Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot

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User Reviews for Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot

4.73 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
9 months ago, DUVA LLC
I have sought out Several advisors on this platform! Some very gifted some were Vague one even BARRED ME FROM FURTHER CONTACT BECAUSE I WAS REQUESTING WHETHER WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER OR NOT in a Relationship with Several women I contacted overseas! He got frustrated and blocked me! Stating I should pick someone from America or Canada over THEM! We Had a great time during my session and even though we would be GREAT FRIENDS and he would give me guidance on my Speaking platform and Books and Movie! (David) hasn’t REMOVED THE BLOCK FOR MONTHS! So I sought advise from other GIFTED FEMALES HERE! Maybe he will GROW UP some day and REMOVE THE BLOCK SO we can discuss Speaking engagements again! Until than I share with (ADAM) and Wonderful Woman I shared with tonight who gave me Great Insight and Verified 10 years of planning coming to fruition soon! If your going to give Advice to your clients and make friends and continue Relationships: you need to REMOVE YOUR BLOCKS FROM PEOPLE WHO HAD A BAD DAY!! Forgive and HET OVER IT!! Your On this PLATFORM TO HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN (NOT BLOCK THEM) because YOU HAD A DAY DAY!! So. OPEN UP DONT SHUT OTHERS DOWN just because U had a BAD DAY!! Your BETTER THAN THAT!! At least show others u are!!
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3 years ago, Mhartz03
I don’t know if anyone is a true psychic on this app. I asked the same question to a few advisors and they are drastically different answers. Tarot by Emilie is a 5 star advisor and I don’t know how she is, I asked her if my ex was already talking to other people and she said yes and saying he wants to keep his options open and he’s stringing me along, this did not resonate, he isn’t the type to “string someone along” then another advisor seemed more accurate, she stated he is not feeling himself (something he has said several times to me in the last few months and she does not know this) but not everything she said resonated.. I ended up asking him myself, which I recommend you find the answers yourself as well instead if wasting your money on people guessing. most of the advisors seem more like they are giving their own opinions rather than actual readings and feeding off what you say, once you give them more detail they change their reading, go figure. Also red flag when they don’t say the cards they pulled and what they mean, they could literally say anything at that point. Also, I have some knowledge in tarot and energies, if your fears are too high and taking over it is not a good time to get a reading, the cards will pick up your fears because it is the highest energy and will come out in the reading causing an inaccurate reading.
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6 months ago, NK20231981
This App is Super Expensive
There are some really good advisors, but this app has become super expensive. Previously they used to take a certain percentage of the total cost , it worked for the client like me, for example if I paid $10 to an advisor who charges $1.99 per minute, I would get my 5 minutes. But now they charge flat fee of $2.99, that means I will get only 3-4 minutes out of $10. And what’s more , hardly anyone charges that low there, almost every good psychic is $5.99 or above, that’s like charging $360 per hour , even therapists don’t charge that much. And then there are some who go above $10 to $30 $40 a minute. Ridiculous. Preying on desperate people who are emotionally in a low phase and seek support only to find their bank accounts empty.
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3 years ago, Alleexxiisslindsay
Keen is just sad...
I decided to try out keen when I was at a rough spot in my life and wanted answers. I am a LESBIAN and asked one of the psychics a question about my partner (the psychic knew my partners name, which is a girl’s name) and the psychic replied that I was going to “give HIM 3 months and if HE wasn’t going to act right, that I would leave HIM.” So clearly, she wasn’t really paying attention to my information about being lesbian or the questions I had. At this point Im questioning the entire experience so to test her, I asked the psychic if my next partner was going to be a man or woman, and she said a man. I have NEVER liked men and have no plans to. So this is clearly false information. The entire conversation this woman was giving me all this generic information that sounded like she googled her answers. She had typos and didn’t really take the opportunity to think out what she was going to say. Additionally , the lady charges $6 a minute and it took her 1 minute to ask me my name etc. So basically, I was paying my first $6 to tell her information not the other way around . I emailed customer care which responded that I could get a refund but I only had 48 hours from when I paid for the psychic to claim the refund. But guess what? THE LADY TOOK 48 HOURS TO RESPOND TO MY MESSAGE. So by that point, I couldn’t get a refund regardless. This app is a freaking scam, please save your money.
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5 years ago, honestTRUTHFULreviews
One of the Worst Psychic Apps
So I’ve used Keen a few months ago and had a reading with an advisor, the reading was through via phone call. I forgot the name of this advisor but I asked her if my ex would come back to me and she said no because he’s dealing with a female that has a lot of money & then she hung up on me—literally just hung up on me. Since I had such a bad experience I decided to uninstall the app. However, today I installed Keen again (even though my gut told me) and talked to an advisor about my debt, he advised me to go bankrupt when I’m already in a program that would help me with my debt so I do not need to go bankrupt (is he was a legit psychic he should have already picked up on this). Seems as if most of the advisors on Keen are not legit psychics at all. If I could give this app negative stars are would. They are even worst than Kasamba and Purple Ocean. Should have went with my gut feeling and not reinstall this app—- REMEMBER PEOPLE, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING! It will not fail you. Don’t waste your hard earned money on Keen. The psychics are fakes and phony’s!! They take your money by preying on your emotions!!!
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4 years ago, Tia K.
Top Readers that Makes Keen Worth While
ReadingsbyRaven, The Little Witch, & Empathic Healing Evangelica are the real deal. They’re quick on the phone and via chat! Never waste time or money and are very accurate. Many predictions they have had manifested. Some slightly off in timeframe, but that’s ok because the outcome was the same like what they had predicted. Trustworthy and the only 3 I ever need to go to. Keen app is very intuitive and user friendly and I like the promotions offered. The best Psychic website hands down in 2020!
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5 years ago, christinanicole93
Nice people to talk to but bad customer service
I tried two different advisors, got two different readings about the same person , don’t know which to believe . The second one was able to tell me things that resonated, I enjoyed this app and the person I talked to until I realize they were scamming me and taking my money , they will take money from you even after the chat ended or even when you started a chat and a advisor ended it without talking to you or you ended it because they wouldn’t talk to you . I called there customer service where a lady wasn’t understanding me acting like I should have known all these different things about payments and refused to give me my money back she took $400 dollars from me . I do not recommend this app unless you are rich and can afford people just randomly taking your money . And telling you what you want to hear .
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11 months ago, SkyCruz718
Psychics preying on desperate people seeking answers
I had a really toxic experience with a psychic that brainwashed me to keep coming back to her. I won’t disclose her name but, she knew how to manipulate me when I was at my lowest. She knew just what to say to keep reeling me back in. I won’t go too much in to detail since a lot of what was exchanged still triggers me. I think it’s inherently wrong to instill falsehoods into people’s minds without presenting the facts. She knew I wasn’t in a good place mentally at the time and kept saying things like I’ll always be here, I’ll help you keep him. It felt like she was my only hope to having my relationship succeed. It wasn’t until I cut ties that everything that I was crying out to her for started to happen naturally. I am a firm believer what is meant to be will just be. You don’t need answers from psychics, the answer already lies within you. That is all I have to say. For anyone using this app. Enter at your own risk.
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4 years ago, cosmictrin
Closure comes from within
I’ve talked to many advisors on here who told me my ex boyfriend would come back to me, that I would hear from him that we were meant to be etc but nothing has come to pass. I honestly feel like most psychics on this site will tell you things you want to hear. I talked to love advisor sarah and was told I would hear from someone in a certain timeframe which never ended up being true. When I pinged her to let her know and follow up to get some type of clarity she blocked me :(. Save your money. Don’t spend your time chasing a dream. Find the closure within yourself and heal from your past. Hundreds and hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars that I worked hard for is gone I’m not ever gonna get that time or money back. But it’s a lesson learned and I’m making the choice that we all have to close this chapter and move on to better. We have the power to create our future.
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2 years ago, unsure122355
Not sure
I’m not too sure about this app anymore. I feel like I’ve wasted money and time talking to too many fake advisors. I have had a couple predictions come to pass, however, the majority have not. I believe there are some genuine people who use their gifts in a truthful manner but the majority of the advisors I believe are fake. I actually created two accounts and would ask the same advisors the same questions to see if they were real/picked up the same outcome/energies. Some used word for word (cold readings) on both accounts, some would be completely opposite readings, and VERY few would pick up the same energies/outcomes with genuineness. Just be careful with this site. It becomes addictive. ALWAYS go with your gut feeling first before speaking to someone and spending your hard earned money.
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4 years ago, HLockeVan
Advisors inconsistent
I have found 2 I’ve loved and then they don’t email me back or come back to keen for weeks or months. It has been pretty frustrating. Another who charges $20 a minute so I wrote her a second time only for two minutes and she spent the whole time taking about it not being enough time and when I asked what she had meant the last time we spoke she just repeated the exact same answer and the blocked me so I couldn’t even give her a review and just like that I blew $40 for no reason. And the others that I have somewhat liked say things that are more suggestions, advice, being supportive, not clairvoyance. This last one when I asked what I needed to do to get my ex boyfriend back said take him out for a hoagie, men like sandwiches. 🙄
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3 years ago, flyingsaucer_12
Tricky Advisor Review Options
Once you speak to an advisor you have 14 days to leave feedback. Naturally an advisor will give you a positive prediction/timeline so you’re more inclined/motivated to leave a positive review because they’re telling you something will happen “soon”; then once the timeline/prediction doesn’t realize you’re past the 14 days and can’t leave a negative/honest review unless you’re willing to spend the money to talk to an advisor again. This is how Keen keeps their reviews for advisors positive. As paying customers you should not be given a limited time to leave reviews. I like to see how honest the reviews are for advisors if Keen lets customers leave reviews whenever.
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5 years ago, Keyluckystarlight29
Can’t afford cost 1.99 no phone calls to poor need find who been looking for me for years??? Never think anyone look up at me. Some one or few I love in the past. But just was right time or place and still to poor blame the Democratic for four years cut my income. Only send need pay us back four years. So get my life back on track. Not sit in corner for rest my life feel sorry because everyone else doing crazy drug and buy guns to poor , can’t afford stuff smoke bad breath problems. Paper dust. At my old jobs. Turn away temporarily jobs and full time because my Be Fire three time and no car no jobs , no job no place live. Democratic need pay Disbilty back four years. Why richest and middle class got there share in 8 years and more. Time next year 2020. Pay back coming soon. Try keep my fingers cross.
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3 years ago, cC.X.R
Untrustworthy App-Didn’t put up my 2 star honest review
I do not find this app trustworthy because they did not allow my 2-star review to be made public. I was even being generous by making it 2-stars and not one. Clearly, they filter their reviews. There was nothing offensive about my review to not be made public. The advisor, who was very kind, made things too vague and general, taking her time and not saying anything specific for the first 10 minutes. Obviously, this is to get people hooked in for more time, which can really add up minute by minute. Seems very shady to not allow the honest reviews that aren’t agreeable or benefiting their company. I’d say, save your money and find a trustworthy psychic/tarot reader with a flat rate who isn’t going to swindle your time.
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3 years ago, Jetlinere 975
A lot of fakes
Keen is a hit and miss ,I did have only one prediction come to pass and I have spoken with numerous advisors and I think that prediction was really just a coincidence and due to circumstances , a lot of them say the same things and are not detailed and say generic things anyone can say ,recently the one I spoke with seemed detailed but still not sure because anyone can say anything and because of all the fakes I spoke with ,i don’t even believe if the advisor I spoke with was genuine ,one of my tricks is to see if their legit let them tell you things for the most part ,because I could literally say “he Will come back to you ,and she will forgive you “with the information you provide me ,be careful and only chat with an advisor who can give you the information and no vice versa
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6 months ago, Gddhjdty
Keen Review
I have enjoyed using Keen. I think that they have the better choice in Psychics among the other on-line sites. They are pricey and because of that, sometimes I rush or end calls. Not everyone has tons of money. Unfortunately, many people who don’t have money call psychics due to difficulties in life. Overall, I recommend using this site and shopping around for a good reader who doesn’t charge incredibly high rates.
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1 year ago, mamaboye 5678
SCAM!!! Sooo disappointed!!
Oh my goodness hate to say it, but I am soooo disappointed in my reading and the so called “psychic” I chose. She said several things that were not true nor on point. Her attitude from the get was off balance and not very welcoming. She didn’t have a lot to say and the biggest let down and how I knew for sure she’s not legit is when I asked her what kind of advice does she have for me for my life rn. All she replied with was (your spirit guides keep telling me that you already know that answer) I mean.. come on keen! Shoot how do I become employed through y’all? Cause I promise you I could do a WAYY better job. It’s a scam all the way. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $ OR YOUR TIME!
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5 years ago, Mollydoodledoo88
Actually your satisfaction is NOT guaranteed.
Feel free to contact me, Keen. Your marketing is misleading and I don’t appreciate being baited to take advantage of the 10 min/$2 special just to have the special disappear on my app (the representation who gave me the $2 credit back said that wasn’t the case on her end... Then how did it happen?) Then I was prompted to pay $50 for the person who finally connected and I was only given one minute to talk to her. No thanks. I call especially once I see I’ve been changed an additional $10- and the representative only gives me a $5 credit- AFTER I TELL HER I do NOT want to use the app anymore! And that I felt uncomfortable like I was being taken advantage of- so yes, this app feels like a scam to me. Beware!!!!
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1 year ago, DanielMockMusic
Experience with Keen
I’ve ran into some amazing psychics on here but if you’re definitely looking for one to try out for your first or rest of your readings, guidance etc. I definitely recommend FireWolf. He’s my number one top choice because he’s the real deal. Love his energy and guidance. Very sociable, and awesome guy. Just shoot your question and it will go from there.
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10 months ago, Cher_Charon
Don’t recommend 🙄😑 Ppl pretending to have gifts.
I’m highly psychic & am a NeoShamanic Energy Healer & was looking to get an outside perspective of a subconscious matter rising to the surface in my dreams from past trauma and a current new person in my life…I joined keen and got the promo discount for my first call for 10mins…the woman who was rated 4.9 essentially repeated back some of what I said, gave absolutely no value, the couple things she did say were completely off and I felt like I was scammed. Ridiculous app, highly overpriced, people just pretending to have gifts they don’t and regurgitating what you said back to you. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone. 🙄😑
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1 year ago, Tamingwolf67!&
Stop overcharging everything oh my god
First advisor I was supposed to be charged $1.99 a minute and was charged $10 a minute instead. Second advisor (who honestly wasn’t helpful), I was supposed to be charged 9 dollars AND GOT CHARGED 44 DOLLARS. I know for a fact that even after contacting help or whatever, I won’t get a response back because this is America land of the money and popular scam sites like this are promoted constantly. Now I have to spend forever searching for a part time job that hopefully pays at least 12 dollars an hour or more (which is near impossible considering I only have a high school diploma)
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2 years ago, MrsRooker2u
Horrible end-user experience
I’m very upset with this platform!! I was going to attempt to do the 10 minutes because it was “free”. Then I realize I was charged $1.99 for 10 free minutes and when you go into the chat session with an advisor it clearly states that until you are CONNECTED you will not be charged! Where is my 10 FREE MINUTES? Why was I charged $1.99 for 10 free minutes? I’m very displeased and I want to warn any possible user of this app and the false advertising that it promotes on ALMOST EVERY SCREEN YOU ENCOUNTER!! I want my money back and I want my card information completely out of their system!
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7 months ago, PurposefullyByGod2
I enjoy talking with Love Nurse 7. She is the calm to my storm, peace in the midst of disturbance, and clarity where there is confusion. She stands firm on her predictions although she admits that her timing may be a little off, she assures that what she sees will come to past. Her confidence, and the fact that she has not waivered at anytime that I have spoken with her allows me to trust what she speaks. I am eager to see her predictions to come into fruition so that I may be testament of her gift and blessing.
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2 years ago, BonesBrogan
So helpful.
She did very well in my reading. I couldn’t believe that she was so in tune with what I think is going to happen in my future. She knew things she should not have been able to know. It was surprising how well she did. Her spiritual advice and how she talked about my project was unbelievable. She is Fantastic and that’s why I give her the five stars.
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9 months ago, For the '01
It’s a great app just needs some minor tweaks
I’ve been using keen for years now. Great experience for the most part.. the only thing I don’t understand is when a psychic gives you multiple free minutes and it doesn’t just combine them all into one phone call?
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6 days ago, Scorpiogal17
Good App
I’ve been using this app for awhile since California Psychics got ridiculously expensive. I found three advisors who are the real deal but it took awhile. Lorrie, Finna and Psychic Lady James are my go tos. The others seem like they are giving you advice or telling you fairy tales. Some lean toward the negative so you need to be careful. I also think Keen should give more reward points to good customers. Overall it’s a very good app.
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3 years ago, FatBoyDev
Charged without reaching out to an advisor
I installed this app and after reading a profile of an advisor I decided to add funds to my account in preparation for a consultation. Then I read the profile of another advisor and after saw that I was charged $1.99 ??? I emailed customer support and let them know what happened. I also requested that I would be refunded for my account if I was going to be charged without council. I was refunded for my balance but not the $1.99 I was charged without having reached out to an advisor
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4 months ago, Stannyness
Cruelty and a Scam
Be aware! You pay your money (a lot ) to atleast get some insights. These people are telling you things that the they know majority of people are experiencing. When you ask a specific question, by the time they should answer, they waste your time and money. And each call or text cost like $3 before speaking to anyone, so if you change your mind in the process of calling, you already spent that $3! Imagine calling to get clarity and the advisor telling you to follow what you feel. After spending money, huh? It’s fake.
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3 years ago, astrokrish
This app is overly expensive first of all, but the “psychics” on it are rude, not detailed, and from what I can tell untalented. They either don’t answer your questions, berate you, or tell you nothing at all! They say generic stuff and can’t actually read you or they give unsolicited advice without knowing your situation. And Keen won’t refund your money either. They’ll give you “credits” but only once a month. What am I supposed to do if I have multiple bad experiences on their app in one night? Absolute garbage. Do not use this app.
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4 years ago, kaidawwg
Thoroughly enjoy this app but..
I love my advisors. They’re all super helpful with my current situation and are amazingly accurate. I have issues with the payments. It’ll cut the conversation but take the money. I’ve made a couple complaints. This time it took $17 from me but only let me use a couple of my minutes and not the full money value I put down. The app isn’t so reliable but the people are.
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1 year ago, Pea tree
Best read
I’ve had a lot of bad experiences on here but two psychics in particular have made this experience is so pleasant for me. Once you find who you really want and who really connects with you stick with them. I appreciate💰KEEN for giving me the opportunity to have clarity in my life.
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6 years ago, Everything is in Divine Order
Outstanding Reading
Outstanding! I tried to give her my date of birth, she stopped me saying she didn’t need it, immediately saw my situation! I was blown away!!! She is the REAL DEAL! She is truly gifted and an amazing Advisor. She saw so many things that I couldn’t sleep that night! She was amazing, the reading was amazing! She also gave some future predictions! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Nickname Taken 101
New customer
Rasberi, Lighted Solutions, and Zen with Heala are great advisors! Alexandra Willow felt the need to block me for no apparent reason - 3 minutes into the chat & no sort of communication/info exchanged, but to each their own. SisterStarDust made assumptions & asked about things that were already given in the basic info. I won’t be using this app again. 1 star each for the 3 awesome advisors I came across. Other than that - HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!
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5 years ago, Ghfvjxchkjcc
Nothing but fakes
I have been on this website for almost a year and have talked to 5 psychics. Yup 5. All of them said “you will talk to the one you love soon (insert timeline)” nothing has happened nothing. And once you either leave a review or don’t review anymore suddenly you can’t chat with them any more or again because they blocked you once you figured out what they said didn’t happen. Keen has seriously not gotten anything right nothing but fakes and those “reviews” it’s always the same people that leave them high rating
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4 years ago, Island Queen2020
The prices of the advisor are getting too expensive. I understand that the prices are a reflection of a percentage that keen gets. When Keen raises their percentage the advisers raises their prices. It seem like every time I turnaround the prices are going up. Keen do not give loyal customers enough promotion for free minutes.
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5 months ago, Spirit Guide 69😎
Spirit Guide
I enjoy this web site more each time. 30 years ago I had to drive over to psychic home to get a reading! This is much easier and a much Larger selection of people All will different gifts to help others with!
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5 years ago, Britsburghgirl
Calmed me down
I will speak to this reader again for a longer time; she picked up my anger at past reads (you know, the people who tell you “he’s your knight” - when as an empath, you know something is off...). A good reader, should teach you to connect with what’s inside you - and that’s exactly what she did..thank you.
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4 years ago, apadil3
So upset and disappointed!
I should have never downloaded this app. I had a feeling of not to do so but I was curious with my situation going on. The psychic I talked to seemed very negative and I realized she never really asked much about me or my partner. Also I was triple charged like $49 on my debit card. Almost $90 for 28 minutes. Should have realized this was for making money. Should have listened to my heart, my mother. She always told me if I seek a psychic it should only be in person so you can see them face to face. I will never do this again. Save your money!
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5 years ago, don juan 18
My review
Iv Ben really down lately. I lost my grandma recently who was pretty much my mom. I wasn’t a be leaver of all this but Virginia Chang that for me she was 100% honest about everything and I didn’t have to ask her anything she told me everything before I told her. And everything she was talking about was on point.👍👍👍👍
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5 years ago, Thedyed
Post reviews after readings
I think that reviews should have an unlimited time to post after your readings how about your future, because if you get a reading for instance that something is going to happen in 3 to 4 months time you won’t know when that is true or not until the time has past which makes it impossible to determine the accuracy hence the ratings.
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1 year ago, Chamuff
Never chat
I would never chat with a psychic and most of them are fake you have to let them tell you something unique about you or your situation before you can believe them… the app is just to talk about a situation you already know to help you stop worrying without be judged by someone you know….but still have a psychic that’s truthful…
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2 years ago, bird3anngg
Why they taking more money without letting you know
If you aren’t rich be careful because I didn’t know she took $99 dollars, I did not expect that therefore just be careful because they’re taking more money without letting you know which it’s kind of messed up. I just can’t trust this app anymore. Last time using this app, they should’ve just said they’re taking more money, it’s messed up.
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4 years ago, Ivimaiden
This is a scam
Just got my money stolen. I should have read the bad reviews instead of the good ones. I don’t know if they are paid reviews but something is wrong. The person who attended me just hanged up on me. She had a bad attitude to begin with, so that’s probably where all this is coming from. I thought that being nice was the way to go, so I even asked her how she was doing today, she talked in a really annoyed voice. Ended up hanging up on me. I still can’t believe this happened. I want my money back !
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6 years ago, NavNal
Top quality advisors
I have been using keen for almost 2 years. Every time I looked for some guidance or advice, I have always found the reading from the psychics to be top quality with positive vibe.. they may not tell you what you wish to hear but subtle positive thoughts give boost to me in life.
Show more
6 years ago, Jadler999
Goes the Extra Mile
I love this app it is both simple and sleek as well as quite powerful. I can chat or call with an array of different psychics, yet I am never overwhelmed as the matching features are very good! The people I have talked to on the app have been quite genuine too! I recommend this for anyone!
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1 year ago, definitley noy applicable
READ My Comment
I’ve only used keen since last year but spent about thousands on readings. Many advisors are fake and a very very very VERY FEW accurate ones. HOWEVER even the accurate ones start becoming lazy! I’ve noticed the accurate ones in the past begin telling me fairytales!!! Also I notice when reading reviews that some people have been told the EXACT same things!!! Please use your own intuition and save your money!!!! God gave us all an intuition!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Jc-Ir
Very convenient!
Ive used keen with my laptop for chat, but now it’s even easier with the mobile app. Now I can check my transcripts super fast, and also get connected for a call in seconds. Often my calls happen on a moments notice, so this is great. Nice sleek design as well!
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3 years ago, MikeV45
Love this app!
This app allows me to get advice on the go anytime, anywhere. Great design and features. Also, love getting access to the horoscope content. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
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11 months ago, Hi1037474747
Fake people on this app
The people take forever to respond purposely and when you ask them a question it’s always a few words… things that I could come up with on my own… I ask how does such and such feel about me… they say vague things like your his type he likes your personality…. Nothing in depth… these people are fake and I am definitely not spending any money here! They can take my lil $20 cause that’s all they gonna get !
Show more
1 year ago, AES526
Lack of professional advisors
Keen should vet their advisors because majority of them are scammers. Some of the astrologers are good and the customer service is and that’s why I gave it 2 stars. Other than that, these “psychics” and “tarot” readers are not. They are typing while reading mine. How can you pick up on two energies? I regret ever downloading and wasting money with this app. They could take professionalism from California Psychics.
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