Kick the Buddy

4.6 (1M)
247.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playgendary Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kick the Buddy

4.6 out of 5
1M Ratings
2 years ago, gg vc fn gf
One of the best time wasters, but on…
First off, despite the problem I will mention later on in this review, let me say this right off the bat: I. LOVE. KICK THE BUDDY! It probably ranks among one of my absolute most favorite mobile games of all time. There is just something so fun about having a plush guy go through many different things, both harmful and helpful. I have loved his game ever since I played it way back in 2013, when another company owned it. I loved everything you could do to him, especially his reactions depending on the weapon! However, now its 2021, and this game is now owned by Playgendary. While I still love this game as much as I did years ago, there is one problem pretty much every mobile game nowadays has: THERE ARE ADS EVERYWHERE!!! I cannot go even 5 minutes, maybe even less, without having an annoying "oh no grandma hates you for messing up her apartment" ad pop up on my screen. Kill buddy? AD. Want to change weapons? AD. Doing nothing? AD AT THE BOTTOM. It's VERY annoying. Like all games, you can pay $0.99 to get rid of these ads. Normally, I don't do this and just uninstall right away, but that's what I will do since this is one of my absolute favorite games. In summary: If you aren't willing to pay an extra $0.99 for this game to avoid the ads, I suggest staying away from it and finding another time waster. Otherwise, you'll be entertained for WEEKS!
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2 years ago, Penny 2nd grader
Amazing But A Little Bad
This game is super fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s also very addicting. This game also has the right amount of violence in it; there’s really no blood. But to the fact that you can actually BURN and FREEZE Buddy to death is just cruel and mean. I like this game no matter how violent it is, I will always like this game. On my iPod, I don’t really get Jack - Pots but on my iPad I always get Jack - Pots and I just really like this game and I think everyone has the right to make good reports about this game. One thing that I would change though is how when you COULD get free gold you would only have to watch an Advertisement because to the people who CAN’T get those games it’s just totally unfair. It’s also kinda hard to see if your playing on a iPod. Maybe a iPhone. The thing that really gets on my nerves is that when you first play this game and you hit the Jack - Pot Button you get 5 spins because you just got the game which is OK with me but when you play the game and go hit the Jack - Pot Button again it only gives you 2 spins. Other than those problems or things that just might annoy a lot of people this game is really fun and I would suggest this game a ton. One of the things I also like is how when you press the home button twice and when you swipe up on the game Buddy’s all like “ Hey Where Are Tou Going?!” Buddy is really funny and should stay that way. This game is really fun and Thank You So Much For Making It!!!
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2 years ago, JonahJonah314
This game is, well, fantastic and I love how Buddy screams in pain. Maybe don’t advertise Kick the Buddy as a stress relief game, but as a game where you just want to see cartoon violence, like a cartoon show but you’re controlling it. Also, the part where you can get free gold by clicking ads and signing up for stuff, I understand it’s also there to help sponsors make money, but there are too many of those where you have to make a purchase or enter personal information. As a kid, I think that there should be more of those fun quizzes and trivia stuff. Also, the one part I strongly dislike about this game is that you can change Buddy’s face. My sister was changing Buddy’s face to a picture of my face, and took screen recordings of torturing this Buddy and shared them. This is one feature that can hurt people’s feelings and cause fights and disagreements. Please maybe confine this feature to a list of different face options for Buddy, so everyone is being kind while playing. And one last thing: Can you please try and make the game more like the ads? In the ads it says that you can do crazy combos and it shows Buddy getting tortured by multiple objects, like superglue and the vise, or ice and buzzsaw. However in the game, you can only do one object at a time. Please fix if possible. Thanks!
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3 years ago, ???Anounamouys
One of the best time wasters, but one MAJOR issue…
First off, dont get me wrong, despite the problem I will mention later on in this review, let me say this right off the bat: I. LOVE. KICK THE BUDDY! It probably ranks among one of my absolute most favorite mobile games of all time. There is just something so fun about having a plush guy go through many different things, both harmful and helpful. I have loved his game ever since I played it way back in 2013, when another company owned it. I loved everything you could do to him, especially his reactions depending on the weapon! However, now its 2021, and this game is now owned by Playgendary. While I still love this game as much as I did years ago, there is one problem pretty much every mobile game nowadays has: THERE ARE ADS EVERYWHERE!!! I cannot go even 5 minutes, maybe even less, without having an annoying “oh no grandma hates you for messing up her apartment” ad pop up on my screen. Kill buddy? AD. Want to change weapons? AD. Doing nothing? AD AT THE BOTTOM. It’s VERY annoying. Like all games, you can pay $0.99 to get rid of these ads. Normally, I don’t do this and just uninstall right away, but that’s what I will do since this is one of my absolute favorite games. In summary: If you aren’t willing to pay an extra $0.99 for this game to avoid the ads, I suggest staying away from it and finding another time waster. Otherwise, you’ll be entertained for WEEKS!
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1 year ago, Bruh_button1234
Please read this dev
The game is awesome but I have improvements u guys can add to the game 1 fix the gasoline pencil glitch it's a glitch where if u fill buddy up with the gasoline nozzle and then shoot him with a pencil gun it will give you like a bunch of money instantly and it's op that's kinda how I got everything in the game 2 u guys should purposely make a glitch for infinite gold and money but a different money glitch like it's a puzzle like every update switch the gold and money glitch for a different one and just switch it around every update 3 FPS rate when I'm offline my FPS goes kaploot and it's annoying so please improve FPS rate 4 more weapons are needed why because most people already have everything in the game and there probably gonna quit if you guys don't add more stuff because if u guys have the same items for long it's gonna get boring and your gonna loose people and it's gonna get less people till the game is dead I mean it's an old game but you guys are loosing people! 5 I just came up with this one so the beginner guns they should do more damage so it will be easier for beginners to play and that's all thank you very much if you guys read this I love you guys for making this game and have a good day good bye
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2 months ago, CoolCrafterZ
Awesome game, but…
I am a HUGE fan of your game, even though there are a lot of ads. However, the ads for your game are inaccurately portraying your game. A few of these depict graphic scenes of violence and gore (in one particularly graphic scene that gave me nightmares, Buddy gets a leaf blower stuck in his back and his organs fly out of his chest 😳), some depictions of heart consumption (in another scene, he is forced to boil his own heart) and even scat content (such as Buddy getting fecal matter poured into his mouth). I mean, really? I know these ads are trying their best to make their portrayals accurate as possible, but I think they may be ballyhooing to make older audiences play too. These ads make it appear hard-M rating, and they might need to reconsider how they are handling product placement. Let me know if these inappropriate ads for your platform change. Another thing is a bug that makes you watch the video to open a present after you get a KO even if you didn’t click it. These ads are just shoved in your face, and it seems to happen when you tap the screen. Another glitch is that Buddy can get stuck in the monument item and cannot get out unless you restart the game. Can you please fix this? THANK YOU
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2 years ago, SpaceJellOSC
CRAZY EPIC AWESOME!!! Or adds when you open and turn device off and re-open
THIS GAME IS CRAZY AWESOME!!! I’ve played it pretty much every day. I have got a lot of stuff to beat ‘im up the game is sooooo good soooo fun there’s grenades guns animals all kinds of explosives horror and who knows what else kind of Mayham its soo good!! But unfortunately when I have to turn off my phone to do something and when I come back to the game he says whatever he says when I come in and then right before he can finish an ad pops up i’ve gotten used to it a little bit if it’s one that doesn’t involve getting money😉 I just pull up to the thing like I’m gonna get the game and then wait a couple seconds and then the X will be there and lately it’s been bringing up the episode add and I know by the time it gets to the “ please let it be: positive or negative “ the X will come up but if you/ y’all change it either one’s fine no ads or not the same as the entire time and please I don’t want an ad every time I open the weapons book
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3 years ago, Commodore_James
Wasn’t even the same when re-introduced
First off. I am a fan of this game, but, its an app of disappointment. Beforehand, Kick The Buddy used to have all its weapons with gold and money only. Now in 2021, they decided best to have a “membership” to access select premium weapons that come with the membership. I don’t see a reason for this idea to be brought up and its just unnecessary. Even if “some” of the weapons maybe great, the premium weapons in the membership are just non-premium at the same time. We’ve been using the same weapons for the game all the time in the past and its not really worth being in the membership in my opinion. Another thing that might make your poor head boggle is that nothing comes permanent and even the game will be a former glitch in the history of app games. I seriously need to get this out, YOUR ITEMS WILL NOT BE SYNCED. I been restoring my purchases and my progress, but the weapons your attain and save and delete the game later on for the sake of moving on. Those items you attainted all that precious tine don’t get saved at all. A waste of your time to come on back. Kick The Buddy used to be a memorable childhood app, but with the combination of these and a poor ad campaign just strikes to me as being way over the top. Sorry, but you have disappointed me with all these unnecessary things you put in for its return.
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2 years ago, to good😤😤
Good but few problems
Kick the buddy is such a good game. But there’s a few problems. There way to many ads. I click the ribbon and theres an ad. Like I cant stop it from happening also i got this thing that popped up. It said free gold so i clicked it. I saw that the top one was 5000 gold so i clicked it. I was shocked to see that it was 5000 gold. I looked threw and it was a website. I saw that you can buy the product I was confused because I thought it was an app. after that I saw that it costed money I got off the website. Yep totally free gold. I was mad about that. And also why does every thing cost gold. Like if its money its either bad or way to expensive. For example the uzi is cheap but bad and the golden gun is 9999 dollars. Like how much do i have to play the game for that much and finally this is my opinion but you guys should make it so you can get your money back. In game money not real money. What i had a lot of gold and accidentally bought something that I didn’t want. It would be very unfair. Although there some good and bad parts pf the game I still respect the game. But one thing please fix these problems in the game. Not just me but others might agree with this message that I am writing right now.
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1 year ago, Post-MortemGamerGirl
Don’t download. Too many ads.
The ads are constant. Apparently, the only way to get rid of them is a subscription. There is no one time purchase that I could find anywhere, but there is a $7.99 WEEKLY subscription that will get rid of them. That’s at least $30 a month, most streaming services don’t even cost that that much, and those will give you infinitely more entertainment, ALSO without all the ads. This game certainly isn’t worth more than a dollar a day to play. And btw when I say the ads are constant, I do mean it. Every time “buddy” dies, you get an ad. It’s not skippable, and often several minutes long. Every couple seconds there’s a chance you’ll randomly get an ad. If you accidentally click the wrong thing on the screen, ad. There’s constant banner ads on the screen. Everything triggers an ad, there’s things you can’t do/get without watching an ad. This entire game is treated like a cash cow with the endless ads and that stupid, overly expensive subscription to get rid of them. I used to love this game when I was younger. I came back to it for some nostalgia, only to discover it’s been ruined by greed. Don’t download it, it’s not worth your time. You’ll either spend eight bucks a week to keep ads away, or you’ll have to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. It’s not worth it. Get something else to fill the time.
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2 years ago, Flame Panda kk
Your a lier game
Now don’t get me wrong, I loved this game back then and love it still to this day a little. Only a little now though. It use to be real treat beating buddy, and it was relaxing. And the game tells you nowadays it’s relaxing, but that’s a COMPLETE BLOODY LIE!!! ALL THIS GAME DOES IS FLOOD YOU WITH ADS AND MY GOSH THEY RUINED THE GAME FOR ME!!! Same deal with bow masters but there it was ok. Only after the matches do they give you a ad. But this game, they RUINED IT! All I get is ads and ads. I cant go 2 seconds without a ad! I know vip makes it ad free, but some people, Like me, don’t wanna pay some stupid vip just to be ad free. Now I would be fine if a ad popped up every 3 deaths, that’s ok, but every little action you do results in a ad, and that kills the mood. It becomes so repetitive and I just played for like 10 minutes. Maybe it’s just me idk. I still like the game, but y’all ruined it. Screwed it over with ads. At this point, might as well call it ads with buddy (bad name) because that’s all this is. This game gives me a little more stress then before and that’s not a good thing for a game claiming to let you take your “rage out”. I take my rage out on my phone instead of this app, like MY GOSH! In short, stop bombarding your players in ads, or ruins the experience. Though to add some good, you can put pictures on buddy. Yeah this gives it a 2 star.
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4 years ago, ChrisAbC987
Too many ads, crap game
You may be aware of the ad problem, but as a Playgendary game, it’s money-hungry and god-awful. It basically forces you to buy more ‘bucks’ because there are giant gaps between weapons which can take a while to get. Theres an unskippable ad between every two deaths and an ad you can choose to watch every one death. Not only is that an issue, the quickest way to get certain guns which were previously purchasable by bucks (mind you, ive played this game a year or two ago) is to watch 5-20 ads in clumps. The gameplay is even worse. I played with the mace and at first got a hundred bucks in two deaths. After i got 900 bucks, it started giving me about 10 bucks per play. After five ads i could’ve just used to get another gun, i got the bomb. It gives you one buck per explosion, so unless you plan on using thousands of bombs to progress, you may want to find new weapons. Even with new weapons, you get barely any gold. The argument that the game is purposefully hard is invalid as well, because even if that was true, they’re not making it hard for any reason other to make you watch more ads. Sometimes a few hits from a weapon will give you a quick 40 bucks, but will kill the buddy, giving you the choice to watch an ad. Another kill and you have to watch an ad, and the cycle repeats. If you most literally have nothing to do for days at a time, this game is for you.
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4 years ago, BloodOnWhite
This game used to be incredible.. until it got re-released.
I used to Kick Buddy all the time in the old version of the game. I just re-installed to see if I could bring back some memories and on first launch they told me to buy a premium membership for $7.99/week which is INSANE. I don’t because I figured it won’t hinder my gameplay, but boy was that wrong. 75% of the items you can buy with in-game currency are Premium member EXCLUSIVE. If you don’t pay them weekly, you get the most basic weapons and items to use on Buddy. After a few minutes of playing I was already fed up with this game, and then the ad waves hit. I got ad after ad. It even glitched half my screen after closing one and crashed the game another time. I can’t believe they have the audacity to ask for an insane weekly payment like that, while they’re getting paid for showing an ad every 15 seconds. If you don’t buy Premium, the game is 75% unplayable or locked, and almost 90-95% unplayable with the ads and crashes. I used to want as many people as possible to play this game back before this new release, but now it is the steamiest pile of trash on the App Store. And to the developers, Thanks for ruining my old memories and many other people’s with this obvious attempt at a cash whale. Your greed is going to be your downfall if you don’t change the way you run your game. Good luck trying to scam anyone with this game.
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1 year ago, The Boss 2323
Amazing game
A very good game! Great graphics, amazing sound. I would change about it is there’s way too many ads. it interrupts the gameplay a lot. And even when you want the ads to get free gold, there should be ways to get it anyways without watching an ad. Oh, so the next thing is I don’t know how many times I’ve pressed continue without add and it still gives me ads. It is annoying, but a super fun game, also, I think with the membership stuff I understand the companies it to make money but it gets annoying for us game players who can’t afford it, or there parents won’t let them. I also don’t like how you have to pay pretty much everything the blood for example, it used to be one of my favorite features but once you had to pay for I was like oh I was so close to un downloading the game. But I didn’t because I knew how much I loved. So if you could remove some of the ads. Continue without add button actually work. I would’ve given it a five star. You should also be able to earn gold when you kill body because it is so annoying. Add after add add after add. I know I’ve already said that but it’s one of my major pet peeves of the game.
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4 months ago, Demos the Boss
So. Issues. First off, the game looks nothing like the pictures. There are no ‘modes’ as insinuated, and the pictures show nonexistent objects and weapons. I will say, not all of the promotional photos are false, but quite a few are. Second: ADS. You can’t make Buddy faint without an AD. Sometimes even doing nothing spurs an ad. There are an insane number of these things, and they take away from the fun of it. KTB claims to be a stress reducing game, but in fact it is the opposite. It’s one thing to have all these ads (that create stress); but to then see it advertised as a “stress release system” only multiplies it. A third issue: okay to “win.” So, you don’t necessarily “win”; however, to get most of the weapons, you need to spend a fairly significant amount of cash, or you just don’t get it at all. Either you pay, or you… well, pay for the weekly (or monthly, I can’t remember) subscription. In other words, it’s pay to win. I’m surprised EA isn’t in on this (or are they?). So, despite these factors, it’s actually a pretty okay game. If you can get past these, by all means, download this. But if you can’t, go find a different game to erase stress. PS. I don’t give this game any of my time, not even to delete it; this is the most devotion I’ve given it. That’s how bad the cons effect it.
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6 years ago, martspain
Too much “limited” ads
I thought this would be kind of entertaining at first, and it might actually be a really cool game, but only if you are willing to spend either a lot of money on a ridiculous subscription system, or sacrifice a lot of time watching videos of 30 seconds each. I understand that developers need to win some money, and this is usually OK with me, nevertheless this is way too much. If you don’t want to spend money (just as me) then you will have to watch a series of videos to unlock a few things to use; depending on the “quality” of the item, they ask you to see certain amount of ads (there were some items that required me to see 20 videos to unlock). Ok, I was willing to accept that, when I found out the app has a limit of videos you can see to unlock stuff, and when you reach it, you have to wait a couple hours to unlock more videos. I mean, you have to wait to be able to see advertisement. That’s ridiculous! I’ve already deleted it. You literally spend more time watching videos than actually playing the game. On the bright side, you can say this is entertaining and definitively funny, but this flaws I mentioned kind of ruined the experience. In other words it’s a pay-to-enjoy kind of game. I barely rate something, but I thought this was worth my opinion, hope it might be useful to someone.
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5 years ago, LUV LUV LUV IT 😀
This Game is Meh
I got this game for my young cousin. The day after I decided I would check it out, even more, as I had this game before for him but deleted it. I didn’t explore it a lot before, but now, my first impressions were, this is pretty fun! I played for a good few minutes, but then came the problems. First issue, ads. There is a ridiculous amount of ads! If you want to get a item, you have to watch 5, 10, or even 20 ads, and the majority of the items you have to watch ads for, or work a lot for the amount of coins required. And it’s not just for if you want an item, some points Buddy’s box tears and appears a ad, for say Party Masters, and on the right also appears a character from the game Party Masters. It’s ridiculous and annoying. Second issue, when Buddy dies, if you keep hitting him, while he’s dead you get no coins! It shouldn’t be like that, especially since a lot of the items cost tons of coins. Third issue, might just be for me but, sometimes when I click on an item, like Super Glue 909, I have enough coins but it just does... literally nothing! No pop up saying you don’t have enough coins, no pop up saying to watch an ad, nothing. It’s ridiculous, once again! I should be able to get the item, when I have the coins. I guess it’s a little bug, but it needs to be fixed. Overall this gets one star.
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6 years ago, I hate slitherio
This is the real thing
People review other apps saying "this has the most ads in history I can barely play it, it's like a hundred ads everytime I play" But of course they exaggerate, but if someone says that about this game, they are really not joking, this game is ridiculous and has extremely unsatisfactory content. First off, some glitch has happened where you can't hear anything but the doll speaking or screaming, and ever since I've discovered that glitch, it wouldn't go away, second of all, the subscription, it's completely blasphemy and pathetic, who's gonna pay over 5 dollars just for some unlockable weapons, weekly? You are truly not right In the head if you think that would work, I can't imagine such scam and cash grab to fail. Now the worst for last, the ads, everyone has complained about them, and for obvious reasons, this game is literally infested with adds, you get un-skippable ads for almost every time you knock out buddy, you have to watch at best, 5 or more adds to be able to use most weapons in the game. Not only that, you have a little banner at the bottom, meaning you can't ever remove it unless you are lucky and don't get it when you open the app, it's extremely bothersome and block a lot of the screen, doesn't help when you have to play the game horizontally. What a let down of an app.
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3 years ago, xXnisha daughterXx
It’s cool but...
I have been playing since I was at least three or four years old and I started playing on my tablet and then as soon as I got my phone I downloaded this KickTheBuddy it has been very good this year it’s a great game but nothings changed it says read the game and you will get updates but since like 2009 and I just feel like you added some more stuff this is my opinion and also can you make gold easier to go as a guest button because it was one of my daily login because I haven’t logged in in like five months and it sent me straight to an ad like come on like I know I had to give you guys money but like we don’t need as many adults like we just wanna play the game and also can you make gold a little easier to get because like we just Gotta do these things for free golden and we got a wait to do these things again go to so hard to get and then you have to have like 1000 gold or 985 go to see a one item on can you see a little easier on us to read the reviews they just wanna play the game but add & D popping up in your face! I’m sorry for getting mad but this is annoying so please do something about this thanks 🙏🏾
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3 years ago, Catlover041008
Good game!
I really like this game and all I have to say is that there’s too many ads. But, I remember a day when I could tap on a button and it would let me watch the ads for rewards. Now it says ‘no ads available!’ Which makes me mad if I’m trying to grind ads for a new weapon or something. Other than that, I have some positive feedback! I used to play it a lot a few years ago, and I came back since I was bored. This game gave me that nostalgic feeling since I always played it. Sure, I don’t have all the stuff I did have, but it’s still good. I like Buddy’s reactions to things and what he says is funny and I think that really brings out his personality, which is something you don’t always see. And my favorite one is where he goes running around the box screaming, “ IT’S A NEVER ENDING STORRRRYYYYY-“ sometimes I’ll sit there, waiting for him to do it because it’s kinda true, and funny. It also shows he’s trapped in a never ending cycle of torture and being forced to be revived and living through it. Sad, but I don’t think too much about it. Anyway, that’s all I have to say! Thank you!
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5 years ago, pooperscooperz1234567890
Lack of features and flaws
Ok, I’ve had kick the buddy for maybe 3 or 4 months by now. I have the diamond pass too, honestly it’s pretty expensive. Before that, I was literally DROWNING IN ADS. Seriously this is too many ads!!! It’s very frustrating whenever he dies and takes like 30 seconds to load back in. It’s kind of stupid. “Free” items are 5,10, or even 20 ads!! This is bogus and I one day wish they would reduce the amount of ads you encounter throughout the “Gameplay” overall it’s a pretty fun game. I enjoy playing it with my friends. You’re basically watching ads more than you actually play the came. It also makes your stress level higher than lower. Why would you need to blast someone with a machine gun to “Remove stress” instead you can relax or listen or watch something soothing or relaxing. I can’t stand why you’d need to spend money on a “stress relieving “ game. I’d rather take a seat and relax and even make myself a cup of tea. Do you all agree with me? I also hate how quickly buddy dies. It’s too fast. On the ads it shows buddy can last like 10 minutes without dying. I understand other players also have a problem with that PARTY MASTERS gangster and the I guess you can call it a “hole” in buddy’s box that says PartyMasters. Overall it lacks lots of features. Thank you
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6 years ago, Mad Max Reviews
Ads Everywhere
This game is quite fun, I enjoyed flinging the little guy on the screen around and using a large arsenal of weapons and devices to hurt the little fella. However, to get to use some of the most interesting devices, you will either have to buy a subscription, or watch about a million ads to get the things you want. Most weapons require 5 ads to unlock it! But the ads don’t stop then either, oh no. They have ads at the bottom which cover up a bit of the screen, so when you’re trying to play, you click the ad and it takes you to the page. Then, you go back to them game and continue playing and it says you have a “present” then open. But to open it, guess what? That’s right, another ad, and you can actually skip getting the present. But say you open it, once it finishes and the box opens and gives you either cash or gold, it will then ask you if you want to watch ANOTHER AD so you can double the reward you got. At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel pike they’re doing to support the game but just to get a bunch of money out of people. The only reason I didn’t give this a 1 Star is that I like the concept, but it’s filled with so many ads that I can’t get myself to play it.
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7 years ago, Hunter Cornelius
Amazing but...
I played the game before it was removed from the App Store it was amazing but there are some problems. Some of them would have to be original weapons that were added into the new one or more expensive than what they used to be. This is a feature that I do not exactly like I remember how an acid tank would be like 1000 now it’s 18,000. Also in app purchases don’t get as much as as you used to like the one dollar one only gives you 100 gold or $1000 while back then it used to be around one dollar would give you $5000 or 300 gold. The final problem I have with this game would have to be advertisement. There is a very heavy, advertisement amount. This is very easy to change and it would most likely attract more consumers. But I still love the game how old is that these things that I have explained I would just really like if you bring back the original weapons and items like the games section it would just make it more interesting. Please take acknowledge (best stress reliever) games.
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5 months ago, 1296584339
Very Bad
It feels good to beat up buddy but there is a very huge problem that is so it bad, beating up buddy doesn’t even make up for it. The ads are so annoying because they come every 5 seconds or something and they are the same thing over and over again. There is so much ads, that there is even an annoying ad at the bottom. Everything literally requires ads to get, and it os super annoying. Another huge problem with this game is that is super p2w(pay to win) for no reason. It cost so much just to remove ads for a month and a week. The price is so high and is so unrealistic just for this scam game. I would rather not even play it then buy that. A lot of thing need VIP too it it is expensive so I don’t recommend it. I’m just making my honest opinion about this game. Overall, this game is just way too p2w, advertising, and overrated and I think these devs are just really greedy. If I had to rate this 1 out of 10, I’d say 1 because that’s just how bad this is. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME unless you really want to watch ads for 3/4’s of the time playing. Again though, I’m just making my honest opinion and this game is trash and instead of stress relief, it cause anger issues because of ads every 5 seconds. 💀
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6 years ago, barbcross
Fine game but....
I like this game and bowmasters etc... but I just feel like playgendary is an ok company while I also think that most of their games are kind of a money grab. This freaking game is drowning you with ads most of the ads are about playgendary’s games. The ads are Bowmasters,Bouncemasters,golfmasters,and finally Party Masters. This Company thinks that they can get away with forcing you to watch ads for a game you most likely will play one day seeing all the ads there are and then never playing it again. The diamond membership price is way to over priced for an app and most of the weapons in this game are pretty much just the same thing. I have the mace with spikes and watched 10 ads, yes 10 ads to get a clever that worked the same way the mace did. And if you don’t want ads but dint want the diamond membership either? Then buy no ads which is also over priced. 4.99 to remove ads. Now, back to the ads....again the ads are mostly about playgendarys games but the one add that keeps popping up is that god annoying bowmasters game. NO, I dont wanna install Bowmasters so stop asking. Maybe if this game and this company as a whole would stop ripping you off the games would actually be playable.
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7 years ago, Blue_Splatoon
What happened?
It was hard to even give this a two star. I grew up playing this game. I found out about it in 2012 when my friend introduced it to me, and I couldn’t stop playing it. It has many memories that stick with me to this day. Times changed and I got bored, until an add popped up for a weird bear game, that looked exactly like a game I remembered, so I looked around and eventually found this game again. I decided to compare them. The bear game was horrible, easily remembered the sounds from Kick the Buddy and saw it as a wannabe. So I went back to this to remember the old times. But what I found wasn’t fun at all. It’s no longer fun or challenging to get anything. It’s all ad based. I already got all the clothing items with cash in under an hour, and got 1/8 of the weapons in under an hour. I honestly don’t know what happened, but who the heck had this idea? Why would you think of trying to transition to a modern game? This literally reminded me of wannabe games, please fix these things. This game was one of the first if its kind and was unique, and now it’s slowly losing what it was as a unique title. Please fix this, I remember the good days when this game was unique and fun to play. Please, please fix this.
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8 months ago, HabyGamer
Too many adds. Please remove
Way too many ads This game has more ads than most game You spend more time watching adds than playing the game Other reviews say that is 99 cents to stop adds, but it’s actually 5 dollars That’s a scam It’s a great game and all, but not worth it Like most people I am not willing to pay 5 dollars no matter how fun the game is. I know you get money by allowing ads to be shown on the game, but honestly you would get a lot more money if you remove the ads? I deleted the game after 3 minutes. Why? Because 2 minutes out of the three was watching ads. if you removed ads, then me, and lots of other people would download the game. You would get a lot more money. You also have in-app purchases that earn you money. The more people playing, the more people by the in app purchases. Even if you don’t make more money, it’s still really annoying. All these adds. I got an add for kick the buddy as well, WHICH MAKES NO SENSE. Like other games, a few ads are ok. Like 1 ad after 5 minutes. Right now it is out of control. It needs to stop. Please do something devs. Other than that great game. Sad that I can’t play the great game. Too many ads. I will not stop saying it. REMOVE THE ADS.
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7 years ago, MaxGetsBuckets
What happened to the childhood game we all know and love?!
I used to play Kick the Buddy Second Kick all the time when I was younger! Now I saw this in the App Store and decided to see if it was as good as the OG game. Now it’s all about videos and texting people! It’s really not fun when you really want something and you have to watch 100 videos for it. Also where did the background go? It’s been replaced by “More Stuff” section that I can’t seem to even get into. There are ads at the bottom of the page always and sometimes I accidentally click it and it totally ruins the game. I wish you didn’t take away the little bar at the top where you could store your favorite tools and use them without searching the inventory. I do still think it is a fun game so I gave it 2 stars. But please this needs fixing! Stop making me waste my time watching videos and texting ads to my own number over and over. This game really has potential if they made it more like the old one. And if the reason they are putting ads in is because they are low on money, then I think if they make it good then they might make back the difference. Wake up a little, people only want to play fun games.
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6 years ago, Humancheese69
God help the fools who go premium...
This is one of my favorite games of all time. The only problems I have with it are the ads and premium. It got to the point where I just put my phone on airplane mode to turn the ads off without paying for it... which leads to BOOM!: eight bucks for a week of premium. There’s only seven days in a week. So why would any sane person pay that much. I’m a bit of a game whale and I still wouldn’t spend THAT much money. I mean I just want this one teeny tiny torture instrument that wasn’t that expensive when the game first was out. But things like a baseball bat are premium. Is the bat also a nuclear powered laser sword that hits grenades for baseballs?? No it’s a bat. But I’d consider the premium if you guys would just lower the price on VIP. I mean you give away some one hundred gold a day all I need to do is watch a video. And if I’m not mistaken don’t you get paid per ad? Idk but you guys seem to have a lot of ads and a lot of high prices... otherwise it’s the best game in the world.☺️ I enjoy guillotines
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2 years ago, rickalica384
Oh man, is this game stress relieving. I will say though, the remastered one is stress inducing, it is packed FULL of annoying advertisements, it gets really… REALLY annoying and would recommend changing that. But back to the classic. This one hear is add friendly, it is nice and easy with its advertising. I’m gonna be honest hear, I really like this game not only cause it original but that they keep they through adds at you in reasonable spots during the game, it’s better only having adds when you knock out the buddy, nothing more, nothing less. I like the way the game looks and works and there spoofs, these guys got the alien in the game, the game’s tactics are pretty simple and amusing. Play this very game on an airplane and the 8hour flight turns into 2 and a half hours, or in bed after a rough day. It can be a very… in lose of words. A game for anytime or anything. Great game, thank you developers.
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6 years ago, PainEvan2
A Dead Memory
I can’t say how much I enjoyed the old game, but this has just become EAs version of the game and all it needs is loot boxes. In the old game you only saw ads about a tenth of the time you played but now every second of he game is filled with ads, and to access some of the weapons you have to watch around five million ads or pay with gold. I knew the old was kind of harsh on your wallet but this takes it to a whole new level. Half of the weapons require you to spend gold to get them and another 1/4 offer you to spend it instead of watching ads. The diamond subscription is the worst of it offering you to get it for a large $8 a week giving you supposedly all these things each day although I when I tried it out for the 3 day trial I never received anything, and getting the weapons locked behind the diamond membership sign never get unlocked during the free trial from what I experienced. I didn’t play the game after the free trial ended so I may be missing s few things but if this is how the game is going to react to new players I don’t think the game would get any better. If you remove the watching ads for weapons, the diamond memberships flaws and the harsh ads maybe this could be a solid game.
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11 months ago, Fingerzilla man
Welcome to the Adpocalypse
I use to love playing this game as a kid, it was simple, fun, and addictive. Fast forward 10 years or so and as an adult I come back looking for a little nostalgia. What am I greeted with? A greedy, subscription model, ad stuffed, utterly blatant cash grab. The worst part is easily the ads. K.O. Buddy? That’s 2 ads. Want a “free” weapon? That’s 5 ads. Wanna play the game? That’s another ad for you. It’s so unapologetically obstructive that you are forced to pay to even have a somewhat normal experience. So just remove ads right? Well sure most games have that option for $4-$5 and then you’re set. But no not Kick the Buddy. Not only did they remove that feature but replaced it with their subscription service. Now to play without ads you have to continuously pay them money. Then they have the gall to try and charge you $8 a freaking week or $100 a year!? Seriously!? Forget nickel and diming customers they are straight up trying to milk Benjamins! It’s so sad what this game and company has turned into. I know no one will read this review and if by some miracle a dev reads this… I hope you get hit by a bus and die miserably you greedy S.O.B.s I genuinely hate all of you…
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4 years ago, Robloxfunkid_999
My Kick The Buddy Review.
This game is great, pretty fun to I don’t like a lot of add games, but it is worth it, this game is cool it’s like just destroying a doll constantly with different weapons. When Buddy says “loser” it reminds me of how the game creator added voice affects into the game with a makes it very funny in my opinion. Getting cash is not the easiest but the more you play the more cash you get tons of cash to get new weapons. For starters with not much cash I’m glad the creator added “watch a add to use a free item to destroy Buddy” Witch I really like for starters. Just I really wish I didn’t have to go through so much adds and I feel like they need to add one more thing not to use for an add just so people have two choices instead of one if they do not want to watch an add. But they have a lot of stuff to me too use better so the game isn’t short to beat the game like other games like this game I am rating. Overall this game is pretty fun I rated it 4 stars because of the adds and the other stuff I have said earlier.
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7 years ago, Twentdoggo
Awesome Return Corrupted by Greed
Finally, I can play this game again. I had so many memories of this game. Was it with the wait. I don’t think so. Many weapons now require you to watch ads or pay excessive amounts of gold. That’s bogus. Also reports of weapons costing gold when they were originally normal bucks. Ads now pop up and are stuck at the bottom of your screen when originally there were no ads whatsoever. Watch 100 videos to unlock this weapon. This is just stupid. You ruined an amazing game since you were corrupted by greed. Shameless reboot to get more money. Still some playability, but not worth it since the good cheap weapons now requires you to watch ads. There was one that costed about only 200 bucks and you have to watch 100 ads. Yeah seems fair. Also, many features are missing such as the 5 item bar at the top of your screen where you can quickly swap to another weapon and many weapons are not present. Until this game is restored to its awesome original self, I will not play this. This is stupid. So sad this game has been totally changed. Many of the 5 star reviews are people too infatuated with nostalgia and rate it only a few minutes after playing it. Open your eyes people.
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12 months ago, Mike Hunt 🤓
yes..just yes!
Kick The Buddy is a great game for getting your anger, stress, or even sadness out. His reactions just put you in an instant good mood! ✨ It’s super easy to earn money and easily get the prizes at the beginning when a newbie. Overall, Kick The Buddy is very relaxing, as promised and has many more secrets to uncover as you continue to play! 😊 I will say, ads are a MAJOR inconvenience especially every time i get a KO. I do understand it’s to promote and get the game out but they can get annoying over time. 😬 One of the best things about Kick The Buddy though is, one his reactions and quotes, two it works without wi-fi, (or, at least for me!) 😉 I really like to travel so playing this while in the car for hours can really pass time in the mind. 🥳 To whoever is reading this, I hope you have an amazing day, and even if you do not download Kick The Buddy, I do recommend you a relaxing, laid back day. If you are having a busy day, take a breath, take a sip of water, and enjoy your day/evening! 🥰
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2 months ago, Rfjecjefjgjtvr
many disadvantages of this game
this is a “great” game despite its repetitive ad spamming, demands to buy a membership and many more. but this current crazy sale is broken. crazy sales are meant to give to early access to stuff, but after i bought the meat grinder, it wouldn’t load. same for all other weapons bought from the crazy sale. please fix this bug, remove all pop-up ads and just make the game better. (and also revert the prices for removing ads and adding blood to 3.99$ and 1.99$) it just got worse. now every single item i buy, even if not bought from crazy sales, will not download, rendering them unusable. please just update the game to fix this issue, alongside all other annoyances. also remove having to download new weapons. it’s just annoying when your offline. please for the love of jesus just fix this playgendary this is horrible. you thought another bad con would not exist? it does. now this april 3rd a new feature was added to the game in which there is now a chest that requires 3 kills to open and “get weapons”. the problem is that i displays that i need -330 kills to open the chest, but this is logically impossible. as always, please fix this. i would also like to mention that every fire and acid weapon only has there special abilities (which is setting buddy ablaze and slowly melting buddy) when said weapon is selected, so buddy cannot be put out with water as the fire or acid will disappear instantly when selecting a new weapon. just fix this bug please.
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2 years ago, Snowflake SnowCloud
Add a microphone plz! 🎙🎤
I want you to add a microphone so the buddy could hear what I say because I usually talk to him while I play the game. But this is a good game! And how do I get items because I just downloaded this game. And when I played this game the buddy was like dbdbuduhbchuwbbdwdcbbduygbdgybuudybg of his talking and I heard that and I was like -lol ur talking soo fast lol-. My mom thought it was boring and she was like .-. And my dad was like -.- . And I was like >^.^< and :| (they are annoying) I used to have this game when I was 4 and now I am 15 and when I was 4 I was VERY crazy and VERY sad of dead things. And when I killed the buddy when I was for I was like “😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😩😩😩😢 MOMMA HE DEAD WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😢.” And when I say that I am like -bruh-. Well…. First of all there are kinda a lot of glitches in-game yea because I think there is a thing that tells you how much spins you have and I had like 10 spins left and it said “you don’t have enough spins left”. So can you plz fix the glitch? And thank you for listening to my review. Bye!!
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6 years ago, why, devs, why?!?!
Too many ads
This is a good game. I enjoy it, and it’s a fun distraction from my chemistry homework. That said, there are far too many ads. The page always has an ad on it, which is very easy to click by accident as it is near the menu. Whenever you knock out buddy, you get a reward box-which you open by viewing an ad. You can’t opt out. You have to watch the ad to proceed. There’s a little guy who pops up in the corner who I suspect is an ad. You get an ad when you open the app. Also, the game froze on the box when you knock out buddy, wouldn’t give me my reward, and proceeded to only play ads while I tried to fix it. I never got the reward. Only sadness and more ads. If you hate ads, stay far away. I’ve typed the word “ad” so many times, it’s ceased to look like a word anymore. You get ads when the cardboard rips. You get ads randomly, just because. And to top it all off, there’s STILL in-app purchases (Other than removing the ads- which is $5- very overpriced IMO). You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Take notes, developers. If you need money that bad, maybe just make the game 99 cents?
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3 years ago, AllTrash
Pathetic excuse for a “game”.
I used to love playing Kick the Buddy as a young kid and I decided to make a return to it and see how it held up. I was extremely disappointed to see that they turned one of my favorite games on the AppStore into a disgraceful cash grab. Upon launching the game it immediately asks if you want to pay $7.99 a week for some extra weapons and content that should already be unlockable through gameplay. $7.99!!! A WEEK!!! The Developers have got to be out of their mind to release such a horrendous scam like this. And the amount of ads in the game is simply inexcusable. Every couple minutes or so an ad pops up and force stops the game. That’s not an exaggeration. Typically you’d watch an ad or two to unlock a weapon or get some money but now you need to watch MANY 30 second ads to unlock basic weapons. And my final point. The game had a feature to use “ketchup” (blood) which was always a free and optional thing. Now they’re asking for $4.99 just to have blood!!! I’m extremely disappointed in what this game has become and highly don’t recommend it to anyone unfortunate enough to come across it in the AppStore.
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3 years ago, blssom!
This was really disturbing.
Every time I would go to continue, it would make me watch a bad advertisement. It wasn’t even a advertisement to watch.. It would just advertise something random. It wasn’t disappointing for the advertisements. I was just shocked why they would put this into the game, there is no complete point to it. So, one day I was happily playing “Kick The Buddy.” And, I managed to stumble across something out of the ordinary. I went to click continue to keep playing. I saw a little play button, I knew it was a really annoying advertisement. So, after I hit continue.. of course, a advertisement came up on my screen of device. I saw a advertisement but I realized you couldn’t get out of the advertisement and it didn’t tell you that the wait time for the advertisement to be gone would be over. So honestly, really bad game. Do not play unless you want to keep having this problem. But, another thing was you would have to leave the game just to get rid of the advertisement. So, I hoped this helped for unexperienced players. Thank you… 👍🏻
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3 years ago, love it guys🙂
What’s with the ads.....
I LITERALLY AM NOT LIKING THIS GAME!! IT USED TO BE AWESOME!! BUT NOW, ITS HORRIBLE!! This is how it all started, I downloaded this game in 2016, then my iPad broke, and I forgot about the game, today in 2021 I saw an ad of this game, I then remembered the memories of back then of me playing this game, then I downloaded the game again and right when I was about to start, there was an ad.... I thought “Hey, ya know, there are ads all the time, it’s fine” but it wasn’t fine.... I resumes on playing then when I picked my weapon, there was immediately an ad, then after the ad, I well kicked/killed Buddy and I had an option to watch an ad to get a reward, but I waited for the thing you press to just resume on the game but when I pressed it there was an ad, every time I pressed it, another ad another ad and another ad! Back then I loved the game, but now.. just no... if one of the people who created this game is reading this right now, PLEASE please please! Make it like the older days!! Where there wasn’t millions and millions and millions of ads.
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5 years ago, that_one_breanna
Good game just not good for little ones
Ok I think it’s a little fun for me I am 13 so I know what’s going on here, but for a little child for example a 6 year given an iPad and they show you this game to get and you say yes well you made a terrible decision. I mean it’s an ok stress reliever game for a little older kids just not for a kid that’s like 6 or younger because we don’t want your kids to be consumed in a game where you blow up and shoot or punch little dolls. To me it’s wrong, but as old as I got I got to understand the game a little better. On another thought it is a ok game for stress relief for maybe 13 maybe 12 and up if you get a little angry, but we shouldn’t have a thought of killing someone like playing this game. Another note is that there is so many ads!! I mean come on when I played I used a blade or whatever and then went straight to an ad! I mean come on I don’t have time to watch ads the whole time!! Well I appreciate the people who take time to read this comment because if you were going to consider giving your child this app think again and look and these comments and mine!
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3 years ago, puppylovergirl68
About Dollars bucks
The reason I gave this app a four stars is because in the advertisements is the people when the glide there finger buddy turns to ice but ITS NOT EVEN A THING like you can’t even be a V.I.P the advertisements lie (don’t get me wrong I see things that say kick the buddy is bad and all of that) stuff but if I’m wrong please correct me. And you know that one Advertisement. When buddy says Loser!! And you drag him into a wood thing and try to choke him but it’s all a lie just like other apps they make up lies just so u will download the game/app again don’t get me wrong now I might delete the app or download the other buddy game also you haves to even have like 100,000,00 for something cool and like all games is too many advertisements and all of them are the same and the one thing I unlocked is you have to watch 5 advertisements and all of them were the same and and it’s annoying don’t get me wrong and if I’m wrong please correct me byee 😆🤓
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3 years ago, User: MasterChief117
Love The Game, But There’s A Few Problems. Devs, Please Respond.
So, great game, used to play it years ago, got back into it recently. Don’t remember having these forced ads at all though a few years ago, only optional ones. Please remove the forced ads. And, of course, there’s the problem with the items. Everything costs a ridiculous amount of gold or cash, which would take months to get without purchasing any currency. And I’m not gonna spend real money on this game, not yet at least. So please lower the prices of most items, or make some of the cheaper items do more damage and give you more cash. Make it easier to get gold! Maybe give us a free 5 gold per day and 1 gold every time we kill Buddy. WITHOUT WATCHING AN AD. I also suggest you watch out for some of the knockoff games, all over the App Store. Just look up ‘stress relief’ or ‘kick the’ to find most of them. Thanks for reading.
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3 years ago, NyxGotTwisted
Got the game ‘cause I used to play it on the computer as a kid, it’s the same thing which is nice but it’s rendered unplayable by the sheer number of unskippable ads. The buddy dies in three seconds, you have to watch an ad to get another one, and while it does have a skip button it seems to play the ad half the time anyway. There’s banner ad constantly at the bottom of the screen which keeps you from navigating the menu as well which launches a video ad when you click it and there’s ads that fly up out of nowhere for no apparent reason. I could get premium to avoid that, sure, but while most games ask for a few bucks a month, this one wants 7 dollars PER WEEK which is honestly laughable. I get that people wanna get paid and using people’s nostalgia is an effective way to rip them off, but I doubt most people are gonna keep this game for more than 30 seconds the way it is now. I would have settled for a 50/50 split between game time and ad time but this is more like a 90/10 and there are too many other options for me to waste time on my sixth ad in three minutes of playing.
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4 years ago, Killviking
Waste of time
First game when we start up ask you to pay you as a premium member then there’s a small X for you to press which you have to find through the light color to exit out to see where the free part is then the game doesn’t even start you get to beat up this guy this is how I am buddy dinners no intro really except for how I am buddy then doesn’t see anything really watching your post to be doing so when you tapping on the screen and you beating the living crap out of the body hear you finally have to beat beat the character up until he dies then it gives you an achievement then you beat them up some more and you got another law achievement and then add every time you beat them up you get an ad no wonder why it’s prepaid but I read the guy of five times and still have not gone to where the ad showed me about the tortures your how to get them out or if this is just a torture game but haven’t gotten past been little crap out of the guy in a bit a room so planning on deleting this do not download this to waste of time and try even a waste of money even if the free version is crap the paid version must be the same way
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6 years ago, Rayjay26
A note to devs
So it’s a good game but there's pros and cons. The good things are there’s tons of things to do like ACTUALLY tons. But the bad things are my hand has missed the arrow multiple times and accidentally bought something with my gold. So I think that maybe you could add a thing so that when you try to buy something it pulls up a menu that like says “are you sure you want to buy this?” And you can say yes or no. So yeah. And when you’re trying to get an item by watching ads sometimes it makes you wait before you can do it. And that gets kind of annoying \: so maybe make it so that when you are a part of the diamond membership you don’t have the time limit when you’re trying to get things by ads. Now I haven’t bought the diamond membership, I just got the free trial. So I don’t really know if when you buy it maybe it gets rid of the ad break and everything. So yeah I don’t really know but no hate on this game, I love it. This was just a suggestion.
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6 years ago, JamesGamer200582
Ideas for kick the buddy
Please reduce the ads Like my god there’s a lot and buying no ads don’t help ether which is Dumb, and Bring back Favorites, it’s useful for pulling off item combos or Reviving buddy with the angel, with out it you just waste time, and why do I have to Buy blood like now your pushing it, and this new Diamond Member Vip crap is just awful, like I’m fine with paying for it one but for Every MONTH! No no no, and now for ideas about buddy’s clothing, add the original buddy cloths that you can Buy like this new one just feels like crap, and why is there less back rounds? And what happen to the Cool revive animation, now he just wakes up, Boring add that in the options. And no, don’t bring back the original cloths for buddy man aka the cloths you start with in Buddy man kick 1 and 2 for Real money I will buy it with game cash not real money, there’s a lot of things to add or bring back but what I Mention are some very bad things about this “good” game. This is Jamesgames and I’ll see you next time, see ya
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4 years ago, e dude00
Do not download
I downloaded the game when I was a child it it was vary fun so I downloaded it again because I actually know how to play the game now and the first thing I see is a member ship for 7.99/week so I decline it i immediately I notice a annoying pop up ad in the bottom of my screen. So I pull the red ribbon to look at the weapons and like 70% of the weapons were members only so I grab the basic gun and a ad shows up so like 30 seconds later the ad goes away so I finally kill the buddy and a red present shows up and you have to watch a ad to get the reward so I do it just to see what the reward is another 30 second ad and it gives me only 100 cash witch can bye you absolutely nothing and I can double it by watching ANOTHER AD! So I declined the offer and I kill the buddy again the present shows up again and I did not want to watch another ad so I hit the X and it gives me another ad. I get mad so I try to bye a weapon and it gives me another ad the game is like 70% ad 30% game play. The point is don’t download this game it is full of ads. P.S sorry if I miss spelled some words
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4 years ago, VanHowdy
This game is an absolutely horrible idea for so many reasons. I cannot believe that this game is even popular, and I cannot believe that I looked at 30 reviews of this game and only saw one person that thought the same as I do. There is so much terrible and tragic violence that goes on in the world today, and with games like this acting as if this stuff is okay, it’s no wonder it all happens! This game promotes gory violence, shooting, stabbing, suicide, and it doesn’t even have an age limit which is horrifying. This a game that should absolutely not be on the market, nor should games similar to it be on the market. I am astounded that 29/30 reviews that I saw were complaining about how many ads rather than the fact that this game is on the market at all. There are little kids who see the ads for this game and download because they don’t know any better, and then the parents will wonder why their kid or kids are showing violence or aggressiveness at school or camp or CHURCH! I’m sorry not sorry, but you should go to the doctor to check for a mental illness if you enjoy a game such as this. It is an absolutely awful influence on the world.
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