Kill Shot

4.5 (5.4K)
125.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hothead Games Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kill Shot

4.5 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Pablo Wali
Good Game
The graphics are just right I love when they keep the old fashion shooters plus a good video quality game and guns are awesome. Just one important detail; why it's take too long to play the next region? I not exaggerating but I am been waiting region 21 for at least 5 months. I want to keep enjoying the game but I am putting my patience to the limit and makes think to move to different video game company
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7 years ago, Bulldogalese
Loss of resources:
I get kicked out all the time, it happens after I get through a mission, I lose all my rewards for that mission, if I'm doing a special op & choose my energy bars, i'll get kicked and lose all my energy bars. I have lost tons of rewards. About ready to delete this app, I don't have this problem with any of my other apps.. Loyal unsatisfied customer. Since I wrote that review things have changed, I still have the occasional problems but they are addressed in a somewhat timely manner. I have been a subscriber to this app for a long, long, time. I also still play every day. Since the last two reviews that I composed, here it is 2 weeks later, from the pat on the back I gave Hotheads. I thought that analyzing the reviews, was a part of write a "review "! I just purchased some crates and got cheated out of the the contents of two of those crates by just being kicked out. How does a guy recoup those losses?... I know nobody at hothead is going to read this review anyway so just buy more crates and get what you get. I guess I'm back to deleting this app again.. Thanx for nothing.
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7 years ago, PhenxMKM
Kill Shot
This is and has been a great game. Great weapons play, targets and use of slow motion, piercing rounds, and targeting bad guys. KS2 should be like this too. Not having to use multiple resources during a single game play just to make more money. That's just not cool and it can exhaust a persons cash. Eventually, they will play less because they're spending too much buying your bundles. You guys are making good money as it is, don't be greedy. Make KS2 like the original KS and make the slow mo, target acquisition, and piercing round bundles last for the whole mission, not just a few seconds. It's a great game and it can be more enjoyable with these changes.
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6 years ago, StixsPro
Kill Shot
Very disappointed at this point. The game is great fun. However, I play the special ops events. I’ve addressed an issue with Kill Shot concerning the event being won by the same person each time. Not only winning but by doubling all others score to an impossible level considering: there are only 4 days and 4 regions to play. This player does not show playing in any of the first 3 days of regional play, but always shows up on the last day to win by a non feasible way mathematically considering the points awarded by day in each region. I have asked Kill Shot to verify the legitimacy of this player and to ensure no cheats are involved in these mathematically impossible wins. To date... no reply. If a game is not possible for anyone to win, why play it!
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7 years ago, Ninja2135
I am Righteous Death
I am a death dealing, zombie destroying terrorist plot interrupting sniper with cat like reflexes. That is if a cat could shoot a parachuting terror suspect out of the sky from 1500+ meters. The world should rest easy because I am perfecting my executioner song Kill Shot. This game has given me the requisite skills to subdue terrorists in the smoldering plains of Eastern Africa, put a freeze play on Chechen rebels in the frozen tundra of Siberia and committed genocide on an airport of the undead vermin. I shall defend freedom at every calling and Kill Shot will continue to challenge my skill set as I approach the coveted "one shot, three kills"
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2 weeks ago, Bill625
No updates in YEARS
I have played every level of this game and have built up $33 BILLION IN game currency but they haven’t had an update to the levels in YEARS. Who wants to keep replaying the same missions? I’ve kept it hoping they would have a new level which has said coming soon for several years. I can’t believe they had a bug update in the past weeks but the most recent update to that was 7 years ago. 7 years and no game updates. Like they just gave up on it but they still have these same old missions repeating themselves.
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7 years ago, Wolf hybrid
Just a bunch of gold diggers.
Spent my share of real money on gold until one time I got three or four hundred gold saving to use else where. Next thing I know I have over a thousand gold then I'm in the hole over a thousand then I'm have over a thousand in gold. The game keeps restarting and I loose all my gold and go in the hole by over a thousand, then the game restarts and I have over a thousand in gold, then in the middle of a game it restarts and I am a thousand in the hole. If I hadn't made it as far as I have and didn't have the slo mo and other stuff built up I would uninstall the game and find one that doesnt jury you around as much. I will probably uninstall it anyway. If you have a billion dollars to spend this is the game for you.
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7 years ago, Retired Rancher
More Fun than shooting coyotes
Good and challenging game of "hand/eye" coordination and quick response thinking. Really enjoy it!! UPDATE: Had problems with glitches to more I played it. Just had major problem with "Sister Game - Kill Shot Bravo." Customer and Tech Support poor. Do not recommend this company and their programs! Watch your gold credit balances very closely. Credits seem to disappear - in small numbers but still disappear. Not so bad in this one but bad in the other one.
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4 months ago, Mrs.Daisy's Driver
Game lost
I had this game for years and played it regularly and after years of building up weapons and playing hundreds of levels, I went to play one day and I couldn’t find the game and finally found it in my widgets screen or whatever you call that screen and moved it to where all my other apps are then I had 3 kill shot apps and didn’t need 3 so I deleted one of them and they are all gone now after years of building up and endless amounts of game money into the guns to make them better for each level and they are all gone now after all that. I won’t be getting this game after all the years and time put in to it
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7 years ago, Pigklr
Kill shot
Fun to play but needs some work. Need a practice range to try out your weapons. Need a way to undo an accidental upgrade purchase, i.e. using the gold option to hurry an upgrade on a weapon. Gold is hard to get and expensive to buy and it is irritating to accidentally spend it on something you don't want. Need to be able to move the enhancements bar(slow mo, spotter,etc.) to a different part of the screen as it is too easy to hit where it is and like gold they can cost real cash and it is irritating to use them when you don't want too.
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6 years ago, DJ City
Great except for...
I completely beat this game on my old phone. I love it, and got many hours of enjoyment from it. It’s been a while since playing it, so I downloaded it to my new phone. After every mission, an ad plays (not a problem, I get that), and as soon as the ad is done, it renders the on screen buttons useless. I have to close the app, and reopen after every mission. Again, this app is a lot of fun, great game overall. I would give it 5 stars if the stupid ad bug would be fixed. I also tried playing on airplane mode. The ad screen literally pops up, and freezes on the screen. Same results as if airplane was off.
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3 years ago, Zach._.Attak
Terrible customer assistance
I purchased a premium crate for 15 gold and won a high tiered weapon which unfortunately didn’t show up as won in the game. Not a big deal, it’s just a game and I’ll reach out to customer service. Well, they basically called me a liar and stated they completed an “audit” and “100% of won items” had been received by me. I then asked what weapon I won in the last crate I bought and suddenly “We don’t know what individual items have been won”. Well that’s pretty contradictory. So glad I spent some free time on a game but that I haven’t actually purchased anything. They probably wouldn’t even give you what you paid for.
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4 years ago, stinkalink300
One of the BEST games
It is amazing! There are these daily challenges to earn guns and stuff. You can buy some crates. 1 crate is 5 gold the other is 15 gold. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the game. There is one more thing though: the Black Ops gives you a lot of money. The only complaint I have is that the Black Ops is picky about how your gun is. And you also have to have a certain fun to play the Black Ops. Besides that, it is a great game.
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3 years ago, Dogeboiii
Need more gold
This game is a great game I like the fact that it uses the collateral damage feature which is true in real life, but there is one problem and that problem is you don’t earn that much gold. It would be good if they made you earn more gold. Overall that’s the only problem I have. Also, one more thing can they lower the prices of the premium guns that cost gold as well.
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7 years ago, splitclaw
Need a old style gun
Like game a lot but it needs a lever action in there or something make a mission with one or something close counters classic battles. I believe you will have a lot more fans and I for one definitely will play it more I’d like a costume gun shop as well like make your own action pick ammo gran Stuff like that. I’m not sure if anyone reads this but if anyone does I hope that they take it in consideration Real brand guns would be cool to Brand ammo to. I’d like an open sight challenge on their to. Ok I sure hope I’ve inspired someone to do something like this. 👌. Also like a sighting range like something like Move the sight up and down side to side You know something real Real gun maintenance Ok please take this in to consideration 👍
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2 years ago, kokooooaly
Ads, controls, and in game purchases
It’s a fun game and all, but why would I spend money just to be able to continue playing? COD is free to play and you don’t HAVE to have “energy” or anything special to keep playing. You can earn guns and attachments but here you only earn enough to maybe be able to upgrade your gun for the next mission. Then when it doesn’t cover the cost you have to spend money to buy gold or whatever. It’s kind of wack.
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4 years ago, hitman50cal
They cheat me out of my rewards
Be prepared to lose your rewards (over half of them)after missions. I’ve been playing for months and made it through all the black ops. In spite of them cheating me out of tons of gold. I would have made it in half the time if they didn’t have internal server errors exactly at the time your supposed to collect your reward. Also be prepared to spend tons of time doing support missions to compensate for their internal server errors no giving you your earned gold. Gold is the only way to get your supply crates.
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2 years ago, Beardown1127
Best of the sniper games
I first started playing this game in 2015, but for some reason it dropped off my phone (can’t remember why). I was bummed when I reinstalled it years ago and had to start all over. I started thinking about the game recently and just downloaded it again (July 2022), and I’m glad I did. It’s the best of the sniper games. 👍🏻
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7 months ago, Corbcorbin
Used to love this game
No updates for two years? Well, I don’t have money to buy gold, other than the most affordable monthly package. I started playing again after a couple years or more, and was having fun going neck through stuff. I had almost no crashes, snd quickly got back to close to where I was before. Now, the watch an ad for gold feature has been failing to actually give the gold. I watched several videos, everyday in the past week, and only twice did I get gold. Seems like an easy fix, but no one updates the game, so I’ll be moving on. I guess if one has many hundreds of dollars to spend at a time, it can be fun. I play no game that it costs me more than $40-60 tops, to get through, or be able to compete with other players. Sad, that no one updates these games, while they still sit and make money.
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7 years ago, General_76
Kill shot
I find it enjoyable, lots of options to play through. The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 star is the lack of being able to to win larger quantities of gold. You need to spend too much money on gold if you're ever going to get through certain missions because you need machine guns in which you can only purchase with gold.
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6 years ago, Quetzalista
Why the deception?
I’m wondering, since it’s been a few years since you stopped making new regions for Kill Shot....I mean really, maybe 3-4 years...I keep checking it every six months to see if anything has progressed....Why do you continue to say that a new region (21) is on its way. Wouldn’t it be more respectful of users to let them know that level 20 was the final region? That would seem more professional. You will likely answer this question with an answer like… “We continue to make new content we hope that you enjoy the updates.” I just don’t get it.
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7 years ago, postalone
Fun to play
If you stick with it and wait it out you can get all that you need to advance to the different levels, fun way to past the time, I love to play it. Why does it take so long for a new level, that's my only complaint, if it doesn't come soon I'll just delete it. Come on folks will level 20 ever be ready?
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6 years ago, Zorro7195
Game dead
What has happen to this game I can't get it work??? Is it dead or what I have had a lot of times getting kick off..and I couldn't get to even come is now..and the game still just kick me off..I really like this game but I'm at the point of just not playing any more..and when is the next region going to be opened..21???
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4 years ago, Joshua134
Issues on iPhone 11 Pro Max
There are issues where part of the screen is cut off when playing the game on iPhone 11 Pro Max. I like to play this game, but I can’t when I am unable to see part of the screen. Also, the guns in this game are too expensive. Either make getting large amounts of gold easier or make the guns less expensive. Thank you
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6 years ago, IceCap
Pretty fun.
Main gameplay is fun and there is some good variety in missions and weapons. Graphics are impressive for a mobile game. After you reach Region 13, money is not much of an issue anymore. Kill Shot has paywalls, timers and gold which is HARD to earn. I hit a soft paywall at Region 6 and a hard paywall at Region 10. But I was having fun so bought some gold. What I don’t like is no matter how strong your weapon is, after Region 10, you NEED the power ups. So I’m stopping at Region 17.
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7 years ago, ReRe204
I have been playing this game for a longtime. At first it was fun with the exception for the frequent need to upgrade your weapon after every mission. So I got past that and now the global ops are boring me to the point I no long participate in them. They are the same boing missions over and over. I really hope they go to the drawing board and come up with some new ones. I realize this app is about making money, however; the cost of most weapons (gold required for the best weapons) is unbelievable 😱. Good luck!
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7 years ago, Joey Drescher
Cool game
I really like the game. Can be very challenging at times. Pretty good graphics and I like how the final shot is in slow motion. What I don't like is only being able to get the semi automatic rifle with gold. Should be able to get those with the money you win in the game instead of having to use your credit card to buy gold.
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5 years ago, fchcfffhgvf
Great but
After every mission gives you an ad and it is so annoying because I press the exit button but it doesn’t exit out of it I have to exit out of the game completely and it is annoying please fix thisIf you do not fix this I will give this one to start instead of five
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5 years ago, timmy & Eddie
I’m just in love with the game because it’s awesome no one can even describe awesomeness just very awesome sophisticated you know anything you want violence everything even kill zombies you can kill bad guys you can give him head shots people shots whatever you want and were and best of all you get money money money money money money
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4 years ago, skid289
Fun, challenging and realistic (for a game)
Kill shot is much more fun then sniper 3D and much less expensive. You can progress much farther and have more good play time without constantly buying upgrades. The missions are generally more challenging and intelligently designed an sniper 3D which exists only to make money for the developers while providing only a moderately enjoyable gaming experience.
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6 years ago, Hotdizzle33
Not Kool
I’ve had this game for quite some time and now that I have a new phone when I updated my app did not restart where I left off and restarted me over and have lost all my progress. Back in the day when I got my other new phone and loaded the app I could pick up where I left off but now with my new phone it started me over to the very beginning where they teach you how to shoot and move your gun around. I’ve never had to delete this app for any reason but look like it’s about to happen!! Loyal customer not happy!!!!
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7 years ago, Captaintoretiresoon
Great game but, update new regions ,please
I've played this game for a long time and never tire of it but they have been promising new regions above # 20 for 6 months. Still waiting. I think all their resources are going to Kill Shot Bravo, which I enjoy as well. But please don't make players wait for a new region with the phrase, " coming soon" if it's not.
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7 years ago, Jesus Jock
Great Terrain, Quick Eyes Needed
Lots of weapons to choose from. You stay on your toes because the types of enemies and their skills vary from one mission to the next. Limited time to be successful on each mission. Lots of advertising for other apps slows your speed between missions. But it allows you to earn more cash, weaponry, and energy to keep fighting.
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5 years ago, DT48489
Too expensive
This game is fun... however, to really enjoy it to it’s potential you have to spend money. Gold costs WAY too much, and is too difficult to earn enough to acquire the best weapons. This game REALLY wants you to spend money. There’s fun to be had without in-game purchases, but after a certain point you realize how impossible it is to earn enough of your own gold just buy playing.
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7 years ago, Leroi30
Pretty Good Game
I've been playing this for some time and enjoy it. I have been frustrated however that the company has dragged their feet when it comes to adding a new level, 16 I believe. I have contacted them but all I get is "we're working on it". I think they have moved on to focus on their newer game which is more expensive to play.
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7 years ago, Ehh, soso
Smooth and getting better
Has some pretty smooth graphics. I like that I can vent my daily frustrations by just jumping on here and shooting a few people. Should add in a shooting range option to just go shoot the hell out of a target, something with adjustable range and 50 round magazines.
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7 years ago, Alexk 12
Game play is great, upgrades are way too expensive
Have been playing the game for almost 2 years and I really enjoy it. Great work on the expanded areas and updates. Only knock is the price of gold in relation to what you get. To purchase a SAW rifle in the later rounds equates to roughly $100 in the real world. And that is just the base rifle. If those prices are charged, I would like to request the rifle comes fully upgraded.
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2 years ago, kmdniner
Was fun at first
This game used to be fun until I got a new weapon. It’s fully upgraded, yet I still can’t hit a thing with it. All I want to do is switch weapons, so I can hit something once again. It’s determined to force feed me the one I don’t want. Thinking that if I don’t have the gun anymore, I won’t need to worry about it, I tried to find a way to delete it. I can’t.
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5 years ago, Az golf
Time to retire
Came back to the game after about a year figuring it might have been updated, as I had gotten to level 20 already. Nope. The only thing that changed was it now would repeatedly stop responding and need to be shut down and restarted. Apparently it doesn’t work well on a new iPad Pro. Judging by the update history, it seems it’s time to let this game ride off into the sunset. If you’re not going to let it die, how about dropping the gold amounts for weapons? The amounts are ridiculously stupid.
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7 years ago, Player00000000067
Fun Game
Been playing almost 2 years. Haven't had to buy much gold to advance. New missions could come faster but it keeps getting more challenging with each new region. If you can stand the ads which sometimes seem to be non-stop it has great graphics. 4 stars due to the ads.
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4 years ago, everynameistaken612
What’s up with the ads
Beyond losing connection to the server constantly and the app restarting, what’s up with the ads? After ever mission a new ad pops up and I can’t exit out of it, or it doesn’t close. I do enjoy this game, one of the only ones I play. With having to force close the app and restart after ever mission I wonder how long I’m going to continue... fix this issue please!!!!
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7 years ago, Saetia757-XO
Great game.
Started with killshot bravo then downloaded this one. The older one. Fell in love. I have both games now i can play constantly even when im waitinf dor deliveries. (To save gold) because i dont pay anything to play but i love the advertisements. I usually try the games they have advertised.
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3 months ago, DUDE-BRO 451090
Pretty good game
I played this game before like in 2019 I think and I still liked this game after 4 years it’s a pretty fun game problem is that the button to shoot is kind of big since I use my phone to play the game.
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7 years ago, Spyder2013
Fun but need region 21 opened up
I've been playing for a long time have all guns maxed out for region 20 and completed all primary and black ops missions now can't play support missions they locked up getting disappointed with game but will keep playing daily challenges
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2 months ago, Craig! Mint Fan
Great and works w iOS10
I have an older iPad (iOS 10) and love First Person Shooter games. But hard to find any good one that are compatible and actually will run on my older iPad. This game is loads of fun and works well for me. Give it a try it's addictive
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3 years ago, Piff135372737:8/
Good game and challenging. Does anyone know when I can achieve the mythbusters achievement? I know how to get it, I just don’t know when to get it. Do I keep playing missions until I find the right one or is there a shortcut?
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7 years ago, ceg8888
Ive been playing kill shot since it came out. I downloaded 2 games to receive free gold. Gummy drop and Mobile Strike. The game said when you reach a certain lvl on these game you would receive free gold. I have reached the lvls on both games and haven't received any gold. What a scam. If I don't see the gold soon I'm done
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7 years ago, Robbib3
This app is fun
Lots of fun a little frustrating but that's what makes it fun. One of the best games out there,,it's a little difficult,but you learn little little tricks along the way. Don't think your going to rush through it,it takes some effort
Show more
7 years ago, JoeNe64
Need more levels
I have been enjoying this game for a while, but there have been no new levels in a long time. I would also like to see a practice area to try out new weapons. It would also be nice to have a 1 time price for full access, without having to buy gold. The game is fun, graphics good and there is high entertainment value.
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7 years ago, skegeeshaq97
Do not buy consumables
Every time you purchase consumables pack 1.99 or .99 the game crashes. Even if you contact the makers of the game they will not refund your money. Apple has refunded me in the past but because it's the same game and the same action they will not. Hothead games r scammers DO NOT MAKE PURCHASES ON THIS APP. Also I owe them an apology,bc gold wasn't sent to me.i have a 6sPlus and iPad3 under two different player id. Gold was going to my phone not my iPad3. but I stand by my opinion of customer service.
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