
Im a graphic designer and I’ve been using this app for 5 years now and I do all my work on my phone. The only thing needed to make this app perfect is a layers option so I can go back to a picture I added on earlier and adjust it if needed. Please consider making this adjustment. This is my favorite app to use for graphic design.
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1 year ago, Submilliseclatencyredisa
A long time user & overdue review
Been a steady user for I don’t even know how long, 2015 maybe. I usually don’t even write reviews ever bc I just click whatever option gets me back to my project the fastest. That said, this app has provided me and my friends with some of the best laughs and memorable laughs. So thank you and I look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve in such a positive user friendly direction is great.. used to take me a while to get the right crop/stamp/duplicate, but now it’s automated and is incredible. - A life long customer
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