4.8 (464)
62.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
State of Play Games
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for KAMI

4.8 out of 5
464 Ratings
2 years ago, Madisinclair
Amazing Game👍
I love this game and I have ever since it came out and I see other reviews saying that it’s too cramped up or the game is laggy or there’s not enough puzzles on it, but there are 45 puzzles, it’s great, you just have bad internet, you have fat fingers, there’s a literal KAMI number 2. So don’t give a bad review you’re just simply not smart enough to realize how all of those problems can be fixed on your own… Well the fat fingers, you probably can’t fix, but my point still stands. It’s a great game🙂
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7 years ago, Potjandorienogaantoe
This game asks you to often think out of the box. One solution does not apply to all. Sometimes you have to think blank space where there’s color, sometimes color is the solution. And then there are some I still haven’t solved yet.
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3 years ago, App sad
So frustrating
I had 4 hints to use. I just wanted to get past this puzzle and move on. I tried using the hints but each time it gave me the same exact hint over and over again and still charged me for each time even though it was only one exact same hint given each of the 4 times and not a different hint each time. Why is this? It doesn’t make sense. Who wants to pay for the exact same hint each time? How can you ever get the next hint or a new hint - at least a different hint! A waste of time.
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7 years ago, Do no weevil
My favorite.
This game has always worked perfectly for me on several different devices so please feel free to disregard others claiming major bugs, simply untrue. I love meditating on these puzzles that have a wide range of difficulty and always are challenging. TY 4 a great game!!
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6 years ago, teaess
I bought this and a few other similar games as a means to relax and unwind. Surprisingly this is the least active of the others and it gets me all twisted and nervy. I like the sensation in infrequent doses but I’m glad I have it.
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6 years ago, new cabler
not for 2018 ipad pro 12.9”
game rotates immediately to portrait mode then blacks out the bottom 1/4 of the screen, so you can’t see/reach whatever is on the bottom of the screen. if you enter the info screen you can’t get back to the home screen because of this — have to force-quit the game and restart. but without the bottom of the screen you can’t finish past puzzle 4 anyway…. KAMI 2 works beautifully, what is wrong with KAM !?!? Please fix!!
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4 years ago, Guardrail Gino
Not a lot of games make you think hard like this!!!! When you finish a puzzle you really feel like you accomplished something!
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6 years ago, SadZombieFarmer
Unlike anything else
This game is so addicting, not too hard, but not easy. I keep trying until I get the level perfect.
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4 years ago, Veelei1998
Incredible Graphics!
Great game and awesome graphics! As a person who works in graphic design aspect, I extremely love their graphics and sound effects!!!
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4 years ago, Nutsonewfs
Completely charming!
I love games that promote thinking and avoid violence. Plus it’s so much fun to solve the puzzle, have it fold up neatly and be sealed with a Perfect.
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4 years ago, 4 cats and a wife
What a wonderful thing
How can same developers be so intelligent? What a great thing to do while listening to an audiobook or music.
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7 years ago, Jenicasedai
Simple and addictive
A simple, lovely game, filled with engaging puzzles they feel like they should be easier than they are!
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6 years ago, TroSanbo
Very Enjoyable
Thought provoking and relaxing at the same time. I highly recommend it
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5 years ago, suziroo
Would like to give 5 stars
This would easily get 5 stars, except the game frequently freezes up.
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6 years ago, mcl3086
Used to be Great!!
This used to be a wonderful app; back when they actually could keep their site up and running. For months now it’s been slow, new puzzles are rarer and rarer...don’t know what’s going on, but it’s disappointing, that’s for sure.
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5 years ago, Mujadeen for democracy
Excellent game
The sounds and graphics provide excellent details to an overall fun puzzle game.
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6 years ago, TTisPi
Fun but very few puzzles
I love the game, but was very disappointed after purchasing that it only included 45 games.
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7 years ago, Jael94
Challenging Fun
Try not to use the tips, it's that much more fun to figure it out on your own.
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6 years ago, Zombie_Hell_Me
Colors & Coins
a really basic/classic puzzle game wrapped up in great a package of visuals. I don't mind paying for a game, I actually prefer it, but when I do, I don't want to have to then pay extra for hints and access to "premium" levels.
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6 years ago, Wilbert9870
Not that simple
Worth the thinking required.
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7 years ago, timetravels
Great clever puzzles
Very different way of thinking and pretty too
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5 years ago, Dragonfly2060
Brilliantly conceived
Strategy training.
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5 years ago, mallowdrop
Needs updating
It’s small on an iPhone 6s Plus. It needs to be updated to take up the entire screen.
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5 years ago, zackattack2727
i have to buy additional levels?
There are only 45 levels in this game. 9 of them are tutorials and are extremely easy. So much potential but little to no content.
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1 year ago, 艾利歐1
A bug for achievements
There is a bug for obtaining the achievements! If you complete all puzzles perfectly, then you cannot obtain another achievement!
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6 years ago, Hanoveur
Game won’t let me progress to the next puzzle. Stuck on the very first puzzle. Even though I aced it, it won’t let me select the next.
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6 years ago, DawnnaG
Not worth the money
Stick with the free version KAMI 2. The $2.99 KAMI pay version gives you only 45 puzzles before you have to pay AGAIN to unlock more.
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6 years ago, CMS-Mom
Too few levels for the money
I really enjoyed this game, but 2.99 only buys you 45 levels.
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5 years ago, Drumerkelly
Needs to be updated
Please update
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7 years ago, Mihyun15
Beautiful puzzle game
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7 years ago, Chade1512
Fun & Challenging 😍
Kami 2 needs unlimited hints option.
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4 years ago, SteveJake
Interesting and pleasing!
The puzzles are thinkers, and the sounds and visuals are soothing! Love it!
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7 years ago, Punklepee
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5 years ago, An aware human
Great game, fun game, awesome game!
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5 years ago, Momma Kate-Kat
A relaxing puzzler
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4 years ago, cailanmac
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8 years ago, MashkaNYC
What a pleasant surprise! I'm so used to puzzle games where I open then, play a few games and delete. They're all usually more or less the same. This one first of all is visually different and very soothing on the eyes (for some reason that paper effect seems calming), also, the puzzles make you think but not to the point of stressing you out. Usually you can figure it out after a mistake or two, which is nice. It's a nice balance between puzzles that are too easy and use the same strategy where you no longer think after a few games and puzzles where it's trying to give you trick questions, if you will. Again. Pleasant surprise. I think I got this game for free but it's well made I'd pay for it if I knew it was on this level before buying. Great job!
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9 years ago, Buenopues
Great, but...
You can finish all the puzzles with a perfect score if you persist, it is a matter of looking at the individual pieces with greater number of connecting pieces and a further reach. Hint: look for color changes that will have the greatest effect and will result in the least moves, don't buy hints, relax your mind and find the flows. I did it, even if the last 3 puzzles of the 3rd expert took me a while to get them perfect. You can do it, have patience with yourself. My only complaint is the pricing scheme, I bought the first of the x-packs, but...if I wanted to finish it, I had to buy 3 more packs. Grump😕
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8 years ago, sjm49
🚩🚩BEWARE: Game is broken when run on iOS 9...
What a disappointment (and this is from the makers of the great "Lumino City") -- KAMI appears scaled down to about a three inch rectangle on the display screen of my iPad Air 2 (running iOS 9.3.1) and the view is not miniaturized, it's just showing an incomplete fragment of the app's home page. This apparently has been one of many bugs reported by other unhappy reviewers for over two years now‼️ I have to ask: What are the apparently irresponsible developers doing during work hours besides their actual job duties -- counting the money they are, at least for now -- raking in ⁉️⁉️. ALSO: after reading dozens of the *many*, *many* one-liner reviews, it's obvious they are most likely counterfeits planted on behalf of/by the developers in order to bump up ratings and bury the more critical feedback. Furthermore, adding insult to injury, the developers, so far, have failed to respond to my email requesting help to squash the bug👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
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10 years ago, Madaboutmibs
Relaxing yet challenging, we need more games like this!
This game will draw you in with its initial simplicity, then challenge all of your skills as each level increases in difficulty. It will teach you along the way, but there are subtle twists that will drive you nuts - in a fun way. Easy to pick up and play for a few minutes and then put down, indeed I've found it's best to ruminate away from the game for awhile on some of the more difficult puzzles. I've solved some of the toughest ones after an absence; seems like it helps to stew on them. Wish there were more games like this one!
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10 years ago, Akindor
Pretty and fun... Shares a lot with Color Zen in concept. And yes also has micro transactions: pay for hints and also pay for extra puzzle sets. By default, you have 45 puzzles available before you have to pay for any extras. You can also purchase a set of hint points for $2 or unlimited hints for $4 (recommended). The puzzle solutions are devilishly simple, and with persistence, you can probably figure out most. Though it will be difficult to resist the temptation of buying hints. Presentation-wise, Kami has a vibrant Asian influence. Kanji subtitles under button labels, beautiful paper that flutters like origami as you select colors, and also all of the music is Asian harp and flute.
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10 years ago, Reader of magazines
Pretty and challenging
I have to admit that I had to watch a You Tube video to figure this out. I didn't understand that you need to change the colors in the number of steps allowed for each level to get a perfect score. Once I knew that I was ready to go and while it starts out really easy, it gets harder as you move to the next level. But, watching the colors unfold and the fluttering sound they make, make the game really relaxing at the same time. The colors are so muted and nice and look like handmade paper. It's really a beautiful game.
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10 years ago, Genicus
Achievements broken
I'd love to recommend this game for its relaxing and fiendish puzzles, and I do! I'd also love to give it five stars, but if you're playing expecting achievements, it's super broken. I somehow have the achievement for perfecting all of part C, but not the one for completing it. I also have neither achievement for the completion or perfection of part C, which I have also done. It has dulled the sense of accomplishment quite a bit and caused me to put the game down when I otherwise couldn't. I know that's dumb; a good game's a good game. And this is a good game. A really good game. But having part of the intended functionality broken makes it harder to get excited about, especially when competing against friends.
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11 years ago, aeta-wb
Love the base game
I love this game. It's based on a simple concept but quickly becomes challenging. It's elegant and beautiful. I play it on an iPhone 4 and haven't had any problems with performance or crashes. However, I wouldn't bother with the second in-app purchase at all. The first one is decent but several of the levels in it are too easy. The second one is difficult for me to play. The patterns are uncomfortable to look at. They don't add to the gameplay but make it harder to see what's going on, and they're not even very pretty.
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10 years ago, B-Music
It's only a me thing... I think
This is a great game love it and fun but from the comments I see it seems I'm the only one who has this game reset on me twice before I could finish. I don't try to play everyday or use hints and maybe that is problem but I was almost done with the classic puzzle. Only needed two more and it reseted for second time. First time I didn't mind since I was only on B. But this reset has made me stop. Was going to do premium but now it's an app that I prefer deleted.
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11 years ago, Bart Szyszka
Nicely designed game, but I wish the transitions that play when you finish a level happened faster. It seems like I spend more time waiting for the transitions between levels than actually playing each level (and I'm on a new retina iPad mini). Also because the transitions happen so slowly I still see the restart level button while they're happening and it's annoying that I can't press the button to try to replay a level and get a better score. So I have to wait for the animation to end and then tap on the level again.
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10 years ago, PSquiggly
Beautiful & challenging
Nice to play a game that's so beautiful. I'm not the type who like all that cartoony, loud stuff. I like how they have "starter levels" to give you the hang of it, but it is quite a brain teaser. Love the undo button -- thank you! Great relaxing game to take your mind off things. Not stressful, since it's not ticking time away at you (at least not on the levels I've been on so far.) Great job. Make more like this with the sophisticated grown-up feel.
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11 years ago, MafuRock33
Fails to accurately represent or understand Asia.
In many ways this is a delightful, wonderful, and charming game. However, for all its charms it belittles Asian cultures. The title of the game is 'Kami' the Japanese word for paper. Indeed, the game features a delightful origami style theme, but the music for this game is Chinese, and the kanji translation is a mixture of incorrect Japanese and also Chinese. It seems that the people who made this game couldn't be bothered to check their translation or appreciate the huge difference between various Asian cultures. A game that seems to have been born from an admiration of Asian culture, only belittles it in the end. I hope they revise it in the future.
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11 years ago, thomasallen63
Version 1.2.3 Still Not Working On 1Gen iPad
Downloaded latest fix today. No improvement whatsoever. App launched once and stayed open long enough for me to notice that, once again, my progress had been erased. As soon as i tried to open first puzzle - CRASH. Game is now completely unplayable-even after full iPad (first generation) reset. As soon as the opening animation begins, app shuts down. Perhaps if you remove the animation... ***UPDATE*** Game is seriously messed up now. Since it refused to launch, I deleted and reinstalled. Game launches now, but you can't play past the first puzzle. As soon as you finish, the PERFECT animation plays and as it shrinks to mark your achievement beneath the puzzle thumbnail, it vanishes and the question mark remains underneath - thus preventing any progression. Are you not testing any of these builds before release on all compatible devices? ***UPDATE 12/17*** Game is unplayable now. Crashes as soon as animation begins. Seriously disappointed. ***UPDATE12/23*** v1.2.3 still unplayable on 1st generation iPad. Crashes as soon as opening animation begins.
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11 years ago, Hoyasooner
Good game, too short
Blasted through the updated puzzles in no time. There's also an error in puzzle #7 in the first premium level package. It says the minimum is 6 moves, I beat it in 5. The only other complaint I have is that when I open the app, to go into any of the premium levels I have to put my password in again for it to verify I have paid for them. Really hope it isn't charging me multiple times for that. Otherwise though, a very unique and clever game. Relaxing.
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