KaraFun - Karaoke Singing

4.7 (11K)
68 MB
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Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for KaraFun - Karaoke Singing

4.72 out of 5
11K Ratings
4 years ago, Billy-Nashville
I have used this app for probably over a year. I have had a very good experience with it. The song selection in about every genre is very broad and, since the vocals are not the original artist, the tracks offer a very credible cover of the songs with both the lead and harmonies. In all this time I’ve only had trouble with one track and, in fairness, I’m not sure if it was something I did or if it was the track. Since the last several months it has been no problem. When I’ve asked question the folks are responsive. I’ve had absolutely no problems with over-billing or unauthorized renewals. That is something of paramount importance to me. In the cyber-world, honesty and integrity with billing terms and practices is pretty rare. In a nutshell, a good value, a good app, I’ve used others not nearly as good that cost more. The business management are honest people that are continuously improving the product.
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3 years ago, mlanom
Well, it was fun…until last update.
I hope one of the developers reads this. So many features were unfortunately taken away with the update. Not sure why because I don’t think any of it was doing anyone harm. I, like many others who use this app, am a musician and use it for practice purposes all the time and the most useful features were taken away. Examples: •Double tapping to go backwards or forward 10 seconds has been removed. Now I have to touch and glide my finger and it never quite lines up, so I can never get it back exactly where I want it to be. •Saving tempo and key changes has been removed. In all of my favorites and stored songs I had several key changes that could be saved so I don’t have to fiddle with it each time I line up my songs in the queue…UGH?! Why?! •Won’t start from the beginning after pressing play. At any given point during a song you could hit the back button and start from the beginning. That has been removed. Now I have to use my finger to glide it back to the beginning and it never starts on the first tee. It always skipped the first couple seconds. Very annoying and strange and again, why did you remove that?! Anyways, a bit heartbreaking that I updated but maybe they’ll change it back one day.
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2 years ago, danielc59
Sound quality is the best
Sound quality is great. We have frequent parties at home in a dedicated room. Program is running on an old Windows 8.1 desktop computer using an old Onkyo home theater amplifier and two old Sony and two old Technics home speakers, with a Yamaha MG 06X mixer and two Shure microphones, one corded and one wireless. Sound is just as good as the system we use for dance music which is straight Yamaha using PX5 and PX 8 amplifiers and playing FLAC. Incredible. Program has good features for the way we use it. Running HDMI to a wall mounted television for the lyrics and a regular monitor to choose from the song selection. Love the ability to provide the name of the Karaoke singer before the song begins and to be able to maintain control using my mobile phone from across the room. Wish you had more classic Spanish language songs.
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4 years ago, KaraLava
You won’t regret it!!!
This is the best self service karaoke platform by far.......and we’ve tried many! We were going to upgrade to the newest MagicSing streaming system with WiFi for $500 but decided to give this a try before dishing out so much money. We figured, worst case scenario, we’d have wasted $9 for a one month subscription (which is much better than $500). Boy are we glad we did!!!!! The versatility, 30,000+ songs, awesome features and user friendly platform exceeded every expectation I had. The monthly subscription fees are absolutely reasonable. Invest in a good powered speaker and mics if you’re an avid karaoke singer. If you’re even considering it, don’t waste any more time! Just download it and I promise you won’t regret it. I use it on our FireStick and AppleTV via AirPlay on my iPad & iPhone. Super easy set up!
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10 months ago, JamesACU
Awesome App!
I use this app almost everyday as singing is my favorite hobby and past time. We use this at almost every Family Party or Holiday and now it wouldn’t be the same without it…… Awesome Catalog of songs and i find that if you request a song Karafun tries very hard to get it on their catalog, getting the rights to the songs is more difficult with some Artist's than others I can imagine. We use this along with our SingTrix Karaoke System so it sounds so professional….We literally have concerts in our living room with a Fog Machine hahaha…..Highly Recommend this app if you are looking for fun and love to sing! The more you practice you really can make the songs your own. Thank You KaraFun….Keep up the great work! Nothing like making Music with your Family and Friends 🎤😁🎵
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5 months ago, Bewell1111
So much fun!
The KaraFun app is fantastic! They’ve got every song you can think of. An issue with singing to tracks normally is that they come in only one key, so the fact that KaraFun can change key (and tempo) is fantastic. It’s amazing versatility. I also love that when I sign up for a month, it’s not a recurring charge that I have to remember to cancel. You can also listen to the vocals by turning them up on a slider (to set whatever volume you want from full volume to off and same for the backing vocals if any) if you need help with the melody and sing with the backing vocals if you want to. so it’s a great way to practice and learn songs. It’s very versatile! If you’re singing in a group, you can also set it up so that a person’s name comes up with the song they are singing in the cue. the only minor issue I would want fixed is that when playing a song, if you’re in small screen (instead of full screen) you can’t adjust the key, tempo or vocals until you go into full screen, so you can be stuck for a few seconds until you expand to full screen and then make the changes needed. Overall, an excellent and worthy app and service.
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4 years ago, llarosa16
Well Designed App!
I’m really impressed with this app. I’ve been playing with it for about 5 hours on and off and the ease of use, library/database and categorizations are on par “right on man! This is awesome!” I’ve run this from my Apple XR and iPad; seemless and without glitch. I noticed the new songs are much higher quality than what may be the older ones. Excellent eye for detail! Speaking of detail, I appreciate you adding lyrics to read while you are thumbing through the catalog so I don’t have to keep flipping my phone from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. I can’t think of one thing so far I wish it had except some artists I love to sing like Maggie Rogers, Kristy Lee or Indigo Girls but I’m betting that the music library will also grow. Nice job developers and team!
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1 year ago, Steel_player
Very happy user
I have used KaraFun now for several years, primarily for family parties and for practicing singing and playing various musical instruments. It’s worth the minimal monthly investment to have it on-hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Songs are very close, if not spot-on, to the originals. The user interface is responsive and intuitive and stable. One of my favorite features is that the app will report a song as “Explicit”. In family party situations, of which most of mine are, this is a great aid in keeping offensive language away from children. I set a rule that two requests for Explicit songs will disqualify a singer from performing at that party. It helps to keep (most) everyone having a good time.
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2 months ago, Sdjsksdjdj
AI??? Why??? Disappointing for a good app
I love having this as a convenient karaoke for small parties or when my friends and I are too tired to go to a karaoke bar/rent a karaoke room. But why use AI images? They feel so random and make the app look cheap as compared to the actual images of the artists who sang the song, the album cover the song is from, even just a generic stock image of a landscape or something was totally fine. For fans of things like games/anime/cartoons, it feels so insincere to have AI images that *think* this what show the song is from when it’s not even close. I totally understand copyright being a reason to avoid using official images if that’s a concern, but this is just a really disappointing thing to see. ESPECIALLY because it’s not just animated works, why have AI images of songs by living, current artists?? They exist, thousands of license free photos of them exist!!
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5 years ago, DaMastaPongsta
Best Karaoke Software
I tried my sister’s karaoke machine back in the 90’s and hated it! The song was Horse With No Name by America, a song I could play and sing with my guitar! Well this karaoke version of the song was all “cheesy” sounding and it was only one key, so I sounded horrible! I never karaoke’d from that day on....until recently at my other sisters karaoke party and I noticed the KJ was using the Karafun Software and he was changing the key for the different singers! I also noticed the music was as close to sounding just like the original songs! So I says to myself, I’ll rent it for a month and give it another try and “VOILA”! Changing the key to fit my voice made all the difference! Now I am being a “real” Filipino and enjoy “Singing Like The Stars!” LOL
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1 year ago, mwm80
This app is amazing and the last stop you’ll need for karaoke. The most impressive thing is tied for instrumentation quality and song selection. I love a lot of the crooners (such as Dean Martin) and it actually sounds like a big band behind you, not cheesy synths and drum machines. For every artist I’ve looked up (from Sinatra to Radiohead), the selection goes way beyond just the hits. Tell me where else you’re going to find Bobby Darin’s Beatles Medley that he only performed live (you won’t). Some other cool features are the ability to change the key into one that fits your vocal range, and the option to recommend/request songs by artist and title that they don’t currently have.
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2 years ago, Flavortown2020
Constantly bugs out! Teri app for businesses!
This app has continually frustrated me with freezing, not downloading properly or just generally being a piece of garbage. The redeeming star is for the fantastic catalog, which is truly the only reason we held on to using this for our business. If you are using this professionally, you can’t rely on it. I’m angry, sad and above all, disappointed that the one thing my business is about -karaoke- is inoperable. I’m smart enough to have a backup plan with another system but Karafun left me no choice but to me constantly prepared for the worst. For example, after 4 days downloading nearly 47,000 songs, of which I put on a new 1TB iPad (more expenses I have made to utilize the app) and I woke up this morning to the app saying one song was in the catalog. Makes you wanna cry. The app is fine if you’re streaming…maybe. But I can’t trust it for a second & have canceled my account.
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5 months ago, DrCyd
I have subscribed to Karafun for several years. I use my phone's bluetooth to hook up to my amplifier and read the lyrics off my phone. My microphone and the backing tracks mix and play through the amplifier. I give regular concerts for friends in my backyard and at their parties. It's loads of fun, and my singing just gets better and better. I usually find the songs I want, and there's a song request option, too. You can raise and lower the keys to suit your range. The faster and slower option doesn't work that well because changing the speed creates digital noise. Overall, a great application!
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2 years ago, Denmarbla
One of the best song lists
So many nice versions of songs but the best are the popular songs by other named artists . Some of those versions are amazing . If you have a song in mind please search the song name and not the artist because you will find some wonderful alternative tracks that are superb . I used VDJ karaoke before but my main one now is KaraFun . They have the songs and the app on my laptop is so simple to use . I’ve been using it now for some years and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Love the app and Customer Service is very responsive when I have a question . Thank you so much . Denny / Florida ,USA
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3 years ago, MichelleMcJer
Latest update screwed up my business playback
Latest update UI is better than before, especially on mobile devices. Unfortunately my entire history got wiped with this update, UI/UX on changing the key on a mobile device is still as bad as it ever was and maybe even worse, and now the playback settings can’t be set to hold, meaning if I change the key on a song, I have to keep changing it every time I play the song, even if it is back to back. Before I had a setting that would hold the playback speed and key so I wouldn’t have to keep setting it every time. Also the pricing is weird - how it appears in the App Store vs online is confusing. One step forward, two steps back.
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4 years ago, Tennessee Independant
Karaoke enthusiast and Longtime Karafun user
From music teacher to commercial pilot. Spent a lot of time overseas and sang karaoke in Tokyo, Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Athens, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Prague, Belfast..... too many to count. Best in the world karaoke......Bristol, Tennessee. Tried all known karaoke apps over last 20 years and the easy winner in Karafun. I’ve used it to learn thousands of songs. It has the ability to speed a song up, change the keys up and down, print the words of the song for memorization and the graphic backgrounds are mesmerizingly modern. Try it for a month and you’ll give up your cell phone before surrendering your Karafun. Plan on getting hooked.
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5 years ago, Bearded Coffee Monkey
Best Karaoke App, HANDS DOWN!
We used this app to replace our old karaoke system (MagicSing) because it’s just so hard to get the most current songs on chips and DVDs. Our 14 year old LOVED the song selections and the 7 day pass for $7 was a bargain for her birthday. Her friends had a great time singing at her B Day party. Best part? This this is FANTASTIC with an iPad! It’s like a little control center. The main screen goes up on the TV with screen share and the iPad handles the song queue, mixing, and controls. The music is on point and you even get backing vocals if you want them. I don’t usually write reviews, but this app was everything we hoped for and more.
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1 year ago, Ol Hoot
Expand The Menu
Being a customer for a few months now I find I am pleased with the Quality and selection of your song Menu. I would be pleased even more if you had a section for Old Time Country Gospel. At this time I find I still have to search Other Karaoke providers for a larger selection of Gospel music, I would rather have Kara Fun as my One and only Source. Thanks Steve Gibson Just Listened to That’s where I Find GOD by Larry Fleet. You Did a all around Great Job. I was Particularly pleased that there is a solid Base track which is missing in some of your Songs. Keep up the Good work👍👍
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4 years ago, Dvik1
KaraFun loading issues
This first night I subscribed and paid for the monthly service, I started using it. The songs, material, and quality is great, however even with my internet working good, the karafun site gives me constant messages telling me I lost my internet connection and I know I didn’t, it shows full connection. This is my only complaint with the program. It’s enough that it’s inconvenient to me or the other singers. Please try to fix this issue so I may continue to use this program from karafun. When this problem is fixed and I no longer experience delays or interruptions with loading songs etc, I will give you a better rating. thank you Dvik1
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1 year ago, Lynmc
It’s ok. One TINY fix would make it great.
There is no reason for me to be unable to access my personal music library from my KaraFun app. Karaoke Version is great resource but it does not have every song one might want or, does not have it available in the right key. (And no! Manipulating the key within the app is NOT “good enough”). AND, some of us have actually written and recorded songs of our own that we might want to sing when we don’t have all our equipment with us. So, let us play tracks from our own libraries with our Karafun apps. It doesn’t cost you a penny.
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2 years ago, jskehdir chase
It always is great and the highlight of any gathering
I have used this app and downloaded their software on my laptop, and have done probably around 10 karaoke parties over the last few years. It is always great!!! I’ve found it’s best using the laptop because of the split screen feature, so people can look up songs while the singer is not interrupted. Amazing variety of song selections. Definitely worth the $7 dollars for each time we throw a get together. Just used this past weekend and are already planning again for Halloween. Thanks KaraFun!!!!!
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2 years ago, scotty dog!
You seem to have thought of everything!
I have been enjoying your program for about six months now! I’ve been a professional vocalist for over 50 years and I truly appreciate all the little aspects of your program! Musicianship on your backing tracks is excellent and the fact that I can adjust the background vocals, the key up or down, the tempo up or down and save things in a playlist really helps! I’ve reached out from time to time to your help staff and they’ve been great! Thanks so much!
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6 years ago, Wilkshake_Junior86
0 stars🙁
I was looking for an app just like the app Sing! by Smule, but Sing! is like a social media and that’s not what I’m looking for. I downloaded this app and couldn’t figure out how to start doing karaoke for a song; it only played about 30 seconds of it. I then figured out that there are free songs and the rest you have to have a membership to sing them. Sadly, the free songs were traditional and Christmas songs and stuff like that, and who wants to sing those songs if it’s not Christmas?! I then figured out that the membership to sing the other songs costs 9 dollars a month! That’s crazy just to do karaoke!! I definitely DO NOT suggest getting this app unless you are ok with paying 9 dollars a month. I would absolutely download this back if there were some major improvements made, but right now it’s a waste of my time.
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2 months ago, Z-Factor7
Great service but bugs after recent upgrade
I really enjoy the service and app, but I’ve encountered problems after the recent major upgrade. Notably these 2: 1. During replay, sometimes changing between portrait and landscape orientation causes the display to freeze. Music still plays but the only way to fix is to force quit the program. 2. Energy/battery use during playback has gone up dramatically. Listening to about 10 minutes of songs (with a pitch adjust) depleted my battery about 10% and the phone is noticeably hot. This hadn’t been an issue in the past.
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4 years ago, Jsoyster
Terrible customer service
This app crashes the first five or six times you open it on a pc or laptop. I’ve used it on several computers and it’s the same on all. Also on my iPhone it only wants to play audio every few songs. There are no new updates available for the app or my phone. I have emailed them and sent bug reports many times but never get a response and they never fix it. It’s ok for what it is and the price is reasonable but it should come with a little bit of customer support. Then I get this 👇🏻👇🏻 generic response. I clearly stated that I’ve emailed and sent bug reports and have never received a response. I’m not going to continue to waste my time reaching out to the “support” center, I also get the random disconnections too. I’m stuck with KaraFun until a better option comes along.
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5 years ago, pacountry
Best Karaoke App out there
For 2 years in a row now I’ve purchased the 7 day pass for $7 for our home New Years party and both years it’s been a big hit with everyone. The song catalog is huge and the music quality is some of the best I’ve heard for Karaoke, including the Karaoke CD’s which aren’t cheap. I have to laugh at all these negative reviews from people who think they can get literally thousands of full track Karaoke songs for free. The flexible charges offered for this app is one of the features I like best about the app. If you’re a DJ or Karaoke junkie buy the monthly subscription. If you want Karaoke for the occasional party throughout the year buy the 7 day pass when you need it for just $7. That’s a cheap price to pay to entertain a room full of people for an entire evening. Keep up the great work folks !
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3 years ago, BuckT04
Amazing App!! Amazing Value!!
I have been using the app for a couple of years and love it. The cost for a monthly sub is a steal when you compare to the costs of CD+G Karaoke CDs and better than other subscription services I tried. It also keeps getting better as time goes. The library has as least doubled, if not more, since I first started using it. Also, I had a recent issue that support was quick to fix and they were awesomely nice! Keep up the excellent work team, and I’ll keep singing your praise!!!
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1 year ago, Q’bosta
Not keeping up with Apple updates
My apologies that I felt bad about the KaraFun app. I understand that it was my fault; KaraFun does absolutely the best to keep up-to-date with all the Apple updates; and they are doing a great job staying ahead of the curve at getting the bugs out - I understand sometimes those updates may cause some conflict in some software but we get it figured out and the KaraFun team is great and they always respond right away. Please don’t be mad; you guys are great!!!
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4 months ago, whitworth56
What’s wrong with KaraFun
Every so often when I hit the play button the song doesn’t play on the screen on my tablet but in the que screen you can see the bars of that song looking like it’s playing but there’s no sound. I have to get out completely and start all over. Sometimes I even have to logout and log back in. And yes my machine is connected by Bluetooth when this happens. I guess when I say every so often I mean quite a bit it happened again last night. Other than that I think the app is great.
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3 years ago, JRR62
Apple Music of Karaoke
I have been a KlJ for over 25 years. I have said good bye to all the other programs on the market. KaraFun does it all. The ability to control the volume for the background vocals and main vocals is ingenious. Key and Tempo control are easily located. Very professional appearance. No bugs. Easy intuitive interface. Vastness of song selection is mind blowing. Perhaps best of all, singers can access the catalog and submit songs to the queue all through their phone!
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11 months ago, michaelj4101
Karaoke made easy yet very professional results.
KaraFun is very much so worth a $60 a month subscription. No, I do not have a Karaoke side business, it’s just for family, friends and our gated community fun. If you don’t pay for the premium subscription forget it. Every song that has been requested from both the old and the young alike is in the list of available songs. “Remarkable”! Thank you KaraFun for making our parties and get togethers total successes.
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12 months ago, Maga man2
Kara scores big
I run a karaoke weekend in wyoming…. Ive a full stage , pa, monitors, lights with plenty of power … Kara can handle this… clean lyrics , great que with good looking screen background and has net let me down….. When my participants step up on stage I’m sure they can read the lyrics in the correct timing and with the ability to phase vocals in and out I can fill up the sound of my client is struggling, help them get back in time and then fade out backgrounds and they’re the stars… get it!
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2 years ago, kpinfl
Customer support and reliability
I’ve been using the software for about six months it’s impossible to get in touch with support if you have a major issue. I had karaoke to venue with over 42,000 songs downloaded to my computer and paid for logged in subscription. Care fund refused to load any songs it would load the song would not want me to play it in the play button State grid out this happened for 30 minutes I reinstall the software program from the download it still wouldn’t work. I remove the program which removes all 42,000s songs in over a month and a half of downloads, and the program works but we’re still glitchy.
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2 years ago, JOFU927
KaraFun Rating!
KaraFun is by far one of the finest karaoke programs on the market today. With disabilities to change keys and speeds of songs making it super easy for the vocals to enjoy their favorite songs in theirKey and tempo. The customer service is outstanding and reply to requests quickly when you have a question. I recommend it to all upcoming singers amateur and professional and it’s a great tool for rehearsing and practicing as the arrangements are top quality.
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4 years ago, T from CC
Every app should behave this way
First let me say, this is a great app, I use it almost every day and I love it. Never had a problem with it. It just works. That said, I love that I can subscribe for a month and forget about it. If I happen to take a break, it just expires. We have so many subscriptions that we sometimes forget what we’re paying for. With this app, it gently reminds me my subscription expired, and asks me if I want to renew. It’s like they RE-earn my business every month!
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5 years ago, Fab4fan1
Been using this app for several years. Makes me look good. Has never let me down. I’m often asked, “when is the next karaoke party”? ALWAYS a success! If you plan to karaoke for what ever the occasion this is the app!!!! Haven't had many requests that wasn't on Karafun! ALL files are EXCELLENT! No midis. Very reasonable price! Karafun will make you look like a pro! Hosting or as a participant. GREAT tech support if you need it but considering its ease of use its not likely you will.
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3 weeks ago, damodest1
Good app however the pricing and options could be better
I really like the app and ability to have others add their song to the queue. One of the things I do not like is that many of the features are only available via paid subscription. It would be nice to have a lower tier. Also, one of the best features is the remote control available in a Premium subscription but it’s limited and only fully opened with a Professional subscription. This reduces the efficacy of the Premium subscription.
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3 years ago, greja123
Need support
I am new to the app and I don’t want to be unfair about rating it. I will either update this review or leave another. I am a mobile DJ and I picked this as my app of choice to integrate into my offering. I just had major issues with Karafun not working during a live set with a client. I don’t know if it was their WIFI or some issue with Karafun and it’s server’s. I suspected their could be issues so I upgraded my account to Pro and attempted to download the 44k songs and play them from my computer. For some reason I got an error from Karafun after downloading 1k songs. I have another event tomorrow night. I sent an email today and I am yet to hear back from anyone. I mention this because with my subscription they mention 24 hour support. I would appreciate if someone would get back to me or provide a method to contact someone who might be more responsive.
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1 year ago, RichSeine
A bit disenchanted
I’m quite familiar with the few songs by Blue Man Group (BMG) available on this app, and I’m curious about them. They appear to be performed by artists other than the performers on the albums. (Examples: the song, “Sing Along” with Artist Dave Matthews, also the song, “I Feel Love”, performed by Venus Hum”. From the recording, The Complex.) That said, Blue Man Group, is actually several groups, performing many places throughout the country. Around the globe. A peek at the BMG website is very useful to become familiarized with both the artists and their music. One of the many things BMG has, are collaborations with many different musical talents, of which both Dave Matthews and Venus Hum are only two, in the live performances. Not every collaboration is on the recordings. It would be spectacular if the above mentioned songs were from the Album 💿 (The Complex), as performed by these particular musicians.
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5 years ago, kwvw1
Billy Joel gone
I’ve used this app for a several years now and have been very happy with it. There have been a few quirks, but the catalog has been better than others and the flexible pricing, charging only when you wanted to use it, has been great. But recently, almost all the Billy Joel songs disappear?!? More than price...more than anything, the catalog of songs a karaoke app has is its most important feature. Almost as bad as missing the Billy Joel songs is the uncertainty that I now have that other songs I like will still be there. After many $$$ given to KaraFun over the years, I don’t think I’m coming back.
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2 years ago, MalloryM19
Playback/lyric delay issue
Lots of variety of songs and it’s nice to be able to adjust backup and lead vocals on a lot of the songs. What got to be annoying was choosing a song to “play now” from the playlist and having the song start playing without the lyrics. There was a big delay and the app would sort of freeze. Hard restarting the app worked each time to reset it but it was annoying to do that.
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2 years ago, STEVI3DJ
KaraFUN *Best Karaoke App*
I’ve been using Karafun now for many years. This program integrates seamlessly with my Mac and IPad. For the most part the songs are authentic to the originals and the library provided is by far the most extensive on the market. Also being covered legally is another big issue Karaoke hosts struggle with so thank you Karafun for keeping us legal. Keep updating the library and bringing us fresh songs. You guys rock!
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10 months ago, loveheart🧕🏽unicorn happy
Oh my God, I love it!!
I just got this game and I love that all the other ones went as good I’m able to find so many nice interesting songs I just wish they had more choices for KIDZ BOP Kids because I like singing in a group in Kidz Bop kids sing in a group but it is awesome. I absolutely loved it. I think my little sister would like it too. I’ve always wanted to try karaoke thank you developers of this game.
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2 years ago, TVJ-listen
The program keeps terminating especially when I am in the middle of a show (room) full of customers. I have full access to internet all strength in bar are displayed. All my system software is up to date both on Mac Book Pro, and Hp with windows. Enjoy using the program with the exception of this one situation. My location is in Virginia - known as the (DMV). Is there a resolution?
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1 year ago, CAM installer
Lots of fun
I used it for a party. Lots of songs to choose from. Audio quality varies. I used a phone hot spot to a lap top. Lag time to download was occasionally an issue but that was my connection. Added a second monitor for the singers. Should use a wireless mouse to be able to adjust second screen. Play with it and get used to it. Otherwise you will hold up the energy you’ve created. Sing or not to sing. That’s their problem.
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6 years ago, Fairr9
Can’t get enough
My family loves to get together to do karaoke and this is my favorite program to use. It has a very expansive library of songs and now with the new community feature, there’s even more songs from other outlets outside of KaraFun. I have the program on my phone for travel and on my computer for when at home. Get it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.
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1 year ago, marksings.com
Few questions and suggestion for changes
I don t like that you have to type in an artis name to see all of an artist works when it use to be under each song of theirs. I also do t like the way you have to set up song list to save the settings on each song you can’t keep the setting under your favorites, why have a favorite section then? And it allows you do duplicate songs in set list instead of notifying you it’s already there
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3 years ago, music101.2020
Latest update killed it
For some unholy reason, the latest update of the app removed so many awesome features that it basically took the app back many years. It makes no sense. I tried writing support to get any kind of info, but my inquiries were ignored. Why would you update an app in such a way that it removes years worth of additional features that your users have grown to depend us? Did the app have too high a rating and you wanted to bring it down? It makes absolutely no sense. Unfortunately, I will have to stop paying for the app and seek better options at this point.
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10 months ago, Singing my life away
Traditional German songs
I have performed for over fifty years singing German songs. The selection and quality of the recordings are excellent. It is allowing me to continue singing these songs as musicians are harder to find. I see there are many other ethnic songs for people to sing to, and hope you will continue to expand the selections. KaraFun member for life!
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11 months ago, Djztek
Great easy and to use fun
But could use some new features like random song play when you don’t have anything on queue instead of them stupid jingles and some dj type features like mixing and able to use pioneer controllers… but the way it is now the pro version it too pricy unless you making ton of money.. if the price comes down I might give the pro version a shot… but I love it on my iPad Pro gen 5
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