KenKen Classic

4.6 (2.9K)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
KenKen Puzzle
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for KenKen Classic

4.6 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
6 years ago, dscovry
Great App, Great Support
KenKen is my “Go To” app. I almost only work them on my iPad and primarily 9X Medium level, which I usually solve between 15-30 minutes. I don’t like spending much more time than that on a single puzzle, which is why I don’t do higher level puzzles on a regular basis. I limit my iPhone to 7X Med because of the size of the screen on bigger puzzles. Great for killing time in the doctor’s office. I find KenKen a great way to “clear my head” when I’m overthinking a problem at home or work. After 2 or 3 puzzles, the solution to the problem at hand seems to “pop” into my head. I’ve had a few problems with earlier releases, but the support was great and they addressed them quickly.
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4 years ago, MonkeyDave22
Enjoyable and addictive game, but one sad issue...
I ways introduced to KenKen puzzles at school a few years ago and completely fell in love with them and would always do them. I later on found this app and it was perfect for a while, but then ran into an issue. The app only allows you to play 50 puzzles for free, then you have to pay to get more puzzles. I mean, I was super happy while I had those 50 free puzzles, but now I’ve used them all up and can no longer play anymore puzzles, causing the app to no longer have a purpose for me. I would love to buy more puzzles for this, but my parents wouldn’t want to pay for 30 or more puzzles just for it to be 3 days later and having to buy more because I’ve used them all up again. I’ve tried to delete and reinstall the app to see if it would just reset everything and I could just pick 50 new puzzles to do and not care about my old data, but when I reinstalled the app it kept my old data and I still couldn’t play more puzzles. I want to continue playing this game, but I can’t without purchasing more puzzles, which isn’t really an option for me at this point.
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4 years ago, Galactic Hitchhiker
Privacy issue: KenKen Classic reads your clipboard
Beginning with iOS 14, I get an iOS popup ("KENKEN pasted from ") whenever KenKen Classic version 2.7 moves to the foreground, telling me that KenKen Classic is reading my clipboard. This is even though I have not tried to paste anything into it. Since KenKen Classic hasn't been updated in about a year, it has been doing this to all of us for at least that long, and silently before iOS 14 started telling us. I'm sure that we all copy and paste information that is no business of KenKen's developer, yet this developer has been silently slurping it all up until recently, for undocumented purposes. Because of this, I am deleting this app until 1) the developer KenKen Puzzle, LLC comes clean on this practice, tells us precisely why and for what purpose it has been doing this, and posts an update that fixes this privacy problem; or 2) Apple releases an updated iOS that gives us the ability to block this type of behavior. (2) may not be enough, given that KenKen Puzzle, LLC has already abused its trust. Do you copy passwords or other sensitive text to your clipboard? Do you copy photos with sensitive GPS location information in them? If so, then you should worry about this too.
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7 years ago, AIHReview
Many games can't be solved without guessing.
The games are machine generated, and many (at the expert level, at least) require guessing to solve. Kenken is a LOGIC game, not a guessing game. The UI is also frustratingly bad, requiring multiple taps to do simple things like change note color, and it's easy to change notes inadvertantly. The developer's response is simply not true. I've played several games, for example, where the last 10 moves or so could be played out two ways, both of which yielded a correct result, but only one of which was deemed as a win. Several games were simply not solvable without playing out a guess until it failed, then backing out to the decision and choosing the other alternative. That's not "considering," it's guessing. No machine-generated game should be posted if it hasn't been solved by a human player who can't project 20 moves out. Also, the UI becomes more and more frustrating over time. At present, this is the only alternative on the app store, given that the older (and excellent) "Will Short" app doesn't run under the most recent iOS version, but it's not a great alternative. I'll move to a competitor in a heartbeat if an alternative appears in the store.
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2 months ago, Bonfire98A
One of my favs, but could use improvement
KenKen is my favorite number puzzle (way better than Sudoku), and this app is my favorite way to solve them. I exclusively play 9x9 expert level puzzles so I’m getting my money’s worth. However, I have some suggestions that would earn the app a fifth star from me. 1. Fix the undo button - sometimes it will only go back a few moves and become unresponsive, or won’t undo any moves at all. 2. Add a save and revert function - if I get stuck on a puzzle and want to try what-if logic, I could save the puzzle in its current state and try something, then revert back to where I saved it as needed. For now I can use screenshots for what-if logic, but it would be nice if the app had it built in. 3. Add no-op puzzles to the app for paying users; I’ve always wanted to try them! 4. Add a dark mode for play at night and/or to save battery.
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4 years ago, smbnd08
Great game, unlimited subscription issues
I love this game - totally addictive. Great features to help with game playing, but I have issues with my unlimited subscription with makes it feel less worth the $ I pay for it. The app is supposed to auto update with more games once you’ve completed them, presumably I play a 9x9 easiest +-x/ and the app should re-up me with a new game of that same structure and difficulty. It doesn’t work that way. Many a times I’ve had to reset game data so my puzzles “refresh” but I end up playing the exact games I’ve done before which makes it too simple. I’ve reached out to app support team but they just tell me to wait until I see the prompt to “download more games” which never appears to refresh the games I’ve played...even if I “restart” the game and complete it again. Please fix this issue! #5years on #unlimitedgames subscription with no fix! 😤
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5 years ago, drscar
Fun, but limited
Well, I’ve finished the game, and so I feel completely confident to give this 3-star review. When I say that I finish the game, I actually mean that I finish the game. There are no more puzzles left for me to do, despite paying for a “unlimited option.” The game is certainly fine, but it has some significant limitations. For instance, I purchased the “unlimited” package, only to find out that the games are not in fact unlimited. So, I have no idea what the developers intend to do once the subscription runs out, because if it is truly unlimited there should have been more games to be downloaded. There is no reason to buy another package, since more games would have already been included, right? This is quite disappointing. As far as gameplay is concerned, probably the biggest problem with this application is the fact that the undo option is completely broken. If you accidentally typed in the number, and hit the undo option, it will backtrack anywhere from 2 to 3 moves and highlight a different square, and often switch from pencil marks to entry mode on a whim. This becomes abnormally silly and frustrating when you’re trying to do a timed test. Overall, it’s good and fun, but ultimately falls short.
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6 years ago, Rick free
Kenken app Excellent 🤗
This is a well design app. It provides through rush of challenges as your skill level increases. It allows very small 4 x 4 puzzles to get the hang of what kenken is all about; then it provides increased size puzzles to the more traditional 6 x 6 and the 8 x 8 puzzles. And they offer a range of skill levels. Then it allows different operators to test and hone ones skills for technique improvements (e.g. Parity, unique cage elimination, number searches) and situational analyses (column or row sums, column pairs, etc. ). This practice is enhanced by using cell notation (bottom toggle icon) and then to do things like scanning for "remaining/unused numbers" in a row or column; even across multiple columns or rows.
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2 years ago, WorldWideWeber
Like the very specific difficulty levels
This app is way better than the others because it allows me to pick puzzles not just by number of squares and operations but also different difficulty levels for each combination of the two. Very much dislike how the cursor jumps around between boxes when toggling between notes and entering in numbers which leads to lots of errors, many of which I don’t notice. If I didn’t like how it handles choosing difficulty levels so well, I’d never use this app again. I tried looking at others. They all have better UIs, but no where near as awesome difficulty settings. I really wish you’d add a setting that let me keep the cursor in the same place.
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4 years ago, Ted in MN
OK but problematic
I enjoy playing the game, and it is relatively easy to do so using this app. However, I have had innumerable problems with the app reloading games. I pay for unlimited games; but the app frequently fails to reload games—I end up limited to playing games of only easy or hard levels (there are supposed to be five levels of difficulty), only receiving games with certain modes (e.g., not loading any games other than all +, or all +-, etc.). When I have asked for assistance in fixing this, Customer Service suggests deleting and reloading the app, which has often ended up severing the app from my paid account, so that no new games reload. Reloading the app recently has meant that all of the puzzles I solved before are reloaded (as solved; I can’t even replay them)—with no new ones. So I am left with no puzzles to play.
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5 years ago, faxon
Ok, but...
The app is fun and works well. Two big problems for me First, there is no such thing as unlimited puzzles even if you pay for it. I’ve gone through all the 6x6 medium +-*/ puzzles twice. Tech support said to delete and reinstall. Doesn’t help. Unlimited is just flat out not true Second, I really don’t like the matrix showing all the puzzles of every type at every level (including solved puzzles unless you deselect). Don’t see how it’s useful. None of the online sites do this. And in my case when I have to start back at the beginning when I run out can be very frustrating. Usually the app keeps track of where you are when you stop and start. But not always. Scrolling through hundreds of puzzles when the app has lost my place is a pain
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6 years ago, HisMusicNMe
Great until....
UPDATE: Problem was resolved by my deleting the app and reinstalling. I have not had a problem since. I’ve used this game for years and never had a problem like this. Everything seems to be fine now however. OLD REVIEW: I have enjoyed this game for a handful of years now. I periodically buy more games and have always just done the 9x9 Expert. Only now, It says I have 21 more games left from my last purchase... but there are no NEW 9x9 puzzles. I want a refund for those 21 games that were not provided. So frustrating. I guess I’ll have to look now at other KENKEN style apps. Serious bummer because I liked this one
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1 year ago, Boobootrink
Great game.
I've been playing this for years and love it. I just bought my third 1000 game expansion pack. There’s a known bug when you buy that is cured by deleting and reinstalling the game and then recovering your purchases. Seems like, if they know about it, why not fix it. I play only 9x9 expert games. Having devised several numeric relationships rules, the others are too easy. Still, after all these years and games, the game still has some new twist every few plays. Star rating is greyed out. Would be a five star.
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5 years ago, jemenake
Fun, but watch out for this awful bug
I love playing Kenken’s, and this app is one of the easiest to use and with quite a variety of sizes and difficulties. It’s got one critical bug, though: it only checks to see if you purchased more puzzles when you _finish_ one from a size/difficulty section. In my case, I played the 7x7 Difficult ones until I ran out of refills and there were none left. Now, even though I’ve purchased 1,000 more puzzles, the empty sections never fill back up (because the app never checks... because I never _finish_ one... because I can never _start_ one... because it’s empty) So... purchase refills _before_ you play all of your favorite section to depletion.
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3 years ago, SeattleSoccer
WARNING - Privacy Invasion by KENKEN App
IOS 14 tells you when an app is copying information out of your clipboard, and the KENKEN app has been caught in the act. For example, if you copy a photo (which usually has sensitive location information), then when you open or switch to the KENKEN app it will grab a copy of that photo and all its metadata from the clipboard. Anything you have put in the clipboard is copied by the app. What is the KENKEN company doing with your personal data that has nothing to do with the puzzle? A lot of apps were caught doing this when iOS 14 shipped over a year ago, but almost all of them immediately fixed this behavior. Why has KENKEN not issued an update to fix this? The app hasn’t been updated in about two years. I love KENKEN puzzles, and have been a big user of this app, but this flagrant invasion of privacy has to stop.
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5 years ago, wrfs
Good but glitchy
This app is weirdly addicting. I'm up to 9x9 Expert and it really makes you think hard. So satisfying when you solve one. I have never had problems with new puzzles loading as others have complained; I bought the 1000 puzzle pack. My one complaint is that the undo function is glitchy. The app should retain an unlimited undo stack but if you close and reopen the app the undos are gone, and sometimes they are lost even within a single session. It also is sometimes inaccurate when undoing, combining multiple steps into one. But this doesn't stop me from playing at least an hour a day. Great brain training.
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4 years ago, Narendrapie411
Challenging and satisfying
This is a great game. Each grid size brings with it new challenges, techniques and patterns that you’ll naturally pick up with practice. Easier 6x6 puzzles and smaller can usually be solved in a few minutes, while the medium-hard ones and larger grids can take 10-20 minutes. There’s been a few 9x9’s that have taken far longer than that for me, perhaps several hours spread over multiple sessions, so the intensity scales to whatever you’re looking for. At any rate, solving these puzzles is extremely satisfying.
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4 years ago, Kineticv
Lots of fun except...
I really enjoy this app with two major problems (1 star lost for each). The first problem is that, as previous reviewers mentioned, you only get 50 puzzles for free. Puzzles after that have to be purchased. I would rather either pay a one time fee for unlimited puzzles or show me ads like other free apps. Second, again mentioned by another reviewer, not all the problems can be solved with logic as they are computer generated. I have found a few that I had to guess rather than using logic. I understand the benefit of computer generated puzzles but perhaps they ought to spend some time doing human testing before publishing.
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4 years ago, Astasia
The perception of more than one solution to a puzzle ...
... is easy to explain. Two arithmetical errors ca very well cancel them selves out and so lead the player to believe that there is more than one way to solve the puzzle. On a different note: the pleasure of KenKen is to find new logical ways to reach the solution solution. Using the colored pads to just try and see in the retrospective which sequence of moves leads to the solution just turns a sophisticated logical effort into a rather boring endurance exercise. One can find quite a number of useful logical constraints.
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3 years ago, Kelliso
My relaxation
I do at least one Ken Ken each day. I only do four operation, 9x9 on expert. This always requires, at some point, proposing a possible value and following through to reach a contradiction. This is easy to do in the app. The only issue is that if your phone locks as you are thinking, you cannot use the undo button and so may have to restart the puzzle. Otherwise, it is well-designed and puzzles always have a unique, findable solution.
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4 years ago, RedRose180
Random place from which to pick answers
Sometimes the numbers and options are at the bottom of the screen and sometimes the numbers and options appear in a box in the middle of the screen with some numbers in gray. There seems to be no reason that sometimes it is one place and sometimes another. And no reason why different numbers in the box are different colors. It gets annoying not knowing where to look for the numbers right away. I prefer the bottom because then the box with the numbers doesn’t block my view of the puzzle board. Why isn’t it consistent?
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5 years ago, mmr5000
Great puzzles but buggy
Love the puzzles but when I am traveling and solving off line, new puzzles are not added when I return to a WiFi connection. I have to delete the app, re-download it, and restore purchases. After all this, the puzzles that are added are old ones that I have already solved. I have contacted support and they have reset my account several times so all is well that ends well, but it is a big hassle. Support sometimes requires several requests before they respond. Bottom line, love the game but disappointed with the management.
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6 years ago, live from Sugarloaf
Great but .......
Love it. Used to have to do the daily KENKEN in the NYT. Very frustrating - you can not erase a mark from newsprint without leaving a smudge which obscures the replacement mark; and, the cages in a 6x6 or 7x7 are too small to be part of a game/puzzle. The app solves all the problems. I wish there were a connection to the daily NYT puzzle and the app. (Then I could amaze my friends at how fast I can work the puzzle while they are using reams of scrap paper and futilely scrubbing away their erroneous newspaper entries.) There is another web address for KENKEN thru the NYT but it doesn’t post the daily puzzle.
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7 years ago, mwmonahan
I give up
I enjoy playing KenKen and have for several years. The puzzles in this app are great and the playing functions of the game are great. 5 stars on that. But the overhead of the app is horrendous. I have had to reload the game a dozen times in the past six months. Sometimes the settings will work and sometimes they won't. I pay for the unlimited games but wish they would let me reset or something. Currently, e settings will not allow me to "Hide played games". So it loads all of the games I have played in the past. Too much overhead! Support has been a joke. They just respond with "reload game". It's too bad. The game itself is fine.
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2 years ago, SEM84
Years of enjoyment
Other apps and games come and go. But I’ve had this app longer than any other. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and works well. The upgrades are reasonably priced for the experience. I consider it a steal because the days of buying a dell puzzle book for a few KENKEN puzzles amongst the dozen other kinds are long gone. They’re years and years and years ago. I love this app.
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3 years ago, INTP always thinking
Good for thinking
It’s a good app and a great puzzle game. There are a couple small clunky things about the app like leaving it to take a phone call let’s the timer keep running. No biggie but seems like a simple fix. I will see how it goes with time. I think the prices for additional puzzles are about where the tipping point is. The ads were beyond annoying so I was happy to have an out. Recommended!
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6 years ago, M geek
Great challenge
If you like Sudoku but desire a greater challenge, this is it! Truly a great game for math-minded folks. Most expert games are solvable if you have the patience and fortitude. Be careful though, it can be addictive! After playing more than 3000 games I still find it as interesting and challenging as ever. Game did start to slow down, but removing and reinstalling took care of that, without losing any games or history. (Excellent customer service on that issue.)
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3 years ago, j_mom27
Great app
I’ve used a few other Ken Ken apps and this one is definitely the best. I like the variety of being able to choose which kind of puzzle I want to play. I’m not one to purchase things within an app, but after using other apps I came back and purchased more puzzles for this one. My only wish is that it would have a calculator built in as well.
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7 years ago, Mpekim
Excellent game!
Love this app, allows me to keep my brain in check with fun and interesting puzzles. For people unfamiliar with kenken, it is essentially sudoku with the added twist that there are “cages” (oddly shaped boxes) whose result value must be met through a basic mathematical operation. Only flaw, if any, in the app is that I’m wondering if some of the records on the leaderboards have been made with bots/cheats. Some of the puzzles have been solved in extremely, almost inhumanly fast times.
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4 years ago, RaincityBoxer
Great logic long-game
I’ve really enjoyed learning this game and disagree that guessing is necessary, as others have suggested. And I love taking my time to get it right - no pressure from speed. I can put the puzzle down and revisit it later with fresh eyes to see the next move. The expert level 9x9 can take me several attempts to get right, but it is all math and logic. My record is 72 cumulative minutes on the first attempt - but who cares!
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6 years ago, d_cav
Perfect for Logic-Game Enthusiasts
Despite the following technical issues, the game is very enjoyable and highly addictive. The price for the unlimited is well worth it. The game tends to crash when you’re entering numbers quickly. The solution is to close the game often, thus saving it, but once you’re back in the game you can’t undo any moves you made before the save. (Experiencing a crash after you’ve just entered all the possibilities for a 9x9 hard or expert game is very annoying.) The undo button also seems to stick at the last undo—that is, you can undo everything but the first move. You have to remember what that was and reverse all the changes. Often it’s just easier to restart the game.
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6 years ago, San Marco CZ
Good but confusing
Games are good, price acceptable, but as games are not numbered or otherwise identified, one is not sure if it has been played. Particularly unhelpful when switching between phone and tablet. Also unable to easily select several fields at the same time to type in notes (have to select each field separately), when switching between notes and input the pointer changes fields, cannot control the input to differentiate between must be and can be, etc. Overall not very user friendly.
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5 years ago, shukapaw
Expensive subscription limited to one device
I like this game and the 50 “free” puzzles go by rather quickly. I purchased an unlimited yearly subscription (~$20) while playing on my iPad. The next day I attempted to play on my iPhone but was unsuccessful. I contacted the developer to find out how to authorize the iPhone and was informed that the subscription is valid only on the device on which it was purchased. REPEAT: this subscription is NOT linked to your Apple ID but is only valid on the specific device used during the initial purchase. This is definitely NOT what I thought I was buying.... Had I known, I wouldn't have purchased.
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11 months ago, GaryS1737
Great game!
I love playing KENKEN while I’m listening to music or watching news and sports on TV in the background. I used to play the most challenging Sudoku puzzles daily. KENKEN is a great alternative with games ranging from easy to hard. I have improved a lot and prefer to play the 9x9 games. For beginners, I recommend starting with 4x4 to get the hang of it, then progress to 6x6 and on up.
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6 years ago, BetsyPurple
I never thought I’d like KENKEN, but I am HOOKED!
My 95-year-old father plays KENKEN in the newspaper and he showed me basic methods for solving. I dabbled at first with printed puzzles I found online. Then I found this app and have challenged myself to complete harder and harder puzzles each time. I love the choices and variety. I like that I can take a peak to see how I’m doing. I like that it shows me how long it takes to solve each puzzle. Great app!
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6 years ago, MaySantuchi
The game is amazing
This game may seem confusing at first ,but it is quiet simple my teachers showed this to me and it seems really fun. First of all it’s educational helping kids learn there math facts and it’s challenging kids can’t just be like “Oh I finished the 3X3 well I’m done” because three multiple choices like 5X5,6X6 and all the way up to 9X9. I recommend this if you want to pass time in a fun educational way.
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6 years ago, phantomius
Fun app with bugs
Fun and addicting no game. The app has a few usability flaws, such as the undo button randomly stopping to work, sometimes filling in the wrong square, or taps sometimes not registering. I would have made this four stars (and increase it if they issue a bug fix), but I reduced to three when I went to their web site to email them an example and my browser redirected to a malware phishing site with a “You just won!” dialog. They’re obviously letting bad advertising vendors inject malware onto their site.
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7 years ago, Cloudy2981
Great brain game
I so enjoy these Ken Ken puzzles. Putting the possible numbers into the boxes and then by a process of elimination finding the correct one is simply a thrill. I never guess or have had to guess. There is always a logical answer. Sometimes I have to leave the puzzle and come back to it. Then there is usually a clue I missed previously. The 9x9 hard are challenging but that’s what I love best.
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3 years ago, jfbwidbqonf
Math geeks
This is one of my favorite math puzzles I’ve tried in the past year. It’s a fun twist on sudoku like puzzles. Especially if you’re sudoku’d out. As you progress you learn tricks that make the puzzles more doable and yet challenging at the same time. I’m a paid user and absolutely suggest everyone else try to 50 free then make you’re decision.
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6 months ago, Quechanta
Love the challenge…
… but the app isn’t the greatest. Was close to finishing one game when the battery died on my phone. When I went back to the game after connecting to power, the game that I had almost finished was only about a quarter complete. Also, don’t expect the undo to work all the time. If you switch to a different screen while playing, there will be no undoing when you come back to your game.
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1 year ago, Matt "The Man"
Major UI issues
The game itself is pretty fun but the UI is just terrible. This is obviously an instance where the engineer decided to design the interface themselves and, sadly, it was a major failure. I played about a dozen boards but got too annoyed with the interface to continue playing. Usually I would mention the issues in detail but the list is so long that it’s not worth it for me to spend the time listing it all out.
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4 years ago, Lizkw
Good game but could a minor update
I really think the game will be better with EVERY level for free cuz I only have 15$ plz short the price a little but besides for that I have been really enjoying my self and can rage a little but good game and I was confident for making this 4 star rate and keep up the good work and great game so far Sincerely hunter age 7
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2 years ago, LisaTheWonderTherapist
Great fun with one minor annoyance
I love this game and that I can make it ad free with a puzzle purchase. The only thing I would change— It won’t let you click on a square and then select how you will enter the number. Rather you have to select how to enter and then click on the square.
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5 years ago, Teen75
Great app!! Get it NOW!!!
This app is fun, however it makes you think and use critical thinking at the same time! Do not hesitate to get this app, download it now! 4 Stars though however because I used to be able to listen to my music. Now I click the settings in the app, click music, a screen comes up and disappears. I would greatly appreciate it if this problem gets fixed!!
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4 years ago, me clt 56
Back in school ...
In school I never was good at math but now that I’m older for some reason I am drawn to number puzzles. KENKEN is quite enjoyable and I get practice with numbers as well. The design of the app is very good,the whole thing is well worth 5 stars. Thank you for such a fine puzzle game!
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5 years ago, imnwagr
Games are good, getting new puzzles is difficult
I understand that in order to get new puzzles, you have to delete the app and download it AGAIN. Surely you can develop a better and easier way to get the puzzles. From your ads,the promise seems to be when you complete a puzzle, another appears. That is NOT true. You have to go through a lot after you have played the puzzles you have. Please fix this. It can’t be that hard!! I no longer recommend your game
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4 years ago, A66eyroad
Great puzzle, disappears too quick
I just found this puzzle app and quickly learned how to play it. I love the app, but the nanosecond I complete a puzzle it disappears as “solved.” Sometimes I didn’t even realize this was my last move. I’d like to be able to look at my solved puzzle until I was ready to move on. I’d like to have a button to click to move forward.
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3 years ago, dh in mt
Life after Sudoku
Just started Kenken and am enjoying it immensely. Maybe it’s just me, but I wish the same square would stay highlighted when switching from regular mode to notes mode. It causes lots of errors and typos, which is frustrating. Is there a setting somewhere that would allow this? Thanks!
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4 years ago, OMG with the names already
Please update
I’ve played this game for years. I had trouble a little while back buying more puzzles, and it mistakenly game me thousands and charged me twice—WAY more than I wanted to spend. I asked for a half refund, but they never even bothered to respond, after multiple tries. OK. Now, the app is so sluggish as to be unusuable after the iOS14 update. I hope they haven’t abandoned us b/c you’d think they’d have prior knowledge. That’s happened before. If they fix this quickly, I’ll add stars.
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5 years ago, itselementary
Students love it
My students love to use it to practice basic facts- also promotes algebraic thinking. I’ve used it with children from first through third but I know they continue playing as they get older. The application of all operations keeps it interesting for older students and adults.
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