2.3 (161)
56.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KBSPresence

2.27 out of 5
161 Ratings
2 years ago, sjwatson1024
This is the worst time clock app ever it clocks me out randomly and deducted hours of my time I keep having my managers fix it and the constant gps tracking even after I clock out !?!? WHY? You don’t need to know what I do on my off time!!! If I do get to stay clocked in all day( rarely) and I forget to clock out it deducts 2 or more hours!! FIX IT or I will stop using it period
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2 years ago, Italiansurprise33
I don’t mind the app, but it keeps clocking me out when I’m still working. I’ve updated this app and it keeps saying I’m not at my job site when I am. Needs the bugs worked out. I’m tired of calling my boss for a punch correction when I’m still working. This app shouldn’t be clocking me out when I’m actually at my job site. The GPS on it should be more accurate. Otherwise this job app is quite affective and easy to use. Just wish it wasn’t so glitchy Update: Even after the app has had numerous updates lately, I’m still getting notifications from it saying I’m not at my job site, or that I left my job site when I haven’t. But the app hasn’t punched me out like it was before, but still notifying me that I’ve left my job site when I’m still working. Overall, as I said before app is efficient when working properly, but still glitchy. This is incredibly annoying please fix it. Thanks.
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2 years ago, toriewho
Problems with the app are too numerous to keep using
Firstly the app crashes when you are on site and working causing you to be clocked out. It will also clock out saying that you are not on the job site when you absolutely are. There’s no way to get your history, no matter what they claim. They also claim the app doesn’t track you when you are not working, thats a utter lie. I have screenshots of the app trying to get my location when I’m on personal time. It does it so much i started taking screenshots to document it. Also, it shorts your time. The times do not report accurately and again, your privacy and rights to have your own data, means zero to these people. I refuse to use this spying, deceptive app.
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1 year ago, WORSE JOB EVER 😂👎🏻👎🏻
Don’t work here unless you like to be degraded 👍🏻
i used to work there for about 3 months everything was going good respect was shown all around till i was just doing my job and she quite literally ran up to me accords the warehouse and just screamed at me that i’m suspended no reason as to why or what i did and they wouldn’t answer my calls as to why i was being suspended and then a week later i get fired no termination letter no nothing over all the leads Grace, irene,and karla are not fit to be in a position of power i’ll be talking to an attorney soon about this this just seems illegal
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3 months ago, Bzrpby
App 👎🏽
I've been watching my colleagues' comments and I've noticed that if there are problems with the app, they should update the app or look for a better app to be able to clock in and out without problems with hours of work being taken away from us just because we have a very bad app. 👎🏽👎🏽 our work time costs a lot, don't take away our work hours
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6 years ago, jjjjj20181
Not working
Have the lastest IOS update and lately every singe time I go to open a pop up box appears telling me to upgrade to the lastest version and WONT let me use it. So I deleted it and installed it again. Same message. I downloaded it onto another iphone and the same message is appearing!! Fix it!!
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3 years ago, devonsviews
Needs a lot of work
This app should not constantly track, it is draining my battery!!! It should be smarter and only track every 30min to an hour to see if your within location. Just terrible.
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2 years ago, marsolmej22
Cant login on iPhone SE Spanish
If you have an iPhone SE and it’s set to Spanish the app is unable to show the box to enter your PIN number. When I switch the phone back to English I’m unable to enter the PIN number as well. Looks like you didn’t QA for an iPhone SE.
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2 years ago, Postalische
Presence App
I don’t like the fact that my location can be monitored even if the app is not open, and I’m not on the job! That’s Invasion of privacy!!! I see right not you don’t want to post my rating!!!
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10 months ago, Cellospc
EVERYBODY has a problem clocking in because it saids there are no shifts available, especially if you try and clock in on your days off. App needs a lot of work!! Please fix!
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3 years ago, Gbeeotchm
App constantly clocks me out while at work site. It can clock me out between 4 to 5 times...while on the job site...sometimes while talking to managers of job site. NEEDS ALOT OF WORK OR COMPANY NEEDS TO STOP USING IT. AWFUL, AWFUL APP.
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2 years ago, ling901
App constantly saying clock state reset when I’m on the job site trying to figure out why
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6 years ago, Aetos69
Janitor Manager
App doesn’t work at particular stores it should & when I’ve updated it it is telling me to update again!
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1 year ago, TERESA8701
Can’t login
Can’t log in fix this it causing people not to get paid
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3 years ago, ImJokee
It’s bad it doesn’t work correctly
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5 years ago, ShadySituations
Any job app that needs to know your gps coordinates even when youre not working is hella sus.
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4 years ago, hello_there _:D
It lies
It’s terrible, punches me out saying I’m not working but I’m, and when I see it, I’ve lost many hours 😡
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4 years ago, IARA0987654321
Not happy with this app
Logged me out during my lunch and I could not clock back in yesterday after lunch and erases my punch history every time I log out. Wants me to always share my location but that’s invasion of my privacy. Won’t let me clock in after thirty minute lunch to the point I’m screen shooting and showing the amazon Managers all the way to kbs if asked because there’s glitches and I already have been short 8.25 hours on my first check.
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