Keeper Password Manager

4.9 (175.7K)
158 MB
Age rating
Current version
Callpod Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Keeper Password Manager

4.89 out of 5
175.7K Ratings
9 months ago, Space Panda69
11/10 would recommend
Only one small complaint, although it might not be on them. For some reason the app store doesn’t show when the app needs to be updated. Whenever the list pops up for apps that need to be updated keeper is never on that list. I have to look it up in the app store to check if an update is available. When I search for it, it always says open as if it is updated. Only after I click it and go to the info page does it give the option to update, when it’s available. This is different than every other app for some reason. Been like that for over a year, and it happened 4 -5 times. Although it has no effect on the quality of the app so not that big of a deal. Other than that great app. The customer service is OUTSTANDING. There must be someone monitoring emails 24/7. I had trouble figuring something out late late at night and got a response within an hour. Couple other times I had questions and had responses and answers within 1 - 8 hours. AND it was an actual person every time. That alone to me is worth keeping that app long term. App always works too never any glitches, freezes or bugs. The ratings speak for themselves, worth every penny
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1 year ago, Celia-1
I really appreciate this app
I’ve never had any problems with this app until I bought a new device, an iPad, and face recognition didn’t work on it. Everything was set up to do so, but the screen would just flash and not go anywhere. I contacted Keeper support and they gave me a solution that worked immediately. I really appreciate the timely response and the helpful tech person. And I really like how you can just open the app with a face recognition, tap on your password to copy, and then go to the website you are opening and paste. It’s so quick and easy, and I really like having all these passwords, my library card number, my credit card numbers, pin numbers, and everything all in one place on my phone that I have with me at all times. The last password app I had just suddenly stopped opening one day, and I couldn’t find a contact for the company until one day I found out they were no longer in business. I had suddenly lost all access to all my passwords. That was a horrible experience, and I hope that never happens again. But I have a feeling this company will not treat us that way.
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1 year ago, geoorge
Needs to listen to customers and cut out the unethical design patterns
First, Keeper has some “interesting” marketing schemes. For example, if you want to unsubscribe from their spam email, you have to unsubscribe which takes you to a site where you have to then enter your email. Then they send you another email with directions to take you to another site to change your preferences. The fun part about that is that they take their time sending this email so that you forget to unsubscribe. Once you do get to the site to unsubscribe, of course all the options are unchecked when you get there so you have to opt out of each. This should probably be illegal. Second, it’s clear what they care about most. On the home screen there’s a yellow box that is always animated and popping up at you. This is their “refer a friend feature.” A good user experience would not have this because that’s not why I have this app. The most important space on the page (the upper left hand corner) should not be dedicated to having me annoy my friends and family. I already paid for the service, I don’t want this annoying me the whole time. Take it away and put it in a menu. It’s already annoyingly in the side menu and in the “+” button area (which is insane). Third, for some reason “identity and payments” are in another section of the app which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’ll delete this review if these things get fixed.
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2 years ago, Can't find available name
Protect your digital life!
I have been using Password Keeper for a very long time, at least 15+ years. I first learned of it as an app on my Blackberry phone. Since then, I rely on it to keep my multiple passwords protected. I have at least 50 passwords stored, probably closer to 100. I have maintained multiple folders over the years - for my personal passwords, my work information, my daughter’s (until she graduated college and took over her own life), my elderly parents while I was their caregiver. I’ve never, ever had a problem and I access the app several times a week. I mostly access from my phone but keep it available on my iPad and laptop also. I highly recommend this app/software to organize and protect your digital life. And I haven’t even mentioned how ridiculously affordable it is! It has increased very little in cost over my many years of use. I intend to use it forever. In all my years, I’ve only needed to contact customer service twice. Both times they were efficient, friendly, and resolved my questions perfectly. Subscribe and never jot your passwords on a post-it-note again.
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3 years ago, dchiapello
A year ago I would have said the customer support leaves much to be desired, but it has improved significantly in the interim. I do have to say, though, that there never was a problem of badly trained or unhelpful customer service people. Answers and problem solving were always delivered with clarity and confidence. The problem was more a matter of the interface, and there still is room for some technical fixes there. For instance, you may find yourself in a chat format but have trouble finding again it if you leave it for a second. Back and forth via email works fairly good, but delays inherent in that can be a little unnerving. I once waited for an email reply, only to chance upon the earlier chat screen, where the rep was replying to me! I generally prefer telephone support, it’s more reassuring I find, but I’m adjusting to this. And like I said, the reps are informed and competent. The app itself has been a life-saver, and it functions well. Problems have cropped up once or twice after updates, but I am suspecting that’s due to apparently limitations of the Safari browser.
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4 years ago, Taylorcnm87
High marks for product & customer service
I have been a keeper user many years and have recommended Keeper to my family, friends, and business acquaintances. Recently I had some charges accidentally placed on my Keeper account (thought I was renewing my account but actually was buying extra cloud space I didn’t need.) Keeper’s customer service rep Jason patiently worked patiently to figure it out, (via email) but, yesterday, the billing dept stated they could not find the charge so they could not issue a refund. Upset, I sent an email insisting on talking with a manager or more senior person. Honestly In today’s world I expected I’d never hear from them and I was planning to close my account. But today I received a call from a Ting Ting in billing who not only fixed the problem but spent a considerable time on the phone explaining what happened and assuring me I would have a refund. Additionally she gave me great advice on improving my security! OMG, a respectable company that employs competent and caring people!! High marks for Keeper for not only giving me a security system but also for treating their customer with respect! THANK YOU MANY TIMES OVER!!
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3 years ago, fcarr4366
Problems with Keeper security
I’d like to say that I had trouble with my tablet today with Keith through security it was very frustrating very confusing to me I did try their online help which was not too helpful but once I got a hold of an operator or emailed them my situation they were probably emailed me back and I got to say fantastic customer service in this day and age it’s extremely rare to find any good customer service let alone somebody can explain something easily, not only did keeper repAssist me they also assist me in plain English and which that I can understand and I was able to finish my task as I need to chill I think you very much keeperFor the excellent customer service I will definitely recommend this to somebody else I am old school customer service means a lot to me this day and age customer service means nothing to people and they show exactly as that as a company but this company did the opposite they actually went back 50 years and gave me the most wonderful customer service I’ve ever had in many many years thank you very much for your support
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3 months ago, AnaHaben
I have been using Keeper for over 10 years. In all 10 years I have never had an issue. Every time I used Keepers I thought it was the best app designed. Especially for people like me that cant remember a password. Life was good until it wasn’t. I changed email, changed wifi, did not have my password for Keepers and I got locked out. This is and was my biggest nightmare. However I’m happy to say that keeper’s kept on asking questions to verify I was the owner. When there was still a doubt and I was desperate I gave them my number and asked for a manager to call me. The next morning I got a call from a manager that was able to verify that I was the owner. She walked me through changing my email, and passwords. I got my keepers back and I’m good to go. After a horrible 2 days. I have to say that they have an EXCEPTIONAL support service and outstanding app. I have told many friends about this app now I can’t say enough good things about them. Don’t think about it. Get it. It’s worth every cent. Thank you Keeper.
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3 years ago, syu025
Starting to not trust it
The app keeps sending me notifications that like says that I should go back it up or my “free trial” is about to end. It got really annoying and first of all, I never knew about a free trial because it never told me about it when I first created my account. It always said I was unprotected when I said no to unlimited and keep asking me to buy it every time I go in the app. Since I also seen other reviews that explains how they lost their stuff, I started writing down my passwords instead of using Keeper. I must say I still use Keeper for it’s create a password function. Now on to the good parts of the app, it’s easy to use. It allows it to generate a random password. It copies it to your board when you press on your created password and disappears after while (same goes with your login) and I find that pretty neat. Of course if you really want to try this app, look at the reviews and decide for yourself. Nothing bad has happened to me yet but I don’t trust it. Take that to account. I gave this 4 stars because I still like the app but I find it untrustworthy and I really hate the constant advertising for their unlimited plan.
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6 years ago, Great, free app
Great app until it doesn’t work
I rely on this app a lot, maybe too much. I use it to store ALL my passwords and I like the fact that I can organize into folders. I’ve got folders for banking, travel, shopping, medical, and more. My only concern was the fact that recently the app wasn’t working, it wouldn’t open so I couldn’t retrieve any of my user ids or passwords. I tried all sorts of resets with the phone and the app but nothing worked. I couldn’t reach anyone that actually helped for about 3 or 4 days. They had to reset my account on their end and they provided no explanation as to what happened. I was very concerned that I was going to lose everything and start all over resetting passwords everywhere; it was a nightmare. When I finally did get someone to reset my account they were non-apologetic and very nonchalant, I did not feel comfortable that my information was safe and secure or that this wouldn’t happen again. Again, they did not provide an explanation for why this may have happened and this is a service (app) that I pay for annually. And, I e been a customer for a few years. Anyway, I am sticking with them for now, but, I’ll be looking for something else.
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5 years ago, Saltydog 13
Great product
I have been using this Keeper app for over a year and have found it to be fantastic. Maybe almost too secure. I recently went from iPhone 7+ to XSMax and was unable to access the app (along with many other apps) as it went from thumb pint to facial recognition. Silly me did not think to go in and retrieve my access information prior to switching phones so when I got new phone, I could not remember my password or security question answer. After numerous unsuccessful attempts I contacted the developer who informed that without the security question answer, there was not much they could do except erase data and start over. This is not a issue with the app but rather on me for not thinking ahead. The developer has moved my subscription and I am back to using the app again. It really is a great app!! Just heed my advice, if you are upgrading phones, make sure to know your Keeper password and security answer so you can keep all your secure info.
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5 years ago, Jills4kids
Major identity theft with this app
Delete delete. I’ve had this subscription for years and so have family members. I have never ever once logged in anywhere except from my phone and it has never been physically compromised from my phone. I do not have my password for this app written anywhere. Nowhere. Hackers got into my Keeper app on a Saturday morning. That’s when I realized that Keeper has no weekend support. International hackers had 22 pages of my data for over 48 hours before I could speak to anyone. Emails were useless as well. Hackers had control of my email and any attempt at getting back into the app was rooted to them. I was totally helpless. It has been 3 days 8-10 hours a day of a complete and total identity theft nightmare that has involved hacker demands for money to stop the madness. They can all eat you know what, including Keeper. The first rep I spoke with was condescending and terribly rude before a nice guy helped but he felt terrible for my loss. Well it’s been pure hell. Feeling terrible for me does absolutely nothing. Everyone I know who has this has deleted their subscription as well. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst worst enemy. Except the damned hackers. Please please don’t be me. Find another way to store your passwords. This is NOT it. You don’t want this disaster in your life.
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3 years ago, TooFastForITunes
Buyer Beware - May stop working without notice
This app presents a great way to manage your passwords, but with one notable exception. Your expiration date may be reset by keeper to a day in the past at any time and without any notice. Last week, my account had an expiration date in 2022. This morning, I woke up to find out that my expiration date has been moved to 2019. I contacted their technical support department, which was able to resolve the issue within 15 minutes, but was not able to explain why my expiration date suddenly moved to a time in the past. Fortunately I had a good Internet connection and was able to delete and reinstall the app on my phone, but if the Internet had not been readily available, I would’ve had no access to any of my accounts without having to reset each and every password. It’s also important to note that the app appears to have a major bug, in that it will not retain any new records that are created on a mobile device. You must use the web vault in order to create new records. If you are in an app, use keeper to create a new record, and save that record, it doesn’t actually save and you can’t even use it in the app in which you just created the record.
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5 years ago, Melissa_G1
Great app, total package & lifesaver!
I’ve been using Keeper for years and it only gets better with time. I started with the free version (one device) and quickly bought the Unlimited plan. The app is easy to use online, through the Google Chrome plug-in, iPhone app and now with iOS 12, I no longer need to use Apple Keychain to save any passwords. With the update, it allows me to sign into sites and apps using my Keeper app. This truly is a one-stop-shop, as it allows me to organize my passwords for work, personal, family, etc into their own folders (as I like to do), I can save important documents and images and also search across the app so that I don’t have to remember which folder items are stored in. I do like to keep my items stored in folders so that I can easily see websites or apps that I am using for work vs personal, this allows me to determine sites/apps that I might want to unsubscribe from or update passwords regularly. I recommend this app to family, friends, colleagues and clients.
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5 years ago, tedlypong
Great product but MFA on their mobile app has issue
Great product, and I’m totally still using it. Seems like the cleanest and safest product out there for password storage. My one complaint is that there is a bug on the iPhone mobile app with using MFA (to require a second factor other than password in order to view vault and account details). If you launch the Keeper app, you’ll get prompted for a second factor. If you hit cancel, you get an error pop up indicating that two factor is required. But at that point, if you double click the home button on your phone, browse to any other open app on your phone, then double click again and browse back to the Keeper app, you will be allowed to see the vault passwords and account details without ever entering that second factor. I opened a ticket with Keeper several months back and was advised that this would be fixed in later releases. But no fix yet. The likelihood of being exploited is small I guess, but for a security-focused software company, the bug is a little disheartening.
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3 years ago, MV COMBIE
Spectacular Customer Service
What’s scarier than losing years work and 100’s of passwords? Just about nothing! I recently experienced a really convoluted issue and got a bit panicked. My Face ID no longer worked, I forgot my master ID, and the email I originally set up my account in was no longer active. Any one of these things would have been a huge issue and from experience (that most of us have had) on other applications - I really thought I was going to be out of luck. In chat I explained the issue and customer service immediately understood the issue and immediately walked me through a resolution step by step. Every step was simple, and every step flawlessly worked the first time. I was up and running on all my devices in a matter of minutes. I was totally impressed! Can’t say enough positive things about their customer service- get this.
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4 years ago, CNY business owner
Liars and Thieves
I have been a customer for 4 years but when it came time to renew the sales person lied to me and told me I needed to buy a storage plan for $500 but come to find out I only used 1% of the normal plan. Then I spent another $1000 on top of that for what I thought was a 2 year plan. Come to find out the sales person only put me down for 1 year. This company has high pressure sales people that lie and only care about the sale. They lured me in and waited till I heavily relied on the service and then over charged big time leaving me at their mercy. I am a small business with only 9 employees and yet they ripped me off. This is not free or even low cost. My cost was $1500 for 1 year. Don’t let them get you! This kind of software is all about trust but after they know you can’t operate without them, they then take advantage of you. I should have known that when a company has such turn over and you find out that no employees there last more than a month that something is wrong. So if you are thinking about using this service be prepared to send $1500 per year or else lose all your info. Run! Do not buy. Also, there is nothing special about this service.
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7 months ago, Gd00000
Cost is a hard pill to swallow, but the app is solid
I’ve been using the app for years almost since the beginning and way before they could afford advertising billboards all over the Southern California. The app does work VERY well and is very easy to use. Anyone could figure it out. I highly recommend it so please know if your reading this my complaint is how expensive it has become. With that being said each passing year I feel like the price is practically doubling and I’m using none of the new added features. Not that I don’t want to, but I don’t need them. As the price keeps going up each year, free and close to free apps that do similar things are hot on the tail. It seems like the app is trending towards company employee solutions and moving away from the regular individual user who doesn’t want to use Apple passwords. That’s fine if the business model is changing, but please consider having a “going back in time” stripped down KISS password app with just the user name and password only and I’d be happy. Like most all companies everywhere we all are entering treacherous times and trimming the fat is now necessary.
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7 years ago, King Vista
Great App., but a little too pricey!!!
I am enjoying peace mind. This app really provides a good secure service , if you are like me, and the majority of your purchasing and socializing require security. I think it’s overpriced for what they offer as standard, a way OP, if you add the data features listed below. Otherwise, this app has done a great job helping me to securely store password and website info. using a multi-level password encrypted platform. This part of the service is very good; just overpriced. I would have given this app. 5-stars, however, I am a little disappointed that you have to pay additional fees in order to access the data (documents, video, photo) feature of the app. I feel these features should be standard otherwise all you are paying for is password security. It’s still a great app. but they are just a little too money hungry. As soon as it’s time to renew my membership I will be looking for an app that will promise this type of security but will include “DATA (media-video & photo, docs, file, & folder) ENCRYPTION” as standard features. Now, that type of security would be worth the value.
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5 months ago, Bi how
Read this before you purchase!!!
I’ve been a customer (a paying customer, not the free version) of Keeper for 8 years. I had over 600 passwords in their app. I changed phones, cleared the old one out and shipped it off to later find out that Face ID didn’t work on the new phone first time when I opened Keeper. It needed the password, which I never used and was conveniently stored in the keeper app. I sent inquiry to customer service and they responded that if I didn’t have the master password and the 24 word phrase, I would have to delete the app and reinstall which would delete all of my data. I called them 10 times today over 8 hours and they never bothered to respond. Not only have I lost 600 passwords, I’ll have to file with my credit card company to cancel my subscription because I can’t even get in the app to do that. Customer service is deplorable to not even respond to a long term customer. If you are worried about losing your data, just know it can happen very easily and they aren’t going to help you. I’ll be filing with the BBB and every other entity to ensure everyone knows how bad their service is.
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5 years ago, Dennis Boone
Best Password Manager Ever
I switched from using RoboForm for many years to Keeper just a few months ago. I must say it is much easier to make changes to all my passwords and sensitive personal information from anywhere, whether I’m on a desktop or mobile device. I especially like the share feature that is in the family version of the app because it let’s me share important login information with my wife so she access key information in an emergency or when I’m not available. And it is so easy and intuitive to use. The only thing wish for in this app is that it would automatically open with drop-down menus in the desktop browser the way that RoboForm did. I don’t like having to enter a Master Password every time I start the browser and click on the Keeper icon. There should be a way for the user to turn on and off the Master Password requirement as needed when working with the desktop app. Other than that Keeper got right overall, so I give it 4 stars.
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6 years ago, golden3652
Be Careful!!
I have been using this app for about a year and have over 100 login, passwords and notes for numerous business and personal accounts. I just bought an iPhone X and for some reason it’s asking me to log in for every app on my phone. I tried to log in to this app using my email and password and I can’t get in. Worse, after 4 tries, I get a message that all my data has been erased. There is literally no way to reset your password, and there should be a way with security questions, etc. Now all my login and passwords are lost and I’ve spent a lot considerable time putting all of this in from various written sources. Customer service is of no help at all, saying basically “too bad”. UPDATE: after 20 email exchanges, customer service says “we can’t do anything for you” and maintains that because I purchased a new iPhone that my data has been wiped. They can’t retrieve it, can’t even locate my correct email address in their system. READ ALL THE REVIEWS. THIS APP, PAID OR FREE, WILL SOMEHOW LOSE YOUR DATA! If you change devices, lose or destroy your phone, your data is history. Twenty emails and they’re still asking me “do you have another email account?”
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3 years ago, Mostwaze
Sneaky, but okay for backup app
I have been trying this out as an alternative to 1PW. It’s fast in execution BUT it has several annoying features. I keep getting notices that the app needs refreshing, to log out then log back in. Also, the face recognition works some of the time, not others. When I ask for help they send article references, just what I want to spend the day reading AFTER paying for the the upgrade service, I think! I’m having a hard time trusting the whole entity and wouldn’t be surprised to see additional billing AFTER some time in the future. They are sneaky. Their website does everything possible to avoid customer contact - infuriating, especially when you’re moving from one device to another and you need resolution NOW. Lastly, their ongoing solicitations in the app to upgrade is too much, especially after having been tricked into spending an additional $10 early on, in a cryptic manner to get more storage, implying to make the app function properly???
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1 year ago, gVofka
Got stuck during the setting up the app
Downloaded the App. Tried to set it up. Entered the complex unique password which I use in my most sensitive cases (it was 9 characters long with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters) — the app said I can’t proceed, the password must be minimum 10 characters long. Great! I change it to 10 characters long — now it shows that it must be at least 12 characters long…. Well, the hole reason I need the app like this to keep the record of my passwords on the sites and apps like this. I don’t need THIS app to force me to use unreasonable limitations like that, which also are inconsistent. I don’t want to get another app to remember password for this one, because I know every time I am forced to come up with the passwords that I forget next day. I want to use my passwords that I can remember. I hope developers are reading this user feedback and note that this enforcement is irrational. Would be very happy to change or delete my review when this issue is addressed. Very dissatisfied with practice like this.
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4 years ago, BadAppleCT
Life Saver
I absolutely love this app. Originally I used the same password for just about everything so I could remember it. Now not only can I make unique and more secure passwords, I don’t have to remember them. Keeper also tells me strength of the password and makes it easier with all the new rules of lower case, upper case, a number and a symbol. Keeper can also automatically generate passwords. Keeper also alerts if a password has been breached so it can be immediately changed. The full version of Keeper allows for private storage of items that you would NOT want in your camera roll for example copies of driver’s license, passport etc. These photos can be saved in keeper without being accessible with other photos. This is also true of personal documents such as a copy of a car registration or paystubs. I have used Keeper for years and I recommend it to everyone that I know. I literally use it everyday.
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7 years ago, B Liberty
A must have app.
A person needs so many passwords in today's fast moving society. Whether the app be for work, home, entertainment,social, shopping or for some other reason, Keeper can save your password and other information on your phone and computer using encryption to protect the data. Since a person most likely has their phone with them, it is the best choice for keeping these protected passwords, especially if you travel a lot. It's also easy to use. We recommend it to all our clients so when we work with them we can get more accomplished if we need them to log into one of their websites for data. It's also safer than keeping the passwords at home on a piece of paper or in the notes section of your phone. If by chance you do not have your phone, you can still access your data if you know the primary password from anyone's computer.
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5 years ago, analogkid299
Keeper kinda Blows!
I got Keeper many years ago (probably near to when they first launched). It was cool, simple and free and exactly what I wanted. Over the years, it has become more complex and not so “free”. Every time I log on to retrieve one of my few (20ish) passwords, I am bombarded with in app purchase pop-ups asking me to upgrade to some BS service I don’t need (some cloud based back-up subscription) that is way to costly for the 20 or so passwords that I have. If I click “no” the app is timed almost exactly for an additional pop-up to “reappear” milliseconds later, when I attempt to select my chosen password, with the “purchase” button being “conveniently” located under my fingers path. (Good one Keeper makers! 😏) Moreover, many of the simple edit features, including deleting an entry, are unavailable unless you subscribe to their premium back-up service. In any event, there are many other “cool, simple and free” password management apps out there and I’ve had enough of Keeper and their BS “hard sell” in app pop-ups! So I’m done with them and leaving this review. It was nice for awhile Keeper, but you are no longer a “keeper” for me! Delete!!
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4 years ago, Bowler girl strike
This App. Keep me safe👍🏼👍🏼
I have no complaints about this safe App.. As long as I remember my password to get into my App. safe it holds all the passwords for all the App's that ask for the password so I can go on with whatever App. I'm in. It keep the passwords safe from anyone wanting to know my passwords, and I like that! Get this App. it's the best safe App. I know😊 That the truth to you all who want to remember your passwords but, don't want anyone else to know them. It's to me very safe and as long as you remember the password to get into the App. safe you will do okay and that the truth again👍🏼👍🏼. Still the best App. EVER!!! What can I say on my iPhone you can get in so fast with touch thumb print I like that fetcher, I just wish that fetcher could be set up on my iPad but, I'm okay I still remember my password. So this App. I awesome!!!👍🏼😊👍🏼😊Again Great app..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 months ago, AllTheNickNamesForGarbageApp
It’s expensive. Very expensive.
I have been using the free version of this app since 2019. I have relied on it as a single secure place for all of my passwords. Until today. Today I updated and was locked out of updating any of my passwords. I have no desire to sync it with a cloud service. I just want a single point to access my stuff. But I don’t think $36 / year subscription is anywhere in the realm of reasonable. Why not have free app or even a $4.99 one time purchase with no sync, no cloud. Even a one time $20 purchase wouldn’t be unreasonable. But in a life where every company has made a move to subscription services this is now an annual fee, the next thing will auto manufactures will be charging subscription services for heated seats and remote start….. why can’t we keep one simple thing in life. Passwords. They change all the time. I don’t need a cloud to sync to. I’m not one of the 3 letter agencies. I’m a normal guy who forgets his Netflix password.
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5 years ago, J t p 40
Best app I ever got I have several businesses and venders I have to deal with with this app u got to remember one password and if you use app and put information in it does then rest for you and you can take main password and give ur book keeper or ur attorney or account and if something bad happens to you or pass away or anything crazy god for give all they have to do is get that main password and they have everything they need to carry on and not spend months trying to figure out and it’s not on paper where anybody can find and I don’t know about rest but if you use apple phone iPad or computer it knows them and if they or you login from a different computer this app is going to send msg to your phone or computer to ask you if it ok for that unknown device to login to your account no question about it BEST THING I ever!!!!!!!did THANK and GREAT Support TO J40
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3 years ago, RJ5515
Excellent customer service from Mary
While wearing a mask the app didn’t recognize my facial features. I couldn’t remove the mask to try it without and was struggling to remember my master password so tried a couple of things when I realized it could lock me out and blow up the file. I needed a password for a time sensitive work project and sent a message to customer service. A few minutes later I was able to use the facial recognition feature and it let me in. In the meantime Mary reached out to me to be sure to see if she could help. This was all within a few panicky minutes. Wow!! I love all the features and ease of use, but Excellent customer service takes this to the next level for me. So important but so many companies lose customers for lack of care and response. Thank you Mary!!
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10 months ago, LeahtheArtist
Swore by keeper
But I have been struggling for a month to get my storage restored after a month delay because of hospitalization. Now I keep running into the oh now you renewed so you can still keep using it, but when I click on it to access my storage information it keeps telling me that I need to renew now. I can’t get anybody on the phone. I can’t get anybody to fix it so if this I’m gonna go find another place to keep my business because this is absolutely ridiculous All of my storage is gone deleted and it was due to be paid May of 24 I was in a bad car accident, and had a lot of other things happening and didn’t get to renew until June or beginning of july and all of my stuff is still missing and there is no restore option, and when it goes to storage, it tells me I need to renew now and if I renew now, it tells me that I’ve already paid and it’s not due to expire until May 2024 so what the heck. Also I’m having really bad back spasms of any sense then somebody from support should fix it for me and then delete this
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4 years ago, EDollyO
Keeper is outstanding
I’ve tried several password vaults and Keeper is head and shoulders above them. Not only does it store and retrieve encrypted 20-character random passwords and user ids but it retrieves them and applies them to the login page according to the web site you are viewing. For me, the best part of Keeper is it’s family plan. It is possible to share my passwords with my wife and child. In this manner, they get to use passwords that I’ve given them permission to, or create their own and we’ll never lose access to our data or be hacked because our passwords were too weak. Last, I use Keeper as a family resource in case I die. With a special Keeper feature, upon my death or disability, I can allow access to all my passwords and documents. I even store a copy of my will there. There is nothing on the market like Keeper - I give it five stars.
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6 years ago, AAndretsos
I use this everyday for all my password protected information. It’s great for remembering and sharing passwords between my family members- and also for my own private information. Especially now that I am taking over my mothers finances- trying to keep it all straight was driving me crazy!! I save my ID cards (Health insurance, auto insurance, copies of drivers license), business cards (my RN license, CPR cards, certifications), email passwords, billing passwords, bank account information and any other accounts I log into. Everything is always at my fingertips. So convenient and worth the Yearly fee. Don’t know how I got along before this app- I had no way to keep all the changing password requirements protected and was always forgetting and resetting passwords. This has changed my life- honestly.
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7 years ago, WestCoastFamily
Appropriately named
I am not one to write reviews, as I believe who would care about one review when the majority of us who purchase applications from the App Store look at trends of total 5's and 4's versus 1's and 2's when deciding on an app. Well, the Keeper has me impressed. Both the design and function are just what they need to be. Not too heavy with bloated features you will never use, along with tight coding, a clean user interface and reasonable pricing for what you get. All of those attributes make for the last and I believe the most securepassword and account application program I will ever buy. Great job Keeper team, you have contributed something that will keep many from having their passwords along with their identities stolen and encryption that will surely frustrate many black hat hackers. Thank you
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6 years ago, Viera mama
Another happy long time user
I have had the Keeper Security App on my phones and my laptop for several years now and have always been happy with the app. Its easy to set up and easy to use for people like me who aren’t as tech savvy as I wish I was. I use it for every password I set up so I can’t possibly forget a password. I did have an issue getting into my account after a fluke thing happened with my phone so I reached out to the support team and Dann helped out quickly. He understood my problem and was very knowledgeable and in a short amount of time had my issue resolved. I have never had to reach out to support before and wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Dann responded to me and how helpful he was...thanks Dann and thanks Keeper Security for being an App that is a necessity for me!!
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5 years ago, TLKMVK
I had a situation where I needed to transfer my keeper account on a new iPhone but the access to the account was activated by touchscreen identification. I have been a keeper customer for many years and had long forgotten my master password and secret personal identity word. Therefore I was unable to access my new account nor any of data!!! Disaster!!! My old phone was rapidly dying as well. I turned to keeper support for help. Over 7 days we tried many scenarios to work around but no luck. Finally succeeded!!! Relived and elated as the staff stood with me the whole time , answered all my questions promptly and advanced numerous possible work a rounds in until we prevailed. I cannot thank them for enough and highly recommend the product and their support staff. PS keeper is a pretty tough nut to crack. Terry from Tampa
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4 years ago, jdeere9750
Very good app, but...
I like nearly everything about the app. Seamlessly fills in login info in websites using FaceID. Allows me to have a very strong password without having to type it in every time. Works extremely well, and is worth the investment for me. Here’s the reason for 4 stars and not 5, though. My biggest complaint is nearly every time I open the app I have to dismiss a pop up wanting me to purchase more features the app offers. I get it, you’ve got more to offer. But I’ve made the decision to purchase what I currently have, and I don’t want to be constantly bothered with what is basically an ad trying to get me to buy more. I don’t mind a pop up describing new features when they come out, but this is constant reminders of the same things over and over. Gets annoying, especially considering the cost I’ve already invested. Please consider a change on this.
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3 years ago, LukeyLue9
Decent Password Manager Yet Charges Extra for Basic Functionality
I’ve been using Keeper Password Manager (KPM) since February 2021. I like that they don’t share or sell your personal info to any third parties. KPM is easy to use on my phone and computer. I have only had one incident where I created and saved a password in the app, yet that same password didn’t log me into the site I created it for and said it’s an incorrect password (I changed the password on the site to correct this). I’m knocking 2 stars off for a big reason: BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring costs an extra $20 year for KPM, yet this same function is free when using many of the competitors (and they charge the same amount ($36) as basic KPM). With data breaches occurring weekly anymore, this basic function should be included without users being charged extra for it. Otherwise, it’s a decent password manager.
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6 years ago, KJ_105
After having this app (the free version) for over a year, I had a ton of passwords protected on this app. Well, I updated my phone to a new IPHONE XS. I had to input all my passwords into my new apps. Since the XS doesn’t use fingerprint software, I had to remember my password to get into the app (which I couldn’t). So, after getting close to the designated # of incorrect tries prior to erasing the data, I changed my forgotten password. After trying my NEW password, it said it was incorrect and gave me 1 more chance. So, I updated my password AGAIN...with the same password. As I entered it so surely the last time, the app told me I exceeded the number of tries required for a successful password and erased my data on the phone. This was ridiculous!!! So, after re-opening the app, I logged in (with the password that I used that initially said was wrong and erased my data) to find ALL my password data erased. Needless to say, this app tries to force you to pay for the service, and you pay for it if you ever have to change your password. Buyer beware.
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2 years ago, Michelle heartbroken by Keeper
No service at all
I have had password keeper for over 10 years, great app, made my life easier and I told all my friends how great the app was. In November 2021, I could open the app but the majority of my passwords were gone, I could access them all by logging in on the website. I realized that my account was linked to an email I no longer had access to. I reached out through email explaining what I needed help with and was told that they would send an email to the email on the account ( No longer active email which was included in the request for help). I then received an email stating that keeper was closing this complaint due to the email associated with the complaint was not in the system. I continued to request help, I found were I had been paying for 2 subscriptions for years and still no one could help I was able to download all my usernames and passwords into an excel spreadsheet. One membership cancelled March 22, 2022 and the second one cancelled April 3, 2022. Great app ZERO Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Kendena
Total rip off!! These guys are thieves!!
I used this Keeper app for a few years for free, then decided to upgrade from free version bc I loved it so much. Then the next year they charged me $10 without my permission (if there was small print about recurring charges I don’t know how I missed it) so o was pretty upset. It’s seems like back then I tried contacting them and I was told they would not do that again. The very next year they did it again. Another $10. Once I got them to stop they still let me see my passwords without paying, I just couldn’t add any more. I used like that for a couple more years, then recently they completely blocked me from seeing ANY PASSWORDS I had put in there for years, UNLESS I pay again!! No way Jose!! Keep your app! I wouldn’t pay these guys another penny over the mere principle! I’ll just start over and go thru hell with resetting every password I put in there before I give them another dime!! Go somewhere else and buy a password app! Trust me, these developers are up to no good where your money’s concerned
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1 month ago, Sjkalp
Bad business practices
I signed up for the free version of this app years ago. Apparently, they recently started doing only free trials and then started charging for use of the app. I was not informed of this. I went to the app one day to change a password and got a notice on the app saying I could not do that as my free trial had expired and if I wanted to make any changes, I had to pay the fee, which at a minimum was $35. I then tried to add a password. Same problem. Then I looked into exporting the passwords to another cheaper password app. That option was also not available unless I first upgraded. They were basically holding years of passwords hostage. I ended up having to manually transfer all my passwords to another app. Took me nearly 3 hours. This is a shady business tactic and I am extremely upset that they are requiring payment without first disclosing the limitations, especially since a free version of the app was first offered. I will definitely not be coming back.
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5 years ago, Art Skew
2FA and User Interface Anomalies
I purchased Keeper because of its vault security and ability to span that secure vault onto my three devices, MacBook Pro (2014), iPad2 and iPhone7. The secure vault is available across devices, however, in one iPad and two iPhone instances, two-factor authentication does not work. On the Mac, several 2FA options are available which may function on other devices, but not the Mac. Also, the user interfaces are terribly inconsistent across devices. It appears that most of the product work went into the iPhone and less into the MacBook Pro and iPad. On all devices, there is no indication that the addon Breachwatch is executing, nor is there any explanation how you are notified when a breach occurs. On the Mac, if the vault uses folders, they do not appear in the autofill window; and the autofill records are not in the sorted order organized in the vault window, forcing an autofill search. On the Mac, after drilling downward in Settings, reversing the traversal upwards does not always show all the windows that were shown in the downward path. On the Mac, when saving a Chat session, there is no validation of the send-to email address, and the session can be lost. Keeper's Chat analysts were helpful but Support’s responses to emails concerning the above issues were mostly without replies.
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5 years ago, Neyishayeuntopanga
Terrible App
Terrible app!! I wish I would have read the other reviews about the extortion and erasing all your files if you don’t pay them!!!! I wouldn’t have having this issue now if I would have read what others had done to their stored info. They trick you into thinking you have a free version and then when your IOS upgrades it completely deletes all your stored information WITHOUT WARNING and they do nothing about it. They email you saying “this is the risk you take using our app” Why make an app that does this?? They want to charge ridiculous price for an app that is essentially the same as your notes section. I wish I would have never stored anything in the app, if I would have just used my notes or a different app and I wouldn’t have this problem now. Have tons of stored passwords there that I had been using for years and now they just all disappeared and unretrievable. Definitely consider using a different method for storing your important information before you lose all of yours as well!!
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5 years ago, Steve Jacobs 1187
Stop asking me to purchase things!
You know, I really don’t ever leave reviews but I feel compelled to leave one here. I paid something like $15 for Keeper Unlimited and I really use Keeper on a weekly basis - probably every few days or so. It’s definitely a life saver however, I can never retrieve a single password without being told I need to purchase something or other to further protect me. I already paid $15, I just want a secure place to keep my passwords. I don’t need to click a cursory “Stay Unprotected” button to continue through and retrieve a password. It adds an additional step to an otherwise easy process. I already paid for this app otherwise I really would use another password keeper. I guess I’m sort of “pot committed” at this point. I would caution other people to use another password keeper however because of this app’s exceedingly annoying scheme of asking users to continue paying for different protection schemes every so often.
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5 years ago, Knocktwit
Update is awful!!!! Keeper not recommended
I have been using Keeper for several years. I just received an update and, as a consequence lost all my data — at least on my iPhone. I had been accessing the app using Face ID but with the update it asked for my master password, which I did not remember. As a consequence I successfully reset my password but the app wouldn’t let me log in with it. I successfully reset it several times but the app never would recognize the new password —notwithstanding the fact that I successfully reset my password. Then after resetting it once again successfully, the app then informed me that all my data was deleted because I had tried unsuccessfully to log in too many times! I hope that I will be able to recover my data from another device such as my laptop but rest assured that as soon as I do I will be looking for anther password protection app. I cannot in good conscience recommend Keeper any longer because of what appears to be a major malfunction in its current upgrade.
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1 month ago, Babybird phone
Normally 5 star app but latest update...
This is normally a 5 star app, but the last update seems to have removed the ability to easily switch between multiple accounts. You used to be able to tap the Account button at the bottom and tap your account to choose which account you wanted to use from a menu, but the last update removed this option for some reason and how you have to force close the app and reopen it to change to a different account. This is a terrible user experience for those of us who use the enterprise version for work and also have a personal account for personal accounts. I'm hoping this was missed in regression testing and will be corrected in the next update, because it's the opposite of the former user friendly experience. Everything else about the app is pretty fantastic.
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1 month ago, pandapoop007
Used to like it
I had no problem with Keeper. Until every time I logged in, they flashed this little window telling me that I need to upgrade that and it would cost an extra, then I’d always have to cancel out the window so I could access my information. When I finally looked into it all they’re trying to do is basically force me into a more expensive program but basically I’m getting the same thing. my subscription is done in August. I’m switching over to another password app because I’m over being nickel and dime and having them throw this advertisement in my face every time I just wanna access my passwords. I really like them until they started pulling this, It just seems like everywhere I go someone’s trying to nickel and dime me for that extra 2 to $15 on subscriptions and I’m just done with it. I’ll take my money elsewhere.
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2 years ago, randomnicknamwgsgsfagu
Why I Don't Like Keeper
Here are my issues with Keeper: - With the app specifically, Keeper Fill doesn't seem to update while the main Keeper app does. I have to go out of my way to get into the main app to copy and paste my info for entries I made over a week ago. - Keeper constantly tries to upsell you (pop ups in the app and pc, emails, etc) and it's very annoying. - Several months ago, Keeper sent me an email notifying me that my annual subscription was going to renew in a week. It was late in the day so I made a mental note to cancel it, but one day after I got the email, they renewed it. That's just scummy. Apart from feeling like I'm constantly getting harassed by a greedy company, it works fine, barring the issue with the "fill" function not being up to date even when the main app is. My suggestion for the company is to consider finding better ways to maintain your customer retention that doesn't involve being misleading, or aggravating customers with constant upsell attempts, including trying to arbitrarily scare your customers into thinking said upsells are necessary with breach events that don't affect them. TLDR: I've been unhappy with them for a long time; literally the only reason I'm still using Keeper right now is because they were misleading when it came time for their mandatory subscription renewal notification to be sent.
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