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User Reviews for Keynote

4.15 out of 5
38.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Señor Sawyer
Great! A Few Suggestions, Though
When I first got this iPad, I thought Keynote was just one of those useless apps that just happens to appear on your device once you get it. Then one day I decided to try it out; and believe me, I was wrong. It’s awesome!!! I do like everything on it. But there was one day I did do a presentation on Keynote, and there is one thing that I needed to do for it that you can do on Keynote. That was to remove background on videos. You can remove background perfectly fine on photos. Why not on videos? It’s just like a photo, but it captures movement and sound. so my one and only request of this amazing and functional app is that it can remove background on videos. and this word REALLYE the best app ever if it was easier to use your finger and/or Apple Pencil and draw on the presentation. I later found out that there is a way to do that, but I would appreciate it if I could access the drawing toolbox a bit easier.
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1 year ago, yara and raya
So cool
When I got my iPad, I saw this app all the time and I thought, “ Why do they put this app on here, I don’t think we would need it.” ZThen, it was getting closer to my dads sisters birthday. She took care of us when my mom was in the hospital and spent nearly all her money on us. I thought she really did something really special for everything she did so I decided I would look through the apps that I’ve never been on and I came up to the Keynote app.I tried it out and I saw that you could use by and I decided that I would you know just kinda like put some nice birthday stuff on there. Put a nice happy birthday song and have some nice note her husband had some things I wanted to say to her you know romance, so we decided that he could pick some poems on there. Then there can my uncle/my aunt which is the birthday girls brother. And he said what are you doing for the a lot of my iPad when I was on keto and I told him that I was really making a surprise for my aunt. Let’s call her candy. My uncle also wanted to do something so he said let’s go get some balloons and cake. Then in the evening of her birthday we got the cake from Maya and the balloons from a party place and the things you like the most was the presentation on keynote. It made her super happy.
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1 year ago, Addison0320
Ive been doing family writing/presentations and i was looking for an app. I was at school, and they asked me to download keynote. I saw it on my page on my iPad at home, and since I knew how good it was, I went on and downloaded it. With normal apps like this, there would be ads, interruptions, and other things to get you off task. But with this there are 0 ads, 0 interruptions, and 0 of all the other bad stuff. It was easy to add pictures and texts, the selection of next slides make it easy, The only thing I would add is putting the video in the presentation. Like not a link. So the next slide I could just press play and choose the size of the video so I could maybe have some notes on the side or something like that. Another this is different colored texts and fonted texts. Overall amazing app, I will recommend this to my family members. Thanks for reading my review!
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11 months ago, ranDMC77
So, like, this is like iMovie and slides merged together… creating something better. I love keynote. And I’ve been playing this for 5 minutes. So some of you might think, ‘oh nah you should play it for longer before you Judge it or else the game might turn out to be bad and you’ll be heartbroken so don’t think that it’s good yet’ but I have a feeling that this game is going to be very fun for me. In slides, you don’t really have the option for all these fonts and the insert photos and all the details, and you can’t choose the background of the presentation, which you can do in iMovie, but iMovie is quite glitchy and laggy and never saves my work…so when I downloaded this 5 minutes ago, I knew this was going to be a creating game that I would use in every second of my free time. I’d like to thank whoever came up with keynote and everyone who helped bring it to life.
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2 months ago, Dark_Beast_Ganon
Almost Perfect
As someone who absolutely loves Keynote for macOS, it’s nice to have that near-identical functionality available on my iPad. Sadly, it isn’t perfect. Barring the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to exit presentations being shown on the iPad until today (swipe with 3 fingers for anyone else who’s lost), it doesn’t support presentation remotes like PowerPoint or Google Slides on iPad. I know that’s a bit of a nitpick, and that there’s an option to use your iPhone as a remote, but A) I don’t have an iPhone, and B) The macOS version of Keynote DOES support presentation remotes. Having an actual presentation remote with laser pointer makes giving presentations more dynamic, and since I pretty much use my iPad in lieu of my laptops for college, not having this feature is disappointing.
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1 month ago, Wicked Claws
Improved but still frustrating
Keynote has improved dramatically and is functional as a slide creator but there are still issues. - Autoscroll when zoomed in is erratic, taking selected item careening off its prior location - menu disappearing when zoomed in but tapping to get the menu unselects item, no way around except zooming out which makes item selection or grabbing handles difficult - exporting to GIF is fragile and breaks if the GIF has anything more than a simple animation, symptom is the preview and save menu option disappear, only Save to Files available - when saving a single slide as a JPEG the default range should be only the slide or slides selected - no way to turn off spline curve grabbing nearby objects, should be option to turn that off like there is for Edge Alignment; work around is to group spline curve to off slide object so spline can be manipulated without being hijacked - slide menu on LHS of screen should be able to be hidden without it auto-appearing again by toggling on slide number indicator - zoomed in views not allowed to go beyond edge of slide, making sizing handles impossible to grab - modifications menu for things like font changes obscure what is being changed; either allowing the pull down to pull-off and float over slide or the ability to center select item on the screen behind the menu would mitigate this problem Please keep improving Keynote
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6 months ago, slicjcifhdi
This is what happens when you change something that didn’t need to be fixed
This app was perfectly fine to begin with, but now that you needed to update and add whatever features you decided to add you made the app harder to use. What should be easy like adding text into the grid or changing the slide size is now complicated. STOP CHANGING THINGS WHEN UPDATING APPS! IT DOESNT NEED TO BE FIXED. ADD WHAT YOU WANT AND LET THE REST BE. What was even the point in making such an un-intuitive app? What was the point of making things harder for people to use? What was the point in fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed? Did someone ask you to make it more complicated or did you decided to wake up and mess up your app for no other reason other than boredom! I am so sick of people changing things to App that don’t NEED TO BE FIXED. IT DIDNT NEED IT! Then Apple has the nerve to force me to update. That’s what really grinds my gears. I DIDNT EVEN WANT TO UPDATE THE APP, and now I got a useless update that makes everything so difficult! GOD!
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6 months ago, my name is April
Just like everything Apple
It is very hard to use and understands. It locks up when you’re trying to play back with no option to return to application saved it just has to get closed. Again, the people that make all Apple products are PROGRAMMERS. We aren’t programmers. Why can you not make the products user friendly. When I had androids they were pretty much self explanatory, step by step m, almost always instinctual as to how to use them. I resent paying so much for Apple products when I cannot use all the functions because I’M NOT A PROGRAMMER. I’ve used computers for over fifty years. I’ve helped programmers tailor programs based on how they were being used. I’ve monitored them and I’ve explained to programmers how the programs should work as opposed to how they were ACTUALLY working and then tested them after they were altered for accuracy and efficiency. Apple wears me out with all the research that has to be done just to figure out how to do something that should’ve been so f’ng simple.
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6 years ago, Tiffodo
Basic Features Missing
As others have stated, dragging to select would be so much more efficient. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to select and reselect because of multiple layers of objects...and it just never seems to work properly. I instinctively keep trying to use my Apple Pencil to work with, only to scribble all over my work. Also, why is it that when I group objects together, I can’t link them? For example, I have font on top of a shape and want to link them both to another slide, so I grouped them. I have to link both the text and the shape in order for this to work? I’ve probably spent double the time on my project than necessary if the app just offered basic functions. It’s also incredibly frustrating that when I zoom, the toolbar blocks the top of my slide completely, so the only way I’m able to navigate small shapes at the top of my slide is to be zoomed out...but I can’t use my Apple Pencil to navigate the elements of my slide in place of my fingers!
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4 years ago, Thegrandgee
Ok, but unusable for what I’m doing
I’m trying to make lectures for my class and the Apple Pencil works well with Keynote. As I present my presentation I add annotations so I can do our math problems. Unfortunately the ‘done’ button is near where my right hand will rest while making annotations. This clears the screen in the middle of the annotations, making me start over. Also, there is no option to keep the annotations once you are done with the presentations. I like making the slides in keynote better than PP, but I can keep the annotations in PP and not have to start over since there isn’t a done button in PP. the pencil doesnt work as well (switching colors brings down a drop down menu in PP where it appears at the bottom in Keynote) but starting over because I bumped the button is infuriating. I managed to waste a good amount of time and have nothing to show for it. If it’s possible to move the colors and done button, that would be great but I haven’t found anything about it so far.
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6 years ago, Designers dream
My Go To App for Business!
I have 3 very different businesses. I have used Keynote for years! It is the most flexible presentation software I have ever found! I have always had to use both Microsoft and Apple platforms. I finally committed to going 100% Apple because of 2 major strengths; Ease of Use and Flexibility! In Keynote you will be able to create a beautiful professional looking presentation in minutes versus the days you would spend in any other program. This saves my businesses time and money! While at the same time making me money because the final product is visually powerful. Always gets my point across with stunning clarity. I highly recommend this product whether you are a first time user or a seasoned professional. You are only limited by your own imagination!
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3 weeks ago, Opop4
Review on the current version: 6/2/24
As an experienced PowerPoint user, I used to hate this app. Thought it was virtually worthless. The current version makes it much easier to generate an outline on my iPhone (especially given my neuropathy) I still need to learn how to use my iCloud to move the ones I wrote today over to the Mac, which will be a superior environment for developing them further, and then eventually for moving them over to the Vision Pro, which will be a huge upgrade in my overall capabilities (especially given the several other disabilities that I have been developing since retirement 18 years ago. The added features possible on the Vision Pro do look particularly interesting, down the road.
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1 year ago, meLikeCheez
This is awsome
THIS APP IS AMAZING! so i was driving in my cocomelon car but then ī realized my dominoes pizza 🍕 was too cold 🥶. I got angry and put the manager in the oven. so i then went into among us and killed everyone 📮. I then fell into the sewers and went into the mario pipe into the mario movie 🎥🏃‍♂️💨. Then key note activated the “You went into a pipe” feature. I then saw a giant bullet bill that mario was aiming at the pipe. I quickly got out before it came 😮‍💨. I then bought cocomellon and made it have all the kids in it called keynote. I then bought everything on the planet 🌎 and made them called keynote. I also bought every other thing and made them called keynote. WE MUST HAVE KEYNOTE. 🙄🙄🥱🤕🤑🤒🤒🤧🤧🤤🤤😮😑😶🫤🤥🫡🤫🫠🫢🤭🫣😨😰😶‍🌫️🥶😱🥵🤬😡😡🤯🥶😰🤯🤯🤯🤯😓🤭🤫😥😶‍🌫️🤭🫤🙄😯😑😶
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1 month ago, Viv🍕!
I like it
Hi I have done a lot of editing and this app lets you have a lot of creativity but I do this on our iPad and when you do like a presentation and you have to write the text it’s hard to actually text what you want to write and I always just thought it was kind of annoying so I always just did my voice for the text and I didn’t write it so maybe they should fix this but if they don’t, I can just keep doing this but if you agree, just I don’t know other than that. I think it’s a pretty good app and you can do a lot of editing and it’s nice to have when you’re just want to do it and you don’t have Google slides or something in summary, I really like it except texting the words I hope that makes sense
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3 years ago, Red Grange
One of the Best Apps Ever
I use Keynote constantly and for most graphics needs (not just presentations- although Keynote blows PowerPoint away in that regard as well). I have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud library of software and use it for some detailed projects, but for about 85% of may needs, I can create graphic solutions in much less time, with much greater ease (Keynote is not cluttered like Adobe software tends to be), and with same results. Apple should expand Keynote functionality and promote it much more as a wonderful graphics program (and some simple animations) that go far beyond just presentations. It is even useful in authoring personal books and picture-based journeys. Best app ever.
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5 years ago, jwrights94
Fix the rotate feature!!!
There’s a lot of great things about this app, but let’s be honest, Apple, you’ve really really dropped the rotate feature on this app for iPad. In theory, it makes sense, use two fingers to rotate the object to the direction you want and yes I know how Apple loves multi touch features. However, this one is down right annoying!! It takes you waaaaaaay longer to rotate something than it needs too. I have been trying to rotate an image for 20 minutes! I just can’t grab the image to rotate it. A lot of times the same thing happens when you want to move an object too. It’s like the app doesn’t recognize the fact you’re actually trying to interact with it. So please, please, please add a rotate button to the images and objects you’re working with because it’s very frustrating when you’re trying to do a 1 second thing and it takes literally 20 minutes.
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5 years ago, Savanah
Awesome! But could use a little more features
I’m a college student and keynote is my go-to when it comes to editing my powerpoints during lectures. However, I wish it had more utensils to work with. Mainly just a highlighter (that appears behind the text rather than over the text). Also, it would be nice have folders that you can sort the files into. I use the tabs for now, but I feel like it would be easier to arrange them into folders. Lastly, I would like to suggest being able to star certain slides on the powerpoints. This will help when going back to important slides or knowing which slides I need to study a bit more.
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6 years ago, Mark#itnow
iPhone 5s remote feature broken Fixed
Apple why did you break the remote feature in keynote for the best device ever by size ( small ) iPhone 5s. I do not have an SE. I am able to link to newer iPhones without issue. However the iPhone 5s will not see a remote to link to it nor will it display itself on a device you are linking it to. However if you cancel trying to link the device running the presentation you are attempting to link to crashes every time. So something is being done. It is just blocked. Please reenable remote keynote feature to the iPhone 5s. I had to delete the app on my iPhone 5s and redownload it. Works perfectly now.
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2 years ago, Designlove56
Love keynote
Keynote is such a powerful tool for many things not just presentations. Things would be a lot better if your text bounding box didn’t have padding, it would be better if it went around the lettering like a vector software. Would also love to see more unique animations, and would love to have even more deep control over them. Would also love to see a dead simple tool to make ground up animations, if anyone can pull that off it would be you guys. Also, we really hope we get the ability to export a video with a transparent background on the iOS version.
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1 year ago, eliax
The only thing holding back Keynote is iCloud
I love Keynote and it has been my main presenting tool for years. However, in recent times I wish I could work on the same presentation on both my Mac and iPad (and sometimes, iPhone), and although in theory that is possible using iCloud’s File app, but the issue is that the iCloud’s File app synchronization speed is very slow, and often times I have different versions of the presentation. For example, if I create a folder on iCloudon my Mac, it takes a very long time for that simple operation to show up on my iPad.
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1 year ago, Imad Shehadeh
Superb app and a couple of suggestions for improvement
Keynote is simply fantastic. I use it almost daily. However, I would like to make a couple of suggestions for improvement: 1. In showing a presentation, I often would like to go back to the previous build only. But when I go back, Keynote takes me to the beginning of the slide instead, and not to the previous build. 2. Would it be possible to copy formatted text in the presenter's notes so that it stays with its original format, such as text color, bold, italic, paragraph formatting, etc.
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4 years ago, Gaikokujin5
Could be better
Worked Keynote on my iPhone With no problem. The only issue here is that the app won’t slow you to edit after viewing. You would need to completely shut down the app, reopen it and go from there. Another thing also is that when sharing with other people to add/edit, collaboration of work flow is not smooth. You can’t simultaneously work on the same project with other people at same time which is a bit frustrating because the changes are not immediate and can get a bit confusing on what is added/edited it.
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7 years ago, sandimas
Good, but could be a lot better
The app is solid. But, it could be so much better with very little imagination and effort (especially for the soon-to-be trillion-dollar company that makes the iPad Pro!). For example, Keynote needs drag to select. Long touch at a particular spot to activate selection mode and bring up crosshairs. Drag the finger, during which a dotted rectangle dynamically follows to show you what you are selecting. Lift finger, and all items touching the rectangle have been selected. Upon lifting finger, show popover action menu. This is pretty straightforward, and countless other apps already do it. The current approach of selecting one item at a time while keeping another finger on an "anchor" item is silly and slow for slides that have many graphical objects. Keynote developers need to work with OmniGraffle for a day. I get it that Keynote probably doesn't want to be as intricate as OmniGraffle with multitouch, but still.... there are some basic things (like drag to select) that could be done so much more intuitively and creatively to truly capture the magic of touch interface.
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5 years ago, Velamcco
Good, though presenter notes could be stronger
I love using Keynote and do so regularly. It’s great that I can now use special formatting in the presenter notes, such as bold, italics, different colors of text, etc. I do that because these are easy-to-see symbolic reminders of things I need to do during a presentation. What’s frustrating, however, is that, when using my iPad as the remote for my iPhone for a presentation, all of that special formatting disappears and the text is generic! All of my symbolic reminders are then useless. So, what’s the point of being able to use these features when creating the presenter notes if they’re not going to be visible when actually giving a presentation?
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4 years ago, gdmbenson1
Please make an in-window play mode
I love Keynote, use it all the time, but one major drawback is that when you play a presentation it automatically goes to full screen with no option of playing in a window. Due to the lockdown, I’m using Zoom for showing presentations and playing Keynote over Zoom is really difficult without an in-window play option - is there any way that you can add this feature? PowerPoint has it, surely you don’t want Microsoft to better you? 😜 please make it a feature - it’ll make my quarantined working from home so much easier! Thank you! 🙏🏼
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6 years ago, Avalovesmath123
Wow, keynote has stepped it up!
This might be my very first review on a product ever, but i had to because i seriously appreciate you guys stepping up your game like that. I like to be very visual when i teach and i make presentations for videos and math tutorials for my business, and i feel like a whole new set of possibilities has presented itself. Thank you, keynote people! You’re clearly not getting the credit you deserve in these reviews (for some freakin reason 🙄 like, can i see the presentation app that you made??), but ignore the haters, just keep doing you!
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6 years ago, the3pigsmama
Give us the option as to how we use our pencil
I have ruined and spent hours trying to do what i use to do in much shorter periods of time. All because now the pencil is just a writing tool. Where i could move small items before using my pencil so I could see what I was doing I am now I’m moving things below because my fingers are too large to see what I’ve selected. Give us the option to use our pencil as a writing instrument or as a tool for placement and precision. Seriously. I think we are smart enough to know how we want to use our over priced Apple Pencil. disappointed with the update, wishing I hadn’t hit that button. You got 2 stars because I still enjoy Keynote but as mentioned the update stinks.
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5 years ago, Haapsalu25
Good features
Keynote is pretty good. While it may not have features other presentation software has, it does have some individual characteristics. The animations are original and fun. The font selection is pretty good. The Magic Move features works so well. I don’t understand why people get so mad about no selection feature. If you’re that desperate, log onto iCloud on a computer, and go to Keynote. If you shared your presentations on iCloud, they should be there. You can select on computers. Overall, Keynote is really cool, and definitely beats out Slides and can compete with PowerPoint.
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4 years ago, ..Bean..
Great and simple to use!
This app was really simple to use and I barley had to have any instructions to know how to use it! Great for making fun little presentations for class, business, and whatever else you would like! I am a big fan of the fun and cool option they have for transitions between slides, it adds a fun little twist to presentations! When given the choice of what app to use to present I definitely go for keynote! Totally reccomend downloading! I would honestly give this fours stars and a half but I like the satisfaction of five stars :)
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5 years ago, janant98
Great presentation software
THANK YOU APPLE for adding support for action builds. This is a really solid presentation app, and I’m really happy to see how far the iOS version of Keynote has gotten since the early days. If there’s one thing I’d really like to have, I’d like an option to keep a copy of my presentation slides with annotations while presenting. It’s really useful to have when teaching other people and highlighting certain things during the presentation. I believe Powerpoint has this feature, and it would be really nice to have this on Keynote.
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4 years ago, AwsumPosum
Good but a few problems
If I’m going to be completely honest, I was completely in love with the app! However, recently I’ve been seeing glitches happen. Here are some: 1. It normally takes at least 2+ minutes to put jut one photo in. It shows that I tried to put the photo in but I just have to keep exiting out of it and doing it all over again. I’ve tried rebooting it but it never ends up working out in the end. 2. I also would make it so that we can have the full screen background thing like it used to have. I really miss that part of keynote and I’ve just been having to duplicate the presentations and then deleting each slide over and over again. 3. I think it would be really helpful to be able to do “Instant Alpha” but on videos. Other than that, it’s an amazing app and there’s no other problems I’ve encountered.
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1 year ago, Felisker
Best app in the world
This is the best app in the world because you just make your slides and my students really feel good with this. I teach them really good. I’m also teach them today. I can teach you that it’s a really needs to be more star rated. How about we give you 2000 stars that is what my review is oh and also we have in this will help your students or course you can use it for fun birthday parties and really really a lot. I don’t know why, but this is the best app in the world so thanks.
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2 months ago, E man 234
It’s AWSOME but the background messes with my mind
It’s really awesome. I love making slideshow on it and showing them to my family. But there was one problem. as long as I’ve had Keynote on my tablet, I have to figure out how to change the background different colors or an image from my tablet. So I would ask next update u could make an easier way to change the background different colors or images that you specifically you that you have on your tablet or iPhone. Keep up the good work sincerely Ethan
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3 years ago, Original Siri
Ugh, nothing seems to be where it should be
I’m so used to apple products being so intuitive, yet this version of keynote is the worst. Nothing seems in the correct place. The insert text box is in with the shapes? So, I hunt for a long time before I find it because who would look there. The “more” tab is just everything but the kitchen sink. And things seem grouped in ways that don’t feel coherent. There should have been a lot more thought put into the organization of menus. And I think they should be somewhat comparable to where they are located with the desktop program. I also seem to constantly click the option menu and erase something I’ve just done.
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4 years ago, PowersJons
Something Is Wrong
When I first stared using Keynote it was perfect; so I purchased it. Since then it has gotten progressively worse! Every time they update it..about three hundred times seems gets worse. It hangs, it can’t fit the screen the way it use to. Also it doesn’t place the object on the canvas properly most times. I know it only cost $5.00..I think.. but it was worth more when I first bought. There are no ads when you buy it. It was a great app two years ago, now it’s almost worthless. It is better than most PPP’s out there but it’s acting up so bad I’m forced to look for another; sorry guys.🙂
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1 year ago, jkjkllll
Great but…
I really love this app. I prefer keynote over PowerPoint just because it’s part of the Apple ecosystem and of course feels much more “polished.” However, one thing PP has over keynote is the marking up. When I mark up my slides with the Apple Pencil I should be able to do so while still seeing my notes…and the markups should stay on the screen. It’s quite an essential feature for me to be able to markup AND still see my notes. This vital feature for me, forces me to use PP. Please Apple, add this one feature.
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4 years ago, Lolapaints
Photos don’t upload properly
Keynote has the ability to be the most important app I use. However, it takes about three times as long to use it as it should. Photos will not insert properly into my presentations. I’m using an iPad and iPad Pro and both of them have the same problem. When I go to insert a photo nothing happens. I have to click through other pages and come back to try again, or crash my ipad to try and get it to refresh. It’s actually a nightmare of wasted time and I’m ready to pay for a different program that hopefully doesn’t have this MAJOR glitch.
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1 year ago, Sonicator844
The only slide making software I have ever not hated
Before this existed I had to make a presentation about once a year and used the Microsoft product. I hated the process so much that I blocked out all memory of it and had to relearn it again every year. I use Keynote to make documents and organize my thoughts for every presentation and also for things that are not presentations. I love this program and would give it seven stars if I could.
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1 year ago, kj_whodoff
Needs be have full functionality
I'm using this on the iPad Pro 12.9" and still do not have full functionality. My biggest complaint right now is that when I am linking slides, there is not an option to type the slide number. I have to scroll through a pop-up list of numbers and now that my work is 400 pages, long, it takes too long to scroll the entire list. A fill field to enter the slide number or being able to use the navigator pane to link elements to different slides would be incredibly useful. It's incredibly frustrating to spend so long on such a simple task.
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4 years ago, mrRodgers07
Frustrating to use after updating to iOS 14
Use my iPad for most things, including creating my digital planners, and I sort of regret finally updating my iPad 6th generation to the iOS 14 so soon. Keynotes, among many other apps, seem to randomly close out and won’t open for anywhere from a few minutes or longer. There’s nothing wrong with my 6 gen, other than it’s roughly in its second year of age as I purchased it as soon as it dropped. Not a scratch, dent, smudge, nothing. It’s been in its case since it came home with me. Can’t possibly be from the treatment of the hardware. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Very annoying.
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2 years ago, PlaSMaRayBlaSTer
Love keynote if it wouldn’t take so long to duplicate
I really love this app because it helps me create the planner i want for myself and I’m trying to create one for my teachers students….. unfortunately it starts to go super slow and its frustrating because i can’t get it finished at all the duplicate button stays stuck for hours and it wont go anywhere especially if i have more then one selected to duplicate. If this would be fixed asap i would love it so much more!
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5 years ago, JD000000000000000
Keynote Really Is Better
So far as office products, I prefer Word over Pages and prefer Excel over Numbers. However, I very much prefer Keynote over Power Point. It does a decent job of converting between the two products. Keynote is more flexible, easier to use, and has more features. If transitions are your thing, people are always wowed by them in a Keynote presentation. It looks good on iPhone and very good on iPad. Using the iPhone as a remote for a Mac running a Keynote slide show is handy and impressive.
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1 year ago, TLCinNC
Love Keynote For Classroom and Church Use
Love Keynote! I started using it to teach teenagers. I was wonderful to create my own slides and to plan the lesson being able to make changes at the last minute. Connect to the classroom tv I could walk around the room engaging students from many angles without being stuck to a dry erase board. I now do my adult lessons AND plan my talks using Keynote. Helps me maintain eye contact with the group. Is there a way to do portrait slides vs just landscape?
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3 years ago, hasabeaineboofan
Ok this app is amazing!! I love it I use it I use it quite often! All the reviews might not seem that good but this app is amazing!! I love the transitions and all the filters you can add! I also love you can play back what you made! But it would be a bit better with music! The only problem which is not the apps fault is that I can't screen record what I made I should be blaming this iPad for that! (Old iPad old iPad) lol! Anyways have a great day-Mollie
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5 years ago, JaredC55555
Can’t see presenter notes when using Keynote Live
Huge oversight here by Apple. You cannot see your presenter notes while using Keynote Live unless you’re connnected to an external display. I use my iPad to control a Keynote Live presentation where people are tuning in online via a link to the presentation. Since I’m not connected to an ‘external display’, I cannot see my presentation notes. Ridiculous. It would be nice to see something similar to the ‘rehearse presentation’ while actually presenting to those tuning in online to the Keynote Live presentation link. Also, it would be great to be able to write on the presentation while giving it and have those viewing the presentation be able to see the annotations.
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3 weeks ago, Nora D🥒🥒🥒
My review
Keynote is a great app that I have used since I was a little 7 year old girl. I really recommend using this app. I usually use it as a presentation but you can use it in so many different ways! This app is free and you can get it on the App Store, unless you already have it. This app has so many different features. When making a presentation you can pick videos . This app is a 5 star review to me. What do you think?
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3 years ago, z@in@
Amazing, should add more objects though.
Keynote is probably one of the best apps I have ever downloaded before. I rick-roll my friend/family with it, I make stories, and a lot more for example sometimes I even make movies! But that only happened once. But when I try to get the object I need it isn’t there, (for example like, stoves, fans, and a broken heart,) so I have to make it. So if you can please make some new objects. I would really appreciate it. But everything else is amazing!
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6 years ago, bw4elvis
Keynote rocks!
I’m in love with this app. The interface is so clean and beautiful. The built in themes are lovely. They exude professionalism without appearing too business-like. Transitions are super smooth, not distracting. Being able to use the Apple Pencil is a major plus. The new layout is much friendlier, and reveals improvements that are both cosmetically pleasing and efficient. For those of us who do not create presentations daily, it’s ease of use and built-in help text are much appreciated. Bravo!
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6 years ago, Duenasm
“Can’t connect with helper applications” same is happening with can we use this app to work if it does not work, and there is no support??? Unbelievable and Unacceptable Update 3/12 - after a rather long wait with apple support, they were able to help.....for all of drive doc are causing problems while tryng to open pages or keynote documents.....solution: move doc from google drive to iCloud and problem solve...Apple and Google will have to find out what is happening there...increase rating to 3 stars...might update in the future...
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6 years ago, J3SSYJAMES
Latest Update ruined a great app
I’ve always loved keynote. Have used it religiously to power whole church services (pun intended). However the latest update with ios11 is clunky. Several glitches, one being copy and paste now freezes. Can’t move slides around without them automatically hiding under each other as drop down options. If you copy something from safari it automatically goes to free form instead of the normal title font. Makes things much harder. Lastly you can’t search for answers bcuz if you look for ios11 keynote update, it always refers you to the actual keynote where ios11 was announced. Please fix.
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