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User Reviews for Keepsake Frames

4.93 out of 5
55.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Bareflox
Love my picture!!!
The Keepsake app is SO easy to use and there’s such a wide variety of options that expand depending on the picture size you select; anything from a basic canvas piece to an ornate gold frame for the eclectic folks out there (hi! 👋 haha). The pricing is really reasonable, but when that happens, obviously I become slightly concerned about the quality of the product I’ll receive. However, in this case I gambled- threw that pic in the cart then kept my fingers crossed hoping that whatever showed up didn’t look like something my nephew printed off and hammered together in the garage. So the day it arrived, I was so excited to open that box, but was equally as nervous and I must say......I was shocked. It was SO well put-together and the photograph looked really professional- way better than what I submitted. These guys know what they’re doing- that’s for sure! And oddly enough I came across Keepsake right when I was starting to put together a framed picture collage wall so now.......I have 6 more in the cart. Not even joking. Lol. Oh! And then a few days after that I received an email from one of their support reps, Hannah (who was so so nice) asking me how I liked my purchase which I thought was really cool. In summation- I was very impressed and am officially obsessed (and apparently a poet) Haha.
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6 years ago, PQB1978
Great experience
A few years ago I decided to print and frame some photos. I did not do a lot of research on services, and ultimately ended up printing multiple versions of a picture to get just the right size and crop, and spent over $150 on a handful of frames. All in I probably spent over $200 and several hours framing a few pictures. I share this to compare to my experience with Keepsake. I recently placed an order from the app on my phone. The order shipped within a week. My mom received 2 photos of her granddaughter which promptly got hung on her wall. The whole experience cost me significantly less than a couple of years, the pictures look beautiful, and I spent a whopping 10 minutes making my photo selection. Grandma is also super happy to see her granddaughter every day. My wife has used Keepsake as well. She needed to update her order to expedited shipping after placing the order so it would arrive before she caught a flight. The team was attentive and rushed the order to her without any trouble. My experience with the customer service team has also been very pleasant. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who needs a quick gift idea, wants to share memories w family, or simply wants to spruce up their home. Great company.
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2 years ago, Jdp_57
Big Keepsake fan!
Like many, I was negligent in keeping up with photos, framing and albums. Yet like many, I have hundreds of photos on my iPhone. Enter Keepsake. I saw a tasteful TV ad with I presume a very affable founder of this brilliant new company. Based on that the ad, I simply downloaded the app and started framing my best family photos which now fill my house with cherished memories. In addition, I purchased early holiday gifts for friends and family. The process could not be easier. You pick a frame, add your photo, edit and your done. In 7-10 days, your perfectly packed framed photo arrives at your door. I’ve now ordered over a dozen and will continue to be a loyal customer. Btw, customer service is outstanding. Hannah reached out to see how I felt about the company and even contacted me to tell me one of my choices was not up to par. As a result, she cancelled that order and I was able to pick one that was of a much higher quality. I rarely write reviews but feel compelled to help a fantastic new company that has excelled in every way. Needless to say, I highly recommend KEEPSAKE!
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3 months ago, Great service by all
Fantastic staff, amazing quality
So I don’t want to write a long review but just wanted to say how great the staff here is and how great the quality of photos are. We recently lost our family dog, we had a picture of him we loved and wanted to get a large print for our home. I went online paid and uploaded it. The next day I recorded an email from the staff at keepsakes saying the size we ordered would cause the picture to be blurry and we should get a smaller size if we wanted a clear photo. Although this probably seems like a small thing to most, for us a blurred picture of our pup would have been horrible. Not only did they provide great customer service by not just placing our order as it was and guiding us to the best picture possible, they even refunded some money as the smaller picture was less expensive. If you have a photo you need framed, from our experience you absolutely can not go wrong with keepsake. Thank you to whole team for all you help and assistance. I could not be happier. Dr. John
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6 years ago, Girly girl 234587
The frames are high quality as well as the prints. I received them very quickly and well packed to prevent them from damage. I thought the price was a little high when I ordered them, but once I received them I felt it was completely reasonable. The frames are much higher quality then ones you would by at a box store or craft store. Very solidly built and beautiful textures and colors. After I ordered them, I realized I had forgotten to check that I wanted a stand for one of them. I wouldn’t have said anything, as it was my own fault. However, when I was asked how I liked my order and I mentioned my mistake, they immediately offered to send me the stand free of charge! I will definite be using them in the future! It made getting a picture from my phone photo album to my wall one of the easiest and professional ways possible. Step 1. Sit in bed and order from my iPhone. Step 2. Wait a couple days. Step 3. Arrives ready to be hung or set on a shelf. These would be amazing gifts for parents or grandparents. Personal and high quality.
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6 years ago, Fa8ulo5
Customer 4 Life
This was my first purchase. I bought the canvas 16x20 photo for a present and told my friend to FaceTime me so I could see her reaction and see what the canvas looked like. She was surprised and fell in love with the gift! On the day the package was delivered it was raining, but the canvas was still in great shape. The packaging was great and I love how each canvas is made by hand. The other great touch is the card. Make sure to add a picture because the card could be a momento too! Keepsake will send you an email to help you track your package and gives you updated. They made and delivered the canvas in 5-7 business days as promised. The special touch I really appreciated was the follow up email that was sent to me directly to verify my satisfaction. The email wasn't generic (at least it didn't seem like it was) and when I responded, I got another personal reply back. Great customer service is hard to find now-a-days, but Keepsake is everything you need: great quality, selection, prices, and customer service. Keep it up!!!
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4 years ago, Thank you Hannah!
Great Customer Service!
I had read about Keepsake in a business article about the top 10 framing companies and Keepsake was listed as one of them. I had an old photograph of my Mom with her parents (who passed away) that I wanted to give to her for Mother’s Day. Every framing company online where I tried to upload the old photo could not frame it, because they said the quality was too poor. Keepsake came to the rescue and was able to frame the photograph and the photo did not look blurry upon receipt. Because of all the new policies, due to the pandemic, I started getting worried because of the shipping. I did not want to be empty handed for Mother’s Day. In a panic, I reached out to customer service and Hannah (from Keepsake) was able to explain the shipping policy and within another week, I received the frame. It came in a cute yellow shipping box. I was super excited and my Mom cried when she received the photo/frame!! Thank you Keepsake! And thank you Hannah for your quick customer support and patience with me (as a panicky customer).
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4 months ago, Mr Vecc.
great app! love it!
Great app, so easy & affordable. capture any special moment, any size, for your home & own memories, or surprise a friend or loved one. What beats a great picture, that will take a special moment, event, trip, whatever, and make it last forever! I love this app, and have done at LEAST 20-25 times, for my home & as gifts. People love them, and are shocked at how thoughtful it is compared to something that may cost significantly more! i’ve done mini, med , large and collages. viewing in the frames before buying. I gotta say, and i’m not one to write reviews. Keepsake is such a great app. i’ve never been disappointed with the quality either. not once. And when I did have an issue once, I called and the young lady was so nice and explained that I had the stand piece upside down, which is why I couldn’t get it to stand properly. lol. obviously my first one. No , I don’t work for Keepsake. this is a real review. Andrew V. Rye, New york. march 2024.
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6 years ago, ccbhome
Keepsake - keep being amazing!
We went to Italy this fall and wanted to have reminders of that time beyond looking at our phones or reviewing our social media posts. I think I randomly saw Keepsake on Instagram and it was SO easy to choose the frames and upload my photos. I actually couldn’t believe how simple it was! I got an email from Hannah from Keepsake a couple days later telling me one of my pics had low resolution and she asked if I could send her another choice. I emailed her another picture and she did everything - no worries on my end at all! My 4 pictures were delivered professionally wrapped in bubble wrap shortly after we emailed and they’re really beautiful! Everything about this product is exceptional. I never write reviews but happy to share this one. If you want a great customer service experience, super easy ordering and your memories set in crisp modern frames, definitely try Keepsake! (And visit Tuscany if ever get the chance :)
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3 years ago, Mattice777
Great product, GREAT Customer Service!
I have ordered several framed prints from Keepsake. The process of ordering is incredibly easy and the choice of frames vast. The workmanship is excellent and the frames are high quality. I recently placed an order for several large prints and frames. They arrived in a huge box and were encased in more bubble-wrapped than I could imagine. Despite this, the corners of all three frames were damaged. I took some photos and sent them to Keepsake. Within hours I received an apologetic email (even though it is the shipper’s fault) and an offer to re-do the work and expedite shipping. I expected them to offer a replacement because I know it’s a good company who stands behind its work, but the effort to make me happy was second to none and something Keepsake took VERY seriously. I am more than impressed and give them the highest recommendation possible. I am a customer for life!
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4 years ago, NikkyPhoenix
Exceptional quality product
My expectations were exceeded with the purchase of my first 2 framed pictures. The quality of the printed photo is top quality, the frames are beautiful (they look much better in reality than the pictures on the app), the fitting and mounting is on point, and the extra touches just really make this an outstanding experience. The frames come with a nail and mounting bracket neatly attached in a little plastic packet (such a thoughtful touch - and nobody else does this!), and there are small round corks on the frame edges to prevent sliding. The box and packaging that the frames come in speaks of so much care for the product and your enjoyment of the entire experience. I ordered photos of my dearly beloved dog who had passed recently, and feel that this company takes seriously honoring the beings I hold deep in my heart. App is very easy to use. The whole experience is highly recommended.
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6 years ago, kimly87m
Bad Customer Service
Update at bottom: I ordered a port frame. It arrived and I loved it so much, I ordered the same photo to be printed in the ballast frame. When the ballast frame arrived there were gaps in the corners of the frame, marring from the tools they used, and the cork on the back was protruding to where you could see it from the front. I sent pictures and they immediately sent me a replacement that was also damaged. There was a dent in the frame, and there was a bubble in the paint of the frame. They said it was not significant enough that they would replace it, because they said I would be unhappy with it as well. If you sent me good product to begin with I wouldn’t be unhappy. How was I completely happy with the port frame and not the ballast frames? It was bad product, bad craftsmanship, and bad quality control. Not to mention bad customer service. I loved my port frame, and looked forward to buying many more framed photos from this company, but the bad customer service, and somehow making it my fault that I’m unhappy with the terrible quality of both ballast have lost my business. I did received a refund for the ballast frame, only after I asked for it.
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6 years ago, alfredgperez
Framing easy as 5 stars!
I discovered the Keepsake Framing app through an IG advertisement. Framing pictures was easy. There are a plethora of framing options and size. Once you select your frame and size you can see how your frame and picture will look. The prices are reasonable consistent with other online framing services, including Walgreens. After placing my order, I received a time-limited coupon for additional orders made within two hours. I, too, am pleased to support a small business that frames in California. My only critique, albeit minor, is the only matting option is white. I hope there will be additional matte color options in the future. Finally, Hannah, from KeepSake, personally communicated with me to answer questions and checked to see how I liked my order once delivered. This personal touch was nice especially in a crowded marketplace where online services are often impersonal.
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1 year ago, Nicofsu98
Absolutely Liars, poor designers and scam artist
I went to order new frames for our pictures and when I checked out, I noticed that there were several pictures that we didn’t want in the in the choices that we wanted to frame. I immediately contacted support. It’s only a few minutes after I placed an order to let them know that these pictures were not to be included in my order. They wrote back and said that it’s impossible to remove those photos from the order because the custom frames already being built, which is a lie how can you strains be built only a few minutes after I order the frames. The pictures that we didn’t want in frames came out terrible they have very small pictures and all of the background white of the frames that looks stupid. These pictures are way too small for the background that they chose to put them in and they refuse to give me a refund I would not use this company again if my life depended upon it and they are 100% liars and it should be removed from Apple because they are terrible liar and Rick
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9 months ago, Loribnyc
Beautiful frames Made in the USA!
I had seen commercials on tv for Keepsake and was charmed by the owner, who seems so sincere. When my dog passed away unexpectedly, I started printing off photos of her from my iPhone, and they all looked terrible. I decided to try Keepsake and chose two special photos to frame, not knowing whether the photos would have any quality to them or not once enlarged. I don’t know how they did it, but the photos are beautiful, very crisp and clear. The frames are so nice. You can choose whether you want standing or hanging hardware on the back. Personally, I try to buy as much Made in the USA as possible, and it’s not easy to find companies who value this. I will order more from Keepsake in the future. It was a great experience, which came from a personal tragedy. I will treasure my new framed photos.
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1 year ago, LGond
First time user
I have seen the commercials and all the others that claim the same service. Keepsake was miles cheaper than most and I just now gifted my first order. The frame was very well packaged and it came super fast. I know most can do their own framing but when you are looking for a truly professional piece with pictures from your phone, you cannot go wrong here. I have several other framings waiting in my cart. If I did not need larger frames, I would have all of them on the way. The customer service is absolutely wonderful. I had someone reach out to make sure everything was okay. I guarantee other competitors do not reach out asking about their product. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the price of some of the larger framings, however, I even struggle with my own reasoning. What do you pay for a piece of art work at your local stores? About the same?
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2 months ago, Naplesroughneck
Printed on canvas
I recently was on holiday with extended family, and my friend gives an 8 x 8 framed canvas print from keepsake and I was completely blown away by the quality of my gift with that said I gifted one of my bosses and his wife, a framed canvas print of their I do kiss from their wedding and presented it to my boss who was very thankful when he got home he and his bride opened it and were extremely Shocked by the high quality of their new framed portrait. Hannah and her team at keepsake are knocking it out of the park with their framed canvas pictures. They are absolutely amazing! So Hannah, I would like to say thank you to you and your team for working so hard and giving such high-quality product for to cherish for years and years to come. you have a very satisfied customer with me for years to come thanks again
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5 years ago, Traveler Jacqueline
Keeping Keepsake
I found the Keepsake app when I was looking for a picture framing service. I downloaded the app and placed an initial order using photos from my phone. The results were really nice! The frames came promptly and were packaged well so everything was intact. The end result looks great in the dining space of my vacation home. I liked the products so much that I placed a second order. If those work, then I will move to trying their canvas options to showcase some of my more artistic photos. I loved the many choices for frames: varied sizes, styles, materials, colors, framing options, and the ability to crop, change the picture orientation, and color tones. All of this for a reasonable price from the comfort and convenience of my couch!! And the customer service follow up was nice as well. Give this app/company a try; you’ll be pleased.
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1 year ago, Yafman
Objects are darker (and browner) than they appear!
The FAQs instruct you to “lower the brightness setting on your device to about half to have a better idea of how the image will appear in print” but that doesn’t really explain how my kids became caramel colored through the magic of Keep Sake’s process (they are not caramel colored, but it’s OK if yours are). The FAQs also indicate they will “do their best to make it right”, but when I showed them a comparison of the image I uploaded vs. a photo of their product (tough to do since taking a picture of a picture puts light back in it), they refused to accommodate my request for a brighter replacement. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems unreasonable to expect customers to “overexpose” their images in hopes that the finished product comes back at the level of brightness they expected. Instead, the framing studio should be capable of adjusting the image so it looks like what the customer put in their shopping cart, but that won’t happen here. Buyer beware!
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5 years ago, grouch2030
Super app
I recently received my first framing job from this company and was extremely pleased. Custom framing can be very expensive especially with matting. I decided to try framing something a bit small to start with since I wanted to see the quality of work before I used them for something larger. I myself worked in custom framing for many years so I know what goes into framing a photo, and also all the smaller details of well done work. They managed to do everything really well, from the mounting of the photo to the placement within the mat, along with the smaller touches like putting a wire on for hanging rather than just a sawtooth hanger. The quality of the photo print was really good as well. Using the app itself was really easy and intuitive which helped as well. I’ll absolutely be using their services again!
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12 months ago, stephaniecot
Love this company’s framed photos!
I am so happy to have found a responsible company that provides beautiful framed photos with such little effort on my part! It could not have been easier for me to download my photo and choose from multiple frame options including ones with mattes. I really love the simplicity of being able to gift someone a beautiful framed matted photograph that will be shipped directly to the person and I know they will receive a keepsake they will treasure! My family and I have placed multiple orders with this company and been very pleased each time. The company is very receptive to any questions and solicits feedback on orders and I feel they offer a very personal approach. Now I have a ‘go to’ gift whenever I need one and I know the recipient will be so pleased!
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1 year ago, kadalrymple
Excellent Framing Job
I’ll open by saying I’m not easily impressed. I saw a commercial for KeepSake and thought it was a great idea, so I downloaded their app. I really loved being able to choose from the picture library on my phone and choosing the perfect frame, with or without matting. You can see exactly what your picture will look like framed. Then you place your order. Doesn’t get any easier than that! And the frames are Made in America 🇺🇸 My frame arrived on time, in a very nice box and well padded. I was so impressed with the job they did on my print! But what really impressed me was the hardware and wire KeepSake uses and they included a nice hanger. This order was a test run. I have many more orders to come! I would highly recommend this great American owned business 🇺🇸
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4 years ago, V. Obciana
I’ve been putting off printing and framing our wedding photo bec I didn’t want to just order a frame online - a lot of the times I get disappointed when I see the actual frame when it gets delivered. It either looks cheap, or the color is off. I just stumbled upon Keepsake when I was googling a printing and framing service. They were the first to come up and I saw a lot of good reviews. I checked out the competition too but Keepsake’s was the easiest to use. When my order arrived, it came in a really nice packaging and will leave you no doubt that the frame inside will not be damaged bec of a generous heaping of bubblewrap. So happy I chose the option of including a special picture with note and sent it directly to my mom-in-law, she was delighted with the gift. 😊 Would definitely use Keepsake again! 😊
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1 year ago, Lynnie2028
I saw a commercial on TV for Keepsake and, rarely being able to get out and shop for gifts made trying Keepsake a no brainer. But, would it be a quality gift at a reasonable cost? The answer was yes on all counts. I was extremely glad that their products are MADE IN AMERICA! When my friend got his gift he LOVED it! ( You know they really mean it when they tell you multiple times!) The process was super easy, the variety of gifts is plentiful, the time it took for Keepsake to create the gift was exceptional and the cost was definitely reasonable. I think I’ve found one of those RARE companies with Best in Class Service (and made in America). Thank you, Keepsake, for making me look GREAT to the recipient of my gift! I’ll definitely make purchases from you again!
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1 year ago, Bennington Family
Memories made easily and beautifully
I needed framed photos for a family function and Keepsake made it all come together perfectly. The quality of the finished products exceeded my expectations. For example, I uploaded to Keepsake photos that were sent to me via a text message. Those photos were taken with a cellphone camera of pictures on someone’s refrigerator. Yet, the quality of the framed finished product looked like an original photograph! I can’t say enough terrific things about Keepsake, or give higher praise to those making and delivering such a fine product at a reasonable price. The photos we chose to frame are important to our family and will be proudly displayed for many more years to come. Thank you “Keepsake family”!
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1 year ago, maclabo
Our son sent us a picture with his friends while on vacation in the mountains. One photo was so incredibly beautiful that we wanted to frame it for the four of them to have as a special memory of their time together. Decided to try Keepsake framing because we’d heard positive comments. It was easy to pick a frame, matting (don’t have to mat but we decided to do so), and then see what the finished framed picture would look like. It was easy to use the app, and the framed pictures were beautiful. Pictures came with appliances to hang or sit on a flat surface, so that additional step was already done. From a service standpoint, we were notified of every step of the process AND the pictures arrived by the time they arrived home. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Jibbbbbb66
Outstanding experience
Ordered for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was in the middle of doing several things at once when I submitted my order. As soon as the confirmation email came through I realized I should have been paying closer attention. I shot an email out to customer support right away on a Sunday night. Explaining that I had submitted a photo with an incredibly crooked horizon line. Being a professional photographer, I knew I’d never be able to look at the photo and not be bummed out every time. By 5a.m. Monday morning a totally awesome customer support rep had already emailed back and assured me she was on the job and I could resend an edited file. She kept me up to date on the entire support process. In no time the framed pic had arrived. I was super impressed with the quality right off the bat. I had sent a cellphone file (wasn’t all too sure of what I’d get back). The print and colors looked great! The frame, well constructed and clean. Turned it all over to find a paper backing and quality hanging wire, hardware and wall protector cork had been installed. Between the immediate, involved customer service and the fantastic quality product I ultimately received, I would definitely recommend Keepsake!
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2 years ago, Mobile Momma
Love This Company!
I generally don’t do reviews but I love this company! I literally have wanted to do a picture wall for 20 years, but was overwhelmed with the thought of picking pictures, getting prints, and then framing them in a way that would look good together. Keepsake made it so easy to switch out pictures and frames before ordering. Also the framing preview was very helpful to visualize how the finished product would look. It enabled me to try different sized frames to get the overall look I wanted. Quality of the framing was excellent. And as other posters noted, once I placed my order I had the pictures in less than a week. I did use customer service twice, and both times got Hannah who very friendly and helpful.
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4 months ago, Queen Nore
Fabulous Company
My husband is about to celebrate his 75th Birthday! What do you get the man who has everything? Pictures of his pets!!! We loved to see the pictures transformed from an iPhone to an actual framed item to cherish! So special!! Now, as far as the company and customer service go, after I placed the order for 2 pictures to get framed, I realized I had unbeknownst ordered 2 different colored frames! I quickly sent an email and there was a live person there who responded immediately to me and got the frames to match each other! I must have had a senior moment……Thank heavens, such a relief they were there to help! I’m grateful for their kindness and understanding. Thank you for everything! Noreen F. (Please feel free to edit as necessary!)
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1 year ago, kpk/mae Mae
They get a poor, and this is after I’ve used them three times now
I ordered a photo for a Christmas gift for the family, they messed it up, instead of saying they would fix it, they told me how I should fix it. I would end up taking it to Michael’s and having them fix it after paying the high price for this photo, being matted and framed I will never use them again. I might’ve thought about it because I’ve used them twice prior to this and they did OK but when I showed them what they did wrong on this gift, they turned around and told me how they would go around fixing it and they have me do so after I paid a high price for the photo, the mat and the frame, shame on them, never again!
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5 months ago, GD12
Frames and Pictures
I decided to try Keepsake after downloading the app months prior. I didn’t know exactly what I would receive or whether or not I would like what i received. The app was easy to use and the ordering process was just as easy. Once I received my photos, earlier than promised, I was happy with my purchase. I choose one picture in error and mentioned that in the follow-up email that I received from Keepsake. I was told to return it for a store credit. That process was also easy. Excellent product, excellent customer service. I don’t don’t write reviews but decide that this experience was worth promoting. If you are on the fence or just still deciding, use Keepsake, you will not be disappointed. GCD
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3 years ago, RDub1977
Using cutting edge things to put good, old habits back into our lives
Before Keepsake, I lamented the loss of turning my thousands of camera roll pics into tactile memories that I could put on my desk, take on a trip, or send to a family member, reminding them of an old but important time. Using app technology, and, developing and maintaining a seamless, low-friction customer experience, Keepsake puts the memory-keeping back into the memory-making that we once all did more of before smartphones began to trivialize the way we memorialize our lives. I absolutely love the tool, the option, the quality of the prints, the plethora of choices and options, and the low friction of the UX inside the app. I hope Keepsake stays around for a long, long time. Stop endless cramming your camera roll full of photos, go back and pick out some of the best ones, and put them through the Keepsake magic engine. (Side note: I do not work for Keepsake, nor have I have ever worked for them. I also do not know anyone who works there, no do I have any stake in the company. I’m simply a target persona that saw a television ad, tried it, became a customer, and was hooked)
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6 years ago, Sporkx
My photos actually end up on the wall!
Now that our camera phones are so advanced, I actually take lots of pictures I consider frame worthy. Problem is, using a professional framing store is expensive and framing it yourself requires having the free time to get the photo developed and then picking out a frame. I decided to try keepsake and I’m glad I did. It was super easy to select photos from my phone, decide on what frame I wanted, and then order it. I was skeptical that it would be that good because it wasn’t very expensive (I selected one that was $32). But I was very impressed with the quality. They even have the picture wire on the back. Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations. I’ll be using again and would recommend to others.
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1 year ago, Orsh11
Keepsake Frames
I saw a commercial on TV for Keepsake recently and decided to give it a try. I simply downloaded their app onto my iPhone, picked a photo I wanted framed, selected the frame I liked, and submitted it to them using their app on my iPhone. The app was really easy to use, and It only took minutes to place my order. Then, in just a little more than a week, my beautifully boxed, framed photo arrived at my home. I love it! The frame is a very nice quality frame, the price was reasonable, and I can’t get over how easy the ordering/payment process was. I will definitely use Keepsake again, and highly recommend them to anyone who wants any photo they choose put into a beautiful frame for a very reasonable price.
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1 year ago, ChelseaFC10
Go Elsewhere!
I saw commercials for keepsake and figured I’d give it a shot—big mistake. First, the picture quality was extremely poor. I wanted to get a medium sized frame but was essentially told that in order to get good picture quality I would need to order a small. Okay, no big deal, right? Wrong! The picture quality on the small sized canvas was atrocious. The photo was blurry and splotchy. If keepsake just informed that my photo could not be produced at a good quality, I would have had no qualms. However, they gave the impression that my photo (on a small canvas) would be high quality. Unfortunately, it was not. Second, I ordered a walnut frame. Well, upon delivery the frame had a sliver wood half hanging off on one of the edges. Additionally, the wood felt hollow and very cheap. For $50 and a very small frame, this was very disappointing as well. Will not be using this app again. If your standards are remotely high, I suggest finding an alternative place.
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11 months ago, jdeg
Order the prints already!
I know, you’re saying to yourself, “I can get frames for the photos I have and want to display.” And maybe you believe you can do it more economically. Just order them from Keepsake now and you can check that gals off your to-do list. The Keepsake process couldn’t be easier: choose your photo, choose the size and colore and your frame and add it to your cart. Click purchase. My framed photos arrived individually wrapped (for protection) in the best box! And the frames? Beautiful. Truly. Overall, Keepsake is a great value. And the best part: I only had to click a few things on my phone. You know you want that special photo framed for your wall, so just order it already!
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4 years ago, Ohio 45240
Poor Customer Service
I ordered three pictures, one of which was a gift, based upon the clear representation on the app that pictures are shipped in 2-3 business days. A week passed. I tried to check the status of my order on the app, but could not. I sent an email. I received a reply the following day saying that the production had slowed to 10-15 days. If I had known this in advance, I would not have ordered the picture as a gift and perhaps I would not have ordered from Keepsake at all. I don’t understand why Keepsake did not share the fact that my order would take FIVE TIMES longer than promised. Keepsake didn’t offer a coupon or discount or an acknowledgement of breaking its promise.
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4 weeks ago, EttRenieC
Satisfied Customer
I had been thinking of trying Keepsake to frame a picture for quite a while. As an older person I don’t really like having apps on my phone, and I was uncertain that the service would be as good as advertised. But it was. It’s easy and it’s quick, and the framing of my photo was exactly what I wanted. In all honesty it’s more pricey than buying a frame at the local drugstore and doing it yourself but the result is definitely much better than doing it yourself. I already have one or two other photos selected to get framed. For those of us who like having actual photos of family around the house that you can look at everyday, this is for you.
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5 months ago, PHinMD
We were skeptical
To be honest, we were skeptical about using this app/service. We’ve seen the commercial for years but never tried it. We wanted to send a picture from one of our phones as a gift to a relative who lives on the west coast. To print the picture, find a frame, pack and ship it seemed like a hassle, and costly. So, we decided to try Keepsake Frames. We found a frame we liked, uploaded the picture and submitted our request/purchase. The framed picture arrived on time and our relative loved it! We were especially impressed that the picture could be hung on the wall or displayed on a counter with the supplied hardware. We will definitely be using this app in the future.
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1 year ago, Chas of Escondido
Review of purchase
I saw Keepsake on TV and thought is would be a great idea to have a picture done as a Christmas gift for my wife. Went on the site, selected the frame and inserted my picture. Added my mailing and payment information and submitted my purchase. Process was easy with no technical issues. They promised my picture before Christmas and it arrived a week early. Picture came as I requested. Very happy with the outcome, quality of the framing and communications along the process. Am a 100 percent satisfied customer, who will be a repeat customer. I am a very critical person about good customer service, nothing to be critical about Keepsake. Wife loved the picture of our two great-grand children.
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7 months ago, znzbc
If there were 6 stars I’d give it
Just the perfect gift at Christmas time anniversary time anytime you have that photo on your phone. It’s one of your favorites frame it it couldn’t be easier in their application. It turns out beautifully and it shipped right to your door ready to hang on the wall or give us a gift, it is reasonably priced if you’ve ever tried to frame something at one of the hobby stores by the time you buy the frame the mat and have them frame it it’s very expensive. This is reasonably priced for a keepsake for years to come give it a try my daughter loved the picture that I had framed when Grammy had them over for a sleepover. Perfect…. I’ll be back. A satisfied customer
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1 year ago, Fuce21
Such an easy app to use! If you’re like me, you have a ton of pictures on your phone. With this app, you can take those special memories and put them into a frame at a very reasonable cost! There are a lot of different options available regarding frame colors and sizes. The shipping time was very quick and the frames are packaged well! The only issue we had was if you have older pictures or pictures that came from an actual camera. The pixels might not be small enough to capture good detail so they won’t print it for you. I totally understand this. They are about quality. Im assuming they don’t want to disappoint you if the picture were to come out blurry.
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2 years ago, Jenn, PA
Best way to pull all your pictures into one!!!
This past Feb my family of 16 flew to Jamaica for a week of celebration and a lifetime of memories. Being the photographer of the family, I took A-LOT of pictures. As months went on, I was trying to figure out how to pull them all together, but also properly thank my parents for this amazing opportunity. When I came across Keepsake on Instagram, I knew right away this was it! It was so easy to throw every picture on there, pick my frame and then voila my family vacation came to life again. I also couldn’t believe how quickly it was made and shipped! The packaging was perfect and as my parents opened the beautiful shipping box, tears flooded. Thank you!!!
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10 months ago, Hilgri
Excellent customer service, on time delivery, high quality
I recently purchased a collage of photos for my son’s wedding and their customer service exceeded my expectations. One aspect that stood out to me was their attention to detail, the quality of the collage was exceptional. The photos were printed with sharpness and clarity, really bringing out the memories captured in each image. The attention to detail in the arrangement and composition of the collage was also evident, making it a beautiful piece to display. I am highly satisfied with the customer service, timely delivery, and high-quality product that I received and will most likely use them in future. My son and his new bride are very pleased. Thank you Dr. G.
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4 years ago, Rese1963
Christmas present
My daughter recently had our grandson and unfortunately, he was in the NICU for the first month. Thankfully, he is home now and in time for Christmas!! She had her picture taken in black and white holding her precious baby. I fell in love with the picture and thought it would be perfect for her for a present. I had seen the Keepsake commercial several times and thought I’d give y’all a try!! I’m so glad I did!! The framing with the mat was perfect!! It was made, packaged and shipped very quickly. I was thoroughly impressed with the entire experience. I will be telling family and friends about this as soon as Christmas is over so my daughter doesn’t find out about her present. Thanks for a wonderful experience!!
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3 years ago, Wrangler12
Don’t waste your money!
I was excited to use their product. I sent in two pictures as a test run. I’m glad I did. Of the two pictures, one came back as my photo in a frame that anyone could find in a local discount store for $1.99 and this was the better of the two. The second picture looked great in the email they sent me of what the finished product would look like, but that is certainly not what I received. What came in the mail was a picture that looked like it had been enlarged to fit the side of a house. Then placed on that house. Then they took a picture of that to frame, and before you ask, it was for a 5x7 picture taken with an I-phone 11 so there would have been no issue with pixels. It was blurry and out of focused and to top it off, the picture that was eventually framed cut off half of the head of one of the two subjects in the picture as well as being framed in the $1.99 special, hand crafted frame.
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1 year ago, Siggy239
Simple Way To Create Beautiful Memories
So many of us have our cell phones within our reach at all times. We are very quick to snap photos of everyone and everything. And then those photos sit on our phones or are stored in the cloud. Keepsake Frames is a great way to bring those photos into our homes or gift them to family and friends. Just download the app. I tried it a few weeks ago and sent a photo to my daughter. She was surprised and loved receiving a framed photo of one of her favorite memories. The process was so easy. The gift was received within the specified timeframe. I highly recommend giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed.
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6 years ago, onthebrink89
Made my day!
I decided to frame a few of my mother’s wedding photos for her 80th bday. So I dug them out of an old album that I snuck out of her house and sent them to be digitized. By the time I got the digital files back, there was only 1 week left to have them framed. I sent them to Keepsake knowing that they would do a superb job because I have had other things framed by them. I then sent them an email saying that I would realllllly appreciate it if they could have them back to me in 6 days because her bday was on the 7th day and they emailed me back and said they’d upgrade my shipping at no cost so that we’d get them in time. And we got them with time to spare! So they clearly care about their customers. Will frame again!
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4 years ago, Drew-k
Exceeded Expectations
All I can say is WOW! It arrived a whole two days before his birthday during this pandemic! Thank you so much! The quality of the packaging, the frame and the photo are simply stunning. It FAR exceeded my expectations! This was the first time we used your company. I was skeptical of how you could offer such low prices with high quality. I still don't know how you do it...but you did! Truly beautiful. The ease of the whole process still baffles me. It was just so simple! Your customer service was prompt, informative and polite. We now are looking at several other photos that are deserving of your frames. Thank you for FINALLY providing the world an affordable high quality option to frame loved photos.
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5 years ago, RoxxisMama
Seamless and fulfilling experience!
My great uncle and great aunt had been asking me for at least a month to place a 5x7 photo in the mail, so that they could see their great niece and how she’s growing. You would think that this is an easy task, right? I get so busy though and it took me about two weeks just to go out and remember to buy the envelope, and then who knew when I was going to find time to get to the post office and get it postmarked. To get to the point for you: I finally remembered my good friend, technology, and searched on my iPhone, but I wanted an experience that was warm and friendly; and I found it in Keepsake. A high-quality gift that didn’t take long but will warm the hearts of my relatives for years! Thank you.
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