Keno Keno 4X

3.8 (168)
6.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Keno Keno 4X

3.78 out of 5
168 Ratings
7 years ago, Chelsea cat #1
I enjoy playing this game but seems I loose so many points it's hard to play for very long but I still hope I'll hit big
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9 months ago, Sisinla
I love this game and have been playing it for years. I recently have been purchasing credits bc I’m addicted but one time I bought a jar and was not credited. So I purchased again with a second time not seeing the purchase successfull. Finally the third time it went through successfully. I emailed and disputed it on the App Store but never received credit for the first two that I was definitely charged but not credited. I don’t think I’ve purchased anymore since then and don’t plan to ever again. Just the free ones. Sorry. And be careful to all the players. This was just within the past month.
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5 years ago, virgone
Bonus coins five cents... really??
How do you expect people to stay interested with 5 cents as a bonus? At least give in the thousands since the bonus are just cents, not dollars. I have a few other games and slots I play when I don’t get enough bonus points. Do yourself a favor and have some back up sites for other games until you can get enough credits to play!
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5 years ago, Debbb49
I love Keno, but when I'm looking for a game, I'm willing to put in a little IF THEY HAVE A DECENT BONUS SYSTEM!!! Unfortunately, this game does not.... I mean 5 coins as a bonus? Seriously? You gotta improve that, or answer people who write you requesting free coins. You have it listed at the bottom exactly where you want people to contact you... The least you could do is answer them and pretend you are being sincere about it.
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4 years ago, KenoCG
Best Keno game
This is the best Keno game EVER!!! You can buy credits for less than $5 and play for hrs. A lot of reviews complained of 5 credits For bonus, but I receive 5, 10, 25 etc. the only one I never get is the 1000. Bet 50 cents on 4 numbers and build credits fast!!!! Love, love, love this game!!!
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4 years ago, JEOneal
Fun game, but you better be ready to pay for points to play this game, it is not a free game to play. I have paid to play three times already, 4.99 each time, I’ll soon be taking this game off, but it is a fun game, should be able to win points to play with sometimes. Good luck everyone....
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6 years ago, Akapattie
Not fun!
In the 1500 free points I got my bet back 6 times betting max bet (10) and 2 times 6 of the 10 numbers. Quickly uses up credits. I always avoid this type of keno game that have to match half the numbers to just get your credits back. No fun at all!
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6 years ago, Quilt boss
Hard to accumulate points.
I enjoy the game but I refuse to buy points because it's too easily lost!
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5 years ago, Sunny in Hickory
I play a lot of games and am very surprised how little you receive in your initial start up and the bonus every 4 hours of 5??? How do they expect you to play? Love the format just hate I never have any points to play.
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5 years ago, Debo888
Great game
When I go to casino, one of my favorite games to play . Glad I can play at home now .
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5 years ago, Judzzz
Worst keno game ever
I have played a lot of keno on electronic machines. This game doesn’t even come close to comparing. First off you normally need only 4 out of 10 to win back your bet. This game requires 5 The chances of winning on this game are slim to none. I’m deleting it from my device.
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7 years ago, Jon1225
The game is fun. I get the 4x last number just enough to keep it interesting. Thanks.
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2 years ago, CA kushking
The five point free gift deal is a joke, with the odds so one sided, a free gift of no less than twenty I think would be more appropriate,,,,
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5 years ago, mare2255
I feel the same, you wait 4 hours for 5 points, hardly worth it. And 5 is what you usually get.
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8 years ago, Evans0613
Super fun
Very addicting game! I wish I won a little more but that's what keeps me coming back
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11 months ago, Yrfulcrap
Disappointed player
It’s so hard winning on any of the keno games especially when they are just for fun!!!!
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3 weeks ago, Cheap stupid slots
Cheap site
Your free coins are the cheapest that I have ever seen anywhere . everyone should delete this site a absolute joke for coins
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7 years ago, Spaguy55
Very much fun. Like the casinos Doesn’t pay to play anymore. Very tight pay out. Only play to break from others games.....
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3 years ago, eers 53
I have hit the same box for over a year and have never the 1,000. And mostly hit 5 pity
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4 years ago, not enjoying game
This game is only fun if you buy points, and they don’t last long.
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5 years ago, free credtis
Lousy free gift credits
Like the game but are you kidding me 5 cent free gift credits!!!
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6 years ago, shh365
Who gives a bonus of 5! REALLY!!!
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6 years ago, EdAvAd
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7 years ago, JeanWiebs
Fun but cannot play long
I have been playing this game a long time but only a few mi utes at a time. The claim of more credits every four hours is misleading. When four hours is up you are prompted to pick your free credits from several boxes. I have never had more than 250 credits with mostly getting 25 or even 5 credits. They don't last long at all even when playing pennies. When I emailed Robert he said they were working on upgrades to change that. That was several weeks ago and no upgrade. Too bad cause it is a fun game but little wins.
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10 years ago, Bisbeeboy
1000 Coin "Gift" Scam
I have been playing this game for several weeks along with this developer's Poker game. They both offer a "gift" of coins (credits) every 4 hours. There are 24 gift boxes to choose from in both games. Odds are that you will hit the 1000 box approximately 4% of the time. After collecting the gift over 100 times in both games, I have never hit the 1000. The odds are prohibitively long against this. Obviously, the developer is not handing out "gifts" randomly. The game is rigged. The game itself is fun, except for having to wade through a maze of pop ups offering everything from other games to jewelry!
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7 years ago, Dodgersfan1632
Keno keno 4X
Love playing this game but have to agree. Coins don't last long and when you pick from all the boxes chances are you will get 5, 10 or 25 coins. Very, very rare to get 250. I think free coins could be upgraded to more coins and maybe every hour instead of four hours. I am a keno addict!
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8 years ago, Nagme2death
The constant pop ups during play begging for a rating are annoying. Okay, here's your review. When we say no, we mean no. When we say we don't want to play other advertised games, by hitting no, why do you take us out of the game? The odds are okay, but not like Vegas odds. That's okay. It's an adjustment. The game is good for developing strategy. I can't wait to be asked again if I want to leave a comment! It only gets worse from here!
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9 years ago, SoCal Mz
Fun to play
Love playing video keno at the casinos, this game is fun to play, but payoffs are lower, so it is harder to get points. Wish the chance of getting more free points every 4 hours was better, but then they wouldn't make money as you wouldn't have to buy your points to play.
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9 years ago, Turlie 247
Keno Keno 4x
I love this Game! I buy bags of coins and I'm able to have days of fun ( unlike other casino games who take you $$ and don't let you win. I recommend this game to all Keno Lovers
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10 years ago, Keno Superstar
The game freezes when bonus comes out
Game freezes whenever the bonus comes out and I have to shut the game down!!! It's a good game, lots of fun, just like playing at the casino! I'd give it more stars if they'd fix that problem.
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8 years ago, Pokee62
Need to get more hits. Too tight with them. Can not seem to win anything on this anymore .I at one time had over a thousand credits. Now I get nothing.
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9 years ago, Dewy1949
Keno 4x
Love the game. Bonuses are an added plus. Saves s drive to the casino and doesn't hurt nearly as badly when the winning isn't good!!!
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7 years ago, Mr.Cooper63
Still making Robert rich
Like all of his apps, except for KenoKeno, the payouts are a joke, bonuses are rare and the free coins are a true token of his appreciation for wasting your time with his app. If you are foolish enough to buy credits they will be consumed faster than food by an Ethiopian at an all you can eat buffet. Don't waste your hard earned money.
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8 years ago, BryanNalani
Very fun
Entertained for as long as my bonus coins last
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8 years ago, Y4urap
Like game but
Hard to win on,purchased credits ate up faster than if I was playing on there credits
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8 years ago, Sunshine grl
Keno keno 4
I have 9 of your keno games on my iPhone and love all of them. Thanks for the playtime
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8 years ago, Jack8041
I like this game!!
Keno is one of my faves so to be able to play it anytime is great for me.
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9 years ago, Bratlii
This app stinks
The only reason I gave it one star is because you can't give it zero. I have played keno for years, both at home and at the casinos. I would MUCH rather have the casinos odds than mr. Suh's. Uninstalling and I won't be installing another of his apps.
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8 years ago, Kanichole
It's fun but stingy
My mom loves this game but it doesn't payout too well. The gifts aren't too high either, but I guess it's better than nothing.
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10 years ago, TELYHA
This game is just like the casino your numbers don't come in till you finally leave them lol
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10 years ago, Yancori
Scam game
Been playing game for 3weeks and on the free gift section I only get either 5 or10 credits. To me this game could be fun if you get at least the credits that you can get in other similar games (100,up to500) every 4 hrs." Not fun game to me"
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10 years ago, Wickkedsystem
Good game!
This game is as good as it gets! Lots of points ! This is a game that will keep you going !
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9 years ago, B&C174
I myself play a lot of keno at the casino. Your odds of winning are better at the casino and the 1000 free coins is a joke been playing regularly for months have yet to win
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11 years ago, Dee1175
It's annoying to have to re-bet every time you want to change your numbers. Deleting it!
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10 years ago, genearch
4xBonus Keno
Great game works as great as in Casinos but you come home with your money, Love It
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8 years ago, Maniac Ego
Can be challenging similar to Vegas but it's still fun!
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9 years ago, Chantapanya
This game blows. You don't hit squat and you don't win squat. Not sure if it makes me wanna go to a casino or not lol
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9 years ago, Can't wait to use it
Keno 4
It's okay could be a lot better.
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10 years ago, MonMosa
OK not great fun
Few wins, get more action from real casino game. Free great are worthless.
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9 years ago, MaWagz
I win more often at the casino.
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