Kearny Bank

4.7 (1.8K)
168.6 MB
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Current version
Kearny Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kearny Bank

4.73 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Intent3323556
I think it is ridiculous that you need to put a password in between each deposit
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3 years ago, Fortyonethirty
It’s basic, and works
Let me level-set. I view apps as programs designed to provide access to otherwise unavailable processes. Additionally, an app should be easy to use and I intuitive I am a little disappointed with this app. Not because it does not provide access but because it is not intuitive or innovative. It’s basic and cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but it’s unsatisfying for deeper banking needs. Here’s a short list of things I think could be better: 1. Remove the adds for the app features. This is the app that has adds about itself. If you want to highlight the features, do it in the App Store or in a document, not mandatory adds that impede my personal banking information 2. Give users access to their routing and account numbers in the app. I can’t tell you how many times I used a banking app to to that, and to not have it here is disappointing 3. Either enable Face ID for all security or remove the additional security required to see info within the app. How many times do we need to log in? 1 and done. 4.Customizeabke quick links This app just seems like a forgotten child in an ever-evolving world. I think there is a lot that could be done to help users have a better overall experience and I hope to see design or technical changes in the future. But again, this app is basic and works. So, 3 stars from me just because it works like a car that with a broken gas gauge and broken speedometer, there’s room for improvement.
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6 years ago, Harvey Clifton
Touch ID no longer works
This app has generally worked fine for me, but for the past month or so, touch ID no longer works on my iPhone 8. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling touch ID but nothing works. I still need to login with my password, despite the presence of the touch ID button on the login screen, which does nothing when pressed. Frustrating. A step backward! Also, it would be nice if the app would show you your accrued interest, or any interest information whatsoever. You have to logon with your computer to see any of that. Why not in the phone app?
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4 years ago, WBG
Basic Use is Fine
I only use the app to check transactions and balance. It would be a nice improvement if I could see the balance at each transaction just like the statement shows. Also, why do I have to share my location to get a list of branches? I should be able to zoom in on the map and see the locations in that area. As of Apr-2020 I’m having the same problem as Harvey Clifton (review from 1 yr ago) where the Touch ID doesn’t work! Can this be fixed? Please...
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3 years ago, allensc11974
It works, but also needs work. It does get the job done when it comes to internal transfers and mobile deposits. I wish it were more responsive like other bank apps are. For example, when I make a payment, I’d like to see it pop up almost instantly on the app. Zelle is also supposed to work with the app, but it doesn’t appear for me at all...and because it’s supposed to work, Zelle will no longer work for me!
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2 years ago, WolfGirl74
Password hassle
I’m having issues with my password. I just changed it a few days ago and now it tells me my new password isn’t correct. I read another review that they want you to change the password around every 6 months, I did that and now after 4 days my credentials are incorrect.
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5 years ago, veganiq
Kearney bank is behind the times
The bank basically is a slum trash bank . Everything all their technology is outdated . What’s the point of having a bill pay app if it takes several days to pay the money ? Really disappointing. Im sorry I ever signed up for this bank or this app . I guess this app is better then no app but that’s all I can say .
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4 years ago, robert scricco
This is ridiculous! Millington bank needs to come back! I can’t deal with kearny! Problems since day one!
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6 months ago, DrRick007
Worst revision imaginable!
Only shows one of my checking accounts. "Cards" links to a blank page. I now can't control where my debit cards are used. Since I always turn on line purchases off unless I'm about to buy something I now can't order anything on line! Did anyone beta test this app? How can you release such a buggy revision?
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3 years ago, Pokemon Master 21
It is Basic
It works when it wants to work. It feels like almost every week there’s some service problem that causes it to not work when you try to log in. This can become frustrating because it doesn’t work for a while.
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7 months ago, mhw145
Love being able to make a deposit so easily😋
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5 years ago, freshly
Password hassle
Be warned Kearny Bank makes you change your password every 6 months BUT you learn this by not being able to logon, not by a notification. They don’t have 24/7 customer service to help with this, so plan ahead.
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6 months ago, Girl_ 1234
Two steps back
So much worse than what the old version was. Puts holds on cash transferred between internal accounts for multiple days including Zelle cash that should be immediately available (all things that were not an issue with previous versions)
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3 years ago, Deb1969!
Great app
Love it
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5 months ago, xbinus0345
it works
i find that the app is generally very basic and almost outdated. for a while, i had issues logging in for absolutely no reason because after the update several months later i logged in just fine. some of the modals don’t work from time to time and navigation can be a little less self-explanatory than is ideal, but otherwise it’s a fine app and it works for the things i need.
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5 years ago, dnstlo
I just opened up an account , & when I tried to enroll the “additional verification” section was completely empty. It won’t let me enroll without completing whatever’s on that page. It’ll say that the request has timed out, and until it gets fixed I cannot use the app because I must enroll.
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3 years ago, PacoBel53
Finicky app.
Just “OK” for a bank App - log-in never lets you use Touch ID and it sometimes just tosses you out for another round of PW entry. Also - asking for security question AFTER you deposit? How many people go around depositing money into other people’s accounts?
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5 years ago, Metroplexity
What happened?
Everything was going good until a few days ago. Touch ID stopped working and I’m typing in the account now. 👎🏾. About to toss this app and use the web browser.
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2 years ago, walkinthepark21
Can’t login
Login problems. It doesn’t recognize my password frequently however using it in browser works. Glitches depositing checks
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6 months ago, mrs_HL
Updated app impossible to use
New app is garbage. Needs a complete redo. Every page has it’s own problems. I really hope they are going to fix this.
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1 year ago, DYIGuy
Crashes on startup
Tried on more than one device and tried reinstalling. This should never happen.
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5 years ago, tsmack106
Nice app
I love the new online baking, it’s so much better, now it just need to add Zelle and it would be perfect
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3 months ago, DGR1977
New app is a fail
This app update is an absolute failure. There is no way they beta tested this and were happy with the results. Trapped in a contract now with no way out, I'm sure. Put the heat on Deluxe to fix their app.
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4 months ago, Einna348599503029:9;99;9;
Transfers don’t work
Can’t transfer money between accounts, still can’t do it even months later!
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2 years ago, kearny is weak
Very Awkward
Compared to most banking apps, it’s klunky and sloppy in its presentation in it’s use. I would rather wait in line in the bank than use the app.
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4 years ago, DLRSTARCO
No touch
Touch ID no longer works
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7 months ago, Ben3018
Mysteriously show error message when trying to log on
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6 months ago, pppohfvjigvbnmnnnnñ
Go back to the old app
This new app is complete garbage. The programming team is absolutely horrendous.
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5 years ago, Dolphin Uppercut Avenger
Broken Enrollment
I can’t enroll because the “Additional Verification” screen just goes blank.
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3 years ago, DevD85
Does not work
Does not work on iOS 14.5. Tried on two different devices. iPhone XS Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max
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4 years ago, Mrhn181
Deposit limit is very low
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4 years ago, Rrdtree
Raise the daily mobile deposit limit or I am closing my account
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9 years ago, Steve from toms river
So far so good but it needs Touch ID
Basic app to pay online bills, but I would like to see Touch ID added to sign in instead of always typing user name etc. would like to see my debit card work with ApplePay on my iPhone 6 like the other banks are adding .
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2 years ago, bobcable
My Norton flagging app as unsafe on iphone
Unsafe app on iphone
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2 years ago, :,)!!
New system
Absolutely hate the new two factor authentication system. They double text so I can’t even see what the code is, and if I open my texts to look I have to start over. It is an extremely non-user friendly design and makes online banking inefficient and confusing, the opposite of what it is meant to be.
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6 years ago, Nickname248
Fix it. Please.
Constantly resetting my password because it locks me out for “wrong info” but I know it’s all correct. Did it for a 10th time now, but this time it won’t even let me reset my password bc it’s saying my username is wrong. I use this app everyday. Passwords written down every time. My info is all right. And my phone even saves usernames and passwords. I click the saved icloud key and it fills it out for me. App still says it’s wrong. I am running out of passwords ideas over here.
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