KBB.com-New & Used Car Prices

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Kelley Blue Book
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for KBB.com-New & Used Car Prices

1.5 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fake reviews on Ford Trucks
Had my honest review of my 108,000 miles superduty removed because “I didn’t rate fire high enough”. That’s the only reason I could find. I have my receipts and all the stuff I’ve had to do to this truck which is ridiculous. Crazy thing is I bought this truck after extensive research based on reliability and now I see that those “great” reviews are false! So Ford would rather line KBBs mods pockets instead of building a better truck! That money could’ve paid employees better and bought better materials. Instead they choose to block any bad reviews. Mine was professional and without any profanity, yet it was blocked??? How would someone like me honestly research before I buy?? I can’t because the whole system seems to just want to lie and pay off instead of being honest! If I would’ve read honest reviews I would probably have a good truck for work by now and never purchased the 2011 Ford F-250 superduty crew can 4x4! KBB, you are defrauding Americans and you deserve zero stars for being “FAKE”!
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4 years ago, jakevermore
Big fix in order for dark mode... hello developers?!?!
USERS READ THIS!! VALUES FIXED!! Just go into “Settings/Display & Brightness” on your iPhone and then switch to “Light” under “Appearance” you will now see the car values for different sales conditions just as it used to be. When you are done with the KBB app you can just switch back to dark :) DEVELOPERS READ THIS!!!!!!!! Check out all the bad reviews because people think the app is not showing them the “used car values” essentially rendering the app pointless for most folks. Seriously would this even take a developer one afternoon to fix the bug and make it work in dark and light mode?... kind of a high priority to be able to see the one and only thing folks use the app for. While we are at it there is one other thing that has annoyed me about the app for a long time: After you choose the car, mileage and options and hit apply it goes to a rather useless screen called “Overview” which for every car I’ve looked up just has a pic of the car. Then I have to scroll right to see the values... confusing and not elegant. Why not combine the Overview and Value pages into one? Or, perhaps just move the photo to the photos page if that is all that is going to be there? Just my two-cents... I’m giving you 5 stars with the assumption that you will read this and fix the “Dark Mode Bug”. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, RHB 3
Bad User Experience with this App
If it were possible to leave a review without a star rating I would say 0 stars but I can’t. Being a UI/UX Designer by trade I am disgusted using this application. With people on the go more and more, the likelihood of a car owner wishing to research new cars or the value of their current car quickly and easily from their mobile phone is expected. This application or web based wrapper app, used to be a great deal better than it is today. You can tell that proper updates have not had a lot of thought go into them if at all. I used to primarily use the app to log info about our household vehicles to monitor their value for trade or private sale. Now the app has annoying and unrelated ads popping up, and as a user you can stumble through the vehicle selection, mileage, options and condition only to find out that you no longer get the estimated range of values for the vehicle. What happened there? In my book that makes this app useless. I’m writing this review from my phone because I am out and about and not near a computer. So my point again is make this available via mobile and improve this app. If I were at a dealership contemplating a trade, I’d like to have the app ready to show estimated trade in ranges from what used to be a reputable resource. Same would apply when negotiating a private sale.
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1 year ago, mogowli
They provide very false information!!!
I own a 2005 Subaru Legacy Outback and when doing research about when I need to replace the timing belt kbb showed up in the results stating that older Subarus have timing chains that last 60,000 miles at max and newer Subarus have a timing belt that needs replaced every 100,000. The statement about the belt needing replaced every 100k is true however the belts are in Subarus that are from 2012 and before while the 2013 models and newer have a chain that lasts a lot longer than 60k miles. How can they get that information wrong and then post it everywhere as if it is correct, I can only imagine what other things they post that are completely incorrect and people trust them because kbb is supposed to be a trusted sight for cars and their needs?? Even when going on the Subaru website they state the exact opposite of what kbb stated, very very disappointing.
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1 year ago, kgoodwin33
Feels like I took a trip in a time machine
This app reminds me of something I would’ve used on my iPhone 4.. Big, blocky buttons that barely respond, squashed down screen, extremely buggy — overall, this app just screams ‘early ages of app development.’ I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at any of this if the app wasn’t for a company owned by Cox Automotive, whose recent annual revenue has come in around the $18 billion - $21.1 billion range. You’re telling me they can’t carve out a little tiny slice of that to pay an experienced app developer to straighten this mess out? There are broke, no-name companies out there who have managed to create functional, user-friendly apps that are also visually appealing! The lack of a functional app has lead me to use other services because I can’t stomach the mobile version of the website isn’t all that great either.
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4 years ago, debberino22
OMG! Worst app I’ve used in memory
I grudgingly gave this app 1 star. There should be an option for no stars. Where do I start? No trouble navigating to my model year, make, and model. Downhill from there. The descriptions of the various model characteristics were barely legible since the letters were much darker than any other data on the page. If you’re able to struggle through all of the barely-legible option & select those describing your car, a screen comes up w/the 4 categories of possible used car values: retail, trade-in, owner sale, and one other category. These were displayed w/no dollar values related to the value of my car. Expanded, each of the app simply expand the detailed definite s of the 4 general categories. IN NO WAY WAS I ABLE TO DETERMINE ANY VALUE FOR MY CAR!!!!!
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3 years ago, McMiaow
Last 8yrs…
I’ve been using the Kelly Blue Book app fairly routinely for the past eight years. In that time, for whatever reason, it has become so “buggy”, to the point that it’s barely usable in its current iteration. It’s beyond my comprehension that none of these glitches have been, not only not fixed, but seem to have increased in severity and abundance over the years. It’s a sincere shame, since it is by far the best database of auto information you can find for the past 20+ years. But it no longer matters, since you can’t actually access a decent portion of that info. If money is what you need, start charging a subscription, I’ll gladly pay if it improves the app.
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2 years ago, Sclassshoeman
The app is cluttered by old looking font it’s much bigger than it should be. The UI is sluggish feeling and doesn’t respond well to swipes. Additionally, the swipes and slides were horizontal. That’s not necessarily a negative but it was poorly executed. Ad placement, in my opinion, is the biggest issue. I had to be aware of the ad the entire time so I didn’t accidentally tap it and navigate away from the app. The ad occupied way too much real estate. Lastly, I couldn’t find the KBB price. I’m sure if I kept looking through the 7 slides I would’ve eventually found it ,but KBB is known for pricing. Having to search around an already cumbersome app to find what, I’m assuming, most people use the app for was the nail in the coffin for me.
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4 years ago, Goolier
Best to worst
Kelly Blue Book was the industry standard that I used before smartphones... They took that name recognition and flushed it down the toilet with this current app. Who ever is steering the company does not understand current basic technology needs in having an app that works. This app is unusable to get what the main purpose originally was... what’s any car’s estimated standard value. I found some alternative apps that do this a lot better than their app or website in safari can do. Shame to throw a brands name recognition away on silly technicalities if unreadable pages, illegible menus, and lately, constant timeouts
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3 years ago, Reviewer No. 4711
I just want the value… just let me see the value
After plugging in all of my car’s criteria and arriving at a screen titled “Value,” one expects to see the vehicle’s estimated value, right? Nope. The app wants to make sure I provided the correct condition (like I might change my mind?) Nothing to tap to take me to a screen with a dollar amount, either ... So I swipe again … now the app is trying to sell me on a car I already own? Lots of thumbnail images (I know what my car looks like, thanks), I swipe again and I’m at reviews (I know how much I like my car, don’t need to be convinced). WHERE IS THE VALUE SCREEN THAT ACTUALLY SHOWS THE VALUE? The estimated value is literally all. I. want. KBB, you used to be useful, but this app suuuuuucks.
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2 years ago, JuliWho:)
Horrible update.
Latest update is bad. I haven’t been able to view any values on the app. Only shows the definitions for each price point ( trade-in, retail, private- party, etc.) but no values under each drop down section. I’ve deleted and reinstalled over the last month several times as I have always and for years used and trusted KBB for an estimated value of my cars. But now it’s just useless. Add the car save it or try for values on new cars. Neither option provides a value. Only pictures and reviews get presented. Very disappointed. Oh and let’s not forget that they have an advertisement at the bottom to go to a third party to value your car…. That’s just ironic …..
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4 years ago, ciscokid215
Horrendous application to us
Nothing was easy about using this application. You couldn’t select multiple years, or models to compare. Because come on, how many know THE car they want without seeing and driving it?! Keep those yells and shouts to a minimum boys. I’m trying to search a range for a few different cars I’m looking. Then I like to narrow it down buy features that I don’t want, but I couldn’t change them because the text and back ground color were all the same. Honestly it’s like the creators only went through 1 set of changes and called it the final cut, and never returned to finishing this app.... Sad but I’ll be deleting and stinking to the online site, it’s much easier to deal with they can campare cars!
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2 years ago, Anonymous0000000000002
App is useless
I’ve been using the website forever for pricing information, let downloading and deleting the app for a quicker and easier solution than pulling the website up every time. Each time I’d be let down. Either the app would take forever to analyze the data I put in and load or key features wouldn’t work. Most notably the prices for looking up my cars values. It would never give me the prices for anything, trade-in value or private party )which was the main key reason I was using it). Ultimately I’d have to waste time by going to the website and putting back in all the information I had just put in on the app.
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3 years ago, sirjay_9899
Doesn’t work in Dark mode for car values
Just as another user reported back on Aug. 8th, the KBB app will not work for iPhone users who set their display settings in dark mode. This app requires the setting to be ran light mode in order to see the car values. This would be a great fix in the future but for those leaving bad reviews due to missing car values, definitely check out your display settings first. Good luck!
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4 years ago, Ajhd17
Absolutely useless!!
Why does anyone download KBB? In order to find the value of a car right?! Well good luck using this app to do that at all. No problem navigating through the options for the make and model and year of my car but that’s it. If you want to find a place that has a detailed description of your car this is it. If you want to actually use this app for what it is supposed to be used for then good luck because it will not tell you anything about the value of your car at all. It will give you a nice description of what retail value means but it won’t give you the actual retail value. Pathetic and useless app.
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2 years ago, youknowwhy8362829
Disappointed coming from the industry leader in car resell value
This app is trash. KBB should be embarrassed. We all go to their website and use it for our auto needs. So why is your app pure garbage? It’s as big a let down as watching you son get picked up by his GF in a “squated” or “tooted” F-150. They are going to a high school dance, even tho he is 19 and failed out/GED from that school and she is a senior there…and he no showed his job so he could go…and still lives at home…because his crypto coin hasn’t “gone to the moon” yet. HUUUUGGGHHH disappointment incase you missed that. Can’t even get prices
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4 years ago, magna deuce
Last update broke app for iPhone XR
UPDATE: so the used car values aren’t missing you just can’t see them with iPhone in dark mode. Added a couple of stars to my review but leaving off 2 stars until devs fix that issue. Older: This most recent update completely broke the app. I use the app to look up used car values. This function is completely missing now. In the section it used to be in it now just gives definitions of what the value is not the actual value anymore.
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2 years ago, TEKnight
Need to Fix Displaying Number in Dark Mode
The KBB App does NOT display the numbers/values when an iPhone is in ‘Dark Mode’, because it’s black type on a black background. So currently it forces a person to switch to ‘Light Mode’ in Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance > Light or Dark). It’s been this way for years where I was frustrated with the KBB App, but then I put the iPhone into ‘Light’ mode and suddenly all the value numbers showed up. Fix this and the ratings will go to 5 Stars KBB 🤓
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1 year ago, Chunkyjake131985
Simply the best
I have been using Kelley blue book all of my life. I hate to see some of these other poor reviews, because I think they are completely unfounded. I’ve been involved with selling thousands of vehicles and we exclusively use Kbb to value a car. And I can confidently say that 999 times out of 1000 it gets the price right.
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2 years ago, markgrunen
This may be the worst app ever designed…
And I don’t mean the worst “used car fair market value” app, I mean the worst app of any kind ever created for any purpose, ever. It not only does not perform the most basic function of what it is intended to do, it literally does nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is not an exaggeration. It does nothing. Zero. It’s hard to use, and the screens float all over the place. Did I mention that it does nothing? It does not provide used car fair market pricing, even when it does not crash, which is usually every time you use it.
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3 years ago, Dr. Jekyll
The worst interface you could imagine
They need to start over with this app. The interface is terrible. It is apparently hiding the blue book value (wonder why people use “Kelly blue book” if not to find the blue book value?) and no longer displays it reliably. Perhaps it’s buried on one of the pointless tabs that go through a smorgasbord of information that only has value if you could see the blue book value. I’ve been a kbb user (website) since the early 2000s, but every time is use the app I regret ever using them.
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3 years ago, alex2021/:!
More bugs with newer version, completely useless!!!
After latest update this app became completely useless. You can’t change miles. The keyboard won’t come on to type correct miles!!! I used this app for many years. Before it was very fast tool to determine vehicle value. Literally took 5 seconds to get vehicle value. After update from a year ago it started to be slow and load models for a while. After update from a few days ago you can’t even change miles. I removed app and reinstalled a few times. Same issue. Developers, please, fix it!!!
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4 years ago, Roger Race T Bannon
Wow! This is terrible
I have not used Kelley blue for a few years now, so I thought I would down load the app as I am looking to buy a used vehicle. Gosh, where to start? The text for each option is so dark you can’t read it. The text lines overlaps and jumble together as well. The overall esthetic of the app is terrible. I’ve seen better from beginner developers. Navigation requires a side swipe many times. Let’s see... oh and it never did give a compatible price! Not even an estimate. In the end, I am seriously disappointed in this app. Kelly BB, I though you better than this?
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4 years ago, FinnMacCoul
When you’re shopping for a car online, wouldn’t it be great if you could see photos of the models you’re interested in? Too bad KBB can’t provide it. Spinning wheels, never resolved into a photo. You could wait an hour or you could wait a a when you’re shopping for a car online, wouldn’t it be great if you could see photos of the models you’re interested in? Too bad KBB can’t provide it. Spinning wheels, never resolves into a photo. You could wait an hour or you could wait a day, you’re not gonna get photos.
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3 years ago, audioguy61
Dark mode is unusable
Useful app for car shopping or selling but if my phone is in dark mode the results come up as black characters on a black background, it took me a while to figure out that it wasn't just returning no results but that they just were just invisible. Kind of a masterclass in poor app design. I get good use from the app as long as I remember to put my phone in light mode before I use it.
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2 years ago, Kellerino
One of the first apps I down loaded when I got my first iPhone when they first came out. It was always dependable, but in the last few months (that I’ve noticed) it is completely unusable. No matter if I have all bars or connect to WiFi, it freezes and closes. I deleted the app and reloaded it just to make sure and it’s definitely the app. Maybe it’s just the old way of checking prices on its way out. Which really doesn’t hurt my feelings since their prices aren’t independent anymore.
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4 years ago, Scroggic
Might be the worst app
This app is an abomination. I am a software engineer and I literally cannot find the value of the vehicle I just looked up. Ad banners are placed to deliberately trick you into click the button using a call to action where your Navigation would typically lie. In my opinion Apple should pull applications that engage in these patterns from the store as a service to their users. Cox Automotive - I understand that you guys have gone through some rough times, but you need to invest in building quality digital products or simply drop them from your portfolio.
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3 years ago, ClinteeD
Crashes Constantly
As many others have said, this app used to work ok, but has just gotten worse and worse over the years. I use it on and off when I’m researching cars and now it’s to the point where most of the time it crashes before I get to the information I need. Such a shame because so many people rely on Kelly and this is the way they access the information now. I can’t believe Kelly doesn’t even realize this.
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8 months ago, Nevermindalready
Won’t allow me to customize options
The app uses a push button system to let you customize the options on your car, then inexplicably deselects choices you made previously, and furthermore, stops letting you use buttons down the line. At least if I had a physical copy of the book, I’d be able to write down and add up the totals, but this is pretty useless in the way it’s set up. I think that’s why I deleted the app years ago, before trying this again in 2023.
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4 years ago, Jwebb55
Useless app
This app doesn’t actually perform its purpose, showing you the value of your vehicle. I don’t understand. It has you lost all the options mileage etc then takes you to the value page in which it literally doesn’t provide value estimates. This app used to be very useful a few years ago, I’m not sure what happened but it is seriously useless now. My guess is they made the app trash so you have to go to their site and get bombarded by car dealers who partner with them to try and get you to trade your car to them.
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1 year ago, JWStormie
Useless app
I'm honestly confused as to why this app exists. The app takes you through All of the steps, answering all of the questions about your used vehicle, but fails to provide you with estimated values. Instead it provides an explanation as to what private party means, fair Market value so on and so forth. Then there's a page full of stock photos, reviews and opinions about said vehicle. But actual market value numbers can not be found anywhere in the app. Seems a waste of time at best, bogus at worst.
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2 years ago, AppLicious888
Doesn’t work anymore!
This app USED TO work, and it was a little glitchy when it did, but you could mostly get by. Now it just crashes EVERY time. Cannot be used. Apparently no one in charge of the app cares. There’s nothing but bad reviews here and nothing changes. Enter the year of the vehicle that you want to search for, and then as soon as you select the make of the vehicle, it thinks for a few seconds and then shuts down. Completely broken and useless.
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4 years ago, lllleeee wwwww
It works fine! Turn off night mode on your phone.
I only gave this 5 stars to help offset all the reviews that say it doesn’t work at all. If you can’t see the prices you need to turn off the night mode setting on your phone. Even with this annoyance I say it’s still worth 4 stars.
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1 year ago, untakennamehopefully
Don’t even try it
i’m actually disgusted i have learned to make UI’s this week and can easily make a better app to use than this mess. use the website this is just disrespectful to every customer. it’s quite literally 8+years out of date at this point. you can’t even broadly search used cars. it is the least useful app for buying a new or used vehicle in its category which is a spot in the face when you consider they are the leading automotive database.
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3 years ago, JustAGuyLooking4aHouse
If it could get any slower it would go backwards
FB should offer zero stars. This app must be running on either Windows 95 or maybe ME. It is slower than old people… you know. The management must not care that they are employing incompetent people. That said the pricing models are completely out of date. Have they heard of the Rona and what it’s done to the used car business? Guess not. One year later it still is worthless. Oh well, deleted the app and will rely on other resources.
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4 years ago, isthereonenottaken?
Completely worthless (in dark mode)
Congratulations KBB, your app is now complete crap. Did you have anyone test this? Are you aware that on the app no prices are visible anymore? Time to hire professionals to develop your app. Update: thanks to another reviewer I realized that prices are not visible in dark mode. Switched to regular mode and everything is fine. Thanks KBB, and sorry for the negative review.
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5 months ago, bosstweed 11
What the heck is this…?
This isn’t Kelley blue book…. There are so many things wrong with this app I can’t list them all… it’s buggy. It is soooooo dated. It does maybe 5% of what the website does, and it does it very strangely. You can’t even look up used cars. You can’t log-in to your account and view your saved cars or anything. This app should just not even exist. It would make peoples lives easier if it weren’t even here. Just go to the website.
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4 years ago, Randie2077
I used to use this app for every purchase
I would fire this app up every time I was about to purchase a car. As a single mom I depended on used cars for affordability, but I didn’t have the money for any margin of error. The app helped me find top rated vehicles and negotiate a fair price. Now, I can’t even get it to show me a fair price for the vehicle in question. It explains how it determines a fair price, but doesn’t actually give me the price. It’s pointless. I don’t need an app to give me no help.
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3 years ago, dlwith
The Netscape of Apps
This app is terribly slow, clunky, and the interface looks like the early days of the internet. If you are on the go and trying to research your car’s value or another vehicle you would be better off using an actual book than this app. The app will not even allow a user to see car values, which makes the app completely useless. This app puts a big black eye on KBB’s good reputation as a helpful company for auto sellers and consumers.
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9 months ago, Change180
Every single car I look up in the app, once I get half way through checking options, it will not let me select the remainder. It just stops working half way through and you have to just take whatever price they give you with the options it ALLOWS you to check off.
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7 years ago, Dig bick
When you update, why make it worse?
The very first thing I noticed when switching over to the "new" app was that if you want to search used cars, you HAVE to select one specific year of the car. How annoying and cumbersome is that? Price range, vehicle type, year, and price should be additional search filters, not the mandatory search parameter. I mean really, when searching a used car, how can you initially know what year exactly, you want to shop for..... useless now to me
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4 months ago, DRC Light
Crash boom bam
Is so buggy gathering values. Not sure why but it’s worse in night time - something about my phone settings? The colors blacken out values when you can get to that page and when you flip past it, the app disappears. It doesn’t close, it’s like it’s minimized. Otherwise, during day mode everything shows up on the values page but about 1 of 3 times will crash as you flip the pages. Needs some work.
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3 years ago, Ethanator204
Glitchy and Barely Usable
This app is/was my go to for several years, in recent years this app has gone down hill. It was my database for all the information I needed whether I was looking for a car or just trying to gain more knowledge about a car. Recently the whole app crashes whenever I go to any new vehicle and won’t even load when I do get past that hurdle. This app has gone down hill and needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, House Mania
No pricing given
The app never loads the pricing information. You enter the year, Ke, model, and features and then it shows you a screen where it explains fair purchase price, trade in value, etc, but it only gives explanations/definitions of each one and not the actual price. The app is also prone to bugs and lags when choosing make abs models. I end up having to use the desktop website. This app isn’t helpful at all.
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1 year ago, DrAnkleBreaker
KBB has been the standard for pricing information on new and used cars. However, they really dropped the ball with this app. This app sincerely looks like it hasn’t been updated since the first iPhone. I have no doubt that most non-professional app developers could create an app that would be better functioning and more aesthetically pleasing than this app. I wish I could say that this is all hyperbole but sadly it’s all real.
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2 years ago, Theycallmecro
Been crashing for years
Wish you all would fix this app. It could be so useful, but for years now it always crashes on my iPhones (had several with this app). The bad part is, that it only gets worse. To the point I can’t even use it at all. I’ve reinstalled the app on multiple occasions. Every once in a while it will work for certain vehicles but then crash for others.
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4 years ago, Koubair
Poor design and execution.
The purpose of this app is simple - to provide valuation of a requested vehicle at the comfort of your mobile device. Yet the design is fruitless, and the outcome is frustrating. All you get is ads and does not even look like a native ios design. No longer provides me valuation of the car i was looking for, and there does not even need a reason for this app to exist. Extreme waste of time to figure out how to get to valuation - which it cleverly does not show anymore. Good riddance.
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2 years ago, jsfoster75
Used to be a good resource…
I have been using this site/app for years, over the years it has gotten more and more slow and difficult to navigate… I was happy to see the latest update made the app much easier to use, the problem now is that it crashes constantly. I cannot get through a single estimated value.
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2 years ago, Gaæ
Worst app ever
I used to use this app all the time and never had issues even once, but recently the app became so buggy I can’t even use it, soon as you select the hat model car you want to price out the whole app crashes, and even IF you manage to get to the final screen it doesn’t even show you the price you just put all the info in for, pointless. fix your app I miss when it worked
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3 years ago, Wrestler709
On iPhones, if you’re trying to operate the app under dark mode, it won’t show you the cars value if that’s what you’re there to do. If you switch to light mode, the app will begin to show you searched cars values again. To the devs, as a CS major, this is quite sad. This is an easy problem to fix.
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