Keesler Federal Mobile Banking

4.8 (26K)
73.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Keesler Federal Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Keesler Federal Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
26K Ratings
3 years ago, Gymbeaux
I have never been disappointed with the service and products offered by Keesler Federal Credit Union. Purchased my car with a zero complaint car loan and when I needed some emergency cash to remove a massive oak tree they came through in record time. Their web site eliminates the need to ever have to go into the bank. FIRST CLASS!!!!!
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11 months ago, I_beez_da_best
Developers, please take notes!!
I am currently switching over from US bank to the Keesler credit union and I must say…the US bank’s app is sooo much better. Please consider requiring a passcode/Face ID to get into the app. It’s crazy how I can just open the app and see the amount of money in my account. With US bank, you can’t access anything or even see how much money you have in you account until you enter your password/face ID. To me, that makes the app seem more secure. I also don’t like how whenever I use my card, I don’t get a notification. With US bank, anytime I make a purchase, I get a notification saying how much I spent and where. It helps me keep track of my purchases and although I’ve never had my account compromised, I’m sure those alerts would help in the case when an unknown/unapproved purchase is made. Finally, I don’t like making mobile deposits with this app. What is the point of writing “for mobile deposit only”?? It seems kind of pointless and there’s no room anywhere to really write it. Overall, to me, this app does the bare minimum and could be so much better if they did a little bit of research on what is expected from mobile banking apps. There are several banking apps out there! Have some better, more secure features!
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4 years ago, Molt6
Mobile app
Keesler Federal Credit Union is a great financial institution however I am looking forward to upgrades on the app. It frequently freezes, especially when I want to transfer from one account to another. The mobile deposit feature is especially problematic. Most of the time it puts out an error message and I end up wasting time. If I can’t drive through for deposit due to time constraints I have had to deposit the money into my USAA account. Keesler you are my business account and I really don’t like mixing up business with personal. Please fix!
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2 years ago, metz227
New version mobile deposit is terrible
The latest app update added new ‘security’ features to the mobile deposits. Now instead of taking just a few seconds and two photos it takes forever to try and get it to accept photos of a check. Even when it accepts them and says everything is ok the deposit fails for random reasons and has to be resubmitted again. The app has been great for so many years, I wish they had bothered to do more testing prior to releasing this latest version.
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2 years ago, Harris-Paul Williams
I don’t understand the 5 star ratings
The app looks great, but that’s only when you can get into it. When the Face-ID does work, I have to force close and reopen literally every time just to log in. Then once your in, all the menus take ages to load, and a lot of the time you have to switch menus a few times just to get one to load (specially when I’m trying to make a transfer.) They really need an experienced web developer to fix this app instead of skimping in this area. Ease of access is NOT there.
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4 years ago, BoltonSr
The office in Wiggins, is the greatest Ms Rachel the location manager I have been doing business with her for bout 6 plus years, her and the staff are so friendly. I live in Columbia and used the Hattiesburg location when MsRachel was up opening and training personnel, but I continue to visit and do business in the Wiggins location.
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4 years ago, AndrewJBreland
Customers Are Always Considered
I love Keesler Federal Credit Union as my bank! I have banked with them since I was a pre-teen! I wish there were an easier way to meld the accounts together instead of having to log into separate ones for business and personal.
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2 years ago, Romano Mamma
My husband and I have been members of KFCU since 1993. He is now retired and we are still members, even though we live in Alaska. The app makes it easy to manage our direct deposits, transfer money and pay our bills. It’s easy to use and always accessible.
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4 years ago, Jimoray
Mobile user - Keesler new mobile app
I’m proud and excited that KFCU finally stepped it up. This is by far the best out there. It provides capabilities above and beyond that of the big big banks. Along with that is the stability and ease of use which provides for a great user experience. Thank you!
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1 year ago, kbyoung1005
Loan payment
Idk what is going on but for the past three months I haven’t been able to make my payment online. Whenever I pull up the loan payment it won’t keep the keyboard up so I’m having to go in store to make my loan payment. The web browser doesn’t even give the option either. It would be 5 stars if y’all would fix this.
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2 years ago, Becca (BEH-kuh)
Easy to use; some improvements needed
I like this app a lot. The biggest improvement would be if the account preview totals prior to logging in were actually accurate. But it only updates once you log in, so the feature is kinda pointless and a little risky for overdrawing.
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2 years ago, Aceflyre
Best Banking App
By far the Keesler FCU app is the best and easiest app to use. All accounts are displayed on one page, with one click access to each individual account. The additional tools, for accessing additional services, are easy to navigate and use.
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4 years ago, TAfkp
New update is horrible
Keesler app (website too) was awesome and very easy to use before the new update. It used to be easy to look at all transactions and account balances but now you can only see 5 transactions for each account on the app without logging in. The update is not user friendly at all. Horrible interface. I wish they would revert it. Definitely would not recommend. I actually deleted the app and have the website saved to my home screen because it is slightly better.
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4 years ago, Yokaishadow
What did you do!?
Removing the fingerprint login was a horrible idea! And when I tried putting my password and all which I know was right it said it was wrong and now my account is locked! What ever the heck you did unfreaken do it! This update was the worst idea!
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4 years ago, Rew bug24
Absolutely amazing
The staff at this bank are amazing one on one associates,I never once thought I would do on line banking since I come from the dinosaur error! The two associated that assisted me made my banking so much easier,you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is not true Keesler Federal did, and thanks a million! Steve Nelson
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3 years ago, Jimi F Baby
Responsible man
Thanks to this Kessler app I can manage my money transfer money from checking to savings and see how much I have to spend.. It’s made me more responsible because I can see my balance that way I know how much I can spend.. online checking is the best!!! Thank you Kessler Online Banking Jimi F. Jones
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4 years ago, ladyllyon
New update
The new update is less user friendly than the old one. Have to use .the computer to do online bill pay now where I used to be able to do it from my iPad.
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4 years ago, zoar427
I love the ease of seeing the accounts and transferring funds. I hate the picture thing that’s checking to see if your a human this is annoying and lengthy. There’s got to be a better way to check in .
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2 years ago, Grammypark
So convenient!
The mobile app is so convenient and easy to use. No waiting on the phone for information concerning accounts. You can see everything at a glance!! Best way to bank!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Eric Marlin
Great bank, lousy app!
Using mobile banking with KFCU is frustrating on the best of days and continues to get worse. I enjoy working with the people at my local branch, but both mobile and online access continues to get worse instead of better. At some point I’ll probably take my banking elsewhere since online and mobile are increasingly important.
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3 years ago, frustrated randi
Doesn’t disappoint.... until it does
This app is frequented several times a day.. it gives me all the information I need.. but the one time that it is down and you really need it, DON’T DELETE THE APP.. it just might take forever for you to re-install!
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4 years ago, Ezlstnr63
I miss the old app. This new “version” has frozen up on me at least five times!! I am currently locked out from accessing my account. None of my information that I entered is being recognized! Do better KFCU!!
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2 years ago, feline_guardian
Makes my life easy
24/7 I can check my balance, pay bills on the days I choose, transfer money, ask questions, and complete these with ease!
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4 years ago, Tripp Taker
Better than other banking apps
This is way better than other credit union apps that I’ve dealt with. Very robust and more reliable than it was previously.
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4 years ago, PigNation48
Easy to use!
Keesler has done a fantastic job on easy access to your account! Transferring money is easier than ever before and it is very easy to look at! Occasionally the app is down, but that’s with any bank’s app
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4 years ago, dizizryry
Pretty good banking app
All the features you need in a banking app. It’s not an overly designed UI and I appreciate that. Finding what you need is intuitive and you can accomplish most banking needs while mobile. The app rarely has interruptions to access due to network related issues.
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8 months ago, itashious
Apple Watch support
I wish y’all would bring back Apple Watch support. Sometimes I leave my phone behind and it would be nice to heck balances and do small banking actions
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3 years ago, LeroyOma8
Easy App to Navigate
Love the ability to keep tabs on my account from my phone. I can transfer money as needed & it is easy to make the transaction.
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3 years ago, PentecostalAnnie
Love the app!!
It is so convenient to have the app when I need to know how much money I have in my account, instead of calling or looking it up on the internet every time. I 100% recommend this app to everyone!
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4 years ago, Newdream12
Can’t even log in
Sadly, this is worse than the last update. It won’t even allow me to log in and access my account.
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3 years ago, Me and my house serve The Lord
Simple and easy
The app is simple and easy to use. Can transfer money, pay loans, apply for a loan , etc. all in one place. Makes things simple and easy!!
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4 years ago, Tdredbone
Horrible, unhelpful, bug infested
I have never had so many problems with a banking app. Login is difficult, fingerprint ID is useless because if you don’t log in constantly, it makes you go through typing the password. Absolutely useless. I really wish that I didn’t have money in this institution right now because it’s so difficult to find my balances and to pay bills. Sometimes upgrading isn’t better.
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2 years ago, Alk2022
Customer service
We love the friendly customer service at each branch!
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2 years ago, BEARDZILLUS
Like the bank hate the app
This app is always down or a feature is always down. They can never get it right and just stop messing with it. And when it’s down it’s down for days. Now the smart change feature is messed up and won’t transfer money. Very poor app fix it and leave it alone. Like I said, love the bank but hate this app. 👎
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2 years ago, Esco444
Great app
Very convenient & useful banking app. May have errors sometimes but it rarely happens. They work quick to get the bugs fixed. If you have a keesler account this is the app to have!
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4 years ago, Jaxsonsmommy!
Please put the option to print bank statements back on the app
I use the app less because I have to log into my computer to print statements. Please put the feature back on the app so I can print from my smart phone. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, TellyTeal
Update is awful
The former design was easy and quick to use, and I loved it because I could log in and out while getting everything I needed to do within five minutes. The new design is difficult to traverse, and I don’t under how to do anything on it. Everything has been moved around, and nothing is as straightforward and easy as it was before.
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3 years ago, cpblay
Keesler App makes banking easy.
I particularly like the financial health feature we are at separates all my spending and charitable contributions. I can see it a glance what I spent on everything individually.
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4 years ago, Quoolbrezze
Great Team of Professionals
Each time we have needed service everyone has always been very helpful. We are new to this area and it means so much to have your banking needs met.
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3 years ago, NorthlakeC1
Can’t pay all accounts from app
The app is easy to maneuver, however, the app doesn’t allow you to make payments to your Visa account. You are limited to mailing in your payment or dropping off your credit card payment at a branch. This is extremely inconvenient.
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2 years ago, No thanks!!!!!!!
Latest update crashing
Not able to use the app. Keeps crashing.
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2 years ago, Flashybasset
Love it
Never thought I would like banking this way but I’m able to check our account anytime.
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2 years ago, Paulette Jalanivich
Anywhere, Anytime and It’s EASY!
Wow! This is the best way to bank when your on the run or just sitting checking on your $$$! Thanks for making it so handy and EASY!
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3 years ago, lynnredd
Online banking
Very convenient to look at balance transfer and pay loans. It’s keeps me from going to the bank and stand in a line. It’s Awesome!!!
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3 years ago, Bama Wild Man
Great Credit Union
Keep up the good and fantastic work you are doing, please continue updates and don’t change to a banking system ( banks have to many hidden fees)👍
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4 years ago, Noahnuts
I don’t know what happened, but the first version of their app was better. Keesler is constantly down, website isn’t much better. Very disappointing and the black and grey version needs help, it was like a step back in time. Reminded me of the old Nokia black and grey screens. If this were a cable company they would have folded like an old pair of underwear.
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4 years ago, Xcc
Newer isn’t always better
The new keesler app is not good. It was so easy to navigate and easy to read before. This new app is very hard on the eyes and convoluted. PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE OLD APP
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3 years ago, Nannysc
Quick and Easy
I love this app, simple to use and clearly provides information!
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4 years ago, Smithbmj
Working well
I have an iPhone 6s, latest iOS. I deleted the app, downloaded the app, reset my password in the app, and the app is working well. The Express view is now called Snapshot.
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4 years ago, Stiner3
Update daily
There are times when items I’ve paid online take forever to hit my account. Also, other banks process payroll into their customers account a day early. To where I have to wait until the 15th et al for mine to hit. Thanks!
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