KERA Public Media App

4.4 (208)
27.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KERA Public Media App

4.37 out of 5
208 Ratings
6 years ago, Inspector Hound
Just what I Needed!
KERA is virtually the only radio station I listen to, even when I’m out of town. This app makes it available whenever and wherever I need it, not just for reliable current news but to expand my mind and call to mind things I had forgotten.
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5 years ago, HausBone
Great station, streaming is maddening
I really, really like the station and the coverage. This two star rating is not because of the station but because of how it streams. About once an hour, a “support from our sponsors” ad will come on. It will come on over the top of any story you are listening to. Can you get that I had to show up between stories? If a call comes in through the device that I am streaming the station on, the automatically story pauses. Great, right? Nope. You get about 30 seconds from where are you paused, then streaming jumps to the live broadcast. Today, I am listening to NPR live coverage of a congressional event. I got to listen to both the “support from our sponsors“ ad, and the NPR commentators at the exact same time, talking over each other like talk radio pundits. Really, a fantastic radio station. But please, address the streaming interruptions. I really look forward to my driveway moments.
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4 years ago, RooMom11
App closes itself after about 30-40 minutes
My 2 stars aren’t for KERA. They’re for this app. I love KERA and have used this app since it was available. However, in the last month or so it’s started closing itself automatically and randomly in the middle of a “story” between 30 and 40 minutes into my listening. I have a highly-functioning iPhone and strong bandwidth. I’m not using any other function of my phone when listening, and no other live streaming app does this to me. I usually go back and reopen the app again when this happens, but then I get the intro piece and miss some of the stories. Today I decided that from now on when KERA drops me, I’m just going to switch to another news app for the duration of my daily listening.
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4 years ago, ETexK
A Frustration-Free Way to a Listen
I live in the eastern portion of the state, in an apparent fringe area for KERA radio reception. Some days the reception is great; some days we get nothing. With the app and my phone’s Bluetooth connection however, I can listen uninterrupted in the car despite the quality of the radio reception. Since it’s basically the only station to which I consistently listen, the app has proven to be a great resource for frustration-free listening.
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1 year ago, sorry product
Great station, terrible app
Terrible, poorly implemented and annoying Advertising detract from what a great station has to broadcast. I literally hate using the app and avoid it if i can. Sometimes i can’t avoid it in order to hear the broadcast. It makes me want to revoke my monthly donations. And i get closer to stopping my monetary support each time because the app is so maddening. Comments to the developer amount to “sorry” or “we are working on it” or “ turn it off, then turn it back on” ie, no real help. Good luck KERA i think you you need a different developer/app vendor. Btw, only posted this review because KERA invited me to.
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6 years ago, TracyTX
My favorite station on MY schedule
This app works really well. I love KERA, but my meetings and work schedule doesn’t always match up with my favorite shows. I LOVE getting to catch up on the Texas Standard or Morning Edition or any of my favorite shows when I have the time. And I love being able to tune in live from anywhere via my phone since one doesn’t always have a radio nearby.
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7 years ago, TKTcbmGRLB
Why did I not know about this?
No more sitting in the car waiting I can take the radio to go! Pick up right I left off to finish the story. Not to mention when I am in the office and I want to listen to an interview live... this makes interacting possible instead of being he odd ball reaching out long after the episode actually airs.
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2 years ago, BuddyMaxx
Relevant, unbiased and timely news and information
I have relied on KERA and NPR for several years now. Checking on it more frequently during the day now, since the war in Ukraine has developed. Reporters, reporting, and other shows are truly unbiased, and I appreciate that very much.
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6 years ago, AbstractScope_
I am currently seventeen years old, and I listen to KERA with my father every morning in the car. I decided to download this application so I can listen to Morning Edition while I wait for my courses to begin at school. This application exceeded my expectations, and I will continue to listen to Morning Edition and other KERA shows!
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6 years ago, Geminigirl621
Long Distance Listener
As a native Texan from the DFW area, I began listening to KERA from its inception. I now live in Colorado, but listen to KERA as well as my local PBS station, switching between the two throughout the day to hear my faves in both places. It’s a great way to stay connected to my original station.
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5 years ago, FanOfKERA
Frustrating Live Stream
Love KERA but the app needs improvement. When using live broadcast the app loses the stream often. It stops constantly; repeats the station identification message randomly; and sometimes the stream doesn’t return and I have to restart the app. Only happens with live broadcasts; podcasts work fine. Notice others posted the same concern a year ago. Why hasn’t this been fixed?
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2 years ago, dept of listening
KXT is my DJ
Great new music & streaks of songs to deliver a relevant mood. The more I think about it the more I love it. Everything you love about public radio applied to great music. No jarring ads or debasing stunts. Local and latest indie tunes too. The world I want to live in.
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4 years ago, CA Noreen
Love this app
This is a great tool to stay informed. If you know the name of the show you can easily find what you are looking for. I wish the searching capability was better but I highly recommend it none the less.
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4 years ago, 52twists
Great app
Love my local station and I’m so glad it has a professional and really functional app. I listen to the show live often and love that I can go find shows an listen to/read them after they’ve aired.
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4 years ago, Tex in Dallass
Great app except for sharing
App works great. Easy to search for stories and streams good. However, when I try to share a story the app shuts down. This has been going on for awhile. Please fix. I have reported issue before.
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4 years ago, chic chick/blessed lady
Very unhappy with this app!!!
Won’t even let me rate this update at less than two stars What kind of honesty is that? My intelligent news radio station has evaporated Morning Edition was my introduction to the break of day Now music that I don’t want bombards my ears When in the afternoon yesterday I wanted to hear All Things Considered, I had to go to the NPR app to hear it And I did— but interspersed with news of Kentucky, not Texas Turned out to be a Louisville station! Bummer U could at least have informed me of this major shift in your approach, KERA!! Had u done so, I could have avoided “updating” my app Bottom line =. Deplorable customer service More donations from me? Probably not Belinda Vrielink
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5 years ago, llientz
Easy, informative, accessible
I love the KERA app as much as I love KERA tv and radio. It’s easy to find shows, schedules, and information. It makes my frequent travels away from home easier when I can hear familiar voices of reliable news.
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6 years ago, Chandra 001
Love this public radio
KERA is my default radio while driving. Can’t imagine without this radio station. Use this app to listen to podcasts and news when I am not driving.
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5 years ago, Vik the head
Love KERA, love the app
KERA provides great radio programming, and the app provides the perfect way to enjoy my favorite station from anywhere in the world. Streaming is seamless for the most part, and I like the program highlights on the home screen.
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5 years ago, Dog Walker Chuck
KERA app
I am a dog walker and love listening to KERA on my Apple Ear Buds. I started listening to This American Life in my car driving to my client’s house. It was a great story about the 2017 senate election in Alabama. Because is the app I could listen to the rest of the program. It is great.
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3 years ago, Robinlbirdy
Love KERA!
I’ve moved from Dallas but don’t like the my new local NPR station - this app has an easy live stream and I love that the THINK sessions are all on demand! Perfect for road trips:) I wish they had TED Hour on demand too!
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5 months ago, Hlestringm
Working with the new version
I like the new version. Plays well and is intuitive in function.
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4 years ago, schootingstar
Superior news coverage with Judy Woodruff and her colleagues. Outstanding and intelligent special stories on the wide variety of series, and extraordinary educational shows... I trust KERA and PBS for honest and inspiring television every day - what would we do without KERA!
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6 years ago, crow selinger
Listen daily
I listen to KERA through their website everyday while working at my desk. Don’t know how I would make it through the day without it!
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5 years ago, okthenwelp
Look, this app is great
Having access to NPR on the go is probably the best gift ever, and even more that it’s free; this app with it being free and being KERA automatically gives it a high rating.
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6 years ago, CASRTX
Hearing what you missed...
It is great to hear the entire program rather than pieces while traveling about. Easy to use too.
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6 years ago, AutomaticCandy
Best NPR app!
I don't live in TX anymore but still use this app. My local station (a very big city and major station) frequently loses the stream, buffers, and has audio errors. Not KERA!
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4 years ago, JohaDominic
Simply fantastic!
I love the speed in which the news are given. You don’t get bored at any moment. The app runs so good as well.
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7 years ago, Jordanparis
Works well
Nothing to say, it works well. It’s a bit too much on the left side of the political spectrum but it’s a radio I like to listen.
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7 years ago, pschum1
I can't come up with a complaint about this app, and it's sooo frustrating! The point I took off is because I have lots of network connection problems, and NOT the fault of KERA!
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7 years ago, heretiq
The KERA app, like the station, is excellent. It just works and allows easy access to all of the thoughtful, informative and inspiring KERA programming wherever I happen to be. Well done.
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1 month ago, American kNegro
Even In The Great Beyond
Having the app keeps me connected even when I’m over seas.
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2 weeks ago, michaelrfisher
The app’s feature set is fine, but when playing back audio it goes silent and buffers every 5 minutes or so. It’s annoying enough that I’m considering a different station as my NPR feed.
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5 years ago, willagriffin
How I stay informed
KERA is my go to station. I listen to it everyday to keep up on the news and to be a more informed citizen. I listen on weekends to be entertained and informed.
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2 years ago, Mickey Cooper
I’ve been watching KERA for at least 50 years. Never had any complaints. I now enjoy watching on my iPad. Great app and great programming. Mickey Cooper Emory Texas
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5 years ago, jcarr500
When I nav out then back in again, it picks up when it left off (on live broadcast) then after a minute or so, cuts back to the live cast. My other NPR apps don’t do that. Also randomly just cuts out, no sound. Have switched to listening to WNYC even when here in Ft Worth. Have tried deleting and re-downloading to no avail.
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4 years ago, boxrosedallas
Real journalism at your fingertips
Objective reporting on current events and interesting stories—accessed from an easy to navigate app!
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4 years ago, darjeelinger
Works beautifully
The stream is stable, and it’s a quick and easy way to assess KERA. Highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, Jacob Fort Worth
Solid App
It works great. Doesn’t try to do too much. Gives the people what they want.
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5 years ago, JBP1962
Easily to stream
It’s easy to stream and browse articles, no complaints!
Show more
5 years ago, rgraydbarett
I like it
I like it. Especially the delay( intentional or not), makes listening easier.
Show more
5 years ago, Trent1960
Crashes and hangs
For years no matter what device or carrier this app has problems freezing crashing and hanging. I hate to say it but its true. No other app has ever presented even 1/10th of the problems this one has. Not to mention we have to listen to a commercial for SMU on every start.
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6 years ago, AndzSidewayz8
Works great on my iPhone
Works great on my iPhone and I like how I can browse recent shows of Think
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1 year ago, ecwred
KERA is the app I take everywhere to keep me informed in a professional and non bias way.
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6 years ago, gyrlllllfriend
Love it
This is my go to for up to date news.
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7 years ago, 806DoubleT
Love it
Love the station! The app makes it extremely convenient to listen anytime!!
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5 years ago, Hunter_ATL
Kera is a Professional App
It always keep me informed. Business News as it should be.
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4 years ago, FULLEST_DEGREE
So impactful, though I give 4 stars for leaning a bit liberal on not providing conservative viewpoints when their having guests defend the progressive agenda.
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6 years ago, Tom Cox III
Streaming live from my phone.
It’s a godsend when I’m not near a radio.
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7 years ago, jennlobb
Constantly restarts
I have to listen to that long station identification message over and over because the app keeps dropping the stream. One performance issue spoils an otherwise good app.
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