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11 months ago
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User Reviews for K-LOVE

4.61 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Country Mare
K-Love has the most encouraging songs. The songs they play just fit really any mood your in or make your mood even better. In the songs they play each one can touch you and lift you up when you listen to the words as well as the awesome beat they can keep. Thanks to K-Love and all of the Christian artist out there you have made a wonderful radio station that has helped many in there difficulties. God has truly blessed y’all and our nation. We are very blessed to have such a great radio station ready to play the best music for us and to lift our hearts as one and praise the lord above. The k Lu thing I could recommend to K-Live them selves is to had a little bit of country gospel. I am a country girl myself and I enjoy some good country music praising the lord. Other than that I just live this radio station.
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1 year ago, katiLB
Always asking for money
K Love - has been a channel I’ve tuned into since moving to the states. I’ve noticed a trend of them always trying to get sponsors to donate money. This is so regular to the point it’s annoying! I’ve had a read about K Love and the CEO gets paid $500,000 a year and the DJs $200,000. Each year they pull in way more money than they would need in order to run the channel. They’re currently in the process of expanding by buying our small local Christian stations. Replacing it with themselves and not including any local church or Christian news. The big guys strikes again. That’s were everyone’s money is going, imagine giving your $10-40 to somewhere like “charity water” where you can provide people clean water etc. I understand K Love still has good, but to be pocketing so much money for a supposedly volunteer network. I had liked K Love until they became all about money! I’ve switched over to 91.9 now wgts. Who actually play music and talk about Jesus. And that’s where my money will be going. To people who actually need it.
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5 years ago, anniebarnett
Jesus is alive!!
I am currently going through a hard stage of life, and I have started listening to k-love and it has changed my life for the better!! The thing was I couldn’t take this station out of the car, then one day on the radio I heard, “ take your k-love with you with the official k-love app!!” I was so excited I downloaded it as soon as I got wi-fi!! This app is a life changer(in a good way)and it is highly recommended to everyone who needs something more than just going to church, reading the Bible everyday, and even if you love all of that stuff and are looking for a good station! I especially love this app because it is still the radio! It doesn’t just have the music, they still have Scott and Kelly talking, which is one of my favorite parts!! No problems, no bad things, all God, and God is the best thing you can get in your life!!!!!!!!!💓🙏🏻
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5 years ago, nicknamegirly girl 449
So when I first discovered fix station I was listening to my old radio to fall asleep. It only had a few stations that actually worked. I switched stations listened to the songs and I fell in love with it. For a long time I thought it was called Caleb. Then my dad month to Oregon and I couldn't listen any more. (Or see my daddy 😭) Then in the car one day my mom played it without know it and I was all like "Mom this is Caleb!" And I told her how I always listened to it and all that. Then it said that thing like "Postive. Encouraging. K-LOVE!" And I was like "Ooooh all this time I thought it was Caleb but it's really K-LOVE 🤯). Anyways all in all PERFECT station and app can NEVER get enough of it thank you so much. By the way Skip and Amy I LOVE YOU your one of my favorites. K-LOVE ROCKS! -An 11 year old
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3 years ago, E.Rigs
Jesus is alive and using these amazing people.
Thanks to K-Love I have got through many hard times. I am 10, but I understand the times we are going through and what is happening. From my nanny losing her memory and the doctor REALLY messing up the surgery on her arm to my Grandpa almost died multiple times to me having singles really bad and almost getting it in my eye. I have listened to K-Love all my life. They play the right song at the right time. They really are positive, including, K-Love. Now I can listen anywhere with this app. There is a verse of the day. A little bottom where you can give. A page showing the song playing and the song playing...etc. This app deserves more that 5 stars. Best idea ever.
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2 months ago, K-love luvr
I love it!!!!
The K-LOVE app is wonderful!!!!! There is a few things that I don’t really like though, #1 is: they play old songs and claim they are brand new ones. And #2 is: they constantly repeat songs and that’s frustrating of course 😬😕 and they don’t update the music news and the other stuff on the app very much and they don’t tell you what the top songs are just by looking at the app you have to listen a lot to hear the songs. Anyway… I love it and would highly recommend it for anyone, a new believer or a seasoned pro and anyone in between. The K-LOVE app has anything you need to grow in your faith and have fun while your at it!!!!! 😃😃 lovin’ it!!! P.S I wish it would let you vote on the app.
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5 years ago, 8PointStar
Perfect timing, perfect app
I downloaded this app about a day ago or so, and today the winds where I live are so bad that houses are being torn down, there’s a black out, and cars have been blown of the street, and whenever I open this app it makes me think everything will be just fine! This app should win a “ most inspiring app of the century” or something lol 😂 there is one thing about this app that is a bit frustrating though and that is ( I’m typing with sirens everywhere so if it doesn’t make sense, sorry in advance!) whenever I’m looking to see the previous song, it is really slow or doesn’t tell me at all! Please fix that if possible, other then that... MOST PERFECT APP EVER!
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5 years ago, hello!!!!!!🙃🙃😋
My way of worship
This is an amazing app! When I am feeling down or sad this is a good positive way to cheer me up. I don’t go to church that often only once or twice a year. I have a bible but don’t read it as much as I probably should. Listening to this is really the only way I can express my love for god. I can’t do these things because my daily schedule is jam packed. This is a good way to start your day and end it to. Me and my cousin went to a camp called Pathfinder there is also a camp Vick they are both religious. After that I had a sleepover with her in the car we listened to K-LOVE and that is when I fell I love with it. Then when I started to listen to it I heard about the app. K-LOVE is my way of worship.
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12 months ago, -reviewer3682
Great app, but one thing....
I really enjoy the K-love app! The music is great and I can see artists and the songs they’ve made. It’s really easy to navigate and simple. I can do things outside the app while listening which I look for everywhere but usually don’t get because there are usually ads, but I find that if there are, they are less annoying. The only setback is that recently when I tried opening the app, it just automatically crashed and sent me back to the home screen. I can’t seem to figure out why, and if you could give me suggestions, that would be great, thank you!
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4 years ago, pdalbey
Good, but....
As someone who doesn’t live in a K-Love market, I listen to the stream very often through the app. I love getting to listen in anytime no matter where I am. However, I find the app crashes very often when streaming in the background. I am constantly having to reopen it and restart the stream. One major feature that’s missing and should be seemingly simple to add is a station finder. When I travel from Illinois to Texas or Pennsylvania or Florida, it would be so nice to be able to open the app, have it use my location, and find K-Love stations nearby. The website sort of has this capability (though even there it’s unnecessarily difficult to find), but it would be a great and easy addition for the app.
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5 months ago, bankerbuddy
Absolutely great
One day someone told me the music and things we listen to have an effect on our every day life. He didn’t tell me to stop listening, he just simply gave me facts. It’s been proven that what you listen to has an effect on your mood. It’s not the genre but the words. Fast forward and I try to listen to K-Love as much as I can. Christian music has came such a long way that you can’t tell it’s even the gospel until you sing along and it’s praising the Lord. My son loves it, I love it and I’ve gotten other family and friends onto it. THANK YOU!
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3 years ago, HuskyMeap
Absolutely in love!
I love this app and the station just because it is always encouraging and this music just has the power to lift you up wherever you are in life. To anyone who is wanting to find Jesus or if you are a new follower of Christ, where ever you are no matter how low you are or how much you think that god doesn’t want you I know for a fact he sees you. He is not going to keep you from crying but he will be right by your side comforting you while you cry. Where ever you are the songs on here can lift you up and cheer you up no matter what I guarantee it.
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2 years ago, ajc@3612$
God Is Good
I have listened to K Love my whole life even though I am only 10 I gave my life to Christ when I was 7 and this is one of the number 1 things that made me become why I am today. I love listening to all the talks and all the amazing music. I have been going through hard times lately but all you amazing people have helped me so much even though we are strangers to each other, we are brothers and sisters in Christ’s name. I pray for you all and hope you all have a good day/night. 😁😁😁
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3 months ago, Blazagon9000
What’s up with this “air1” business
Look. I’m not saying that K-love is bad ( it’s AMAZING I listen to it daily) but as I was searching for K-love on my radio, I come across “Egypt” by Cory asbury and go “oh I found it!” Then I hear stuff about: job loss, college, doctor’s office. And think “hey this sounds just like K-love” then they say Air1. Like WHAT?!! I’m scrolling through a mechanic sound making tin can!!!! And this Air1 pops up?!! Naw Naw listen. Then I go in a phone on App Store and (oh my goosh) this is purple K-LOVE!!! On an « average app » ??? They also the same posts on their google page and a rip-off Carlos and Amy CJ and Lauren (big difference buddy boy) I bet they have an air1 fan awards!!! What a waste!!!!!!!! Love K-LOVE though❤️
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5 months ago, littl foot.
Chris Tomlis
I just love this song when i feel down or worried bout some thing this song lift's up my spirit's up and then by singing song i feel the holly spirit come's in to my home and in to in heart and i feel like warn and like he is here with me .I grew up in church as a kid .I love church in my life jesus is number one before any thing in my life . And people are really stuck in this world with out Jesus Christ they just have no idea and the feeling good good feeling out being safe in Jesus Christ blood. Amen .
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2 years ago, 111111111😜
2 things
This app is amazing, however there are 2 things I would change. The first one is that whenever you write a prayer there is a limit to how many words you can write, I don’t like that because there should be no limit to prayer. The second thing being I really wish I could go back and edit my prayer instead of deleting the entire thing in case I noticed that I wrote something wrong. If these 2 things could be fixed I would be extremely happy, if not this app is still amazing. Thank you.
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4 years ago, leta_Jesus_Freak
Love the app!
I am always happy to hear from K-LOVE. I can tap to the radio station in a press of a finger. 😊 One improvement I will would like to see: when my phone locks and the app is playing, it shows wrong song and Singer name an my phone screen. It stucks on the first song name displayed on when I open the app first. I will need to close and open the app again to get the correct name. Also if I unlocked and go to the app it doesn't show which any thing which song is playing. My phone is iPhone 7 plus.
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2 years ago, PracticalRose
Was just having one of those kinda of days. My radio was on K-LOVE, no different than any other day, except for I was having some struggles, when I could not help but hear them talking and one starts singing a song she remembered from her childhood. Then all of then sudden I remembered, we did a play in elementary and sang the very song! LOL Oh it brought back great memories! So here’s to you “Senior Don Gato” and TY father, for reminding me! GOD Bless you K-Love for I know GOD works through you! 🙏🙏🙏
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5 years ago, Emoji🙂
From a kid
I LOVE THIS APP!!! I listen to this all most every day! My family listen to it in the car too! I listen to it when I color as well even when I’m eating some times, and other things I do around my house!! It helps you calm down and relax and the best part of all is it’s all about Jesus!!! I’ve listened to K-love since I was a really little, the music never gets old! some are fun and all of them are power full!! If you’re thinking about getting it you really should!!
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1 year ago, its me12345678810
You guys are amazing
This helped me sleep at night you people are amazing thank you! Also I’d like to suggest a song “God only knows” by king and country which I don’t think I’ve heard on your station. When I lost my cat I wondered why god took him away, but I learned from this station god always has a reason. I’ll pray for you guys. You people are amazing keep doing what you are doing you guys are the best!
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5 years ago, followerofchrist43
Encouraging and positive
I have been listening to klove radio for 3 years in the car and where ever i go its a great Christian music app and it definitely is worth the download it helps Christians to follow god there is never any cussing and always leaves you and brings you with a positive and encouraging message about god for anyone who may be going through a dark time in there life I would highly recommend this app don’t give up on god!
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10 months ago, hiiiiiii ✌️
Please read this. This is a good review
Oh Lord he has put the spirit in the people behind this I am a 10 year old girl and K-LOVE has been helping me so much personally K-LOVE is amazing some people write reviews about how they ask for money that’s only a little bit, and they do not ask you very hardly. It’s amazing you should definitely get it. It won’t put a small little spirit in you every day! 😊😇
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1 year ago, hedwigthowlisthebeast
Let’s go
Some people are trashing them about taking over other stations and stuff. This station is amazing and has stopped people from committing suicide so I don’t know about you but that is awesome! This station gets annoying when they ask for money for like weeks but it is fine because I listen to 91.9 during those times.
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4 years ago, LTezekjian
I’ve been traveling a lot back snd forth from NC to Miami helping my mother and I rarely need to listen to another station ON AIR! I don’t use my data as I’m on a budget but I figured I’d give it a try for a month and see how much data it uses. I don’t like it when I hit a “K-LOVE dead spot” and listen to a different station. I never IN MY LIFE thought I’d give up my 70’s music and top 40 but God changed me THROUGH K-LOVE! By having station coverage ALL OVER. YOU GUYS ROCK! #JesusRocks
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12 months ago, Chessszz
I TRULY THANK GOD FOR THIS APP!!! Super encouraging songs. They make your day better. You get good verses of the day and daily encouragement. I love the songs I couldn’t think of any songs better. We are truly not of this world. Whoever would give such an app critical reviews, they are either haters, jealous or not Christians. Thank you Skip, Amy, Scott, Kelly, and everyone else on K love!! (I'm also thinking about downloading the K love on demand app THANK YOU K LOVE AND GOD AND JESUS)
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5 years ago, #MousantCrosauntBabr
Love it!!!
I’m currently at the age of 13. I’m sure u can imagine what that’s like. Lol this app has helped me so much with getting closer to God. Considering especially that I go to a huge public school I needed it. Hardly any of my friends r strong Christians so this app has really just kept me from going in the wrong direction. I really believe that K-Love is a God send, to me and many other brother and sisters in Christ! Strongly suggest u get this app!!!!
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3 years ago, Domina2016
Pause broken
Longtime listener and supporter. Before the last update I was able to pause play from my lock screen, which was super useful when the phone rang in the office. Now I have to turn the volume down. Please fix. Thank you and God bless! Watch The Chosen. You can download the free app from the App Store. I paid it forward so you can watch it for free. ❤️ This is the BEST representation of Jesus and His disciples that I have EVER seen! Enjoy!
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3 years ago, angels from heaven 777
I have some things you should fix
I wish you added more people on there like. (Tori Harper, neon feather, Rachael nemiroff, caitie hurst,Kristin Hicks, jasmine Murray, and more of Cade Thompson and coby James. And please please with a cherry on top please make a something called new songs so we can listen to new songs and another one called praise so people can pick what they wanna listen too. But other then that it is fine thank you for “positive encouraging K-LOVE”.............👍👍
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4 years ago, ckakskdkcjttbvnv
I have been listening for probably my whole life (I’m 11) and I all ways listen in the car and then I hear my sisters listening to it and I look on the App Store and there it is! I downloaded and gonna listen to it at night cuz used to I just had iTunes and I love to hear Skip and Amy talking about all the different things and I just love this app. Plz download this is a amazing app!!😄😃😀
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3 years ago, Briandouglas74
Much needed in todays world
Found this app and it has replaced iheart or the actual radio. This is such a blessing and has helped me with some difficult times and i pray it blesses many, many more! Jesus is alive and is working everyday, just look to the Lord and he will guide your path! Thank you KLove for being willing vessels, Thank you.
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1 year ago, cchay7225
Update Very Glitchy
I love K-LOVE, but ever since the latest update (27 Feb 2023) my experience is that when connected to WiFi, at hotel - I travel for work, I will stop the playing for a bit. When I go back to restart play, the play icon goes from black to grey but NOTHING happens. I have restarted the app multiple times and reset my WiFi connection. This has happened multiple times last few days. Only solution is to restart my iPhone. I’m the past I have frequently run into “play” glitches as well….app is not very reliable in that respect…but K-LOVE is still great!
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2 years ago, Debi Georgieva
App keeps crashing
Hello. I am a long time listener of K-LOVE and recently their app has not been working. Every time I try to open it, it just crashes. The same thing is also happening with their air-1 app. Please fix crashing. Otherwise it is one of the best apps I’ve used, and don’t regret downloading it! Ive been listening for 9 years and don’t regret one day! I love k-love so much, and it’s very encouraging!
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5 years ago, nxkdjsjakaplshduwkekdkfkk
->- Shelbi777
So I’m going through a state we’re I hate god well I don’t hate him but I’m trying to have faith again. And my mother is making me listen to it the first time I did it kinda wonder if there is a god and I think there is even though I’m going through stuff. Forever it going through stuff or gets anger easily plug in some headphones and just listen to it
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5 years ago, SuperCookieLover65
This App Is Amazing!😍😊
I have been listening to Klove since I was 4 and it's amazing! We always put it on in the car when we were driving somewhere and I dance to it! I listened to it when clean and now I use it to fall asleep! I HIGHLY Recommend this app if you love Jesus and need something to lighten the mood when your feeling sad! Plz rate this five stars! 😊😍
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4 years ago, Hammy😀
K-LOVE is always playing the right music at the right time. Although the app has a few problems. Like when I press the play button, it will either take a minute to play, or it will not play at all. Sometimes it will stop playing for no reason. Again this is an amazing radio station, I just think that the app could use a few improvements.
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3 years ago, FriskiDango
Positive and encouraging you do not disappoint
Thank you very much for such great music, encouraging stories and reminders that we are all so very loved by God and each other. Let us not get discouraged through what’s going on let’s remember that NOTHING is impossible with God and that he is the great physician and can heal anything just ask and believe and it’s yours.
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3 years ago, gygrryy
Has stopped working on my IPhone 6 with IOS 13
Subject says all. Was working great. Quit working. Reinstall and still no work. When opening screen goes blank and no audio. Either my phone will not run this one app OR the latest update messed something up. Problems appears to have been fixed. Updated my review.
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4 years ago, GR8APP4U
There when you need a boost!
I know that I can count on K LOVE to be there when I need a pick me up or a word of encouragement through a song! God has many different avenues that He is able to use if you just open your heart to Him and listen...K LOVE is definitely my go to when I’m in my car and need His help! Thank you for being there K LOVE❣️
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2 years ago, scmerritt37211
Love K-Love but
I love K-Love. The music is a blessing and am glad to be able to have it anywhere now! My only quibble is that option to sign in with my Apple ID didn’t work. It might be that I asked to hide my email which was deliberate. A minor quibble- I prefer not to have to always use my email address. I did create an account through. Highly recommend the app!
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9 months ago, ValleyGirlChic
Few Issues
I love K-LOVE since I downloaded the newest version I cannot save my favorites as once before and the lyrics are not working too. I emailed on it still nothing even deleted and re-installed still not fixed once this is corrected I will give it 5 stars that’s deserving of this app. Thank you for all you do I love all the SONGS… The King is Alive a favorite
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11 months ago, dundhine MoMo
Monika Matthews
I listen to your station every day on my way to work... 5:45am I am a Golf Prof’l often with a six and seven day work and teaching schedule! KLOVE is my companion in the dark getting to work and lights my way.. heart and soul each and every day ☦️💝⛳️🏌️‍♀️😇Thank You for your encouraging words and music 🎶 You..are Loved 🥰😇🙏☦️❤️
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2 years ago, killamac45
Love in the title says it all
I love KLove radio I’m on day 17 of the 30 day challenge and not only has my outlook , my door opening has become even greater to our lord . I’m a changed man because of him and KLove started it all .. forever grateful and blessed for this station and all who help it Carry on his gospel and name .. AMEN !
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4 months ago, Ms. Chubby Cheeks
Best radio station ✝️
Oh my God. I heard the radio station in the back of a Lyft and asked the driver what station was it and he said K-love. I’ve been hooked every since I first heard it. It’s like a little piece of my life that I was missing. It’s a blessing to hear God gifted singers sing about our Lord and his son Jesus. I’m overwhelmed with joy. Praise him. 🙏🏾
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4 years ago, Cak 0304
Amazing music!
I have been a listener for many years. Always have it on the car and use my app when I walk my dog. My husband used to listen to a local radio talk show for the talk and sports. But after hearing KLove so often, he started leaving it on while he drives and now we BOTH only listen to KLove.
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4 months ago, 🤗🫰
Very encouraging music k-love
Whenever I was sad or mad, or anything of the type, k-love music really helped. The songs are encouraging just like the name! Thank you, positive encouraging k-love! Every song they play just gives you that sort of feeling! 🥲Great songs for kids and up. Even myself, as a kid (love Toby Mac) 😜🙃🙃
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1 year ago, G. W. Foster
My Bible Music
I K-LOVE this app and it has had a impact on my life in the hardest darkest times. I’ve noticed recently however there’s a lot of glitches in the sound. I just wanted to let you know and God Bless! Still getting 5 stars from me no matter what though and all Glory to the Father. Love in Christ
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4 years ago, Ninaliu12
Great app!
I love this app! It is easy to activate, and great that you can listen to different channels! I liked on the older version, where you could see all the music artists and their bios and songs of theirs that play on K-LOVE. So, I wish that were still on the new version, but otherwise, it is a great app!!
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3 years ago, l..f..
happy to have & needs improvement
Love that I can listen on my phone at work; but, the app continually stops & fails, requiring me to close out and restart it. Very frustrating. Takes a lot of time and effort to listen to K-love via the app. If you can listen via the radio, honestly, that is your best bet: you will get continual stream on the radio. Wish I could give it 5 stars. K-love as always is amazing. Hoping for improvements.
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3 years ago, lanielle29
Good with some issues
K-LOVE is generally a good app. I am still able to listen through the radio but would like to listen with clearer audio. Unfortunately, when using CarPlay, I get an alert that the volume is set too low. I’ll stick to the car radio for now but I hope that the developers will be able to work out the kinks with the new iOS.
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5 years ago, Unicorn 27🦄
I love it!
Worship is where I feel most. Connected with God. I always hear of the app I just never downloaded it. I listen to it every day. I used to only Listen to it in the car. But now I listen to it everywhere. While I’m Working, Cleaning, Getting myself Ready for the day it’s amazing!
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