Kansas Lottery PlayOn®

1.8 (78)
51 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pollard Banknote Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kansas Lottery PlayOn®

1.79 out of 5
78 Ratings
7 months ago, 55 Chevy-Delivery
Piece of #@&+
I have had nothing but trouble with this app on my iPad. I’ve had to delete the app multiple times and reinstall. Wish you luck.
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6 months ago, MandyAB80
Ticket Checker DOES NOT WORK!
The “ticket checker” feature USED to work flawlessly. When clicking the ticket checker icon, the camera on your phone would be opened, and immediately upon placing a barcode in front of it, the barcode would be scanned, and the app would tell you if your ticket was a winner or not. Same thing would happen when scanning a ticket in for a “second chance” drawing. But since the app was “updated” the last time, none of the barcode scanning functions have worked at all. Not even once!! Very frustrating when trying to check tickets or enter tickets into “Second Chance” drawings! Without that feature, the app is essentially useless.
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1 month ago, Bobo's Girl
Wow! Better Than Missouri Lottery APP!
I live near the Kansas/Missouri border so I play the lottery in both states. I’ve been favoring the Mo Lottery, so I only used their APP. I just downloaded the Kansas Lottery APP today - because we hadn’t checked our tickets in 3 months so I had a lot - and it’s so much easier to load my losing lottery tickets with this Kansas APP. No numbers to enter, just a very quick scan. I love this APP so much!!!
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7 months ago, cptn pp
Great app but the update has glitches
If ur in rewards and then coupons if u buy a coupon then the app goes to woop something went wrong refresh but u cant it wont take you anywhere then after that it never lets u see the coupons u bought needs fixed big time
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7 months ago, itlk2angels
App doesn’t work
I’ve downloaded the app several different times and it’s always the same. when you put in your information to set up your account, it won’t let you go past that part. Therefore you can’t create an account. so why are we buying these Kansas lottery tickets? I’m close enough to Missouri so I’m going to start buying those..
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6 months ago, jameejam
Who designed this thing?
The redesigned app is terrible. The games freeze up after each play and you have to force close(usually losing at least one of your plays. There is no easy way to see what drawings you’re in anymore. Don’t waste your time because you won’t win anything anyway but that’s another story.
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8 months ago, Unhappy lotto player
Less than great “upgrade “
After the “great” update the system won’t let me in or let me update my password Did KDOL help you with this update? Response was about as helpful as the software update. KS Lottery really blew it with this update. Makes MO lotto app look good which is not a good thing I’ll be buying my tickets on the other side of the state line going forward
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1 month ago, thrashrP
App doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for a long time
Can’t sign in, this can use ticket checker. I deleted the app months ago because of this. Got tickets the other day, downloaded app again and sign in page is still glitched. No seems to care to put effort into it.
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4 months ago, Qaz1-.wsx2/,
This app is a waste of time
This app is hot garbage you can’t do anything from the app itself you can’t see grand prizes you can’t see prizes at all all it shows you is this point based bulls*+t you don’t care about. Take a look at Georgia’s lottery app for a starting point Kansas.
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8 months ago, tiggercub
Nice new design
No stuff to redeem on and cannot see the promotions I have entered. It seems they have updated the qr reader makes it easier.
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7 months ago, Mcgoober66
I’d be embarrassed if I helped design this app
It just doesn’t work. Can’t scan tickets. It’s pointless. And all the feedback comments are hilarious cause it’s an auto generated response. Been like this for years. Don’t waste your time w this app
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6 months ago, Ocjayhawk
Not designed for Phone use
Terrible design. Scrolling drop downs (city, state) not designed for public use. Touch is too sensitive in areas and not consistent. Once entered it caused a continuous loop How companies develop this kind of trash without proper testing on proper equipment baffles the “H” out of me!
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3 months ago, laztchanz
Simply…I do not care for the updated/upgraded app. It is not easier to use.
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6 months ago, fishingranny
Bring back the other app
This app is junk you can’t view winners it freezes up every time you enter tickets hard to believe this is an upgrade.
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3 months ago, Sweetii82
Doesn’t work
Currently the application for apple is not working. It will not let me sign on in the app. The sign on button is just spinning, even when closed and re-opened.
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6 months ago, gninwod divad
Don’t waste your time
The app doesn’t work. Tried to register an account in order to scan tickets and it won’t let me select the city or state that I live in. Piece of junk.
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7 months ago, Agagiiii
Worst App ever!
Forced update, forced password reset that continually says “invalid reset password key”, now I can neither reset password nor access my account!!! Have emailed their customer support twice now with no response!!
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7 months ago, lj9696
Scanner doesn’t work after update
Can’t scan my tickets anymore, I can pull the scanner up but it won’t scan the barcode
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6 months ago, Sherm827
Good Luck trying to register!
I was able to get past registration however developers need to proof their work better. This app has numerous flaws.
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5 months ago, KCChiefsFanAllTheWay
Can’t even sign in on this app
This “new” app won’t let me login. As soon as go to the login tab the sign in button starts spinning and won’t let me click to sign in.
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8 months ago, rippedoff fxxxers
This app is a scam, I had it for years and now it won’t let me sign in and saying my email was never registered. Do not download. They are tracking you
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8 months ago, Abreese84
Dumbest update ever
What the heck? I update the app and now I can’t even get it to log in, it just keeps making me reset my password on an endless loop!!!! Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Idanni
The app keeps crashing. Once I open the app I receive an error box saying “something thing went wrong please retry”. I click the x get rid of the box but it continuously keeps coming up preventing me from doing anything in the app. I will delete and reinstall the app for it to work temporarily then the cycle starts over. Any suggestions on why this is happening on an iPhone 8? I like the app when it works.
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1 month ago, Hshdggajsnd
Doesn’t work anymore
The app hasn’t worked in days now, probably close to a week!
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4 months ago, Kjhanna
Can’t scan without an account
This is so stupid I can’t just scan a ticket but have to create an account.
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8 months ago, Butch12772
Step backward
Lost the ability to scan my tickets. Disappointed.
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8 months ago, everynicknameistaken10
New update
This new update is absolutely awful. This app should be simplistic so why go and complicate everything?
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3 months ago, BIGGEST LIARS EVER
Where did the ticket checker go? Please bring the ticket scanner back. It’s a pain in the #ss to enter all those numbers manually!!!!
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7 months ago, Johnson11!
App not working
Been trying for days. Can’t even sign in via app. Ridiculous
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6 months ago, rkscan
Unable to register.
I tried to register but it doesn’t accept the city I put in.
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7 months ago, 69farmgirl
App stuck. Can’t do anything with it.
After entering promotion, it won’t close.
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8 months ago, Delmar66207
Not easy or intuitive
How do I scan tickets? So far I’m not impressed.
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8 months ago, B9ed!
No scanner!
Only useful feature was dropped, what a mess….
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8 months ago, Jayrayh
Not working
I can’t even get the app to open up.
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4 days ago, rug5643
Terrible App
This APP is horrible never works and I miss out on earning rewards
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8 months ago, Kamon245
The new update is HORRIBLE! NO WAY TO SCAN TICKETS? REALLY?? The way you have to jump around on this APP is crazy. Who thought this up????
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7 months ago, RebaKc
Worse! (Update)
Surely the PlayOn app team knows has bad this is. Just look at the reviews! Sheesh!
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6 months ago, Bookerktm380
The worst app I’ve ever used.
The app will not let you setup an account.
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7 months ago, _Kenzie_Xo_Xo_
used to use the app a lot! new update worked for like a day. now can’t even log in without the app closing and not loading.
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7 months ago, kansasluigi
Bring back the old app.
This app looks nicer, but that’s about it.
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8 months ago, John198682649(72005
Face ID
Why was Face ID not added?
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8 months ago, Ksboatguy
Completed Worthless
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4 years ago, greeneemmy
Was great until I updated to iOS 14
And it was. Now I have trouble with earning the free points they offer with those games. Like the Silverado game and the horse race game and the balloon game offered here to clarify what I mean by “earning free points with those games”. Contacted them 4 times now and they keep asking for the same info which I have told them 4 times now. It’s clear to me that they don’t actually read the complaints and just send the standard cheat sheet responses. Discovered today that when I’m using the news feed and I’m directed to the promotion page to see details that I just get another copy of that promotion with instructions to see the promotion page for details and that’s all there is. Can’t find anything about how the millionaire raffle is going using the app, although the website has that info. So the app has become useless. If one or two features aren’t working properly, how can I rely on any of the others. I wanted to see the winners of the three second chance drawings I had entered, and I cannot. And calling attention to the problem has been fruitless. I guess I am supposed to believe that my phone is the only one that has had a problem since updating to iOS 14 and 14.1. Could be but I haven’t experienced any problems with any of the other apps on my phone. Thanks anyway.
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1 year ago, Katnip1979
Typical Embarrassing Government (Cr)App
$80 million…that’s how much the great state of Kansas made last fiscal year through lotto sales. And they can’t even manage a contract for a lotto app that’s usable. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to set up a profile. I couldn’t understand why I can’t input my birthdate until I noticed the popup calendar at the bottom right corner of my iPhone 13 Pro Max screen. Finally got that and then went to scan my ticket and the only notice I got was that some tomfoolery points were added. Had to play around for another 10 minutes until I found out that there are two options on the camera scan screen. You have two separate options, one to scan to see results and another to add points to some frequent player system. Wow, can’t just scan in one go. Dear Kansas, please fire whatever third-party developer you use to manage this app and scrap the whole UI. Start from scratch and try to see what the people want and need. I play the lotto maybe once a year. I just want something that tells me if I won instead of myself combing through numbers and how to tell if I have some combo that’s a winner. Thanks!
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3 years ago, pennypoppers
Great app, easy way to earn points, haven’t had any problems
I got the app not long ago, but everything about it seems to work. Im not sure why there are so many bad reviews. This app is pretty cool! I like the different things that you can be entered in to win! On top of that you get points! The videos you can watch to earn points, really help anyone understand how to use the app and other features it has.
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1 year ago, jmberve
Low budget clunky app
This app is so hard to use and clunky they really should get their money back from this developer. It won’t let me log in says it sends me an email for forgot password which never arrives. I try to register a new account where you input the birthdate it doesn’t even have the keyboard pop up to enter number in so you have to type them on another app copy the number and paste them into each box for the dates, then at the end it says you have to confirm your email to which it never sends the email through yet again. What a waste of Kansans money.
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3 years ago, Darchy111
Play on points not updating…
Lately when I am scanning all my tickets for my play on points it will accept them and count them but I do not know how much I am getting for any of them or it won’t update the total for days. This has been an ongoing issue for at least the last month or two and it’s frustrating when you don’t know how much you have to enter any of the drawings or anything! Someone needs to be fixing this bug or whatever in the app!!
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4 years ago, argdjir VJ cf
Worst app ever
If I could give it no stars at all I would. I tried to use it last year and couldn’t. My wife tried to use it last year and got so frustrated that she quit trying to log in. I tried again this year and it is the same thing. I can’t log in. It tells me they sent an email to me to verify my email and I never get the email. It is a horrible app. You guys need to strive for at least a four star rating.
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4 years ago, Mochimo23
Not working
I typically never have issues with this app and love the updated ticket checker function. But as if yesterday, the app won’t even load fully. I can only see the blue PlayOn screen. Not sure what’s going on...
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5 years ago, Smoothynobutt
Works pretty good
I haven’t had any problems with this app. It works for me as it should. Would’ve given it 5 stars if I was able to scan my tickets to see if I’ve won. Some of the scratchers can be hard to understand what wins or not. I would even accept a separate app in order to scan tickets to see if I’m a winner.
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