Keeper: tax filing & expenses

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Keeper Tax Inc.
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User Reviews for Keeper: tax filing & expenses

4.78 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
8 months ago, Mfleurette
Panic Attack Averted
I am an Actor/Entertainer and this was the first time I had to file my taxes as such. I was so put off by the process that filed for an extension. Well, I procrastinated all the way to Oct 16th. I knew that I was using Keeper for my 2023 taxes, but I had purchased in 2022 right after I filed for an extension. Long story short, I had no idea that Keeper was also tracking 2022. When I logged in, all I did was choose my year and go through the list of transactions and categorize them properly. After that, I went through the Tax Filing prompts and VOILA!! A process that I dreaded and thought would take me the better of 12+ grueling hours, took about 2.5, and that was mainly for the categorizing. Once I was done entering the tax files (for some reason the PDF upload was not working for me) it was run through an “optimizer” to check for possible Audit isssues. It came back without any potention, glaring issues and was sent to a reviewer. I opted to get a copy emailed to me and… that was it! And I was able to do all of that FROM MY CAR (yes, I did sit in the car for 2.5 hours 🥴) Keeper is THE BEST investment I’ve made EVER!! It took all the worry and confusion out of my first schedule C process and I couldn’t be more happy. Now I have to figure out what to do with all the time Keeper just saved me 😊
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2 years ago, Liz4rd8991
Barely started using it but so far so good!
Before Keeper, since I started my mobile auto detail business last year, I was completely lost in the tax process. I knew enough to save my receipts for purchases such as gas and supplies, but beyond that I was (& still basically am!) clueless. Through Keeper Tax I've been able to log expenses I would never have included plus I'm learning the basics of the financial part of running my own startup! The only disappointments so far have been the fact that Venmo and Zelle, plus Cash App and Square, are as yet not included in the list of banks you're able to link to your Keeper account. No big deal for most I assume, but for me literally MOST (almost ALL) my payments come thru Venmo and often the other financial companies I listed above. To utilize Keeper fully, I must manually transfer each payment separately to my checking account with SchoolsFirst FCU and make sure I label the customer it came from. For expenses I've learned to almost invariably use my CU debit card because that way I can get the tax write off automactically. Love what you guys are doing for small businesses, Keeper, but please add Venmo (at least, if not also the other common online payment platforms!) and then I'll be completely satisfied with your app.
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2 years ago, Rye Rye Chi
Worth every penny
This was the BEST tax experience I have ever had. I opened my own business this year but I had other 1099 from side hustles which made my tax process more complicated then normal. But their app made everything so easy to understand, it organised my books, it sent my tax files for free it was SO SIMPLE. It was PERFECT for me and it saved me HUNDREDS of dollars compared to H&R block. I at first used this to organise the transaction on my bank accounts because for part of the year I was using my personal accounts for my business and then I opened my business bank accounts and had to go through those too. But it basically categorised everything for me and I just had to choose yes or no for the past transactions. Then I went to H&R to actually file the taxes but they wanted 400 dollars to do it… so after 10 mins in the meeting and knowing that this WONDERFUL app already would do it for free I was like… oops sorry I don’t think your service is the right way to go. I just continued the process with this app and they got everything done FASTER then if I did the H&R way. It’s perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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4 years ago, elijahloveraven
Saves contractors money
I signed up for this app because for the last five years I have had no luck keeping track of my spending because it's too much work to understand what qualifies as a right off. I wanted to try the service and was immediately impressed. Linking my bank accounts was easy, and now every time I spend money Caitlyn (who I thought was a robot, she's so on top of it and nice) sends me a text about what percentage of savings I'm getting from my expenses. And she answers ALL of my questions. Pretty unbeatable to have a tax adviser who's a real person in your pocket at all times. This is a huge relief because filing is always so difficult for 1099 work. Two things I wish: 1: that I could link my Toyota community bank CC, and my American Express CC for the spending I do on there. 2: that the company could submit quarterly payments to the IRS on my behalf. That's the biggest hurdle for me. I can't figure out how to give the IRS money throughout the year.
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1 year ago, IntegrityFirst78
Last minute Changes
I have faithfully been using Keeper tax for the last 5 years and even though it wasn’t perfect for a small business it was affordable, they went up on monthly subscription about a year ago but I didn’t mind because you could file your taxes for free but all of the sudden this year 2023 without warning they changed the free tax filing unless you purchase a yearly subscription for $40+ dollars more, with the rise in cost of so much and small businesses barely get bck to normal or not even close to pre COVID it seems insensitive to not give people a heads up on the change b4 the tax season to begin and to not even offer an alternative fee for the faithfulness of the monthly subscribers, is ridiculous and unjust to say the least. So here’s Another app I thought had the small business at heart is now gone high and mighty and instead of being a help is now taking advantage of the circumstances and trying to benefit off desperate customers who now have to go somewhere else for this service when all it would have taken is a proper advance notice about the change. So since I have to use another service in the last hour of filing my taxes I feel it’s only fair that I take my monthly subscription somewhere else as well..
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1 year ago, Uhhyeahhhitsbrianna
If I could give negative stars, I would.
The *idea* of this app is great. I enjoyed having recommended deductions/write offs, and being able to change categories as needed. The huge issue I have comes with the filing itself. This is the first time I have ever paid for filing help and it has been AWFUL!!! First the IRS put my refund on hold since a third party filed, that’s fine— not in Keeper’s control. The issues starts with I had to wait *days* to receive a copy of my filing from Keeper via EMAIL. The link expires shortly after the filing sent, too. The best part of this experience is that when I received my forms, the direct deposit info for my refund was ENTIRELY wrong on the form. I’m not talking a number or two off, or possible user error on my side. It was an entirely different routing and account number. Even though my bank account is literally linked to Keeper. Thank GOD I managed to catch it— which meant I had to spend hours on the phone with the IRS trying to correct this, which meant cancelling direct deposit and receiving a paper check instead of direct deposit into someone else’s account. I emailed Keeper days ago asking what happened with no response. Awful experience.
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2 years ago, KayCason1991
Best investment ever!
I am from England and therefore I am clueless about taxes, how to file, tax codes and write offs! This app literally has saved my life! It literally does everything for you and keeps you updated with everything with a mix of automation and a real human being. So if you have a specific question, a human will get back to you! There’s also self help articles. But the best part was filing my taxes! I literally did it in under an hour (and I genuinely had zero clue as to what I was doing, the step by step is fool proof) 3x faster than my partner who’s lived here his entire life! It also tracked around $3k worth of writes off, all for just a one off payment!!! 1 MILLION % worth it and recommend!!! Best investment you’ll make!! Save time, avoid making mistakes on filing your taxes and have someone track all your write offs that you didn’t even think were write offs!! Winning, winning, winning!!!
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4 months ago, Texas journalist
Found me just in time
I always file in the first month of the new year, just as soon as I get my few tax documents in. This year I was inundated with forms. Freelance, dog-walking, two W-2 jobs and then some. Other tax apps couldn’t seem to keep up. Then I got a sponsored LinkedIn message from someone saying “estimate you’re taxes,” so I took a leap of faith. I was skeptical at first, but this app is literally a godsend. It did all the thinking for me. Plus I appreciate the informal language of “Nope” on some questions. Keeper made it easy to understand how to file, found so many write offs I may have neglected and overall saved me from owing way more than I may have in my pocket to shell out to the IRS. I so appreciate the makers of this app and the app in general. Highly recommend for those independent freelance work-from-home folks! It gets complicated but Keeper brought it all together for me.
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2 months ago, soeursister
Fantastic app
I am new to this country and filed my taxes for the first time. I am self employed and lived in a few states last year and just thinking about filing my taxes gave me huge anxiety. I found some great articles on Keeper website accidentally and they helped me to understand the specifics of this process as we all know, it’s different here than elsewhere. Then I tried the app, and I want to say thank you for everyone who is standing behind the keeper app. I made referrals to my friends even though I get no benefits for it haha I just wanted to share this great product. I am keeping it. The filing process was really smooth and I like having all my write offs calculating there through the year. And a special thank you for the chat with AI / real person feature. The only thing : I wish I could connect my Apple Card also as well as other bank accounts.
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2 months ago, [BornRebel]
I love this great for Tattoo Artist
This app makes it easier for Tattoo Artist and content creators. It’s so much easier to keep everything tracked through out our busy schedules Keeper makes it easier keeping track of all of our purchases. You can keep track of your own spending of course but Keeper makes it that much easier separating your business expenses. I am going to have a S.corp and business bank account to help myself further. But overall this app is worth every penny. It’s way less stressful your very own CPA a literal personal tax assistant. Love it. A few kinks like not having the ability to add the Apple Card or cash app. Honestly though because all the cards are linked it still shows up. You also have the option to add manually a huge plus. This app has changed my business and life.
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2 years ago, meepmeep831
This app is NOT free
It would be nice if they could just be transparent up front and tell you that this app requires a subscription since there’s no mention of this in the description. I didn’t even have enough time to explore the app and see what it can do before I started getting annoying pop-ups asking me to purchase a subscription… and if you don’t subscribe, the app won’t let you proceed any further so you can’t even log in to your account. It seemed like a handy app for those who are self-employed (from the little bit that I was able to use before I was locked out) but I’m not going to keep purchasing and then immediately cancelling my subscription just so I can access the app. I was told they have a “free” version but can’t get in touch with anyone thru the app regarding this because I would have to purchase yet another subscription just to get on the app. 😠
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3 years ago,
Don’t not use keeps bank info
And an ad and they did a really good job on selling me on the app. When you start the app it immediately makes you put in your banking information before you do anything. So I did then after you enter your banking information and ask you to subscribe yearly or monthly. At this point when I wanted to no longer use the app I could not find where to remove my banking information. I deleted the app then I received an email from someone saying they were my personal tax keep her from the app. I told them I didn’t want to use the app into remove my information. She told me that she couldn’t see my information linked. Then the next day I received another text message saying that they found some thing that I could write off in my taxes. I read downloaded the app and then went to my profile and saw that my account was still linked. There is no way to unlink your account this is robbery. I don’t like them having my personal information or account information on there and it does not give you the option to remove information. This is criminal
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3 years ago, DelizHero
I highly recommend this app!
Been using this app for 1 year now and I gotta say, this is by far the most convenient app and the most helpful in keeping track of my business expenses and organizing them. They automatically add your recent transactions and shows you how much they saved you. At the end of the year they give you an easy form for whoever does your taxes with for easy input (plug n play) I’m truly impressed with KeeperTax. Plus you get your own personal book keeper. If your on the fence about downloading this app and doing the service trust me just do it. At the end their small service fee of 16 dollars (this is what they charge me) becomes a tax deductible anyways. You literally have nothing to lose. I never write reviews but this is an app I truly stand behind hope this helps anybody that looks into it.
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2 months ago, clobberdude94
Blown away. There’s a reason to put your money here.
This was truly the simplest most elegant and enjoyable tax filing process I’ve ever experienced in my life. I have multiple revenue streams, businesses and accounts to keep up with so I was expecting my tax filing process to be very frustrating and confusing. The reason I keep coming back to Keeper is it’s just so stupid simple and it does literally everything for you. There is no confusion. There’s no need to search the Internet there there’s no need to surf the web there’s no need to google 70 different forms, and spend hours stressing over which forms you need to file and what you need to write down and what you can ignore and what you can write off. Tax Keeper does literally everything all you have to do is exchange your money for insane return on your time, sanity, attention, and energy. The highest performers in the world are extremely efficient. They understand the output equation and they optimize it. They know they better off investing their cash in tools and education that help them accelerate faster. Tax keeper is a perfect example of one of these tools. I just save myself hours of stress and wasted energy and just got myself a $900 return. Thanks tax keeper. Keep crushing it.
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2 years ago, Petitemiss2000
Keeper Tax made Tax-Time so much easier!
Keeper Tax has been such an awesome app! I’m a freelancer, and keeping up with itemized expenses in the past has been a tornado of papers and disorganization… not with Keeper Tax! My keeper, Caitlin, texts me weekly to ask which purchases are business expenses and keeps everything tidy & organized. Come tax time, it only took a few clicks to submit right on the app! When I had a question about my tax return, they investigated for me and helped me with a solution! I paid for the annual plan, and it is SO WORTH IT! I’m so glad that I found keeper tax. My interactions have all been professional and uplifting. They even have “Tax University” so you can learn why the IRS does what they do. I don’t usually go out of my way to leave a review- but I love this app so much, I will shout it from the rooftops! Also, Caitlin is awesome. K, bye!
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3 years ago, qwaynick
Caitlin Rocks!
As a new small business owner I started looking for tools to help me be successful. Owning a commercial truck and driving for myself means 1099’s and paying my own taxes. So obviously finding as many credits as possible was at the top of my list of critical needs. Caitlin has been there every step of my way since I downloaded the app and got rolling. I get daily notifications from the app on her behalf logging my expenses as I work. Then all I have to do it let her know if the expense was related to my business or not. That’s it, she does the rest for me. And I get to watch as my saving adds up throughout the year. Much easier than going through receipts and adding up expenses at the end of a long day. So glad to have found this service early into my adventure and I couldn’t be happier with what Caitlin has done for me so far!
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4 months ago, Deme Jo
No home owner credit, no acknowledgment of homeowner interest
Welp… I thought I would give this app a try since I started my business last October. Granted most of my business write offs won’t be applied until the next tax year. There were things that should have been applied that were not. And now that I had alerted Keeper of this error. I will have to wait an additional 16 weeks to see a return. That is assuming I’m getting one. Last year I owed nothing and got nothing. This year I owe $3 and I still get nothing. That was after providing the document for homes interest, identifying I bought a home during the previous tax year. So after this year with Keeper I don’t think I’ll come back. Catlin has been nice. So I have nothing negative to say about that experience. But this so far is my worst tax experience since I’ve been filing taxes. I see how it has worked for others. So I think the experience is going to be case by case. It appears to work wonders with those who freelance and not those who make an end product.
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1 year ago, Pugilist Virtus
Uncomplicated Simplicity
As a first year self employed individual, I was swimming in a sea of uncertainty of high taxes & not understanding fully write-offs & tax deductibles. Unfortunately, my traditional accountant, was unfamiliar w/the nature of my work, therefore the tax I owed, seemed unreasonable high. In came Keeper. They guided me through their tax university course (short modules on what you need to know, tax-wise concerning the nature of your work.) They also assigned me a knowledgeable book-keeper, whom answered all my questions. Their app. is intuitive, easy to use & brutality efficient. Linked to my bank account, they found deductions, I didn’t know even existed! Through itemization of my deductions, I mostly answered yes/no, for most of my deductions (after understanding their significance, through their easy tutorials & recommendations.) After all said, done and w/my new found confidence, I had them filed my taxes for me (free w/yearly subscription) and saved me a TON! I now owe a fraction of what I would’ve owed, going the traditional route. One thing is for sure, having these guys doing all my book-keeping & taxes, from here on out. So much less: hassle, time consumption and expense. THANK YOU KEEPER!! 👊🏼🥊
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2 months ago, Pdubb21
Giving an honest review My experience was a 3 out of 5. I went with the premium plan to have an expert go over my taxes. With a small business. I usually went with someone in person but I went with keeper due their excellent platform for business right off. What went well was the communication and the turn around on getting my taxes done with 24 hours with probably the highest refund I’ve received. However the official website kept crashing and me needing to refresh. The premium plan wouldn’t allow me to put my wife w2s in as well. I was told the premium plan would allow me to do this that’s what I paid the extra $388. My wife had to use turbo tax because I didn’t get a clear answer on why I couldn’t I just put all my w2s in. The premium plan is worth it however there should be an option on rather to pay monthly or large amount. Last the communication needed to be through email however effective keeper should provide your personal tax flier person info to be reachable via email,l or text. I didn’t know who to talk to so I used the website help desk to which I was referred to using email due to me being a premium member which almost made me certainly worried. Most of the time I use face to face maybe there is an option to add that portion on an update in the future Overall 3 out of 5 👍🏽
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3 years ago, Tetris money maker
Everything’s good, I’ll give you 5 stars when you stop texting at 2am in the morning
Seems to pick up all cost. The one thing I dislike is the text/notifications in the middle of the night. The next updates needs to have a set time for text/notifications. I work odd hours and sometimes I’m up at 2am and sometimes I’m not. When I’m sleeping unless I have my phone on do not disturb the text/notifications alerts me at 2am. Don’t give me this stuff about going inside my settings because I already have and changed it. Still sends either text or notifications at odd hours. If I could set it to the time I want them then it will be great. Everyone who owns a business has odd hours and I’m sure it can be changed to the friendly hours so it will not wake me up in the middle of the nights when I am sleeping at that time.
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2 years ago, blovecasper
i downloaded the app thinking i could get a head start on my taxes only to be swindled by this poorly run service. their automated response bot is rude and highly unprofessional. i was coerced into paying their exorbitant fee and literally got nothing done. they wouldn’t give me the amount for my tax refund over and over again unless i paid, once i paid their $168 fee i STILL wasn’t given my tax info and was told my return was being processed without giving me ANY of my vital information. i cannot understand how they run their business like that. i provided their bot with screenshots and asked questions each step of the way and was mislead and basically hoodwinked by this service. i’ve never had a worse tax experience. genuinely the worst tax app to ever exist and there’s ZERO customer service support with a real person. their bot is not a real person. maybe i got a response once a day. “caitlin” is not real. do not use this app unless you want to pay nearly 200 dollars for nothing.
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2 years ago, le veno
Tax filing
When it comes down to tax filing, this service doesn’t match up. This is the second year where I was told to export my information & take it to a tax professional due to the limitations of the app or service. I even ask could I submit the forms securely due to the many tax forms I get as an independent contractor; short answer, no. To be able to use this service, you need to be a simple independent contractor or worker. Plus, you have to input all of your work yourself. So basically, you are filing your own taxes. You would hope that you could submit all your files and they would take care of it and reach out whenever it’s time to review or submit any other documents. You would think that having CPA’s on hand would give the advantage. Remember, if you looking for bookkeeping, this app seems to do the job, however, taxes is a different story.
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2 months ago, Natecraft
I’m sorry but this is literally the best thing I have ever used to file my taxes. This is the first time in 3 years I’ve actually gotten my refund from my state. I’ve used turbo tax and constantly had issues and was sick of them taking most of my returns, and eating into my returns from federal just to file. This was extremely effective on saving me time, the chatbot is extremely helpful, and wasn’t hard to get an agent when I wanted to see if there was a human option. I’ve never had such a stress free experience. If you’re worried about the yearly subscription, stop. Because this was extremely cheaper than turbo tax in the long run. And I only needed the subscription when needing to file. It’s worth it. Do yourself a favor and start using keeper. I’ve been telling everyone I know to use it which is funny, but it’s seriously helpful. And really easy for anyone who needs to file their w2. So you don’t have to be freelance. Idk what else to say I’ve never been overwhelming happy towards a service. Thank you keeper for being for the people, and not taking advantage of us like turbo tax does. I love you!!
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4 months ago, anashlykova
One word: Amazing
Wow. Let me just say, I am beyond satisfied with this service. This year was my first year working for myself through Upwork. I saw that Upwork gives a discount and I said, why not? Tracking my expenses is a good thing and who likes taxes (no one)?! I never expected how great this service actually is! First, it automatically tracks my expenses. No sitting down plugging into spreadsheets or language I don’t understand. My purchases are sorted and I can easily confirm if it’s a write off, or personal expense. Secondly, taxes. I am a long time turbo-tax user because my taxes are simple. Not this year! I had rollovers, contributions, 1099, 401k, all of the forms. Keeper let me upload it, organize it, AND double checked everything for me. I was so worried I’d mess it all up, but it was all ok! Last, but not least..I got my tax return already. It’s February 14. I filed at the beginning of this month. Whaaaat? I’ve never got my tax return back that fast. Amazing. I know the fee may be a hiccup for some people, but IT IS WORTH IT (especially if you get a discount through Upwork). I will be using this service every single year.
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4 years ago, CatBot888
I rarely ever rate apps in the App Store, but this program has been a total lifesaver. Since I started freelancing I typically stress about gathering all of my tax write off information. This app made it so easy to just scan through my bank account and automatically find write offs. The only downsides are that sometimes the virtual bookkeeper has taken a couple days to reply, but if it’s urgent I can always email support and they get back to me quickly. Also if you’re just starting out on the website it may take a while to scan through your bank account, so keep that in mind. 10/10 would recommend, and it’s definitely worth the money.
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5 months ago, Cakeface___grace
What an actual mess
I’m doing my taxes as a small business owner and two things that I want you guys to know. 1) it’s literally a glorified bank statement. It will tell you how many transactions you’ve made per subcategory example: supplies: 600 Transactions, but will not tell you how much that totals to..EI: you have to go in and count yoursel. On top of that when I went to ask for a CSV file, it was totally off why would I pay money to have another online bank statement that’s not even accurate which brings me to my next point 2) the software will take a purchase and double it. I don’t know how I don’t know why, but I’m looking back at all the purchases and they’re doubled. That’s extra time that I would actually rather not spend going back and checking just to make sure nothings double booked. Stick with quickbooks Because it’s complicated as quick, but I’ll still save you time at the end
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2 years ago, Kye James
The only (and best) tax advice I can give you is to get this app
This app is everything you want, with personalized attention and great customer service. If you are self-employed, there is literally no reason you should hire anyone else. For the company if they’re reading this, the only thing that needs work is the estimator. There should be space to add expected credits and deductions that are not factored into the normal calculations. As long it is called an estimate in the app you don’t have any liability to an exact amount. Specifically, you should allow people to add the line items of healthcare expenses, childcare expenses, student loan interest, mortgage interest, and solar/energy efficiency credits.
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5 months ago, Dj Ac
First Time Using Keeper
My first time experience with Keeper was amazing. They automatically was able to find ways to help save money on my taxes by connecting with my bank account and debit/credit cards. They also provide real personable services/support 24/7 to my questions of worries and concerns while I was in the process of doing my taxes. Because of the services that was provided to me, I have to give them 5 stars (I wish I could give Keeper more), and I highly recommend for first timers and experienced tax payers to get their taxes done with Keeper!!! Subscribe throughout the year and see how much they could truly save you on every dollar you spend!!!
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3 years ago, cleankiks1
The peace of mind is more than worth it
I’ve been waiting for someone to come along and make my life easier and it’s finally happened. I really like how easy it is to use KeeperTax, just set it up and let it run. Caitlin is great! She is always in touch and let’s you know everything that’s she’s doing for you. I totally thought she was an amazing A.I. because it just seems so crazy to get this type of attention from a real person for such a low monthly fee. I feel so important now I’m closing more deals as a result! The only thing I would request would be to have the ability to add my other credit cards to track expenses there as well.
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2 months ago, Jeremysjenn
Taxes made easy for once!!
I downloaded this app to keep track of my business spending and write offs and it has made my life SO MUCH EASIER…. I can’t even explain how much better it’s been. I was paying an accountant $600+ a year and staying so confused with reciepts, paperwork, questions… I was about to pull my hair out! Then I found the KEEPER APP, and WOW!! If you have a small business- use this app- connect your business account to to it and that’s it- that’s all you have to do (every time I get a new write off they text me and double check if it’s a business expense) until tax time- by the way-tax filing is free!
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8 months ago, Lusetta
So far so good..
I will come back to update and potentially raise my review. 11/7 - so far I’ve had the app for almost a week. I like how easy it is to use and it automatically catches my new spending and keeps track. Things are tight right now so I’m bracing for the initial membership investment (I’m on the low level plan, I don’t need to much right now) I will be back to talk about how easy it is to file my taxes. I have multiple things going on so. I hope it is really easy. Honestly, I might still use a tax professional who is an expert in one of my industries and does taxes. We will see. So far I DO RECOMMEND this app and have suggested it to several friends to check it out. :) happy tax write off!
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2 years ago, Vgfc gujn
Doesn’t Tell You An Estimated Date When you’ll get your return back
I paid $100 for the yearly files my taxes about two weeks ago. I asked the AI bot about an estimated date of when I might receive my refund and had to wait 3 days during the weekday to get a response from a real representative. The AI bot is terrible in actually helping with anything useful. Representative gave me a link to the IRS site and when I put my information in, “We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS” After I submitted my taxes with KeeperTax I never received a confirmation email from the IRS. Like I said it’s been about 2 weeks. Also when I tried putting my NY ID to verify my identity faster while I filed my taxes it wouldn’t let me. I have a standard NY drivers license. My id doesn't have a "IDUSA" document # and when I put the first 3 document # that's on my id it came up as invalid. Idk if this has something to do with it but communication is terrible and there’s no way to contact a representative besides talking to the bot and waiting for the bot to get a representative to reply to you.
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2 years ago, NotA Frequent Reviewer but
Didn’t work for me
As a longtime freelancer, I had high hopes for this app. However, there were both problems with its design and tech glitches. The pre-set categories don't fit all business needs and there is no customizability. When I wanted to categorize my deductible healthcare expenses I was told to just lump that in with the rest of my "personal" (non-deductible) expenses and that Keeper Tax would "ask me about those at tax time." The point of signing up was to reduce the work at tax time! Additionally, the app linked to personal accounts I didn't want linked and continued to show data from them even when I unlinked them. Finally, the app was categorizing aspects of my income (+values in my bank account) as travel expenses (-values). I needed an app to assist this app!
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5 years ago, laci_nicole_
Awful customer service
I was trying out Keeper Tax since I do freelance work from time-to-time. 2) They send you texts literally everyday, sometimes multiple times a day which is annoying. 2) I didn’t realize it was a subscription service and earlier this month I was charged. Not a big deal, I reached out to customer service and the app just redirected me to the text thread that was between “Caitlin” and I about potential refunds. I asked “Caitlin” to cancel my subscription and a refund since I hadn’t used the app once since I signed up. She responded saying my subscription was canceled and also asked for my paypal for the refund. This was back on December 2nd, on December 12th still no refund has been received, I texted again asking about it with no response, and again today on I highly doubt I’ll get a response at all. There is no other way to contact these people.
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3 years ago, michaelcromero
Just Downloaded and I Love it!!!
I know, this seems like some faked product placement, but I actually enjoy this app. The service helped me deduct fees to half of my estimated tax bill for the 2021 fiscal year. Since they assign an agent to you, they will double-check all of the write-offs for audit risks so you will be protected. The yearly membership isn't all too expensive, so I HIGHLY recommend this app, especially if you do delivery services like Uber, Instacart, Doordash, Grubhub, etc. Prevent having no write-offs during tax season by posting all expenses on the app. Since it's easy to use, it should be easy to get used to the interface. Good luck!
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2 years ago, Meme mom mom
This is the bees knees
I’d tried filing on three different sites and owed this year for my 2021 taxes. But then I remembered that I had tax keeper, and they got me a huge refund! I am so pleased you have no idea. And I enjoy receiving the notifications requesting follow up on whether or not my purchases are a job related. I feel very confident that I’m gonna get even larger refund next year, since I’m keeping up with all of my purchases with this app with no effort. I’m telling you that this app is no effort at all; it saves you, and you need to download it and subscribe immediately.
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3 years ago, ZombiesSuckBalls
Shady Practices
It’s pretty shady to spring a subscription on users without previous notice. Used it for a few days and the app options are great. However, when I added a third card to my account (a Capital One), a message came up suddenly forcing me to choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan. There had been no previous message as to this at all. I couldn’t even delete my card info from the app because the subscription message option forces me to choose a subscription plan before proceeding. I will be contacting BBB as well. Update: The forcible subscription option is gone and I am able to continue using the free option. However, there is no option on the app to remove my credit cards should I desire to do so.
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1 month ago, YouvanYakk84
Unreliable, missed obvious deductions
I stumbled on valid, significant, deductions *myself* (a non-expert) which the Keeper team had totally missed even after I asked if everything was missing. Often a response from the tax experts was slow, (my direct contact however was pretty responsive) and at one point there was pressure to up-sell to a more expensive plan, which I actually didn't need. Probably won’t be renewing my plan after it expires. Update: after upgrading to the top-tier plan, the tax experts you contact via email are definitely knowledgeable and well informed. I remain skeptical of the quality of information received via chat — some of which seems quietly automated.
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3 months ago, Reshma71
Sticky and limited capability
I purchased the app for business use but am finding that it’s incomplete in what it grabs from my accounts. I’ve had make manual entries for items that were missed, despite following the trouble shooting steps. I’m also finding that some of the functions get stuck or freeze. And, while, I realize this is for business, there should be no reason why the app can’t generate a separate report for personal expenses. A real missed opportunity to provide the user with everything they need to complete their taxes, especially since they are getting that information from you. I’m back to seeking a more complete app in time for 2024’s filing.
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1 year ago, Panda8918
Not the refund I was told
My brother recommended this app because he said it helps with deductions. When I did mine it seemed simple, a little too good to be true. well i was right. The documents i received said i was going to get a certain amount and received $1500 less then what it said. I asked for help on what was going on and they said I should have received a letter from the IRS explaining why, which I have not received and it has almost been a month since I submitted. Now I have to wait for letter to understand why. I have never had this happen to me before and I would not recommend this app to anyone. Until a real person reaches out and better explains this huge difference. This is honestly a SCAM. Plus I paid for the yearly subscription. I will be canceling that immediately.
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9 months ago, TheCurlySoprano
Simple and it WORKS!
I was so overwhelmed and confused as a new business owner and Keeper has made my life SO much easier! The app has a user friendly interface (thank you!), I love that I have someone I can always text with a question. And that it’s on my phone and easily accessible. Additionally, it’s able to look at the transactions in my linked accounts from months ago that I can now enter as deductions. It’s an expense, but absolutely worth it. This is one of those things that I happily pay for to save me time and headaches.
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1 year ago, justalocalentrepreneur
Impressive but has some kinks
This app is extremely user friendly and I highly recommend it for any freelance or small business. It’s best to be thorough when doing taxes and this app makes it easy. However, when first signing up linking accounts seems a bit difficult, and at least 2-3 times a week I’ve had to re-link my bank to keeper. I figured I’d have to do so if things updated or I made changes to my bank account, but no, this is far more frequent than an update. I’ll continue using keeper until I’ve lost my patience with having to link my bank repeatedly. Which could be sooner rather than later
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3 months ago, Lkainoa
This experience is a game changer. I don’t have to worry about holding onto receipts and keeping track of anything that’s related to my business. Keeper does it for me, and I can always go into the app itself, and change what’s for business purposes, and personal. And OMG the experience with filing taxes is so easy I didn’t have to go anywhere. I just answered a few questions, I uploaded my tax documents, and the professionals did the rest I am so satisfied and so thankful for this app. It’s definitely worth the money!
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1 year ago, Kelc_rae
They severely messed up my taxes
Run from this app!! Had to take my taxes to a accountant who is also an actual IRS agent, and teaches IRS classes… he told me they didn’t do my taxes correctly. He also told me the information they put in would have got me audited if I didn’t come to him, and he doesn’t know how they were even allowed to process the return with how crazy the numbers were and he’s shocked they didn’t notice or say anything. They have you answer questions then it goes on your taxes. I answered everything correctly and accurately on my end, and the numbers on my taxes made no sense. Which shows they don’t check anything, don’t care, and don’t pay attention. He highly suggested I never use them again and said he’s going to look into the company.
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3 months ago, Gottalurn
The best app I have ever purchased.
This app is sincerely one of the best purchases I've ever made. It makes the tax process so easy. Incredibly easy. The best. Not having to go to someone to have them write it off and pay over $400 just to get them to file my taxes. With this app, I can keep up with all my purchases all year long and by the end of the year I know exactly what I spent where is allocated it and it's just easy to put in the information and go. BAM! Taxes done reviewed and ensured that I won't get audited!
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2 years ago, JenR-B
Better than a big-four accountant!
KeeperTax was more efficient, faster, and more responsive than any accountant I’ve ever worked with, and the software / algorithms were way more tax-savvy and regulations-aware. In fact, keeper tax identified a huge oversight that my human accountant missed the previous year. The tax-filing process was awesome —reassuring, five-star, secure (and guaranteed)! The thought of filing taxes this year was dreadful. KeeperTax made the actual experience stress-free and easy—a delightful surprise. Will continue to use forever and would HIGHLY recommend!!
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2 years ago, K1msterr
Amazing, and worth if you work fulltime and parttime
I was worried about taxes when I started working fulltime and partime/freelance. I didn't really know much about taxes but I knew I wanted to get the most out of my deductions and without keeper tax, it would have been a pain to do manually. I am a annual subscriber and payed for it (was hesitant at first) but when I submitted my Taxes this year through Keeper tax, the IRS accepted everything in 1 day. I receive the most out of my tax return because keeper tax dealt with all my deductions. Its so worth to pay for this app!
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1 year ago, arschultz01
Really Easy!
Really easy to keep track of write offs and taxes!! Be careful however to read which plan you’re selecting. I didn’t realize that the $14/mo discounted version is an annual payment instead of monthly. I tried to have this switch after the money was withdrawn from my savings acct, was told that it was fixed and my plan switched- this didn’t happen but I decided not to press it as it’s said and done now. Hopefully I don’t start getting charged monthly lol but I otherwise love it
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1 year ago, Linder10
Best Freelance Tax Experience
I’ve never been able to write off expenses for fear of doing it wrong…until now. This app literally save d me hundreds of dollars in taxes the first year of my freelance design business, and made the experience unbelievably easy. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’m sure this app may not work for every tax situation but if you are a freelancer and especially if you’re just getting started their ability to help you write off expenses is so easy convenient and totally 100% worth it.
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2 years ago, JStoute
This app!!!! 😍😍😍
This app is amazing if you are doing any kind of work that you are getting 1099 on your taxes, live person adding your expenses that you use for the job to get done. This application is totally worth it and work 10/10 recommend to anyone. We are blessed to have someone make an app like this to make our life so much easier!! I will only use this app and even file my taxes from this app too. Shout out to Caitlyn for always being attentive and timely to book keep me regularly!!
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