4.8 (12.9K)
339.3 MB
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2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for KAMI 2

4.75 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
7 years ago, JaredC.
Unique, challenging and very satisfying!
If you like puzzles, this one, in my opinion, is one of the most clever mind teasing games available. The music is so relaxing, the sounds and animation as you work to solve each puzzle is very satisfying. I find, with me at least, you almost have to look and see the solution as if in a mirror of how my mind first assumes the solution. With practice I more and more work through it the proper way but it takes focus and you have to see many moves ahead for the more complex ones. I can't put this down so far, even though there are many puzzles with the same number of moves allowed to reach the solution, each one requires some study as the differing patterns each have their own twist. Some come quickly and easily while others take some time and trial and error to solve...even puzzles with only 3 moves can be somewhat baffling. As you move through them there seems to be the perfect mix of difficult vs not so difficult and this keeps you wanting more! This is similar to the old game FlloodIt! but must be looked at in the polar opposite manner it seems to me. Kudos to the developer, I never would have thought such a simple premise could be used for such variety...each puzzle is unique and as I said I think the challenges and twists to each one are almost endless. I would recommend for someone who likes to casually play brain teaser type of games. You can play for one minute or hours. Great time killer!
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5 years ago, mynicknamewasstolen!!!
Love the game...
I was playing Kami 2 one day, while feeding my four-year-old a PB&j. I slapped the sandwich on a plate, patted him on his sweet head, and mumbled, "Enjoy!", before slumping on the couch to finish the game. Next thing I knew, he kissed me on the cheek and said, "OK, I'm off to school now!". I glanced up long enough to see him throw his luggage in the trunk and drive away. I thought, "Maybe I need to set screen time limits." But the problem with Screen limits is it's too easy to hit the "continue for 15 minutes" button. So I hit it, and hit it, and hit it, and then hit "ignore for today". This game has actually strengthened my organization skills, such as when I clean. It's helped me think in a different way, which helps save time for more important things, like this game. My favorite part is the building and user submissions. There are so many talented players. And while I'm a wee bit suspicious about the "favorites", I enjoy playing them, as well. I can't help but wonder, though, if a couple of the favorite contributors might be sitting on a king sized bed with 150 iPhones ready to hit the ❤️ on their puzzles after completion. But that's fine. I still love this game, and can't get enough of it.
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5 years ago, kimikatnip
No ad problem, but...
Tl;dr: only being able to buy hints is your way of lining your pockets. Incorporate a way for people to get free hints so they don’t need to spend money (like children asking their adults), or else people might end up uninstalling the game. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been playing this game off and on for maybe a year? I’m not sure, but it’s been a long time. I love the game and everything that comes with the download (making your own puzzles, challenge puzzles, unlocking color schemes, etc.), but my only problem is with having to pay for hints. I’ve noticed others mention this in their reviews, and the last thing anyone wants to do is pay real money for a hint or two that might not even help. I’ve actually gone as far as to uninstall this game and re-download it when I feel I could solve the puzzle I left off on. I don’t want to cheat, but sometimes when I’m REALLY stuck, I browse the Internet for help. I do agree with some other reviews I read about the difficulty spike, too. If a younger child wanted to play this game and they were stuck on a level (possibly with zero hints left), they might get impatient and play a different game. They would NOT run to their parent(s) or guardian(s) and ask them for hint money, and even if they ask, it’s not like the adult would give it to them.
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5 years ago, pizza icecream guy
Best game ever!
In my opinion, this is the best game ever. Amazing graphics and gameplay blew my socks off. If you’re looking for a good time in a tricky setting, this is for you! A few things can be made better though. 1: every now and then, I can’t get one triangle a different color in the build section. The screen could be white, and I’d be trying to make one blue. I tap, and the triangle next to it turns blue. I’d try to make that white but it won’t work. 2: I’d like it if I could name my puzzles. Some puzzles people make are just absolute works of art, and deserve a name. If a puzzle search bar were added, we wouldn’t just have to browse to look for a puzzle, or search the creators name. If you really liked a puzzle, search it. 3: Add more special colors. I realize it could take lots of time to brainstorm ideas for special colors, but I think this could make so many more possibilities for the art in this game. I would be thankful and honored if you would take my review to heart and make some changes to the game.
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7 years ago, w00shiem00thegreat
Simply Complex
This is a wondrous, beautiful game. Relaxing, yet can be magically frustrating. The origami-theme puzzles are very simple, yet quite complex. Once I open up a puzzle, I basically ignore everything else and become fully involved with the game. The reason why you only get one starting hint,I think, it is because they want you to try different ways to solve the puzzles and train that noodle in your noggin to think outside the box. This is like an excellent book, when someone tells you to put it down or put it away and you say, “One second” or something like that, and you go to finish the page, you end up turning the next page, and the next... and you end up having to be told two or three times to put it away, and that is a lot like this game. Great for thinkers!!!!😄👍👏🏻
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6 years ago, peacelily70
Frustrating when I can’t connect ...
First of all, I love this game... it would def have 5 stars from me. however... Kami2 goes offline quite a bit and you just never know when it will be back up again. I have thoroughly tested the problem and found that: it doesn’t matter what phone or ios software version is installed, it doesn’t matter what type of wifi environment you are in... public, private, work, vpn, etc. It doesn’t matter what bandwidth is available to you, it doesn’t matter if wifi is on or off (using cellular data), doesn’t matter about phone settings such as background app refresh, doesn’t matter if you delete the app and its data then reinstall, it doesn’t matter if you power down your phone, it doesn’t matter if you update the app and restart it, and so on. I have one more test to try and that’s to see if the app behaves the same on another phone in the same environment and if it goes offline in tandem. if the answer to the above test is true, then i know for sure it is a kami developer problem and not a customer technical issue. Pleas fix, I’m pulling my hair out!
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7 years ago, Dubs1
Fun game - but some of the Game Center achievements aren’t working
The ones I’ve noticed thus far are the player made levels where I’ve beaten 20 but haven’t gotten a single Game Center achievement...cmon, devs...I had this same prob with inks until you finally fixed it after 2 years....I just spent 10 bucs to support you guys because you are talented and I want to see you thrive so you can make more games; but you gotta work on your programming...even little things like Game Center achievements are a big deal to me...I love getting achievements in games and you put them there, so they should work....please, please fix ASAP....I’m probably going to drop even more money on this game (for the hints I’ll need on the hard levels), and because I know it’ll be supporting your company. But make sure you take care of your fans. I know it’s a ‘free to play’, but as previous mentioned, I think I covered the cost with my $10 purchase of hints pack plus the 3 extra color pallets you can get. I always take care of my fav devs.
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11 months ago, Brendansmommy
Could be great but…
A few things. A couple with the hint system. If you use a hint, then want to use another one, you have to start the entire puzzle over. Kind of annoying and makes me want to just close out the app. And if you want to use a video for a hint, you have to wait 15 minutes before you can watch another one. And some of the later levels are incredibly difficult (frustratingly hard, not “fun challenge” hard) and hints are very helpful, but they make the hint system so annoying, that it just makes the game more frustrating and stressful than relaxing and fun. Also, there’s no “undo” option, so if you accidentally tap a color you don’t mean to, you’re sunk. You have to start all the way over. Pretty annoying when you’re 8 moves in and you mistap. Very frustrating. This could be a relaxing, fun and lovely game. But there are so many frustrating parts, that I end up wanting to throw my phone across the room. Not good for this type of game.
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3 years ago, 2 Peace
So much good but rude to women sometimes
This app provides a lot of enjoyment and there are many gifted people who create great puzzles to do. It is also great fun creating puzzles on it. However I really am disgusted with so many puzzles of women pole dancing or women sexualized—playboy bunnies, huge breasts, sexy poses and occasional male phallic symbols, etc. Many of these pole dancing puzzles are portrayed by Saltskin, a great puzzler talent who creates some socially constructive puzzles that are positive and can also make pretty tricky, fun puzzles that are challenging. But Saltskin also seems not to consider how misogynistic it is to portray women that way. It is rude and demeaning to women. I tried reporting one and nothing happened. I think Saltskin might be one of the developers and thus gets to have series of pole dancer puzzles undeterred. So be it but I have deleted the app as a result. Women deserve better than that. Also children use this site and depicting women that way is insensitive, immature and poor role modeling.
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3 years ago, The Raptor King
Hard with no hints
I’m not sure if I’m dumb or something, but this game is difficult. It’s even worse because you have to pay to get hints, which is something I severely don’t want to do. Either tone down the difficulty, or have some way to get hints for free. It truly is asinine and extremely annoying. EDIT: This game will now be deleted due to the annoying difficulty spike. It really is a dumb business strategy to make a game extremely difficult and then make the only way to get hints is to buy them. 👎🏻 EDIT 2: I redownloaded this game and gave it a second chance. While I barely did the story puzzles, I ended up getting into the user created content, which was fun for a while. This ended however when I came across a user that made some very pornographic puzzles. It’s extremely disappointing that the user was still allowed to participate in the app and the inappropriate puzzles were still up. I have since reported what I found, but I will not support an app that allows stuff like this to happen. Users beware.
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3 years ago, MorbidEloquence
So much fun! But...
This game is a pleasant brain teaser with fluid animations and colorful visuals. Coming from a lifelong love for beautifully designed puzzle games, KAMI 2 delivers the perfect balance of mental challenge with meditative visuals. Minimalistic auditory stimulation while in game is a refreshing departure from most mobile puzzles I’ve played. This game is a great success in my opinion and the developers should be proud. That is until... while in game you are constantly prodded by a small hint button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when attempting to solve a head scratcher. This prompt is persistent; cleverly guiding the player to exchange money for hints. While all mobile games these days have ‘in-app purchases’ and this comes with the territory of mobile gaming, I find the frequency of this *ding* so grating that it eventually halts my immersion and I close the app. KAMI 2 is a great game, but it loses me just when the going gets good.
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3 days ago, beebecca91
Good, but…
I’ve been playing this game for a long time (~2k challenge puzzles solved) and it’s very lovely. However, as noted by many other reviewers, the ads are very annoying. I would be willing to pay a one-time fee for full ad-free, as is possible in many other game apps, but absolutely will not spend money to remove one or five ads. There are also often repeats of puzzles I’ve already seen. Also, lately the daily puzzles are broken. I had one a few days ago that did not allow enough moves and when I caved and watched videos for hints they gave random incorrect answers for all 6 moves available (so even the app couldn’t solve the puzzle). Today’s gives me 3 moves (impossible) and when I pulled up the designer’s profile and did the puzzle there, the move count was 5 (and possible). Something’s definitely up with that.
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6 years ago, Nnnsddjfrjk
Totally engaging- until it couldn't find the Wi-Fi
I love this app! I don't how to classify these puzzles but they do have a geometric, origami/paper aesthetic that is pretty cool - and very soothing music. The puzzles are quick but challenging, while visually appealing. There are new puzzles daily and one can even create puzzles for others to solve. I gave it five stars. * I have to disclose that it just stopped working on my ipad. The app is unable to find the Wi-Fi; and it's the only app on my device exhibiting this problem. I deleted and reloaded it, checked my Wi-Fi connections, settings, etc and it's a no go. While I absolutely got my money's worth in the few months I've had it, I'm disappointed because I really enjoyed the puzzles.
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5 months ago, i like soda better
No daily levels no response from dev
I haven’t had a NEW daily puzzle since early December 2023. I think the devs aren’t managing this game anymore since they didn’t answer my email asking about this. Maybe they are all repeats, every day I load a new puzzle and it says it’s been solved. I get no credit to add to my puzzle solving streak if I solve it. Maybe I did them before, maybe I’ve been playing so long that they don’t have any original puzzles to post. I don’t know if that is the answer to my question, since they didn’t answer me. I don’t know if it’s some other reason. It’s not the same to solve a solved puzzle, like if I give up, it doesn’t even matter, or if I solve it and feel like nothing happens, was it too easy. I play plenty of other games with a daily feature that do show repeats, but they appear unsolved again and I have to solve them to keep a streak going or whatever. This one just dies suddenly and the puzzles are marked solved, nothing to do. Pretty disappointing.
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6 years ago, delicate-genius
Great, until it wasn't
Update: Feb, 2018: For the last month or so, I’ve had an issue of not being able to connect to the Kami servers for days at a time. Then it will suddenly connect for a day or two and then go back to problems connecting. Dropping my rating as a result, since I’ve paid $$ for using. Update: Explained as hacker damage, the app has started working again. I lost some custom creations, but I'm pleased the staff addressed the issue. May, 2017: I started playing a few weeks ago, and have enjoyed it. Suddenly on May 16th, as I was playing, I started getting a series of error messages that appeared to be server related, not app related. Invalid token, unable to connect, recommendation to update client, etc. I saw there was an update available, so I updated. Didn't fix the problem. I'm surprised that it hasn't been fixed yet. I don't think it's the app, since my issues started while playing. I think there is a catastrophic service issue.
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5 years ago, Katilee H
Some of the worst ads I’ve seen
Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in developers being paid for their hard work. However, I also believe in a good user experience, and these ads are terrible. After every level, a 20-30 second video pops up, which you eventually can skip...to a still ad for the same app being advertised. They’re awful and take me out of the experience. I would pay for the app if I got something else out of it, but as of now you have to buy a hint pack. I don’t want hints. I would prefer a different structure, maybe one where I can play two level packs of the main journey to see if I like it and then simply outright purchase the game. Unfortunately, the ads have turned me off from the game and I’ll be deleting it from my phone—I’m not willing to sit through these awfully designed things to see if I like the game enough to purchase.
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2 years ago, JanesAwake
Only 30 levels in and it’s already unplayable. The puzzle has no possible solution, and I’m only given one hint. Even if I have a bunch of hints, it forces you to reset the puzzle, and then only gives you the first step. No matter how many hints you waste and ugly ads you have to sit through on mute, it still only gives you the very first step. On a puzzle where you need at least six steps and are only given four, you need more than one hint, that’s just standard. Idk who designed this game but it doesn’t stand out as any better than any other basic puzzle game. You hit a wall of difficulty where you just can’t play anymore without extreme frustration, and then you get ads in between levels. Why would I watch ads for hints if I’m forced to watch them anyway? And why would I even bother with hints if I’m just gonna get blue balled and get stuck on an impossible level?
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5 years ago, Mezzarip
Hours of enjoyment-1 recommendation
I absolutely love this app. It is challenging enough to take some time to get through the journey of puzzles and unlock the palettes of color. But what I have truly enjoyed is being able to explore and create your own puzzles. This feature is outstanding and really takes the game to an entirely new level. One recommendation to the developers. Make it easier to see which puzzles are garnering you the most likes. Stack them based on popularity and if you really want to encourage engagement, allow creators to title puzzles and see who has liked them. Overall, I love this app. I play and create new puzzles every day!
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7 years ago, Princess ladybug 66722495❤️🐞
GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!
Before I got this I got poly color it held much promise to be stress reliving but then I got very stressed out Then I got this it was amazing and beautiful I can’t stop playing! And the fact that you can make your own levels and things like that made me really happy! And it actually was stress reliving much unlike poly color! This game is beautifully designed and amazingly put together and it’s free! If anyone is interested in this app get it! It’s awesome! Also it definitely lets the player think out side the box also I like how this game has hints. Also how do you unlock the pallets cuz I really want to use them! Please reply
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6 years ago, cotdgirl
Disappointed in the Last Update
The update says it now runs beautifully on the iPhone X. Unfortunately, it no longer runs beautifully on my iPhone 7. I want to be clear. I love this game. It’s simple to play and challenging to win. I find it a relaxing game that really challenges me. I also really like that even though I completed the Journey puzzles, I could still work my way through the Challenge and Daily games. Or I used to be able to, anyway. Ever since the last update, clicking on Challenge freezes the game. I have to quit and restart it. The Daily game tries to load but never connects. I get a failed to connect error every single time. I can’t even Build my own puzzles because that freezes like the Challenged. I’ve completed the Journey games, so this game is, unfortunately, unplayable now. This makes me very sad as I really enjoyed this game.
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5 years ago, av-d1sc0v3r
Simple brilliant and full of ads!!!!
The game is simple, well made, challenging in the later levels, however the constant ads after each level are annoying but thankfully that’s only the case early on. Early on the levels aren’t as challenging so you finish them easily and fast thus its at this point the ads get cumbersome.. however after the initial levels when you get to 5 moves +, it requires some thinking, and thus you spend more time on each level and so the ads become less frequent thereby less annoying. So stick it out past the early levels and then the ads actually provide some respite before the next 8 move brain teaser!!!
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5 years ago, LenCab
Beautifully simple, yet challenging
I love puzzle games that don’t require RNGs to make certain levels harder by making them physically impossible on 50% or more attempts. This game tells you the number of moves you have and that’s what it takes... if you do it right. No stupid RNG, no score, no stars... just a relaxing puzzle that’s cool to watch. It’s great that players can create custom levels so you won’t run out of puzzles to solve. The ads get annoying, but any purchase (even $0.99) eliminates the adds. It’s definitely with trying, especially if you like low-stress, relaxing puzzles or games.
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7 years ago, How-u-doin!
Fun, but unfair......
I would have given this game 5 stars. If it wasn't for the greed. The developers are greedy. They want you to pay for hints! That's ridiculous, there should be at the very least, a free hint everyday, then watch this video for an additional hint. After that then it would be fair to charge for hints. *By the way, you can find hints online for free. Which is why I find the developers sooo greedy. Besides all of that. I absolutely love this game. It's beautiful and genius and wonderful. I love you can create your own puzzles and play other people's puzzles. It's completely addictive. But again free hints should be provided. Until then I'll just keep going online to get my hints.
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6 years ago, Junryou
Delightful Designs & Challenges
This game seems basic upon first glance, but grows into a complex series of puzzles. The pro color palettes and simple design of the app really drew me in. It’s a very well-put-together game—easy menus to navigate, intuitive actions, and no bugs so far. Ads were a little obnoxious, but the developers let you “choose your price” to remove them (in the form of buying hints, that are a good micro-transaction/incentive too). I’ve only been playing for a few days, but it already has me hooked! Highly recommended for puzzle fans and those looking to challenge your mind.
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7 years ago, KingCowPunk
Great stress relief. Best therapy app! Fun, too!
DUTCHMAFIA BECOMES FIRST PLAYER TO SOLVE 10,000 KAMI 2 PUZZLES. I've given the game 5 stars on several review edits. This time I'm giving myself props. This game is simple yet challenging. YOU decide how hard the game will be. Choose 50 puzzles requiring 2 moves each or one puzzle that might take days. I loved the option to watch a video in exchange for a hint… Many times it was extremely helpful in getting over the hump on a puzzle. I've now solved over 10,000 puzzles and occasionally design puzzles for others. 3 of my puzzles were chosen for "Daily Challenge." Some designers build from scratch and others borrow from the masters. It's all good. I actually find it quite flattering to see parts of my design on a newcomer's page. However, this is not a place to steal one's ideas then condemn others for stealing. Bad Neodym! Finally, the music is so incredibly therapeutic. It's worth downloading for that reason alone.
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5 years ago, Boslaw
Loved this game until...
I loved this game when I first started playing it...until I got to later levels that require upwards of 10-15 moves. Much of this game depends on trial and error. Having to go back to the beginning after you realize that the previous 12, 13, or 14 moves weren’t correct, seems wrong. I like the fact that the levels get more difficult, however, I don’t like that we can’t undo the last move. Instead, we have to start from the beginning and try to remember what we did or didn’t do the previous 14 moves. What started out as a beautiful, challenging, and relaxing game became a frustrating, stressful game. That’s not what I’m looking for in a game app.
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5 years ago, MaCakuratty
Super fun and addicting!
Great FREE mind puzzler game! NO ADS to ruin your fun! Some puzzles have me stumped for hours. But I can take a break from that puzzle and go “explore” other puzzles, then go back to the stumped one. I can even create my own puzzles for others to enjoy! What’s the catch to this ad free game you ask? You have to pay for hints. No biggie. You’re just using your brain more if you don’t buy the hints. You can also pay to unlock color palettes for creating your own puzzles, or just use the ones they have for free. It’s so rare to find a free fun, ad free game these days!
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6 years ago, WazzuTrav
No Support
This is the first game that I have actually enjoyed playing. It is the first game that has lasted longer than an hour on my phone. I looked forward to playing it each morning. It is a beautiful simple game that doesn’t pound you with adds every other minute! Since January it has been hit or miss as far as working. More miss than hit. I have submitted a couple of email tickets to the developer and never heard anything back. One of those tickets was sent in over a month ago. I had purchased hints and during an update I lost them all. Wonderful product but unfortunately the developers can not support it. That is the reason for my low review.
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6 years ago, Widjkdowpw
Don't mind the complainers
I'm sure if there weren't people who wouldn't complain about every single little detail from lag to Game Center achievements to not having enough hints, this app would easily have 5 stars. It's actually a great game because it really makes your brain work to the point where you don't have time to be bored (unless you quit, of course). It may be quite stressful if you're pessimistic but if you're the type to never give up, you'll be greatly satisfied after beating difficult levels. Overall, an A+ game. :)
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6 years ago, Gfydc gob b gchvgv
I promise you I haven’t been paid to support this game, this is my legitimate review. ( i know this is a long review but please read) I have been looking for a good puzzle game and this one looked fairly interesting, so I downloaded it and now i’m HOOKED! The puzzles are challenging and makes your brain work to figure out the answer. The geometric designs and bright colors are oddly satisfying and beautiful! However what i think is cool is that you can create and publish your own puzzles which is extremely fun and gives you practice for some of the harder puzzles!
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6 years ago, whatsherfayce
Great game, bad update
After reading multiple reviews, it’s clear that I am not the only one having connection issues that came with the recent update, which favors iPhones X over and other iPhones. It says it works “beautifully” on the iPhone X but thats it, just the iPhone X. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, turning my phone on and off, disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi but nothing seems to make the app work. Anytime I try to access the challenges or the daily puzzles the app freezes for about 20 seconds before it displays a message saying theres not a connection to the wifi. The app was great until this started happening.
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5 years ago, Rinktacular
The ads are horrid in this game
You spend maybe 10-20 seconds figuring out a puzzle, if that, only to see through a required 30 second ad. Every. single. Puzzle. Every single puzzle you solve, you’re forced to sit through an ad. Not every few, or even every other, literally spend 20 seconds playing, sit through at least that much time on the same 5 stupid ads that rotate over and over again. My solution? It’s actually faster to solve the puzzle, close the app, then open it back up to select the next puzzle, than it is to sit through an ad. They want to make it so infuriating to players that they buy the ads to go away, but I’d rather make them lose their revenue stream because this is basically abuse at this point.
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7 years ago, VS Raine
Visual feast of a puzzle
I agree with most other reviewers here. This is a more animated visually rich FloodIt like puzzler. The music compliments the game but if you are like me and usually play apps without background music, it won’t take away from the experience. The puzzles start very easy, but gradually make you think strategy. Your gaming experience will also not be hampered if you are reluctant to pay for the in app purchases. All in all, a great game to have on hand when you are waiting at airports, post office, or checkout lines, during this holiday season.
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5 years ago, kollette27
Awesome Game App, But...
I really love puzzle apps/games, and this one is one of my favorites. The only thing I would personally change, is to have an app purchase option. I’m not interested in palate upgrades or whatever, I need hints 😂! I have t played in forever because I couldn’t afford more hints and I was at a tough stage and stuck. I’ve started trying to figure these puzzles out, but still stuck on the one I was on last year! They’re very challenging, which is great, and I did most of them without hints, just the last stages a brutal lol
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2 years ago, DaveMenefee
I love this game
This is a completely addictive game that I come back to over and over. After the iOS 15 update, there were problems with slow loading, but the developer is actively working to address those. I’m running the internal beta and it is flawless. In the meantime, until the next update, there is info on the developer’s website that should help work around issues. (Note: at the moment, the servers are down, but they should be back soon)
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4 years ago, carostout
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love a good puzzle. The rich colors, soothing music, and complexity of the each level are all winners. I do wish there were a way that you could “earn” hints over a few levels rather than only having the option to purchase them. As for hints: I admit that they aren’t expensive and I’d rather figure it out on my own (it’s the journey of the puzzle that is exciting, not just the competition), but it would still be nice to “win” hints as well. Just a suggestion; lovely game!
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7 years ago, helenadetroy
I like it, but 1 tip a day would be nice.
I really like this game a lot. It's actually hard, but not impossible to do without tips, so I play it, since I never pay for paid "extra's" in games like Tips or Ezra lives or whatnot. I like to challenge myself, and actually play the game, not just throw money at the game. It would be great though, if we could get one feee tip a day. Otherwise I just end up putting the game down and coming back to it a day or three later with a fresh mind. The game could probably get a ton of paying Ads, and get more steady players if you let players use one tip a day for free. :)
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1 year ago, Dandelions4Bees
New Favorite Game
This is by far the best visually appealing-logic-problem-solving game I’ve found. Kind of addicted to it to be honest. I wish the following was different which is why it’s not 5 stars for me: when selecting ‘hints’ it always restarts at the beginning (first step) which gets annoying especially if you already know the first 3-4 steps because they’re obvious. There should be a way to select a step number for hints so it doesn’t take as long to see the hint for the step you are requesting it for. Overall, really fantastic!!!
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4 years ago, atelles324b21
I don’t usually play puzzle games on my phone as they become boring and repetitive. But I really enjoy this one. Best of all. NO ADDS. I admit I’ve used the help button a few times to get the right first move but then it’s great to learn and grow. I take something I’ve learned from the previous puzzle and carry it forward to solve the next challenge. I love that I can make my own as well. Adds something new to the game. If I get bored solving puzzles I can challenge myself to creating them instead.
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3 years ago, TuNaKha
A good challenge but one flaw
I like this game a lot. It is visually appealing and relaxing and a really good challenge comes here and there so not all of them are impossible. The one flaw I wish was different- the amount of hints you “get”. You only get one freebie and then you have to buy any other hints. I wish you could earn hints somehow like after you pass so many puzzles you earn a hint or watch a few ads or if you pass a puzzle on the first try then that goes into a vault and you can earn hints that way. Something like that. But great game, other than that 😊
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5 years ago, Violette Black
Level 108
I loved, loved, loved this game UNTIL I got to level 108. As a few others noted, I want given enough moves to complete the level and can't move on. What's frustrating is the developers say they fixed the bug- but whatever "fix" they did isn't working on my phone (I only added this game a few weeks ago -October 2018 maybe?). Up until that point-all was great. If the developers fix the bug so it works for everyone -I'll revise my review to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Pen-E
Beautiful and relaxing
Need I say more? Well, beyond being beautiful, the gam is well designed, easy to use. These are logic puzzles that don't require you to keep going so you don't lose your game. It's perfect for those times when you need to sit around and wait until your called upon. I use this in doctor waiting rooms a lot because I can just put the game down and pick it back up later right where I left off. This game is good enough that if they charged for it, I'd still recommend it.
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6 years ago, Jewelee81
Game is slow to load
I used to love this game, but recently it has been slow to load or can’t load at all. Commonly an error message comes up prompting me to check my internet connection, update my software, and reopen the game. Have done, doesn’t fix the problem. Not sure what’s going on on their end, but one work-around is to leave the game running in the background once you get past the load screen and click the button. After about 5+ minutes the game will load and seems to play ok after that.
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6 years ago, Emilyq8
Fun and challenging!
I really enjoy this game, it challenges me to think differently about problems! It’s great to play when you have down time and just wanna focus on one thing. Only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is that we can’t watch ads for hints. I eventually finish every puzzle but it’d be nice to get a hint every now and again and I understand they have to make money, no shame on them, but I’d really like it if hints were available after watching an ad. Other than that truly small, first world problem, 10/10 will recommend to a friend
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3 years ago, SuperDaveTheKillah
Great game, great company
We limit screen time in our house pretty heavily, and when we DO allow games they have to be calm and educational. Kami 2 is one of my kids' favorites. They love solving puzzles and they love MAKING them even more. They will spend hours making each other beautiful puzzles. What's more: this company actually cares about its customers. My 8yo lost his account somehow, and with it his hundreds of self-created puzzles. He was crushed. So I emailed the developer, expecting nothing but hoping for a response. They responded super fast and Luke actively helped us find his account over a period of days. Long story short, they actually cared that my son lost his puzzles and went WELL beyond what I would have considered "reasonable" to help him out. Game's great and you're supporting the legitimately good humans who make it.
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3 years ago, BillyCincy
Love this game. Can’t connect
I love this game, and I’ve played daily it for a couple of years. Something has gone awry with connectivity either through the app with the latest update or to the game’s server. I can no longer connect and play any puzzles. The app launches but cannot connect to any puzzles. I have no issues with any other game or internet usage. Please advise if you are aware of the issue or how I may get this game back in my life. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Luvlethalwhites
❤️❤️ been playing for years
Wonderful logic and memory puzzle game. I’ve been playing for years now. All different levels, you get to choose what you want to solve. Players create and share puzzles so seems like an infinite number of games. Soothing, light oriental background music. And the best part…. No ads. Yup, no ads interrupting your play or after each puzzle. Also, when playing the player-created puzzles, if you don’t like a puzzle, or it’s too difficult, you can skip it. You won’t be required to finish it to move on to the next. Hints are available at a very reasonable price… 75 hints for $7.99 (or is it $9.99?). Either way, cheap. If you like logic problems that make you think, then this is the game for you. Give it a go. It’s free. Even after you install and start playing. Z
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7 years ago, Allenheights
Best game I’ve played in three years.
This is one of those games where you intuitively feel your way through puzzles without explaining how you did it. Those are the best kinds of games. I get the same satisfaction from this as chess. And it’s hard at the higher levels. The complaints about hints costing money is unfair. The game is free and doable if you dedicate yourself. I spent two weeks on a hard puzzle to finally have a break through in my thinking and solve it with great satisfaction.
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4 years ago, _NerdyNerd_
Fun but broken
I got the game recently and had a lot of fun. Today, since this game was draining my battery I turned on low power mode in the games settings. Then I tried to open challenges but it says I have to check my internet connection. My internet connection was fine. I tried turning off low power mode but it still didn’t work. The weirdest part is that when i scroll over to the create menu it blinks 52 next to hearts, which is the correct number, and then turns to 0. Fun, but this is a huge problem
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6 years ago, KittyJade16
I've been having a lot of fun with this puzzle app, but I haven't been able to play in Journey for a while because in world 14 level 81 (or world 14 level 3, depending on how you view it), I'm missing a move, and I would know because I was using a walk through to figure out the first few moves per level, and I noticed in the video that it has 6 moves, but I was given 5!! I've already tried restarting my device then deleting the app, redownloading, and signing back in, nothing worked. I've still played the challenge and explore aspects of the game though...
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